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Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 


l»T<.- •• .^4KiH«h>Miimr.i*»- jf.; 





j^^^^ft ANNIVE«S4fiK ijijj 

i B M Jk : >. 

1938 ^ 

' AgtioaltuK; 


ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO at 97 Chestnut Street ^ Within the shadow of Independence Hall, Philadelphia 


Pgg 1306 Spring Garden Street »\\N 

^'/4llr. '^"^S^'-^ .-vINN^ 









Dreer*S New Improved 

Extra-Heavy LaWIl MixtureS 

Weigh 25 Pounds per Measured Bushel 

Your lawn represents the most important single feature toward the beauty of your home grounds. It 
deserves your most careful consideration as its beauty and permanence depend primarily upon the quality 
of the seed sown. You can rely upon Dreer's New Improved Lawn Mixtures to give you first class results. 
Sow 1 quart to every 200 square feet, 6 bushels per acre. 


"The Dreer" Lawn Grass 

An Unequalled Mixture for a Beautiful Lawn 

"The Dreer" Lawn Grass produces a smooth rich green sod of finest texture altogether free from grasses 
which are inclined to produce clumps or knots. Such a lawn is bound to enhance your home grounds 
providing a rich green setting that cannot be achieved in any other way. All grasses included in this 
superb mixture are permanent, fine-bladed, and of a rich green color. They are strictly lawn grasses. 
The strong fibrous roots of certain ones take hold of the soil and contribute toward the permanence of the 
sod. Other grasses, particularly Bent grass, are of creeping habit. They are most essential because they 
quickly cover the entire surface and weave the sod into a carpet of rich green. Still others help the density 
and protect the lawn against heavy wear. Those who realize the tremendous importance of a first class 
lawn will choose "The Dreer" in preference to all others. Pt. 30c; qt. 50c: 2 qts. 90c; 4 qts. $1.70; peck 
$3.25; J bu. (12J lbs.) S6.25; bu. -25 lbs.) S12.00; 100 lbs. S47.00, transportation paid. 

Dreer's "Evergreen" 

A High Grade Mixture 

Though less expensive than "The 
Dreer" Lawn Grass this superb mixture 
produces a beautiful and permanent lawn. 
It is made according to our own special 
formula and is composed of choice grasses 
which will produce a lawn of rich green 
color and velvety appearance. It is com- 
posed entirely of choice, thoroughly re- 
cleaned grasses which accounts for the 
heavy bushel weight— a feature that in- 
sures a good heavy stand from the very 
beginning. Pt. 25c; qt. 40c; 2 qts. 75c; 
4 qts. SI. 30; peck $2.50; 5 bu. (\2\ lbs.) 
$4.90; bu. (25 lbs.) $9.50; 100 lbs. $37.00, 
transportation paid. 

"Fairmount Park" 

Our Popular Low Priced Mixture 

Where large areas are to be seeded 
or wherever a good stiff covering of 
permanent and rich green grasses is the 
main object our special "Fairmount Park" 
Lawn Mixture should be sown. It is 
well suited to various soil conditions 
giving excellent results even on small 
city grass plots where the soil is frequently 
rather stiff and heavy. It will form a 
thick turf in a very short time and can 
stand considerable hard wear. Pt. 20c; 
qt. 35c; 2 qts. 65c; 4 qts. $1.15; peck 
$2.20; i bu. (125 Ihs.) $4.00; bu. (25 
lbs.) $7.50; 100 lbs. $29.00, transporta- 
tion paid. 

"Shady Place" 

Gives A Velvety Smooth Sod 

The diflSculty of establishing a lawn in 
a semi-shaded position or in places which 
are shaded during part of the day is 
easily overcome by the use of Dreer's 
"Shady Place" Lawn Grass Mixture 
because it is composed of specific kinds 
of grasses which naturally grow best 
under such conditions. Dreer's "Shady 
Place" Lawn Grass will give you a rich 
verdant lawn of good appearance. Feed 
and water the area regularly to stimulate 
growth. Pt. 30c; qt. 55c; 2 qts. $1.00; 
4 qts. $1.90; peck $3.50; J bu. (12i lbs.) 
$6.50; bu. (25 lbs.) $12.75; 100 lbs. $50.00, 
transportation paid. 

For other Lawn Mixtures, see page 71 

1838 -A Century -1938 
of Horticultural Service 

The year 1938 marks the Hundredth Anniversary of Henry A. Dreer, Inc. 
It was in 1838 that Henry A. Dreer, a young man of 20, founded the business in 
the heart of what in those days was the central business district of Philadelphia. 
Located at 97 Chestnut Street, it stood alongside the Bank of North America 
with historical Carpenters' Hall and Independence Hall just a short distance 
away. The young enterprise proved successful from the start, guided by the 
high ideals of the founder whose integrity and methods of fair dealing attracted 
an ever widening circle of gardeners. His broad horticultural knowledge and 
reliability won him the respect of a large clientele. A catalog, simple compared 
with this Hundredth Anniversary Edition, and advertising in the best publica- 
tions of the day stimulated the business which soon became a leader in the 
industry. After 10 years in the original location larger quarters were found at 
59 Chestnut Street. Another decade found the ever-growing business at 
117 Chestnut Street. In 1863, the year of the Battle of Gettysburg, another 
change was made to 714 Chestnut Street. This address remained the home of 
the firm from the days of the Civil War until after the World War. 

By 1924 the available space had become so inadequate that a modern fire- 
proof eight-story building was erected at 1306 Spring Garden Street where the 
business is now located. The founder personally conducted the business until 
his death in December, 1873, when his son William F. Dreer took charge. 
Instilled with the ideals of his father and endowed with health, youth, keen 
mentality, and personal charm he led the business to still greater success. 
In 1892 William F. Dreer formed a corporation permitting the heads of the 
departments to become stockholders. This policy has been continued ever since. 

The Dreer Building 

1306 Spring Garden Street 

Piiiladelphia, Pa. 

Chestnut Street one hundred years ago looking 
from Third Street toward the Delaware River 

All orders are care- 
fully checked and 
inquiries are 
answered by our 

de^^' ..r see<^il.,o\aV 



ta^^-Tbe^^ ^^ 



«.a*""ftovJ^^.r\ AvsP^"' see' 


:\es ^VtvcU^*;o,\a^^ 



o^-f!;^\v r^Vve^'^^""'^..60tv^":;dvoQ^'~. ^^ 









Seec>;„^xav--^Xbe --,^-,ot- ,eea^^ t>^\^^a\^V _ 






,os ^)^a^v 



^^^ bvi^^jV'r:>^^_' 



V^^ ^e !^.^ Tbe^3\voV^ 

i de- 


,ac^tf xV 

see«;:; oeeo.:Ao9n'',:v^•^c^>^^ ^^^^i5\«= ^^^^ 

cVe^^V^^- .e^^°!! see^^ 
ve^ot^^t^^^ * %'ee<^^-^o \o^-^.ei 






,eV^ Ae^ 


>jjeeO' „,o\e^^ - , V"\o* ,e 











A»*' ^M ■ \i\ 1 JUMiiaEiEiira itKyii iiiMMiMiii iEiOTTi ■.\iYryrvT":nis.\jn- 







•W ^r;je atc^As °^ °-a^^ %":.eAs^"rA^ a^ 





Dreer's Jubilee 



This special assortment contains 
one packet each: 
Antirrhinum, Rustproof Super Giant 

Aster, Giant Crego Mixed 
Calliopsis tinctoria splendens 
Centaurea cyanus, Ultra-Double 

Cosmos, Extra-Early Sensation Mixed 
Larkspur, Giant Imperial Mixed 
Marigold, Chrysanthemum-Flowered 

Petunia nana compacta, Mixed 
Phlox Drummondi grandiflora, Mixed 
Zinnia, California Giant Mixed 
Purchased separately tiiese would 
cost $1.30 and we offer them ^C_ 










See^„ vwo' 










TV%%etv^^f^a%^f SaV^^^t^ers^ Alo^f ^^d ^^ &ts^ ^^ 
?^of^iSo-d Ve<e ^^tS. -^^ :SS^-^^:Se^ '^' ' 

d CV^V^ert 



viatv^ '\ne 1 srcvai^^.^gto 7,-v-,ot\^ «jvo^ Vot 


Dreer Quality 


Once the gardener has grown his own vege- 
tables he is bound not only to continue but to in- 
crease the area to provide a supply for the entire 
year. The difference between home-gjown vege- 
tables and those purchased in the market is cer- 
tainly striking. Freshly gathered Peas, Beans, 
and Sweet Corn have a flavor and tenderness that 
are entirely lacking in market products. Their 
sugar content undergoes a rapid chemical change 
once the edible portion is removed from the grow- 
ing plant. Even the flavor of root crops such as 
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Radishes, etc., deterio- 
rates so rapidly that there is no comparison 
between the freshly harvested ones and those 
available even at the roadside stands of the 
grower. Half an hour's delay between gathering 
and cooking makes a tremendous difference in the 
flavor and sweetness of many kinds. To enjoy 
vegetables at their best one simply must g^ow 
his own. 

Carefully Selected Strains 
of the Finest Vegetables 

Developments in vegetables have been as sen- 
sational as those in flowers. Specialists all over 
the world are continuously at work cross-breed- 
ing and selecting strains that represent the great- 
est improvements. Among the truly outstanding 
are the Yellows-Resistant varieties of Cabbage, 
Disease-Resistant Sweet Corn, and Wilt-Resist- 
ant Watermelon. Strains of improved quality, 
greater productiveness, and better appearance 
yearly are widening the range of selection. These 
new varieties are added to our catalog after care- 
ful tests are made in our vegetable testing plots 
so that we may be sure of their desirability and 
superiority. As older varieties are superseded by 
better ones they are gradually dropped from our 
list so that you may depend upon the varieties 
we offer representing the best. 

All Vegetable Seeds are 
Carefully Tested for Vitality 

All Dreer Vegetable Seeds are carefully 
tested in soil as a final check to make sure 
they will growand produce sturdy seedlings. 

Another section of the Vegetable seed Department 

.gjubi^e^/^ Seeds 

^nVve^etabrJ, aen- 

ill xp^etaW^ fe { vegc 

one NV-^^^ L So^^^^^ haU po^'^^ 



















.,( peas 






















Dreer's Modern 


1306 Spring Garden Street 


Amateur and professional gardeners living in or near Philadel- 
phia and others visiting the city at any time are cordially invited to 
nspect our modern store at 1306 Spring Garden Street, the largest 
ind most complete horticultural store in Philadelphia. Spring 
Garden Street is only five squares north of Market and our store is 
ess than a square from Broad Street, Philadelphia's main artery of 
:ravel northward. There are no parking restrictions on Spring 
"arden Street. Many of our customers visit the store whenever 
:hey have any garden problems they wish to discuss with our staff 
jf experts. Or you may like to browse around and examine some of 
:he latest tools or garden accessories on display. In addition to seeds 
ind supplies, such as fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and a full 
ine of tools, we always have on hand a splendid selection of various 
:ypes of plants for house and porch decoration and other items of 
special interest. You are assured quick and courteous service by 
jur trained sales staflf. 


During the spring months Dreer's Little Garden, alongside the 
store, will give you an opportunity to make your personal selection 
From a wide range of sturdy plants ready to set out into the garden. 
While the space is not large enough to display all of the thousands 
af plants offered in our catalog you will find a wide selection of the 
most popular ones and others that deserve to be better known. In 
addition to potted Roses of the most popular varieties we present a 
:ollection of perennial plants growing in pots so that they will 
transplant safely without any disturbance to the root system. We 
shall of course be glad to take your order for any catalog item not 
included in Dreer's Little Garden, to be shipped from our Nurseries 
It Riverton, New Jersey. 

More than an Entire Floor is 

The tools and various garden supplies displayed in our store com- 
prise only a small part of our stock. The entire sixth floor of our 
building as well as parts of others is utilized by our "Sundry De- 
partment." The pages devoted to this department in Dreer's 
Garden Book give a good idea of its completeness. Every item has 
been selected with the greatest care to provide the gardener with 
worthwhile kinds only. The tools in particular represent a wide 
assortment that will perform with the least amount of energy. 
Good gardeners are not interested in cheap accessories which do not 
last and for this reason you will find assembled in our Sundry De- 
partment only well-made and substantial tools that will give years 
of excellent service. In many cases their inclusion is based upon the 
experience gained on our own farms where they receive many 
thorough tests on a large scale. Our list of insecticides and fungi- 
cides deserves your particular attention as it is composed of tried 
and proved kinds and the same care is exercised in the selection 
of fertilizers and plant foods. 

Three views 
showing sec- 
tions of our 
horticultural store 

: . I E L4 L L I S I 


Part of "Dreer's Little Garden" which is set up 
during the spring months alongside our Phila- 
delphia Store 

You will find in our Sundry Department a wide 
selection of quality tools and other garden 

A view in the Dreer Rose Garden 


Dreer's Roses, are known the world over for their excellence. 
They are a most important Dreer specialty with an enviable 
reputation that reaches well beyond the confines of our country. 
The difference between Dreer Quality Roses and ordinar\- stock 
is at once apparent even to one not versed in horticulture because 
they abound in vigor and have size which is so important to 
success. All Dreer Roses are strong, fwtted, two-year-old, field 
grown plants of choicest quality. 


We wish it were f>ossible for all our customers and others interested in Roses or 
gardening in general to pay a visit to the Dreer Rose Garden at Riverton, N.J. 
June is the month to see the garden at its best for then the Hybrid-Tea Roses are in 
full bloom. Another good time to see the Rose Garden is the two weeks preceding 
frost which happens with us during the second or third week of October. The 
beauty of the Rose Garden must be experienced as words are wholly inadequate to 
describe it. Beds upon beds, made easily accessible by grass walks that run 
between them, present a colorful picture not to be forgotten. The artistic layout 
of the garden and the careful arrangement of the colors and hues make an enchant- 
ing picture. In addition to all first-class varieties the garden includes many so new 
that they have not yet been named, for the Rose Garden also is our testing plot for 
new varieties. 

Our efforts to give Rose lovers an ever greater range of beautiful Roses have 
been well rewarded. Many of the country's outstanding Roses were introduced 
by Dreer. For 1938, Dreer's Hundredth Anniversary, we present "R. M. S. Queen 
Mary", a Rose that has received many high honors both at home and abroad. In 
addition to its value as a garden Rose it has proved its worth as a forcing vari- 
ety so that its beauty may be enjoyed practically all the year round. .A picture 
in full color is shown on page 151. 

At left : James M. Vogdes, President, 
and James C. Clark. Vice-President 

Glowing Sunset 


Dreer's Centennial Collection 

of Six Glorious 

Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Roses 

We have selected for our Centennial Rose Collection these six 
Hybrid-Tea Roses because we believe they are the finest Roses to 
be had today. 

Carrie Jacobs Bond (Plant Patent No. 168). Deep coral-rose. 

Dicksons Centennial (Plant Patent No. 223). Deep glowing crimson. 

Glowing Sunset (Plant Patent No. 104). A sunset blending. 

Mme. Joseph Perraud. A blend of light gold and pink. 

Pink Dawn. Pink with orange base. 

R. M. S. Queen Mary (Plant Patent No. 249). Glowing salmon-pink. 

One strong potted plant each of these Six 
Glorious Roses, a value of $8.7.S, for 













^.ocustf^^^ dotted p, 



co7(/ / 




Perennial Plants, Shrubs, and Vines are indispensable plant material. No garden is 
complete which does not include its proper share of them. Shrubs and Hardy Vines, 
because of their size and permanence, determine the garden setting and lend them- 
selves to an endless variety of arrangements. They link the house and other buildings 
to the garden creating a picture with graceful curves that hide the abrupt straight 
lines of building foundations. Climbers mellow the upright lines of fences, porches, 
garden houses, etc. Properly arranged shrubs and vines will give a complete garden 
without any other material, excepting the lawn only. Perennials, however, add special 
interest to such a setting because of the ever changing picture they provide. By 
choosing them not only for their height and color but for their season of bloom one 
may have flowers from earliest spring until severe frost puts an end to the garden dis- 
play. Berried shrubs will add a special lure that lasts well into the winter. 

Since Perennial Plants, Shrubs, and Vines are so important it pays to take special 
care in planting suitable kinds of unquestionable quality. You will find in Dreer's 
Garden Book a wide assortment selected because of merit. Our extensive operations 
as nurserymen give us the opportunity to observe and study the behavior of many 
oifferent kinds. Only those that have real value are offered. 

Dreer's young vigorous plants of perennials are much superior to old, overgrown, 
field grown clumps which have seen their best days and find it difficult to recuperate 
from the effects of transplanting. In the case of shrubs we furnish these in sizes best 
suited to transplanting. They too are full of vigor and eager to take hold of the soil 
in their new surroundings. We state in the catalog the size of the plants when shipped 
besides indicating the final average height. 

The Magnificent Silver Lace Vine 

An alluring hardy vine growing to a height of 25 feet. Bears great masses of 
foamy white flower sprays during the fall and often it also blooms in a limited way 
earlier in the season. Strong plants 60c each; $6.00 per doz. 


New "Pink" Buddleia 

A glorious new shrub bearing 
throughout the late summer and 
autumn elegant longsprayscovered 
with lovely lavender-pink blooms 
which compared with other Budd- 
leias are distinctly pink. For Sep- 
tember and October flowers we 
suggest pinching off the first flower 
spikes in July to aid the develop- 
ment of side branches which will 
flower during the autumn months. 
Awarded a Silver Medal by the 
Pennsylvania Horticultural Soci- 
ety. Strong flowering plants 
75c each; $7.50 per doz. 























, iet' 









-■ a^i^ t\\e 

'^^ovira^^^V-aS, ^;,„^^■ a"- ^x\e 


^r IOOth , 

Novelties and Specialties in 
Flotver Seeds for 1938 


For 1938 we bring to you these ten pages of outstanding Novelties and Specialties 
in Flower Seeds. In addition to those which are entirely new this year we have in- 
cluded introductions of previous years which have proved of the highest merit. These 
Novelties and Specialties will bring to your garden a gorgeous array of magnificent 
color and blooms. The tremendous advances made in flowers are nothing short of 
marvelous and no garden is complete which does not include a wide share of them. 


'' IOOth . 


Key to the 

The following symbols used throughout the Dreer catalog will tell at a glance 
most important characteristics. 

(A) = Annual; (S) = Biennial; iHl = Half -hardy Perennial; |hp] = Hardy Per- 
ennial; [TP]=Tender Perennial; §=Climbing Plants; A = Suited to Rock 
Gardens; ®=Suited to Semi-Shade; #== Suited to Shade; +=Seeds which 
may be sown outdoors late in the fall to germinate the following spring. 

Lovely New Dwarf 
Ageratum in Blue and Pink ® ® 

Ageratum, Dwarf Compact Fairy Pink 

1046 Blue Ball Improved {Blue Boy). Of even, compact 
growth smothered with flowers of the richest shade of blue. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1052 Dwarf Compact Fairy Pink. An exceptionally dwarf 
compact variety not more than five inches high, covered with 
salmon rose-pink blooms. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

Two Beautiful New 
Aquilegia — Columbine iH ® 

1210 Clematiflora. This glori- 
ous new Columbine is entirely 
distinct, having flowers which 
greatly resemble those of a 
Clematis. Of medium height, 
free blooming, and very color- 
ful. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. 

1215 Long-Spurred Crim- 
son Star. A very showy 
variety growing 18 inches high. 
Has elegantly formed long- 
spurred blooms of a deep cop- 
pery crimson with white corol- 
Aquilegia clematiflora la. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Gorgeous New 
CregO Aster — 1282 Enchantress W-R. ® 

Enchantress presents an entirely new color in Asters— a luscious 
shade of lively salmon-rose which is distinct from all other colors 
yet developed. The blooms are large and well-formed. They are 
produced in great abundance on vigorous, well-branched, wilt- 
resistant plants. The blooming season falls into early September. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Aster, Dreer's Peerless Pink 

Dreer' s Six Famous 
American Asters® 

The following six sorts embrace several distinct types and 
colors, which we feel sure will, on account of their free growth, 
profuse flowering, large size, and general excellence, give entire 
satisfaction to the most critical growers of this popular flower. 
1265 Purple Beauty W-R. Very large double flowers of a rich 

glittering purple. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
1278 California Giant, Rich Rose. Beautifully curled and 

interlaced flower petals. Blooms 5 inches across. Pkt. 15c; 

special pkt. 60c. 
1289 Crego's Giant White W-R. Immense, long stemmed, 

fluffy, white flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc. 
1321 Late Branching, Azure Blue W-R. A wonderful rich 

deep lavender or azure blue color. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc; 

i 02. 75c. 
1335 Dreer's Peerless Pink W-R. The finest shell pink Late 

Branching Aster. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. SOc. 
1337 Sensation W-R. The reddest of all red Asters, the color 

being a rich garnet or ox-blood red. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. SOc. 

4752 Collection of Dreer's 6 Famous Asters. 

One packet each of the above 6, value SOc, for 60c. 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 

Novelties and Specialties 

You are bound to enjoy the newer 
varieties of flowers particularly. For 
Autumn blooming, Flame of Fire 
Celosia has no equal and the Ultra- 
Double Cornflowers represent a wonder- 
ful advance in this showy class of annuals. 


Calendula, Orange Fantasy 

h Calendula — 1569 Orange Fantasy ® 

■"- This new crested Calendula comes perfectly true and represents 
qji entirely new type. The outer petals are long and beautifully 
twisted whereas the inner ones are much shorter and irregularly 
Arranged giving the flower a crested appearance. The individual 
viloOms measure Z\ inches in diameter and are bronzy or coppery- 
orange with deep mahogany red petal edges. Pkt. 25c; 5 pkts. 
for $1.00. 

Celosia pyramidalis, Flame of Fire 

Celosia pyramidalis 

1859 Flame of Fire 

Among the many novelties of recent years this Celosia stands out 
as a very distinct and desirable annual. The plants grow about 
18 inches in height, forming perfect little pyramids with each 
branch ending in a heavy, large, round cone of a most brilliant and 
intense rich crimson. The formation ol the flower heads is entirely 
distinct from all other Celosias. The fact that it blooms from 
August until October is a feature that makes it particularly valu- 
able. Wonderful for garden display, for cutting, and in puts. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Centaiu-ea, Jubilee Gem 

New Dwarf Double Cornflower a 
1867 Jubilee Gem 

Charming compact plants about 12 inches high covered com- 
pletely with double dark blue flowers. Splendid for dwarf beds 
and a very showy subject for growing in pots. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 50c 

Dreer's Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

Dreer's Beautiful New 
Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

Centaurea cyanus 

This superb new strain is bound to replace the older type 
because the flowers not only are considerably more double but 
also larger, each bloom forming a lovely large fluffy ball carried 
on a long and strong stem. 

1871 Black Boy. A rich and appealing deep maroon. 
1873 Blue Boy. Exquisite Cornflower blue. 
1875 Pinkie. Glorious blooms of bright rose. 
1877 Red Boy. The finest of the red shades. 
1879 Snow Man. Graceful large white blooms. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 2Sc; \ oz. 50c. 


Collection of Five Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

4790 One packet each, value 75c, for 50c. 

4792 One special packet each, value $1.25, for 85c. 

1880 Ultra-Double Mixed. 

special pkt. 25c; J oz. 50c. 

Contains all colors. Pkt. iSc; 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 

in Flower Seeds for 1938 

Golden Crown 

New Annual 
Chrysanthemum © 
, 1937 Golden Crown 

," The annual Chrysanthemums are valuable material for garden display and for 

\ cutting. They do best where summer weather is not excessively hot. In Golden 

■^' Crown we have a magnificent new variety of coronarium, growing into vigorous, 

strong, well-branched plants three to four feet in height. Every plant is covered 

with 50 to 60 lovely large double blooms of bright butter yellow color which forms 

a good contrast to the silvery green foliage. Pkt. 2Sc; S pkts. $1.00. 

New Extra-Early 
Cosmos, Sensation ® 

Sensation Cosmos has been appropriately named 
for indeed it is a Sensation in every sense of the 
word. One of its most important features is the 
fact that it wiU bloom two weeks ahead of any other 
strain. The plants are vigorous and branch freely 
bearing an abundance of extra-large well-rounded 
blooms of exceptionally large size. They measure 
4 inches across and on disbudded plants will reach 
a diameter of 6 inches. This year we are able to 
offer two separate colors besides the mixture. 

2038 Pinkie. Magnificent blooms of a bright and 
pleasing pink color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2039 Purity. Enormous well-formed blooms of 
pure white with small yellow center. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

2040 Sensation Mixed. A blend of pink and 
white. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; j oz. 75c. 

Cosmos, Sensation 

Dreer's De Luxe Hybrid Korean Chrysanthemums 

A Scintillating New Strain of 

Hardy Chrysanthemum in 
1944 Dreer's De Luxe Korean Hybrids 

Our efforts to improve the quality of our Korean Hybrid Chrysanthemums 
bave resulted in an extra-fine strain of superb beauty. The standard of every 
factor contributing to the glory of these hardy Mums has been raised beyond our 
fondest hopes. Their earliness to bloom, the size of the individual flowers, and 
the magnificent range of carefully selected colors wiU provide the gardener with 
a spectacle beyond description. It includes a generous percentage of semi-double 
and double flowering plants. Pkt. $1.00; 3 pkts. $2.50. 

1942 Korean Hybrids. This is our regular strain which for a number of 
years now has created a sensation. It includes a splendid selection of colors 
and the bushy well-rounded plants bear great masses of single and semi- 
double blooms. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. $1.50. 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 


Novelties and Specialties 

Dreer's Giant Pacific Hybrid Delphinium 

Giant Pacific Hybrids 

Already we have received quite a number of most compli- 
mentary reports from gardeners who gave these new Giant 
Pacific Hybrid Delphinium a trial during the past season. 
Every gardener interested in Delphiniums should certainly 
give this strain a thorough trial this year. 

2171 Dark Blue Shades. 
2173 Light Blue Shades. 

2175 Light Lavender Shades. 

2176 Pastel Shades. 

2178 Rich Violet. 

2179 Pure White. 

4816 Giant Pacific Collection. One packet each of 
the above six colors, value S4.50, for $3.50. 

2180 Giant Pacific Hybrids, Mixed Blue Shades. 

A magnilicent strain including a great range of beautifully 
varied shades of blue carefully selected for desirable colors 
of artistic merit. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. S2.00. 

Any of these: Pkt.75c; 
special pkt. $2.50. 

The Sensational 

New Strain 

from the Pacific Coast 

Delphinium experts throughout the country have expressed great 
enthusiasm about this marvelous new strain. The Giant Pacific 
Hybrids are truly sensational and reports from manj' different 
sections of the country as well as foreign lands are unanimous in their 
praise. They received most favorable comments in the 1936 Year- 
book of the American Delphinium Society bj' an outstanding authority 
on Delphinium who, himself, is a breeder of note. 

"The Most Beautiful Delphinium 
I have ever seen" 

These are the very words of one of our own experts on a recent 
visit to the Pacific coast. His opinion is shared by others who say 
. . . amazingly fine precision of placement of florets . . . rarely a 
single . . . nicely formed bees . . . fine foliage . . . imusual uniformity 
of habit . . . marked disease resistance . . . impressive tall spikes of 
slightly tapering formation. Plants with white bees predominate. 

The Giant Pacific Hydrids stand out as the showiest and most 
glorious of all Delphinium. Under favorable conditions the plants 
wiU reach truly gigantic heights, yet every flower spike is well formed. 
The indi%ndual flowers are huge. They measure 2 to 3 inches in 
diameter and are beautifully spaced on a well balanced, long spike. 
The vnry stems are slender but strong and the colors represented have 
been chosen with extreme care. A large percentage of the plants have 
proved decidedly resistant to mildew. 

Note the beautiful proportions and artistic balance of these spikes 

How to Grow Delphiniums (Leonian). $1.10 per copy, postpaid 

in Flower Seeds for 1938 

Gaillardia Grandiflora gn 

2441 Goblin 

This new dwarf compact-growing GaiUardia greatly widens the 
scope of this useful flower which now may be included in the dwarf 
border where other varieties were too tall. The plants grow 12 to 
IS inches high and are covered with large showy yellow blooms 
bordered with deep red. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

2551 Gypsophila Oldhamiana 11 

A splendid new hardy Gypsophila for border planting. It is of 
dwarf, somewhat spreading growth and well adapted to the border 
or rock garden where the lovely pinkish blooms will give a mag- 
nificent display from the middle of July onwards. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

2758 Lavandula, Twickel's Purple H 

This beautiful new Lavender received a Certificate of Merit 
from the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain. It is far 
superior to any other Lavender we have ever seen. The plants are 
perfectly hardy and of rather dwarf habit. They produce a great 
abundance of deep lavender-blue flower spikes which have the 
typical rich Lavender fragrance. 18 in. Pkt. $1.00. 


2866 Lupinus, Russell Hybrids 11 

A most remarkable 
'''< new strain of Hardy 

Lupines from Great 

The wide publicity given 
to these new Lupines in all 
the leading gardening papers 
of this country is bound to 
induce many gardeners to 
give them a trial during the 
coming year. The Russell 
Hybrid Lupines have proved 
the most outstanding hardy 
Lupine ever developed. A 
Gold Medal awarded by the 
Royal Horticultural Society 
of Great Britain in June 
1937 is ample proof as to 
what English gardening ex- 
perts think about it. The 
plants grow into well- 
rounded, well-branched 
bushes, each developing a 
number of extra-large spikes 
closely set with flowers. 
One of the most outstand- 
ing features of this strain 
is the range of beautiful 
colors — deep yellow, orange, 
red, and brilliant bicolor 
combinations never seen 
here before in hardy 
Lupines. Pkt. (10 seeds) 
Lupinus, Russell Hybrids 25 c. 

3159 Nierembergia Hippomanica ® A 

Blue Cups 

A wonderful new annual 
growing 4 to 6 inches high but 
spreading to a width of a foot 
or more. The graceful, 
slender, bright green foliage 
is hidden by a mass of cup- 
shaped lavender-blue flowers 
which measure more than an 
inch in diameter. Blooms 
profusely throughout the 
summer and autumn. Pkt. 
25c; special pkt. 75c. 


'' IOOth 


These Novelty 
pages deserve 
your particular 

Nolana, Blue Ensign 

Nolana — Chilean Bellflower 
3167 Lanceolata, Blue Ensign 

Through careful selection the flowers in this splendid Chilean 
plant have been greatly improved in size. They are borne pro- 
fusely on spreading plants 5 to 6 inches high. The blooms resemble 
an Ipomoea and are a lovely ultramarine blue with a pure white 
center. The fragrance of the blooms is another delightful feature. 
Pkt. 30c; 5 pkts. $1.25. 

A Beautiful New Giant Pansy 

3179 Coronation Gold 

Here we have a new Giant Pansy which we know will delight 
gardeners everywhere. The flowers are not only large and well- 
formed but they are also of heavy substance. The color is canary 
yellow with the lower petals flushed golden orange. Some of them 
show rays of a lighter yellow. The lightly ruffled edges and the 
mild spicy scent are additional worth-while features. Pkt. 50c; 
special pkt. $1.25. 

Nierembergia Hippomanica 

Shakespeare's Pansies 

3248 Shakespeare's Pansies 

This lovely strain of Pansies was discovered five years ago. The 
simplicity of the flower suggested saving the seed for propagation 
and when later on the grower chanced to glance over an old flower 
book he was surprised to find that what he had was practically iden- 
tical with the Pansy as it was grown during Shakespeare's time. It is 
a simple quaint httle Pansy suitable for any location in the garden 
and can be grown easily wherever Pansies are successful. Its 
form, habit, and time of flowering coincide with that of Viola 
Papilio. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.25. 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 


Novelties and Specialties 

The Newest Developments in 

Glorious Marigolds 

2906 Chrysanthemum-Flowered Hybrids 

These magnificent Hybrids have been tested by a large number 
of gardeners during the recent season and they have proved most 
outstanding. The flowers vary in diameter from 2 to 4 inches. 
They represent a diversity of form that is most interesting and 
artistic resembling Chr>'santhemums in form, as well as beauty. 
3 feet high. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 



Marigold, Chrysanthemum-Flowered Orange 

'New Chrysanthemum-Flowered 
Marigolds jrom California 

The three new Chrysanthemum-Flowered Marigolds offered 
below have been segregated from the Chrysanthemum-Flowered 
Hybrids. They represent the three most outstanding kinds found 
in the Hybrids and the highly artistic incurved form of the flowers 
not only is startlingly new in Marigolds but also of the highest 
artistic value. They come one hundred per cent double and are 
borne on plants three feet high. 

2902 Chrysanthemum- Flowered Orange. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

2903 Chrysanthemum-Flowered Golden Orange. Pkt. 
20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2904 Chrysanthemum-Flowered Yellow. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

2901 Burpee's Gold 

A large well-formed flower of deep orange color measuring i\ 
inches across. In form it resembles the favorite Guinea Gold but 
the entire plant is strictly odorless. Grows 2\ feet high and 
blooms profusely. Pkt. 2Sc; 5 pkts. SI. 00. 

Marigold, Sunset Giants 

2920 Sunset Giants 

Truly magnificent super giant Marigolds with blooms measuring 
5 to 7§ inches across, including a mixture of many beautiful colors 
ranging from primrose to deep gold. Comes sixty per cent double 
and produces a good percentage of plants bearing blooms of giant 
size. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 


4870 Four Picturesque Marigolds 

Tljis special offer contains one packet each of 
Chrj'santhemum-Flowered Hybrids, Collarette Crown 
of Gold, Dixie Sunshine, and Sunset Giants, value 
70c for 50c. 

Marigold, Burpee's Gold 

2909 Collarette Crown of Gold 

This was awarded the Gold Medal as the most 
outstanding new flower in the 1937 All America 
Selections. The plants grow 2 feet high and have 
foliage which is entirely odorless. An early and 
continuous bloomer for garden display and for 
cutting with medium-sized flowers of bright golden 
orange having a thick crown of small center petals 
surrounded by a collar of larger petals. Pkt. 15c; 
') special pkt. 50c. 

2911 Dixie Sunshine 

Distinct from all other Marigolds growing 4 feet 
high and bearing showy, double, round Chrysan- 
themum-like flowers composed of very deep golden 
yellow florets. Start early indoors north of Wash- 
ington, D. C, as it requires a long growing season. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Marigold, Collarette Crown of Gold 

Beautify your garden with these Novelties and Specialties 

in Flower Seeds for 1938 

Magnificent New Petunias 

Petunia nana compacta a 

This nana compacta type of Petunias is one of the most service- 
able for garden use. The plants grow from 10 to 12 inches high. 
They are splendid for beds, borders, or in the rock garden where 
the well-rounded flower-covered plants give a glorious display 
starting in mid-summer and lasting till frost. 







1 'iiii/iXLi 





Petunia nana compacta, Salmon Supreme 

33H Salmon Supreme— New for 1938 

An exquisite and entirely new color in Petunias. When first 
opening the flowers are rich coral salmon changing to a glistening 
soft salmon-pink as the days go by. It makes a glorious sight. 
Pkt. 35c; 3 pkts. 9Sc. 

Petunia nana compacta, Adora 

3301 Adora. Lovely white blooms starred with rosy carmine. 
Very effective. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c. 

3305 Celestial Rose. A bright rose-colored variety giving a 
joyous effect in the garden. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3307 Cockatoo. Impressive little blooms of %nolet-blue with a 
pronounced white star in the center. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3309 Little Blue Star. In this variety we have a white star on 
a clear blue base. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3313 Senator Improved. A fascinating violet self with pure 
white throat. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3317 Snow Bedder. Sturdy plants covered with large showy 
blooms of pure white. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c. 

4904 Petunia nana compacta Collection 

One packet each of the six lovely nana compacta 
varieties described above, value $1.35 for 90c. 

Alldouble Dwarf Victorious Petunias 

Alldouble Dwarf 
Victorious Petunias 

The Alldouble Dwarf Victorious Petunias represent the most 
advanced and highly bred strain. They have made a sensation within 
the short time since their introduction. Heretofore seed of double 
Petunias produced only a limited number of double-flowering 
plants but in this marvelous new strain every plant carries lovely 
well-formed flowers of exquisite double form. 

3401 Amaranth Red. An extra dwarf variety with alldouble 
flowers measuring 4 inches across. Grows ten inches high. Of 
bright amaranth red color. Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3403 Carmine Queen (World Beauty). Covered with alldouble 
flowers of rich luminous rosy red. Exceedingly showy. Grows 
10 inches high. Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3405 Gaiety. An extra dwarf variety with large showy blooms 
in combinations of carmine-rose and white, rose and white, 
and also pure white. Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3407 Loveliness. Another extra dwarf kind with exquisite, 
double blooms of bright La France pink. The individual : 
flowers measure about 4 inches in diameter. 10 inches high, j 
Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. :{ 

3409 Pure White. Substantial well-fringed blooms of the purest^ 
white. One of the finest double white Petunias ever introduced. 
Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3410 Mixed. A grand mixture well suited to beds, borders, and 
the rock garden. 10 inches high. Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $1.50. 

looTH nnnivERSRRY offer 

4912 Alldouble Petunia Collection 

One packet each of the five separate colors of 
Alldouble Dwarf Victorious Petunias listed above, 
value $2.50 for $1.85. 

Dreer's Quality Seeds are the choice of the best gardeners 

Novelties and Specialties 

Two New Miniature 
Petunias © 

3297 Rose Gem A 

A beautiful compact variety with rich 
deep rose flowers borne in the greatest pro- 
fusion on neat, compact plants which are 5 
to 6 inches in height. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

3295 Pink Gem A 

Compact plants, 5 to 6 inches high, 
literally smothered with beautiful deep 
pink blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

i Two Other Fine 

Petunias ® 

Dainty Lady 

Giant Single Fringed Petunia 

3373 Dainty Lady 

This giant-flowered single fringed vari- 
ety makes available a lovely shade of 
luminous light lemon j'ellow. Of neat, 
compact, semi-dwarf growth and very free 
flowering. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. SI. 50. 

Petunia, Ruffled Martha Washington 

3327 Ruffled 
Martha Washington A 

Charming plants growing 9 inches high 
and forming perfect little balls literally 
smothered with frilled blooms about 3 
inches in diameter. They have a bright 
flesh pink fringe with wine red veins lead- 
ing into a deep dark violet throat. Splen- 
did for beds, borders, and pots. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

Colorful Annual Phlox ® 

3430 Gigantea Art Shades 

This outstanding and colorful new strain of Annual Phlox has blooms of extra-large 
size combined into large, impressive, well-rounded flower heads. It blooms e.xceed- 
ingly freely and continuously, making a man-elous display on account of the wonderful 
range of unusual shades including salmon, appleblossom, soft rose, light violet, etc., 
many with lighter eyes. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 



Papaver amurenie 

Silky Giant 
Iceland Poppies 1h|] 

3575 Amurense {Yellow Wonder). Bright 
Buttercup yellow blooms of remarkable 
size borne on wiry stems 2 feet in length. 
Very profuse. Easy to grow and splen- 
did for garden display as well as for 
cutting. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3587 The Empress. A giant-flowered 
variety in shades of salmon-rose and 
pink with lovely fluted and crinkled 
petals. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3585 The Emperor. A regal companion 
to the preceding with large tangerine 
orange blooms of silky texture. A most 
imposing variety 20 inches tall. Pkt. 
20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3600 Gartref Picoteed Mixed. Mag- 
nificent large well-formed blooms of 
many shades all beautifully picoteed 
with a contrasting color. Of vigorous 
growth and free blooming. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c; i oz. Sl-25. 

Rudbeckia, My Joy 

3805 Rudbeckia My Joy ® 

Your garden will be more beautiful if 
you include this marvelous new giant- 
flowered annual Rudbeckia which gives 
you extra large, golden yellow blooms with 
a deep black cone in the center. Blooms 
freely throughout the summer and fall. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; } oz. 60c. 

=Suited to Shade; + = May be sown in late Fall; §=Climbing Plants 

in Flower Seeds for 1938 

Salvia ® 

3854 Blaze of Fire 

The extra earliness of this new extra- 
dwarf Salvia is a most desirable feature. 
It is by far the earliest blooming and most 
dwarf of all Scarlet Sages. Ideal for dwarf 
beds and borders to brighten the garden 
■with vivid scarlet flowers. Pkt. 30c; 
5 pkts. $1.25. 

Scabiosa, Rosette 

Large-Flowering Scabiosa ® 
3885 Rosette 

Many years of careful selection and 
painstaking care have resulted in this 
beautiful large-flowered Scabiosa which 
has giant blooms of a deep rose color at- 
tractively suffused with salmon. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

3887 Salmon Beauty 

The graceful form of the giant blooms 
and their pure salmon color make this an 
outstanding new variety for your garden. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Tahoka Daisy 

4261 Tahoka Daisy ® a 
Machaeranthera tanacetifolia 

This lovely annual is only now receiv- 
ing the attention it deserves. It is easy to 
grow, forming showy compact bushes only 
12 inches high and about 2 feet across. It 
blooms during late summer and autumn 
when the bushes are covered with lovely 
daisy -hke blooms which have a marked 
resemblance to a hardy fall-flowering per- 
ennial Aster. They are a lovely light lav- 
ender-blue color. The foliage is of graceful 
Fern-like form. Splendid for the border 
and rockeries. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

New Giant -Flowering Verbenas ® 

In Many Wonderful Colors 

There are few gardens which do not include Verbenas on account of their wealth of 
showy blooms. When choosing the new Giant-Flowering varieties the gardener will be 
sure of an extra colorful display of giant-flowered trusses. 

4351 Appleblossom. Lovely cameo 
pink flower trusses of largest size. Pkt. 
20c; special pkt. 75c. 

4353 Beauty of Oxford Hybrids. 

Very rich and colorful rose-pink shades. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
4355 Cerise Queen. Picturesque large 
flower trusses of an appeahng salmon- 
cerise. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

4357 Crimson Glow. The first rich 
crimson giant Verbena — a pure and in- 
tense color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

4361 Lavender Glory. Lavender with 
creamy white eye. An | unusual color 
combination. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

4368 Spectrum Red. Intense red with- 
out eye — a color full of fire and glory. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 


" IOOth . 


IOOTH nnnivERsnRY offer 

4982 Giant Verbena Collection 

The six varieties offered in this collection as described 
above are so distinct and beautiful that we are sure many 
gardeners wish to have every one represented in their 
gardens. Purchased separately these would cost $1.05 but 
our special offer is 70c. 

Now You Can Be Sure! 

Dreer's Flower Seed packets for 1938 
have been completely redesigned and re- 
written. With but few exceptions, they 
show a picture of the seedlings of each par- 
ticular species. Gardeners everywhere are 
bound to value their Dreer seed packets 
just for this extra feature. No longer does 
one need to be in doubt as to whether the 
seedlings in the row are weeds or not. 
The little drawing will definitely eliminate 
the possibility of wrong identification. 

A=Suited to Rock Garden; (§)= Suited to Semi-Shade; 
#= Suited to Shade; *=May be sown in late Fall; §= Climbing Plants 


Viola cornuta 

Viola cornuta m a ® 

4409 Ark Wright Ruby. Large fragrant 
rosy crimson blooms shaded terra cotta. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

4413 Chantreyland. A striking variety 
with lovely rich apricot blooms. Of true 
cornuta type bearing great quantities of 
exceptionally showy blooms. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75 c. 

Viscaria Blue Pearl 

Viscaria ® 

The two Viscarias offered below have 
our fullest endorsement as they bring to 
the garden two lovely large-flowering and 
showy annuals which will add to the color 
scheme of the summer garden. 

4445 Blue Pearl. Free flowering plants 
of neat upright habit covered with large 
pure lavender-blue flowers. 1 ft. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 40c. 

4447 Rose Beauty. Showy large deep 
rose flowers carried on fine long stems of 
sturdy upright habit. 18 inches tall. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

Remarkable New Developments in 



4495 Fantasy Star Dust 

Fantasy Star Dust Zinnia has received more favorable publicity than any other Zinnia 
of recent introduction. The informal arrangement of the gracefuUy twisted petals gives 
the flowers a picturesque appearance. They are showy subjects in the garden and 
equally as much admired when displayed in the house as cut flowers. The color is a 
deep golden yellow. Forms sturdy plants about 2| to 3 feet in height. Pkt. ISc; 
special pkt. 50c. 

4592 Gaillardia- Flowered Mixed (Navajo) 

The flowers have such a great resemblance to a double Gaillardia that many people 
would take them for such. The blooms are very attractive, of medium size with a 
diameter of about 2 inches. They are carried on strong stems of medium length. The 
colors range through tones of rose, pink, bronze, orange, yellow, lavender, and combina- 
tions of these colors. Grows 2 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; J oz. $1.00. 

Lovely Little Zinnia 
4595 Linearis 

A charming dwarf single-flowering 
Zinnia with showy bright orange blooms 
showing a ribbed yellow stripe through the 
center of each petal. The plants measure 
8 inches high and 2 feet across. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

Scabiosa-Flowered Zinnia 
Autumn Tints 

Startling New 


4632 Autumn Tints 

A truly magnificent strain of the new 
Scabiosa-fiowered Zinnia which will, ac- 
cording to the raiser, come perfectly true to 
the typical formation of the flowers. A 
gorgeous color range of Autumn tints — 
orange, brown, russet, carmine, and many 
other unusual hues. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75c; J oz. $1.25. 

Zinnia mexicana. Halo or Gipsy Girl 

Zinnia mexicana a 

4605 Halo or Gipsy Girl 

Neat plants of compact and even habit, 
a foot high, bearing a mass of lovely and 
colorful blooms. Brilliant mahogany red 
well contrasted with a broad, golden yellow 
edge. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 


Add special charm to your garden by planting a wide range of Novelties and Specialties 


'' IOOtH ^ 


Dreer's Reliable 

Flower Seeds 

A Complete List of the Finest Varieties 
That will bring New Glory to Your Garden 


r IOOth ^ 


Really fine flowers can be grown only from seed that has been selected from the very choicest true-to- 
name parent plants, and the world-wide acclaim of Dreer's Flower Seeds is founded upon the infinite care 
taken to supply our customers with the finest strains avaQable in the world. Dreer's Flower Seeds represent 
the ultimate in perfection yet they cost no more than ordinary seeds. They have an international reputation for 
excellence and have proved consistent prize winners. No time nor expense is spared to provide for your gar- 
den the best in Flower Seeds at prices that are most reasonable. 

All Flower Seeds 

Are Sent 


Achillea ptarmica. The Pearl 

Abronia— S'ond Verbena ©A 

1005 TTmbellata rosea. A showy trailing plant with fragrant 
flower heads not unlike those of a Verbena. The blooms are 
bright rose with a white center. Suited to dry sunny positions 
and poor soil. Seeds germinate most easily if the paper husk is 
removed before sowing. 6 inches high. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c 

Abutilon— F/ower/ng Maple [tp] 

1010 Fine Mixed. Large bell-shaped blooms in shades of yellow, 
salmon, scarlet, and crimson. Attractive Maple-like leaves often 
showing a beautiful variegation of yellow and green. Succeeds 
best in rich sandy soil and grows 3 feet high. Also a valuable 
pot plant for winter blooming indoors. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Achillea— Mj7/oi7, Yarrow iH ® 

1013 Millefolium rubrum. Bright red flowerheads borne 
profusely on vigorous plants, 2 feet tall. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 40c. 

1015 Ptarmica, The Pearl. One of the best hardy white 
perennials. Grows about 2 feet high and is covered with heads 
of pure white double flowers from June until frost. Flowers 
the first season if sown early. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

+Aconi turn— Monfe'5 Hood, Helmet Flower H] ® 

1023 Napellus. A hardy perennial, growing in any good garden 
soil. Has long spikes of showy blue flowers. Well adapted for 
planting among shrubbery or in shady corners. Seed is of slow 
germination; 3 to 5 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c 

1025 Wilsoni. Blooms in late fall when few other blue flowers 
are available. Has large, tubular blooms of rich violet-blue. 
Of sturdy growth 5 to 6 feet tall. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Abronia — Sand Verbena 

Look Sor the 

many interesting 



Specials OSfered 

in this Catalog 

Explanation of Symbols used in Dreer's Garden Book 

The symbols used throughout the Dreer catalog are bound to help you with your garden 
planning. They make it easy to teU at a glance the character of the plants and their adapt- 
ability to various growing conditions. 

@ = Annual. Annual flowers complete their life circle within 
one growing season. They must be sown every year. 

(b) =Biennial . These require two years to bloom. Seed sown 
during one season will produce flowering plants the second 
year. Occasionally they live longer than two years. 

^HP]= Half- Hardy Perennial. These cannot stand much 
frost but may be kept alive by bringing indoors, placing in the 
cold frame, or covering securely during the winter. 

^p]= Hardy Perennial. These last for several years, with- 
standing considerable frost provided the soil is well drained. 

[fp]=Tender Perennial. Tender perennials may be kept 
growing throughout the year in the house or greenhouse. Many 
of them are showy bedding plants for a summer and fall display. 

§= Climbing Plants. Climbing and traihng plants which 
are best grown with a support on which they can climb. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden. Most plants suited to rock 
gardens are also desirable for dwarf beds and borders. The 
smaller the rock garden the smaller the plants should be. 

<i)=Suited to Semi-Shade. Most plants suited to semi- 
shade also do well in a sunny exposure. Semi-shade means 
some sun for part of the day or a location where the plants 
receive ample indirect light from above. 

9 = Suited to Shade. Few plants do in dense shade but 
those marked in this way wiU be found quite satisfactory. 
There are no annuals which will bloom in deep shade. 

■*■ Seeds marked with a * often are sown in late fall outdoors to 
germinate the following spring. Spring germination is quickest 
if they are placed in water and set in the freezing chamber of 
an electric refrigerator. To secure the beneficial efiect of 
alternate freezing and thawing, thaw them out once a week and 
then freeze again. They will be ready for sowing after two to 
three weeks of this treatment. 


1838 — Commemorating the Hundredth Anniversary of Henry A. Dreer — 1938 

Acroclinium ® 

1030 Giant Double Mixed. A 

pretty Everlasting growing about 
15 inches high and bearing lovely 
white as well as rosy pink flowers 
throughout the summer and 
early fall. Easily dried for winter 
bouquets aside from its value in 
the border. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c 

Adlumia © • § 
Mountain Fringe 
Allegheny Vine 
1035 Cirrhosa. A graceful, hardy 
biennial climber with Maiden- 
Acroclinium hair Fern-like foliage and tube- 

shaped flesh-colored flowers not unlike Bleeding Heart. Grows 
best in moist soil. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Agathea— B/ue Daisy |tp] A 

1041 Coelestis (Felicia amell aides). Beautiful sky blue, Daisy- 
like flowers IJ inches in diameter. Blooms profusely during the 
summer and foil. Excellent for beds, borders, and rock gardens. 
Also splendid as a winter-blooming pot plant. 18 inches high. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c 

Ageratum— f /oss Flower ® ® 

One of the best bedding plants, being literally a sheet of bloom 
from early summer until frost. The various blue varieties are with- 
out doubt the most satisfactory bedding plants of this color for 
our trying chmate. Easily raised from seed which may be started 
in a hotbed or window and transferred to the open ground in May. 
Can also be sown outdoors in May. A sowing in September will 
give plants to bloom indoors all winter. 

1045 Blue Ball. A The compact, ball-shaped plants grow 6 
inches high, bearing over a long season large fluffy flowers of a 
deep Ageratum blue. Makes a wonderful blue line or border 
because of its uniformity. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 40c. 




Ageratum, Blue Cap 

1047 Blue Cap. A This is without question the best dwarf 
Ageratum yet offered. The neat httle plants have the appear- 
ance of miniature domes and they are completely covered from 
midsummer until frost with lovely deep rich blue flowers. 
Splendid for edging beds and borders and exceptionally fine for 
pot culture. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

1049 Blue Perfection. This is the darkest colored of all large- 
flowering Ageratums. Color deep amethyst blue. Of compact 
growth and a fine bedder; 9 inches. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 30c. 

1051 Cope's Pet. The best light blue variety for edging. 
Cliarming, compact plants; 9 inches. Pkt. 10c; i 02. 30c. 

1053 Imperial Dwarf White. 8 inches. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

1057 Princess. A beautiful variety of compact, even growth, 
rarely exceeding 8 inches in height. The flowers are sky blue 
with white center. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 40c. 

4708 Ageratum Collection. One packet 
each of the 6 sorts, value 70c, for 50c« 

Agrostemma H 
Rose oj Heaven, Mullein Pink 

1065 Coronaria. An attrac- 
tive, free flowering, hardy 
perennial of easy culture. 
Blooms the first season pro- 
ducing showy glowing crim- 
son flowers not unlike single 
Pinks. Has attractive silvery 
white fohage. Fine for 
garden display and for cut- 
ting. Protect the plants 
a gainst excessive wi nter moi s- 
ture by a sheet of glass sup- 
ported by bricks. 2 feet. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

1066 - alba. This variety 
produces lovely large pure 
white blooms. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 25c. 

Agrostemma coronaria 

Alyssum, Little Gem — A beautiful little plant 
for edging, the rock garden, and as a pot plant. 

Annual Alyssum ® a 

Sweet Alyssum, Madwort 

The annual varieties are pretty, little plants for beds, vases, 
baskets, edging, or rockwork. They bloom profusely all during 
the summer and fall when they are a delightful sight. They also 
are useful for winter flowering. 

1071 Carpet of Snow. Of dwarf, compact habit, but 4 inches 
high. It begins to bloom when quite small and the plants are a 
solid mass of white from spring to late autumn. It is the best 
white-flowering edging plant to be had. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; 
oz. Sl.OO. 

1073 Compactum minimum. Tliis special strain of Alyssum 
is most desirable on account of its extremely dwarf, compact 
growth. The plants grow about 2 J inches high and are covered 
with white blooms. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 

1075 Lilac Queen Improved. A very pretty, deep laven- 
der-lilac. Of dwarf, compact liabit; 6 inches high. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 30c; oz. Sl.OO. 

1077 Tom Thumb or Little Gem (Bcnlhami compactum). 
Of dwarf, compact growth: excellent for edging; white flowers; 
6 inches. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

1079 Sweet Alyssum (.1. maritimum). Of trailing habit, 
covered with white flowers all season long. 9 inches. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 


All Flower Seeds are Bent POSTPAID 

lOIIlIEBEIIl'^ (OMIE miMDIOIEIiyiril ilJlMn^Ill^iAlilY 

Hardy Alyssum ig 

The Hardy Alyssum stands out among our spring flowering 
plants as one of the most attractive plants in the border or rock 
garden. The well-rounded bushes are completely covered with 
masses of small yellow flowers which hide the foliage completely. 

Alyssum sa.xatile compactum 

1083 Rostratum. Dense heads of bright golden flowers in 
June and July. Hardy; 20 inches. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

1085 Saxatile compactum (Basket of Gold, Gold Tuft, Rock- 
madwort). Showy bright yellow flowers which cover the plant 
in June and July so that little of the foliage is visible. Perfectly 
hardy. Excellent for rockwork and edge of border. 1 foot. 
Pkt. 10c; I oz. 40c. 

Amaranthus— ^maran^ft ® 

Annuals with brilliant foliage thriving best in a warm, sunny 

location and a soil that is not too rich but contains an ample supply 

of lime. 3 to 5 feet high. 

1091 Sunrise. Bronzy crimson foliage terminated by a large 
tuft of bright scarlet-carmine leaves. Very efiective in any 
border or bed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

1093 Tricolor splendens {Joseph's Coat). Showy foliage varie- 
gated with shades of bronze, green, scarlet, and gold. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 25c. 

1096 Choice Mixed. Includes many showy varieties. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 25c. 

Ammobium— FFingerf Everlasting ® 

1097 Alatum grandiflorum. A pretty annual Everlasting of 
unusual appearance. Flowers silvery white with yellow disc. 
Has interesting, winged stems. Grows best in light sandy soil. 
Easily dried for winter bouquets. 18 inches. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

+Ampelopsis— Boston or Japanese Ivy |hp1 (§) § 

1099 Veitchi. A hardy perennial climber with olive green leaves 
which turn to scarlet in the autumn. The best and most popular 
climber for covering brick or stone walls. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

Anagallis ® A 
Pimpernel, Poor Man's Weather Glass 

1100 Grandiflora, Mixed. 

A very pretty annual of 
compact habit, growing 6 
to 9 inches high. Covered 
during the summer and fall 
with brilliant flowers in an 
unusual range of attractive 
colors including pastel 
shades of blue, pink, ecru, 
orange, scarlet, etc. An 
easy-to-grow flower for 
those who want something 
different. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 

Anagallis grandiflora 

Anchusa ® & H]® 
Alkanet, Sea Bugloss 

1103 Capensis, Blue Bird 

{Cape Forget-Me-Not). ® 
A fine, free growing annual 
variety about 15 inches 
high with sprays of lovely 
Forget-Me-Not-hke flow- 
ers of a vivid indigo blue. 
Plants are compact and of 
even habit. Very showy. 
Pkt. 10c; I oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

1105 Italica, Dropmore 

Variety. ID One of the 
best hardy perennials. 
Grows 3 to 5 feet high, and, 
during May and June, 
bears in abundance flowers 
of the richest Gentian blue. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

Anchusa capensis. Blue Bird. 

1107 Italica, Lissadell. gP] An improved form of the Drop- 
more variety. Of strong vigorous habit, growing about 5 feet 
high carrying showy sprays of extra-large, clear Gentian blue 
flowers during May and June. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 40c. 

1111 +Myosotidiflora. IDA® A distinct dwarf hardy species, 
growing but 10 to 12 inches high, producing during April and 
May sprays of beautiful Forget-Me-Not-like flowers of a rich 
blue. An excellent plant for the rock garden. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

Anemone— FFmrf^ou'er iHPj ® 

A very showy perennial producing large flowers. Sow outdoors 
in spring, keeping shaded till the plants appear. Protect well 
during the winter as they are not entirely hardy. Blooms in 
June; 18 inches high. 

1115 Giant French Mixed {Poppy Anemone). A wide variety 
of rich colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

1117 St. Brigid. A beautiful selection of the above. It com- 
prises semi-double and double flowers in a wonderful array of 
colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. SOc. 

AntYietmis— Golden Marguerite H) 

These are showy hardy per- 
ennials highly valued because 
they need little care and last 
for many years. Fine for 
garden display and for cutting. 

1123 Kelwayi. Bears all 
summer long showy daisy- 
like golden yellow blooms 
which are excellent for cut- 
ring. 2 feet. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c. 

1125 Perry's Variety. A 

wonderful improvement hav- 
ing well-shaped bright golden 
yellow flowers from June 
until October. 2 ft. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 40c. Anthemis, Perry's Variety 

Dreer Quality Seeds 

For one hundred years Henry A. Dreer has supplied the 
most discriminating gardeners with the highest quality flower 
seeds. There is such a tremendous difference between just 
ordinary flower seeds and carefully selected high-bred strains 
that the novice gardener may expect an equally great difference 
in price. Even a casual perusal of Dreer prices will prove that 
Dreer Quality Seeds are offered at decidedly reasonable prices. 

AH Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 


Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Antirrhinum ® 

The Popular Snapdragons 

Snapdragons are great favorites. They are easily grown from seed blooming con- 
tinuously throughout the summer and fall. If protected during the winter, midsummer 
sowings will produce particularly fine flowers during the following spring. Just cover 
them with a bottomless box and a pane of glass over the top. The germination of Snap- 
dragon seed has proved to be easiest if finely sifted coal ashes are used as a seed bed. 
Prepare your seed pan in the usual way and add a layer of finely sifted coal ashes j inch 
deep on the top. Sow the seed thinly on top of the ashes and water carefully. Keep 
moderately moist in a fairly warm place until the seedlings appear. 

Six Rustproof MELximum Varieties 

The development of these new Rustproof Snapdragons is one of the greatest 
accomplishments ever made by plant breeders. It is possible now to have 
them grow to perfection even where the old strain has proved a complete 
failure due to rust infection. These ntw Maximum varieties grow about 
3 feet in height and bear an abundance of long, strong flower stems set with 
giant blooms of perfect form. As they are highly rustproof, success with 
them is most certain. 

L.arge-Flowering Half-Dwarf Snapdragon 

Large - Flowering 
Giant Sorts 

This is a tall-growing type of Snap- 
dragon reaching a height of about 30 
inches. It is therefore good for combining 
with other taller plants and the long- 
stemmed spikes are very fine for cutting. 
The flowers are large and they are artistic- 
ally placed along a long strong stem. For 
best results the plants should be staked to 
secure good straight stems. 

1171 Autumn Glow. Old rose with a 
liberal shading of terra-cotta and a 
bright golden yellow lip. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 50c. 

1173 Crimson King. Beautiful rich 
velvety garnet-crimson flowers. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c. 

1175 Fire King. Outstanding on ac- 
count of its brilliant orange-scarlet color. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

1177 Golden King. Showy blooms of a 
splendid rich golden yellow color. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c 

1178 Queen Victoria. This variety has 
large, well-formed white blooms. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

1179 Rose King. Beautiful soft silvery 
rose flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

4712 Collection of Large-Flowering 
Giant Snapdragons 

One packet each of the above 
6 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1180 Finest Mixed. A splendid blend. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 

1187 Alaska. A very lovely variety with 
magnificent and stately spikes closely 
set with mammoth white blooms. Pro- 
duces from 12 to 14 spikes to each 

1189 Campfire. A really marvelous new 
variety with gorgeous blooms of a pure 
luminous scarlet enhanced by a bright 
golden yellow lip. Produces 15 to 18 
spikes per plant. 

1191 Canary Bird. The glistening 
canary yellow flowers give a splendid 
effect. They are very large and beauti- 
fully arranged on a fine strong spike. 
12 to 14 spikes per plant. 

1193 Copper Shades. A marvelous 
blend of copper shades ranging from 
light coppery gold to deep rich velvety 
copperj' orange. Has 12 to 16 spikes 
per plant. 

1195 Crimson. Outstanding not only 
for its pure crimson flowers but also 
for the rich green foliage and dark 
plum-colored stems. Very vigorous and 
free flowering. 

1197 Loveliness. Pure soft rose-pink 
flowers of splendid form and extra- 
large size. Gives a marvelous dis- 
play with 12 to 16 spikes produced to a 

Any o} the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c 

looTH nnnivERSRRY offer 

4718 Collectionqf 6 Beautiful Maximum Snapdragons. 

One packet each of the 6 Rustproof kinds, value 90c, for 60c. 

1200 Maximum Mixed. A very fine mixture. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

Rustproof Majus grandiflorum 

1185 Mixed. This excellent mixture contains many beautiful new shades and the rust- 
resistant quality of this strain should prove a decided advantage to all gardeners. 
The bushy plants grow 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; } oz. 50c. 

Large-Flowering Half-Dwarf Sorts 

For garden display as well as for cutting these Large-Flowering Half- 
Dwarf sorts have become great favorites. The plants grow about 18 inches 
high and produce their flowers on stems which are long enough to make this 
tj'pe valuable for cutting. Blooms continuously throughout the summer 
and fall. 

1151 Amber Queen. An unusual color 
representing a lovely amber tone suf- 
fused with chamois. Most exquisite. 

1153 Empress. Rich velvety crimson 
flowers on vigorous well-branched plants. 

1155 Flame. Well named for its scintil- 
lating fiery orange-scarlet blooms. Has 
the brilliance of a flame. 

1157 Gloria. Ghttering deep rose 
flowers massed on a solid spike. 

1159 Golden Queen. Brilliant yellow 

blooms on a sohd spike. 
1163 Pink Perfection. Bright hermosa 

pink attractively suffused with salmon. 
1165 Prima Donna. Rich terra-cotu 

pink enhanced by a white tube. 
1167 Purity. Splendid pure white florets 

on a stocky spike. 
1169 Silvery Pink. Soft pearly pink. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

4714 Nine Lovely Half -Dwarf Snapdragons 

One packet each of the nine showy, colorful varieties, value 90c, for 70c. 

1170 Dreer's Choicest Mixed. Contains all colors. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c; oz. $1.25. 


The New Rust-Proof Snapxlragons offered on this page are one of 
greatest advances ever made in plant breeding 

Dreer's Reliable 


Aquilegia— Co/um&me m ® 

Graceful, airy plants with large showy blooms which are splendid 
for garden display and for cutting. Columbines are easy to grow 
from seed sown in spring or early fall. 
1201 Alpina. A A very efiective rich blue variety. Splendid 

for rock gardens; 2 feet. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 60c. 
1203 Canadensis. The native rich red and yellow variety, one 

of the brightest. Blooms very profusely. Pkt. 15c; special 

pkt. 60c. 
1205 Californica hybrida. Exquisite flowers in yellow and 

orange shades, all with long spurs. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 
1211 Chrysantha (Golden Spurred). Long-spurred golden yellow 

blooms. 3 to 4 feet tall. Pkt. 15c' special pkt. 50c. 
1213 Coerulea {Rocky Mountain Columbine). A A charming 

combination of violet-blue and white. A favorite growing 2 feet 

high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

4732 Collection of Aquilegia. One packet 
each of the above 5 sorts, value 75c, for 60c. 

1207 Double Flowering Mixed. Pkt. 10c; } oz. 25c. 

1209 Single Flowering Mixed. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

Long-Spurred' Columbines 

Dreer's Long-Spurred 
Columbines H ® 

These are unquestionably the finest yet produced. The 
plants make a strong, vigorous growth producing an abundance 
of extra-larg6 well-formed flowers all carrying graceful long 
spurs. Splendid for garden display and for cutting. 
1215 Crimson Star. A combination of rich crimson outer 

petals with a pure white center. Gives a colorful effect. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
1217 Snow Queen. An exceptionally large-flowered fra- 
grant white Columbine. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
1221 Blue and Lavender Shades. Absolutely the finest 

strain in existence. Very lovely in every way. Pkt. 25c; 

special pkt. 75c. 
1223 Orange and Scarlet Shades. Pkt. 25c; special 

pkt. 7Sc. 
1225 Pink and Rose Shades. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

4734 Collection of one packet each 
of the above 5 colors, value $1.25, for 90c. 

1230 Dreer's Long-Spurred, Mixed. A wonderful mix- 
ture much superior to all others containing many imusual, 
rich colors. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c; s oz. $1.00. 

Beautiful New Aquilegia 
1210 Clematiflora. A striking new departure with spurless 
large flowers having a marked resemblance to a Clematis. 
Blooms freely and is as valuable in the garden as for cutting. 
Mixed colors. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 

Arabis il A • 
Rock Cress 
1231 Alpina. A favorite for 
borders and rock garden plant- 
ing, forming spreading tufts 
covered with sheets of pure white 
flowers soon after the snow dis- 
appears. One of the earliest 
spring-flowering plants we have. 
Perfectly hardy and long-lived. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 

Arabis alpina 

Arctotis ® 
African Daisy 

1237 GrandiS (Blue-Eyed 
African Daisy). Handsome 
bushes 2 to 3 feet high 
covered with large pure 
white Daisy-like blooms 
having a pale lilac-blue re- 
verse. Flowers from July 
until frost. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Arctotis grandia 

1240— Hybrids Mixed. An excellent border plant growing 
8 to 12 inches high. Has showy large blooms 2i to 3 inches 
across and comes in a variety of showy colors. Does well in 
dry soil. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 


Mexican or 
Prickly Poppy ® 

1241 Hybrida grandi- 
flora. Sturdy bushes 2 
to 3 feet high having very 
ornamental pale green 
spiny foliage with clear 
silvery midrib and veins. 
From early June until 
November the plants 
carry a mass of showy 
large Poppy-like flowers 
of satiny texture. The 
individual blooms meas- 
ure from 3 inches across. 
The shades vary from 
rich yellow to creamy 
white. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c. 

Argemone hybrida grandiflora 

Armeria— 560 Pink, Thrift il A 
1243 Bees' Ruby. Rich deep rose-colored flower heads an inch 

in diameter. 1§ feet. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
1247 Formosa hybrida. Bears showy rosy pink flowers 

throughout the summer and early fall. Perfectly hardy. 

18 inches high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

Asparagus [tp] 

1251 Plumosua nanus. This is the graceful Asparagus Fern, 
an excellent house -plant. Pkt. 15c; 100 seeds 50c. 

1253 Sprengeri (Emerald Feather). One of the best plants to 
grow in suspended baskets, window boxes, vases, etc. Keep 
indoors during the winter and outside in summer. Pkt. 10c; 
100 seeds 50c. 

Landscaping the Home Grounds (L. W. Ram^y). $2.^ per copy, p<ystpaid 


Dreer's Famous Asters 



American Beauty 
Asters have gor- 
geous blooms of 
giant size. 

All Wilt-Resistant Asters are 
marked W-R. They have 
proved of exceptional value 
wherever the wilt disease had 
made Aster growing difficult. 

We offer seed of the finest, most carefully selected strains; 
which will produce extra-large and well-developed blooms of 
choicest quality. Asters require thorough preparation of the 
soil which should be enriched with bone meal, wood ashes, and 
a little air-slaked lime. Varieties marked W-R represent the 
new wilt-resistant strains. 

American Beauty Asters 

This is one of the finest American .Asters, coming into 
bloom late in September and lasting way into October. 
Often the plants produce their finest flowers after we 
have had some light frost. The plants grow nearly 3 
feet high. They are vigorous and strong branching, 
bearing very large round blooms which are completely 
double to the very center. The outer petals reflex and 
the center ones curve gracefully inward. A magnificent 
Aster for both garden display and for cutting. 

1261 Azure Blue. W-R A lovely azure blue or 
deep lavender. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1262 Carmine-Rose. W-R Immense, bright cerise 
blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1263 Crimson. W-R An excellent shade of rich 
crimson. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1265 Purple. W-R The rich deep purple blooms 
are gorgeous. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1267 Shell Pink. W-R A lovely delicate sheU 
pink color. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1269 White. W-R Most attractive with its display 
of large and well formed pure white blooms. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 60c. 

California Giant Asters r/ 1D0TH RnniVERSRRY OFFER ^ 

L^alirOrnia Vaiant ASierS ^n^ collection of American Beauty Asters. 

A marvelous midseason to late-flowering type with plants growing 3 to 
3J feet high. Has magnificent curled and interlaced flowers measuring 5 
inches or more in diameter carried gracefully on splendid strong stems 
that measure 18 to 24 inches in length. 

4736 Collection of American Beauty Asters. 
"^ One packet each of the 6 sorts, value 90c, for 60c. /^ 

1270 Finest Mixed. W-R A blend of all colors. 

Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c; \ oz. 75c. 


1271 Apple Blossom. Shell pink .. SO 15 

1273 Lavender-Blue 15 

1275 Deep Purple 15 

1277 Peach Blossom 15 

1278 Rich Rose 15 

1279 Pure White IS 



SO 60 



4740 California Giant Aster Collection. One 

packet each of above 6 colors, value 90c, for 70c. 
1280 Finest Mixed. A weU blended mixture. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; i oz. 81.00. 

Super Giant 

1363 El Monte -Nett' 

As magnificent an Aster as we have ever 
seen. The color is deep glowing crimson with 
the sparkle of live rubies. Elegant, long- 
stemmed, flufiy blooms composed of daintily 
interlaced plume-like petals. An early and 
persistent bloomer producing its first flowers 
iaefore the California Giant varieties. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 60c; J oz. $1.00. 

1366 Los Angeles 

Gardeners everywhere have shown the 
greatest enthusiasm about this wonderful 
Super Giant Aster introduced recently. Really 
marvelous, full petaled, very deep, and unusu- 
ally large feathery flowers with narrow, grace- 
fully interlaced petals. The color is an enchan- 
ting shade of pure shell pink. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 60c; J oz. $1.00. 

Tlio California Giant 

Asters are one of the 

most beautiful tyix:s in 



Dreer's Quality Aster Seed will give superb results 

HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1335 Dreer's Peerless Pink w-R 

This Superb Aster was awarded a Certificate of 

Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society of 

Great Britain 

This is conceded to be the finest, late branching, pink 
Aster in existence and it well deserves the high honors 
bestowed upon it in England. The plants are of robust, 
free branching habit and about 2 feet high. It is 
hard to find a flower under four inches in diameter. 
They are very double and of an almost globular 
form. A very free and continuous bloomer. Pkt. 
ISc; special pkt. 50c; \ oz. 75c. 

1337 Red Aster 
** Sensation" w-r 

The Reddest of all Asters 

For a rich and brilliant color effect "Sensation" 
takes first place as no other Aster has such a rich 
and brilliant garnet-red color which glistens and 
sparkles in bright sunlight. The plants are free 
branching and about 18 inches high. Has very 
double flowers measuring 3^ inches across. Fine 
stems about a foot long with blooms from early 
in August till the close of September. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

Early Branching Royal Aster 

Early Branching 
Royal Asters 

An early-flowering type, coming into bloom in July or early 
August and lasting in perfect condition for a long time. Very 
desirable for beds or borders, and their long-stemmed flowers are 
ideal for cutting. special 

1351 Azure Blue. W-R Dark lavender. S 

1355 Peachblossom. W-R White upon 
opening, changing to lavender-pink . . . 

1356 Purple. W-R Deep violet-purple. 

1357 Rich Rose. W-R A bright color. . 

1358 Shell Pink. W-R Very delicate. . 
1369 White. W-R Pure white 

4748 Royal Aster Collection. One packet 
each of the six colors, value 60c, for 45c. 
1360 Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 




$0 50 

$0 75 
















Giant Crego Asters 

This type enjoys the greatest popularity with American garden- 
ers wherever Asters can be grown. We consider it the finest and 
best of all Comet Asters. The sturdy, well-branched plants are 
about 2 feet high and produce a great quantity of immense flowers 
which measure 5 inches and over in diameter. The blooms are as 
fine as any Chrysanthemum. They make a splendid garden dis- 
play and will last a long time in water. 


1281 Crimson. W-R Deep rose-crim- 
son $0 10 

1283 Lavender. W-R Deep lavender. 10 

1285 Pink. W-R DeUcate shell pink. . 10 

1287 Purple. W-R Bright purple 10 

1288 Rose. W-R Rich deep rose 10 

1289 White. W-R Pure white 10 




$0 50 

$0 75 














4738 Improved Giant Crego Aster Collection. 

One packet each of the 6 colors, value 60c, for 40c. ^^ 


1290 Crego's Mixed. W-R Contains all colors in a well- 
balanced blend. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; j oz. 65c. 

1305 Heart of France w-r 

This is the largest fliowering of the very dark red sorts never 
failing to attract favorable attention by the richness of the deep 
ruby blooms carried on long, strong stems in September. They 
branch nicely and make splendid, well-rounded bushes 2 feet high. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

1257 Golden Sheaf w-r 

The Deepest Yellow of All Asters 

Fully double flowers of a new type in which there are several 
rows of short ray petals surrounding a f uU crest-like center cushion. 
The color is a deep yellow— the deepest so far produced in China 
Asters. Comes perfectly true to color and form. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 60c; J oz. $1.00. 

'Astogen" has proved the ideal soil conditioner for growing perfect Asters 


1838 — Dreer's One Hundreth Anniversary — 1938 

Giant Peony-Flowered Asters 

Double flowers of truly immense size, measuring 6 inches in 
diameter, resembling those of the Beauty type. They are borne 
on stout, non-lateral stems, 2} to 3 feet long. 


1291 Azure Fairy. Clear azure blue SO 20 SO 75 

1293 Maiden's Blush. Dehcate flesh 20 75 

1295 Purple Robe. Deep purple 20 75 

1297 Rosebud. Clear deep rose 20 75 

1298 Silvery Rose. Deep lavender-pink 20 75 

1299 Swansdown. Pure white 20 75 

4742 Collection of Giant Peony-Flowered Asters. 
One packet each of the 6 colors, value SI. 20, for 90c. 

1300 Mixed Colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Queen of the Market Asters 

A first-class July-flowering Aster of branching habit. Good 
sized flowers on long stems. 15 inches. special 

PACKET packet 

1341 Crimson. W-R $0 10 SO 40 

1343 Flesh Pink. W-R 10 40 

1345 Light Blue. W-R 10 40 

1347 Peachblossom Pink. W-R 10 40 

1348 Purple. W-R 10 40 

1349 White. W-R 10 40 

4746 Queen of the Market Collection. One 
packet each of the six colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1350 Mixed Colors. W-R Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c 

Aster, Giant Sunshine 

Giant Sunshine Asters 

These glorious Asters have long, narrow, outer petals sur- 
rounding a large cushion-like center of differently colored tubular 
florets. Valued for their size and artistic form. 3 feet high. 
1371 Alpenglow. Light purple with creamy center. 
1373 Blue Moon. Bright blue with amber-yellow center. 
1375 Moonbeam. Snow white with small light orange center. 

1377 Rainbow. Rose-pink with soft orange center. 

1378 Shell Pink. Very lovely and graceful. 

1379 Stratosphere. Dark blue with lavender center. 

Any of lite above: Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 7Sc. 


looTH nnnivERsnRY offer 

4754 Collection of Giant Sunshine Asters. 

One packet each of the above six, value $1.50, for$1.00. . 

Dreer's Superb 
. Late Branching Asters 

This has been the standard Late Branching Aster for many 
years. The plants grow into strong well-branched bushes, 2 to 
2J feet high, always carrying a large number of giant blooms 
which even under ordinary culture measure 5 inches across. The 
blooms are supported on long strong stems. They are usually 
at their best during September. 

1321 Azure Blue. W-R. . . . 
1323 Deep Crimson. W-R. 

1325 Deep Rose. W-R 

1326 Deep Purple. W-R. . . 

1327 Rose-Pink. W-R 

1328 Shell Pink. W-R 

1329 Pure White. W-R . . . . 

..SO 10 


SO 50 

1380 Giant Sunshine Mixed. 

pkt. 7Sc; i oz. SI. 25. 

All colors. Pkt. 20c; special 

100TH nnnivERSRRY offer 

4744 Late Branching Aster Collection. One 

.packet each of the above seven colors, value 70c, for SOc. , 

1330 Finest Mixed. W-R Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

isioKing Asters, Mixed w-r 

The King Asters form a distinct class or type. They have 
many sterling qualities to recommend them to lovers of fine 
Asters. They are of strong, sturdy habit, growing fully 18 inches 
high, and bear from August to October very large double blossoms, 
the petals of which are attractively quilled. Our mixture contains 
all the colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

Giant Single Asters 

Large, single, Daisy-like flowers often 5 inches in diameter. 
Very effective in beds or borders and for cutting. They offer a 
pleasing change to the innumerable double sorts; 2 feet high. 


W-E $0 10 


SO 25 

1381 Appleblossom. 

1383 Lavender. W-R 10 

1385 MarechalJoffre. W-R Crimson. 10 25 

1387 Rose 10 25 

1388 Violet. W-R 10 25 

1389 White. W-R 10 25 

4750 Giant Single Aster Collection. One 
packet each of the 6 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1390 Mixed Colors. W-R Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 


$0 40 

18 ® = Annual; (B) = Biennial; |hp| = Hardy Perennial; gHP) = Half -Hardy Perennial; [tf1= Tender Perennial 


Hardy Perennial Asters H a 

1391 Alpinus Blue. A A dwarf alpine Aster indispensable for 
the rockery or as an edge to the hardy borders. The plants 
grow 6 to 10 inches high. Showy bluish purple flowers in May 
and June. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

1397 Subcoeruleus. A favorite hardy spring-flowering Aster 
forming dense tufts of leaves from which arise leafless stems that 
carry showy large bluish violet flowers which have a diameter of 
about 3 inches. The plants bloom profusely during June and 
July. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 60c. 

1400 ■'■ — Large Flowering Mixed {Michaelmas Daisies). ® 
Single faU-ttowering hardy herbaceous plants thriving in any 
good garden soil. If sown early they will flower the first sea- 
son; 3 feet Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Aubrietia, Large-Flowering Hybrids 
Aubrietia — Rainbow Rock Cress if] A 
1405 Rosea grandiflora. Grows about 4 inches high and has 
large, clear pink flowers of exceptional beauty. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 
1410 Large-Flowering Hybrids. This beautiful dwarf rock 
plant is covered with sheets of bright flowers in spring and early 
summer; 6 inches. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 60c. 

Auricula {Primula auricula) iSp] A D 
1415 A well-known half-hardy perennial of great beauty. The 
seed has been saved from a splendid collection of choice mixed 
varieties. 6 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Balloon Vine 

Balloon Vine — Love-in-a-Puff ® § 

{Cardiospermum kalicacabum) 
1419 A rapid-growing annual climber succeeding best in light soil 
and in a warm situation. Has white flowers and large, bright 
green seed vessels which look like miniature balloons and 
therefore always arouse great interest. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

These keys will quickly tell you to what_class each plant 
belongs. ® = Annual, ®=Biennial, iHP|=Half-Hardy 
Perennial, 1?]= Hardy Perennial, |TP]=Tender Perennial. 

Balsam — Lady Slipper ® ® 

Double Camellia-Flowered 

The Balsams are old-fash- 
ioned garden flowers, yet our 
modern varieties are so greatly 
improved over the old kinds 
that gardeners of a generation 
or two ago would hardly recog- 
nize in them their old favorites. 
Balsams are easy to grow and 
they bloom continuously from 
midsummer until frost. Any 
good rich garden soil will give 
excellent results but during 
periods of dry weather the bed 
should be watered regularly to 
keep the plants growing vigor- 
ously and induce them to de- 
velopinto well-branched bushes. 
As Balsams are half-hardy seeds 
should not be sown outdoors 
until all danger of frost is past 
and the weather has become 

Double Camellia- 
Flowered Balsam 

1421 Primrose. Lovely fully double blooms of a charming 
bright primrose color, contrasting well with the rich green 

1423 Flesh Pink. A shade which enjoys the greatest popu- 
larity with all those who admire the dehcate tones. 

1425 Salmon Prince. An exquisite salmon-pink with fully 
double well-rounded blooms set along the entire flower stem. 

1427 Scarlet. The brilliance of the rich scarlet blooms gives a 
splendid contrast to the luscious deep green foliage. 

1428 Violet. A rather unusual shade — a clear violet with suf- 
ficient pastel finish to eliminate any harsh effect. 

1429 White Perfection. Lovely white double blooms like 
small Roses. 

Any of I he above: Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

4756 Balsam Collection. One packet each 
of the above 6 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1430 Finest Mixed Colors. Contains a wide range of beautiful 
colors. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Balsam Apple — Momordica ® § 

1443 Balsamina. The Balsam Apple represents a highly de- 
sirable annual climber that deserves extensive use wherever 
shade or privacy are wanted. Sow the seed after all danger 
of frost is past. Has graceful light green foliage, lovely small 
yellow flowers, and attractive rounded green fruits set with 
short spines. Ptt. 10c; j oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 

Balsam Pear — Momordica ® § 

1445 Charantia. This annual vine greatly resembles the pre- 
ceding variety but the flowers are quite a bit larger and the 
fruits measure 5 to 6 inches in length. They are bright green 
turning to orange when ripe. As they split open ttte seeds 
encased in brilliant carmine flesh become visible. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 

* Baptisia — False Indigo m 

1449 Australis. Strong growing plants about 2 feet high bear- 
ing Lupine-like dark blue flowers in June. Has interesting 
deeply cut foliage. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

Tuberous Rooted Begonia [tp] ® 

Though these have very small seeds they are easy to grow if 
started in pans filled with fine soil. They will bloom the first 
season if seed is sown in February or March in a temperature of 
60 degrees F. Showy outdoors in a semi-shaded position. 
1485 Double, Finest Mixed. A remarkable mixture including 

a great number of lovely colors in both rich and delicate shades. 

Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
1490 Single, Finest Mixed. Equally as colorful as the above 

producing splendid sturdy plants and flowers of large size. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

©-Annual; (B)=Bienmal; ^P|=Half-Harcly Perennial; il=Hardy Perennial; gp]=Tender Perennial ^9 

1838 — Commemorating the Hundredth Anniversary of Henry A. Dreer — 1938 

Everblooming Bedding Begonias [tp] 

These everblooming 

Bedding Begonia 


Begonias are varieties of Begonia 
semperflorens. Ttiey are splendid 
bedding plants that do well in 
full sun, in partial shade, or in 
fuU shade. They are of sturdy 
growth, forming dense bushes 
about a foot high. Started early 
indoors and set into the open 
after all danger of frost is past 
the plants will be a mass of 
flowers from May until frost. 
They do best where the summers 
are not e.xcessively hot and at no 
time should they lack ample 
moisture. Also splendid as winter 
pot plants. 

1461 Albert Martin. Extra large flowers of a bright crimson- 
scarlet color. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

14G3 Christmas Cheer. A bright crimson-scarlet, splendid in 
pots for Christmas. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1464 Christmas Pink. Large blooms 2 inches across of a warm 
rose-pink color. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.50. 

1465 Erfordia. Rosy carmine. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
1467 Gustav Knaake. Glowing pink with salmon shadings. 

Bronzy green foliage. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1469 Luminosa. Brilliant fiery dark scarlet blooms with con- 
trasting bronze foliage. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1471 Luminosa compacta. Compact plants covered with 
showy large bright scarlet flowers. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.50. 

1473 Prima Donna. Limpid rose shading to carmine at the 
center. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1475 Salmon Queen. Salmon-rose. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1477 Vernon. Bright orange-scarlet flower trusses and rich 
bronze foliage. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

1479 White Queen. Pure white. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c 

1480 Semperflorens Mixed. A splendid mixture of both 
green and brouze-leaved varieties. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

^e\\is— English Daisy © A ® 

Easily raised from seed and 
often lasting more than two 
years. They bloom profusely 
from early spring until late 
fall. Plant them in soil which 
is moderately moist and does 
not lack fertility. 

1491 Giant Double Crim- 
son (.VfaO. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

1492 - Double Red. 

1493 - Double Rose. 

1494 - Double White. 
Any of the above 
except Crimson: 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

BelUs, English Daisy 

1496 Giant Double Mixed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

1500 Double English Mixed. A fine mixture containing all 
colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; \ oz. 75c. 

1504 Double Quilled Mixed. All quilled flowers in red, pink, 
and white. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Bocconia— Piume Poppy, Tree Celandine gp] ® 

1511 ■''Cordata. A splendid hardy perennial for single specimens 

or groups. Glaucous green foliage. Bears spikes 2 to 3 feet 

long of cream-colored flowers; 6 feet tall. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

Boltonia— Fa/5e Starwort 11 ® 

One of the showiest of our native hardy perennials, growing 4 
to 6 feet high. Daisy-like flowers from July to September. 

1515 Asteroides. Creamy white. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

1517 Latisquama. Lilac-pink. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

Brachycome Blue Star 

Brachycome — 

Swan River 
Daisy ® A 

1521 Blue Star. Lovely 

weO-rounded plants, 12 

inches high, covered 

during the summer with 

a profusion of showy 

rich blue flowers. Pkt. 

10c; i oz. 30c. 
1530 Mixed. A showy 

strain producing plants 

about 12 inches high. 

This mixture is well 

suited to edge small 

beds or for the rock 

garden. Contains both 

blue and white flower- 
ing plants. Pkt. 10c; 

J oz. 30c. 

'Browallia— Amethyst ® 

1535 Sapphire. Bears a mass of dark blue, white-eyed flowers. 
Splendid for bedding and unexcelled for indoor pot growing. 
Compact plants, 9 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1537 Speciosa major. Beautiful, large, brilliant ultramarine 
blue flowers. A splendid border plant and unexcelled for hang- 
ing baskets or for hanging pots. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1540 Elata, Mixed. This mixture contains both blue and 
white-flowered plants. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

Cacalia ® A 

Tassel Flower 
Flora's Paint Brush 

1542 Mixed. This graceful 
annual is of easiest culture 
and deserves to be grown 
more freely. It is a hardy 
annual with lovely tassel- 
shaped blooms in gold, 
yellow, and scarlet. Does 
well even in hot dry loca- 
tions and blooms profusely 
from June until September. 
It is a splendid subject for 
border planting or for the 
rock garden growing about 
1 J feet in height. Pkt. 10c; 
Cacalia— Tassel Flower i oz. 25c. 

Calceolaria HD 

1550 Dreer's Perfection. A universal favorite for decorating 
the greenhouse or conservatory. We offer a superb Scotch- 
grown strain with beaudfuUy spotted and blotched flowers in an 
exceedingly rich color scheme. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. S1.50. 

1552 Multiflora nana. An excellent, free blooming type with 
flowers that measure about 1-li" in diameter. Contains an ex- 
cellent mixture of orange, gold, and yellow shades, all of them 
beautifully spotted. Height 1 foot. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. SI. 50. 

Dreer's New Improved 

Flower Seed 

All amateur gardeners whether 
they are beginners or well ad- 
vanced are bound to value the 
new Dreer Flower Seed Packets 
for 1938 because, with few excep- 
tions, they show simplified draw- 
ings of the respective seedlings. 
This makes it easy to identify the 
little plants as they come up. 

20 ® = Annual ; ® = Biennial ; Jhhp] = Half -Hardy Perennial ; ^ = Hardy Perennial ; Hpj = Tender Perennial 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Calendula — iSco^c/i Marigold, Pot Marigold 



'>■ 100th ^ 



Calendulas are most popular hardy annuals. They form a mass of rich green foliage close to the ground 
and produce a wealth of blooms which are splendid for garden display and for cutting. They are valued for 
their many rich gold and lemon shades, blooming from June until hard frost. 

Six Newer Calendulas 

1561 Apricot Queen. A brilliant new Calendula with large, 
broad-petaUed blooms of a bright apricot, deepening toward the 
center. It has a brown eye. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

1565 Campflre (Sensation). Extremely large flowers of a beauti- 
ful and rich orange color with an iridescent scarlet sheen. Gives 
a rich and charming effect. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 2Sc. 

1567 Chrysantha or Sunshine. A very lovely Calendula 
with drooping, long, wide petals, giving the flower a globular 
appearance by curving downward. The color is a clear Butter- 
cup yellow. Has long stems and is as fine for cutting as for 
bedding. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 2Sc. 

1571 Orange Shaggy. A 
distinct new type with 
deeply fringed and lacini- 
ated brilliant orange 
blooms. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 

1573 Radio. Perfectly 
double, baU-shaped flow- 
ers composed of attrac- 
tively quilled, golden 
orange flower petals. 
Pkt 10c; I oz. 25c. 

1575 Radio Golden 
Beam. Of the same 
form as Radio but of a 
bright golden yellow col- 
or. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

4760 Six Newer 

One packet each of the 
above, value 60c, for 45c. 

New Calendula, Orange Shaggy 
Different from all others 

Calendula, Chrysantha or Sunsfiine 

1587 Favorite. The lightest colored sort. The petals are almost 

white, margined clear yellow. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
1589 Golden King. Rich golden yellow flowers of large size 

borne on long, strong stems. Pkt. 10c; 5 oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
1591 Lemon King. Rich lemon yellow of large size and good 

form. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
1593 Meteor. Orange, striped cream through the center of 

each petal. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

1596 Nankeen. Creamy yellow, slightly flushed apricot. 
Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

1597 Orange King. An extra-fine strain of this splendid, 
double, rich orange-red variety, producing flowers over 3 inches 
in diameter. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

4758 Collection. One packet each of the above 6 sorts 45c. 
1600 Double Mixed. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 20c; oz. 30c^ 


Hardy annuals of easiest culture. They come into bloom 
quickly and produce a great abundance of showy colorful flowers. 

Tall Varieties 

These grow from 2j to 3 feet high with fine feathery foliage and 
hundreds of brilliantly colored blossoms that are most effective. 

1612 Crown of Gold (Coronata maxima). Large pure golden 
yellow flowers. 20 in. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

1613 Golden Wave (Drummondi). Brilliant yellow with 
crimson-brown circle around eye. 2 ft. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

1615 Marmorata. Bright golden yellow flowers attractively 
marbled with Wallflower red. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

1616 Nigra speciosa. A strong grower with good-sized flowers 
of rich reddish maroon. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

1617 Tinctoria splendens. A truly magnificent variety with 
showy large blooms having a large rich mahogany brown center 
and brilliant golden yellow tips. Blooms profusely throughout 
the summer and fall. 2j ft. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

1618 Double Tinctoria. Very showy double and semi-double 
flowers of rich maroon, edged with gold. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

t/ 100TH nnnivERSHRY offer Si 


4764 Tall Calliopsis Collection. One packet 
each of the above 6 tall sorts, value 60c, for 40c 

1620 Tall Varieties Mixed. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 


Calliopsis tinctoria splendens — easy to grow and 
exceptionally showy in gold and maroon 

Dwarf or Bedding Varieties A 

Compact bushes, 9 to 12 inches high, completely covered with 
gay flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for the edge of borders, 
for massing, or the rock garden. 
1603 Dazzler. Very large blooms with rich maroon-red center, 

and broad, golden yellow border. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 
1605 Nana marmorata. Identical in color to the tall variety. 

Gives an interesting display. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 
1607 The Sultan. Rich maroon-crimson. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c 
1610 Dwarf Varieties Mixed. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 

The Dreer Collections contain our regular, liberal, full-size packets 



1838— Dreer's 100 Years of Horticultural Leadership— 1 938 


Canterbury Bells — 
Bellflowers — Peach Bells — 
Blue Bells— Hare Bell 

Campanula calycanthema — the ever-popular 
Cup-and-Saucer Canterbury Bell 

Campanula calycanthema 

Cup-and-Saucer Canterbury Bells @ ® 

This is unquestionably the finest type of this 
old-fashioned and much prized garden plant. It 
differs from the other types in having an extra- 
large calyx which is of the same color as the flower, 
giving the appearance of a cup and saucer. Effec- 
tive either in the garden or grown in pots for con- 
servatory or table decoration. 

1661 Calycanthema, Dark Blue 
1663 - Light Blue 

1666 - Rose-Pink 

1667 - White 

Any oj the above: 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. SOc; \ oz. 75c. 

4768 Canterbury Bell Collection. One pack 
et each of the above 4 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1670 Calycanthema Finest Mixed Colors. 

Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; \ oz. 60c. 

Campanula medium ® ® 

Single Canterbury Bells 

These single Canterbury Bells are highly valued 
by many gardeners as they will give an exceedingly 
fine display in the garden and will last quite some 
time as cut flowers. Cover during the winter with 
evergreen boughs to protect againstseverefreezing. 

1681 Single, Dark Blue \ . , 

1683 -Light Blue ^'±: 

1685 - Rose ^ ^- „''' 

1687 -White I i°2''^c. 

4770 Collection of Single Can- 
terbury Bells. One packet each of the 
above four colors, value 40c, for 30c. 

1690 Single Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 25c. 

1680 Double Mixed. Double-flowering Medi- 
um varieties. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

The annual Canterbury Bells are the most recent addition to this fine class. 
Campanula calycanthema, the Cup and Saucer Canterbury Bell, and Campanula 
medium, the single Canterbury BeU, are both biennial. All the perennial vari- 
eties are exceedingly showy and deserve a place in the garden. 

Annual Single Canterbury Bells ® 

After many years of careful selection the introducer has secured an annual 
Canterbury Bell which blooms from seed in less than six months. The plants grow 
from 2 to 2J feet tall, each plant having from 6 to 8 beautiful blooming spikes. 


1691 Angelus Bell. A beautiful shade of deep rose. 

1693 Blue Bell. Cambridge Blue 

1695 Liberty Bell. Intense violet- blue 

1697 Mission Bell. Clear pink 

1699 Purity Bell {New). Pure white 




SO 15 

SO 40 

$0 60 

. 15 






. 15 


. 15 





4766 Annual Canterbury Bell Collection. 

One packet each of the above 5 colors, value 75c, for 50c. 

1700 Mixture. Contains aU the colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc; i oz. 50c, 

Beautiful Hardy Campanulas H ® 

1631 Carpatica alba. 

A Very attractive and 
a profuse bloomer with 
showy bell-shaped 
blooms of snow>' white- 
ness. 6 inches high. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 
30c; { oz. 50c. 

1633 Carpatica, Blue 

(Carpalhian Hare Bell). 
A A very choice and 
free - flowering hardy 
perennial which will 
bloom profusely 
throughout the summer 
and fall. Has showy 
bell-shaped flowers of a 
beautiful clear light 
blue. 6 inches high. 

Campanulacarpatica— a showy rock garden plant f^^*^' ,^°'^' ,^P®"^' ^^^ 

30c; J oz. 50c. 

1641 Persicifolia alba. The white- 
flowered Peach BeUs. Pkt. 15c; special 

pkt. 50c. 
1643 Persicifolia, Blue {Peach 

Belt). Undoubtedly one of the finest 

of the hardy Bellflowers. Grows 2 to 3 

feet high and has large blue flowers. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
1647 Persicifolia, Telham 

Beauty. Immense bell-shaped 

flowers of a pale China blue, produced 

on long stems. A very showy variety. 

Height, 2 feet Pkt. 25c; special 

pkt. 75 c. 
1649 Fyramidalis alba. Showy 

white salver-shaped flowers. Grows 

4 to 5 ft. high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 

40c; \ oz. 75c. 
1651 Pyramidalis, Blue {The Chim- 
ney Bellflower). A beautiful, stately, 

hardy plant either for garden or pot 

culture; blue salver-shaped flowers 

on sturdy plants 4 to 5 feet high. 

Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; \ oz. 75c. 
1655 Rotundifolia {Blue Bells of Scot- 
land). A The true Hare Bell bearing a 

mass of large, clear blue flowers from 

June to August. Very showy; 1 foot. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

Campanula persicifolia 


The Dreer Collections contain our regular, liberal, full-size packets 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

4726 Twelve Annuals for Cutting 

This collection contains one packet each of these twelve 
annuals particularly suited for cutting: Antirrhinum Giant 
Mixed; Arctotis grandis; Aster Single Mixed; Calendula 
Campfire; Calliopsis tinctoria splendens; Centaurea cyanus 
Double Mixed; Cosmos Early Colossal Mixed; Gaillardia 
Double Mixed; Helianthus New Miniature Mixed; Marigold 
African Double Mixed; Scabiosa Mixed; Zinnia 
Lilliput Mixed. Value $1.20, for 


Canary-Bird Vine © ® § 

Tropaeolum canariense 
1707 A beautiful, rapid growing annual climber with charming 
canary yellow blossoms bearing a fancied resemblance to a bird 
with its wings half expanded. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 2Sc; oz. 40c. 

Candytuft— z&cfw ® a 

Charming for beds, borders, rock gardens, etc., and the larger 
the mass the better the efiect. The plants grow about 12 inches 
high. Seed may be sown any time during the spring. They bloom 
in about eight weeks from the time of sowing, and in order to keep 
up a succession of bloom two sowings should be made at intervals 
of about two weeks. They require lime in the soil. 

1723 Umbellata, Carmine. Carmine-rose. 

1725 — Crimson. Rich deep crimson 

1727 - Flesh Pink. Delicate pink 

1729 —Lavender. Delicate rosy lavender . . 
1733 - Pure White 

Any of these: 

Pkt. 10c; 

J oz. 30c; 

oz. 50c. 

1731 - Rose Cardinal. Brilliant rosy red. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 40c. 
oz. 7Sc. 


4774 Candytuft Collection. One packet 

each of the above 6 colors, value 60c, for 40c. 

'^ 4776 Collection of J oz. each of above 6 colors, $1.50. v^ 

1740 — Mized. A splendid mixture. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

1750 Tom Thumb, Mixed. A dwarf compact form of this 
very popular annual. Only 6 inches high; excellent for edging 
or the rock garden. Pkt. 10c; I oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

Giant Hyacinth-Flowered Candytuft 

1721 Giant Hyacinth-Flowered White. A wonderful 
strain, quite distinct from the umbellata sorts offered above. 
Forms much-branched plants about 18 inches high, each branch 
terminated by an immense spike of very large individual pure 
white flowers. Makes a very effective white bed or border, 
and is invaluable for cutting. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c; 3 oz. 65c; 
oz. $1.25. 

For Hardy Candytuft, see Iberis on page 40. 

Cardinal Climber 

Ipomoea quamoclit 
hybrida ® § 

1757 This Dreer introduction is 
universally considered the most 
beautiful and briOiant of all 
annual climbers. It is a strong 
and rapid grower attaining a 
height of 30 feet or more. Has 
beautiful Fern-like foliage and 
is literally covered with a 
blaze of cardinal-red flowers 
from midsummer until frost. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c; 
i oz. 40c. 

Cardinal Climber 

CarnatioilS—Dianthus caryophyllus ® & iH 

Carnations always have been great favorites for their sweet 
fragrance and richness of color. They are indispensable for 
greenhouse culture in winter and for the garden during the 
summer. Under favorable conditions the plants will produce in 
the garden blooms that compare favorably with those raised 
under glass by the florists. 

Chabaud's Giant Double ® 

Blooms in five months after being sown, and produces its nicely 
fringed, intensely fragrant double flowers in the greatest profusion 
throughout the season; 18 inches. 

1761 Blood Red 1767 Scarlet 

1763 Flesh Pink 1768 White 

1765 Rose 1769 Yellow 

Any of the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

4780 Chabaud Carnation Collection of one packet 

each of the above six beautiful colors, value 90c, for 65c. 

1770 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; I oz. 75e. 

Carnation Enfant de Nice ® 

A magnificent strain producing vigorous plants of upright habit, 
with long, strong stems bearing flowers 2| to 3 inches in diameter. 
The colors come about 75% true from seed and about 90% of the 
plants come double. 

1773 Red 1777 Salmon 

1775 Rose 1778 White 

Any of the above: Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
4778 Enfant de Nice Collection. One packet 
each of the 4 lovely colors, value $1.00, for 7Sc. 

1780 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Giant Marguerite Carnations ® 

1786 The most popular Carnation with the amateur as they begin 
to flower in a few weeks from time of sowing; 18 inches. An 
improved strain with flowers of extra-large size in a splendid 
range of colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c; i oz. 75c. 

Hardy Border Carnations m 

1790 Grenadin Mixed. 

Dwarf, compact plants with 
a great profusion of double 
flowers in various colors. 
Early-flowering and invalu- 
able for cutting. Will bloom ,■; 
first year if seed is sown 
early. 1 foot. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 
1796 Hardy Border, 
Double Mixed. A good 
hardy strain for outdoor cul- 
ture, flowering freely the 
second season in a great vari- 
ety of colors. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; i oz. 75c. 

Hardy Border Carnation 

For Pinks see Dianthus, pages 31 and 32. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden; (D = Suited to Semi-Shade; #= Suited to Shade 


1838 — Dreer's 100th Anniversary 


CgIosisl — Cockscomb, Wool/lower® 

These are favorite annuals because they are so easy to grow and give a magnificent 
display in the garden besides yielding an abundance of showy long-lasting flowers for 
cutting. There are a number of very interesting types all of which combine well, though 
they are distinct from one another. 

Dwarf Crested Cockscomb 
Celosia cristata 

These make a grand border and are also 
most attractive in pots. Of massive size 
and very colorful. May be dried for 
winter bouquets. 12 inches high. 
1821 Amaranth. A popular color. 

1823 Bright Rose. Lovely and bright. 

1824 Empress. Colossal combs of 
beautiful rich deep crimson color. 

1825 Fireball. Brilliant orange-scarlet 
combs of magnificent size. 

1827 Glasgow Prize. Bright crimson. 

1828 Golden Queen. Rich yellow. 

Any of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc. 

478G Cockscomb Collection. One 

packet each of the above 6 Dwarf 
Cockscombs, value 60c, for 45c. 

1830 Dwarf Mixed. A lovely blend of 
all the dwarf varieties. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c 

Feathered Cockscomb, Lilliput 

Chinese \A'oolflower 

Chinese Woolflower 

Celosia Childsi 

A very valuable type with large flower 
heads which have the appearance of 
silky balls of wool. Splendid for beds and 
borders, and for cutting. Grows 2 feet tall. 
1831 Crimson. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 
1833 Pink. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 
1837 Yellow. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 
1840 ChildsiMixed. Pkt. 10c; special 

pkt. 30c; \ oz. SOc. 

Feathered Cockscomb— Ce/o^ia plumosa 

Fine plants for large beds or groups giving a wonderful effect until frost. The two 
Lilliput varieties are quite new and they are most outstanding. Their comparatively 
dwarf growth makes them desirable for planting in beds or borders where the other 
kinds would be too tall. 

1845 Golden Plume. Bright golden yellow plumes. 2i ft. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c. 
1847 Scarlet Plume. Of pyramidal growth, attaining a height of 3 feet. Graceful, 

feathery, brilliant scarlet plumes. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 30c. 
1850 Plumosa, Mixed. Feathered varieties. 2? ft. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

1852 Plumosa magniflca. Mixed. Similar to the preceding but ranging in color 
from the clearest yellow to the darkest blood red. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 25c; \ oz. 40c. 

1853 Lilliput, Fire Feather. A splendid early-flowering Celosia forming bushy 
plants 18 inches high. Graceful plumes of brilliant fiery red. Pkt. 15c;specialpkt. 75c. 

1855 Lilliput, Golden Feather. Of the same neat habit as the preceding but 
with briUiant golden yellow plumes. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 75c. 

1859 Pyramidalis, Flame of Fire. A beautiful new type of attractive pyramidal 
habit, each branch ending in a well-rounded large solid flower head of an intense 
fiery scarlet color. Its neat trim habit makes it particularly desirable. Blooms 
profusely during the fall. 18 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Dwarf Crested Cockscomb 

Catananche ® 
Cupid's Dart 
1811 Coerulea. Sturdy plants, 2 feet high, 
carrjing an abundance of showy bright 
blue flowers. Suited for garden display 
and for cutting. June to August. Pkt. 
10c; special pkt. 40c. 

mastacanthus H 

An interesting shrubby plant growing 
2 ft. high. Easy to raise from seed. Blooms 
freely during September and October. 

1801 Superbus, Blue \ pj^j 20c; 

1803-Pink V special 

1805 -White ) Pl^t- 60c. 

4782 Collection. One packet 
each of the three colors 45c. 

Centranthus ©a 

Annual Valerian 
1908 Macrosiphon, Mixed. A splendid 
annual of easy culture. About 15 inches 
high with heads of beautiful, deep rose 
and white flowers. Very showy in 
rockeries, borders, and vases. Does well 
in any soil. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 


Cerastium— 5nou' in Summer |hp1A 

r'*ifeX. ^^^1 Tomentosum. A very pretty, dwarf, white- 

-• leaved edging or rock plant covered with small white 

blooms during the spring. Grows 12 to 15 inches 
high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; -i oz. SOc. 

Cheiranthus ®a 


Sown early in the spring they bloom 

throughout the summer. For spring 

flowering sow in late summer. 

1915 AUioni (Siberian or Fairy Wall- 
Jlower). An exceptionally showy plant 
growing about 12 inches high and 
covered with brilliant orange flower 
trusses. Pkt. lOc; i oz. 25c. 

1917 — Golden Bedder. Showy large 
golden yellow flowers on plants 18 
inches high. E.xquisitely fragrant. 
Pkt. 15c; -1 oz. 40c. 

1919 Linifolius (Alpine Wallflower). 
Compact plants about 9 inches high 
bearing small spikes covered with 
bright mauve blooms. Pkt. ISc; 
special pkt. 40c 

See also Wallflower, page 67 

Cheiranthus Allioni 


Ask for our leaflet, "Hints on the Growing of Flowers from Seeds." Sent free on request 

mmE mimmmE\Mmm .^MMor^^ni^i^Ji^" ^<^» 

Centaurea - Cornflowers 

Cornflowers are among the most popular of all garden flowers. They are easy to grow, flowering freely, 
making a showy display, and yielding an abundance of cut flowers. Besides the well-known annual 
varieties there also are a number of perennial kinds which are very desirable. The white-leaved kinds or 
Dusty miller are splendid for beds, vases, hanging baskets, etc. 

Centaurea Americana 

1865 Americana (Basket Flower). ® A splendid hardy annual, 
growing 3 feet high and bearing immense thistle-like blooms 
of a rosy lavender color. The blooms measure 5 inches across. 
Very showy in the mixed border and splendid for cutting. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

1901 Suaveolens {Yellow Sweet Sultan, Grecian Cornflower). ® 
A very showy annual variety with large, bright yellow, sweetly 
scented flowers. A popular sort for cutting; lasting well; 2 feet. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

Centaurea imperialis 

Royal Sweet Sultans ® 

Centaurea imperialis 

This beautiful class is undoubtedly the finest of all Sweet 
Sultans for garden display and cutting. The charming, sweet- 
scented flowers are borne on long, strong stems and when cut 
will stand for several days in good condition. Seed may be sown 
early outdoors for flowering during the summer and a later sowing 
will produce magnificent blooms during the autumn. The plants 
grow 2j feet high and give an abundance of flowers. 

1891 Amaranth Red. . . . | 

1892 Brilliant Rose / ^ ofthese- 

1893 Deep Lavender \ pkt 10c- ' 

lilt S^f-^ ^.""'f^' ( special pkt. 25c. 

1895 Delicate Lilac \ *^ 

1896 Pure White / 

4796 Royal Sweet Sultan Collection. One packet 

each of the above six fine colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

1900 Finest Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

Dreer's Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

Dreer's Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

Centaurea cyanus 

This superb new strain is the last word in Cornflowers. The 
flowers not only are considerablj' more double but also larger, 
each bloom forming a lovely large fluffy ball. 
1871 Black Boy. A rich and appealing deep maroon. 
1873 Blue Boy. Exquisite Cornflower blue. 
1875 Pinkie. Glorious blooms of bright rose. 
1877 Red Boy. The finest of the red shades. 
1879 Snow Man. Graceful large white blooms. 


Any of the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 25c; J oz. 50c. 


Collection of Five Ultra-Double Cornflowers 

4790 One packet each, value 75c, for 50c. 

4792 One special packet each, value $1.25, for. . . .85c. 
4794 i oz. each of the 5 colors, value $2.50, for $1.75. 



1880 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 25c; i oz. 50c. 

New Dw^arf Double Cornflow^er a 

1867 Jubilee Gem. Charming compact plants about 12 inches 
high covered completely with double dark blue flowers. Splen- 
did for dwarf beds and a very showy subject for growing in 
pots. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 50c. 

White-Leaved Centaurea— Dus^y Miller 

Fine for bedding, vases, hanging baskets, and pots; also exten- 
sively used for margins. The white-leaved Cinerarias are also 
known as Dusty Millers. See page 26. 
1861 Candidissima. ® Silvery white leaves with elegantly cut 

margins. Very showy. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 
1863 Gymnocarpa. ® Finely cut silvery foliage; IJ feet high. 

This is a great favorite. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

Hardy Centaurea H 

1902 Dealb&ta, {Persian Centaurea). Bright rose-colored flowers; 
July to September; IJ to 2 feet. Pkt. lOc; special pkt. 40c. 

1903 Maucrocephsila, {Globe Centaurea). Large thistle-like golden 
yellow flowers; useful for cutting and showy in the border; 
July and August. 3J feet. Pkt. 15c special pkt. 40c. 

1904 monta.naj{PerennialCornflower, Mountain Bluet). A showy 
variety, 2 feet high, bearing large violet-blue flowers from July 
to September. Pkt. lOc; special pkt. 25c. 

S^eds, Plants, Bulbs, and Horticultural Books niake excellent Gifts 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Single Mixed Annual Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemum ® & H 

Annual Varieties ® 

The annual Chrysanthemums or Painted Daisies are very 
showy and effective favorites which should be used more widely 
because they are easy to grow and give a splendid display in the 
garden besides yielding plenty of flowers for cutting. They grow 
about 2 feet high and bear a profusion of large, daisy-like flowers 
carried upright on fine, strong stems. The varieties represented 
are all very showy and colorful. 

1921 Burridgeanum. Pure white petals zoned rich brownish 
red and yellow with a large brown disc in the center. A very 
striking variety. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

1923 Chameleon {Eclipse). A splendid variety shading from 
light yellow to tawny apricot with a garnet band and a yellow 
zone around the center disc. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

1925 Evening Star (Helios). Rich Sunflower yellow with a 
deeper yellow disc. Pkt. 10c; I oz. 25c. 

1927 Morning Star. Clear canary yellow petals with a halo of 
deeper yellow. Dark yellow disc. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c 

1928 Northern Star. Fringed pure white petals surrounding a 
canary yellow zone. The dark brown eye in the center gives 
splendid color contrast. Very large. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

1929 Purpureum (W. E. Gladstone). Rich velvety purple with 
a yellow halo around the center. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Chrysanthemum Collections 

4798 One packet each of the above 6, value 60c, for 45c. 

4799 J oz. each of the above 6, value $1.50, for $1.00. 

1930 Single Mixed (Painted Daisy). A splendid mixture in- 
cluding many colors. It will give a beautiful display all through 
the summer and fall besides yielding showy cut flowers. Pkt. 
10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 60c. 

Cineraria hybrida m] 

Beautiful in the house or conservatory during the spring months. 
Sow the seed from May to September. After transplanting place 
in a cold frame facing north. Shift to larger pots when the plants 
become pot bound. 
1956 Multifiora nana, Mixed. Compact plants with immense 

heads composed of small colorful blooms. Pkt. 25c; special 

pkt. 75c 
1962 Dreer's Prize Super-Giant Mixed. Showy, compact, 

basal branched plants not over a foot high, crowned with heads 

of immense flowers that come in a great range of beautiful and 

rich colors. Our stram of this variety is e.xceptionally fine. 

Pkt. 50c; special pkt. S1.50. 
1966 Stellata, Mixed (Star Cineraria). Large spreading 

panicles of starry flowers in many colors. Pkt. 25c; special 

pkt. 75c 


:^'^':"' ^%^'^'' 

Cremer's Prize 
Strain Cineraria 

1954 Cremer's Wilt-Resistant 
Prize-Strain of Cineraria 

This splendid new strain of Cineraria has many outstanding 
features that recommend it to those who have the facilities to 
grow this showy pot plant. It is the result of intercrossing Multi- 
flora nana, Hybrida grandiflora, and Stellata. The flowers are 
larger than those of multiflora but the plants are equally as free 
blooming. The habit of the plants is very compact and the leaves 
are small. When in full bloom the entire plant is simply covered 
by one solid mass of flowers. The color range is truly wonderful 
representing all desirable shades. Pkt. 50c; originator's special 
pkt. S2.25. 

White-Leaved Cineraria m] 

Dusty Miller 
1971 Maritima candidissima. These, as well as the white- 
leaved Centaureas offered on page 25, are called Dusty Millers. 
They are fine foliage plants for bedding, ribbon beds, and 
margins. Prized for their silvery downy foliage. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Perennial Varieties of Chrysanthemums gH 

1940 Japonicum, Anemone-Flowered. Started early indoors this will flower 
from seed in late autumn. Also fine for indoor culture and can be cascaded. Beauti- 
fully quilled blooms of exceptionally bright and varied coloring. Many double flowers 
measuring from 2 to 3 inches across. A splendid novelty. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. $1.25. 

1942 Korean Hybrids. Exceptionally hardy, single-flowered, bushy plants including 
a range of colors that is most impressive. Easy to grow, blooming in late fall of the 
same year as sown. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. $1.50. 

1946 Riverton Seedlings. A truly glorious mixture representing a careful selection 
of the finest specimen plants of carefully hybridized varieties with single, semi-double, 
and double blooms in a range of colors that defies description. Started early it will 
flower the same year. Blooms during October. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c 

The Shasta Daisies, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum and maximum are offered on page 61. 


Korean llylirid Chrysanthemums 


Chrysanthemum and It» Culture (White). $2.00 per copy, postpaid 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Clarkia elegans fl. pi. ® 

This pretty and easily grown annual has 
been much improved in recent years. It 
does well either in sun or shade, growing 2 
to 2 2 feet high. The large flowers will last a 
long time in water. Our strain is outstand- 
ing for the doubleness of its blooms. 

1981 Albatross. Showy fluffy balls of 
pure white flowers. 

1982 Chieftain. A mauve-colored 
variety that gives good color contrast. 

1983 Glorious. Rich crimson-scarlet 
blooms. Deep purple-green foliage. 

1985 Illumination. Orange mingled 
with rose. A very beautiful variety. 

1987 Purple Prince. Rich deep purple 
blooms that are most attractive. 

1988 Salmonea Perfecta. Greatly 
admired for its rich salmon color. 

Any of above: 

Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

4802 Clarkia Collection. One packet 

each of the six sorts, value 60c, for 45c. 

1990 Double Mixed. A fine mixture of 

many beautiful and rich colors. Pkt. 

10c; I oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

* Clematis H ® § 

1995 Paniculata (Japanese Virgin's 
Bower). One of the best hardy climb- 
ers. The leaves are bright glossy green, 
and when in bloom the plant is com- 
pletely hidden beneath a blanket of 
white, Hawthorn-scented blossoms. 
Perfectly hardy. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 



tf^ JatL ' 

; X^^pfTii 




- .,'% \ 

K! S-^^SMl^^^H 








., ■' ^^^^»i 


il^»'?^ ^4f|MHH 



f^ •'^^- ^mHH^^H 



'x.-- rp 






lilt ^ ^ ^ K Mt ^iM^^H 





Cleome gigantea 

Cleome gigantea ® 

Giant Spider Flower 
1997 Rose Queen. A graceful hardy 
annual which grows 3| to 5 feet tall. 
The plants are well-branched, each 
branch terminating in a large head of 
bright rosy crimson blooms followed by 
long slender seed pods supported by long 
wiry stems. Splendid for large beds or 
background planting. Pkt. 10c; s oz. 
30c; oz. $1.00. 

Cobaea scandens 

Cobaea ® § 

Cathedral Bells 

Cup and Saucer Vine 

A climber of rapid growth, attaining a 
height of 30 to 50 feet during the season; 
valuable for covering trellises, arbors, trunks 
of trees, etc. WiU cling to any rough sur- 
face. In sowing, place the seeds edgewise 
into the soil. To get early results start the 
seed indoors in March or April; can also be 
sown out-of-doors in May. 

2001 Scandens, Purple. Large bell- 
shaped flowers of a rich purple color. 
Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

2002 Scandens alba. 

and white flowers, 
pkt. 50c. 

Light green buds 
Pkt. 15c; special 

Coleus, Dreer's Hybrids 

CoXexxs— Flame Nettle ® 

2010 Dreer's Hybrids. Our strain of 
hybrid varieties produces the finest colors. 
Most attractive and novel foliage plants 
for house or garden culture. Start the 
seed indoors in March or April. Plant 
out in late May. Pkt. 25c; special 
pkt. 75c 

2012 Ornatus. A very large-leaved 
variety with strikingly handsome, varie- 
gated foliage. A splendid plant of the 
greatest value for all decorative purposes. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. $1.00. 

Coreopsis H] 
Perennial Calliopsis 

A most useful class of hardy perennials 
providing a great quantity of showy large 
golden yellow flowers starting in June and 
continuing for several months. Seed may 
be sown from early spring until late 
summer. Also splendid for cutting. 

2021 Lanceolata grandiflora. An 

old-fashioned favorite with large showy 
bright yellow flowers produced in great 
abundance from June until late in the 
season. 30 inches high. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 

Coreopsis, Mayfield Giant 

2023 Mayfield Giant. A new variety of 
Australian origin. It is considered the 
finest strain of this popular perennial 
yet introduced. The plants are taller 
and more vigorous than the type and 
the individual flowers which are con- 
siderably larger are carried on longer 
stems. The color is a beautiful deep 
golden yellow. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 
30c; I oz. 50c 

2025 Double Sunburst [New). This 
double form is a great improvement over 
the older semi-double variety. The color 
of the well-rounded flowers is brilliant 
golden yellow. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 
40c; i oz. 75c. 

Crepis ® A 

A hardy annual of easiest culture pro- 
ducing a great profusion of showy flowers. 
Does best on a light soil which may be 
quite sandy and rather dry. Also fine for 
the rock garden. Plant in fuU sun. 
2055 Barbata, Yellow. Stocky little 
plants about a foot high with double 
sulphur yellow blooms with velvety 
brown center. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 
2057 Rubra rosea. Compact foliage 
from which arise numerous stems a foot 
long carrying lovely large double blooms 
of a bright rose color. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 25c 

All Flower Seeds are Sent POSTPAID 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cosmos ® 

Beautiful summer and autumn blooming plants. They produce 
thousands of artistic flowers, furnishing an abundance of cut 
blooms for autumn decorations. Should be sown in spring in the 
open ground when danger of frost is past, or the seed may be 
started indoors or in a frame and afterwards transplanted. Plant 
not less than 18 inches apart. When the plants are about a foot 
high the tops should be pinched out to induce a bushy growth. 
They prefer a rather light, not too rich soil, but do well almost 
anywhere. North of Philadelphia it is safer to use the early- 
flowering type. 

Magnificent New Cosmos 
Extra-Early Sensation 

Sensation is the earliest of all Cosmos blooming several weeks 
ahead of the early-flowering type which in turn flowers consider- 
ably earlier than the original late-flowering varieties. Sensation 
gives a marvelous display throughout the summer months. Has 
extra-large flowers borne profusely on vigorous plants. 

2038 Pinkie. Gorgeous well-formed blooms of a bright rose- 
pink color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2039 Purity. Elegant large white petals surrounding a small 
yellow center cushion. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2040 Sensation, Mixed. This embraces the above two 
varieties. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; j oz. 75c. 

Flower Seeds 

are sent 


Early Colossal Cosmos 

Early Colossal or 
Midsummer Giant Cosmos 

Seeds sown in the open ground April 27th produced plants that 
were covered with blooms July 20th, two months before the late- 
flowering kinds. By careful selection they now have flowers as 
large as the late-flowering kinds, and can be depended upon to 
flower freely even in the most northerly States. 

Pkt. i oz. 

2033 Early Crimson. Very rich $0 10 $0 25 

2034 Early Pink. A pretty shade 10 25 

2035 Early Pure White 10 25 

4808 Early Colossal Cosmos Collection of 

one packet each of the 3 colors, value 30c, for 25c. 

2036 Early Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 20c; oz. 60c. 

Early Double Cosmos 

Early Double Cosmos 

Forms a perfect bush, bearing beautiful double flowers of good 
size on long stems. A wonderful cut flower. About 60 per cent of 
the plants come double from seeds. 

Pkt. Special Packet 

2026 Carnelia. Rich rosy crimson SO 20 SO 75 

2027 Peachblossom. Deep rosy pink . . 20 75 

2028 Whirlwind. Pure white 20 75 

i/ 100TH nnniVERSRRY OFFER \i 


4806 Early Double Cosmos Collection. One 

packet each of the 3 colors, value 60c, for 40c. 


2030 Early Double Mixed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; i oz. 

2032 Late Double Mixed. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; ioz. 75c. 

Autumn Giant or Lady Lenox 

A very showy, tall, late-blooming type of Cosmos with extra- 
large flowers often measuring 3j inches across. The plants reach 
a height of 5 to 6 feet and are a mass of color in late fall. 

2041 Giant Crimson. Rich crimson. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 2Sc. 

2042 Giant Pink. Beautiful deep rose-pink flowers of perfect 
form and largest size. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

2043 Giant White. white blooms. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 
4810 Autumn Giant Cosmos Collection. 

One packet each of the 3 colors, value 30c, for 25c. 
2045 Autumn Giant Mixed. Contains all three colors in the 
correct proportion. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 20c; oz. 60c. 

Golden Yellow Cosmos 

2047 Klondyke. Single golden yellow flowers measuring from 
2 J to 3 J inches across. North of Virginia the seed must be started 
indoors and the plants should be grown in pots or boxes, so that 
the roots are confined. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

2049 Early Orange Flare 

Few new flowers have become so popular within such a short 
period of time as this magnificent orange-colored Cosmos. It has 
proved one of the most beautiful of all flowers standing out as a 
distinct and richly colored variety. The plants begin blooming 
in July and continue uninterruptedly until frost, if the flowers are 
picked off as they fade. Makes well-branched bushes about 4 
feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 


Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Semi-Shade; #= Suited to Shade 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Cyclamen ifp] 

2100 Dreer's Giant Prize Special Mixture. Cyclamens are channing 
house plants with beautiful variegated foliage and richly colored fragrant 
blooms. They are universal favorites for winter and spring blooming. 
The seed may be started any time during the summer or autumn. Dreer's 
Giant Prize Mixture contains an exceptionally wide assortment of beauti- 
ful colors including the rarer salmon and salmon-pink shades. Pkt. 3Sc; 
special pkt. (100 seeds) $2.00. 

Cynoglossum— c/ime*e Forget-Me-Not ® 

A very showy and exceedingly 
free-flowering annual of easiest 
culture. Produces a great profusion 
of showy Forget-Me-Not-like blooms 
throughout the spring and summer. 

2107 Amabile , Blue . Showy sprays 
set with beautiful fragrant blooms 
of an intensely rich blue color, 
18 to 24 inches high. Pkt. lOc; 
I 02. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

2108 — Fairy Blue. This new vari- 
ety has exceedingly pretty blooms 
of a bright Cambridge blue color. 
It makes a magnificent display for 
many montlis. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2109 — Pink. Similar to the preced- 
ing but bearing a profusion of 
lovely rich deep pink blooms. 
Pkt. ISc; i oz. 40c. Cynoglossum amabile 

Cypress Vine— Ipomoea Quamoclit ® § 

2120 Mixed. A most popular climbing 
vine with delicate Fern-like foliage 
and great masses of small but very 
conspicuous star-shaped bright scarlet 
and also white blooms. Climbs to a 
height of about 15 feet and blooms 
from midsummer until frost. Pkt. 
10c; J oz. 20c; oz. 50c. 


Dahlia, Coltness Hybrids 

Cypress Vine 


from Seed 

Growing Dahlias from seed is 
very fascinating. If the seed is 
sown early many plants will bloom 
the same year and all of them the 
second year if the roots are stored 
frost-proof during the winter. 

2122 Coltness Hybrids. A new form of the dwarf single type which will 
bloom in 4 months after planting. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

2124 Giant Perfection. Single flowers of truly immense size, measuring 
6 inches in diameter. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c. 

2126 Double Cactus. Seed saved from the finest exhibition varieties repre- 
senting many rich colors, all of true Cactus form. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

2128 Double Decorative. Seeds from a superb collection of this beautiful 
and popular type of Dahlia. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

2130 Unwin'S Dwarf Hybrids. Graceful semi-double flowers in many 
colors. Sow in March indoors and they will bloom by the end of June. 
Fine for bedding and cutting. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c. 

Collections of 

Flower Seeds 

4724 Dreer's Dozen 
Best Annuals 

These twelve, we believe, represent the most 
desirable annuals for a complete garden. They 
will provide showy blooms for many months. 

Candytuft Giant Hyacinth Flwd. 

Clarkia elegans, Double Mixed 

Dianthus Heddewigi, Double Mixed 

Gaillardia Double-flwg. Mixed 

Gilia capitata 

Hunnemannia fumariaefolia 

Larkspur, The Empress Improved 

Petunia Rosy Morn 

Phlox Drummondi grandiflora Mixed 

Salpiglossis Mixed 

Verbena Giant Mixed 

Zinnia Giant Double Mixed 

One packet each of the 

twelve varieties, value $1.35, for $1.00. 

4726 Twelve Annuals 
for Cutting 

These have been chosen for their value i n 
beautifying the home with richly colored long- 
stemmed blooms throughout the garden season. 
Antirrhinum Giant Mixed 
Arctotis grandis 
Aster Single Mixed 
Calendula Campfire 
Calliopsis tinctoria splendens 
Centaurea cyanus, Double Mixed 
Cosmos Early Colossal Mixed 
Gaillardia Double Mixed 
Hehanthus New Miniature Mixed 
Marigold African, Double Mixed 
Scabiosa Mixed 
Zinnia LiUiput, Mixed 

One packet each of the twelve 
varieties listed, value $1.25, for 90c. 

4830 Collection of 
Eight Everlastings 

Acroclinium Double Mixed; Ammobium alatum; 
Globe Amaranth; Mixed Helichrysum; Mixed 
Rhodanthe; Statice Bonduelli; Statice sinuata, 
True Blue; and Zeranthemum Mixed. 

One packet each of these 

eight varieties, value 80c, for oOC. 

4938 Twelve Choice 
Rock Garden Annuals 

Anagallis grandiflora, Mixed 
Cheiranthus Allioni 
Ice Plant 

Gypsophila muralis 
lonopsidium acaule 
Leptosiphon, French Hybrids 
Mesembryanthemum tricolor 
Linaria maroccana, Excelsior Hybrids 
Portulaca Single Mixed 
Tagetes signata pumila 
Verbena erinoides 
Sanvitaha procumbens 

One packet each of the 

twelve varieties, value $1.30, for Jpl.OO. 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 


Dreer's Giant 
Pacific Hybrids 

This is a sensational new strain of hybrid Delphinium pro- 
claimed the showiest and most glorious of all Delphiniums. 
Under favorable conditions the plants will reach truly 
gigantic height j'et every flower spike is well formed. Has 
wiry slender stems and a large percentage of the plants have 
proved decidedly resistant to mildew. Rarely a single, 
nicely formed bees, fine foliage, and unusual uniformity of 
habit combine to make this the most desirable of all hardy 

2171 Dark Blue Shades. 
2173 Light Blue Shades. 

2175 Light Lavender Shades. 

2176 Pastel Shades. 

2178 Rich Violet. 

2179 Pure White. 

A ny of the above colors: 
Pkt. 75c; special pkt. S2.50. 

4816 Pacific Hybrid Collection. One packet 

each of the above six colors, value $4.50, for $3.60. 

2180 Giant Pacific Hybrids, Mixed Blue Shades. 

Pkt. SOc; special pkt. S2.00. 

1838— Dreer's 100th Anniversary— 1938 

Dreer's Superb 


Hardy Larkspur 

11 ® 

The highly artistic value of Larkspur is sufficiently appreciated 
to need no further recommendation from us. 
2135 Belladonna, Improved (Cliveden Beauty). A lovely 

turquoise blue color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c; j oz. $1.00. 
2137 Bellamosum. This is a rich deep blue form of the popular 

light blue Belladonna. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c; i oz. $1.00. 
2141 Chinense album. Fine feathery foliage and showy white 

blooms. 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 
2143 — Cambridge Blue. A rich clear blue that surpasses 

Belladonna in brilliance. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
2145 - Blue. Intense Gentian blue. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 40c. 
2147 — Blue Butterfly, Improved. A Rich ultramarine blue. 

Grows 1 foot high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. SOc; i oz. 75c. 
2149 Elatum, White (5MTOmerC/oK<f). Pure white flower spikes 

10-12 inches long. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
2182 Gold Medal Hybrids. Strong vigorous plants with 

flowers running toward the lighter shades of blue. Has spikes 

2 feet long and over. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 75c. 
2190 Wrexham or Hollyhock Flowered Mixed. Enormous 

spikes set with large single or double blooms in all the glorious 

shades of blue found in Delphinium. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. 


Dreer's De Luxe Hybrids 

This private strain has gained world renown. Produces strong 
vigorous plants with fully one-third of them carrying double 
flowers mostly with white center or eye but with a fair percentage 
having the dark or bee center. Vigorous and free flowering. 

2155 Art Shades 2157 Mid-Blue 

2156 Light Blue 2158 Dark Blue 
Any oj lite above: Pkt. 35c; special pkt. 75c. 

4814 Collection o/Dreer's De Luxe Hybrid Delphinium. 

One packet each of the 4 colors, value $1.40, for $1.00> 
2160 Dreer'sDe Luxe Hybrid Mixture. Contains all colors. 
Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c; J oz. $1.25. 

Dreer's De Luxe Hybrid Delphinium 


How to Grow Delphiniums (Leonian). $1.10 per copy, po§tpaicU 



'r IOOth ^ 


Dianthus - The Beautiful Pinks 

The annual Pinks are flowers of great beauty. They embrace a great variety of forms and come ia a 
remarkably wide range of beautiful and rich colors and color combinations. The annual varieties may be 
sown outdoors after danger of frost is past but if sown later they may be treated like biennials if given slight 
protection. They grow about a foot in height. 

Dianthus Marvelous 

Dianthus Heddewigi fl. pi. 

Dianthus chinensis fl. pi. 

Single Annual Pinks ® 

There are many beautiful varieties among the single annual 
Pinks and their display value in the garden is not exceeded by any 
other annual. Our list of varieties includes the best, and we are 
sure you will find them very lovely. They are large-flowered with 
blooms measuring 2 to 3 inches in diameter. 

2221 * Crimson Belle. Elegant large blooms of well-rounded 
form. The color is a rich velvety crimson — a shade which gives 
good color contrast with lighter shades. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2223 * Eastern Queen. A very lovely single annual Pink with 
showy large blooms. Exhibits a beautiful marbled effect of rose 
and mauve upon a lighter background. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 2Sc. 

2226 Heddewigi Mixed {Single Japan Pink). Excellent for 
garden display or for cut flowers. Its large single blooms will 
always make a splendid impression. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2228 Marvelous {Oriental Beauty). This is a very artistic strain 
of single annual Dianthus. Its large flowers range from pure 
white to deep purplish red. The flower petals are deeply lami- 
nated and cut into fine strips of thread-like fringes. It is an ex- 
cellent cut flower. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

2230 * Nobilis Mixed {Royal Pinks). These are indeed royal in 
their splendor and size. The blooms are extra large. They in- 
clude a wide and beautiful range of colors starting with white and 
running through all shades to deepest red. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

2232 * Princess Pinks {Punctatus). A very novel variety with 
attractively fringed flower petals. They are mottled, flaked, 
spotted, and striped in the greatest diversity of colors, no two 
plants producing flowers which are exactly alike. You will find 
them very attractive and interesting. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 40c. 

2233 * Salmon Queen. Well formed, nicely fringed flowers of a 
brilliant salmon changing to a salmon-rose after they have passed 
their prime. The seeds of this variety are white or yellowish 
white, while those of other pinks are dark in color. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 40c. 

2235 * Vesuvius. This makes a very attractive bed or border as 
the brilliant Geranium red blooms sparkle and glisten in the sun- 
light. Also fine for cutting. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; \ oz. 50c. 

4824 Collection of Brilliant Single Dianthus 

One packet each of the 6 starred (*) varieties, value 60c, for 45c. 

Double Annual Pinks ® 

2200 Chinensis fl. pi. Giant Mixed {China or India Pink). 
Very double flowers of many bright colors. They are borne in 
showy large clusters on strong upright growing plants. Blooms 
freely throughout the summer. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2202 Diadematus fl. pi. Mixed {Double Diadem Pink). Large 
double blooms in tints of lilac, crimson, purple, etc., with fringed 
white edges. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

2203 * Fireball. Double rich fire red blooms. Often planted to- 
gether with Snowball for good contrast. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 40c. 

2204 Heddewigi fl. pi. Mixed {Double Japan Pink). A colorful 
mixture including everything from the most dehcate rose to the 
richest velvety crimson imaginable. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

2205 * Lucifer. Elegantly fringed double blooms measuring 2 
inches in diameter. Their color is a dazzling Geranium red of 
great intensity. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c. 

2207 * Mourning Cloak (PFAj/eFrj'W). Deepest velvety crimson 
margined with white. Very double. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 

2209 Pink Beauty. A lovely double variety of Pinks with 
elegantly fringed petals. The color is a clear and most attractive 
pure pink. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 

2211 * Salmon King. A very popular variety with large double 
salmon-rose blooms. Very showy. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 60c. 

2213 * Snowball. Lovely double balls of pure white. Splendid 
for cutting or for bedding. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; j oz. 50c. 

2216 * Violet Queen. An unusual shade of rich violet, different 
from any of the others. Pkt. 15c; j oz. 50c. 


1D0TH nnnivERSHRY offer 


4822 Collection of Double Annual Pinks. 

One packet each of the 6 starred (*) varieties, value 
70c, for 50c. /^ 

Dianthus Iciyhridus— Sweet Wivelsfield (D A 

2246 This hardy Dianthus which blooms as freely as the Sweet 
William comes in a wide range of beautiful colors with reds, 
pinks, and crimsons predominating. Started indoors in February 
it will bloom from June until October. Sown outdoors in April 
it will flower in late summer and fall. Pkt. 10c; } oz. 40c. 

For Dieinthus barbatus» see Sweet William, page 65 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

I^i3iT\t\\\jLS— Hardy Garden Pinks il 


This hardy perennial enjoys the greatest popularity as the plants 
lend themselves exceptionally well to a number of purposes. They 
will give a showy bed or border, and are most attractive in the 
reck garden. Also very fine for cutting. 

2243 Latifolius atrococcineus fl. pi. (Everblooming Annual 
Sweet William). This is a cross between an annual Pink and 
Sweet William, combining the free and continuous blooming 
qualities of the former with the hardiness of the latter. The 
flowers are of an intense velvety crimson-scarlet. Will flower 
the first season if sown early. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 40c. 

2244 Latifolius, Double Mixed. (Annual Sweet William). 
This mixture contains various shades of purple, violet, rose, 
and velvety crimson-scarlet. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 40c. 

2251 AUwoodi alpinus. These will bloom the first year from 
seed. Showy single and semi-double fragrant flowers represent- 
ing all the colors found in Dianthus. The plants grow 4 to 6 
inches high and bloom profusely. A real gem for rock gardens. 
Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c. 

2253 Caesius (Cheddar Pink). Attractive dense tufts only a few 
inches high, studded in May and June with sweet-scented rose- 
pink blooms. Always greatly admired for its free-blooming 
habit and colorful appearance. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

2255 Deltoides albus. A white-flowering form of the above and 
as beautiful. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

2257 Deltoides, Brilliant (Maiden Pink). A charming creep- 
ing variety with brilliant carmine flowers in June and July. 
Fine for the rock garden. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. oOc. 

2259 Graniticus. Another fine rock garden Dianthus of low 
growth forming a dense carpet covered in May and June with 
bright crimson blooms. The plants grow about 4 inches high. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c. 

2260 Plumarius fl. pi. (Double Hardy Garden Pink). Double 
and semi-double blooms in many beautiful colors. Very sweet- 
scented. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; i oz. $1.00. 

2262 Plumarius semperflorens (Everblooming Hardy Garden 

Pinks). Very beautiful single, semi-double, and double flowers 
in a great diversity of colors. Delightfully sweet-scented. 
Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c. 

2264 Plumarius, Highland Rose Hybrids. Lovely single 
flowers having a rich fragrance. The blooms are bright rose 
with a zone of deeper rosy red. It is a newer variety of out- 
standing merit. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Dianthus plumarius 

2266 Plumarius (Grass Pinks. Scotch Pink, Pheasant-Eye 
Pink). A beautiful single hardy Pink with fringed-edged flowers 
of various colors. Spicy fragrance and exceedingly floriferous. 
Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

2300 Rock Garden Species, Mixed. A special mixture of 25 
rare varieties of hardy Dianthus suitable for the rock garden. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

For Dianthus barbatus, see Sweet William, page 65. 

* Dictamnus— Gflj Plant m 

2305 Fraxinella alba. A showy hardy border perennial grow- 
ing about 3 feet in height. It has fragrant foliage and showy 
flower spikes set with curiously shaped. Spider Plant like, 
fragrant white blooms. Flowers profusely in June and July. 
Perfectlj' hardy but the seed is slow to germinate. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

2307 — rubra. ® This has the same splendid habit and strong 
constitution as the preceding variety but the flowers are a lovely 
shade of rose-pink with deeper veins. It will do well planted in 
semi-shade. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Didiscus— B/ue Lace Flower ® 

2311 Coeruleus. This pretty 
and interesting annual blooms 
most profusely from July till 
November. It also is used ex- 
tensively for early spring 
flowering in a cool green- 
house. The exquisite light 
lavender blossoms are excel- 
lent for cutting. Grows about 
18 inches high, and has as 
many as 50 blooms to a 
flowerhead. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 40c. 

Didiscus— Blue Lace Flower 

Digitalis— Fojcg/ove ® ® 

Handsome and highly ornamental hardy plants of stately 
growth, succeeding under almost all conditions. With but little at- 
tention they will give a wealth of flowers during June and July. 
They are used extensively with good effect for naturalizing 
in shrubberies, the edge of woods, and other half shady places. 
Though they are biennial in character the plants somerimes live 
for more than two years and they easily self seed. 3 to 5 feet. 
Gloxiniaeflora. - This is a fine strain of the popular Foxglove 

D. purpurea, with handsome spotted Gloxinia-like flowers on 

long spikes. Makes a splendid showing. 

2315 — Isabellina. Yellow. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

2317 - Purple. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

2318 - Rose. Pkt. 10c; J cz. 30c. 

2319 - White. Pkt. 10c; I oz. 30c. 

2320 - Mixed. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

2321 Giant Shirley Mixed. 
Unquestionably the greatest 
improvement ever made in 
Foxgloves. The verj' vigorous 
plants attain a height of 5 to 7 
feet, with spikes of bloom 4 
feet in length, closely set with 
flowers of unusual size. Includes 
colors from the purest white 
to dark rose, handsomely 
spotted and blotched with 
crimson, maroon, and choco- 
late. Seed sown this spring will 
produce plants that wil' make a 
glorious show ne.xt season. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 25c; 
\ cz. 50c. 

2323 Grandiflora (Ambigua). 
Elegant graceful spikes closely 
set with lovely light yellow 
blooms. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

2325 Lutzi Hybrids. Mag- 
nificent plants. 4 feet tall, with 
c'.elightlal salmon flowers. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 40c. 

2330 Monstrosa (Mammoth 
Foxglove). A splendid strain 
bearing a profusion of long 
showy flower spikes set with 
large blooms. Mixed colors. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; 
i oz. 50c. 

The beautiful 
Giant Shirley Foxglove 


A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Semi-Shade; •= Suited to Shade 


Maximum or 
Super Giant 



Dreer's Rustproof Maximum or Super Giant 

This is a most impressive type 
f Snapdragons forming vigorous 
"ee-blooming plants that grow 3 
:et in height. Has sturdy strong 
ower stems closely set with large 
'ell-formed blooms. An excep- 
ionally fine type for tall borders 
nd remarkable for cutting be- 
ause of its magnificent size. 

1187 Alaska. (D) 
1189 Campfire. (E) 
1191 Canary Bird. (B) 

Any of the above: 
1200 Maximum, Mixed. 

1193 Copper Shades. (F) 
1195 Crimson. (A) 
1197 Loveliness. (C) 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

A glorious mixture including all the 

above and several other colors that further increase the color 
effect. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; \ oz. 75c. 


4718 Collection of 

The Six Maximum 

or Super Giant 


This contains one packet each of 
the six showy varieties shown in 
color on this page. 
Value 90c, for 


For other Snapdragons, see page 14 

Nine Glorious Flowers for Every Garden 

4722 One pkt. each of the nine flowers g^^~^ 
pictured, value 81.20, for 90C 

3825 Salpiglossis, Purple 
and Gold. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 

2049 Cosmos, Early Orange 

Flare. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; 

i oz. 60c. 

3029 Morning Glory, Heavenly 
Blue, Improved Early-Flower- 
ing. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 40c; oz. S1.:.v 


4253 Tagetes signata 
pumila. Pkt. 10c; v oz. 40c. 

3435 Phlox Drummondi, 
Shell Pink. Pkt. 10c; I oz. 50c. 

2897 Marigold, Yellov7 Supreme. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c. 

2040 Cosmos, Extra-Early 
Giant Sensation. 

o4 Pkt. 15c; special pkl. 50c; \ oz. 75c. 

2934 Marigold, Dwarf French 
Double Harmony. Pkt. 15c; 1 oz. 50c. 

2469 Gilia coronopifolia 

(Texas Plume, Standing Cypress). 
Pkt. 15c; i oz. SOc. 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Dimorphotheca aurantiaca 

Dimorphotheca ® A 
African Golden Daisy, Cape Marigold 

2335 Aurantiaca. A very showy annual daisy from South 
Africa, forming nice bushy plants 12 to 15 inches in height. 
Bears, during the summer and fall, a profusion of brilliant, glossy, 
orange-gold blooms with dark disc and halo. Sow outdoors after 
danger of frost in a sunny, dry position. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; 
\ oz. SOc. 

2340 Aurantiaca , New Hybrids. Similar to the above but with 
flowers that come in various shades of yellow, orange, and rich 
salmon, many of them being zoned with several of these colors 
around the black disc. Makes a magnificent display during the 
summer and fall. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; i oz. SOc. 

Dolichos ® § 

Hyacinth Bean 

A rapid-growing annual climber 
with showy pea-shaped flowers 
followed by ornamental seed pods. 
Sow in the garden in May where to 
remain. Grows 10 feet high. 

2347 Darkness. This is a favorite 
climber to cover arbors, treUises, 
etc. Has large heart-shaped 
leaves and lovely light purple- 
violet flowers followed by deep 
purple pods. A fast grower. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

2348 Daylight. Similar to the 
preceding but has white blooms 
followed by bright green seed 
pods. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

2346 Lablab, Mixed. A mixture 
of purple and white. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 20c; i lb. SOc. 

Doronicum— Leopard'* Bane i|] ® A 

2349 Caucasicum magnificum. Large, deep golden yellow 
daisy-like blooms produced early in the spring. They do well 
in a moderately rich soil either in a sunny or partly shaded 
position. Also fine for cutting. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. 75c. 

Dracaena— Dragon Plant ^ 

2353 Indivisa. A beautiful ornamental-leaved plant with grace- 
ful, long, narrow, green foliage. It is used extensively for a 
center plant in lawn vases and window boxes. Also a fine 
house plant. Pkt. lOc; \ oz. 25c. 

*Echinocystis— W'fW Cucumber Vine ® ® § 
2357 Lobata. A very quick-growing vine, though the seed is 
somewhat slow to germinate. Excellent for covering trellises, 
old trees, fences, etc. Beautiful bright green foliage and honey- 
scented white flowers during summer. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc. 

Dolichos, Darkness 

*Echinops— G/o&e Thistle H 

2361 Ritro. Handsome tall plants, 3 to 5 feet in height. Attrac- 
tive thistle-like foliage crowned with showy globular heads 
composed of fine steel blue flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 2Sc. 

Erigeron— f /eabane ID 

2367 Speciosus grandiflorus. Showy, large, daisy-like blooms 
of a rich purple color. Flowers from May to October. 2| feet 
high. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c. 

■^Eryngiuin— 5ea HoWy il A 

2369 Amethystinum. A handsome ornamental plant growing 
2 to 3 feet high. It has spiny holly-like foliage and thistle-like 
heads of amethyst blue flowers. Easily dried for winter bou- 
quets. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Erysimum— Fairy Wallflower ® A 

2371 Perofskianum. A beautiful annual from Afghanistan with 
brilliant golden orange blooms produced freely throughout the 
summer and fall. Grows 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Eschscholtzia or 
California Poppies 

Eschscholtzia— Cahyorn/a Poppy ® A 

A favorite annual. Sow early in the spring where to bloom, 
choosing a sunny position and a soil not too rich. 1 ft. 

2373 Aurantiaca (Orange King). Rich golden orange. 
2375 Chrome Queen. Brilliant chrome yellow. 
2377 Crimson King. Glistening carmine-crimson. 
2381 Geisha. Bright scarlet; inside rich golden orange. 
2383 Purple Glow. Bright purple with crimson sheen. 
2385 Rosy Queen. A delicate soft pink shade. 
2387 Scarlet Beauty. Vivid deep scarlet. 
2389 Vesuvius. Rich Wallflower red. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

f/ 1DQTH nnnivERsnRY offer \i 

4828 California Poppy Collection. One 

packet each of the above 8, value SOc, for 55c. 



2379 Dazzler (New). Flowers of an intense and fire-like flam- 
ing scarlet color. Beautiful large blooms carried on fine, 
long stems. Really marvelous. Pkt. 15c; i oz. SOc. 

2390 Single Mixed. Pkt. lOc; i oz. 2Sc; J oz. 40c. 

2400 New Hybrids Mixed. A remarkable mixture of the most 
outstanding color range, including rare shades of red, old gold, 
fiery orange, chestnut red, etc. Pkt. 15c; j oz. SOc. 

2406 Double Art Shades Mixed (New). Showy large flowers 
held erectly on stems well above the fohage. Entirely distinct 
in habit, with semi-double blooms coming in a great variety of 
artistic art shades. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 60c. 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 


lemiEIEIIl^ (DME IHlMDDIIOliyTli i-lI¥I¥OryiEIlSUUlY umm^ 

Eupatorium H • 

Hardy Ageratum, 
Mistflower, Thoroughwort 
2411 Fraseri. A pretty, dwarf variety, \\ 
feet high. Has dense clusters of pure 
white flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

Euphorbia varicgata. Snow on the Mountain 

Euphorbia ® 

An interesting class of annuals suited to 

beds and splendid in the mixed border. Also 

fine for cutting. 

2415 Heterophylla (Annual Poinseliia. 
Mexican Fire Plant). This annual grows 
2 to 3 feet high. The branching plants 
have smooth glossy green leaves which 
about midsummer become marked with 
rich orange-scarlet toward the top of the 
plant. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

2417 Variegata (Siwiv on the Mountain). 
Attractive bright green foliage veined and 
margined with white. Grows 2 feet high. 
Splendid for cutting but the stem ends 
require searing in a flame for about 10 
seconds before being placed in water. 
Pkt. 10c: J oz. 23c. 
Ferns— /or the House |tp] 

2420 Mixed, Tender Varieties. Grow 
your own house Ferns by sowing these 
spores in a mixture of peat and sand and 
keep moist and shaded at a temperature 
of 60 degrees. Includes many choice 
varieties. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Geranium zonale 

Geranixim— Pelargonium [tp] 

2450 Zonale, Mixed. These are valuable 
pot plants to bloom during the winter yet 
they are equally fine for summer display 
if planted in beds or borders. Start the 
seed indoors early and plant into the open 
during May or June. Our strain is large- 
flowered and contains many colors. They 
are easy to raise from seed. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

Gaillardia— B/anfeef Flower 

Annual Varieties ® 

Exceedingly showy flowers produced 
continuously from early summer until 
November. Excellent for beds, borders, 
and cutting. Sow where to bloom. IJ 
feet high. 

2425 Picta (Josephus). Single rich crim- 
son blooms tipped with orange. Pkt. 
10c; i oz. 25c. 
2427 Picta, Indian Chief. Glistening 
metallic bronzy red with dark center. 
Single. Pkt. 10c; { oz. 25c. 
2430 Picta, Mixed. Includes many fine 
colors. Single. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Perennial Varieties H] 

The hardy Gaillardias are easy to grow 
and exceptionally colorful, giving an 
abundance of flowers from midsummer 
until frost. 

2435 Burgundy. Lovely wine red flow 
ers carried on long stems. Grows 2) 
feet high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 60: 
2437 The Dazzler. Deep maroon-red 
flowers attractively contrasted with 
golden yellow. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

2439 Tangerine. Large tangerine 
colored flowers produced abundantly on 
compact plants. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 
50c: J oz. 75c. 

2440 Grandiflora, Superb Mixed. 
Many variations. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c. 

2441 Grandiflora compacta, Goblin 
{Xew). Zl Compact plants, 12 to 15 
inches high, covered with large j-ellow- 
bordered deep red flowers. Pkt. 25c.; 
special pkt. 75c. 

2442 Grandiflora compacta. Mixed. 
Long-stemmed colorful blooms on plants 
12 t> 15 inches high. Pkt. 15c: i oz. 40c. 

2446 Portola, Giant Hybrids. Extra- 
large, weU-rounded blooms of bright 
bronzy red, edged with a border of 
gol len yellow. A magnificent strain. 
3 ft. Pkt. 15c.; Joz. 50c. 

Double-Flowering Gaillardia 

2432 Double-Flowering Mixed {Lo- 
renziana). Very showy, fully double 
blooms in rich shades of orange, scarlet, 
and crimson. Can stand heat and 
drought. Blooms freely until killing 
frost. Pkt. 10c; } oz. 25c. 

Gaillardia, Portola Giant Hybrid 

Gerbera — Transvaal Daisy [tp] 
2454 Jamesoni hybrida. A most un- 
usual and very attractive, large, daisy- 
like flower from South Africa. The 
individual blooms measure 2 to 4 inches 
in diameter, coming in many shades of 
yellow, orange, and scarlet. Fine for 
the greenhouse, for cutting, or bedding. 
Pkt. 25c; 100 seeds 75c. 

GGum—Avens iU A 

A splen<lid class of hardy perennials 

blooming throughout the summer. 

2457 Atrosanguineum fl. pi. Double 
deep crimson blooms. 18 in.' Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c. 

2459 Lady Stratheden. A new variety 
with golden yellow flowers. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

2461 Mrs. Bradshaw. Large, double, 
rich scarlet blooms which give a splendid 
effect. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

2463 Prince of Orange (New). Bril- 
liant glistening golden orange blooms. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 


2467 Capitata (Queen Anne's Thimble). 
(A) This easily grown annual is a lovely 
and graceful subject with fine feathery 
foliage and globular heads densely set 
with liglit lavender-blue flowers. Grows 
2 feet high and blooms continuously 
throughout the summer and fall. Pkt. 
10c: ] oz. 25c. 

/».? Cypress). iji) An extremely showy 
biennial growing 2 feet high and carry- 
ing on the upper part of each stem 
a mass of brilliant light scarlet blooms. 
Easy to grow and very showy during 
the summer. Pkt. 15c; \ oz. 50c. 

Gloxinia (tp) 

2480 Hybrida grandiflora. A splendid 

greenhouse plant producing magnificent 
flowers of the richest colors. Thrives 
best in a mixture of equal parts of peat, 
loam, and sand. Sow in March to 
bloom 5 months later. We offer a most 
colorful strain. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. 


1001 Garden Questions Answered (Hottes). $2.00 per copy, postpaid 

HENRY A. DREER, PhiladeJphia, Pa. 

Godetia—Satin Flower ® 

2486 Dwarf Mixed. An attractive hardy 
annual deserving more extensive culti- 
vation especially where the summers are 
not too hot. The plants bloom profusely 
and bear showy Azalea-like flowers in 
many rich colors of satiny texture. 
Grows 1 foot high. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c. 

2490 Tall Double Mixed. Deserves 
the attention of all gardeners located in 
sections where summers are not ex- 
cessively hot nor too dry. The plants 
grow about 2 feet tall and are covered 
with showy, large, double, satiny 
blooms of many beautiful and rich 
colors. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Gomplirena ® 

Globe Amaranth 
Bachelor's Button 

2475 Nana compacta. Purple. A 

Makes a fine display in dwarf borders, 
the rock garden, and it is certainly an 
unusually fine plant for pot culture 
besides being valuable for winter 
bouquets. 8 in. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 25c. 
2478 Mixed. The true Bachelor's But- 
ton. The Clover-like flower can be 
dried for winter bouquets. Easy to 
grow from seeds sown in spring where 
to bloom. 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 2Sc. 

Gourds, Mixed 

Ornamental Gourds ®§ 

Rapid growing, interesting annual 
climbers with ornamental foliage and 
singularly shaped fruits. IS to 20 feet. 

2495 African Pipe or Calabash 

2496 Apple. 

2497 Dipper or Siphon 
2499 Egg-Shaped. 

2501 Hercules' Club. 4 feet long. 

2503 Luffa {Dish-Rag, Sponge). 

2504 Orange. 

2505 Pear- Shaped. Striped. 

Any of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 35c. 

2502 Knob Kerrie. Fruits 3 to 5 feet 
long with slender neck and round knob 
at end. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 30c; oz. SOc. 

2507 Spoon. A very odd variety. Pkt. 
lOc; f oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 

4834 Gourd Collection. One pkt. 

each of the above 10, value $1.00, for 75c. 

2510 Mixed. Contains small and large 
sorts. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 20c; oz. 30c. 

2512 Dreer's Special Surprise Mix- 
ture. This interesting mixture em- 
braces 50 varieties of small-fruited 
gourds. Pkt. 15c; 5 oz. 30c; oz. SOc. 


The ornamental grasses serve the double 
purpose of rendering a mixed flower bed 
or border more attractive besides giving 
interesting material that may be dried for 
winter bouquets. 

Annual Varieties ® 

2513 AgrostiS nebulosa (Cloud Grass). 
An airy and graceful variety with mist- 
like flower sprays. 18 inches high. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc. 

2515 Goiz Lachryma - Jobi (Job's 
Tears). Grown for its hard pearly seeds 
used for beads. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

2516 Eragrostis elegans (Love Grass). 
Showy feathery panicles. Very grace- 
ful. 18 in. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

2517 Pennisetumlongistylum(Fo«w- 

tain Grass). Greenish white plumes. 
2 ft. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c 

Pemiisetum Ruppelianum 

2518 — Ruppelianum {Purple Foun- 
tain Grass). Graceful, long, purplish 
plumes. Very outstanding. 3 feet high. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

2519 Tricholaena rosea (Ruby Grass). 
Attractive pale pink plumes. 2 feet. 
Pkt. 10c; I oz. 25c. 

4838 Annual Grass Collection. One 

packet each of the 6, value 60c, for 45c. 

Perennial Varieties 1?] 

A splendid class of plants for large beds 
or groups on lawns where they give an 
unusual and showy effect. 

2521 Eulalia zebrina (Zebra Grass). 
Light green, marked with creamy white 
across the foliage. 6 feet. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. SOc. 

2523 Gynerium argenteum (Pampas 
Grass). Silvery white plumes. 5 ft. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 2Sc. 

2525 Pennisetum japonicum (Hardy 
Fountain Grass). Easy to grow and very 
showy. 4 feet high. Pkt. 10c; I oz. SOc. 

2527 Stipa pennata (Feather Grass). 
Delicate feathery white plumes. 2 ft. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c. 

2529 Uniola latifolia {Spihe Grass). 
Graceful, drooping panicles. 3 feet. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

4836 Hardy Grass Collection. 

One packet each of the above 
5 varieties, value 60c, for 45c. 

Grevillea— 5i7fe Oak [tp] 

2535 Robusta. A very beautiful and 
graceful decorative plant with Fern-like 
fohage. Excellent for table decoration. 
Easily raised from seed, growing into 
good-sized plants within a short period 
of time. Pkt. lOc; special pkt. 40c 

Gypsophila elegans alba grandifloia. 


Baby's Breath 
Annual Varieties ® 

Pretty, misty panicles of blooms highly 

valued for mixing with other cut flowers. 

Easy to grow, blooming within six weeks 

after sowing. 

2539 Elegans alba grandiflora (Paris 
Market Strain). An improved, large- 
flowering, pure white form of the annual 
Baby's Breath. Of easy free growth. 
18 inches high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc. 

2543 — Carmine. Bright carmine-rose 
blooms. Superb for cutting and garden 
display. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c 

2545 — rosea. A very pretty blush pink 
form. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

2549 Muralis. A An annual forming 
nice little mounds 6 to 8 inches high 
thickly studded with little pink blooms. 
Flowers continuously throughout the 
season. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Perennial Varieties IH 
2551 Oldhamiana. Similar to panicu- 
lata but more erect. Flowers continu- 
ously until late autumn. The blooms 
are tinted flesh and pink. Award of 
Merit, Royal Horticultural Society, 
1935. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. SOc; 
} oz. 75c 
2553 Pacifica. Small pink flowers borne 
profusely in dense panicles. Excellent 
for cutting and a most persistent bloom- 
er. 4 feet. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 7Sc 

2555 Paniculata. Splendia white flow- 
ers of unusual value for bouquets. 
Blooms the first year if seed is sown 
early. 3 feet high. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 25c. 

2556 - Double White. A favorite 
variety with lovely little douWe blooms 
gracefully arranged in much-branched 
panicles. Easily dried for winter use. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

2558 Repens. A A lovely hardy trailer 
with small white blooms during July and 
August. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

2559 — rosea. A This has showy pale 
rose blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

The Book of Garden Magic (Biles). $3.50 per copy, postpaid 



Helenium — Helen's Flower 
Helenium— He/en'* Flower H 

These are strong-growing perennials which are perfectly hardy. 
The plants grow 3 to 5 feet tall and within a few years after sowing 
develop into clumps of considerable size. They do well in almost 
any kind of soil and are useful in the hardy border, bearing a 
truly enormous quantity of showy flowers during the late summer 
and fall. 
2563 Autumnale superbum. Golden yellow flowers arranged 

in large heads. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 
2565 Riverton Beauty. Rich lemon yellow with a large 

purplish black cone. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
2567 Riverton Gem. The flowers open as old gold and terra 

cotta, changing to Wallflower red; 3 feet. A beautiful variety. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c 

Helianthemum mutabile 

Helianthemum— i?ocfe or Sun Rose |Tp] a 

2570 Mutabile. E.xceedingly pretty, low growing, evergreen 
plants about 12 inches high, forming broad clumps which during 
their flowering season, June and July, are quite hidden by a mass 
of bloom. Well adapted to the front of the border, the rocker>-, 
or a dni% sunny bank. Choice mixed varieties. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 30c. 

Heliotrope— C/ierry Pie [fp] 
This is a fine tender perennial flowering during the whole 

season. Many gardeners, however, use it as an annual bedding 

plant. Seed started indoors in the spring will make fine plants for 

summer blooming. Also fine for pots. 

2607 Roi des Noirs ( Kitig of the Blacks). Deep purple, appear- 
ing as a rich purple-black. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

2609 Regal Mixed. A new variety with gorgeous flower heads. 
Of dwarf compact growth. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

2610 Lemoine's Giant Mixed. Very large and showy flower 
heads in many colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

Helianthus— ^un^otver ® & i|] 

Remarkable for the stately growth, size, and brilliancy of their 
flowers, making a very good effect among shrubbery and for 
screens. The annual sorts are indispensable for cutting. Sown 
in a sunny spot in April or May they come into bloom early in 
summer and keep up a constant supply of flowers until cut down 
by frost. The smaU-flowered varieties are extra-fine for cutting. 

2577 Cucumerifolius, ' "• 

Stella. ® This is 
the improved Minia- 
ture Sunflower which ■ ^ ■• 
differs from the type by 
having larger flowers of 
better form. The 
blooms are of regular 
formation with broad, 
pointed, golden yeUow 
petals surrounding a 
black disc. The indi- 
vidual blooms measure 
3 inches in diameter. 
The plants grow 5 feet 
in height and bloom 
very profusely. Pkt. 
10c; -1 oz. 25c. 

Helianthus cucumerifolius, Stella — 

A fine garden plant and splendid 


2580 — New Miniature Mixed. ® The prevailing colors in 
this splendid mixture are pale yeUow, golden yellow, and creamy 
white, some with black centers, and all very beautiful. They 
are indispensable for cutting. 4 feet. Pkt. 10c; -J oz. 25c. 

2581 Double Chrysanthemum-Flowered. ® A very fine 
variety growing 7 feet high carrying very large and showy, 
densely double blooms which resemble a huge Chrj-santhemum 
or Dahlia in their exquisite form. The flowers are made up of 
thousands of graceful, rich golden yellow petals. Pkt. 10c; 
5 oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

2583 Globosus flstulosus (Globe or Dahlia Sunflcwer). ® 
Large, double flowers of a rich saffron color. Fine for the 
background. 6 feet. Pkt. 10c; -J oz. 25c; oz. 40c, 

2585 Red Hybrids. ® The nearest approach to a real red yet 
introduced. The flowers var>' in size and color, running through 
several shades of tawny yeUow to rich brownish red. 4 to 6 feet 
Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

Hardy Perennial Sunflowers 

2590 Mixed. ^ Contains the finest single-flowering hardy 
perennial sorts. Seed sown early will produce flowering plants 
the first year. Splendid for the hardy border as well as for 
cutting. They grow from 4 to 7 feet high, blooming in the fall. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Heliopsis— Orange Sunflower H 

2603 Pitcheriana. Vigorous plants growing 3 to 4 feet high. 
Perfectly hardy producing throughout the summer and fall 
showy golden yellow blooms 2 inches in diameter. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c 

2604 Scabra zinnias- 
flora. A new double- 
flowering form bearing 
Zinnia-like flowers of a 
brilliant golden yellow 
color. The plants grow 
3 to 4 feet high and 
give a fine displaj' in 
the garden besides 
yielding ample material 
for cutting. Perfectly 
hardy and easy to 
grow. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 30c. 

Heliopsis Pitcheriana 

QC The Garden Notebook (Putz). Covers fifty-two weeks of gardening. $1.50 per copy, postpaid 

loniiEiEiii'^ mmE mwiDiiiiEiiyirii .ammitfieiii^aiii^ ^®« 

Helichrysum — Strawflower ® 

Monstrosum fl. pi. This large-flower- 
ing type is exceedingly effective with its 
large, double, brilliantly colored blooms 
making a fine display in beds and borders 
throughout the summer and fall. 
Splendid for winter bouquets. 30 inches. 

2592 Buttercup. Rich yeUow. 

2593 Fireball. Bright red. 

2594 Goldenball. Golden yellow. 

2595 Rose Queen. Rich deep rose. 

2596 Salmon. Effective rosy salmon. 

2597 Silvery Pink. Very lovely. 

2598 Violet Queen. Rich violet. 

2599 White.' Glistening white. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

4842 Helichrysum Collection. 

One pkt. each of the above 
8, value 80c, for 60c. 

Helichrysum — Strawflower 

2600 Mixed Colors. 

Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

Very colorful. 

Humulus japonicus 

Japanese Hop ® § 
2669 Variegatus. Few annual climbers 
show such vigorous habit as the Jap- 
anese Hop which will grow 15 to 20 
feet high during the season. Has 
beautiful foliage variegated in green 
and white. Makes a splendid screen to 
the porch or garden house. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c. 

Hunnetnannia © 

Giant Yellow Tulip Poppy 

Santa Barbara Poppy 

Bush Eschscholtzia 

2673 Fumariaef olia. This is by far the 
best of the Poppy family for cutting, re- 
maining in good condition for several 
days. Seeds sown early in May will have 
grown into bushy plants covered with 
large Buttercup yellow blooms by the 
middle of July. They continue to flower 
until hard frost. Attractive, feathery, 
glaucous green foliage. 2 feet high. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 

Heuchera H) A (D 

Coral Bells, Alum Root 
2615 Sanguinea. A very fine perennial 
producing bright rich coral-red blooms 
from early summer until way late in the 
fall. Excellent for cutting. 30 inches 
high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

hlibiscvis— Mar shmallow [hp] 
Giant-Flowering Sorts 

A wonderfully improved strain of our 
native Marshmallow with flowers fre- 
quently measuring 10 to 12 inches in 
diameter. Grows 5 to 8 feet tall and 
blooms from early July until late autumn. 
2621 Pink 
2623 Red 
2625 Rose 
2627 White 

2629 White, Crimson Eye 
Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 
4844 Hibiscus Collection. One pkt. 
each of the above 5, value 50c, for35c. 
2630 Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; Joz. 25c. 
2619 Giant Yellow or Golden Bowl. 
Hardy only if well protected. Has showy 
deep cream flowers with a contrasting 
maroon center. The flowers measure 6 
to 9 inches across. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 40c. 
Hesperis, see Sweet Rocket page 64. 

Hollyhock— /l/rhoeo rosea H d) 

These are majestic plants 5 to 7 feet high 
and a clump or line of them gives an effect 
not attainable with any other plant. Fine 
for background planting. 

Double Varieties 

This seed has been saved from the finest 
double-flowering plants and it is sure to 
give a wonderful effect in your garden. 

2637 Maroon 2645 Salmon-Rose 
2641 Rose 2647 White 

2643 Red 2649 Yellow 

A ny of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc; \ oz. 75c. 

Giant Hibiscus 


4848 Hollyhock Collection. 

One pkt. each of the above 
6 colors, value 60c, for 40c. 

2650 Extra-Choice Double Mixed. 

Pkt. lOc; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c. 

2639 Newport Pink. A magnificent 
Hollyhock awarded a Certificate of Merit 
by the Royal Horticultural Society of 
England. This is an outstanding honor 
which speaks well for the quality of the 
exquisite, double, pure pink blooms. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. SOc; \ oz. 75c. 

2654 Triumph, Mixed. A very beautiful 
and distinct strain of double Hollyhocks 
that comes into bloom 10 days earlier 
than the regular type. The plants grow 
4 to 5 feet high and the closely set blooms 
are not only very double but the in- 
dividual petals are attractively waved 
and fringed. Many fine colors. Pkt. ISc; 
special pkt. 60c. 

2660 Single Mixed. Many showy colors. 
Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Hollyhock Imperator 

2652 Imperator, Mixed. Stately spikes 
set with mammoth blooms with grace- 
fully frilled and deeply fringed outer 
petals surrounding a thickly crested 
double center. Includes many unusual 
and rare colors. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. SOc; J oz. 7Sc. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Serni-Shade ; ^ = Suited to Shade 



Honesty— Lunaria 

Honesty ® 

Lunaria — Moonwort 
2665 Biennis alba. A hardy biennial 
much admired for the silvery mem- 
branes of its seed pods. Extensively 
used for house decoration as they pre- 
sent a beautiful and rather curious 
appearance. Particularly attractive 
when combined with the seed pods of 
Physalis or everlasting flowers. 3 ft. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

Iberis sempervirens 

Iberis HA® 
Hardy Candytuft 

The Hardy Candji;ufts are showy plants, 
doing best in a well-drained lime soil. 
2677 Gibraltarica hybrida. Lovely 
large white flowers shading to a beautiful 
lilac color. Blooms profusely during the 
spring and early summer. 12 inches 
high. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 50c. 
2679 Sempervirens. Showy white 
blooms arranged in large heads covering 
the plants during the spring. Very de- 
pendable, perfectly hardy, and long- 
hved. 1 foot. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

For Annual Iberis, see Candytuft page 23 

Impatiens ® ® 
Sultan's or Zanzibar Balsam 

Showy flowering plants for the semi- 
shade blooming continuously from mid- 
summer until frost. 

2686 Holsti Hybrids. This includes 
many fine colors ranging from pure 
white through shades of pink and salmon 
to rich scariet. 18 inches. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

2687 Sultani. Lovely large blooms of a 
brilliant rosy scarlet borne profusely on 
much-branched, well-rounded plants. 
18 inches high. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c. 

1838 — Dreer's One Hundredth Anniversary — 1938 

Incarvillea Delavayi 

Incarvillea @ & H] 

2691 'Dela.-WS.yi {Hardy Gloxinia). il# 
An interesting and showy plant for the 
hardy border requiring good protection 
where winters are cold. The large 
Gloxinia-like rose-colored blooms are 
borne freely during June and July on 
stems 15-18 inches long. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 7Sc 

2693 Variabilis. ® A lovely annual 
growing 18 inches high. Produces an 
abundance of showy, tubular flowers in a 
wide range of lovely and delicate shades 
including cream, pink, salmon, rose, etc. 
Easy to grow. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 

lonopsidium ® • A 
Diamond Flower 
2699 Acaule. An old-time favorite which 
again is becoming verj' popular for use in 
rockeries. It is a lovely miniature plant 
of robust growth covered with dainty 
pale lilac flowers. Fine for damp, shady 
places. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

+Japanese Iris ® 

Iris Kaempferi 
2706 Mixed. This seed has been saved 
from an unrivalled collection of showy 
plants. Japanese Iris bloom during 
June and Julj-. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 
25c; i oz. 40c. 

Kochia — Standing Cypress 

Kochia ® 

Standing Cypress, Belvedere 
2709 Improved Trichophylla(C///W.!0 

Sown in spring wliere it is tobloomitsoon 
forms cypress-like plants of a bright 
green color. Grows 3 feet tall and turns 
a beautiful deep red in the fall. An ex- 
cellent summer hedge. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 
25c; oz. 40c. 


Lantana m] a 

A most desirable half-hardy perennial, 
greenhouse, or bedding plant bearing a 
great profusion of showy Verbena-like 
flower heads in white, rose, orange, scarlet, 
and other colors. 2-3 feet. Seed is slow to 
2710 Dwarf Large-Flowering Mised 

Of neat, compact growth. Blooms freely. 

Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 
2712 Finest Mixed. Includes many 

colors. Early. 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; 

i oz. 25c. 

Lathyrus H ® § 
Hardy Sweet Pea 

A showy, free-flowering, hardy climber 
for covering old stumps, fences, etc. Blooms 
continuously from midsummer until frost. 
5-6 feet. 
2751 Latifolius, Pink Beauty. Fine 

rose-pink flower clusters. 
2753 — Red (Splcndcns). Always ad- 
mired for its rich color. 

2755 — White Pearl. Beautiful, large, 
pure white flowers. 

Any of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c; J oz. 40c. 

2756 Mixed Colors. This includes all 
colors available. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c; 
oz. 75c. 

Lavatera, Sunset 

Lavatera ® ® 
Annual Mallow 

A showy annual easy to grow and very 
free blooming. 3 to 4 feet. 
2761 Splendensalba. Beautiful, large, 

mallow-like white flowers with satiny 

finish. Pkt. 10c; { oz. 25c. 
2763 Sunset. A very charming and 

showy variety with elegant large blooms 

of a satiny rosy carmine. Pkt. 10c; 

J oz. 25c. 


American Rock Gardens (Hamblin). $1.25 per copy, postpaid. 

Giant Imperial Larkspur 


-Delphinium @ 

Giant Imperial Larkspurs 

No garden of annuals is complete without this magnificent base- 
branching, upright growing strain cf Larkspur. The plant grows 
3 to 4 feet high and blooms for many months in the summer. 

2721 *Blue Bell. A lovely deep azure blue. 

2723 *Blue Spire. Intense deep Oxford blue. 

2724 Carmine King. Lovely rich carmine-rose blooms. 

2725 Daintiness. Blooms of a dehcate lavender. 

2727 *Dazzler. Dazzling carmine-scarlet. Very bright. 

2728 Exquisite Pink Improved. Soft pink, shaded salmon. 

2729 Exquisite Rose. Magnificent rose-pink flower spikes. 

2731 Lilac Queen. Rich hlac flowers on long spikes. 

2732 Miss California. A lovely pink shaded with salmon. 

2733 *Peachblossom. Shell pink blooms of exquisite beauty. 
2735 *Sweet Lavender. Bright lavender-blue flower spikes. 
2737 *The Empress Improved. Magnificent salmon-rose. 
2739 *White Spire. Dazzling pure white. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; ; oz. 60c. 


Collections of Giant Imperial Larkspurs 

4852 One packet of the 7 varieties marked 
*, value $1.05, for 75c. 

4853 One special packet of the 7 varieties 
marked*, value S2.80, for $2.25. 

4854 i oz. each of the 7 varieties marked 
*, value $4.20, for $3.00. 

4855 Complete collection of all 13 varieties, 
one packet each, value $1.95, for $1.30. 

2740 Dreer's Superior Mixture. A special formula mixture 
of all colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; \ oz. 40c. 

Lavender— Lovanrfu/c ^ a 

2757 Vera. The well-known hardy perennial grown for its lovely 
sweet-scented lavender blooms. Fine for rock gardens and 
borders. 1§ ft. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; i oz. 50c. 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Leptosiphon— S^ar Dust, Fairy Trumpet ® A 

2766 Hybridus Mixed. A charming annual about 5 inches high 
forming dense little cushions studded with dainty star-like 
flowers ranging in color from cream to deep scarlet. Very fine 
for dwarf beds, borders, and the rock garden. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Leptosyne— Yc/Zow Dawy ® 

2769 Stillmani. A quick-growing annual which blooms 5 weeks 
after sowing. The showy Cosmos-like blooms are rich golden 
yellow. Ij feet. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

Liatris— B/azing Star, Gay Feather iH 
2773 Pycnostachya. Long cat-tail flower stems densely cov- 
ered with fuzzy rosy purple blooms from July to September. 
Splendid for borders and cutting. 3-4 ft. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 40c. 
2775 Scariosa. Showy deep purple flowers arranged on long 
graceful stems. 3 to 4 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 













m ^ 

^^^Dr - '^'^H^mpHH 

m "^Mm 






^B^f^--^'^ '"^^^m 



Lilium regale 

Lilium— Li7/c5 iH ® 

Lilies belong to our most showy, hardy, garden flowers and 
should be represented freely in every garden. They are not 
difficult to grow from seed and Regale as well as the Formosanum 
varieties has proved to be particularly easy fr^m seed. 
2779 Auratum platyphyllum (Gold Banded Lily of Japan). 

Ivory-white, spotted with crimson. Blooms from July to 

September. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 50c. 
2781 Henryi (Yellow Show Lily). Rich apricot yellow blooms 

with a few brown spots. Blooms in June. 5 to 6 feet high. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
2784 Formosanum (Dream or New Wonder Lily). Long 

trumpet-shaped fragrant white blooms during the summer. 

Easy to grow. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
2787 Regale (Regal Lily). Ivory-white, shaded pink on outside, 

yellow in throat. Blooms in July. 3-5 ft. Pkt. 10c; special 

pkt. 25c; i oz. 40c. 
2789 Speciosum magnificum (Show Lily). Ivory-white, 

heavily suffused with rosy crimson. Blooms in August and 

September. 3-4 ft. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
2791 Tenuifolium (Coral Lily). A Easy to grow from seed. 

Medium-sized coral-red flowers in May. Perfectly hardy. 

Grows 2 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

4856 Lily Collection. One packet each of the 6 
beautiful Lilies described above, value $1.15, fpr 85c. 

2783 Giant Pure White Fornnosanum 

A very remarkable strain. of the New Dream or Wonder 
Lily with giant blooms on particularly vigorous and . strong 
plants. Easy to grow from seed. Pkt. 30c; special pkt. 75c. 

The Book of Garden Magic. A loose-leaf manual with hundreds 
of clear illustrations and concise text. $3.50 per copy postpaid. 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Linaria ® & H] A 

2795 Cjm.h3i.\a,Tia. (Kenilworthl'jy, Mother of Thousands). ID® 
A charming, neat, hardy perennial trailing plant with lovely 
bright green foliage and graceful lavender and purple flowers. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

2797 Maroccana, Excelsior 
Hybrids.® A dainty, easy-to- 
grow annual bearing small spikes 
like miniature Snapdragons with 
flowers in yeUow, crimson, pink, 
purple, etc. Fine for beds and 
rock gardens. 12 inches. Pkt. 10c; 
y oz. 25c. 
2799 Fairy Bouquet. ® A Gold 
Medal variety splendid for beds 
because it grows only 8 inches 
high. The plants are covered 
with the dainty Snapdragon-like 
blooms which come in all the 
popular pastel shades such as 
and also white. Blooms freely 
throughout the summer and fall. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
Linaria, Fairy Bouquet 

Linum— F/a* ® & m 

2803 Grandiflorum rubrum (Scarlet Flax). ® Very showy 
,: crimson-scarlet blooms all 

summer long. 15 inches. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c. 

't^, ■ 

2805 Flavum. iU The 

showy yellow blooms are 
produced continuously 
fromjuneuntil September 
on plants growing 24 
inches high. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

2807 Perenne, Blue, gp] 
A splendid free-flowering 
hardy Flax with large, 
rich blue flowers during 
the summer. 24 inches. 
Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 2Sc. 

Linum grandiflorum rubrum 

Lobelia ® 

2811 Blue Stone (New). A 
Dwarf plants covered with 
clear blue flowers. Pkt. 
20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2815 Crystal Palace 
compacta. A Rich deep 
blue flowers; dark foliage. 
4 inches. Pkt. 15c; 

special pkt. 60c. 

2817 Mrs. Clibran. A 

Blue with large white eye. 
Of extra-dwarf growth. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

2819 White Lady. A White-flowered 

2820 Mixed Compacta Varieties. A 

pkt. 50c. 

2823 Gracilis. A Lovely light blue flowers; light green foliage. 
Trailing; 9 inches. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

2825 Speciosa. A Rich ultramarine blue flowers; bronzy 
foliage. Trailing; 9 inches high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

2827 Tenuior. Of upright habit growing 15 inches high. 
Bears a profusion of extra-large, cobalt blue flowers. Very 
outstanding. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 


Lobelia, Crystal Palace compacta 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 

Pkt. 10c; special 

® = 

_® = 

111 = 

[TP] = 
§ = 

A = 

Key to the Symbols 



Half- Hardy Perennial 

Hardy Perennial 

Tender Perennial 

Climbing Plants 

Suited to Rock Garden. These plants also are 

splendid for dwarf beds and borders. 

Suited to Semi-Shade. Most of these also do well 

in a sunny exposure, particularly in sections where 

summers are not too warm. 

Suited to Shade. Few flowering plants grow well in 

dense shade but those marked with this symbol will be 

found to give satisfaction pro\-ided they receive the 

indirect light from the sky above. 

Seeds marked with a ■*" are recommended for late fall 

sowing outdoors in an open seed frame. They will 

germinate the following spring. 

Hardy Lobelia H] 

2821 Cardinalis {Cardinal Flower). ^f\ • A hardy variety 
bearing a profusion of fine tall spikes covered with brilhant 
scarlet blooms during the summer. Grows about 3 feet tall and 
is splendid for the perennial border. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Dreer's Annual Lupinus— Li/pines ® ® 

Hartwegi. These are easily grown, free-flowering annuals with 
long graceful spikes of richly colored, pea-shaped flowers. They 
are very valuable for the mixed border, beds, and for cutting. 
The plants grow 2 feet high and bloom profusely throughout the 
summer and fall. They prefer light shade and a rich soil. 

2831 Rich Blue {Oxford Blue) \ .Any of these: 

2832 Sky Blue (Cambridge Blue) [ Pkt. 10c; 

2833 Rose i ' | * oz. 25c; 

2834 White J oz. 40c. 


4858 Annual Lupine Collection. One 

packet each of the 4 colors, value 40c, for 30c. 

2835 Annual Mixed. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 20c; oz. 35c. 

New Hartwegi Giants ® ® 

A marvelously improved strain of the annual Hartwegi Lupinus. 
The plants grow 3 to 4 feet high and branch close to the ground, 
forming 4 to 6 glorious flower spikes to the plant. Each spike has 
from 25 to 50 more blooms than the regular type. Of sturdy 
growth and free-blooming. 

2836 King Blue. Enormous 
spikes of rich Oxford-blue en- 
hanced by a pure white, stripe 
through the standard of each 
flower. Vigorous and very 
profuse-blooming. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c. 

2838 King Sky Blue. Huge 
flower spikes set with lovely 
clear light blue blooms each with 
a narrow white stripe through 
the standard. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 25c. 

2839 King White. A lovely 
companion to King Blue. Of the 
same strong habit with glisten- 
ing white flowers that have an 
exquisite fragrance. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c. 

2840 KingMized. This contains 
sky blue, dark blue, rose, and 
wliite. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; 
oz. 7Sc. 

Lupinus Hartwegi Giants 


The Book of Annuals (Hottes). A complete and reliable guide. $1.50 per copy, postpaid 



Lupinus polyphyllus 

Lupinus polyphyllus H 

These perennial Lupines will succeed in any good garden soil. 
They bloom profusely during May and June giving a magnificent 
effect in the perennial border or bed where they grow 3 feet high. 
2841 Blue. An exceptionally fine color. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 
2845 Moerheinai. Rose and pink. Pkt. 15c; \ oz. 40c. 
2847 Rose. A lovely rich rose. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 2Sc. 
2849 Sunshine. Clear yellow. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 
2851 Terra Cotta Shades. Very attractive. Pkt. ISc; 

J oz. 40c. 
2855 White. Glorious white blooms. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

4860 Hardy Lupine Collection. One 
' packet each of the 6 sorts, value 70c, for 50c. 

2858 Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
2860 New Regal Hybrids Mixed. |hp] A magnificent strain of 

hybrids that brings to your garden one of the finest of hardy 
- plants. It contains a number of new and unusual colors. 

Pkt. 15c; i oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 
2867 Subcarnosus {Texas Blue Bonnet). ^P] Strong bushes 15 

inches high. Massive flower spikes set with large deep blue 

blooms. June blooming. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

Lychnis — Rose Campion, Maltese Cross gp] 

2873 Arkwrighti. Beau- 
tiful hybrids producing 
an abundance of large, 
brilliantly colored flowers 
ranging from crimson and 
scarlet to salmon and 
other shades. Handsome 
for beds and borders. 
\\ feet. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 40c. 

2875 Chalcedonica. ® 

Broad heads of brilliant, 
star-shaped, scarlet 
blooms. 2 feet high. 
Lychnis chalcedonica Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2877 Haageana, Hybrids. Brilliant orange, scarlet, crimson, 
etc., in mixture. 1 foot. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

2879 Viscaria splendens. Showy bright rosy red blooms on 
plants 1 foot high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

Lythrum — Rose Loosestrife Up) (§> 
2883 Roseum superbum. A very pretty hardy perennial 
growing about 3 feet high, covered with rosy flowers from July 
to September. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 


Marigold— r«gefe5 ® 

Dwarf Double French Marigolds 

Few annuals are as effec- 
tive as the French Mari- 
golds or flower for so long a 
period. They all form dense 
bushes not over 12 inches 
high and are unequalled for 
borders or beds. 

2931 Gold Striped {Scotch 
Prize). Very double gold- 
en yellow, each petal 
striped with rich mahog- 
any red. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 

2933 Golden Ball. A 

splendid pure golden yel- |__^'/„ , ,, . __ «. a 

low. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. French Marigold, Gold Striped 

2934 Harmony. This is a most outstanding, showy new 
French Marigold studded with perfect little blooms from mid- 
summer until fall. Has broad, deep mahogany red outer 
petals surrounding a crested cushion of brilliant golden yellow 
center petals. 15 in. high. Pkt. 15c; j oz. 50c; oz. $1.50. 

2935 Lemon Ball. A most effective bright lemon yellow 
variety. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

2936 Mahogany {Robert Beisi). Rich velvety morocco or 
mahogany brown. Blooms continuously. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2938 Spotted. Edge of petals lively orange with a bright 
morocco red spot at the base. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 




Collections of French Marigolds 

4866 One pkt. each of the above six Dwarf 
Double French Marigolds, value 65c, for 45c, 
4868 Vi oz. each of the above six Dwarf Double 
French Marigolds, value $1.90, for $1.50. 



2940 Dwarf Double French Mixed. A splendid mixture of 
double-flowered sorts. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

2946 Tall Double French Mixed. All the colors available in 
this tall type. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Single French Marigolds a 

The first two varieties 
listed are of dwarf habit. 
They are highly valued for 
beds, borders, and rock 
garden planting. Tall Jo- 
sephine is a stately variety 
grown extensively for cut- 

2951 Fire Cross or Fire 
Star. Deep orange yel- 
low with large crimson- 
maroon blotch at the 
base of each petal. A 
very showy variety giv- 
ing a wealth of flowers 
throughout the summer 
and fall. Pkt. 10c; 
Legion of Honor Marigold j oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

2953 Legion of Honor {Little Brownie). A lovely single- 
flowered variety producing from June until frost masses of 
golden yellow single blooms marked with velvety crimson at 
the base of each petal. 9 in. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

2957 Tall Josephine. Showy plants with large single blooms 
of rich golden yellow with maroon center. 3 feet tall. Excellent 
for cutting. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 
For Miniatttre Marigold, see Tagetes signata pumila page 65 

Marigolds are continued on the next page 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Marigold, Orange Alldouble 

Double African Marigolds ® 

Splendid for beds or borders. The tall varieties grow about 3 
feet high, and they do best in a rich soil. 

2887 Lemon Alldouble. This is identical to the above but the 
flowers are clear lemon yellow — a shade which blends beautifully 
with the orange variety. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; I oz. 75c. 

2889 Orange Alldouble. A splendid strain which produces 
one hundred per cent double flowers. The large, well-rounded 
blooms are of an intense rich orange color. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

2893 Orange Prince. A grand variety with large, perfectly 
double, quilled flowers of a rich deep golden orange color. 
Blooms most profusely. Pkt. 10c; 5 oz. 50c. 

2895 Lemon Queen. A lovely counterpart to Orange Prince 
with splendid large double blooms of a soft lemon yellow color. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 50c. 

2900 Double African Mixed. A well-balanced mixture of the 
Tall African sorts. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Marvelous New Marigold 

2923 Mexican Orange 

We consider this the most outstanding of all Marigolds. It 
has very large blooms of a brilliant orange color so bright and 
rich that no artist can reproduce it. The plants grow 3 feet 
tall and bloom continuously until frost. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 30c; \ oz. 50c. 

The Novelty pages in the front of this book offer some 
additional New Marigolds of exceptional beauty. 

Two Beautiful 
Carnation - Flowered Marigolds 

2891 Guinea Gold 

Few new flowers have become as popular as this magnificent 
tall African Marigold. The plants grow 2 to 21 feet high and 
bear an abundance of well-rounded semi-double and double 
blooms of a brilliant golden orange. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c; oz. 

Marigold, Yellow Supreme 

2897 Yellow Supreme 

What a glorious new Marigold of the lovelj' Carnation- 
Flowered type with extra-large blooms of an intense rich pure 
yellow color. The flowers measure nearly 3 inches in diameter 
and instead of the strong Marigold odor, they have a distinct 
and sweet fragrance. Be sure to grow it. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

Marvel of Peru — Four o' Clocks ® ® 

Mirabilis Jalapa 
2970 Mixed. The well-known, handsome, free-flowering garden 
annual. The sweet-scented colorful blooms open up in late 
afternoon. Grows 2 feet high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Matricaria— Fever/etv ® 

2975 Capensis alba plena (Double While Feverje-j;). Produces 

a great quantity of fine double white flowers. Splendid for beds 

or pots. 18 in. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 
2977 Golden Ball. A Compact bushes, 8 inches high, covered 

with lovely, button-like, bright yellow blooms of densely double 

formation. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Matthiola— Evenfng-5ccnfed Stock ® 
2981 Bicornis. An old-fashioned favorite grown primarily for 
the entrancing fragrance of its pastel purplish lilac blooms. 
18 inches high. It is most fragrant during the evening hours. 
Pkt. 10c; \ oE. 25c. 

Mesembryanthemunn ® a 

2987 Criniflorum {Livingstone Daisy). Large, showy 
flowers with small yellow center and long, narrow, graceful, 
colorful petals. 6 inches. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 60c. 

2988 Crystallinum {Ice Plant). A most unusual plant 
witli thick flesliy leaves whicli appear as if frosted with ice. 
Small inconspicuous flowers. 6 in. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

2989 Tricolor {Dew Plant). A splendid little annual with 
showy daisy-like blooms in crimson, white, and pink. Grow in 
a sunny place. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

'NlirrxosSi— Sensitive or Humble Plant 

3009 Pudica. A curious and interesting annual with pinkish 
wliitc flowers. The leaves close antl droop when touched or 
shaken. IJ feet high. Pkt. 10c; -J oz. 2Sc. 

/^ Garden Guide. Tells how to plan, plant, and maintain the home grounds. $2.00 per copy, postpaid 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 


-Mignuiiette, Red Goliath 

Mignonette— ltc5eda ® 

This old-fashioned favorite is again 
becoming very popular. Sowings made in 
April and again in July will keep up a 
succession of blooms until frost, Also 
fine for growing in pots for winter and 
spring flowering. 

2993 Defiance. The individual florets 
are of immense size, forming graceful 
spikes of compact form. Has extraordi- 
nary keeping qualities and is very fra- 
grant. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 
2995 Giant Machet. Of pyramidal 
growth bearing large fragrant flower 
spikes. 18 inches. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

2997 Golden Goliath. Similar to the 
red variety except of a golden yellow 
color. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

2998 Red Goliath. Strong, compact 
plants with giant trusses of a bright 
red color. Very fragrant. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 30c. 

2999 White Goliath. Has the same 
massive spikes of blooms as the red sort. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

3001 Salmon Queen. Bright salmon- 
red blooms with an exquisite fragrance. 
Fine for outdoors. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 
4874 Mignonette Collection. 
One pkt. each of the above 
6, value 70c, for 50c. 
3006 Sweet-Scented. The old variety 
with small spikes. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Mimulus iH] ® 

3014 Tigrinus grandiflorus (Monkey 
Flower). Showy plants for greenhouse or 
moist shady situations, blooming the 
first year from seed if sown early. Fine 
mixed spotted varieties. Very colorful. 
1 foot. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 


for the Wild Garden 
3020 Mixture of Annuals. Contains a 
wide assortment of showy annual 
flowers. Large pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
i lb. 75c; lb. $2.25. 
3022 Mixture of Perennials. Com- 
posed of easy-to-grow and free-flowering 
varieties. Large pkt. 15 c; oz. 50c; 
i lb. $1.50. 


White Moonflower 

Moonflowers ® § 
3026 Grandiflora {While Moonflower). 
At night and on dull days the plants are 
covered with large, fragrant, satiny pure 
white flowers, 5 to 6 inches across. A 
rapid grower and interesting for covering 
garden houses, etc. Pkt. 10c; 5 oz. 30c; 
oz. 50c. 

3028 Rubro-coerulea {Heavenly Blue). 
This splendid variety has very large 
blooms of a rich sky blue color. It does 
best in a warm sunny situation and a soil 
with good drainage. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 30c. 

Morning Glories ® § 
Ipomoea, Convolvulus 

3029 Heavenly Blue, ImprovedEarly 
Flowering {New). Some gardeners 
refer to this as early-flowering Moon- 
flower, yet it really is a day-blooming 
variety with glorious large sky blue 
flowers shading to white in the throat. 
They measure 4| inches in diameter and 
bloom from late summer until frost. 
Highly valued because they bloom so 
early. Anyone who desires a quick- 
growing climber that will give him a 
showy display of flowers will find in this 
a vine of the highest value. It requires 
a sunny position and does best in a 
soil that is moderately poor and sandy. 
Pkt. 15c; I oz. 40c; oz. $1.25. 

3036 Mixed Imperial Japanese {Em- 
peror Morning Glories). The handsom- 
est of aU Morning Glories with blooms of 
gigantic size ranging from snow white to 
black-purple with many lovely inter- 
mediate shades not found in any other 
strain. Of easiest culture requiring an 
open sunny position and well-drained 
soil. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c. 

3038 Major, Mixed {Convolvulus major). 
A splendid mixture containing many 
beautiful and richly colored flowers. 
Easy to grow and very vigorous. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

3040 Double Flowering, Mixed {Con- 
volvulus major fl. pi.). This variety pro- 
duces plants 80 per cent of which have 
beautifully doubled flowers. It includes a 
wide range of lovely colors and is 
splendid wherever shade and flowers 
are wanted. Pkt. 10c; oz. 50c. 

3043 Rose Marie {New). An early free- 
flowering variety with beautiful deep 
rose blooms of double and semi-double 
form. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 30c. 

Dwarf Morning Glory ® 

Convolvulus minor 

3042 Tricolor, Mixed. Though these 
are called Dwarf Morning Glories the 
flowers remain open all day long. Richly 
colored, handsome blooms on compact 
plants. Deserves to be known much bet- 
ter. 12 inches high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Musa [m 

Abyssinian Banana 

3045 Ensete. A splendid plant for the 
porch or center lawn beds during the 
summer. Bring indoors during the winter. 
Start the seed in hot bed or greenhouse. 
Give it rich soil and plenty of water. 
Pkt. of 5 seeds 25c; 25 seeds 75c. 

Myosotis HA® 

These are very popular plants for mass- 
ing in beds or borders. They require 
winter protection. Seed may be sown any 
time from spring until midsummer. 
3047 Alpestris, Messidor. Large, rich 

blue flowers borne on long stems. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 
3049 — rosea. Has lovely, large, rose 

blooms. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

Myosotis alpestris, Royal Blue 

3051 - Royal Blue. Rich indigo blue 

flowers on plants 9 inches high. Begins 
blooming in April. Splendid for bed- 
ding. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 50c 

3057 — Victoria. Fine large heads of 

clear azure blue flowers. Makes a 

splendid compact growth. Pkt. ISc; 
special pkt. 60c. 

3060 — Mixed. Includes blue, rose, and 
white. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

3063 Oblongata, Blue Bird. Large, 
deep blue flowers 3 to 4 months after 
sowing. Also splendid for winter grow- 
ing. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3067 Dissitiflora Perfection. Of com- 
pact growth with showy sprays composed 
of extra-large blue flowers. Splendid for 
use among spring -flowering bulbs. Pkt. 
25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3069 Palustris semperflorens. Large, 
clear blue flowers from May onward. 
Best in a moist situation. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; j oz. 75c 

A=Suited to Rock Garden; ® =Suited to Semi-Shade; 9=Suited to Shade 



Dreer's superb Nasturtiums ® ® 

Nasturtium, Golden Gleam 

The New^ Double 
Sweet -Scented Nasturtiums 

3093 Golden Gleam. The first and still the most popular 
of all double sweet-scented Nasturtiums. A vigorous grower 
of serai-bushy habit carr^'ing showy large blooms of an 
intense gleaming gold. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; j lb. 75c. 

3095 Mahogany Gleam (.AVaO. Well-formed double blooms 
of an attractive bright mahogany color. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

3097 Moon Gleam. Those who admire the delicate shades 
will find Moon Gleam much to their liking. An appeal- 
ing light golden cream color. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

3099 Orange Gleam. Ver\' large, uniformly double flowers 
of deep glowing golden orange. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

3103 Salmon Gleam. Truly a lovely shade combining a 
brilliant hue of gold with a delicate salmon suffusion into a 
vivid color of great beauty. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; j lb. 75c. 

3105 Scarlet Gleam. Dazzling scarlet. Perfectly double, 
\-igorous, and free-flowering with the typical Gleam fra- 
grance. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; j lb. 75c. 



4876 Collection of Six Double 
Sweet -Scented Nasturtiums. 

Onepacket each of the above, value 60c, for 40c. 



3110 Glorious Gleam Hybrids. A magnificent strain with 
beautiful large flowers in an amazing range of showy colors, 
including salmon, golden yellow, orange-scarlet, cerise, 
creamy yellow, orange, maroon, crimson, and many spotted 
kinds. All are sweet-scented. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; j lb. 75c. 

3113 Dwarf Globe of Fire. A much-admired variety with 
well-formed, large, double, fiery scarlet blooms that stand 
out sharply against the rich green foliage. Of lovely com- 
pact well-rounded growth and therefore exceptionally fine 
for beds and borders. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

3117 Dwarf Double Golden Globe. While the blooms are 
quite similar to the famous Golden Gleam this variety is of 
strictly bush growth forming well-rounded compact plants 
covered with blooms throughout the summer and fall. 
Noted for its sweet fragrance. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c. 

3121 Dwarf Double Mahogany Gem (Neui). A splendid 
addition to the Dwarf Double Sweet-Scented Nasturtiums. 
Produces a great abundance of well-formed double mahog- 
any red flowers. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c. 

3130 Dwarf Double Giants Mixed. This mixture con- 
tains a wide variety of lovely colors. All plants produce 
showy, double, sweet-scented blooms. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
J lb. 75c. 


Tall or Climbing Single Varieties 

Nasturtiums are indispensable in every garden. They are easy 
to grow and do well under most varied conditions of soil and 
climate. Give them a sunny exposure and a moderately rich, 
well-drained soil and they will bloom continuously from mid- 
summer until frost. 

Tropaeoluni majus 

3071 Brilliant or Lucifer. Bright Geranium scarlet. 

3073 King Theodore or Black Prince. Crimson-maroon. 

3074 Orange or Sunlight. Pure orange, no markings. 

3075 Pearl or Moonlight. Creamy white. 

3076 Spotted or Gold Garnet. Rich yellow, spotted garnet. 

3077 Vesuvius or Salmon Queen. Salmony rose; exquisite. 

Any of the aboie: Pkt. 10c: oz. 25c; \ lb. 75c. 

Collections of Tall Nasturtiums 
4880 One pkt. each of the above 6. value 60c. for 45c. 
4882 Oneoz. each of the above 6, valueS1.50, for $1.00. 

3080 Finest Tall Mixed. A splendid mixture of all the best tall 
or climbing varieties representing a well balanced color display. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 50c; lb. SI. 50. 

Dwarf or Bedding Single Varieties 

Tropaeolum majus nanum 

3081 Chameleon, ^^-lrious colors on one plant. 

3082 Empress of India. Fiery crimson, dark foliage. 

3083 Golden King. Rich golden yellow. 

3084 King Theodore. Deep crimson-maroon, dark foliage. 

3085 Pearl or Moonlight. Creamy white. 

3086 Rose. Soft carmine-rose. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c 

Collections of Dwarf Nasturtiums 

4884 One pkt. each of the above 6 varieties, value 60c, for 45c. 
4886 Oneoz. each of the above 6 varieties, value SI. 50, for $1.00. 

3090 Finest Dwarf Mixed. This well-balanced color mi.xture 
will give a splendid bed or border as the fuUy round, compact 
plants are covered with flowers throughout the season. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; \ lb. 50c; lb. SI. 50. 

Dwarf or Bedding Single Nasturtiums 

46 ® =Annual; (B) = Biennial ; |HHP| = Half -Hardy Perennial; ppl = Hardy Perennial; [tp]= Tender Perennial 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 




Nemesia ® ® 

A very pretty annual which does 
__„ jiKwf '■ ^ \it^'l in cool positions. Of compact 

ir 2^^^ mt ^ growth with lovely Orchid-like flow- 

^aMI^ '^ ers throughout the summer and fall. 

pr^^jA^HTi^^k?; ' _ 3133 Blue Gem, Improved. 

A splendid blue-flowered vari- 
ety for bedding or edging. 8 in. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 60c. 
3135 Fire King. Vivid bright 
red. Very showy. 8 in. Pkt. 
25c; special pkt. 60c. 

3137 Orange Prince. Brilhant 
orange blooms on round, com- 
pact plants. 8 in. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

3140 Dwarf Large-Flowering Hybrids Mixed. Very fine. 
12 in. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Nemophila— Baby Blue Eyes ® ® 

3143 Insignis, Blue. A 

charming annual develop- 
ing into showy little 
plants 8 inches high. 
Produces a great abun- 
dance of charming light 
blue flowers and is par- 
ticularly floriferous where 
the summers are not too 
warm. Easy to grow 
from seed sown early in 
the spring. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c. 
Nemophila— Baby Blue Eyes 

Nepeta— Mauve Catnip H] A ® 

3147 Mussini. Neat bushes of small lavender-like foliage 
covered with terminal spikes of pale mauve flowers. Both foliage 
and flowers are aromatic. May-Sept. Splendid for beds, edging, 
or rock garden. 1 ft. tall. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Nicotiana— F/otvermg Tobacco ® ® 

Easy to grow and splendid 
for beds or borders giving a 
wonderful display of showy 
blooms throughout the summer 
and fall. 

3151 Affinis (Tuberous-Flow- 
ered Tobacco). Delicately 
sweet-scented, pure white, 
tubular flowers on plants 3 
feet high. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 

3153 Affinis, Crimson 
Bedder (New). A Grows 
only 15 inches high. Has 
lovely deep crimson flowers 
arranged in graceful umbels. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. Nicotiana 

3156 Affinis Hybrids, Mixed. Similar to Affinis but the 
blooms come in a great variety of lovely colors. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c. 

3157 Sanderae, Crimson King. Dark velvety crimson-red 
flowers, the richest tint yet produced. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 

Nierembergia ® a 

3159 Hippomanica {Blue Caps). A charming annual of easiest 
culture. Grows about 8 inches high and produces an abundance 
of showy, small, cup-shaped blooms of a clear lavender-blue 
color. Sow outdoors early in the spring to secure a display from 
midsummer until frost. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Nigella— Love in a Mist, Devil in the Bush ® 

3163 Miss Jekyll. A lovely variety with showy Cornflower blue 
blossoms. It is splendid for cutting and beds; 18 inches high. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 30c. 

3166 Damascena, Mixed. A compact, free-flowering plant of 
easy culture. Has finely cut foliage and curious-looking flowers 
and seed pods. Blue and white flowers in mixture. Grows 18 
inches high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Oenothera — Evening Primrose (g) & gp] A 
3173 Lamarckiana. ® A very beautiful biennial with showy 
large rich lemon yellow blooms produced throughout the sum- 
mer and fall. The flowers open at dusk. 3 to 4 feet high. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 
3175 Missouriensis. |hp] a splendid hardy perennial for an 
exposed sunny position either in the border or the rockery. 
Large yellow flowers, frequently 5 inches in diameter, produced 
freely from June until August. 12 inches. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75 c. 

Dreer's Superior 

Collections of 

Perennial Flower Seeds 

These special collections all contain Dreer's Quality Flower 
Seeds in their regular large-size packets. Tlie varieties in- 
cluded have been selected most carefuUy to give the finest 
showing possible. 

4894 Twelve Old -Fashioned 
Hardy Perennials 

These twelve will give a particularly fine showing in the 
garden bringing to you a galaxy of flowers that convey the 
sentiment found in the old-fashioned garden. 

Agrostemma coronaria 
Aquilegia, Single Mixed 
Campanula persicifolia. Blue 
Shasta Daisy, Mixed 
Coreopsis lanceolata grand. 
Delphinium, Gold Medal 

Dianthus plumarius 

Digitalis gloxiniaeflora 

Lychnis chalcedonica 

Papaver orientale 

Sweet Rocket 

Sweet William, Single Mixed 

One packet each of these 

twelve varieties, value $1.30, for $1.00. 

4896 Twelve "Extra-Choice" 
Hardy Perennials 

Aquilegia, Long-Spurred Mixed 

Coreopsis Double, Sunburst 

Delphinium, De Luxe Hybrids Mixed 

Dianthus plumarius semperflorens ■■//-»„„ „„„!,_* 

Digitalis, Giant Shirley 

Gaillardia grandiflora superba 

Gypsophila pamculata 

Hollyhock, Newport Pink 

Lupinus, Regal Hybrids 

Papaver, Oriental Hybrids 

Pyrethrum hybridum grandiflorum 
Sweet WiUiam, Newport Pink 

each of these 
.fine 12 varieties 
value $1.70 for 


4898 Twelve Hardy Perennials 
for the Rock Garden 

Alyssum saxatile compactum. 

Aquilegia canadensis 

Arabis alpina 

Aubrietia, Mixed 

Campanula carpatica. Blue. . 
Cerastium tomentosum 

One packet 

each of these 

T^ 1 , • • r>i Tj it a / 12 gems value 

Delphmium, Blue Butterfly / ^, . „ ^ 

Dianthus caesius 

Gypsophila repens 

Hehathemum mutabile 

Saponaria ocymoides . . . 

Tunica saxifraga 

For Special Collections of Annual Flower Seeds, see page zg. 


® = Annual; (b) = Biennial; [hhp1 = Half -Hardy Perennial ; |hp| = Hardy Perennial ; [tp] = Tender Perennial 47 

HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 


> =100 TH ^ 


Dreer's Perfect Giant Pansies 

We feel confident that Dreer's Pansy seed will give entire satisfaction to the most critical 
gardeners because it has been harvested from plants carefully selected for outstanding merit. 
Give Pansies a sunny position in the garden where they receive ample fresh air and be sure 
they are supplied with sufficient moisture and a good, rich, carefully prepared soil. Early 
spring sowing will produce plants which will bloom during the summer and fall, but by far the 
best time to sow is during August and early September to produce vigorous bushy plants for 
spring blooming. Such plants require the protection of evergreen boughs or a cold frame 
during the winter. 

Swiss Giants — Roggli Hybrids 

3248 Shakespeare's Pansies— New 

A simple and sweet Pansy which is a close counterpart to 
Shakespeare's Pansies as pictured in "Flowers from Stratford 
on Avon". Suitable for any location in the garden. Free- 
flowering and colored in shades of purple, yellow, white, or 
blue. A charming little Pansy of exceptional appeal. Pkt. 50c; 
special pkt. SI. 25. 

3232 Dreer's Premium Mixed. A first-class mixture at a 
me iium price C-ntains many fine colors and will give a showy 
display. Pkt 25c; special pkt. 75c; | oz. $1.25. 

3234 Early Giant America Mixed. A very outstanding strain 
noted for the extra large size of its well-rounded blooms and its 
marvelous color range. It is an earlj'-flowering strain carefully 
selected for a brilliant effect. Each plant makes a compact 
little bush covered throughout the season with elegant long- 
stemmed blooms. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. §1.25. 

3236 English Finest Mixed. A moderately priced mixture 
of splendid quahty. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

3240 Giant Parisian Mixed. Of very large size containing a 
great many fine colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; j oz. $1.00. 

3242 Masterpiece (Frilled Pansy). The petals of this wonderful 
large Pansy are most attractively curled or waved because of 
their thick substance. The range of colors is very extensive 
with the lovely rich dark shades predominating. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c; \ oz. $1.50. 

Dreer's Royal E.xhibition Pansy 

3250 Dreer'sRoyal Exhibition Mixture 

This, our finest mixture of Pansies, is unsurpassed in every 
way. It is truly a perfect blend not equalleil by any other mixture 
no matter what its name. The color range is most interesting 
and varied. The size of the blooms is enormous. The texture 
of tlie flowers is most substantial. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. SI. 25; 
J oz. S2.00. 

These are really outst.ipding Pansies cf r 'bust habit and very 
large-flowering. The blooms are carried on fine long stems. 
3201 Alpenglow. A mcst attractive cardinal red with three 

dark blotches. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3205 Berna. Rich velvety purple. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3209 Lake of Thun (Ullswaler). An exquisite tone of rich ultra- 

m.'irine blue accentuated by a darker blotch on each petal. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3211 Ophir. An outstanding, large, weU-formed flower of a 

beautiful deep golden yellow with a contrasting large blotch. 

■Very outstanding. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3217 Silver Bride. Silver-white with a large dark blotch that 

adds a charming contrast. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3219 Rhinegold. A magnificent bright yellow with a deep 

mahogany blotch in the center. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

4892 Swiss Giant Pansy Collection. One packet 

each of the above 6 varieties, value Sl-50, for $1.10. 

3226 S'wiss Giant Mixed. The rich dark colors predominate 
in this wonderfully varied mixture of free-flowering Giant 
Pansies. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c; | oz. SI. 25. 

3228 Dreer's De Luxe Mixture of Swiss Giants. This 
special formula mixture is a magnificent blend of choice and 
rare colors that surpass anything we have ever seen. Very 
charming. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. SI. 25; i oz. S2.50. 

Giant Trimardeau Pansies 

These always have been very popular for bedding because the 

plants are compact, well rounded, and bear a great quantity of 

large, gracefully formed blooms. They will give a lovely effect. 

3181 *Giant Adonis. A lovely lavender-blue color. 

3183 *Giant Cardinal. Most unusual rich cardinal red blooms. 

3185 Giant Golden Queen. Rich pure yellow. 

3187 * Giant Lord Beaconsfield. Deep velvety violet shad- 
ing to white at the margins of the outer petals. 

3189 Giant Mauve Queen. Extra-large blooms of a rich 
mauve color. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3191 * Giant Royal Blue. A rich royal blue color. 

3193 Giant St. Knud. Glowing golden orange flowers that 
give a brilliant display. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3195 Giant Sno'w Queen. Elegant pure white flowers. 

3197 *Giant 'White. Large purple eye with white edge. 

3199 *Giant Yellow. Golden yellow with mahogany blotch. 
Any of I he above, except where noted: 

Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c; i oz. 75c. 




Giant Trimardeau Pansy Collections. 

4888 One packet each of the six 

starred (*) varieties, value, 60c, for 40c. 

4890 One packet each of the 

above ten, value SI. 15. for 80c. 

3200 Giant Trimardeau Mixed 

This is a splendid mixture of all the above and some other giant 
varieties. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; 1 oz. 60c; i oz. $1.00. 


The Book of Perennials (Hottes). Revised and enlarged edition. $2.00 per copy, postpaid 

DiiKEiEiii^ mmB miMiDitxiin'iii jiBonr^iEiKS^iiiy 


Pentstemon gloxinoides 

A splendid mixture of large- 
Hardy. Pkt. 15c; 

Pentstemon— Beard Tongue iH il 

This is a very interesting class of flowers with 
large showy blooms borne on fine long spikes. ,-- 

They are splendid for garden display and lend 
themselves well to cutting. _^ f ' "^ 

3251 Barbatus coc- _/^«.f,; i 

Cineus (Scarlet Bugler). 

|hp] This also is known 

as Chelone barbata. 

Has splendid tall spikes 

set with showy tubular 

scarlet-red blooms from 

June to August. Pkt. 

10c; special pkt. 30c; 

i oz. SOc. 
3256 Gloxinoides, Sensa- 
tion. ||hp] a spreading, 

well-branched plant with 

spikes 30 inches high set with 

large Gloxinia-hke flowers of 

many bright colors. Pkt. 

15c; special pkt. 7Sc. 
3261 Heterophyllus, Blue 

Gem. |hp] A Lovely spikes 

of bright blue flowers from 

June to August. A gem for 

the rock garden. Also fine 

for borders. Pkt. 15c; special 

pkt. 60c. 
3260 Grandiflorus, Mixed. 

flowering sorts in a good range of colors, 

special pkt. 60c. 

PhaCGlia— California Blue Bell ® A 
3425 Campanularia. A beautiful annual and one of the earliest 
to bloom. Intense Gentian blue flowers with white anthers. 
Very effective for edgings, etc., also as a pot plant. 9 inches. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

Physalis— Chinese Lantern Plant i?] ® 
3463 Francheti. A highly interesting plant forming dense 
bushes about 2 feet high with inconspicuous white flowers 
followed by large, bright orange-scarlet, lantern-like fruits 
which are splendid for winter bouquets. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 25c. 

Physostegia— Fa/se Dragon Head il ® 
3465 Virginica. Dense, spreading bushes growing 3 to 4 feet 
high and bearing during the fall showy spikes closely set with 
large blooms of a deUcate lavender-pink color. Easy to grow 
and long-lived. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 
3467 — alba. White flowers. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Platycodon if] ® 
Balloon Flower, Japanese Bellflower 

3471 Grandiflorum album. A very effective variety with 
large pure white flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30r; \ oz. SOc. 

3473 — Blue. The well-known large-flowering variety with 
steel blue blooms. Pkt. lOc; special pkt. 30c; J oz. SOc. 

3475 Grandiflorum praecox giganteum (iV^fw). A remark- 
able extra-early flowering new variety with magnificent bright 
blue bell-shaped blooms measuring 4 inches in diameter. 
Flowers profusely from August until frost. Forms vigorous 
plants which will bloom profusely year after year. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 60c. 

3477 — Mariesi. The deep blue flowers give a splendid effect in 
the garden. The plants grow from 12 to 15 inches in height. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Polemonium fp] 
Jacob's Ladder, Greek Valerian 
3481 Coeruleum. A showy upright-growing perennial, 2 feet 
high, bearing during May and June many graceful spikes set 
with lovely bright blue flowers with contrasting yellow stamens. 
Does best in a sunny position and in a light well-drained soil of 
moderate fertility. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 


^ Pride 

One of the most brilliant and at the same time one of the most 
satisfactory plants which can be grown easily from seed. Thrives 
in a sunny position and in any kind of good soil. 

Select Large-Flowering Sorts 

Phlox Drummondi grandiflora 

This is the finest type, having the largest heads of blooms as 
well as the largest individual flowers. Of strong, sturdy growth 
attaining a height of 12 to 15 inches. 

Phlox DrummoncH grandiflora 
3431 Brilliant. Light rose 3435 Shell Pink. 

with crimson star. 

3432 Fiery Scarlet. 

3433 Bright Rose. 

3434 Primrose. 

3436 Soft Lilac. 

3437 Snow White. 

3438 Splendens. Scarlet 

with white star. 

3439 Violet. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; j oz. SOc; 5 oz. 75c. 


Phlox Collections 
4914 Six pkts., your choice of colors, value 60c, for 40c. 
4916 One pkt. each of all 9 colors, value 90c, for 60c. 

3440 Choicest Mixed, Large-Flowering. Contains a 
complete range of colors. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 40c; oz. $1.25. 

3430 Gigantea Art Shades Mixed. Magnificent blooms in 
many beautiful art shades, with and without eyes, combined 
into imposing flower trusses. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Dwarf Phlox— P. nana compacta ® A 

3443 Fireball. Compact heads of a brilliant scarlet color. 

3445 Shell Pink. A lovely and pleasing variety. 

3447 Snowball. Noted for the pure white of its blooms. 
Any of the above: Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3450 Mixed Colors. This strain is of dwarf, compact habit, 
making neat symmetrical plants six to eight inches high. De- 
sirable as a pot plant, also excellent for bedding or edging. 
Many showy colors. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. SOc; i oz. 75c. 

Star Phlox— P. cuspidata ® A 
3456 Mixed. Of dwarf habit, with very pretty, star-shaped 
flowers. A novel variety; 1 foot. Pkt. 10c; $ oz. 40c. 

* Hardy Perennial Phlox H] ® 

3460 Large-Flowering Mixed. This hardy herbaceous peren- 
nial is entirely distinct from the annual varieties. The seed 
germinates slowly and is supplied in mixture only. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. SOc; \ oz. 75c. 

Fertilizers for Greenhouse and Garden (Laurie and Edmund). Postpaid for $2.00. 


Lovely Annual Poppies— Papaver ® 

Annual Poppies should be sown as early in the spring as possible where they are to remain as they do not 
stand transplanting. Sow very thinly and barely cover from view. Press down the surface and water. Thin 
out the seedlings to stand 3 to 4 inches apart. For a succession of blooms make several sowings a week apart. 
They are showy garden subjects and fine for cutting. 

Single Shirley Mixed 

Double Shirley Poppy, Sweet Briar 

Double Carnation-Flowered Poppy 

Dreer's Shirley Poppies ® 

Papaver Rhoeas 

A very artistic strain of Poppies with lovely, large blooms of 
a beautiful crinkled texture. Includes many fine colors in single, 
semi-double, and double flowered blooms. Easy to grow. 
3511 American Legion. A greatly improved Flanders Poppy 

with very large single flowers of a scintillating rich dazzling 

orange-scarlet color. 2 feet. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 
3513 Blue Shades. Artistic large single blooms in various 

intriguing shades of blue. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 
3515 Deep Apricot. Single deep apricot. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

3517 Salmon-Pink. A rare and very choice salmon-pink of 
unusual charm. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

3518 White. Elegant large blooms with pure white petals con- 
trasting well with the rich golden stamens. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

3519 Wild-Rose Pink. Very appealing large blooms of soft 
Wild-Rose pink. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

100TH nnnivERSRiRY offer 

4918 Shirley Poppy Collection. 

One packet each of the above 6 single Shirley Poppies, 
value 60c, for 40c. 

3520 Dreer's Select Shirley Mixed. An unusually choice 
strain of these charming single Poppies. Includes a particularly 
wide range of beautiful colors. Pkt. 10c; -} oz. 20c; oz. 50c. 

New Double Shirley or 
Begonia -Flowered Poppies 

3533 Cavalcade. A verj' brilliant rich orange-scarlet flower that 
has a striking resemblance to a double Begonia. It makes a very 
showy display. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 40c. 

3535 Salmon Queen. An elegant variety of exceptional 
lovehncss. Produces large, well formed, double blooms of a 
most appealing bright salmon color. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 30c. 

3537 Sweet Briar. A magnificent Begonia-flowered Poppy of 
fully double form and a color that always has been very popular. 
A really outstanding variety of a beautiful Wild -Rose pink 
color. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. Sl.OO. 

3540 Double Shirley Mixed. Showy double flowers in a wide 
range of beautiful colors borne abundantly throughout the 
spring and summer. 30 in. high. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

Double Carnation-Flow^ered 

Poppies ® 

Papaver somniferum fl. pi. 

The gardener who passes by these large and showy Carnation- 
flowered Poppies misses a subject of exceptional display value. 
They grow into vigorous plants about 30 inches tall and bear 
during the summer great quantities of extra-large and colorful 

double blooms. 

3545 Bright Rose. Well-rounded double flowers of a silky pure 

bright rose color. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
3547 Heliotrope. This is quite a novel and unusual shade of 

blue among flowers. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
3549 Mikado (The Striped. Japanese Popby). Giant double 

flowers of brilliant scarlet and white with elegantly curved petals 

like in a Chrysanthemum. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
3551 Scarlet King. Highly desirable for the rich intense 

scarlet color of its double blooms. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
3553 Shell Pink. This is a clear shell pink shade that appeals 

to everybody. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 
3557 White Swan. Immense double flowers of purest white. 

Like all the others the beautiful fringed and laciniated petals 

add special charm. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c. 

Collection Carnation-Flowered Poppies 
4922 One packet each of the 6 colors 
described above, value 60c, for 45c> 

3560 Carnation-Flowered Mixed. This colorful mixture of 
giant double Carnation-flowered Poppies will serve the gardener 
who has not sufficient space to grow the individual colors. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Double Peony -Flo^vered Poppies 

3570 Mixed. Whereas in the Double Carnation-Flowered type 
the petals are finely laciniated these Peony-Flowered Poppies 
have petals with entire margins thickly crowded into a large, 
round, graceful ball. Our mixture includes a wide range of 
brilliant and also some very unusual colors. The plants grow 
about 30 inches in height. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c 

Single Annual Poppies 

3530 Mixed. This mixture includes a wide variety of single 
flowering Poppies which will give a very colorful display in the 
summer garden. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c, 


For Perennial Poppies, see page 53 













fcV *■'-* 




'^^.-i ^ 


^- / ^ /('■' 

Dreer's Giant Imperial LARKSPUR 


This is the most magnificent of all annual Larkspur. It is a vigorous and floriferous 
stram developing into showy well-branched plants growing 3 to 5 feet in height. The 
seven colors we offer here are distinct and give a briUiant effect. 

2721 Blue Bell (G) 
2723 Blue Spire (D) 
2727 Dazzler (F) 
2733 Peachblossom fC) 

Any of the above: Pkt. 
2740 Dreer's Superior Mixture. 

2735 Sweet Lavender (B) 

2737 The Empress Improved (A) 

2739 White Spire (E) 

15c; special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; J oz. 40c; oz. 


Collections of 

Dreer's Giant Imperial 


4852 One packet each of 

the 7, value $1.05, for. .75c. 

4853 One special pkt. each ' 

of the 7, value $2.80, for $2.25. 

4854 i oz. each of the 

7. value $4.20, for $3.00. 

For a complete list of Larkspur, see page 41 


1$ . f '^ 

Dreer's Double Lilliput 
or Pompon ZINNIAS® 

A Lovely, Free-Flowering Type for Beds, Borders, and for Cutting 

These small flowered Zinnias are exceedingly popular with gardeners everywhere. They truly 
are lovely forming well-rounded double blooms which have the highest artistic value as cut flowers, 
though they ar3 equally as desirable for beds and borders. They form neat round plants that 
measure from 18 to 24 inches in height and bear a marvelous profusion of lovely blooms. Used for 
garden beds or as a border they give a magnificent display as the brilliantly colored, densely double 
blooms are carried well above the luscious rich green foliage. 

4580 Finest Mixed 

The wide range of colors available in 
this lovely free flowering type of Zinnias 
makes thi'- mixture most outstanding. 
The plants carry a lavish profusion of 
blooms. This mixture has been carefully 
blended to provide the proper proportion 
of different colors which insures a rich and 
beautiful display in the garden. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 30c; 07. $1.00. 


4563 Canary Yellow [,\) 
4565 Crimson Gem iB) 
4567 Flesh Pink (C) 
4569 Golden Orange (D) 
4575 Salmon-Rose (E) 
4577 Scarlet il) 
4579 White Gem (G) 
A iiy oj the above: 

10c; special pkt. 25c; i oz. 40c; 
oz. $1.25. 

Collections of Dreer's 
Lilliput or Potnpon Zinnias 

Every one of these lovely seven colors 
is so desirable that we feel sure many 
gardeners wish to include the complete 
collection in their planting. 

4996 One packet each of the 7 
colors, value 70c, for 50c. 

4997 One special pkt. each of the 7 
colors, value SI. "5, for $1.40> 

4998 } oz. each of the 7 colors, 
value $2.80, for $2.25. 


Gorgeous Hardy Poppies— Papaver 

The hardy Poppies enjoy a well-deserved popularity. They are universal favorites that bring to the garden 
not only vivid and exquisite coloring but textures hke crinliled sillc. While primarily grown for garden display 
the blooms will last in water for several days if the cut stem-end is seared in a hot flame for from 5 to 15 seconds 
before immersion in water. 

Papaver amurense 

Iceland Poppies— Papover nudicaule ip] A 

While these are hardy perennials, they flower the first year from 
seed, blooming almost as quickly as the annual sorts. They are of 
graceful neat habit with bright green, fern-like foliage, formed in 
tufts from which issue slender stalks about IS inches high, bearing 
their brilliant flowers in endless profusion. 

Six New Varieties 

3575 Amurense. A sensational new Poppy closely allied to the 
Iceland Poppy but easier, to grow. Has showy large Buttercup 
yellow blooms carried on stems 2 feet high. Splendid for garden 
display and for cutting. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3579 Coonara Pink. A glorious strain with lovely large flowers 
in pink shades. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3581 El Monte. Magnificent large tangerine-orange flowers 
carried on wiry long stems. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3583 Gibson's New Orange. Well formed extra-large long- 
stemmed orange blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3585 The Emperor. Large tangerine-orange blooms of silky 
texture. 20 inches tall. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3587 The Empress. A crinkled giant-flowered variety in 
salmon-rose and pink shades. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

r/ 1D0TH HnniVERSnRY OFFER \i 

II 4926 Iceland Poppy Collection. One packet || 
"^ each of the above 6 newer sorts, value $1.10, for 80c. /^ 

3590 New Hybrid Iceland Mixed. A great assortment of 
colors varying from sulphur yellow through different shades of 
orange to chamois and salmon-rose. All are very beautiful and 
outstanding. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 65c. 

3600 Gartref, Picoteed Mixed. An exceptionally fine new 
strain of Iceland Poppies producing truly immense blooms 
carried upright on fine long stems. All the blooms are beauti- 
fully picoteed with contrasting colors. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 
75c; i oz. $1.25. 

3610 Sandford's Giant Strain. A new giant strain with a 
wonderful petal substance and stems of great length, 2 to 3 feet 
long. Many of the flowers are 5 inches in diameter. Represents 
a wide range of delicate colors and combinations, too varied and 
intriguing to describe. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 7Sc; i oz. $1.25. 


I'apaver orientale 

Oriental Poppies |hp] ® 

Papaver orientale 

The garden which does not contain a good display of the lovely 
Oriental Poppies misses the most showy of all hardy garden sub- 
jects that bloom during late spring and early summer. The huge 
flowers set against the deep green foliage never fail to evoke the 
greatest admiration. Sow the seed early in the spring in the open 
where the plants are to bloom or in a special seed bed. By mid- 
summer the little seedlings will hkely have disappeared from above 
the ground and it is at that time of their life that the roots can be 
transplanted with perfect safety. If moved during the spring 
there is great danger that they will not survive. Only a small 
percentage of the seedlings of named varieties come true to color. 

3631 Orientale (The Large Oriental Poppy). A gorgeous plant 
3 feet high with ample rich green foliage and magnificent large 
orange-scarlet blooms with a black blotch on each petal. 
Pkt. 10c; J oz. 40c. 

3635 Beauty of Livermere. An elegant and vigorous variety, 
3 feet high, bearing extra large blooms of an impressive deep 
crimson color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

3639 Dawn {Carneiim). Immense, long-stemmed blooms of a 
charming and lovely soft flesh color. Gives a magnificent effect. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

3643 Mrs. Perry. Magnificent blooms of enormous size and 
bold habit. The color of the silky crinkled petals is glistening 
salmon-rose. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3645 Princess Victoria. This has both size and exquisite 
coloring — a clear and luminous salmon-pink with a glistening 
sheen. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 


1 1 4928 Papaver Collection. One packet each 

""\ of the above 5 varieties, value 80c, for 60c. 


3650 Oriental Hybrids Mixed. This seed has been saved 
from a large number of extra-fine named sorts and it can there- 
fore be depended upon to give a showy display. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 

For Annual Poppies, see page 50 


Petunia Miniature 

Petunia Miniature a 

A unique strain forming dwarf compact ball-like plants com- 
pletely covered with flowers. Splendid in the rock, garden, pots, 
and unexcelled in dwarf beds and borders. 
3295 Pink Gem. Plants 5 to 6 inches high, literally smothered 

with deep pink blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 
3297 Rose Gem (New). The same rich deep rose color as 

Rose of Heaven but of neat compact growth. Pkt. 20c; 

special pkt. 75c. 

Petunia nana compacta a 

Dwarf compact plants for pot culture and rock gardens. Also 
fine for bedding and borders. 
3301 Adora. Neat little bushes 10 inches high covered with 

white-starred rosy carmine blooms. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3305 Celestial Rose. Well-formed blooms of a bright rose 

color. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
3307 Cockatoo. A beautiful white star on a violet-blue ground. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3309 Little Blue Star. Has a large white star on a clear 

blue base shaded ^^olet. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
3313 Senator Improved. Covered with masses of small 

violet-blue flowers with pure white throat. Grows about 7 

inches high. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
3317 Snow Bedder. Showy large white blooms on dwarf 

spreading plants. 10 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 



4904 Petunia nana compacta Collection. 

One packet each of the above 6, value SI. 35, for 90c. 


3320 Nana compacta Mixed. Includes 
beautiful colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; 

I wide range 
oz. $1.00. 


Petunia, Ruffled Martha Washington 

3327 Ruflfled Martha Washington A 

A lovely novelty of dwarf compact growth, 9 inches high, 
smothered wnth brilliant blooms about 3 inches in diameter. 
The frilled portion of the plants is a charming flesh pink and 
the center is strongly veined with wine red. Pkt. 25c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dreer's Superb 

Petunias are one of the most important annual plants for our 
gardens because they bloom uninterruptedly from early summer 
until frost. There are many types and varieties to choose from. 

Single Bedding Petunias 

These single-flowering Bedding Petunias are indispensable for 
garden display. They will give a magnificent show from mid- 
summer until fall. The reason for their immense popularitj- is in 
no small way due to the fact that they are easy to grow from seed 
sown outdoors where to bloom. 

3331 General Dodds. An impressive variety covered with 
brilliant rich crimson flowers. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

3335 Howard's Star Improved. Lovely rose-crimson with a 
five-pointed white star. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c 

3339 Periwinkle Blue. A magnificent variety with most 
appealing bright blue flowers. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c 

3343 Rose of Heaven. Verj' effective and brilliant blooms of 
luminous rose. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3345 Rosy Morn. Lovely soft rose-pink blooms with white 
throat. Very dainty and graceful. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

3349 Silver Blue (Heavenly Blue). Glorious silvery pink blooms 
borne in great profusion. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 75c 

3351 Snow Queen. A very dwarf large-flowering variety with 
pure white blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

3353 Violet Queen. The rich velvety \dolet color gives a 
striking effect. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Collections of Bedding Petunias 
4906 One packet each of the 8 varieties, value SI. 15, for 85c. 
4908 One special pkt. of the 8 sorts, value $5.60, for $4.00- 

3358 Striped and Blotched Mixed. Beautifully striped and 
blotched flowers. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 50c; § oz. 75c. 

3360 Fine Mixed. Good colors. Pkt. 10c; I oz. 30c: oz. $1.00. 

3362 Dreer's Peerless Mixture 

A perfect blend of all colors including the softer tones as well 
as the brilliant and rich hues. The flowers measure 2 to 2J 
inches in diameter and they are borne on plants 12 to 18 inches 
high. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 60c; \ oz. Sl.OO; oz. S3.00. 

Balcony Petunias 

A splendid l.irse and free-flowering type for window boxes, 
vases, hanging baskets, etc. The flowers average 3 inches across. 

3271 Balcony Blue. Very fine. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

3272 Balcony Blue Star (.Vr.i'). Hyacinth violet with a large 
white star. E.xceptionally showy. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3273 Cornflower Blue {Blue Wonder). Magnificent large rich 
Cornflower blue blooms. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3275 Balcony Crimson. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 
3277 Balcony Rose. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

3279 Balcony White. Pure white. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 75c 

4902 Balcony Petunia Collection. One 
packet each of the above 6, value SI. 10, for 80c. 

3280 Balcony Mixed Colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 7Sc 

3365 Elk's Pride. An elegant large-flowered Petunia bearing a 

great profusion of velvety deep purple blooms of exceptional 

beauty. Pkt. 25c: special pkt. 75c. 
3367 Purple Prince. A large flowered, plain-edged variety of a 

most impressive rich and cle:ir purple-violet color. Pkt. 25c; 

special pkt. 75c. 

3394 Dwarf Giants of California 

An improved new dwarf strain of the well-known California 
Giants. Large beautifully colored flowers with open throats that 
are well marked and veined. Makes an excellent pot plant; also 
splendid for bedding. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 


A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Semi-Shade; • = Suited to Full Shade 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 



Giant -Flowering 
Single Fringed Petunias 

A giant-flowering type highly prized for its beauty and the 
artistic qualities of its blooms. They have exquisitely fringed 
edges that give them a special appeal. Start the seed indoors in 
boxes or pans in order to secure nice stocky plants for setting out. 

3371 Brilliant Rose. Large, fringed, brilliant rose blooms with 

a distinct white throat. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3373 Dainty Lady (Nev.^. Charming well-formed blooms of a 

luminous light lemon yellow. Of neat compact growth and 

most floriferous. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3375 Romany Lass. Large fringed flowers. Velvety blood red 

with purple throat, striped black. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3377 Scarlet Beauty. Elegant scarlet blooms with a graceful 

fringed edge. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3379 Setting Sun. Brilliant rose-pink flowers. Exquisitely 

fringed, 3 inches across; 12 in. high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 7Sc. 
3381 Theodosia. Large, fringed, rose-pink blooms with clear 

golden yellow centers. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3383 Violacea {Violet King). Elegantly fringed blooms of a rich 

velvety violet-blue color. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3385 White Beauty. Graceful large blooms with fringed edges. 

Pure white. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

1DQTH nnmvERsniiY offer 

4910 Giant Fringed Petunia Collection. 

One pkt. each of the 8 colors, value $2.25, for $1.50. 

3396 Fringed Ruffled Giants {Flufy Ruffles). Very hand- 
some large ruffled flowers with very finely fringed edges. In- 
cludes many splendid colors. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3398 Ruffled Monsters Mixed. Truly magnificent in every 
way — of largest size and ruffled in a most artistic and pleasing 
manner. Includes a marvelous range of beautiful colors. A 
profuse and continuous bloomer. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 


Dreer's Superb Single Large-Flowering Fringed 

3390 Dreer's Superb Single 
Large-Flowering Fringed Mixed 

We highly recommend this special Dreer strain which contains 
only large flowered, well formed blooms of brilliant colors all with 
beautifully fringed edges. It is of compact yet erect habit and 
blooms freely and continuously. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Dreer's Superb Double Fringed Petunia 

Large Flowering 
Double Fringed Petunias 

We offer the finest strains of Double Petunias and suggest that 
the seed be started indoors in boxes or pans. The seedlings require 
good care at all times. Usually the small crumpled seedlings pro- 
duce the finest double flowers. This should be remembered when 
transplanting them. The new developments in these Double 
Petunias are beautiful beyond description. 

3413 Madonna. Produces mostly perfectly double, pure white, 
finely fringed flowers. Pkt. 50c 500 seeds $2.00. 

3415 Rose-Pink and White. We believe this is the most beau- 
tiful of all double fringed Petunias. The blooms are a bright 
rose-pink with a broad white frill. Pkt. SOc; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3417 Rose Queen. The double blooms measure 5 to 6 inches in 
diameter. Tliey are a glorious shade of bright rose-pink. The 
frilling of the petals is graceful, giving the double flowers a 
particular charm. Pkt. 50c; 500 seeds $2.00. 

3420 Dreer's Superb Double Fringed. Saved from our own 
unrivalled strain; will produce a large percentage of double, 
brightly colored, fringed flowers in many colors. Pkt. SOc; 
500 seeds $1.25; 1000 seeds $2.25. 

Alldouble Dwarf Victorious 

Compact plants covered with glorious large blooms which come 
practically 100% double. The graceful fringed edges add a 
charming touch. 
3401 Amaranth Red. A brilliant and very impressive color. 

3403 Carmine Queen (World Beauty). Glowing rich carmine 

of exceptional vivacity. Of very compact growth. 
3405 Gaiety. Fine full double blooms in rose and white. 
3407 Loveliness. A splendid "La France" pink shade. 

3409 Pure White. Well fringed, fully double, pure white. 

Any of the above: Pkt. SOc; SOO seeds $2.00. 
4912 Collection of Alldouble Dwarf Petunias. 
One packet each of the above 5 colors, value $2.50, for $1.85. 

3410 Alldouble Victorious Mixture. Compact plants with 
brilliant blooms in a wonderful range of color. Pkt. SOc; 
500 seeds $1.50. 

Landscaping the Home Grounds (L. W. Ramsey). $2.00 per copy, postpaid 


IDMllElgJI^ (DME lllHYDTlEiyril iM¥MDr»TSTlS^\IIY 


For Polyanthus see Primula polyantha, page 57 

Potentilla Single Hybrids 

Portulaca— 5un P/onf ® A 

One of our showiest annual plants, of easy culture, th^i^^ng best in light 
loam or sandy soil and in an exposed sunny situation. The flowers are of the 
richest colors. Fine for massing in beds, edgings, or rockwork, and frequently 
used to sow broadcast over sunny banks, etc. Seed should not be sown until 
the weather is fairly warm and it is well to mis the seed with three or four 
times its bulk of dry sand or soil, which permits an even and easy distribution 
of the seed; 6 inches. 
3660 Double Mixed. A large percentage of the flowers will come double 

but even the few single ones which usually bloom first are desirable for their 

rich colors. They may be pulled up to let the bed show double ones only. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; } oz. SI. 00. 
3670 Single Mixed. A fine mi.xture of all colors. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Potentilla— Cmgue/oj7 H A 

These are attractive hardy plants n 

for the border or rock garden where 
they produce from June to Augxist 
showy, large, single or double 
flowers in many brilliant colors such 
as orange, red, crimson, and inter- 
mediate shades. 18 inches high. 
3676 Double Hybrids Mixed. 

Contains a wide range of colors. 

Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3680 Single Hybrids Mixed. 

Bears a great profusion of showj' 

large flowers in many colors. 

Pkt. 15c; \ oz. 50c. 

Pyrethrum— Pcr^ion Daisy ® & H ® 

The PjTethrums are splendid hardy perennials which enjoy the greatest popu- 
larity because they are so easy to grow and give an abundance of showy flowers. 
They succeed in any good garden soil and do best where they receive a fair amount 
of sunshine. They may be grown singly or in groups. Where they have been 
planted in well-drained, porous soil they will withstand severe winter cold. 

3745 AuTeum (Golden Feather). @ Thisisthe well-known annual variety 
suited to dwarf borders or as an edging to beds. Has attractive light 
yellow foliage and small ball-shaped white blooms. Very free flowering. 
1 foot. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c. 

3753 Hybridum roseum, James Kelway. [hp] Imposing large 
daisy-like flowers of a rich deep scarlet color. Very showj' and long 
stemmed. Blooms in May and June and again in the autumn. 2 feet 
high. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3755 — — Rose. |hp] The large blooms are a beautiful shade of bright 
rose. Long stemmed and free blooming. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3760 — —Single Mixed. ^p\ Has showy daisy -like blooms ranging 
from white through shades of pink and rose to deep red. 2 feet. Pkt. 
10c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

3762 - grandiflorum. Mixed, gp] A large-flowering strain of the 
above represented by fully as wide a range of beautiful colors. 2 feet. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c; J oz. §1.00. 

3750 — Double Mixed. ^ Seeds saved from the finest double flowers. 
Only a small percentage can be expected to come double the first year 
after sowing. 2 feet. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Pyrethrum hybridum. Single Jlixed 

■•■Pueraria— Japanese Kudzu Vine i?] § 
3741 Thunbergiana. A ver\' quick-growing hardy 
perennial vine reaching a height of 8 to 10 feet during 
the first year. After that there seems to be no limit to 
its growth. In cool climates the vines die down to the 
ground but new shoots come up vigorously everj- spring. 
In warm sections it keeps on growing almost without 
limit. Its main value lies in its ability to thoroughly 
cover verandas, dead trees, etc., but there also are rosy 
purple flowers in August. Pkt. 10c; I oz- 25c. 

4938 Twelve Choice Annuals 

for the Rock Garden 

These annual varieties will bring to tlie rock garden a showy display 
of colors all during the summer and fall. • 

Anagallis grandiflora Mesembryanthemum tricolor 

Cheiranthus Allioni Linaria maroccana. Excelsior Hybrids 

Ice Plant Portulaca, Single Mi.\ed 

Gypsophila muralis Tagetes signata pumila 

lonopsidium acaule Verbena erinoides 

Leptosiphon, French Hybrids Sanvitalia procumbens^jj ^ f\r\ 
One packet each of the above, value $1.25, for *P X •^^ 



Rock Gardens (Rockwell). A splendid little volume. $1.25 per copy, postpaid 

Primula.— Pr/mro^e 

Primulas are very important flowers represented by many dif- 
ferent species. The Hardy Primroses are highly valued because 
they bloom early in the spring and are splendid for bedding and 
rock garden planting. They do best in a well-drained, moderately 
moist, and fertile soil, and where they receive moderate shade. The 
obconica, malacoides, and Chinese Primroses are splendid pot 
plants for the greenhouse or conservatory and not so difiBcult that 
the careful gardener could not grow them in the house. 

Hardy Primroses il a ® 

These hardy Primroses are among our most delightful spring 
flowers. They do best when planted in a partially shaded location 
and where they have a fair supply of moisture. 
1415 Auricula. A well-known favorite of great beauty. This 

seed has been saved from extra-choice plants of many colors. 

6 inches. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 7Sc. 

3736 Japonica {Japanese Primrose). A fine hardy Primrose 
growing about 18 inches high. Has large, showy, colorful blooms 
borne in whorls 6 to 9 inches long. Mixed colors. Revels in 
moist soil. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

3737 Vulgaris {English Primrose). A very showy variety with 
large, fragrant, canary yellow blooms set against the rich green 
foliage. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Primula polyantha, Invincible Giant 

Hardy Polyantha Primroses HA® 

Primula polyantha — Polyanthus 

These interesting and showy cluster-flowered Primroses are 
horticultural crosses between Primula veris and Primula vulgaris. 
They combine the cluster-flowered habit of the veris with the size 
of the vulgaris species. Plant them in a moist, rich soil. 
3484 Invincible Giant. A magnificent strain with extra-large 
flowers borne in magnificent umbels on sturdy little stems above 
the rich green foliage. The color range is very varied and exten- 
sive. Contains everything from pure white to deepest crimson. 
Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3486 Giant Munstead Strain. Lovely, large, well-formed 
blooms arranged in giant umbels on strong sturdy stems. Ex- 
tremely free flowering and showy. It diflfers from the Invincible 
Giant in that the flowers are either white or any of the many 
different shades of yellow — from a faint primrose to deepest 
gold. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 
3490 English Mixed. A glorious strain with strong plants 
bearing an abundance of large-flowered clusters. Includes a wide 
range of colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

No doubt you have some friends who, like yourself, are inter- 
ested in gardening. May we suggest that you lend them the 
Dreer Garden Book or tell them to write for a free copy. 

Chinese Primroses— Pn'muto sinensis iH 

3700 Giant-Flowering Mixed. This magnificent strain is of 
vigorous, robust growth. It produces immense trusses of extra- 
large, finely fringed flowers in many new and novel colors. As 
a pot plant it is unequalled. The plants require a winter 
temperature of about 60 degrees. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 

Giant Primula obconica |tp] 

These are of the easiest culture grown in the greenhouse or in a 
Hght window of the house, flowering abundantly and continuously 
with little care. Should be sown during the spring in good porous 
loam. They wiU not germinate well in any compost containing peat 
or leaf mould. To develop the colors to the highest degree, grow in 
heavy soil and at a temperature as near 60 degrees as possible. 

3701 Gigantea, Celestial Blue. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3703 — Crimson King. Rich crimson flowers of large size. 

Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3705 — Rose Queen. Pure rose color. A particularly favorite 

variety. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3707 — Salmon Queen. An exceedingly beautiful shade of 

bright salmon. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 

3709 - White. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 

3710 - Mixed Colors. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.25. 

3713 Fasbender. Glowing deep red blooms of the largest size. 

A splendid variety. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3717 Mueller and Mohnstein. This represents splendid 

shades of crimson and rose. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.50. 
3720 Grandifiora, Mixed Colors. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 7Sc. 

Primula malacoides, Snow Queen 

Primula malacoides 

Baby Primrose 

3721 Malacoides (Improved Baby Primrose). Large whorls of 
deUcate lilac flowers. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3723 — Princess Mary. Of exceptional vigor with flowers 
often measuring one inch across. Deep rose-pink with light 
yellow eye. Very fine. Pkt. SOc; special pkt. $1.25. 

3725 — Snow Queen. A vast improvement over the old mala- 
coides alba. The flowers are considerably larger and they are 
pure white. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. $1.25. 

3727 — True Rose. A highly desirable variety with beautiful 
rose-colored flowers. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3730 — New Hybrids Mixed. Contains a wide range of lovely 
shades. Pkt. 2Sc; special pkt. 75c. 

Dreer's Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 



HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rainbow Com— Zea japonica ® 

3765 Variegata. An effective and ornamental foliage plant. 
The plants grow about 5 feet high. They have prettily varie- 
gated foliage, the leaves being striped with bright green, silverj' 
white, rose-purple, and sulphur yellow. Makes a pretty dividing 
line between the vegetable and flower garden. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

Rhodanthe— ^wan River Everlasting ® 

3770 Mixed Colors. A charming annual which succeeds best in 
a light rich soil and in a warm sheltered position. Also splendid 
for pot culture. Valuable for garden display and for winter 
bouquets. Grows one foot high. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c. 

RicinxlS— Castor Oil Bean ® 

These are very interesting and picturesque plants with large 
tropical foliage and brilliantly colored fruits. They are splendid 
for the background, as lawn specimens, and for massing, requiring 
a rich soil and a sunny situation where they have ample moisture. 

3775 Cambodgensis. An imposing variety growing 5 feet tall 
with stems and leaf stalks a shiny ebonj'. The foliage color 
varies as the plants grow. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

3777 Gibsoni. This has beautiful rich red foliage and grows 5 
feet high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc. 

3779 Panormitanus. A strong grower, 6 feet high, with im- 
mense rich dark brown leaves. Pkt. 10c; oz. 50c. 

3781 Sanguineus. Rich blood red stalks and flower dusters. 
Very vigorous; 7 feet high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc. 

3783 Red Spire. Particularly attractive, forming bushy plants 
6 feet high with broad, palmate leaves of bronzy green having 
prominent red ribs and veins. Crimson fruits. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c. 

3786 Zanzibariensis. A gorgeous species with truly gigantic 
leaves. Includes light and dark green as well as dark-colored 
plants. 8 feet high. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c. 

4934 Ricinus Collection. One packet each 
of the above 6 varieties, value 60c, for 45c. 

3790 Mixed. All sorts. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c. 

Rosemary H a 

3795 Rosmarinus officinalis. An old favorite aromatic herb 
with a dehghtful fragrance. The flowers are light blue and are 
borne profusely on plants about 2 feet high. It should be planted 
in a warm dry situation and given a little protection during the 
severe winter weather. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 40c. 

Rudbeckia, My Joy 

Rudbeckia— Conc/7ou'er (A) & [hpI (§) 

3801 Bicolor superba. ©Dense 
bushy plants 2 feet high covered 
with golden yellow flowers with 
a brown disc. Very effective in 
the garden besides giving a fine 
lot of showy cut flowers. Pkt. 10c; 
I oz. 25c. 

3805 My Joy (iVf -a'). (A) This is 
the finest annual Rudbeckia in 
existence. Forms bushy plants 2 
feet high covered from midsum- 
mer until frost with extra large, 
rich golden yellow blooms with a 
dark center cone. Very outstand- 
ing. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; 
I oz. 60c. 

3807 Newmani speciosa. gp] 

Bright orange-yellow petals and 
a large black cone in the center. 
Grows 3 feet tall and blooms 
in the autumn. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 40c. 

3809 Purpurea (Gianl Purple 
Coneflo'dier). ^P] Large, reddish 
purple flowers 4 inches across 
with a black-purple cone. Blooms 
all summer long. 3 feet higli. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

RuJbcckia purpurea 

Sanvitalia— Crecp/ng Zinnia ®A 

Sanvitalia — Creeping Zinnia 

3863 Procumbens fl. pi. The 
popular name Creeping Zinnia 
refers to the creeping growth 
and the Zinnia-like form of the 
flowers. Fine for dwarf beds, 
edges, or for borders. They 
also are good in vases, baskets, 
etc. Showy bright yellow 
double blooms during the sum- 
mer and early fall. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 50c. 

53 We offer a number of splendid NOVELTIES and SPECIALTIES in Flower Seeds. See pages 1 to 10 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Salvia splendens— 5car/e* Sage ® 

The Scarlet Sage is an indispensable bedding plant. Its fine 
qualities and unusually rich color make it the most effective 
material to bring color into the summer and fall garden. Suited 
for beds, borders, or as individual specimens. Start the seed 
indoors or in the hotbed early and set out when the weather has 
become settled. 

3853 Dreer's America 

Undoubtedly the earliest, freest, and most continuous 
bloomer of all Scarlet Sages, and what is still more im- 
portant, the most uniform in habit of growth. The bushy 
plants do not grow over 15 inches high, with the spikes 
of briUiant scarlet fiowers placed well above the plant, 
making a total height of about 2 feet. The importance of 
this uniformity will be appreciated by those who use Scarlet 
Sagefor beds or borders. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c; i oz. S1.50. 

3851 Splendens (Scarlet Sage). Beautiful bright scarlet flower 
spikes. 3 feet. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 

3854 Blaze of Fire (New). Gardeners who realize the tremen- 
dous value of brilliant pure red for garden display will find in 
this outstanding novelty a most desirable subject. Blaze of Fire 
develops into neat well-rounded dwarf bushes covered with 
flowers of the most briUiant and vivid scarlet imaginable. 
Ideal for bedding. Pkt. 30c; 5 pkts. $1.25. 

3855 Bonfire (Clara Bedman). Lovely round bushes, 2 feet high 
and as wide. Has brilliant scarlet flower spikes that stand clear 
above the dark green fohage. A very effective variety. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 50c; I oz. 75c. 

Mealy cup Salvia lH 

3843 Parinacea. 11 Often 
grown as an annual. Sown in 
May it will bloom from July 
until frost. Showy light blue 
flowers. 3 ft. Requires thorough 
winter protection. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; J oz. 75c. 

3845 Farinacea, Blue Bed- 
der. Up) A more compact form 
than the above and therefore 
more desirable for bedding. The 
flowers are a deeper blue and 
they are borne on elegant long 
spikes. Splendid for garden dis- 
play and for cutting. Hardy 
with protection. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

Salvia farinacea 
Blue Bedder 

Blue Salvia 

3841 Azurea grandi- 
flora. iD A hardy per- 
ennial of outstanding 
beauty growing 3 feet tall. 
Produces very showy flow- 
er spikes set with large ■ 
lipped blooms of a beauti- 
ful sky blue color, similar 
to that of Belladonna 
Delphinium. Blooms dur- 
ing August and September. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3849 Fastens (Blue Sage). \tf] 
A splendid Salvia for the 
border or the greenhouse. 
Has extra large flowers of 
:a magnificent ultramarine 
blue color. 2 feet high. 
It is a tender perennial. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Salvia azurea grandiflora 

Salpiglossis— Painfe^r Tongue, Velvet Flower ® 

This is one of the very finest annuals. Succeeds in any good 
soil and in a sunny position. The plants grow from 24 to 30 inches 
high and produce from mid-summer until frost attractive Gloxinia- 
like blossoms in a very large and unusual range of colors. They are 
splendid for cutting. Seed may be started indoors or in a hotbed 
about the end of March, or sown outdoors when danger of frost is 
passed and the ground is in good condition. The plants should be 
set about 12 inches apart. They reach the height of perfection 
where summers are not excessively hot. 

Salpiglossis, Improved Large-flowering 

Improved Large-Flowering Salpiglossis 
3821 Crimson. 3827 Rose and Gold. 

3823 Primrose. 3828 Scarlet and Gold. 

3825 Purple and Gold. 3829 White and Gold. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c. 

^ 1DQTH nnnivERSRiY offer ^ 

Salpiglossis Collections 
4940 One pkt. each of the above 6 sorts, value 60c, for 40c. 
4942 One special pkt. of the 6 sorts, value $2.40, for $2.00. 

3830 Finest Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 50c; oz. $1.50. 

®=Annual; ®=Biennial; |HPl=Hardy Perennial; Ihhp) ==Half Hardy Perennial; |t|]». Tender Perennial 59 


rMi>iiisi^M^ (DME iiinyDiiEiyrii ammiti^ii^^ihy 

Saponaria— 5oaptvor^ ® & IS 

3867 Ocymoides splendens. ^p] A A showy hardy plant 
splendid for the rock garden or dwarf border. Covered during 
the early summer with small, bright rose blooms. Of spreading 
habit, growing 9 inches high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

3869 Vaccaria, Rose.® This 
is a very pretty and useful 
annual variety which grows 
about 2 feet tall and bears 
great masses of showy satiny 
pink flowers somewhat like 
a glorified Gypsophila. It 
is easy to grow and makes a 
splendid display in the border 
besides being fine to add 
grace to mixed flower bou- 
quets. Blooms profusely aU 
summerlong.Pkt. 10c;oz.30c. Saponaria vaccaria 

Hardy Perennial Scabiosa H 

A charming class of attractive perennials highly valued for 
planting in the border and for cutting since the large graceful 
flowers are carried on fine long stems. They are of easy culture, 
requiring a weU-drained soil of moderate fertihty. Sandy loam 
enriched with well-decayed manure suits them to perfection. 
Good for a sunny position. Space the plants 18 inches apart. 
3893 Caucasica perfecta (Blue Bonnet). One of the handsom- 
est of the hardy perennial Scabiosas, especially valuable for 
cutting. The soft lavender-blue blooms are showy in the border 
and last a long time in water. 3 feet. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

Scabiosa caucasica, Giant Hybrids 

3895 Caucasica, Giant Hybrids {Isaac Eotise Strain). A 
great improvement over caucasica, being more vigorous with 
larger and longer stems and heavier petals, which are ruffled as 
well as slightly frilled on the edges. Colors range from light to 
darkest blue, but delicate lilac and mauve predominate. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

3897 Columbaria Pink. A contribution from South Africa. 
Has extra-large, well-formed, long-stemmed flowers, 2 to 2\ 
inches across, of a beautif\d soft pink color. Grows 1 to 2 feet 
high. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

3899 Japonica. This is a Japanese variety forming well-rounded 
bushes 2', feet high. They bear a great profusion of beautiful, 
long stemmed, lavender-blue flowers. Splendid for garden dis- 
play and for cutting. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 



Large-Flowering Scabiosa Mixed 

Large- Flowering 

Annual Scabiosa ® 

Mourning Bride, Sweet Scabious, Pincushion Flower 

These are great favorites with many of our customers. Seed can 
be sown any time in the spring after danger of frost is past. They 
grow 2 J to 3 feet high and come into bloom early in July, continuing 
without interruption until hard frost. The beautiful flowers, noted 
for their exquisite shades, are borne on long stems. When cut they 
keep in perfect condition for the best part of a week. They make 
effective borders or beds, and no garden is complete without 
Scabiosas, especially where flowers are wanted for cutting. 

Packet Packet 

3873 Azure Fairy. Clear lavender-blue $0 10 SO 25 

3875 Blue Cockade. Rich blue 10 25 

3877 Fire King. Bright red 10 25 

3879 King of the Blacks. Velvety black-purple 10 25 

3881 Loveliness. Lovely tones of soft and 

delicate salmon-rose 10 25 

3883 Peachblossom. Soft peachblossom pink 10 25 

3889 Shasta. \'ery large, pure white 10 25 

' looTH nnnivERSHRY offer 

Scabiosa Collections 
4948 One pkt. each of the seven colors, value 70c, for 50c. 
4950 One special pkt. of the seven, value SI. 75, for $1.25. 

3890 Large-Flowering Mixed. Contains all colors. Pkt. 10c; 
5 oz. 25c; oz. 7Sc. 

3892 New Giant-Flowering Mixed. A splendid new strain of 
the annual Scabiosa with blooms of extra-large size and many 
beautiful colors. Pkt. 15c: special pkt. 25c; 1 oz. 40c. 

Scarlet Runner Beans ® § 

3903 Phaseolus coccineus. A siilcmlid ornamental climbing 
Bean bearing handsome large sprays of bright scarlet, pea-shaped 
blossoms followed by edible beans of good flavor which, however, 
should be picked before they reach too large a size. Large, 
showy, rich green foliage that gives ample shade. Pkt. lOc; 
J lb. 25c; lb. 45c. 


One Thousand and One Garden Questions Answered (Hottes). $2.00 per copy, postpaid 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Schizanthus— Bu/ter/7y or Fringe Flower ® 

This is one of the airiest and daintiest flowers imaginable, es- 
pecially adapted to bordering beds of taller flowers and those of a 
heavier growth. The seeds germinate quickly and come into 
bloom in a few weeks after sowing. The flowers are so numerous 
as to completely obscure the foliage, making the plant a veritable 
pyramid of the most delicate and charming blooms. Schizanthus 
is an admirable pot plant for the house in late winter and early 
spring. For this purpose sow in the autumn. 



Schizanthus — Butterfly or Fringe Flower 

3905 Dwarf Large-Flowered Mixed (Dr. Badger's Hybrids). 
Forms compact, pyramidal plants a foot high, literally covered 
with large, orchid-hke flowers in an extensive range of beautiful 
colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

3907 Giant-Flowering Hybrids. An extra-select strain, 
specially useful as a pot plant for the house or conservatory. 
Magnificent blooms the size of a silver dollar in a perfect blend 
of colors. Remarkably free flowering and presents a beautiful 
appearance with its myriads of blooms. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

3910 Mixed (Wisetonensis). A splendid mixture which, forms 
pretty plants about 18 inches high. They have attractive, light 
green, feathery foliage and are covered with blooms throughout 
the entire summer. Also fine for cutting. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

Shasta Daisy— White Marguerites H 

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum 

1947 King Edward VII {Moonpenny Daisy). Large single 
flowers of purest white produced on well-rounded plants 2\ feet 
high. Very graceful and of perfect form giving a splendid dis- 
play. Also fine for cutting. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 2Sc. 

1949 Alaska. A very choice Shasta Daisy valued for its early 
blooms. Has magnificent daisy-hke flowers seldom less than S 
inches across. They are pure white with yellow eye and are 
carried on long stems. 3 feet. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

1950 Shasta Daisy Mixed. This is a general mixture saved 
from an extra-choice assortment of hybrids. It contains only 
free-flowering varieties and will provide blooms over a long 
season. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 

For other Chrysanthemums, see page 26 

Sidalcea— ProiVie Mallow H 

3917 Rosy Gem. A graceful hardy perennial with flowers not 
unlike miniature Hollyhocks. They are a lovely soft rose color 
and are borne profusely during July and August. Grows 3 feet 
high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

3920 Stark's Hybrids. A splendid strain containing many 
beautiful shades. Grows 3 feet high and blooms during July and 
August. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 

Sil&we—Catchfly H A 

3925 Schafta {Moss Campion, Autumn Caichfly). A splendid 
perennial for the rock garden with bright pink blooms from June 
to September. Grows 4 inches high and requires full sun. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

Smilax — Myrsiphyllum asparagoides [tp] § 

3933 In many respects Smilax is the most useful, and it is certainly 
one of the most graceful climbers which adorns the greenhouse 
or conservatory. For bouquets and floral decorations it is indis- 
pensable. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; \ oz. 50c. 

Soiainvivn.— Christmas Cherry [tp| 

3935 Christmas Pepper. Well-rounded neat bushes of greatest 
ornamental value bearing a truly astonishing quantity of small 
conical creamy yellow fruits which change to purple and finally 
to red. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c. 
3937 Cleveland Red. A greatly improved form of this very 
useful pot plant for winter decoration. It is of dwarf, branching 
habit. Small oval-shaped leaves. Bears 
in the greatest profusion globular bright 
scarlet berries. Very ornamental; 1 foot. 
Pkt. 15c; i oz. 40c. 

3939 Patter soni. Compact 
plants 8 to 10 inches high 
covered with cherry shaped 
scarlet-red fruits that wiU 
keep from October until 
January. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 60c. 


Annual Varieties ® 

The annual Statice is used 
extensively in combination with 
other everlastings in making- 
winter bouquets but it is 
equally as useful as a garden 
Statice smuata 

3943 Bonduelli. The blooms are rich lemon yellow. 

3945 Sinuata, Kaempf s Tall Blue. Deepest blue. 

3946 — Lavender. A clear and lovely color. 

3947 — rosea superba. A lovely bright rose. 

3948 — True Blue. A shade of great appeal. 

3949 — White. Has lovely white blooms. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c. 

3951 Suworowi {Russian Cat-Tail Statice). Elegant long tail-like 
spikes closely set with beautiful, small, rose-colored blooms. 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 2Sc. 

4954 Collection of Annual Statice. One packet 
each of the above 7 sorts, value 70c, for 50c. 

3950 Sinuata, Mixed. Pkt. 10c; f oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

3953 Puberula.A Anew variety growing only 8 inches high with 
dark violet flower spikes and creamy white corolla. Splendid for 
bedding or the rock garden. Also valuable as a pot plant. Easy 
to grow. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Perennial Statice— 5ea Lavender iH A 

Splendid hardy perennials either for the border or rockery, 

producing all summer long panicles of minute flowers which 

can be dried and used for winter bouquets. 

3957 Latifolia. Small, purplish blue flowers borne most pro- 
fusely. 3 feet high. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c. 

3960 Incana Dwarf Hybrids Mixed. This contains many 
sorts of the hardy Statice varieties. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c. 

Stevia— P/quer/a Itp] 
3965 Serrata. A free-blooming Central American plant bearing 
a multitude of fragrant, pure white flowers. It blooms freely 
during the summer or winter and is used extensively for cutting. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

= Annual; (S) = Biennial ; pHP| = Half -Hardy Perennial; il=Hardy Perennial; 11]== Tender Perennial g^ 


HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stocks— G////^otver ® 

Stocks are one of the most popular annuals either for bedding 
or pot culture. For brilhance and diversity of color, fragrance, 
profusion, and duration of bloom they are unsurpassed. They 
require a well-limed soil. 

Early Giant Imperial Stocks 

Early Giant Imperial Stocks 

A strain of early-flowering Winter or Brompton Stocks, forming 
much-branched plants about 2J feet high and having numerous 
spikes of very large, double, delightfully fragrant flowers. If sown 
in February or March will produce plants that will bloom out-of- 
doors from mid-summer tiU frost. 

4001 Antique Copper. A very attractive rich hellebore red. 

4003 Apple Blossom. An appealing, delicate color. 

4005 *Buttercup. Lovely Buttercup yellow. 

4007 Chamois. A perfect blend of pink and cream. 

4009 *Elk's Pride. Pleasing rich royal purple. 

4011 * Fiery Blood Red. This bright color is particularly 

4013 *Lavender. A truly charming color. 
4015 Old Rose. A very beautiful shade of old rose. 
4017 *Rose-Pink. A color with special appeal. 

4019 *Shasta. A giant, vigorous, robust, glistening white 
variety with extra long stems. 

Any of the above: Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

Giant Imperial Stocks Collections 

4962 One packet each of the 6 starred (*) 

varieties, value SI. 20, for 90c. 

4963 One packet each of all 10 varieties, value S2.00, for $1.50. 

4020 Finest Mixed. This includes all the very finest colors 
available in this type. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Large Flowering 10-Week Stocks 

This is the leading class for bedding out for summer blooming, 
coming into flower quicker than the other types. 12 to 15 inches 

3971 Blood Red 3975 Bright Pink 

3972 Canary Yellow 3977 Purple 

3973 Lavender 3979 Pure White 
Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 60c. 

4958 Collection of 10-Week Stocks. One 

packet each of the above 6 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 
3980 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 60c. 

Cut-and-Come-Again Stocks 

Splendid perpetual-blooming class. Sown in March or April 
they begin flowering in July, continuing till frost. They are es- 
pecially valuable during September and October, when other 
flowers are scarce. They throw out numerous side branches, all 
bearing ver>' double, fragrant flowers. 2 feet. 

3991 Brilliant. Blood red \ 

3992 Creole . Creamy yellow ) , , ,, 

3993 La France . Rose Anyofhese: 

3995 May Queen. Delicate Ulac [ . , .^ .'^•.- 

3997 Princess Alice. White \ ^^^"""^ P"" '^*^- 

3999 Sapphire. Dark blue / 

4960 Cut-and-Come-Again Collection. One 
packet each of the above 6 varieties, value 90c, for 70c. 

4000 Finest Mixed Colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. ' 

Stokesia — Cornflower Aster, Stake's Aster ^ 
4031 Cyanea alba. A showy white-flowering form that makes 

a fine displa3'. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c 
4033 — Blue. This is a beautiful native hardy perennial. The 

plants grow about 24 inches high, each bearing from 20 to 30 

handsome lavender-blue Cornflower-like blossoms. Blooms from 

July till frost. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

4036 — Mixed. .\ number of colors. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c 

Sweet Rocket — Hcspcris 

Sweet Rocket— Heiperw H] (D 

Dame's Rocket, Dame's Violet 

4220 Matronalis, Mixed. Old-fashioned hardy garden plants 
growing about 3 feet high. Bears spikes of showy white, lilac, 
and purple fragrant flowers. Excellent for naturalizing among 
shrubbery or for planting in a permanent border. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 20c; oz. 60c. 


Have you perused pages 1 to 10 which offer the best of the Novelties for your garden? 




Lathyrus odoratus ® 

Sweet Peas take their place among the most popular of aO our 
annual garden flowers. They are easy to grow sown early in the 
spring in a well prepared bed. One ounce will plant a row 15 feet 
long. They do best where the season is not extremely hot. 

Orchid Sweet Peas 

for Garden Planting 

We have selected 15 varieties which have proved to represent 
the most advanced and most beautiful of all Sweet Peas. You 
can rely upon these 15 aS representing the very best obtainable. 
All are giant flowering, very floriferous, vigorous, and the best 
in their respective color. 

4113 Avalanche. A glistening white variety with extra-large 

well-formed blooms of exquisite substance. Elegant four- 
flowered sprays. 
4121 Chinese Blue. This is by far the finest of the rich deep 

blue shades — a clear and pure color. 
4129 Magnet. Elegant large well-formed four-flowered sprays 

representing an exquisite shade of warm cream-pink. 
4133 Mayfair. An outstanding variety with artistic flower 

sprays set with bewitching pure shell pink blooms. 
4139 Mrs. A. Searles. A superb variety with rich pink blooms 

merging into an oriental red shade. 
4143 Olympia. There is no finer rich purple Summer-Flowering 

Sweet Pea than this magnificent large flowered variety. 
4147 F inkle. Experts agree that Pinkie is the finest of the large 

number of rose-pink varieties. 
4151 Pirate Gold. Bold large flower sprays set with four 

glorious golden orange blooms that glisten like gold. 
4155 Powerscourt. There is no finer pure lavender than this 

variety which has held this top position for many years. 
4159 Rubicund. A brilliant crimson-scarlet taking first place 

in this color class on account of color, purity, and size. 
4161 Sextet Queen. A magnificent pure white carrying five 

or six magnificent blooms well arranged on a long stem. 
4165 Smiles. An exquisite shade of shrimp pink with a generous 

blend of salmon— truly magnificent. 
4169 The Admiral. An impressive navy blue that takes first 

place in this color classification. 
4173 Welcome. The dazzling scarlet of the large four-flowered 

sprays gives a brilliant effect wherever displayed. 
4177 What Joy. Exquisitely finished blooms of waxy texture 

and an appeahng warm rich cream color. 
A ny of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 75c. 


Orchid Sweet Pea Collections 
4972 One packet each of the 15 Summer Flowering 
Sweet Peas described above, value $1.50, for $1.00. 

4974 One ounce each of the 15 Summer Flowering 
■\ Sweet Peas, value $3.75, for $3.00. /< 

4180 Sweet Peas in Mixture {Summer -Flowering). A wefl 
balanced blend including not only the 15 varieties described 
above but also many others to increase the color range. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 60c; lb. $2.00. 

4200 Orchid Flowered Ruffled Mixed 

We have blended in this special mixture a large number of 
varieties which distinguish themselves by having beautifully 
ruffled blooms. Will give a magnificent display in the garden 
and yield great quantities of cut flowers. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
i lb. 60c; lb. $2.00. 

Orchid or Spencer Type 

For the Greenhouse 
and Early Outdoor Beds 

These early or winter-flowering Sweet Peas were primarily 
developed for florists to be grown in the greenhouse in the winter 
where the summer-flowering varieties have not proved satisfactory. 
They are valued also for growing outdoors in the southern states 
and if planted in northern climate outdoors they will bloom a week 
or two ahead of the summer-flowering kind. 

4041 American Beauty. Rich crimson-rose flowers. 
4045 Blue Bird. The winter-flowering violet-blue variety. 
4049 Grenadier. Magnificent large-flowered dazzhng scarlet 

blooms of outstanding richness and splendor. Pkt. 15c; oz. 75c. 
4053 Harmony. This is the flnest of the lavender ones. 
4057 Josie. The rose-pink noted for its extra long stems. 
4061 Lady Gay. Charming soft shrimp pink blooms. 
4065 Maroon Prince. An exceptionally fine maroon. 
4069 Mrs. Herbert Hoover. Lovely clear blue flowers. 
4075 Red Bird. A crimson red of exceptional brilliance. 
4081 Shirley Temple. The favorite soft rose-pink. A truly 

exquisite variety. Pkt. 15c.; oz. 75c. 
4087 Valencia. A sunproof orange with extra long stems. 
4093 White Harmony. The best waxy white. 
A ny of the above, except where noted: 
Pkt. 15c; oz. 60c; \ lb. $2.00. 

Collections of Twelve Choice 
Early-Flowering Sweet Peas 

4964 One packet each, value $1.80, for $1.35. 
4966 One ounce each, value $7.50, for $5.50. 

4100 Dreer's Early-Flowering Orchid Sweet Peas in 

Mixture. The greatest care has been exercised in blending 
this superb special mixture so as to have a complete and well- 
balanced color representation. It is far superior to the mixtures 
usually offered. Pkt. 10c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.25; lb. $4.00. 

4210 Cupid Bedding Sweet Peas Mixed 

These summer-flowering Sweet Peas may be used for beds and 
borders as they grow only six inches high. Includes many fine 
colors. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c. 

Inoculate Sweet Pea seed with "Nitragin" before sowing. 30c postpaid. 


Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Sweet William— Dianthus barbatus H ® 

A well known, attractive, free-flowering hardy perennial, pro- 
ducing a splendid effect in beds and borders with its rich and 
varied flowers. It is much better to raise new vigorous young 
plants from seed every season than to divide the old plants. 
18 inches. 
4221 Single Diadem. Showy crimson flowers with large white 

eye. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; J oz. 40c. 
4223 Scarlet Beauty. A very effective rich deep scarlet 

with massive flower trusses. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 25c; \ oz. 40c. 

4225 Newport Pink. This color is what florists call Water- 
melon pink or salmony rose. Strikingly brilliant and beautiful. 
The flowers are borne in massive heads on stems 18 inches high. 
Very effective for cutting or midseason mass bedding. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c; } oz. 40c. 

4227 Single Velvety Black Maroon. This is a most un- 
usual color. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 25c; J oz. 40c. 

4229 Single Pure White. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; J oz. 40c. 

4978 Sweet William Collection. One 
packet each of the above 5, value 50c, for 40c. 

4230 Single Mixed. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 60c. 

4236 Holborn Glory Mixed. This strain is a large-flowered 
selection of the Auricula-eyed section, the most beautiful and 
admired of all Sweet Williams. The individual flowers and 
trusses are of extraordinary size, while the range of colors, all 
showing a clear white eye, is superb. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

4240 Double Mixed. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; oz. SLOG. 

4246 Midget Double Mixed. A A splendid new double- 
flowered form of the lovely new type. Very compact and 
exceptionally colorful. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c, \ oz. 75c. 

Sweet William, Midget Single 

4250 Midget Single Mixed {New). A A very showy, 
very low-growing and compact Sweet William in a beautiful 
range of colors. Only 6 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c. 

Hybrid Sweet Williams |hp] ® 

Annual Sweet William 

2243 Latifolius atrococcineus fl. pi. {EvcrbJooming Hybrid 
Sweet William). This is a cross between an annual Pink and 
Sweet William, combining the free and continuous-blooming 
qualities of the former with the hardiness of the latter. It is 
an intense velvety crimson-scarlet. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 40c. 

2244 Latifolius, Double Mixed. In addition to crimson this 
mixture contains purple, violet, and rose. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 

Sweet Wivelsfield ® 

2246 Hybrid Dianthus. This new hardy Dianthus resembles 
a large-flowering Sweet William. Includes a greater variety of 
coloring, the predominating colors being reds, pinks, and 
crimsons. Makes an excellent flower for cutting. Grows about 
12 inches in height and if started in heat in February or early 
March will bloom continuously from June until October; sown 
in the open ground in April or later it will flower late in the 
summer. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c 

For oilier Dianthus, see pages 31 and 32. 

Tagetes signata pumila 

Tclgetes— Miniature Marigold ® A 
4253 Signata pumila. A dwarf compact annual Marigold of 
bushy growth with beautiful fern-like foliage and covered with 
bright golden yellow blooms. Grows 9 inches high and blooms 
all season long. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c. 

4257 Signata pumila. Little Giant (New). A very neat, 
dwarf, really compact strain with dainty, single golden orange 
flowers. 6 inches. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

For other Tagetes, see Marigold pages 43 atui 44. 

Tahoka Daisy — Machaeranthera ® A 

,4261 Tanacetifolia. This re- 
cent introduction has proved 
one of the most showj' of all 
hardy annuals doing well 
even in sections where sum- 
mers are hot and dry. Has 
graceful lace-like light green 
foliage and produces great 
masses of daisy-hke rich 
lavender blooms throughout 
the summer and fall. The 
plants form neat, well round- 
ed bushes, 12 inches high and 
about 2 feet across. It has 
proved of exceptional value 
for garden display and is a 
splendid cut flower. Pkt. 
Tahoka Daisy ^Oc; special pkt. 75c. 

Thalictrum— McoJoiv Rue ^ ® 

Showy tall perennials 
with attractive foliage not 
unlike that of the Maiden 
Hair Fern but of larger 
size. The flowers are 
borne freely during the 

4265 Aquilegifolium 
album. A beautiful 
variety with Columbine- 
like foliage and masses 
of feathery white flow- 
ers in June and July. 
Grows 3 feet high. 
Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

4267 — purpureum. 

Similar to the above 
but the flowers are 
bright rosy purple. Has 
the same type of grace- 
ful foliage. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c. 

Tlialiclrum aquilegifolium 

4269 Dipterocarpum. Graceful sprays of flowers elegantly 
arranged on stems 4 feet high. Invaluable for cutting. The 
flowers are violet-mauve, brightened by a bunch of lemon yellow 
stamens and anthers. Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 50c. 


An index to the Botanical and the Popular Names is given in the back of the book 

Dreer's Reliable 


+Thermopsis 11 

4273 Caroliniana. A tall showy hardy 
perennial producing during June and 
July elegant long spikes set with lovely 
Lupine-liiie yellow blooms. 3 feet high. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 60c ■ 


Thunbergia @ § 
Black-Eyed Susan Vine 
4280 Mixed Colors. A beautiful, rapid 
growing annual climber preferring a 
warm sunny position. Used extensively 
for hanging baskets, vases, low fences, 
etc. Also a splendid ground cover bear- 
ing great masses of rather unusual but 
pretty flowers in buS, white, orange, 
etc., many of them with dark eyes. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c. 

Thymus— Thyme iH A 
4285 Serpyllum (Wild Thyme). A 
dwarf perennial herb with fragrant 
foliage. Of creeping habit and un- 
excelled for rock gardens and between 
stepping stones in a sunny position. 
Bears small purple flowers during the 
summer. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Tithonia speciosa, Early-Flowering 

Tithonia speciosa ® 

Golden Flower of The Incas 
Mexican Sunflower 
4289 Early Flowering {New). Among 
the annuals of recent introduction this 
early-flowering Tithonia stands out as 
one that has quickly taken the fancy of 
many gardeners. It is an imposing 
plant growing 6 feet high and bearing 
in the fall large colorful blooms which 
are not unlike single Zinnias. They are 
carried atop the long, tail branches pre- 
senting a magnificent deep golden 
orange color. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 


Torenia— B(ue Wing. Flower ® 
Wishbone Flower 

4293 Fournieri. A very fine annual for 
be Is, borders, vases, and hanging 
baskets, covered throughout the season 
with a mass of interesting sky blue 
flowers with 3 spots of dark blue and a 
bright yellow center. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 7Sc. 

Tritoma— Red Hot Poker 

+Tritonia— i?cJ Hot Poker H 
Flame Flower, Torch Lily 

4300 Hybrida Mixed. A remarkable 
new continuous flowering Tritoma, easy 
to grow from seed. Many plants wiU 
flower the first year if seed is sown early. 
Contains a wealth of splendid bright 
colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

+TrolliuS— G/o&e^otver H ® 
4303 Caucasicus, Orange Globe. A 

rare variety with large orange blooms 
which are fine for cutting. Revels in a 
moist soil and blooms during May and 
June. The seeds are slow to germinate. 
18 inches high. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 

T\xn.\ca.—Tunicflower [hp] a 
4307 Saxifraga. A neat, tufted, hardy 
plant with long slender branches which 
rise just a few inches above the soil 
surface. Bears throughout the entire 
season numerous small pink blooms on 
slender wiry stems. Especially fine for 
the rock garden. Pkt. 10c; special pkt 

Ursinia anethoides 

Ursinia ® 
Jewel of the Veldt 
4311 Anethoides. A native of South 
Africa easily grown from seed. When in 
fuU bloom the plants present a showy 
compact bush covered with daisy-like 
blooms carried on long stems. The 
flowers have rich orange ray petals with 
a jet black base. Blooms during the 
summer and fall. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 60c. 

Valeriana— Fa/er/an 11 ® 

4320 Rubra, Mixed. Showy large 
corymbs of red or white flowers. Fine 
for garden display and for bouquets. 
2 feet high. Mixed colors. Pkt. 10c; 
i 02. 25c 

Venidium fastuosum 

Venidium ® 
Monarch of the Veldt 

4327 Fastuosum. Large rich orange- 
colored daisy-hke blooms with purple 
blotch at the base of each petal. Plant 
in a sunny position. 2-3 feet. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

4330 — Hybrids Mixed. Includes a 
wide range of beautiful new pastel 
shades including cream, lemon, buff, 
light orange, each with the black circle 
around the center. Pkt. 20c; special 
pkt. 75c. 

How to Grow Roses (McFarland & Pyle). 
completely rewritten; 40 color illustrations. 

New edition; 
$1.10 postpaid. 


iMtiEiEiil^ (Oi¥E iix^'DitEin'ii Aiii\mEiisu\iiiY ummi 

Dreer's Verbenas 


Verbena erinoides 

4377 Venosa lilacina fiVraO- lU A Resembles the preceding 
but the blooms are a delicate shade of lavender-blue. Perfectly 
hardy. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

New Giant Verbena 

Dwarf Compact Verbenas ® a 

4343 Fireball. A dwarf compact variety growing only 6 inches 
high. The plants are literally smothered with bright scarlet 
blooms. For beds, pets, borders, and rock gardens. Pkt. 20c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

4347 Violet Bouquet. Covered with a mass of bright violet 
blooms. Very showy. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

4350 Dwarf Compact Mixed. This includes a wide range of 
lovely colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

New Upright Verbenas ® 

4372 Royal Bouquet, Mixed. Graceful upright plants 15 to 
18 inches high, carrying a fine display of showy flower trusses in 
many diflferent colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 

Various Verbenas 

4373 Erinoides (2/055 Verbena). 
@ A A lovely annual variety 
with lace-like foliage and 
purplish blue flower clusters 
borne profusely from July 
until frost. Splendid for the 
rock garden. Pkt. 10c; special 
pkt. 40e: i oz. 60c. 

4375 Venosa {Hardy Garden 
Verbena). |hp1 A Grows one 
foot high and carries bright 
purplish heliotrope flowers from 
early summer until late fall. 
Perfectly hardy. Splendid for 
beds, borders, rock gardens, 
etc. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c. 

Verbenas are great favorites for beds, borders, and for cutting. 
They also are splendid for rock garden planting. For earlj- blooms 
start the seed indoors during February or March and transplant to 
flowering quarters during May. Sown outdoors in May the plants 
wiU begin blooming in July. E.xcepting the Venosa varieties all 
Verbenas listed here are annuals. 

Giant-Flowering Verbena ® 

Tremendous strides have been made in the development of new 
Verbenas and in consequence of this they are today even more 
popular than in bygone years. Another important advantage of 
these new Giant-Flowering Verbenas over the older t>-pe is the 
.fact that a very large percentage of the seedlings come true to 
color. Germination of the seed also is considerably better and of 
course the extra large size of the flower trusses gives them con- 
siderably more display value. 
4351 *Appleblossom. Lovely large white blooms shaded cameo 

pink at the edges. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
4353 *Beauty of Oxford Hybrids. A most remarkable strain 

with flowers that range from rose-pink to deep rose making it 

the brightest \'erbena ever produced. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
4355 "Cerise Queen. Soft salmon-cerise— a color quite new 

and very outstanding in Verbenas. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 75c. 
4357 Crimson Glow. An excellent bright crimson that gives a 

magnificent displaj-. Pkt. 20c: special pkt. 75c. 
4359 Etna. Geranium red with small white eye. Pkt. 15c; 

special pkt. 75c. 
4361 *Lavender Glory. A lovely, sweetly fragrant Verbena 

with large pure lavender blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
4363 Luminosa. Rich coral-pink. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 
4365 *Royale. Royal-blue with yellow eye. Pkt. 15c; special 

pkt. 75c. 

4367 Salmon-Pink. An attractive shade of salmon with a 
small white eye. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

4368 *Spectrum Red. A dazzling color— intense 
bright spectrum red without any eye to detract. 
Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 

4369 White. This has lovely large well-formed 
flower trusses composed of weU-shaped white 
blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 60c. 



Anniversary Special 

Giant Verbena Collections 

4982 One packet each of the 6 
starred (*) varieties, value SI. 00, 
for 70c. 

4984 One packet of all 11 vari- 
eties offered, value SI. SO, for 

4370 Dreer's Giant-Flowering 
Mixed. A marvelous mixture of 
Giant-Flowering Verbenas including 
the proper balance of all available 
colors. You are bound to be well 
pleased with this. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 50c; i oz. 81.00. 

Veronicas are great favorites with gardeners who 
appreciate the lovely blue shades which dominate 
this easy-to-grow, perfectly hardy class of perennials. 
They are not only hardy but long-lived. 
4381 Maritima (LongifoHa). A very pretty, hardy 

Speedwell with long spikes closely set with blue 

flowers from July to September. 2 feet high. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Veronica - Speedwell 11 ® 

4383 Repens. A Showy light blue flowers covering 

the dwarf, spreading plants during the m inths of 
May and June. Exceptionally fine for the rock 
garden. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
4385 Spicata. This is the well-known variety pro- 
ducing long graceful spikes set with bright blue 
flowers during June and July. 15 feet tall. Pkt. 
10c; special pkt. 40c. 

Veronica spicata 


How To Grow Roses (McFarland and Pyle) New Edition, completely rewritten. 
40 Color illustrations. Per copy, $1.10 postpaid. 

Dreer's Reliable FLOWER SEEDS 

Vinca rosea 

Vinca ® 

Madagascar Periwinkle, Old Maid 

Ornamental free-blooming annual with 
bright green, shiny foliage and one of the 
most satisfactory long-flowering bedding 
plants we have. 12 to 18 inches. 
4393 Rosea. Rose with dark eye. 
4397 Pure White. 

4399 White With Rose Eye. 

A ny of the above: 
Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 30c; \ oz. 50c. 

4400 Rosea, Mixed Colors. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 25c; j oz. 40c. 

Virginia Stocks @ 

Malcomia maritima 

4444 Mixed. This old-fashioned hardy 
annual blooms profusely during late 
spring and summer. Of easiest culture. 
Grows about a foot high and bears 
lovely, richly fragrant blooms in white, 
red, rose, and lilac shades. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c 

\^i5caria Blue Pearl 

Viscaria © a 

Graceful colorful flowers of large size 
borne continuously throughout the sum- 
mer months. The plants grow about a 
foot in height and give a splendid effect. 
4445 Blue Pearl. Exceptionally free 
flowering with great masses of charming 
bright lavender-blue blooms borne 
throughout the summer months. Pkt. 
15c; special pkt. 40c. 
4447 Rose Beauty. A splendid counter- 
part to the preceding with lovely clear 
rose-pink blooms set against the bright 
green foHage. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c. 
4450 Mixed Colors. This charming 
t^-pe includes many beautiful shades all 
of them with a contrasting darker eye in 
the center. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Violas or Tufted Pansies in 

A ® 

Lovely free blooming garden flowers 
resembling Pansies in form but of somewhat 
smaller size. They are splendid for beds, 
borders, and the rock garden where they 
will make a fine and colorful showing. 
4405 Admiration. A favorite variety 

with well-formed large dark blue blooms 

carried on elegant long stems. Pkt. 15c; 

special pkt. 50c 

4407 Apricot. Apricot with orange center. 

Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 
4409 Arkwright Ruby {New). Showy 

bright rosy crimson blooms. Pkt. 25c; 

special pkt. 75c. 
4411 Blue Perfection. Purple-blue. 

Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 
4413 Chantreyland. A striking variety 

with rich apricot blooms. Very free 

flowering and exceptionally showy. Pkt. 

25c; special pkt. 75c. 
4415 Lutea splendens. Rich golden 

yellow. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

Gem Violas 

4417 Papilio {Butterfly Violet^. An old-fashioned variety which gives a magnificent 
display of colorful violet-lilac blooms. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

4419 White Perfection. Pure white flowers. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

4988 Collection of Tufted Pansies. One pkt. 
each of the above 8 varieties, value S1.45, for $1 .00. 

4420 Cornuta Finest Mixed. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 50c; i oz. 7Sc. 

Gem V iOlaS. A These require full sun and they are very valuable for displays. 
Perfectly suited to our climate doing well in any good soil. 

4431 Jersey Gem (Bhie Gem). Vigorous, compact, sturdy plants covered with blue- 
violet blooms from Alay until early fall. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.25. 
4433 Lavender Gem. Showy lavender. Pkt. 50c; special pkt. SI. 25. 
4435 Rosy Gem. Lovely deep rose flowers. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.25. 
4437 White Gem. Pure white flowers. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.25. 

4439 Yellow Gem. Pure yeUow flowers. Pkt. 35c; special pkt. $1.25. 

4986 Collection of Gem Violas. One packet each 
of the above five varieties, value SI. 90, for $1.35. 

4440 Gem Mixed. All colors. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. Sl.OO. 

Wallflower— Che/ran^fti/5 Cheiri Up] 

These are lovely flowers blooming early in 
the spring. The blooms have a rich pleasing 
fragrance and come in a variety of startling 
colors. In the North they should be pro- 
tected by a cold frame during winter. 

4453 Goliath. Shining rich red single 
flowers with a velvety deep black sheen. 
Very fragrant. Pkt. lOc; J oz. 25c. 

4456 Paris Extra-Early Mixed. 

A beautiful single-flowered variety. 

Sown early it will flower the first 

season. U feet. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 

4460 Single Mixed. 

sortment of colors. 

\ oz. 25c. 
4466 Early Wonder Double 

Mixed. The plants grow about 2 

feet high and form many gracei'i 

spikes set with large double fra- 
grant blossoms. Includes many 

fine colors. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 

4470 Double-Flowering Finest 

Mixed. Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

For Siberian, Fairy, and Alpine 
WaAl&OweT , seeCheiranlhus,page2i. 

A good as- 
Pkt. 10c; 

Single Wallflower 

Dreer's Quality Flower Seeds are bound to give entire satisfaction 


Nymphaea — Water Lily 

Water Lily & Lotus 

3131 Nelumbium i Lotus) Mixed Sorts. 

|TP| Strong aquatic plants mth shield-like 
leaves and large single flowers. File seed- 
coat half way through, soak in warm 
water until swollen, and then place in 
submerged seedpan. Keep warm. Pkt. 
15c; 100 seeds for $1.50. 
3170 Nymphaea, Tender Varieties 
Mixed, [fp] A splendid mixture of choice 
varieties. Sow in pans set into larger re- 
ceptacles so that the water level is slightly 
above the soil level. Keep at 75 degrees 
Fahrenheit. Easy to grow. Pkt. 25c; 
special pkt. 75c. 

Xeranthemum ® 

Everlasting, Immortelle 

4474 Annuum. One of the prettiest and 
most satisfactory of the Everlastings bear- 
ing an abundance of bright rose, purple, 
and white flowers which are showy not 
only in the garden but also very useful as 
dried flowers in winter bouquets. The 
plants grow 2 to 3 feet high. Sow the 
seed in the open ground early in May 
where they are to bloom. They will 
flower continuously from early summer 
until frost. Mixed colors. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c. 

Yucca— Adam's Needle HI 

4477 Filamentosa. This is a very inter- 
esting and showy plant with broad sword- 
like fjliage and tall, branched spikes grow- 
ing 5 to 8 feet high. During June and 
July the flower stems are covered with 
large, bell-shaped, drooping, creamy white, 
fragrant blooms which open up fuUy dur- 
ing the night. Easy to grow in any good 
rich soil. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c. 

Dreer's Flower Seeds /or 
Wild Gardens 

The mixtures we offer are of the 
easiest growing kinds that can be sown 
broadcast over small or large areas, and 
with little care wiU produce a bright 
effect and an abundance of flowers in 
places that would otherwise be un- 
sightly with weeds. 

3020 Mixture of Annuals. A 
beautiful blending of varieties and 
colors making a wonderful display; 
also valuable for cutting. Large pkt. 
10c; cz. 25c; i lb. 75c; lb. §2.23. 
3022 Mixture of Perennials. A 
splendid combination of easy-to- 
grow and free-flowering sorts, some 
blooming the same season as sown. 
Makes a permanent display, and is 
splendid for cutting. Large pkt. 15c; 
oz. 50c; i lb. $1.50. 

Dreer's Glorious 

Zinnias are the most favorite of all annual flowers grown in American gardens. This 
is not to be wondered at if one considers their beautj' and usefulness. They include an 
e.xceptionaUy wide range of colors— some of them brilliant and rich, others soft and 
mellow. Again others represent the highly valued pastel colors. Much of their 
popularity is due to their ease of culture. 

Gorgeous Dahlia-Flowered Zinnia 

Dahlia-Flowered Zinnias 

This grand tjiDe of Zinnia is verj' popular with those who demand a large-flowering 
strain of high quahty. The plants are of strong, vigorous habit, fully 3 feet high, pro- 
ducing mammoth flowers averaging 6 inches across by 3 to 4 inches in depth. The 
range of colors not only includes the usual shades but many unusual tones, such as 
deep lavender, old rose, orange and gold, deep purple, etc., and as the result of con- 
tinued careful selection, the size, form, and colorings have been greatly improved. 
We offer 9 distinct colors as well as a splendid mixture. ^^ 

4521 *Canary Bird. Bright canary yellow. 
4523 *Crimson Monarch. Crimson-scarlet. 
4525 Dream. Deep lavender, ilost unusual. 
4527 *Exquisite. An exquisite rich rose-pink. 
4529 Golden Dawn. Beautiful golden yeUow. 
4531 *Oriole. Scintillating orange and gold. 
4533 Polar Bear. White. 

4535 *Purple Prince. A fine deep purple shade. 
4537 *Scarlet Flame. Fiery scarlet. 

Any oj' the above: Pkt. 15c; special packet 40c; i oz. 60c. 


'r IOOth . 



Collections of Dahlia-Flowered Zinnias 

4992 One packet each of the six varieties marked *, value 90c, for 60c. 

4993 One packet each of the above 9 Giant 

Dahlia-Flowered Zinnias, value $1-35, forSOc. 

4540 Finest Mixed. We highly recommend this special Drecr mixture which will 
give a beautiful display because all colors available in this showy type are repre- 
sented in the proper proportion. This is possible only where the colors that make 
up tlie mixture are grown separately and then blended. Pkt. 10c; { oz. 40c; oz. S1.25. 


The Garden Notebook (Putz). A gardening handbook of 217 pages. 
52 pages of illustrations showing how to do things. $1.50 per copy, postpaid. 

Gold Medal Zinnias 

Beautiful Double 
California Giants 

Our special strain of this magnificent Zinnia produces 
iowers of colossal size, specimens measuring from 5 to 
) inches across being not unusual. The plants are of 
ixtremely robust habit, attaining a height of about 3 
eet, and should be spaced 18 to 24 inches apart to 
dlow for full development. They bear numerous semi- 
;lobular, mostly very double flowers all of the largest 
;ize, making them of great value in large beds, borders, 
!tc. Grown under favorable conditions they remain in 
jloom from early summer to late autumn. Their long 
;tems make them ideal for cutting. 

1545 Daffodil Improved. Canary yellow. 
1547 Grenadier. Deep crimson-scarlet blooms. 
1549 Miss Willmott. Charming bright rose-pink. 
1551 Orange King. Rich golden orange. 
L553 Purity. Magnificent large white flowers. 
1555 Rose Queen. A lovely shade of deep rose. 
1557 Salmon. Large rich salmony rose flowers. 
Any of the above: Pkt. ISc; special pkt. 40c; \ oz. 60c. 


1 1 4994 California Giant Collection. One packet || 

"^ each of the above seven colors, value $1.05, for 70c. /^ 

1560 California Giant Mixed. Includes the above seven 
varieties and some others to add still further to the color effect. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c; oz. $1.25. 

Dreer's California Giant Double Zinnia 

Three Unusual Zinnias 

4617 Picotee Delight, Salmon-Rose. A beautiful color. 
Of diversified shape and markings, all blooms carrying the 
salmon tone. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; \ oz. 7Sc. 

4620 Picotee Mixed. A very pretty mixture producing large, 
double, fringed flowers in a wide range of desirable colors. In 
the lighter shades each petal is distinctively tipped with maroon 
but the darker ones are tipped with a lighter color. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c; i oz. 60c. 

4640 Victory Mixed {Achievement) 
This new Zinnia represents a most desirable and distinct break 
in that the very large and fully double flowers have most attrac- 
tively quilled petals that have an unusual artistic appeal. There 
are many fine colors represented such as russet, orange, light 
rose, and some exquisite autumn shades. The duo-tone effect 
created by the different color on the reverse of the petals adds 
greatly to their artistic aspect. Pkt. 10c; special pkt. 40c; 
i oz. 60c. , xs 

Zinnia Victory 

Zinnias are continued on the next page 

All Flower Seeds are sent POSTPAID 



HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beautiful New Zinnias (A) 

Fantasy Zinnia [j ^ 

4495 Fantasy Stardust 


A beautiful artistic Zinnia of informal shaggy form that 
maizes it most distinct. The flowers are a lovely golden yellow. 
They are of medium size and borne abundantly. Grows 2^ to 
3 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c. 

4500 Fantasy Mixed 


Splendid, large, well-rounded flowers composed of a mass of 
shaggy ray-hlce petals which give an artistic and unusual 
appeal to this wonderful new Zinnia. A wide color range 
including the brightest shades of orange and red besides the 
popular pastel pink and cream, is represented. Pkt. 10c; 
special pkt. 40c; j oz. 60c. 

4504 Desert Gold— Crown of Gold 

An aristocratic new Zinnia with large, double, well-formed 
Dlcoms carried on long stems. The flower petals combine light 
gold with deep golden yellow tones towards the base of the 
petals. 25-3 feet. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; j oz. 75c. 

4592 Gaillardia-Flowered Mixed 

An interesting and showy break in this popular annual 
flower. The blooms are fuUy double and greatly resemble 
double Gaillardias. They measure about 2 inches across and 
come in a wide range of colors. 2 feet high. Pkt. 15c; special 
pkt. 60c; i oz. $1.00. 

4595 Zinnia linearis (New) 

An enchanting and interesting little Zinnia of dwarf habit. 
The plants grow 10 inches tall reaching a diameter of 2 feet. 
They are completely covered with single golden orange blooms 
showing a lemon yellow stripe through the center of each petal. 
Pkt. 20c; special pkt. 75c. 

4630 Scabiosa-Flowered Mixed 

A distinct break in that the plants bear medium size flowers 
which have a great resemblance to the annual Scabiosa. They 
have broad outer petals and small center petals clustered 
together into a distinct cushion. There are many different and 
lovely colors represented. 24 to 30 inches high. Pkt. 15c; 
special pkt. 50c; i oz. 75c. 

4632 Scabiosa-FIowered Autumn Tints 

An exceedingly pretty strain of the Scabiosa-flowered 
Zinnia ranging in color through the gorgeous tints of autumn 
foliage —orange, brown, russet, carmine, and many others. 
Comes perfectly true. Pkt. 25c; special pkt. 75c; i oz. $1.25. 

Tom Thumb Miniature Zinnia ® a 

4590 Mixed. A charming type with plants growing 6 to 10 inches 
high forming compact little bushes covered with perfectly double 
blooms of miniature size. Includes all popular Zinnia shades 
such as red, orange, yellow, pink, rose, and many others. Splen- 
did for beds and borders. Pkt. 10c; } oz. 50c. 

Dreer's Double Lilliput 
or Pompon Zinnias © 

This very pretty small-flowering Zinnia has become exceedingly 
popular. Makes a good line or bed and is of more than usual value 
for table decoration. Of compact habit, bearing in lavish pro- 
fusion, small, densely double flowers on long stems, held well above 
the fohage. 

4563 Canary Yellow. 
4565 Crimson Gem. 
4567 Flesh Pink. 
4569 GoldenOrange. 
4575 Salmon-Rose. 
4577 Scarlet. 
4579 White Gem. 

Any color: Pkt. 10c; 

special pkt. 25c; 

J oz. 40c; oz. $1.25. 

Double Lilliput or Pompon Zinnias 

Collections of 

Double Lilliput 


4996 One packet each, 
value 70c, for 50c. 

4997 One special 
pkt. each, value 
$1.75, for. . .$1.40. 

4998 I oz. each, value 
$2.80, for $2.25. 

4580 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 10c; 1 oz. 30c; oz. $1.00. 

4603 Red Riding Hood. A This little gem grows but a foot 
high and is therefore exceptionally fine for the rock garden or 
dwarf borders. The plants are covered with small button-like 
scarlet blooms. Pkt. 10c; j oz. 40c. 

Dwarf Double Zinnias ® 

Where Zinnias are grown primarily for bedding purposes these 
Cut-and-Come-Again tjpe will be found most serviceable. The 
plants form neat compact bushes about 2 feet high and they bear 
a profusion of large, perfectly double flowers in good dear and 
distinct colors. Besides its value for bedding it is extra fine for 
cutting on account of its free blooming habit. 

4513 Canary 4517 Salmon-Rose 

4515 Flesh Pink 4518 Scarlet 

4516 Orange 4519 White 

Any of the above: Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; oz. Si. 00. 

4990 Collection of Cut-and-Come-Again Zinnias. 

One packet each of the above 6 colors, value 60c, for 45c. 

4520 Finest Mixed. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 75c. 

Zinnia mexicana (a> 

Every gardener should include some of llicse lovely small- 
flowered Zinnias which bear a profusion of showy blooms from 
midsummer until frost. Splendid for garden display and for 

4605 Halo or Gipsy Girl. An exceptionally pretty variety 
with single brilliant mahoganj* red blooms tipped with golden 
yellow at the petal edges. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 40c; J oz. 60c. 
4610 Perfection Mixed. Bushy plants 18 inches high bearing 
interesting double blooms of many different colors all tipped 
with a contrasting shade. Pkt. 15c; special pkt. 50c; i oz. 75c 

fJQ The Book of Annuals (Hottes). A reliable guide to the culture of annuals. $1.50 per copy, postpaid. 

Dreer^s New Improved 

Lawn Grass Mixtures 

No matter how much care is bestowed upon the preparation of the soil, the beauty of the lawn depends 
primarily upon the quality of the seed. We fully realize this very important fact and so does every up-to-date 
gardener. For this reason the Dreer mixtures have been blended with extreme care. They contain only 
grasses suitable to produce a good lawn and in addition to this the thoroughness with which they are cleaned 
results in an extra-heavy weight of about 12 1 ounces per quart which in turn insures a good stand of grass. 

Dreer 's "Golf Links" 




"The Dreer" Lawn Grass 

"The Dreer" Lawn Grass 

This is an unequalled mixture for a beautiful lawn. It will give 
a rich green velvety sod of fine texture and one that will be 
altogether free from coarse grasses which spoil the good appear- 
ance by producing clumps or knots. AU grasses included in this 
special mixture are permanent, fine bladed, and of an exceptionally 
good rich green color. Those who value a show lawn around their 
home will select "The Dreer" as it represents the finest mixture of 
lawn grasses that will give permanent results, adding to the home 
grounds that luxurious setting which is so important to its beauty. 
Pt. 30c; qt. 50c; 2 qts. 90c; 4 qts. $1.70; peck $3.25; J bu. (Hi 
lbs.) $6.25; bu. (25 lbs.) $12.00; 100 lbs. $47.00, prepaid. 

Dreer' s ''Evergreen" 

Those who have to seed considerable areas and want a show 
lawn at a lower cost will find Dreer's "Evergreen" a most service- 
able mixture of first class lawn grasses. The velvety appearance 
and rich green color of Dreer's "Evergreen" lawn has made this a 
favorite brand with many gardeners who appreciate the excellence 
of this special Dreer mixture. Pt. 25c; qt. 40c; 2 qts. 75c; 4 qts. 
$1.30; peck $2.50; i bu. (12i lbs.) $4.90; bu. (25 lbs.) $9.50; 100 lbs. 
$37.00, prepaid. 

*'Fairmount Park" Lawn Grass 

This is our popular low priced mixture well suited to various 
conditions of soil, giving good results even on small city grass plots 
where the soil frequently is stifi and heavy. It will produce a thick 
turf within a short time and is most satisfactory for lawns and 
other places receiving considerable hard wear. Composed of 
choice lawn grasses only. Pt. 20c; qt. 35c; 2 qts. 65c; 4 qts. $1.15; 
peck $2.20; i bu. (121 lbs.) $4.00; bu. (25 lbs.) $7.50; 100 lbs. 
$29.00, prepaid. 

"Shady Place" Lawn Grass 

A successful lawn in shaded areas is possible only where a special 
mixture of grasses suited to such conditions is used. Dreer's 
"Shady Place" will give a rich verdant lawn of good appearance 
under such conditions. With proper care such as regular feeding 
and watering it will be most satisfactory even under trees. Pt. 30c; 
qt. 55c; 2 qts. $1.00; 4 qts. $) .90; peck $3.50; | bu. (12* lbs.") $6.50; 
bu. (25 lbs.) $12.75; 100 lbs. $50.00, prepaid. 

"Terrace" Lawn Grass 

Unless a properly prepared mixture of lawn grasses is used on the 
terrace or other slopes the gardener will experience considerable 
difliculty to maintain a thick rich lawn. Dreer's "Terrace" lawn 
grass has been specially prepared for such positions and its success 
is due in no small measure to the use of deep rooting grasses which 
wQl take a firm hold of the soil within a comparatively short time. 
Pt. 30c; qt. 50c; 2 qts. 90c; 4 qts. $1.70; peck $3.25; | bu. (12i lbs.) 
$6.25; bu. (25 lbs.) $12.00; 100 lbs. $47.00, prepaid. 

Careful tests and exhaustive study are the background for this 
special golf fink mixture. In order to be successful it must be able 
to withstand the hard use suffered by the average fairway. It is 
splendid for Golf Courses, Fairways, Teeing Grounds, Football and 
Polo Fields, and other Athletic Grounds. It does not contain any 
white clover. Pt. 25c; qt. 40c; 2 qts. 75c; 4 qts. $1.30; peck $2.50; 
* bu. (12J lbs.) $4.90; bu. (.25 lbs.) $9.50; 100 lbs. $37.00, prepaid. 

"Putting Green" Mixture 

The most important requirement for a first class "Putting 
Green" mixture is the use of choice fine-bladed grasses which wiU 
make an even, low, thick sod that retains its rich green color 
throughout the season. Dreer's "Putting Green" mixture will 
eminently fill these requirements. It will stand continuous cutting 
and close tramping, since it contains a liberal proportion of Bent 
grass. Pt. 40c; qt. 75c; 2 qts. $1.40; 4 qts. $2.40; peck $4.50; 
i bu. (121 lbs.) $8.50; bu. (25 lbs.) $16.50; 100 lbs. $65.00, prepaid. 

"Seashore" Lawn Grass 

To establish a good green lawn at the seashore requires the use 
of a special mixture suited to such conditions. The deep-rooting 
grasses included are most important to success but since no lawn 
grass will thrive in sand it is quite important to top dress the area 
with a 4 inch layer of good garden soil. Pt. 25c; qt. 45c; 2 qts. 85c; 
4 qts. $1.60; peck $3.00; i bu. (12^ lbs.) $5.75; bu. (25 lbs.) $11.00; 
100 lbs. $43.00, prepaid. 

"Southern" Law^n Grass 

The establishment of a good lawn in tropical and semi-tropical 
cHmates will be comparatively easy by the use of this special 
"Southern" Lawn Grass mixture. It has been prepared with the 
utmost care and Bermuda grass is one of its many components. 
In order to insure success regular watering and periodical fertilizing 
are essential to maintain its vigorous growth. Pt. 25c; qt. 45c; 
2 qts. 85c; 4 qts. $1.50; peck $2.75; J bu. (12| lbs.) $5.25; bu. 
(25 lbs.) $10.00; 100 lbs. $39.00, prepaid. 

White Dutch Clover 

Those who prefer an extra-heavy stand of clover in their lawn 
should use White Dutch Clover at the rate of 2 to 4 ounces to each 
quart of seed. Sow this separately to effect an even distribution. 
Oz. 10c; i lb. 25c; J lb. 40c; lb. 75c; 5 lbs. $3.50; 10 lbs. $6.75; 
25 lbs. $16.00, prepaid. 

Kentish Wild White Clover 

This comes from Southern England and has proved a true 
perennial of dwarf growth. Well suited to lawns and pastures. 
Extra fine recleaned seed of high purity. Oz. 20c; j lb. 75c; 
i lb. $1.30; lb. $2.50, prepaid. 

Planted with "Shady Place" Lawn Grass 

All Lawn Grass Mixtures up to 100 lbs. will be sent prepaid, we reserving the right 
to ship by Parcel Post, Express, or Freight 


Dreer's Reliable 


For one hundred years Dreer's Vegetable Seeds have been the standard for both purity and 
vitality among the best gardeners in this country. They are grown with the utmost care from 
superior stock seed, gathered frcm the choicest specimens, and therefore represent the best that 
modern practice and modern science can produce. Needless to say they are carefully cleaned with 
modern machinery which eliminates all light seeds thereby insuring unusual high vitality to our 
stocks. The list of varieties we cffer is very complete containing both the standard older sorts 
and the best of the new ones. The cultural directions given in this book are for growing vegetables 
in the latitude of Philadelphia and allowance should be made for other sections. The varieties 
marked with a star (~if) have received awards in the All America Selections of vegetables. 

A.Spcira.gUIS — a DeUcwus Early Vegetable 

Asperge, Fr. 

Sparagio, Ital. 

Espdrroges, Sp. 

Spargel, Ger. 

One ounce of seed will produce about 200 plants and 4 to 5 pounds are needed to sow 
one acre. Sow early in the spring in weU-prepared soil allowing no less than 2 feet between 
the rows. Transplant the one-j'ear-old seedlings to their permanent bed early the follow- 
ing season. Ask for a free copy of our leaflet "Asparagus Cultui-e." 

12 Mary Washington Asparagus 

This is the finest of the Washington strains to be had. It produces large thick shoots of 
attractive appearance maturing slightly earlier than the original strain. The tips are 
compact and of rich purplish green color. The entire stalk from base to tip is remarkably 
tender. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c; lb. $1.50. 

8 Dreer's Eclipse. This variety is the result of careful selections. It produces extra- 
large, light green shoots with closely folded tips. Its delicious flavor and tenderness 
have made it a favorite with many. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; \ lb. 40c; lb. SI. 00. 

Arlichaut, Fr. 
Arliciocca, Ital. 


Alcachofa, Sp. 
Artischoke, Ger. 

Mary Washington .■\sparagiis 

1 Large Green Globe. Seeds may be sown indoors and plants potted same as 
Tomatoes and set out in April or May in rows 3 feet apart and 2 to 3 feet apart in the 
row; or can be sown outdoors in hills, and thinned out to one plant in hill. Plant in 
rich, deep, well-prepared soil. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 35c; oz. 60c; \ lb. S2.00. 

Dwarf or Bush Beans 

Wax or Yellow-Pod Varieties 

These Wax Beans are preferred by quite a few gardeners on account of 
their beautiful light color and their mild flavor. They are grown in the same 
manner as the green-pod varieties. 

65 Black Wax or Pencil Pod, Improved. An extra -fine early Bean of 
the highest quality. The pods are 6 to 7 inches long, round, nearly straight, 
positively stringless, and of a clear yellow. The plants are very strong and 
bear abundantly. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. S1.65, prepaid. 

71 Golden Wax, Improved Rust-Proof. The vines grow erect and 
bear the pods well off the ground, preventing rust and rot. The pods average 
five inches long. They are quite fleshy, straight, broad, flat, of a rich golden 
yeUow color, and stringless at all stages. A sure cropper for the small garden. 
Pkt. 10c; I lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. SI. 65, prepaid. 

79 Round-Pod Kidney or Brittle Wax. A fine early Bean of very high 
quality and one that we can unhesitatingly recommend. The pods grow up to 
6 inches long. They are thick, perfectly round, and of a clear yellow color. 
Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 30c; lb. 50c; 2 lbs. 90c; 5 lbs. §2.00, prepaid. 

84 Sure-Crop Stringless Wax. Resembles Bountiful in the sturdy 
character and disease-resistant constitution of its plants. It starts bearing 
within 60 days after seeds are sown. The pods average 6 to 7 inches long, are 
very meaty, flat but thick through. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 
5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

Other Weil-Known Wax Beans 


76 Refugee Stringless §0 10 

86 Unrivaled 10 

88 Wardwells Kidney 10 

90 Webber 10 


'. lb. 


2 lbs. 

5 lbs. 

SO 25 

SO 40 

SO 75 

SI 65 




1 65 




1 65 




1 65 

Round-Pod Kidney Wax Beans 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Dwarf or Bush Beans 

Indispensable in Every Garden 

Haricots, Fr. One pound will plant Haba, Sp. 

Faginoli, Ital. about 100 feet of drill. Bohnen, Ger. 

Culture — Plant after the weather has become firmly settled, say around 
the middle of May in the latitude of Philadelphia. Any good soil will produce 
a heavy crop but well-enriched sandy loam is particularly productive. Sow 
seeds in rows 2 to 2| feet apart dropping the beans 4 inches apart in the row. 
Cover about 2 inches deep. Cultivate only when dry. Make succession 
sowings 2 weeks apart up to August 1. Spray with Dutox to control Bean 

Green-Pod Varieties 


23 Bountiful 

Few other beans enjoy such tremendous popularity as this splendid, 
vigorous, and disease resistant variety. It has proved of particular value 
on lighter soils where the round-pod varieties fail to produce satisfactory 
crops. It bears the bulk of its crop within 75 days after planting with the 
first picking ready within 60 days. The pods are 6 inches long and 
f inch wide. They are brittle, tender, perfectly stringless, and very tasty. 
Pkt. 10c; § lb. 2oc; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

28 Dwarf Horticultural. Large green pods splashed with red. Mostly 
used for shell beans but good as snaps while young then being stringiest. 
Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 
59 Mammoth Stringless Green Pod. A very high quality midseason 
Bean bearing an enormous crop of thick, round, perfectly stringless pods 
ready for picking in 55 days. Of attractive color. Pkt. 10c; 
i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 
50 Red Valentine, Improved Extra-Early. A standard 
early Bean with medium sized, round, slightly curved pods 
ready 45 days after sowing. Of a beautiful medium green color and 
of good quality while young, but will develop a shght string. Pkt. 10c; 
^ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.55, prepaid. 
38 Refugee, Keeney's Stringless. A late Bean bearing a heavy crop 
of thick, round, light green pods 5 inches long. An ideal canning variety. 
Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 
57 Stringless Green Pod. Fleshy, long, round pods of excellent 
flavor and perfectly stringless. A favorite, particularly on medium to 
heavy soils where it produces an enormous crop. The first pods are 
ready for picking within 65 days after sowing. Of a rich green color 
remaining crisp and tender for a long time. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

21 Black Valentine Stringless 

A most desirable new Bean with dark green 
pods borne in great quantities. It is entirely 
stringless, matures very early, and produces 
large quantities of attractive, fleshy beans of a 
fine flavor. Pkt. lOr; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 
75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

Green Pod 

Bountiful Bush Bean — 
a great favorite for 
planting on lighter soils 

25 The Commodore— iVcw* 

A Dwarf Kentucky Wonder 

A sensational new Bean which we are sure 
will soon be grown on a large scale. Most 
gardeners are well acquainted with the 
enormously productive Pole Kentucky 
Wonder Beans and in this new variety we 
have a dwarf or bush form with nearly 
straight, fleshy, brittle, and stringless pods 
which measure 8 to 9 inches in length. We 
can highly recommend this for trial for 
everybody. Offered for the first time in the 
United States and highly recommended for a 
trial planting. Pkt. 25c; J lb. 60c; lb. $1.00, 

61 Tendergreen 

A Bean of real merit producing strong vigorous bushes laden with beautiful 
light green beans measuring 7 inches in length. The pods are round, very meaty, 
tender, and entirely stringless even when fuUy developed. Tendergreen already 
has made a name for itself entirely due to the fact that it is a quality variety. 
Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

The Commodore— A Dwarf Kentucky Wonder 

Plant Beans after the soil has warmed up and the weather is settled. 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 


Fordhook Bush Lima Beans 

Fordhook Bush Lima 

This splendid variety is well known 
wherever Lima Beans can be grown because 
it combines productiveness with choice 
quality. The plants make a vigorous, up- 
right growth so that the pods are held well 
above the soil surface. This keeps them 
clean and avoids rust and rot even during 
wet seasons. The pods are borne in clusters 
which accounts for the productiveness of 
this splendid variety. Each pod is about 
5 inches in length and contains 4 or 5 very 
thick, light green, oval beans which have a 
distinctive rich nut-like flavor quite unlike 
any other variety. Fordhook Bush Lima is 
a quick seller on all markets and home 
gardeners favor it for the heavy yield it will 
give and the exceptionally fine flavor of the 
thick beans. Pkt. 10c; -| lb. 25c; lb. 45c; 
2 lbs. 85c; 5 lbs. SI. 95, prepaid. 

109 Henderson's Bush Lima. This is 
the popular Baby Lima Bean — a bush form 
of the Small or Sieva Pole Lima. It is grown 
extensively by those who prefer small sized 
beans. Very productive bushes, 20 inches 
high, bearing a magnificent crop of pods 
3 inches long each containing 3 or 4 small 
white beans. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

Bush Lima Beans 

Culture— Lima Beans are very susceptible to cold and seeds should not be 
planted until the ground has become thoroughly warm. Sow about the same time 
that late trees, like Oaks, unfold their first leaves. Being gross feeders, they should 
be sown on well-enriched land, with the rows 22- feet apart, placing the beans six 
inches apart in the row, eye down. The two halves of the Lima Bean seed become 
its seedling leaves and unless the Beans are placed "eye down" the young plants 
find it most difficult to push through the soil. In light soil, cover about one inch 
deep, less on heavier soils. A good fertilizer applied at the rate of 20 pounds to 
every hundred feet of row, when the plants 
begin to bloom, will materially increase the 
yields. Hill plants slightly earlier in the 
season to hold the pods ofi the ground. One 
pound will plant 50 feet of row. 


Dreer's Wonder Bush Lima 

The most desirable Bush Lima Bean because 
it is extremely early and very productive. The 
plants are of strong upright bush growth. 
riiey are hea\nly laden with large pods many 
1 f which contain 4 beans each. These beans 
are fully as large as those of Pole Limas. 
Many gardeners pronounce the broad, flat 
beans much superior in flavor to those of the 
round, thick-seeded varieties. We higlily 
recommend it and suggest that you give it a 
thorough trial this year. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 2Sc; 
lb. 45c; 2 lbs. 85c; 5 lbs. S1.95, prepaid. 

103 Burpee Improved Bush Lima. A 

splendid Bean with pods measuring 5 J to 6 
inches in length and containing 5 or 6 
moderately thick, flat, white beans of good 
flavor. It is a productive variety of de- 
hcious flavor even when fully grown. 
Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 45c; 2 lbs. 85c; 
5 lbs. Sl-95, prepaid. 

105 Dreer's Bush Lima. This excellent 

Bean matures about a week or 10 days later 

than Dreer's Wonder Bush Lima. It is 

particularly recommended to home gardeners 

because it combines productiveness with 

choice quality. The beans are packed close 

together, 4 or 5 to a pod. They are thick 

and have a most delicious, sweet, and luscious 

flavor. It is a great favorite with many 

gardeners. Pkt. 10c; ^ lb. 25c; lb. 45c; — - 

2 lbs. 85c; 5 lbs. $2.00, prepaid. P''^,<^. ^^'og^er 

Bush Lima Bean 

llOMcCrea's Bush Lima 

This new variety is of considerable merit. The feature that will appeal to 
most gardeners is the fact that it has a remarkably sweet flavor. The plants are 
strong and upright carrying an abundance of heavy foliage. The light green, 
short, but very thick pods are equally as abundant and each pod contains from 
3 to 5 large plump rich green beans which are so tightly packed in the pod that 
many of them are almost square. Highly recommended to the home gardener 
and canner. Pkt. 15c; J lb. 25c; lb. 45c; 2 lbs. 85c; 5 lbs. Si. 95, prepaid. 

Bush Lima 

74 All Vegetable Seeds offered in this catalog are forwarded, transportation paid, anywhere in the 

United States, we reserving the privilege of shipping by parcel post, express, or freight 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Pole Lima Beans 

-For Extra-Heavy Crops 

Culture — Pole Limas are even less hardy than the Bush type and should not be planted until toward 
the end of May or when all danger of frost is passed. Set the poles about 4 feet apart each way and 
plant 6 to 8 beans, eye downward, around each pole. When plants are up, thin out to 3 plants to a pole. 
Pinch ofi the ends when plants overrun the top of the poles. It is good practice to use a shovelful of 
rich, light, well-rotted compost to each hill. One pound of seed will plant 75 to 100 hills. 

115 Carpinteria Lima. Vigorous, strong 
vines, producing large quantities of pods, 
usually containing four large beans each. The 
beans are thicker than the ordinary Limas 
and retain their pale green color even when 
in the dry state. Of choicest quality and 
attractive appearance. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

117 Dreer's Improved Pole 

Some gardeners know this variety as Chal- 
lenger or Potato Lima. It is a medium-late 
variety of strong growth, bearing a very 
heavy crop of attractive pods that shell out 
more beans from a given number of pods 
than any other Pole Lima. Each pod contains 

4 or 5 thick and attractive, light green beans. 
Pkt. 10c; 1 lb. 25c; lb. 45c; 2 lbs. 85c; 

5 lbs. $1.75, prepaid. 

121 King of the Garden. An old favorite 
variety of vigorous growth bearing large, dark 
green pods with four or five large white beans 
of splendid quality. An improved Large 
White Lima that yields heavy crops. Pkt. 10c; 
i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; S lbs. $1.65, 

122 Leviathan Early. The earliest large- 
podded Pole variety in cultivation and an 
enormous cropper. The pods are 5 to 6 inches 
long and contain 5 or 6 beans each. The 
shelled beans are of excellent quality. Pkt. 10c; 
J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 7Sc; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

125 Small or Sieva. The poles are literally 

loaded with small, well-filled pods. Small 
white beans, like the Henderson Bush variety. 
This is a fine Bean for home canning on account 
of its tasty flavor. Pkt. 10c; | lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.55, prepaid. 

Pole or Running Beans 

Dreer's Improved 
Pole Lima Bean 

Very Productive Types 

Culture —Pole Beans are vigorous growers and will produce 
a heavy crop of beans if grown on fertile ground which has 
been enriched with well-rotted manure or a complete fertilizer. 
As they are less hardy than the bush varieties start sowing 
about a week later. Set the poles 4 feet apart and place 
8 to 10 beans around each. Or they may be grown on a trellis. 
One pound of seed is sufficient to plant 100 poles or hills. 

Green-Pod Varieties 

128 Kentucky Wonder or Old Homestead. This splendid bean combines size and 
quality in an extraordinary degree. The pods generally are borne in clusters of 2 to 4, 
each pod measuring 7 to 8 inches long. They are deeply saddle-backed, very fleshy, and 
are best picked before they reach full size. Where poles are not available, wire or heavy 
string supports should be provided since the vines are rank growers, bearing exceptionally 
heavy crops. Pkt. 10c; | lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.55, prepaid. 

Pkt. J lb. Lb. 2 lbs. 5 lbs. 
127 Horticultural or Cranberry $0 10 $0 25 $0 35 $0 65 $1 55 

129 Lazy Wife 10 25 40 70 1 65 

131 Scarlet Runner 10 25 45 80 185 

132 White Creaseback 10 25 35 60 1 45 

Wax-Pod Pole Beans 

136 Dreer's Golden Cluster Wax. An early, vigorous, and hardy variety with 
attractive waxy yellow pods which measure 6 inches in length and are f inch broad. The 
pods are borne in clusters of 4 to 6. They are fleshy, fine-grained, and attractive. Pkt. 10c; 
J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

137 Kentucky Wonder Wax. This yellow-pod Kentucky Wonder bears a large crop 
of rich golden yellow beans. The pods are flat and fleshy, measuring 7 to 8 inches in 
length. Very attractive, brittle, and tasty but develop slight strings. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans 

Shell Beans— i^or Soup or Baking 


93 Boston Pea {Navy) $0 10 

95 Red Kidney 10 

97 White Kidney 10 

99 White Marrowfat 10 



2 lbs. 

5 lbs. 

50 25 

$0 30 

$0 55 

$1 35 




1 50 




1 50 




1 50 

Culture —These are grown to maturity, 
dried, shelled, and stored for winter use, being 
used exclusively for baking and for soups. They 
are superior in every way to canned beans. 


Grow Pole Limas in succession to supply you all summer long 

142 Crimson Globe Improved 

A new and greatly improved strain of this attractive, 
smooth, globe-shaped Beet. It is a main-crop variety of 
excellent appearance and remarkable uniformity. Has small 
dark bronzy red foliage. One of the outstanding features is 
the fact that even when fully grown the fine-grained purplish 
red flesh is most delicious and very sweet. Another appealing 
feature is the uniformity and solid color of the tender and 
tasty flesh. PkI. 10c; oz. 20c; } lb. 60c; lb. SI. 75. 

145 Crosby's Egyptian, Dreer's Special. A beautiful 
Beet with bright red skin an i vermilion-re 1 flesh. Fine grained, 
sweet, tender, and palatable. Our special strain has been 
selected for uniformity of shape, extreme earliness, and fine 
eating qualities. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

149 Detroit Dark Red. A choice early variety. The tops 
make a small and upright growth, a valuable feature where space 
is limited. The roots are globe-shaped. Deep red skin and flesh 
showing no light zones. The beets are sweet when cooked, and it 
is a splendid variety for canning. Ready for use within 60 days 
after sowing seeds. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. SI. 50. 

Dreer's Reliable 


Table Beets 

A universal favorite either hot or pickled 
One ounce will sow 50 feet of drill; 6 lbs. for an acre. 

Betterave, Fr. Remolaclia, Sp. 

Barbabietola, Ital. Ruebe, Ger. 

One of the earliest vegetables the garden 3'ields and one of the 
first to be sown or planted into the garden. For a continuous 
supply throughout the season, make the first sowing outdoors 
along middle of April and e\ery two weeks thereafter up to 
August 1st. To be most palatable. Beets shoulo be eaten while 
quite young when the bulbs average two inches in diameter, no 
more. To secure a good start outdoors, the gardener should 
always walk over the rows after the seeds are sown and seedlings 
should be thinned to stand 3 to 4 inches apart in the row. Those 
that are pulled up wiU make good greens or may be transplanted 
into other rows. Beet tops are rich in iron. 
164 Early Wonder. An early globe-shaped Beet of uniform 

size. Similar to Crosby's Egyptian. It has a smooth skin and 

beautiful deep blood red flesh that cooks sweet and tender. 

Recommended for either spring or late-summer sowing. 

Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 

162 Dreer's Rosebud 

We consider this new Beet worthy of a place in everj' garden 
as it is one of the prettiest Beets of high quality that we have 
ever seen. The roots are perfectly round and have a clear 
rich red skin. The flesh is a beautiful uniform deep red show- 
ing no light zones. It is the ideal type for canning and pickling 
as well as for home cooking. Most delicious when IJ inches 
in diameter. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 60c; lb. 81.50. 

Other Well-Known Beet Varieties 



Bastian's Half Long . $0 10 

Bassano 10 

Eclipse. .. .■ 05 

Edmands 05 

Egyptian Extra-Early 

Flat 10 

Lentz 10 

Long Dark Blood 10 


SO 20 







SO 45 






SI 50 
1 25 
1 25 
1 25 

1 25 
1 25 
1 25 

Mangel Wurzel 

Sow 6 lbs. to acre, in May or June, in rows 2 feet apart, and 
thin to 9 inches. Give the crop good cultivation. 

177 Mammoth Long Red. This is a favorite variety with 
Dairymen. Produces enormous crops of fine solid roots. 
Splendid keeper and excellent for poultry feed. Oz. 10c; 
\ lb. 25c; lb. 60c; 10 lbs. S5.00, prepaid. 

173 Golden Tankard. Indispensable owing to its produc- 
tiveness and richness in saccharine matter. Deep yellow flesh 
and skin. Oz. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 60c; 10 lbs. S5.6o, prepaid. 

Swiss Chard 

Poiree, Fr. 
Bieta, Ital. 

Bleda, Sp. 
Beisskohl, Ger. 

Delicious Summer Greens 

Sow one ounce to 100 feet of row. Swiss Chard is a 
wholesome vegetable taking the place of Spinach during the 
summertime. It will yield a truly tremendous quantity of greens 
beginning with the first thinnings and ending with frost. 

167 Giant Lucullus. Vigorous plants of upright growth 
yielding an extra-large quantity of curly light green leaves of 
mild flavor. The white mid-ribs give a tasty dish prepared 
like Asparagus. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 

169 Lyons. Large, dark green, heavily savoyed leaves with 
broad white mid-ribs. Begin cutting after plants are a foot high. 
Like the preceding the leaf ribs arc exrellcnt prepared and served 
like Asparagus. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 

Sugar Beet 

Sow same as Mangels, except thin to 6 to 8 inches in the row. 
170 Klein Wanzleben. Without question the best in culti- 
vation; not the largest in size, but the richest in sugar content. 
Oz. lOc; i lb. 25c; lb. 60c: 10 lbs. 85.00. prepaid. 

Lyons Swiss Chard 


Swiss Chard gives wholesome greens all summer long 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 


Chou-Brocoli, Fr. 
Cavol Broccolo, Ital. 

Broculi, Sp. 
Spargel Kohl, Ger. 

One ounce will produce about 1500 plants. 

180 White Cape. An excellent variety, forming heads of a 
creamy white color and of good flavor. We are oflfering an 
excellent strain of this, the heads being quite equal to good 
CauUflower. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 30c; oz. 50c; } lb. $1.75. 

179 Sprouting Broccoli 

Rich in Iron and other Tonic Qualities 

This fine, easily grown 
vegetable is now seen in 
all better produce stores 
and markets. It has 
proved exceptionally pop- 
ular. It resembles Cauli- 
flower, yet the taste is 
more refined and the 
texture finer and more 
tender. Furthermore it 
is easy to grow and very 
wholesome. Pkt. 15c; 2 oz. 
30c; oz. SOc; \ lb. $1.75. 

Brussels Sprouts 

Chou de Bruxelles, Fr. Rosen Kohl, Ger. 
Cavolo, Ital. Bretons de Bniselas, Sp. 

Tender Fall and Winter Greens 
One ounce will produce about 2500 plants 

183 Dreer's Select Matchless. A very choice select strain 
of this delicious vegetable with tightly folded sprouts produced 
all along the stem. The small spoon-shaped leaves wrap 
around one another and form solid, round heads from the bottom 
up. If the lower ones are cut for use, additional heads will 
form in succession up to the top of the stem. Very tender and 
tasty. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.15. 

182 Long Island Half-Dwarf. This is an American 
variety that endures our climatic condition better than the 
foreign sorts and it is much freer from mildew and aphids. 
The plants are of compact growth with the stem set solidly 
with large, tightly folded sprouts. Produces a heavy crop of 
tasty and tender sprouts. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 20c; oz. 35c; i lb. 90c. 

Cardon, Fr. t^awe^f\r^-r> Cardo, Sp. 
Cardo, Ital. ^-'C** tt«JC»ll Kardon, Ger. 

230 Large Smooth Solid. Grown for its stalks and ribs 
which are tied together and blanched for 3 to 4 weeks previous 
to table use. The plants must never lack moisture. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c; oz. 40c; \ lb. $1.10. 

Perifollo, Sp. 
Kerbel, Ger. 

Cerfeuil, Fr. CH^rVll 

Cerfoglio, Ital. V,^lic;i Vll 

296 Curled Chervil. The aromatic leaves are used for 
seasoning and in salads. It is cultivated like Parsley sowing 
one ounce to 100 feet of row. Sow in well-prepared soil any 
time during the spring. Does well in partial shade. Easy to 
grow. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; lb. $2.50. 

Chicoree, Fr. i^V^ir*r^-*»-<i.T Achicoria, Sp. 

Cicoria, Ital. ^^lilCOi jr Cichorie, Ger. 

A Choice Winter Salad 

300 Witloof Chicory or French Endive. A delicious 
winter salad. Forced after the roots have been grown during 
the summertime in the same way as Parsnips are grown. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; lb. $2.25. 

299 Large Rooted. Grown for the roots only which after 
roasting are mixed with coffee or used as a substitute. Sow seed 
early in spring and grow like carrots. One ounce to 100 feet of 
driU. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; J lb. 50c; lb. $1.75. 


Chou-fleur, Fr. Coliflor, Sp. 

Cavol-fiore, Ital. Blumenkohl, Ger. 

One ounce of Cauliflower seed will produce 
about 2000 plants. 

For an early crop sow in the hotbed or greenhouse during 
January or February. For late Cauliflower start the plants in the 
open or a frame the same as Cabbage. Cauliflower requires a 
rich moist soil to grow to perfection. 

260 Early Snowball. A very early variety, producing a 
magnificent head of snowy whiteness. Head is very compact, 
even, and fine-grained, forming very quickly and will keep in 
condition for a long time without showing discoloration. The 
outer leaves are erect tending to protect the young head from 
the hot sun. A most desirable strain of this fine vegetable 
succeeding equally well either outdoors or in the hotbed. 
Pkt. 15c; i oz. $1.00; | oz. $1.85; oz. $3.00. 

256 Dry-Weather or Danish Giant. A fine variety 
especially adapted to sections subjected to long, dry seasons. 
The heads grow to a large size, are very solid, pure white, 
and of delicious flavor. It is not suited to forcing or growing 
under glass. One of the safest sorts for the amateur to grow. 
Pkt. 20c; } oz. $1.25; -^- oz. $2.00; oz. $3.50. 

257 Dreer's Selected Dwarf Erfurt. Suitable for either 
forcing or open ground. It produces a solid, pure white, 
medium size head of excellent quality and is one of the most 
reliable for the amateur. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 90c; § oz. $1.75; 


Late Cauliflower 


255 Algiers $0 10 

259 Half Early Paris 15 

262 Veitch's Autumn Giant 10 


\ oz. 



$0 40 

$0 75 







261 Dreer's Early Snowstorm 
Super Strain 

This again has been brought to the highest point of perfec- 
tion through the most careful reselection of plants by our seed 
growers in Denmark. It has been tried by our customers in 
many sections and they all agree that it is the best they ever 
grew. The plants are compact, with short outer leaves and can 
be planted as close as 2 feet apart each way It always makes 
a fine, large, and exceedingly beautiful snowy white head. 
Matures much earlier than any other variety and is a sure 
prize-winner at Fairs or Exhibitions. Pkt. 25c; \ oz. $1.50; 
J oz. $2.50; oz. $4.50. 

Include some of the newer and rarer vegetables in your garden this year 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Chou pomme, Fr. 
Cavolo, Ital. 


Repollo, Sp. 
Kohl, Kraut, Ger. 

Late or Winter Cabbages 

An All-year-round Vegetable 
Sow one ounce for 2 ,000 plants ; 6 ounces for one acre. 
Early Varieties 

193 Copenhagen Market. This excellent variety can be 
depended upon to make large solid heads at an early season. 
The heads are grown upon a remarkably short stem. They are 
of good qualitj-, solid and large, weighing 7 to 10 pounds each, 
and have light green leaves. It is the largest of the early round- 
headed varieties. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. SI. 25. 

204 Golden Acre 

This excellent variety is the earliest round-headed Cabbage. 
It will mature at least 7 days ahead of the regular strains of 
Jersey Wakefield, considered the standard Early of the country. 
The heads of Golden Acre Cabbage are perfectly round, firm, 
and of exceptionaUy fine texture, heavy mid-ribs being entirely 
absent. They average about 4 pounds in weight and produce 
very few outer leaves, permitting close planting in the row. 
Pkt. 15c; I oz. 30c; oz. 50c; \ lb. S1.50. 

206 Jersey Wakefield, Selected Early. This special 
strain of Jersey Wakefield is still the most popular early Cabbage. 
It has been most carefully selected for extra-early maturity, 
for solid, pointed heads of uniform size and shape, fine texture, 
and quality. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 35c; i lb. $1.00. 

Other Well Known Varieties 

Pkt. i oz. Oz. i lb. 

185 All Head Early $0 05 SO 20 SO 35 $0 90 

191 Charleston Wakefield 10 25 40 125 

214 Early Summer 10 20 35 1 00 

202 Enkhuizen Glory 10 25 40 125 

208 Jersey Wakefield Extra-Early 10 25 40 125 

212 Succession 10 20 35 100 

Yellows-Resistant Cabbage 

The four Cabbages listed under this heading are highly rec- 
ommended where other Cabbages faU to yield satisfactorily, 
due to the wilt or yellows. 

224 Golden Acre. A yellows-resistant strain of this well- 
known sorL The plants are small and very compact with 
round solid heads weighing 3 to 3J lbs. each. Very uniform. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 30c; oz. 60c; | lb. 81.75. 

226 Marion Market. This resembles Copenhagen Mar- 
ket with its early round heads but it matures about 10 days 
later. Very soHd. Pkt. 15c; i, oz. 40c; oz. 75c; J lb. $2.00. 

227 Wisconsin All Seasons. A selection from All 
Seasons. Very solid, slightly flattened heads. Fine for 
early or late. Pkt. 15c; J oz- 30c; oz. 60c; i lb. $1.75. 

228 Wisconsin Hollander No. 8. One of the first 
"resistant" Cabbages introduced. Has attractive, large, 
round heads which are exceptionally solid. Splendid for 
Kraut and winter. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 30c; oz. 50c; i lb. $1.50. 

Red Cabbage 

205 Haco Early Red. The earliest Red Cabbage. A 
small, round, carlj- sort. Makes a very solid head of delicate 
texture. Pkt. 10c; .; oz. 35c; oz. 60c; i lb. $1.50. 

219 Mammoth Rock Red. The largest red Cabbage and 
a sure-heading sort; round and solid and a favorite for home 
pickling. Pkt. lOc; I oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.25. 

Savoy Cabbage 

210 Perfection Drumhead Savoy. The plants are strong 
and vigorous, deep green, and heavily savoycd and curled. In 
flavor. Savoy cabbage is quite distinct, preferred by many to 
any other Cabbage, and we highly recommend it. Pkt. 10c; 
i oz. 20c; oz. 35c; i lb. Sl.OO. 

Danish Ballhead 

195 Danish Ballhead. The leading late tall-stem variety 
in many sections and a fine sauerkraut Cabbage. Heads 
average 10 to 12 pounds each. They are round, fine keepers. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 40c; J lb. $1.25. 

197 Penn State Ballhead. A very special stock of this 
■y^splendid, late, short-stemmed, roimd-headed Cabbage noted 
for its exceptionaDy fine quality. It is a sure header and 
produces a heavy crop due to the solidity of the heads. Pkt. 
15c; ^ oz. 30c; oz. 50c; | lb. SI. 75. 
201 Dreer's Giant Globe. This new variety forms an 
immense solid head, and under favorable conditions of soil 
and sufficient moisture often reaches a weight of 30 pounds. 
The interior is white and very sohd. Much used for late 
planting though also good as a second-early. Splendid for 
sauerkrauL Pkt. 15c; J oz. 30c; oz. 50c; J lb. $1.75. 

Pkt. i oz. Oz. i lb. 

196 Danish Roundhead SO 10 $0 20 $0 35 $100 

200 Late Flat Dutch 10 20 35 1 00 

Chinese or Celery Cabbage 

A most delectable and 
palatable vegetable scr\-ed 
either raw as salad or 
cooked like Cabbage. 
AVhere the summers are 
hot seeds should not be 
sown before the middle of 
July to produce a crop 
late in the fall. 

222 Wong Bok. Large, 

solid, compact heads which 
are self-closing and require 
no tying up. Pkt. 10c; 
^ oz. 25c; oz. 40c; \ lb. 

223 Improved Peking. The 

heads are long and compact 
with all but the outer leaves 
blanching to a beautiful creamy 
white. We offer an exception- 
ally fine strain. Pkt. 10c; 
J oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.00. 

Chinese Cabbage Improved Peking 

Fresh cabbage, cut from your own garden, is vastly superior to "store" cabbage 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Carotte, Fr. 
Car Ota, Ital. 


Zanahoria, Sp. 
Moehre, Ger. 

Wholesome either Cooked or Raw 
One ounce will sow 100 feet of drill; 3 to 4 pounds for an acre. 

Culture— One of the few crops that will do well in all soils though a 
good, deep, friable loam will produce the best looking roots. For an early 
supply, sow seeds of early sorts as soon as the soil can be dug, placing rows 
18 to 24 inches apart and thinning out seedlings to stand 2 to 3 inches apart 
in the row. Make repeated sowings every 2 weeks. For a winter supply, 
sow the larger growing firm-fleshed varieties like Danvers, Rubicon, etc., 
any time during May. The much larger stock varieties should be thinned 
out to stand 6 to 8 inches apart in rows, 2} to 3 feet apart. Varieties marked 
with a star (*) are the best for stock feeding. 

232 Chantenay , Improved Red Cored. A large, thick, stump-rooted 
carrot slightly tapering towards the bottom. The orange-red skin is very 
smooth, making it of very attractive appearance. The quahty is most 
excellent, being very crisp and tender with core hardly distinguishable. 
A splendid carrot for use throughout the summer and fall, and excellent 
for winter storing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; | lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

234 Danvers' Half-Long Orange. More extensively grown than 
any other Carrot. Of rich orange-red color, smooth, and handsome. 
The roots are 6 to 7 inches long and taper to a blunt point. They are 
sweet, crisp, and tender. Produces more bulk to the acre than the larger, 
longer varieties. This also is a good sort for the home gardener to grow 
for storing over winter. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; | lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

246 Short Horn, Earliest (French Forcing). One of the earliest of all 
Carrots with almost globular, reddish orange roots which measure 2 inches 
long. Equally good for forcing under glass and for early or late outdoor 
sowing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

239 Morse's Bunching. A new variety of special interest to the 

•;^home gardener. Forms attractive deep orange carrots, 7 to 8 inches 

long by Ij inches thick. They are almost cylindrical with an abrupt 

stump root. Tender, brittle, and very sweet, showing a faint core. 

Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

marked -ir re- 
ceived awards 
in the All- 
Am e- r i c a 

Rubicon Improved 

242 Rubicon, Improved. This 
is a beautiful half-long stump- 
rooted Carrot of about the same 
length as the well-known Danvers; 
but of typical cylindrical form. 
The flesh is an attractive rich dark 
orange. It is fine grained, excep- 
tionally sweet, and mild. Re- 
markably clean skinned and easily 
pulled. Grows to perfection on a 
deep mellow soil. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 25c; i lb. 65c; lb. $2.00. 

240 Perfect Forcing, Dreer's. 

A popular early Carrot for the 
garden and for forcing under glass. 
The half-long cylindrical roots are 
of uniform size and an attractive 
bright scarlet color. They have 
small tops and tender, sweet, fine- 
grained flesh. The small tender core 
is hardly noticeable in the young 
roots. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 65c; 
lb. $2.00. 

Scarlet Horn, Early Carrots 

244 Scarlet Horn, Early. May be planted very early in 
spring and is an excellent summer variety. The roots grow 
about 2| to 3 inches long. They are reddish orange and of good 
iiavor. They have small tops and may be grown either in frames 
or in the open ground. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

238 *Long Orange, Nichol's Improved. Of deep orange 
color. Very productive. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

236 Oxheart or Guerande. Bright orange, short, thick, 
fine-grained roots. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

252 *White Belgian, Large. A very productive stock 
feeding carrot. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; I lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

248 *St. Valery. Medium long orange-colored roots, 
good flavor. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 



/ * 

/ 237 

This new Carrot 
is bound to be- 
come very popu- 
lar as it combines 
attractive appear- 
ance with first- 
class quahty. The 
roots are 7 to 
8 inches long, 
tapering gradual- 
ly toward the tip. 
They are easily 
pulled. The fine- 
grained, deep or- 
ange flesh is of 
exceptionally mild 
and sweet flavor. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
lib. 65c;lb. $2.00. 

Quality seeds are 
the only ones that 
can produce Qual- 
ity Vegetables. 

Young CeuTots freshly pulled are delicious either cooked or grated raw in salads 


[ SjUliEE M^ (DME MMWIDIIl^MiyriM AMMa^nEM^UHir nmmj^^m 

Celeri, Fr. 
Sedafw, Apia, Ital 


Appetizing, Crisp, Cool, and Refreshing 

Apia, Sp. 

Bleich Sellerie, Ger. 

The Early Kinds 

265 Crispheart 

A new early green celery of high quality. Grows 
25 to 30 inches tall with broad thick stems 8 to 10 
inches to the first joint. Compact, full, long hearts 
of rich creamy yellow and exceptional crispness 
and flavor. Pkt. 30c; J oz. S2.00; oz. S3. 50. 

276 Golden Self-Blanching. An early, dwarf 
variety perfectly suited to home garden culture. 
Medium-size, sticky plants with thick, solid, crisp 
stalks of distinct flavor. Compact, clear golden 
yellow hearts. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 35c; oz. 60c; \ lb. S2.00. 


1 i 




1 J 



A large early celery 
of superfine quality 
and splendid appear- 
ance. Produces 
heavy stalks with a 
full, solid heart of a 
beautiful golden yel- 
low color. Easy to 
blanch, a good keep- 
er and always of the 
crisp, brittle, and 
nutty quality so 
much desired. Shows 
a marked resistance 
to blight and has 
proved a valuable 
variety particularly 
where other yellow 
varieties have 
proved unreliable. 
Pkt. 25c; ioz.Sl.25; 
oz. S2.00. 

270 Easy Blanching. Excellent both for early 
use and for keeping during winter. The plants make 
a quick, healthy growth to a large size and the thick 
stalks blanch pure white. They are very tender and 
brittle, with a rich flavor. Good keeper. Pkt. 15c; 
\ oz. 50c; oz. 75c; J lb. S2.50. 

iDOTH nnnivERsnRY offer 

6107 High Quality "Utility" Assortment 

Moss Curled Parsley Value 
Mixed Herbs 30c for 

Carentan Leek 20c 

One pkt. 


One ounce of seed will produce about 2000 plants. 

Culture — For an early supply, sow seeds of early varieties in flats 
during February. Celery seed is of slow germination and the surface of the 
flats should be kept constantly moist. Cover the seeds with sand rather 
than soil because sand will not grow hard or bake. When the young seedlings 
are big enough to be handled, transplant them into other flats, 2 to 3 inches 
apart each way. 

Harden gradually and by middle of April set out in the garden in rows 
3 feet apart with 6 inches between the plants in the row. Cultivate freely 
and water abundantly. This will give you Celery beginning middle of 
October and up to Christmas. For a later supply start seeds of the winter 
keepers in a hot bed about middle of March to April first. Transplant to 
the garden June first and blanch gradually as the plants increase in size. 
Soil, boards, or paper may be used for blanching. 

The Winter Keepers 

269 Emperor. A fine keeping Celery for 
fall and winter use. Of compact gro-n-th 
averaging 18 inches in height, with unusu- 
ally thick white stalks and a pale yellow 
heart. Very crisp and brittle, never show- 
ing any signs of strings. Famous for its 
delightful nutty flavor. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; 
oz. 50c; \ lb. SI. 50. 

282 Giant Pascal. A popular late vari- 
ety. The stalks are very large, thick, and 
blanch a creamy white. Solid, crisp, and 
of a rich, nutty flavor. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 20c; 
oz. 35c; \ lb. SI. 25. 

288 Utah Pascal 

An excellent variety for fall use matur- 
ing a week or 10 days earlier than Giant 
Pascal. The plants are stocky, full-hearted, 
and compact. The stems are thick, solid, 
medium broad, and well-rounded. Of 
extra-fine quality and flavor and now 
well-known in all produce stores where 
it is in great demand on account of its 
attractive appearance and high quality. 
Pkt. 20c; I oz. 55c; oz. Sl.OO; \ lb. S3.50. 

Emperor Celery 

280 Dreer's Monarch. Large stalks 

with bright goLien yellow heart; solid and 

of delicious flavor, and an easy sort to 

blanch. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 35c; oz. 65c; 

\ lb. S2.00. 
284 Perfected White Plume. A fall or early winter sort which requires 

little blanching. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25..; oz. 40c; \ lb. $1.25. 
290 Winter Queen. Thick, broad, pale green stalks with creamy 

white heart. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 40c; \ lb. $1.25. 
283 Soup or Flavoring Celery. The young growth and seeds are 

used for flavoring. Oz. 10c; \ lb. 20c; lb. 60c. 

Chou Coba, Fr. Cabu, Sp. 

Cavolo Verde, Ital. Futterkokl, Ger. 

Culture— Sow at the same time as late Cabbage about the 
middle of May directly where to grow, spacing the rows 2 feet 
apart. The flavor is improved after frost has touched the plants. 
One ounce will produce about 2,000 plants. 

302 Creole or Southern. Grows 2 to 3 feet high and forms 
thick bunches of delicate tender leaves which arc slightly curled 
at the edges. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 85c. 

303 Special Heading. More compact than the preceding 
with the leaf clusters inclined to curl inward forming a loose 
head. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 45c; lb. $1.25. 

CeleriaC — Turnip-Rooted Celery 

Celeri-rave, Fr. Aplo-naha, Sp. 

Sedano-rapa, It.\l. Knollen Sellerie, Ger. 

Culture— Celeriac is grown for the root only which is boiled 
until quite tender and served cold with French dressing. Also 
fine for stews, soups, or chopped in raw salads. As eisy to grow 
as any other root crop though seed is best started early indoors. 
292 Apple-Shaped. Smooth, round fruits that form solid 

crisp flesh with a rich celery flavor. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 20c; oz. 35c; 

1 lb. Sl.OO. 
294 Giant Smooth Prague. A very large variety with huge 

roots of fine crisp quality and rich flavor. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 20c; 

oz. 35c; i lb. $1.00. 


Every home garden should include a row or two of Celery and Celeriac 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Sweet or Sugar Corn 

Mais, Fr. 

Grano turco, Ital. 

Maiz, Sp. 

Zucker Mais, Ger. 

CULTURE -Seed is liable to rot if planted in 
cold ground. About middle of May when soil is warm 
plant in hills 3 feet apart each way, covering about 8 
or 10 seeds half an inch and thin out to three plants 
to a hill, or plant in rows 3 feet apart, and thin out 
plants to stand 12 inches apart in the rows. For 
succession plant early sorts every two weeks up to July 
15. One pound will plant 100 hills, or about 
250 feet of row. 

The Early White Sorts 

307 Dreer's Aristocrat. A desirable extra-early 
Corn. The ears are 8 inches long and have 8 or 10 
rows of broad, white grains of tender quality. This 
variety is very productive, usually bearing two 
handsome ears to each stalk. Pkt. 10c; | lb. 25c; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

327 Dreer's Extra-Early "Independence". 

A choice early variety with ears measuring 6 to 7 
inches long, set with 12 rows of plump, milky white, 
luscious, sweet grains. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

326 Howling Mob. A large-eared second-early 
variety with ears 8 to 9 inches long set with 16 rows 
of pure white grains. Of most appetizing sweet flavor 
that has made it most popular. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 2Sc; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

348 Vanguard— Hjg/j/y Disease-Resistant 

This is not only the finest of the early white- 
grained varieties but it further excels others in 
showing unusual resistance to the destructive 
Stewart's Disease. It produces fine large ears 
which average 8 inches in length and are closely 
set with 12 rows of beautiful pearly white grains 
of high quality. We highly recommend this variety 
to all gardeners whether they have been troubled 
with Stewart's Disease or not. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 30c; 
lb. 50c; 2 lbs. 90c; 5 lbs. $2.00, prepaid. 

Dreer's Aristocrat 

304 Adams' Extra Early. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 55c; 5 lbs. $1.35, prepaid. 

310 Black Mexican. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

332 Mammoth White Cory. Pkt. 10c; ^ lb. 2Sc; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

Main-Crop White Sorts 

In this class we have some of the great favorites that supply the de- 
mand for tender, sweet, and tasty Sweet Com during the main season. 

313 Country Gentleman. This is the 
popular Shoe Peg Corn which matures its 
large attractive ears in about 110 days after 
planting. That makes it a week later than 
the popular Stowell's Evergreen. The ears 
are of medium size, set with deep grains ir- 
regularly arranged on the cob. Deliciously 
sweet and tender. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

315 Early Evergreen. This resembles 
Stowell's Evergreen having the ^ame deep 
grain and thin cob but it is ready about 10 
days earlier and remains in good condition 
equally as long. The ears grow about 8 
inches long and they are set with 14 to 20 
rows of sweet grains. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

330 Mammoth Late. This is the largest 
eared of all Sweet Corns yet it matures about 
a week earlier than Stowell's Evergreen. The 
ears measure 10 inches long and they are set 
with 16 rows of broad, thin skinned kernels 
which have a tempting, sweet, appetizing 
flavor. Splendid for market and home use. 
Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 
5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

347 Stowell's Evergreen, Improved. A 

most reliable and therefore most popular 
main-crop Sweet Corn bearing a heavy crop 
of ears that measure 8 inches in length. The 
deep grains are set in straight and even rows 
on a very thin cob. Remains in good condi- 
tion for a long time. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 


You can depend upon 
the quality of the vari- 
eties of vegetables 
oflEered in Dreer's Gar- 
den Book. They have 
been chosen with great 
care and present the 
finest strains available. 

Always grow Sweet Corn in blocks of not less than three rows 


Kingscrost Golden Bantam 

Tasty Golden Yellow Sweet or Sugar Corn 

318 Golden Bantam. Though many varieties of Sweet Corn 
have been introduced since Golden Bantam made its appearance 
none so far has surpassed it in sweetness and distinct buttery 
flavor. Its great popularity is due not only to its luscious sweet 
flavor but also to the fact that it is easily eaten from the cob 
because the ears are handy, measuring six inches in length. 
Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. S1.65, prepaid. 

321 Golden Colonel. You are bound to be most favorably 
■;^impressed with this splendid new Sweet Com which in some 

ways is similar to Golden Cream. It excels this variety in 
having larger ears ^\nth deeper, narrower grains set irregularly 
like those of Country Gentleman. A first-class Sweet Com 
and most desirable in every way with delicious tender pulp 
which is tasty and unusually sweet. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 45c; 
2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. SI. 75. 

320 Golden Cream. Sometimes called Golden Country 
Gentleman as it is a cross of this variety and Golden Bantam 
combining the character of the former with the color and quality 
of the latter. Ready for use 85 to 90 days after sowing. Long, 
pointed grains of rich golden yellow color. Pkt. 10c; 5 lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

324 Golden Giant. The giant among the yellow varieties 
with ears measuring 8 inches long. Matures its handsome ears 
about a week before Golden Bantam. Each cob is tightly set 
with 16 or 18 rows of sugary creamy yellow kernels covered by 
a thin tender skin. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 
5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

322 Golden Sunshine. An extra-early variety growing 4j 
to 5 feet tall. Highly valued for the early maturity of its 12 
rowed ears. 7 to 8 days ahead of Golden Bantam yet the ears 
are fully an inch longer than that famous variety. Of excep- 
tionally fine quality. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 
5 lbs. SI. 65, prepaid. 

Pop Corn 

Ready in 130 days. 

Pkt. J lb. 1 lb. 2 lbs. 5 lbs, 

351 Queens Golden. ..SO 10 $0 25 $0 35 $0 55 $125 

352 South American 

Mushroom 10 25 35 55 125 

353 White Eice 10 25 35 55 125 

Corn Salad (Fetticus) 

Mache,FR. Valeriana, It al. Can6nigos,Sp. Feldsalat, Gek. 

Culture— A very fine and distinct salad or salad condiment 
of which both leaves and stems are used. Indispensable in all 
kinds of mixed salads. Sow in spring in drills 1 foot apart, it will 
be ready for cutting in six to eight weeks. For winter and early 
spring use, sow in drills in August and September. Three 
ounces to 100 feet of drill. 

355 Large Seeded. Vigorous grower, producing large 

healthy plants with oval, light green leaves. Makes excellent 

salad, and the whole of the plant can be used. Pkt 10c; 
ot. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.75. 

New Disease-Resistant 
Yellow Varieties of Sweet Corn 

These newly developed varieties are extremely valuable as they 
have shown high resistance to the destructive Stewart's Disease 
which has become serious in the northeastern states. Their 
heavy husks also help to protect them against the com ear worm. 
The varieties we offer are of the highest quahty and uniformity. 

334 Dreer's Early Golden Hybrid. Somewhat similar to 
Golden Cross Bantam but fully a week earlier— ready for the 
table in about 80 days. Has attractive ears 7 to 8 inches long 
set with 12 rows of creamy golden yellow grains of choice sweet 
flavor. Pkt. 15c; ^ lb. 35c; lb. 55c; 2 lbs. Sl.OO; 5 lbs. S2.25, 

335 Golden Cross Bantam. Very uniform in habit of 
growth, size, and maturity. The ears are 8 inches long and 
they are closely set with 14 rows of light yellow grains filled 
with delicious sweet pulp. Often bears 2 ears per plant. 
Pkt. 15c; § lb. 30c; lb. 50c; 2 lbs. 95c; 5 lbs. $2.15, prepaid. 

337 Kingscrost Golden Bantam. A double cross between 
■^inbred strains of Golden Bantam. Of Golden Bantam form 
with 8 rows of broad deep luscious creamy yellow kernels ready 
for use 10 days earlier than Golden Bantam. The ears are 
7 inches long. Pkt. 15c; J lb. 30c; lb. 50c; 2 lbs. 95c; 
5 lbs. $2.15, prepaid. 

339 Tendergold. This also is known as Top-Cross Golden 

Sunshine. It is the earliest and largest of the 4 yeUow-grained 
disease-resistant varieties offered here. The ears are 7 to 8 
inches long and are set with 12 rows of sweet creamy yellow 
kernels. Pkt. 15c; | lb. 30c; lb. 50c; 2 lbs. 95c; 5 lbs. $2.15, 

Vanguard, a white disease-resistant Com. is listed on page 81. 

Cresson, Fr. 
Agrello, It.\l. 


Berro o Mastuerzo, Sp. 
Garten Kresse, Ger. 

Culture — Easily grown during winter on the greenhouse bench, 
in fr^imes, pots, or boxes. Splendid for salad, garnishing, or as an 
addition to lettuce. Sow thickly in rows 3 to 6 inches apart under 
glass, or for summer 1 foot apart in open ground. Sow often for 
succession, as it soon runs to seed. 

357 Extra Curled or Peppergrass. Small, finely curled 
leaves having a very agreeable flavor. Much used in com- 
bination with White London Mustard or in salads and sand- 
wiches, ako for garnishing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

358 Upland. Has the flavor of Water Cress and will grow in 
any good moist soil. Pkt.. tOc; J oz. 20c; oz. 30c; i lb. $1.00. 

359 Water Cress {Brunnenkresse). A delicious salad green 
with slightly pungent flavor. Easily grown in a stream of 
running water, a ditch, or pond, or in a moist shady situation 
if liberally watered. Pkt. 15c: J oz. 30c; oz. 45c; 1 lb. $1.25. 

The new Digeate-Resiatant varieties of Sweet Corn are of exceptional value 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Concomhre, Fr. 
Cetriolo, Ital. 

Pepino, Sp. 
Gurken, Ger. 

Clark's Special Cucumber 


Indispensable for Pickles and Salads 
One ounce will plant fifty hills; two pounds will plant one acre. 

Culture— For early Cucumbers sow April first in a hotbed and transplant without damaging 
the roots after the ground has become warm, or sow in hills 4 to 6 feet apart each way when the 
weather has become settled and the nights are balmy. Thin out to four of the strongest plants in each 
hill. Cucumbers do best in a warm moist rich loamy soil. Make succession plantings 10 days apart 
to provide a continuous supply of fresh fruits For pickles plant from June until the middle of July. 
Protect the plants from the Cucumber Beetle by spraying or dusting promptly with any of the standard 

Vegetables marked in 
Dreer's Garden Book with 
a star (■^) have received 
awards in the All America 
Selections of vegetables — 
an honor bestowed upon 
new varieties of merit. 

365 Clark's Special 

■^Handsome dark green fruits, 9 to 10 inches long, slightly 
tapering at both ends. Beautiful clear white, crisp, and firm 
flesh with very few seeds. Ideal for slicing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
i lb. 65c; lb. $1.85. 

369 Davis Perfect. A fine variety with long and slim fruits, 
sometimes measuring 12 inches in length and tapering to the 
ends. The color is a rich, dark, glossy green which they hold 
until nearly ripe. Tender, brittle, very few seeds, and of fine 
flavor. An outstanding and dependable variety. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

371 Early Fortune. A splendid Cucumber having uniform 
fruits of handsome appearance. They are cylindrical in shape 
and have a very dark green skin. The flesh is thick and brittle, 
and has a choice flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

384 Long Green. Unusually hardy and disease resistant, 
and an excellent all 'round late Cucumber good for both pickles 
and slicing. Grows 12 to 14 inches long, slender, and tapering 
to ends. Dark green skin and pure white flesh. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 25c; I lb. 60c; lb. SI. 75. 

383 Longcu 

A fancy Cucumber growing 12 to 13 inches in length with 
rich deep green skin and few spines. It equals in appearance 
the greenhouse product. Longcu is well suited to both out- 
door and under glass production, and it is especially valuable 
outside on account of its surprising earliness. It can be picked 
along with Early Fortune and other early slicing sorts if the 
growing conditions are anyway favorable. Pkt. 15c; oz. 30c; 
I lb. 80c; lb. $2.75. 

English Forcing Cucumbers 

For growing in hotbed or greenhouse exclusively. 

394 Covent Garden Favorite "1 Packets of 

395 Duke of Edinburgh 1 10 Seeds 25c; 

397 Rochford's Market f 100 Seeds 

399 Telegraph J $2.25 

5028 Dill 

We are listing this with the Cucumbers because the 
seeds as well as the herbage are essentials in all dill pickles. Grows 
2| feet high. Sow thinly J inch deep in rows 18 inches apart. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.00. 

Straight 8 Cucumber 

391 Straight 8. This new Cucumber will appeal to every 
-^gardener for the reason of its attractive cylindrical fruits which 

are about 8 inches long and IJ inches in diameter. They are 
well-rounded at the ends, covered with a thin, deep green skin. 
White crisp flesh of highest quality. Being slender it contains 
very few seeds. Pkt. 15c; oz. 30c; I lb. 80c; lb. $2.75. 
375 Small Gherkin. Small, oval, pale green fruits covered 
with soft fleshy spines. Most productive. A great favorite for 
pickling. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 70c; lb. $2.25. 

392 White Spine, Improved Early (Bennett's). An excel- 
lent, medium sized variety which produces an early and very 
abundant crop. The quite slender fruits are straight, dark 
green, and have white spines. Pure white, solid, and crisp 
flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

Snow's Perfected Pickle 

390 Snow's Perfected Pickle. Very fine, uniform, square- 
ended fruits and now one of the popular pickling sorts. Yields 
an immense crop of smooth symmetrical fruits. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 20c; J lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

Other Well-Known Cucumbers 


360 Arlington White Spine . $0 10 

363 Chicago Pickle 10 

367 Early Cluster 10 

388 Early Russian 10 

373 Everbearing 10 

379 Japanese Climbing 10 

382 Klondike 05 






$0 20 



$1 75 



1 75 



1 75 



1 75 



1 75 



1 75 



1 SO 

Pick off all Cucumbers when of sufficient size to use 
whether required or not, otherwise crop will soon run to seed 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 


One ounce of seed 
to 200 feet of row. 

Chicoree, Fr. 
Indivia, Ital. 
Endibia o Escarola, Sp. 

Culture— Endive is one of the best and most wholesome 
salads for fall and winter use. Sow in shallow drills in April, or 
for late use in June or July. Transplant or thin to stand 1 foot 
apart when 2 to 3 inches high. When nearly fuU-grown tie the 
leaves together with yam or raffia to exclude the light so that the 
heart will become well blanched. This requires 3 to 4 weeks. Or 
place boards over the plants to blanch them. 

412 Dreer's Giant Fringed Endive 

This Endive is highly esteemed for table use because of its 
appetizing flavor and wholesomeness. In some sections it can 
be grown all the year round. It is a vigorous variety with a 
large white heart and broad stems, good for fall and winter. 
On account of the beautifully curled and finely cut leaves it is 
used freely for garnishing as well as making a dehcious salad. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 65c. 

410 Broad-Leaved Batavian {Escarolh). A favorite salad 
variety with wide, wavy leaves and cut, irregular edges. Inner 
leaves blanch nicely to a creamy white. Tender and of very 
agreeable flavor after blanching. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; j lb. 6Sc. 

411 Pull Heart Batavian. This is a most desirable new 
■^strain of the Batavian Endive. It has all the good qualities of 

its parent but the heart is composed of a greatly increased 
number of leaves which will blanch to a beautiful creamy white. 
The mild and pleasantly bitter flavor gives it great zest. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 65c. 

414 Green Curled Winter. A standard sort for fall and 
winter crop. Very hardy and vigorous. Easy to blanch to a 
beautiful creamy white. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; 5 lb. SOc. 

416 White Curled {Self-Blanching). Plants 14 to 16 inchies 
across; leaves pale green, finely cut, crisp, and very tender. 
Almost white when blanched for use. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 65c. 


Florence Fennel 

418 This should be grown 
more widely as a salad or to be 
served boiled with a cream 
dressing. Earth up the 
thick base half-way when it 
has reached the size of a 
hen's egg. Pkt. lOc; oz. 35c; 
i lb. 75c 

Egg Plant 

One ounce will produce 
about 1000 plants. 

Aubergine, Fr. 
Berenjena, Sp. 
Petonciano, Ital. 
Eierfrucht, Ger. 

Culture— Egg Plant seed and seedlings require a higher tem- 
perature than most other vegetables. Sow the seed in hotbeds 
early in March. When 3 inches high, pot the young plants, and 
plunge in the same bed so that the plants may become stocky. 
Plant out in the open ground when the season becomes sufficiently 
warm in May or June, allowing 3 feet between the rows and 2 feet 
between the plants in the row. 


Early Black Beauty Egg Plant 

404 Early Black Beauty. Beautiful rich purphsh black 
fruits which are not only very attractive but also of best quality. 
This beautiful spineless Egg Plant is exacting in its call for rich, 
warm soil. The plants are remarkably vigorous and produce an 
abundance of large fruits earlier than the New York Improved. 
Pkt. 15c; 3 oz. 35c; oz. 60c; i lb. $1.75. 

407 New York Improved Large Purple. Produces fruits 
in great quantities, the plants averaging from 4 to 6 fruits each. 
They are large, nearly round, dark purple, free of thorns, and of 
excellent quality. Pkt. lOc; | oz. 25c; oz. 4Sc; i lb. S1.25. 

406 Early Long Purple. Earliest, hardiest, and very pro- 
ductive. The club-shaped fruits are about 7 inches long by 2 J 
inches thick and they are best for very early use. In the opinion 
of many the flavor is even finer than that of the two large sorts 
offered above. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 35c; oz. 60c; { lb. $1.75. 


PisseTtlit, Fr. Petonciajio, It.\l. Amargon, Sp. 

Loeu'enzahn, Ger. 

401 Broad-Leaved. Large bushy plants with broad suc- 
culent leaves of an appetizing, slightly bitter flavor. Whole- 
some and nutritious being rich in iron. One ounce to 100 feet 
of drill. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 35c; oz. 60c; i lb. $2.00. 


5105 High Quality Salad Assortment 

Loose-Leaf Lettuce Value 

One pkt. Head Lettuce 40c 

each Full Heart Batavian Endive for 

Early Fortune Cucumber 25c. 


Vk'~l)esignates varieties which received Awards in the All-America Selections 

The Herb Garden 

Culture —Herbs delight in a rich, mellow soil. Sow 
seeds early in spring in shallow drills 1 foot apart. 
When up a few inches transplant or thin out to proper 
distances. Those grown for the foliage should be cut 
and dried before they have come into full bloom, tied 
in bunches, and hung up or spread thinly where they 
can dry quickly. Those marked with a * are perennial. 
5010 Anise. Grown for its seed used for garnish- 
ing, cordials, and pastry. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35a 
5012 *Balm. Lemon-scented leaves used for sea- 
soning and in liqueurs. Pkt. 15c; -| oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 
5014 Basil, Sweet. The sweet-scented foliage is 

used for seasoning. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c. 
5018 Borage (Gurkenkraut). Used for seasoning 
and cordials. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c. 

5020 Caraway ( Kuemmel). The seeds are used in 
breads, cakes, and liqueurs. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c. 

5022 *Catnip. Leaves and young shoots used for 
medicine and seasoning. An excellent tonic for ani- 
mals. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 35c; oz. 60c. 

5021 *Chamoinile. Of considerable medicinal 
value. Pkt. 15c; § oz, 35c; oz. 60c. 

5023 *Chives. Valued for their mild onion-like 
flavor. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 35c; oz. 60c. 

5024 Coriander. Aromatic seeds used in making 
confectionery and cordials. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc 

5026 Cumin. Grown for its seeds. Used for flavor- 
ing soups, pastry, etc. Pkt. 15c; oz. 30c. 

5028 Dill. Indispensable for diU pickles and for 
dill sauce. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c 

5030 *Pennel, Sweet. Used in sauces and liqueurs, 
or raw as a side dish. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c. 

5032 *Horehound. For seasoning and also for 
cough medicine. Pkt. 15c; I oz. 25c; oz. 40a 

5034 *Lavender. The dried flowers have a pleasing 
perfume. Used to scent linens in the home. Pkt. 15c; 
h oz. 30c; oz. 50c; i lb. $1.50. 

5036 Marjoram, Sweet. Leaves used green in 
summer and dried in winter. A favorite herb for 
seasoning. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 25c; oz. 40a 

5038 *Pennyroyal. Used medicinally and for sea- 
soning food. Pkt. 20c; J oz. 45c; oz. 80a 

5042 *Rosemary. The leaves and young tips are 
used for seasoning. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 40c; oz. 70a 

5044 *Rue. For seasoning and also used to cure 
roup in fowl. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 25c; oz. 4Sa 

5046 Saffron. {Carthamus tinctorius). For flavor- 
ing and coloring. Pkt. 15c; 2 oz. 25c; oz. 45a 

5048 *Sage. One of the most popular of all herbs 
for seasoning. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40a 

5050 Savory, Summer (Bohnenkraut). The 
leaves and young shoots are used for flavoring soups, 
stews, string beans, eta Pkt. 15c; oz. 35a 

5052 *Savory, Winter. Used as above for season- 
ing various dishes. Pkt. 15c; g oz. 30c; oz. 50a 

5053 *Spearmint. Extensively used for making 
the popular mint sauce or in iced drinks. Pkt. 30c; 
i oz. $1.00; J oz. $1.75; oz. $3.00. 

5054 *Tansy. The young leaves are used for 
seasoning. Pkt. 15c; I oz. 40c; oz. 70c. 

5056 *Thyme, Broad-Leaved English. Very 
popular for seasoning meat dishes, gravy, fillings, 
etc. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 35c; oz. 60a 

5058 *Thyme, French Summer. Used for sea- 
soning. Pkt. 15c; 2 oz. 30c; oz. 50c. 

5060 *Wormwood. For flavoring, medicines, and 
liqueurs. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 25c; oz. 45a 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

5061 Mixed Herbs. Contains all the popular 
varieties for kitchen use in a well-balanced assort- 
ment. Pkt. 10c; 2 oz. 30c; oz. 50a 

Kale or Borecole 

The Hardiest Winter Greens 

Chou Vert, Fr. 
Cavolo Verde, Ital. 
Breton, Sp. 
Blaetterkohl, Ger. 

Culture — Sow from 
May to June in drills about 
1| feet apart and cultivate 
like cabbage. For early 
spring use sow in September 
and protect during the win- 
ter. The varieties are so 
hardy that the green leaves 
may be dug out from under 
the snow and used for win- 
ter greens. The flavor is 
improved by frost. One 
ounce produces about 2000 
Dreer's Imperial Long Standing Kale plants. 

422 Dreer's Imperial Long Standing. A beautifully curled sort 
of vigorous, spreading habit. Hardy, of attractive appearance, and very 
productive. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

420 Dwarf Green Curled. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; I lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

423 Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch. A hardy strain of strong growth 
producing finely curled foliage with a distinct and beautiful blue tinge. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

424 Tall Green Curled Scotch. Very hardy plants. 3 feet tall, deep- 
cut curied leaves. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; J lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

425 SEA KALE {Crambe maritima). A perennial grown like Rhubarb. 
Edible parts are the young, strong shoots that come up in early spring. 
After blanching they are cooked and served like Asparagus, or the leaves 
may be used as greens. Pkt. 15c; \ oz. 35c; oz. 60c; j lb. $2.00. 


Col de Nabo, Sp. 
Kohl-Rabi, Ger. 

Chou Rave, Fr. 
Cavolo rapa, Ital. 

Culture — Sow in rows like any other root crop. Thin seedlings to stand 
4 inches apart in the row, allowing 18 inches between rows. Ready for use 
when bulbs average 2 to 2| inches in diameter. The thick outer-skin should 
be removed before boiling. One ounce of seed will sow a drill of about 300 feet. 

Earliest Erfurt Kohl-Rabi 

427 Earliest Erfurt. A tender variety with smooth, white roots, 
and very short top. The best variety for outdoor culture as well as 
for hotbed or greenhouse growing. The flavor is not unlike that of tender 
sweet Cauliflower. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 75c. 

430 Early Purple Vienna. Recommended for sections with warm 
seasons. The skin is purple, but the tender, tasty flesh is of greenish 
white color. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 75a 

431 Early White or Green Vienna. A splendid sort for table use. 
Has a very short top and forms the root quickly. A most dependable 
variety on all soils. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 75c. 

// interested in Herbs, ask for this leaflet. 

New Dreer Leaflet on Herb Culture 

If you are interested in Herbs and their culture you will want a copy 
of the new Dreer leaflet on Herbs. Gives all the essential facts and 
will help you with the growing of these interesting and useful plants. 

Every garden should contain all of the most popular herbs 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 


Lechuga, Sp. 
Lattich, Salat, Ger. 

Laitue, Fr. 
Lattuga, Ital. 

Indispensable for salads and garnishing 
CULTURE — For the earliest supply sow seed of Loose-Leaf and Early Butterhead varieties under 
glass or indoors in boxes about March 1st. Sow thinly, and when the young seedlings are three inches 
taU transplant 3 to 4 inches apart each way in another seed flat or box. As soon as the ground can 
be prepared set out in rows 18 inches apart, spacing the plants 4 to 6 inches apart in the row. For a 
succession sow seeds of Midseason Butterheads, Crispheads, and Cos Lettuces right in the open ground 
around middle of April. All Lettuces must be thinned out to stand from 6 to 10 inches apart in the 
row to head properly. During July again sow early Butterhead varieties for a fall supply. One ounce 
will produce about 3000 plants. 

"Loose Leaf" Varieties 

These do not form heads but produce a thick mass of loose, 
brittle, tender leaves early in the season before the heading 
varieties are available. Also fine for growing in the greenhouse 
during winter. 

460 Grand Rapids Forcing. A favorite early Lettuce for 
under glass or outdoors early in the season. It matures quickly, 
is of a large size, and of handsome appearance. The crisp, tender 
leaves are bright green and crimped at the edge. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 20c: \ lb. 60c. 

442 Black-Seeded Simpson. One of the most popular 
"Loose Leaf" sorts because it is very dependable. Produces a 
compact mass of broad, much crumpled, light j^ellowish green 
leaves of extra fine quality. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c. 

452 Early Curled Simpson (Silesia). One of the oldest 
loose-leaf Lettuces and quite familiar in American gardens. 
Forms a close, compact mass of light green, crumpled leaves. 
Excellent forcer. Pkt. 5c; oz. 20c; i lb. 60c. 

"Butterhead" Varieties 

The varieties under this classification all form good-sized, 
solid heads with tightly folded hearts which blanch to a beautiful 
light creamy j'ellow color. They will withstand a moderate 
amount of warm weather. 

Dreer's "AS Heart" Lettuce 

440 Dreer's "All Heart" 

The name of this variety is most descriptive, because the 
few loose outer leaves enclose a head that is one large sohd 
heart. While suitable for summer use in cool sections, it is 
preeminently an early spring variety. The heads are of an 
appetizing yellowish green color, making it a most attractive 
home garden variety. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 70c. 

441 Aristocrat. This new Butterhead Lettuce represents a 
most careful selection from California Cream Butter. It pro- 
duces well-rounded heads of medium size with dark green outer 
leaves which fold tightly over the head. The interior blanches 
to a light creamy yellow. Aristocrat is what its name implies — 
a quahty variety of sweet flavor and brittle texture. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 25c; 1 lb. 75c. 

Big Boston Lettuce 

446 Big Boston. More extensively grown than any other 
variety in this class. It is early and hardy, of a meditmi light 
green with a slight tinge of brown on margins of outer leaves. 
Very desirable for forcing and also for spring and fall outdoor 
planting. Of good quality, being crisp, tender, and of fine 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 70c. 

448 Boston Market (White Seeded TennisbaU). A well- 
known sort, producing crisp, medium sized, light green heads 
with outer leaves tinged with brown. Good both under glass 
and outdoors. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 70c. 

450 California Cream Butter. Produces a large, solid 
head and withstands most adverse weather. The thick, dark 
green leaves are tinged and spotted with brown. The interior 
of the head is rich golden yellow and of very fine quahty. 
Pkt. 5c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c. 

468 May King. Very early, and being hardy will stand con- 
siderable cold, damp weather. It can be planted out of doors 
or under glass, and in either case will produce attractive, solid 
heads. The outer leaves are yellowish green tinged with 
brown, while the solid heart is rich golden yellow and has a fine 
buttery flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. eo'c. 

474 Salamander. One of our most popular and reliable 
varieties. A medium green, medium sized sort which always 
heads up well and does well under almost any weather con- 
ditions. Leaves crumpled and of fine tender quality. Has a 
solid tasty heart. Pkt. lOc; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c. 

458 Unrivaled (While Boston). A handsome, earlj' Butter- 
head of extra choice quality. Will form closely folded heads 
with golden hearts within sixty days from sowing seeds. An 
all-season variety for cool sections but best for spring sowing 
in the latitude of Philadelphia and sections with similar hot 
summer weather. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 70c. 



New Method of 
Plant Protection 

Protect your 
young plants 
against cold, 
storms, and 
insect pests by 
using Hotkaps. 


Grow your own Lettuce and taste the difference 


— continued 

Dreer's Reliable 


Crisp Heading Lettuce Varieties 

These will withstand more heat than any other type of regular 
Lettuce. All of them have well-blanched hearcs of a pure white 
color. They are crisp and mild even during the hot weather. 

Mushroom Spawn 

483 Dreer's Wonderful. Sometimes called "New York" or 
"Los Angeles Market." A heat resistant, large, solid lettuce 
measuring close to 15 inches across. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 7Sc. 

462 Dreer's Improved Hanson. A favorite variety pro- 
ducing large, solid, globular heads of crisp and tender quality. 
It is a hardy sort, doing well under a wide range of soils and 
weather conditions. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; § lb. 60c. 

464 Iceberg. Light green outer leaves tinged with brown. 
Heart of tender texture. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; J lb. 60c. 

470 Mignonette. Small, compact, hard heads with brownish 
green outerleaves and a well-blanched solid heart of exceptional 
quality. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c. 

Romaine or Cos Lettuce 

This type of Lettuce will usually succeed well even during hot 
weather when nearly all other Lettuces "shoot" seed stalks. 

466 Eingsholm Cos. Forms long firm heads of light green 
color. Crisp, refreshing, and able to withstand considerable 
hot summer weather. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; J lb. 75c. 

473 Dark Green Cos. 

A medium-sized self-fold- 
ing Cos Lettuce with dark 
green outer leaves and a 
solid, sweet, blanched 
heart. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; 
i lb. 75c. 

479 Trianon Cos. 

Forms compact, upright, 
tightly folded cones with- 
in sixty days after sow- 
ing. Does not require 
tying up and blanches to 
an attractive greenish 
white. An ideal summer 
lettuce and splendid for 
fall use. Pkt. 10c; oz. 
25c; I lb. 75c. Cos Lettuce, Trianon 

Poireau, Fr. 
Porro, Ital. 


Puerro, Sp. 
Lauch, Ger. 

For flavoring soups, stews, etc., and for mixed salads. Sow in 
spring in rows one foot apart and thin plants to stand 4 inches 
438 Dreer's Prizetaker. A finelarge variety of great merit; 

very mild and tender. They grow long and thick;, and blanch 

pure white in color. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; i lb. $1.00. 
433 Giant Carentan. Large thick stem of mild flavor. 

Quite hardy. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c. 

Evidence of success with Dreer's Mushroom Spawn 

Mushrooms can be grown in almost any building, cellar, or shed 
which can be darkened. They should be eaten more plentifully 
because they are wholesome and nutritious. Ask for our free 
leaflet on "How to Grow Mushrooms." 

Pure Culture Sterilized Spawn. Used by all the large 
commercial producers of mushrooms and equally as fine for 
the home gardener. Shipped with full cultural directions. 
One carton will spawn about 40 square feet of bed and is 
equal to 5 bricks. Per carton $1.25; 5 carton $6.00; 10 cartons 
$11.50, prepaid. 

American Spore Culture Brick Spawn. An American 
make of spawn which produces mushrooms of excellent quality 
and large size. We furnish the Cream White No. 8 variety. 
Per brick 45c; 5 bricks $2.00; 10 bricks $3.50; 25 bricks $8.50. 


Moutarde, Fr. Mostaza, Sp. 
Senapa, Ital. Senf, Ger. 
One ounce will sow 100 feet of drill. 

Culture— A pungent salad plant. The seed also is used for 
flavoring pickles, pepper sauce, etc., and the three large-leaved 
sorts are excellent boiled and served like Spinach. 
554 Chinese. Large, light green leaves, frilled at edge. 

Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

556 Fordhook Fancy. Beautifully curled and fringed, 
making it attractive for salads and garnishing; of mild flavor. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

557 Southern Giant Curled. Strong and upright plants, 
with large crumpled and frilled leaves. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; 
i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

558 White London. Dark green, small, smooth leaves. 
Splendid for salad and garnishing if cut about 10 to 12 days 
after sowing the seed. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; j lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 



559 Tender- 


While this is a 

mustard, its mild 

pleasing flavor is 

) more like that of 

j Spinach. Recom- 

^/ mended to be grown 

in place of Spinach 

during the summer. 

It is an equally wholesome green which 

seems to be little affected by hot, dry 

weather. Of quick growth with the leaves 

being ready for cutting 3 to 4 weeks after 

sowing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; 

lb. $1.25. 


485 Proboscidea. Large plants with long, curiously shaped 
curved pods which are used while young and pickled in vinegar. 
Pkt. 15c; I oz. 30c; oz. 50c; i lb. $1.50. 

Order vegetable seeds by the number preceding each variety 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

509 Honey Rock * 

A new salmon-fleshed variety of delicious sweetness and 
rich aroma. Of medium size with remarkably thick flesh and 
small seed cavity. Skin is roughly netted and of a grey- 
green color. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

Green-Fleshed Varieties 

495 Knight, Early. Also known as "Maryland" or "Sugar 
Sweet". Oval, thickly netted skin, and bright green flesh 
blending to pink in the center. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; j lb. 50c; 

■ lb. $1.50. 

493 Delicious Gold-Lined 

Nearly round, without ribs, and covered with a thick grey 
netting. The thick flesh is green with golden tint next to the 
smaU seed cavity, which makes it very attractive when cuL 
The flavor is dehcious, being remarkably s%veet and spicy. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 50c; lb. SI. 50. 

508 Honey Dew. A weU known smooth skin variety with 
hght green flesh of luscious honey sweetness. Suited to sections 
with long seasons only. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 60c; lb. SI. 75. 

522 Rocky Ford or Netted Gem. Thick, pale green, juicy 
flesh. Very popular. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 


Melon Musca, Fr. 
Popone, It.u,. 

Melon, Sp. 
Melone, Ger. 

Sow seeds when the ground has become thoroughly warm, in 
hiUs 5 to 6 feet apart each way. For best results a few shovelfuls 
of well-rotted manure should be incorporated in each hill. Scatter 
12 to 15 seeds on top of each hill and cover about } inch deep. 
Thin out to three or four strongest plants per hill. One ounce 
for 50 hills; 6 to 8 lbs. in hills per acre. 

Salmon-Fleshed Varieties 

488 Bender's Surprise. A remarkably prolific melon bear- 
ing large, nearly-round pale green fruits with lightly netted 
skin. Rich deep orange flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c; 
lb. $1.50. 

497 Emerald Gem. SmaU and very early. Salmon-pink 
flesh of rich aroma. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; j lb. 50c; lb. §1.50. 

500 Fordhook. A high-quality flat melon of medium size. 
Salmon flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

510 Hale's Best. A famous early melon with well ribbed 
and netted skin. Very thick sweet salmon-colored flesh of 
musky flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

505 Hearts of Gold, or Improved Hoodoo. Medium 
sized, round, distinctly ribbed, disease-resistant fruits with 
thickly netted skin and rich deep orange, fine grained flesh of 
remarkable sweetness and spicy flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; 
\ lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 
514 Imperial (AVii>). A fine new melon of attractive appear- 
■^ance with pale transparent yellow, heavily netted skin and very 
thick deep orange flesh of most delicious flavor. Does best in 
the South. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; \ lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

524 Tip Top. Globular flattened fruits with beautiful salmon- 
colored flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

Varieties for Under-Glass Culture 

489 Blenheim Orange. Oval-shaped fruits with luscious 
flesh of a deep orange color. Pkt. (10 seeds) 25c. 

526 Windsor Castle. A reliable green-fleshed variety to 
be grown in frames or the greenhouse. Pkt. (10 seeds) 25c. 


Melon d'eau, Fr. Sandia, Sp. 

Cocomero, Ital. Wasser Melojie, Ger. 

Sow after the middle of May in hills 6 feet apart. Place 6 to 8 
seeds in a circle in each hill and co\er -J inch deep. They thrive 
in a liglit, rich, sandy, warm soil. 

One ounce for 30 hills; four to five pounds per acre. 

536 Colorado Preserving Citron. A small, round, pale 
green melon, marbled with dark green. For preserve making 
only for which purpose it is exceOent. Pkt. 10c; oz 15c.; 
Jib. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

546 Improved Kleckley Sweets or Wondermelon. An 
improved strain with fruits averaging 18 to 20 inches long. 
Of oblong shape with dark green skin and brilliant scarlet 
flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; } lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 

545 Pride of Muscatine {New Will Resistant). Developed 
by the Iowa State College. This introduction will be welcomed 
in many wilt-infested regions. A long, dark green melon with 
(lark red, crisp flesh of very sweet flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; 
ilb. 45c; lb. $1.25. 

547 Stone Mountain. A recent introduction and already in 
good demand. A large, nearly round melon with dark green 
rind. Sweet scarlet flesh; very solid; few seeds. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; i lb. 35p; lb. Sl.OO. 

552 Yellow Ice Cream. Beautiful oblong, deep preen 
fruits with bright golden yellow flesh. A welcome change 
from the red-fleshed sorts. Very sweet. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; 
1 lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 


Stone Mountain Watermelon 

Other Weil-Known Varieties 


Florida Favorite $0 10 

Harris' Earliest 

Tom Watson 

Cole's Early 

Dixie Queen 

Irish Grey 






$0 IS 

$0 35 

$1 00 




1 00 




1 00 




1 00 




1 25 




1 00 


Grow your own vegetables and taste the difference 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Ognon, Fr. 
Cipolla, Ital. 

Dreer's Onion Seed 

Cebolla, Sp. 
Zwiebel, Ger. 

One ounce of Onion seed for 100 feet of drill, 5 to 6 pounds for an acre. 

Culture— Large Onions are easily grown from seeds in one season provided the gardener has a 
rich piece of ground and is willing to do the necessary hand weeding and transplanting of the young 
Onions. Seeds may be sown very early in the spring in rows 18 inches apart, and as soon as seedlings 
are 3 to 4 inches tall they should be thinned out to stand 3 to 4 inches apart in the row. Several appli- 
cations of Bovung or wood ashes scattered on both sides of the row and hoed into the soil will benefit 
the developing roots immensely. Pull when tops begin to die down, cure, and sell, or store in a cool, 
dry place. By sowing seed of the Spanish type, such as Prizetaker and the Southport Globes, under 
glass in February or March and transplanting in April to open ground 3 to 4 inches apart in the rows 
bulbs of immense size may be produced. 

Best American Yellow Sorts 

577 Philadelphia Yellow Dutch or Strasburg. A 

very popular home garden Onion. Well-flavored flesh; bright 
straw-colored skin and somewhat flattened shape. Has excellent 
keeping quahties. Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; lb. $2.50. 

578 Prizetaker 

The large size and handsome appearance of this Onion make 
it equally desirable for the home garden or for market. This 
true Prizetaker Onion is globe-shaped, has pale yellow skin, 
and white flesh, which is very mild and of delicate flavor. 
Large Onions are grown the first year from seed sown during 
the spring, thus making it a very desirable Onion for the home 
garden. It also is a good variety for sowing under glass in 
February for transplanting. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; J lb. 90c; 
lb. S2.75. 

568 Danvers Yellow Globe. Home gardeners throughout 
the country prefer this tj'pe to practically all others. The bulbs 
from which our seed is grown are especially and carefully selected 
as to an even large size and perfect globe shape. Danvers Yellow 
Globe is a splendid keeper and has a reputation for its very mild 
and dehcious flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; J lb. 85c; lb. $2.75. 

586 Southport Yellow Globe. A large, globular, very pro- 
ductive, onion with yellow skin and white flesh of fine flavor. It 
is a late variety requiring a long season to come to maturity. 
Usually 100 days are needed from the time of sowing until the 
crop can be harvested. It is exceedingly popular in certain 
sections. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; i lb. 85c; lb. $2.75. 

looTH nnnivERSRRY offer 

High Quality "Onion" Assortment 

5108 A splendid assortment of four excellent onions. 
One pkt. each of Prizetaker, Southport White Globe, 
Red Globe, and White Bunching. Value 40c, for 25c 

5109 One ounce each of the above, value $1.15, for 85c 

Okra or Gumbo 

Gombaud, Fr. 
Ibisco, Ital. 

Gombo, Sp. 
Ocher, Ger. 

One ounce will sow 100 
feet of drill. 

560 Dreer's Little Gem. Makes a 
dwarf stocky growth and is very pro- 
ductive. The light green pods are thick, 
heavy, and solid. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; 
J lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

563 Perkins' Long-Pod. Plants 30 
to 40 inches tall with pods 6 to 7 inches 
long. They are very tender while young 
and of a beautiful deep green color. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. $1.00. 

565 White Velvet or Creole. The 
white, tender pods are smooth and free 
from ridges. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; 
lb. $1.00. 

Dreer's Little Gem Okra 

Valencia Guion 

587 Valencia 

The best of the large sweet Spanish Onions 

The Spanish type of Onion is valued for its ex- 
ceptionally mild sweet flavor and Valencia is with- 
out doubt the finest of them all. It grows to truly 
enormous size if conditions are anyway near favor- 
able. Has beautiful golden yellow skin and pure 
white flesh of a mild and pleasing sweet flavor. 
Pkt. 10c; oz 3Sc; \ lb. $1.00; lb. $3.50. 

The Best Red Onions 

These are by far the best winter keepers. They 
mature late and are strong-flavored. 

580 Large Red Wethersfield. Of attractive 
appearance and doing well in all sections. The 
onions are very large and have a distinct flat shape. 
The skin is a beautiful purplish red and the flesh 
shows attractive pink shadings next to the skin. 
It has solid flesh of a rich onion flavor and 
will keep exceptionally well all throughout the 
winter until late spring. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; j lb. 
90c; lb. $2.75. 

582 Southport Red Globe. A splendid round 
onion of uniform size and choice quality. It is the 
most popular of all the Red onions and has proved 
an exceptionaUv fine winter keeper, lasting weU into 
early spring. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c: \ lb. 90c; lb. $2.75. 

Grow acme of the useful Herbs offered on page 85 


Onions (continued) 
The Leading White Sorts 

The white-skinned onions are much milder in flavor than yellow 
or red ones but they do not keep so well. 

574 Mammoth Silver King. The largest of the foreign 
varieties. Produces large, flat bulbs within 120 days from 
seeds. White skin and pure white, mild, weU-flavored flesh. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; i lb. 90c; lb. §2.75. 

584 Southport White Globe. A well-known and popular 
standard sort of medium size, perfect globe shape, with pure 
white skin. White, fine-grained flesh of fairly strong flavor. 
Late in ripening and one of the best keepers among white sorts. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 35c; J lb. §1.00; lb. $3.00. 

588 White Bunching. 

This variety does not form 
bulbs and it is grown ex- 
clusively for green onions 
or scallions. Sow the seed 
thickly in rows and earth 
up gradually to blanch the 
stalks as far up as possible. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; 
lb. S2.25. 

590 White Portugal or 
Silver Skin. Large, flat, 
pure white onions ready 
for use within 75 days after 
sowing. A good keeper, 
also valuable for pickling 
andbunching. Fine-grained 
flesh of mild and pleasant 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 30c; 
i lb. 90c; lb. §2.75. 

Dreer's Reliable 


White Bunching Onion 

592 White Queen or Barletta. An early small Onion, 
round when young and flat as it grows larger. It is a splendid 
variety for bunching and highly valued as a pickling sort. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; lb. §2.50. 

594 White Sweet Spanish 

This is the largest of the globe-shaped white varieties. It 
resembles in form and size the pale yellow Valencia except that 
the color of the skin is pure transparent white. The flesh is 
firm yet tender and it has an exceptionally mild and sweet 
flavor. Easy to grow from seed to large size. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 40c; i lb. $1.10; lb. §3.75. 

Choice Onion Sets 

For the small garden we recommend the use of Onion Sets as 
the risk of failure is almost eliminated and the crop is ready much 
earlier than when grown from seed. Onion Sets should be planted 
in rows 12 inches apart, with sets 2 inches apart in the rows. 
1 quart wiU plant a 50 foot row. 

Pt. Qt. 4 Qts. Peck 

White Onion Sets §0 20 SO 35 §125 §2 20 

Yellow Onion Sets 20 30 110 2 00 

Red Onion Sets 20 30 1 10 2 00 

Egyptian (for Scallions). 

Sept. to March delivery 15 30 1 10 2 00 

White Potato (Multiplier) 20 35 1 30 2 25 

Yellow Potato 20 35 125 2 20 

Shallots 20 40 1 40 2 50 

Garlic 25 45 1 50 2 70 

Sent "prepaid" in quantities offered. 
Chives — see page 85 

Persil, Fr. '^^£» t«d ^I^TT Perejil, Sp. 

Prezzemolo, It.\l. i^ Clf^Olw^ Petersilie, Ger. 

For Seasoning and Garnishing 

Culture— Succeeds best in a mellow, rich soil. Sow thickly 
early in April in rows 18 to 24 inches apart and ^-inch deep. 
Thin out the plants to stand 6 inches apart in the row. The seed 
germinates slowly, plants taking from three to four weeks to make 
their appearance and sometimes failing to come up in dry weather. 
To insure prompt germination, soak the seed a few hours in 
warm water, or sprout in damp earth, and sow when it swells 
or sprouts. For winter use, protect in a frame or light cellar. 
One ounce of seed for 150 feet of drill. 

Dreer's Dwarf Perfection Parsley 

600 Dreer's Dwarf Perfection. A really marvelous strain 
of Parsley producing plants that are exceptionally even and 
compact. The exquisitely fine and prettily curled leaves are a 
rich dark pea green. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. §1.75. 

602 Dreer's Exhibition. This new Parsley is just one solid 
mass of finely divided and curled leaves of a deep green color, 
resembling a bunch of moss. So attractive it may be grown 
as an edge to a flower border. Pkt. 15c; oz. 25c; i lb. 75c; 
lb. §2.25. 

596 Champion Moss Curled. A favorite with many 
gardeners who value it for its dense dwarf growth of curled 
and crimped leaves which are a beautiful rich green color. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; 1 lb. 35c; lb. §1.00. 

604 Dreer's Summer Green. A selection from tlie Plain 
Parsley and a strong, vigorous grower that resists heat and 
drought to an unusual degree. Deep green color. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. §1.00. 

606 Hamburg or Rooted. This is grown for its fleshy 
Parsnip-like roots which are of a yellowish white color. They 
are 5 to 6 inches long and 2 inches thick at the top. Splendid 
in soup, stews, etc. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 


Edge your flower border with Dreer's Exhibition Parsley 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Panais,FR. T^^ H'*crTL I'r^g Ckirivia, Sp. 

Pastinaca.lTAL. MT CLkOImI^Jo Pastinake, Gek. 

A Sweet Fall and Winter Vegetable 

Culture — Sow as early in the spring as conditions permit. Space drills 2 feet apart 
and cover seed about ^-inch deep. Thin to stand 4 to 6 inches apart in the row and 
cultivate thoroughly throughout the growing season. Their flavor is improved after 
being touched with frost. For winter use store in pits or cellars. 

609 All American. A new and very fine strain developing clean white roots of 
-y^tender, sweet quality. Free from fiber and with only a small core. Deeply hollow- 
crowned. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 60c; lb. $1.75. 

608 Large Sugar or Hollow Crown. Extensively grown in the home garden 
and for market. The creamy white roots grow 10 to 12 inches long and have smooth, 
tender, sweet flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.15. 

611 Short Thick, Sweet, tender roots of finest quality. Easily pulled because 
they are short and thick. Ready for use 20 to 30 days earlier than HoUow Crown. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

Large Sugar or Hollow Crown 

Piment, Fr. 
Peperone, Ijal 


One ounce of seed will produce about 1000 plants 

Pimiento, Sp. 
Pfefer, Ger.; 

Culture— Sow seed in flats indoors or under glass in March; 
transplant seedlings when 2 to 3 inches high into other flats, 4 
inches apart each way or into individual pots. When the weather 
has become thoroughly settled and danger from belated freezes is 
over (about corn-planting time), transplant to open ground in 
warm, rich, and well-prepared soil, placing rows 3 feet apart, with 
plants 2 feet apart in the rows. 

Large Sweet Peppers 

723 Early Giant Pepper 

Early Giant will mature in sections too cold to grow any of 
the other large Peppers. It produces an abundance of large 
fruits measuring 4 inches thick and from 4| to 5 inches in 
length. They have very thick flesh of a delightful, mild flavor. 
The skin turns from a rich green to a beautiful bright red. 
Pkt. 15c; ^ oz. 40c; oz. 65c; \ lb. $1.90. 

71 1 California Wonder. Deservedly popular in all parts 
of the country. The sturdy, upright plants bear 6, 7, or 8 
smooth, blocky, crimson fruits of immense size. They 
measure about 4| inches in length and 4 inches across. The 
outstanding feature of the fruits, however, is the remarkable 
thickness of their sweet walls. Fine for stufiing or salads. 
Pkt. 15c; i oz. 35c; oz. 60c; \ lb. $1.75. 

722 Chinese Giant. The very large fruits are deep green 
turning to bright scarlet. The thick flesh is remarkably sweet. 
The latest maturing Pepper, requiring a long season of growth, 
but widely grown for its heavy cropping qualities. Pkt. 15c; 
I oz. 35c; oz. 60c; \ lb. $1.75. 

726 Golden Dawn. A mild and sweet yellow Pepper. 
Very attractive. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 30c; oz. 5Sc; \ lb. $1.55. 

709 Large Bell or Bull Nose. A very popular large early 
scarlet variety and a favorite pickling sort. The thick flesh 
has a remarkably mild flavor. Blunt-ended fruits, 3 inches 
long. Pkt. 5c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.25. 

732 Pimiento. The sweetest Pepper grown. The medium- 
size, heart-shaped peppers are particularly desirable for stuffing. 
Pkt. 10c; J oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.25. 

738 Ruby Giant or Worldbeater. A very useful variety 
for the home garden. A cross between Ruby King and Chinese 
Giant. The fruits grow to a large size and are very mild. 
Pkt. 10c; I oz. 30c; oz. 50c; \ lb. $1.50. 

740 Ruby King. Dark green while young, turning to ruby 
red when ripe. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 25c; oz. 40c; \ lb. $1.25. 

741 Squash or Tomato. Thick sweet flesh of splendid 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; \ oz. 25c; oz. 40c; i lb. $1.25. 

Hot and Ornamental Peppers 

715 Celestial. Compact plants, covered with small, conical, 

hot fruits ranging in color from purple to brilliant red. Pkt. 15c; 

J oz. 30c; oz. 50c; \ lb. $1.50. 
712 Long Red Cayenne. The long, slender pods are 

bright red and very pungent. Used extensively in sauces 

and pickles. Pkt. 10c; | oz. 30c; oz. 50c; \ lb. $1.50. 
735 Red Cherry. A late variety with erect, scarlet, hot, 

small, round fruits. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 40c; oz. 75c; J lb. $2.50. 
718 Small Chili. Red, conical, very hot fruits, about 2 

inches long. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 40c; oz. 75c; \ lb. $2.25. 
744 Tabasco. Small and very hot. Used in vinegar or sauce. 

Pkt. 15c; ^ oz. 40c; oz. 75c; I lb. $2.25. 

746 Mixed. A useful mixture of small-fruited, hot varie- 
ties. For sauces, pickles, or decorative uses. Pkt. 10c; 
\ oz. 30c; oz, 50c; J lb. $1.50. 

Grow your own vegetables arid taste the difference 


Early Eight Weeks Peas 

628 Early Eight Weeks 

The critical gardener who demands 
a really good, first early, dwarf pea 
should choose Early Eight Weeks. 
The vines are dwarf, growing only 12 
to IS inches in height. They are simply 
loaded with beautiful, well-filled pods 
which are quite large in size for so 
early a variety. The peas are exceed- 
ingly tender and of a most delicious 
flavor. It is strictly a quality variety 
and of good appearance. Smooth- 
seeded. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 
2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.75, postpaid. 


Pois, Fr. 
Pisello, Ital. 

Garden Peas 

Guisante, Sp. 
Erbsen, Ger. 

One pound will plant 100 feet of drill. 

Culture— The first sowing of peas may be made as 
early in March as the gardener can prepare a piece of 
ground because subsequent frosts do not hurt the young 
plants of the extra-early smooth-seeded varieties. Sow 
in single or double rows, 24 to 26 inches apart, covering 
seeds about 2 inches deep. All varieties over 2 feet tall 
do better with some sort of support. Where brush is 
lacking, poles and twine may be utilized. By selecting 
varieties maturing in succession (and it is easy to pick 
them out from the following pages because they are 
listed in about the same order as they reach full size), 
a constant supply of delicious peas may be had from early in June until middle of August. 
Experience has proved that sowings made after middle of May are not so successful as the 
earlier ones because hot mid-summer heat is apt to reduce both vines and pods. 

Smooth-Seeded Elxtra-Early Sorts 

The hardiest sorts to be planted as soon as the soil can be put in condition. 

618 Alaska. A very early, smooth, blue-seeded Pea very popular with home gardeners 
and canners. The vines grow about 2 feet high and bear an abundance of light green pods 
measuring 2 j inches in length and containing 6 light green peas each. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; 
lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. SI. 50. prepaid. 

635 Dreer's Eureka, Extra-Early. One of the earliest and most proHfic of all the 
extra-early Peas. It has given good results wherever grown. The vines reach a height of 
about 20 inches. They are very robust and bear an abundance of pods. The individual 
pods measure 2f inches in length and they are well filled with large, rich green peas of 
sweet and tasty flavor. Pkt. 10c; | lb. 25c; lb. 3Sc; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. Sl-SO, prepaid. 

630 Dreer's Electric, Extra-Early. A highly productive variety with round, 
blue-green seeds. The vines reach a uniform height of about 2j feet. They are most 
productive, bearing medium sized pods of a rich dark green color. They are tightly filled 
with attractive medium green peas which are sweet, tender, and palatable. Pkt. 10c; 
§ lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

678 Pilot Improved. A large-podded extra-early and very prolific variety with 
smooth seeds. Vines 2 feet high carrying a great profusion of pods 3| to 4 inches long. 
Pkt. 10c; 4 lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. S1.50, prepaid. 

Early Wrinkled-Seeded Peas 

620 American Wonder. A standard variety with wrinkled seeds. It is an extra- 
early sort with vines growing a little more than a foot high. It is quite productive and 
well suited to the private garden as the flavor and quahty are excellent. Due to its dwarf, 
compact growth it does not require brush or support. Pkt. 10c; ^ lb. 2Sc; lb. 35c; 
2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. SI. 50, prepaid. 

646 Gradus or Prosperity. A favorite early wrinkled Pea of choice quality. The 
vines grow 3 feet high and bear an abundant crop of attractive pods measuring 3 1 inches 
in length. Each pod contains from 6 to 8 large peas of medium green color. Very sweet 
and tasty. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.75, prepaid. 

650 Laxton's Progress. This superb Pea grows only 18 
inches high but the bushes are exceedingly vigorous producing 
a great quantity of attractive pods measuring 4 inches in length. 
They are not only long but also broad and are tightly packed 
with 8 large, dark green peas of a delightfully sweet flavor. 
Laxton's Progress is ready for gathering a crop within 60 days 
from the time the seed is sown and it therefore has a particular 
appeal to home gardeners who are eager to secure a really 
choice, sweet, wrinkled-seeded pea as early in the season as 
possible. Pkt. 10c; -J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. SI. 75, 

654 Little Marvel. An extra-early dwarf Pea growing 18 
inches high. The pods are 3 inches long and contain large oval 
peas of extra choice quality. A productive varietj- of splendid 
appearance and a great favorite in the South. Pkt. 10c; 
J lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. SI. 75, prepaid. 

699 Sutton's Excelsior. This splendid and productive Pea 
has vines growing 20 inches high. Carries an abundance of pods 
3j inches long, each filled to capacity with 7 or 8 bright green 
peas of tasty, sweet flavor. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 
5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

705 Thomas Laxton. This is a real rival to the popular 
Gradus maturing perhaps a few days earlier and having deeper 
Colored pods and peas. Grows 3 feet high, is very hardy, and 

vigorous. The pods are 
3) inches long and carry 
7 large, rich green peas 
which are remarkably 
sweet and tasty. Popu- 
lar with manv gardeners. 
Pkt. 10c; j lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 
S lbs. $1.75, prepaid. 

Laxton's Progress Pea 


Choose Dreer's Improved Lawn Grass Mixtures offered on the second cover and pag* 71> 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 



Carter's Daisy Pea 

Main-Crop Garden Peas 

622 Carter's Daisy, or Dwarf Telephone. A standard variety 
of great popularity. Has attractive pods measuring 5 inches in length. 
They are broad, rounded or curved at the end, and well filled with 
medium green peas of excellent quahty. The plants grow 18 inches 
in height. Plit. 10c; h lb. 2Sc; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

624 Champion of England. An old-time wrinkled Pea still 
very popular. Grows 5 feet high and bears a great profusion of 
long, round pods filled with 7 or 8 light green peas each. Pkt. 10c; 
\ lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

626 Dwarf Champion. A hardy and productive variety, 
2 feet high. The strong vines bear long, dark green pods 
containing 7 or 8 large peas of attractive appearance and 
choicest quality. Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 2 lbs. 65c; 
5 lbs. 11.50, prepaid. 

682 Potlatch. A Pea that will please the most 
critical gardener. The vines grow about 30 inches high 
and mature their crop in about 80 days. Has dark 
green pods 4i inches long, well-filied with large, 
medium green, tender peas. Pkt. 10c; J lb. 25c; 
lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.75, prepaid. 

690 Prince Edward. Resembles Telephone in 
height, shape of pod, and time of maturity, but the 
pods are darker green and we believe it is more pro- 
ductive. A Pea of very attractive appearance and 
excellent quality. Pkt. 10c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 35c; 
2 lbs. 65c; 5 lbs. $1.50, prepaid. 

702 The President. Very productive. Has straight 
dark green pods 4j to 5 inches in length tightly packed 
with rich green sweet-flavored peas. Matures in 68 
to 70 days. The vine grows 20 to 22 inches high. 
Pkt. 10c; ^ lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. $1.75, 

700 Telephone. A standard variety with strong vines 
averaging 18 to 20 pods to each. The large, medium green 
pods are borne in pairs, each one containing 6 to 8 large, 
attractive peas of most delicious flavor. Height 4 feet. 
Pkt. 10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 40c; 2 lbs. 70c; 5 lbs. $1.65, prepaid. 

Dreer's New Edible-Pod Sugar Pea 

696 Sugarstick 

This is an entirely new type of Pea differmg from the regular garden peas in that the 
tender, thick-fleshed pod is as delectable and fiberless as the large, round peas within. 
Naturally, using the entire tender pods cooked like String Beans, produces a great increase 
of edible, luscious produce with the least amount of waste per plant. 

The pods are elegantly curved and they have thick fleshy walls which are entirely free 
from fiber or hard tissue. The peas in the pods are large and tender, and of the same luscious 
sweetness as the walls of the pods. If desired the peas may be shelled and cooked separately 
so that two distinct delicious vegetable dishes may be secured for table use. The sliced 
raw pods also make a splendid addition to mixed salads. 

The sturdy vines grow 4 feet tall and are very productive if given some support on brush, 
wires, or strings. Every gardener should give this new and most distinct variety a careful 
trial. Pkt. 20c; § lb. 50c; lb. 90c;2 lbs. $1.75; 5 lbs. $4.00, prepaid. 

Sugarstick — A really sensa- 
tional new Sugar Pea, entirely 
different from all other Edible- 
Pod Peas. 

Note the extra-thick, 
tender wall and tin. 
large round peas. 

Other Well-Known Sugar Peas 

640 Dwarf Early Sugar. Light green, 
tender, sweet pods measuring about 3 inches 
in length. Very productive, 2 feet. Pkt. 

4 lb. 25c; lb. 
$1.75, prepaid. 

662 Melting 

length and 
high. Pkt. 

40c; 2 lbs. 75c; 

45c; 2 

Sugar. Brittle, 

pods 4 inches in 
very broad. 3 feet 
10c; i lb. 25c; lb. 
lbs. 80c; 5 lbs. $1.85, 

Edible-Podded Sugar Peas are a very tasty and wholesome vegetable 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 


For Delicious Pies 
One ounce for 25 hills. 

Potiron, Fr. 
Zucca, Ital. 

Calabaza, Sp. 
Grosser-Kuerhis, Ger. 

Pumpkins are highly valued particularly for pies but there are 
many other ways of preparing them for table use. Sow the seed 
in good rich soil in JNIaj- when the ground has warmed up and the 
nights have lost their chill. Those who grow Corn will find that 
they can grow two vegetables in one plot by sowing the Pumpkin 
seed in every fourth hill of Corn which spaces them about ten 
feet apart. Pumpkin varieties planted together will mix but there 
is not much danger of their mixing w'ith Squashes or other vines. 


Philadelphia Bush Pumpkin 

758 Philadelphia Bush Pumpkin 

A Quality Pumpkin of True Bush Habit 

This new introduction should be of the greatest interest to 
all those who have vegetable gardens of limited size. Being 
of bush form it is well suited to the smaller garden where it 
requires no more room than a good-sized Tomato plant. 
Dark green fruits turning deep orange-yellow when fully 
mature. Beautiful deep yellow flesh of sweet dry ilavor. 
Excellent for pies. Pkt. 15c; oz. 35c: \ lb. SI. 00. 

Certified Seed Potatoes 

Pomme de Terre, Fr. 
Patata, Ital. 

Patatas, Sp. 
Kartoffel, Ger. 

One peck will plant 100 hills; 8 to 10 bushels an acre. 

NOTE — Potatoes are ready for shipment about March 15th 
and are forwarded by Express or Freight f. o. b. Philadelphia. 
We decline shipping them C. O. D. 

Early Rose. A fine early Potato. Long and of good size with 
pink skin. Cooks pure white and mealy, and is of good flavor. 
Peck 80c; 4 bu. SI. 35; bu. §2.60; sack, 150 lbs., S6.00. 

Green Mountain. A late variety producing fair crops even on 
poor soil. Of attractive appearance and keeps well. Peck 70c; 
\ bu. SI. 25; bu. S2.40; sack, 150 lbs., $5.50. 

Irish Cobbler. One of the earliest Potatoes. Round, smooth 
tubers with strong and well-developed eyes. A heavy cropper 
in all sections. Peck 70c; -J bu. SI. 25; bu. $2.40; sack, 150 lbs., 

Russet Rural. A well-known late variety and an exceptionally 
heavy cropper with large tubers which cook dry and mealy. It 
also is quite disease resistant. Peck 70c; .' bu. SI. 25; bu. S2.40; 
sack, 150 lbs., S5.50. 

We shall be glad to send to you upon request a free copy of an 
interesting four-page leaflet giving valuable information on 
"Preparation and Care of the Vegetable Garden". 

^p Mew Engl-and 

Sugar or New England Pie Pumpkin 

750 Large Cheese or Kentucky Field. A very hardy, 
late, large, round-flattened variety with pale yellow skin. 
Very thick, sweet, yellow flesh of fine quality. An excellent 
canner. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. SI. 00. 

752 Large Yellow Field or Big Tom. The well-known 
cornfield Pumpkin, mostly grown for feeding stock. Rather 
oblong fruits with flattened ends. Smooth, tough, dark orange 
rind and dry, sweet flesh. Often used for canning. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.00. 

756 Large Yellow Mammoth Potiron {King of the Mam- 
moths, Jumbo). Largely grown for fairs and exhibitions. 
Specimens have been grown weighing over 100 pounds. Rich 
salmon-orange skin and light yellow, sweet, but somewhat 
coarse flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 60c; lb. $2.00. 

754 Mammoth Golden Cashaw. A very prolific Crook- 
neck type of a golden orange color. Thick, solid flesh of good 
quality. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. Sl.OO. 

760 Sugar or New England Pie. For pies this cannot be 
excelled. Small round fruits with deep yellow, plainly ribbed 
skin. Fine grained, sweet flesh of a deep orange-yellow color. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 45c; lb. $1.23. 

764 Winter Luxury. A very good keeper and a splendid pie 
Pumpkin. Round fruits with finely netted, russet-yellow skin 
like a ISIuskmelon. Thick, deep yellow flesh of excellent quality. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; I lb. 45c; lb. $1.25. 


Pie Plant 

Victoria Rliubarb 

Rhubarbe, Fr. 

Rabarbaro, Ital. 

Ruibarbo, Sp. 

Rhabarber, Ger. 

Rhubarb is highly 
valued as an appetizing 
and wholesome dish. It 
is particularly desirable 
because it supplies the 
table with a tasty dish 
early in the season when 
there are few fresh vege- 
tables available from 
the garden. Sow the 
seed in shallow drills one 
foot apart and when of 
suflicient size transplant 
to stand four feet apart 
in the row. Rhubarb 
does best on a rich 
mellow soil. 

832 Victoria. A 

superb variety. Has 
large thick red stalks 
of most delicious 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 25c; i lb. 60c. 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

The Earliest Round Red Radishes 

770 Cardinal Globe 

Few other radishes exhibit such remarkable uniformity in 
shape, size, and quahty. Produces perfectly round globes 
within 30 days after sowing. The radishes when fully grown 
show a tendency to become elongated or olive-shaped, yet 
they remain in good condition for about a week or 10 days 
longer than the average round red variety. Brilliant cardinal 
red skin and pure white flesh of delicate crispness and de- 
lightful flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

779 Crimson Giant. Suitable both for forcing or early 
planting out of doors. The shape is round to oval, and very 
attractive. The flesh is mild and tender. Grows to larger 
size than any other in this class, yet retains its crispness 
and solidity for a remarkably long time. One of the most 
dependable red Radishes for both amateur and professional 
growers. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; | lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

784 Glowing Ball 

These attractive, perfectly round radishes have a very small 
top and a remarkably small taproot. The outstanding features 
of this Radish, however, are its unusually brilliant orange- 
scarlet color and the enticing, crisp, snappy flavor of its tasty, 
icy white flesh. It is a delight to the eye and to the palate. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; J lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 




5104 High Quality "Root" Assortment 

A special collection of four valuable Root crops. 

Early Wonder Beet Value 

One oz. Chantenay Red Cored Carrot SOc 

each: Glowing Ball Radish for 

Purple-Top White Globe Turnip 50c 




Radis, Rave, Fr 
Ravanello, Ital. 

Rahanito, Sp. 
Radies, Ger. 

Crisp, Piquant, Appetizing 

One ounce of seed. will sow 100 feet of drill. 

CULTURE— Earliest sowings may be made as soon as frost 
is out of the ground. After May 1st, continue by sowing White 
Icicle. After June 1st, select any of the summer varieties, and 
around July 1st, sow the late but also large Winter Radishes for 
a fall and winter supply. All radishes, to do their best, should be 
thinned out to stand 2 to 6 inches apart in the row, the largest 
distance given applying to the large-growing winter varieties. 

Crimson Giant Radish 

795 New Perfection. An improvement over the weU-known 
Sparkler and White-Tip Scarlet Radishes. Grows a round solid 
root quickly and is good for under glass or in the open. A 
bright scarlet with lower half pure white, making it very 
attractive. Pkt. lOc; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

798 New Ruby. This variety does not attain a large size but 
is very attractive and quickly forms a root to a condition 
suitable for eating. The shape is nearly round. Deep red 
skin and crisp white flesh of an agreeably snappy yet mild 
flavor. The tops are not large and it is a good variety for 
forcing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; | lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

776 Crimson Ball. A dainty little Radish of mild flavor with 
bright red skin and white flesh tinged with red. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; Jib. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

804 Earliest Red May. Very early, clear scarlet roots with 
small tops. Pkt. 5c; oz. ISc; \ lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

825 White-Tipped Scarlet Gem. Bright scarlet with white 
tip. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; I lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

The Earliest Round White Sorts 

780 Dreer's Crystal Forcing. Of remarkably quick growth, 
insuring crisp, solid, perfectly round, pure white roots with 
small top. Makes a pleasing contrast when served with a 
red variety. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

800 Philadelphia White Box. An old favorite in the 
Philadelphia region. A good turnip-shaped white variety 
retaining its fine eating qualities very long for an early variety. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; \ lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

Rfkdish^s «^r9 continued on page 96 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Radish— Continued 

Early Oval and Long Varieties 

783 French Breakfast. This old reliable sort 
is as popular today as ever. It is ready for use 
within 25 days after sowing. The oblong, 
agreeably pungent roots have a bright pink 
skin with the lower portion shaded white. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; j lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

773 Cincinnati Market. This, we believe, is 
the finest long Radish producing clear bright 
red roots 6 to 7 inches long. The white flesh 
is crisp and retains its eating qualities excep- 
tionally long. Ready in 30 to 35 daj's. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; \ lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

French Brcakiait Kadi-li 

Summer Radishes 

This class requires longer to perfect the product but the roots have firmer flesh and 
remain in fit table condition very much longer than any of the early sorts offered. 

768 Beckert's Chartier. An exceedingly handsome deep scarlet sort, 7 to 8 inches 
long, shading to a clear white at the tip. Has beautiful icy white flesh of a crisp texture. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

814 Dreer's White Delicacy. Produces a large and handsome root, 5 to 6 inches long, 
thick at top and gradually tapering to a point. Pure white flesh of fine flavor and crisp 
texture. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. SI. 25. 

785 Icicle. This is an exceptionally fine 
radish forming attractive roots which 
are uniform and most attractive. They 
measure about f of an inch in diameter 
and mature earlier than any other long 
white radish. The flesh is pure white, 
almost transparent, and very tender. 
Grows to perfection in a deep soil. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

790 Long White Vienna or Lady 
Finger. Pure white skin and flesh. 
Slightly longer than Icicle, growing 6 to 
7 inches long, with part of the root pro- 
duced above ground. Crisp and of 
rapid growth. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; 
} lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

822 White Strasburg. Grows about 
5 inches long and measures 2 to 3 inches 
in diameter at the shoulder. Remains 
firm and brittle longer than most other 
varieties. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; { lb. 35c; 
lb. Sl.OO. 

824 White Stuttgart. An immense 

top-shaped Radish of a clear white 

color. Fine for summer and fall use. 

Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 
lacle Radjsh 

Winter Radishes 

These usually are sown around July first at the same time as Turnip. The Chinese 
type develops more rapidly while the Spanish sorts require a long period. 

787 Long Black Spanish. 8 to 9 inches long and 2j to 3 inches thick at the top. 
Black skin and soUd white flesh. Late and very hardy. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; 
lb. Sl.OO. 

807 Round Black Spanish. Good specimens are almost round and measure 3 to 
4 inches throufih. Black skin. White, solid, pungent flesh of crisp texture. 
Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; \ lb. 35c; lb. Sl.OO. 

810 Scarlet China. Also known as China Rose Winter. The oblong roots grow 4 
to 5 inches long and two inches thick at lower end. They are a bright rose color. 
Crisp, white, pungent flesh. A splendid winter variety. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; 
lb. Sl.OO. 

812 White Chinese or Celestial. When fully developed the cylindrical roots are 
6 to 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. Solid, crisp flesh of delightfully mild flavor. 
Pure white skin and flesh. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 


or Vegetable Oyster 

Salsifis, Fr. Salsifi, Sp. 

Barba di becco, Ital. Haferwurzel, Ger. 

One ounce for 50 feet of drill. 

Culture — Succeeds best in light, well- 
enriched, mellow soil. Sow early in the spring 
in drills 15 inches apart, 1 inch deep, and 
water liberall3- with a fine spray or sprinkler. 
Thin to 4 inches in rows 

L is.--— -_ 

Mammoth Sandwich Island Salsify 

837 Mammoth Sandwich Island. 
Grows a large tapering root, 7 to 8 inches 
long, with almost white, smooth skin, re- 
sembUng a good-sized Parsnip. It is very 
mild and delicately flavored, hence very 
popular. The young lea\'es may be used 
as salad. Pkt. 10c; oz. 2Sc; i lb. 65c; 
lb. S2.00. 

834 Long Black or Scorzonera. 
Though not a true Salsify this is grown 
and used in exactly the same way. Has a 
long, fleshy taproot with a black skin. 
The leaves are broad and the flesh is 
creamy white. The roots may be left in 
the ground till needed for the table, in- 
creasing in size without losing their fine 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; -J oz. 20c; oz. 35c; 
i lb. Sl.OO; lb. S3. 25. 


Oscillc, Fr. Aicdera, Sp. 

Acctosa, Ital. Saiicrampfcr, Ger. 
839 Large-Leaved Garden. The 
largest-leaved and best variety for soups 
and mi.xed salads. Has a piquant acid 
flavor. Also splendid as boiled greens. 
Sow thinly in sliallow drills a foot apart. 
Thin to stand 6 to 7 inches apart. One 
ounce for 200 feet of drill. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 20c; i lb. 60c; lb. S2.00. 


Henry A. Dreer 1306 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dreers Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Epinard, Fr. 
Spinnacio, Ital. 


Rich in all Health-Giving Properties 

Espinaca, Sp. 
Spinat, Ger. 

CULTURE — For spring and summer use, sow in drills 1 foot apart and 1 inch deep as early 
as the ground can be worked and every two weeks up to May 15th, for a succession. For winter and 
early spring use, sow in September in well-manured ground. One Ounce for 100 feet of drill. 

848 Perpetual. This has some resemblance to Swiss Chard 
producing slender, pale green leaves. Stands continuous cutting 
and makes fine mild-flavored greens. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; 
\ lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 
851 Savoy, Dreer's Reselected. This is noted for its apti- 
tude to remain in perfect condition for an extremely long 
period of time. Has large, broad, glossy green leaves which are 
heavily crimped and curled. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; i lb. 25c; lb. SOc. 
>^ Virginia Blight-Resistant 

Bloomsdale Long-Standmg Savoy 

849 Blootnisdale 
Long-Standing Savoy 

An early, hardy spinach of attractive appearance. The dark 
glossy green leaves are heavily crumpled and savoyed. It 
combines all the good quahties of the best Savoy strain with 
remarkable long-standing properties. Will remain in perfect 
condition 2 weeks longer than any other Savoy strain. The 
plants are very uniform and entirely dependable to produce a 
heavy crop. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 25c; lb. 60c. 

845 Dreer's Improved Long-Standing. An improvement 
over the old Long-Season. The outstanding feature of this 
splendid variety is, as the name implies, its remarkable long- 
standing qualities. Forms compact thick tufts composed of 
numerous rich dark green leaves which are broad and much 
crumpled. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 60c. 

^«'<»'x«^?-~X - 


King of Denmark 

842 King of Denmark. A remarkable variety ideal for late 
•^spring sowing as the plants are very slow to run to seed. Equally 
desirable as an early crop or for fall use. The plants make a 
vigorous growth producing a great abundance of large crumpled 
dark green leaves which are not only most attractive but also 
have an excellent flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; j lb. 25c; lb. 60c. 
847 New Zealand (Tetragonia expansa). This, though not a true 
Spinach, provides a great quantity of small leaves which are 
even more delicious than regular Spinach. Its greatest value 
lies in the fact that it bears continuously throughout the hot 
summer weather forming large, spreading plants. Soak seed 
before sowing. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; I lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

855 Savoy, Virginia Blight-Resistant (OW Domiyiion). A 
new strain of Savoy Spinach which has proved to be remarkably 
resistant to Spinach blight. Also highly valued for late sum- 
mer and fall sowing. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; \ lb. 25c; lb. 60c. 

853 Thick-Leaved or Viroflay. Produces large, smooth, 
fleshy leaves which measure up to 10 inches in length and 8 
inches wide. Grown in rich soil the plants are 24 to 30 inches 
across. A favorite sort as its smooth leaves are easily washed 
free from sand and grit. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; i lb. 25c; lb. 60c. 


857 Viking. This excellent new Spinach combines the long- 
■^ standing qualities of King of Denmark with the heavy yield 
of Thick-Leaved or Viroflay. The plants have large, attractive, 
rich dark green leaves which are very thick. They will cook 
exceptionally tender. Easily washed clean of sand or soil in 
preparation for the table. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; \ lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 


Mammoth. Produces immense heads measuring 12 to 20 inches 
across. A valuable food for poultry and birds but also makes 
a fine dividing border or background. Oz. 10c; lb. 30c; 
5 lbs. $1.25; 10 lbs. $2.25, prepaid. Not prepaid, 100 lbs. $11.00. 


iDOwnnnivERSfliRY offer 


5106 High Quality "Greens" Assortment 

LucuUus Swiss Chard Value 

Mustard Spinach Tendergreen 70c 

Improved Long Standing Spinach for 
All Season's Fohage Turnip 45c. 

One oz 



Henry A. Dreer, 1306 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Courge, Fr. GLrf-i-ii»ac»l-fc Calabaza,Sp. 

Zncca,lj.M.. »J%^%JlCXOM.l Kuerbis, Ger. 

Grow more Squash — it is Rich in Food Value 

One ounce of seed for 25 hills. 

Culture— It has been only recently that scientists have discovered the presence of remarkable 
quantities of v-itamines in summer squash and doctors now prescribe an abundance of squash for children. 
Sow at Corn planting time, in well-manured hills, the bush varieties 4 feet apart each way, the winter 
sorts 10 to 12 feet each way, and thin out to 2 to 4 plants to the hill. 

Early Bush Summer Squash 

These early varieties are ready for table use while their skin is 
still tender and soft. Thej' are splendid for summer and fall use 
but are not suited for winter storing. Depending upon the va- 
riety they will mature in 65 to 80 days. The bush type is best for 
the small garden. 

Cocozelle Bush Squash 

862 Cocozelle Bush. A handsome, oblong, dark green 
Italian variety liberally speckled with lighter green. The 
plants make a bushy compact growth and bear fruits which 
are at their best when about 10 to 12 inches long. Of a very 
distinct aromatic flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

873 Extra-Early Jersey White Bush {Palty Pan). A very 
popular early Squash with flat, scalloped fruits of a creamy 
white color. Used while quite small or when fuUy grown. 
Of most delicious flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 40c; lb. SI. 25. 

867 Giant Summer Crookneck. This grows to large size. 
The fruits are of typical crookneck shape and heavily warted. 
Deep orange-yellow skin and salmon-orange flesh of a rich and 
pleasing flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

Other Well Known Varieties 

Pkt. Oz. i lb. 

868 Giant Straightneck SO 10 §0 15 $0 40 

869 Golden Custard 10 15 40 

877 Mammoth White Bush 10 15 40 


SI 25 

1 25 

1 25 

Vegetable Marrows 

875 Long Cream Trailing. A fine oblong vegetable marrow 
with creamy yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Of choice 
quality. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c: J lb. 60c. 

876 Long Green Trailing. This resembles the preceding in 
size and shape but ttic skin is rich green. Creamy yellow flesh 
of fme flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; \ lb. 60c. 

874 Long White Bush. A bush marrow with light cream 
fruits measuring 12 to 15 inches long and 4 to 5 inches thick. 
A quality variety. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 50c. 

The Vining Winter Squash 

879 Table Queen. Attractive dark green acorn-shaped fruits 
5 to 6 inches long and about 4 inches through. Has distinct ribs 
and hght yellow flesh which is dry and sweet. A splendid 
variety for baldng. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; i lb. 60c; lb. $2.00. 



Table Queen 


Similar inhabitof growth 
and shape of fruits to the 
preceding but of a beauti- 
ful golden yeUo w color.The 
fruits measure 5 by 4 inches 
andareideal forindi\ndual 
serving. Has clear yellow 
flesh which is ver> sweet 
and finegrained. Pkt. 15c; 
oz. 30c; Jib. $1.00. 

858 Boston Marrow. Also known as Basket Pumpkin. A 
good keeper with dehcious deep orange flesh of sweet flavor. 
Makes excellent pies. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; J lb. 40c; lb. SI. 25. 

864 Delicious. Medium-sized top-shaped fruits with dark 
green skin and light green markings. Attractive, dry, bright 
orange, fine-grained flesh. Weighs from 5 to 10 lbs. each. 
Pkt. lOc; oz. 15c; i lb. 45c; lb. SI. 25. 

870 Hubbard, Blue. A quahty Hubbard with gray-blue 
skin and choice dry, bright orange flesh. Developed in New 
England. Pkt. 10c; oz. 20c; J lb. 50c; lb. $1.50. 

871 Hubbard, Golden. Earlier than the green Hubbards 
with deep orange-red skin and bright orange-red flesh. Very 
sweet. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

872 Hubbard, Improved. The standard winter sort with 
bronze-green skin and choice, dry, thick yellow flesh. Highest 
quahty. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

878 Hubbard, Warted. Has heavily warted, dark green 
skin and beautiful mellow, deep orange-yellow flesh. Of sweet 
flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; -i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

880 Vegetable Spaghetti 

A most unusual vining squash with creamy white fruits 
about 8 inches long and 4 to 5 inches in diameter. When 
mature boil whole for about 30 minutes, not longer. Cut open, 
remove the center seed core and season the flesh that appears 
as tightly wound spaghetti-like threads or strings, with salt 
and butter. Of a most dehcious, mild, and pleasing flavor. 
Easily stored for winter use. Pkt. 15c; oz. 30c; i lb. 8Sc 


Be sure to make a trial planting of the New Vegetable Spaghetti 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

Navet, Fr. T^l ■■ '••l^ \ "W^ Nabo, Sp. 

Navone, Ital. J. VH^IXII? Weissrueben, Ger. 

Easy to Grow and Very Productive 

One ounce will sow 200 feet of drill, two pounds for an acre. 

CULTURE— For an early crop sow seed thinly in the open ground in spring, in drills 18 to 20 

inches apart. Thin out seedlings to stand 3 to 4 inches apart. For succession sow every two weeks until 

May 15. For fall and winter sow in July and August. Sow Ruta Baga seed in open ground during 

June and early July. Take up the roots just before winter, top, and store in cool cellar, or pit outdoors. 

960 Aberdeen Purple-Top Yellow. Very hardy and pro- 
ductive, and a good keeper. Of thick, slightly flattened shape 
and of fine quahty. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

961 All Seasons Foliage Turnip. The tops of this new 
Turnip are delicious cooked as "Greens." They are large and 
tender, free from aphids, and yield repeated cuttings. The 
large roots equal the finest Turnips in quality, with pure white 
skin and flesh, and without blemish, inside or out. This 
variety developed in the Orient and is so resistant to disease 
and insects that spraying and dusting are not necessary. Tops 
can be cut 25 to 30 days after seed is sown and roots pulled 
in about 5 weeks. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 40c; lb. $1.25. 

962 Golden Ball. This is the best of all yellow-fleshed 
Turnips. Has small tops and medium-sized roots which are 
round and smooth. Firm, crisp, flavorful flesh. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

965 Pomeranian White Globe. Large, pure white, globe- 
shaped roots of deliciously sweet taste when young. The 
ample green foliage makes excellent and healthful greens. A 
well known variety. Pkt. 10c; oz. ISc; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

Purple- Tup Willie Lrlube Turiiips 

966 Purple-Top White Globe. A distinctly superior 
variety of perfect globe form having a white skin colored 
purplish red above the ground. The flesh is not only very 
fine grained but it has a sweet and tasty flavor. Pkt. 10c; 
oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

967 Purple Top Milan, Extra-Early. A very early and 
therefore most popular variety with flat, purple-topped roots 
of mild flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

Dreer's "All Season's" Foliage Turnip 

969 Red-or Purple-Top (Strap-Leaf). One of the earliest and most popular 
in our list. Flat white roots shaded purple on top. The flesh is fine grained and 
mild. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

970 Seven Top. Grown for its leafy tops only, which make excellent greens. 
It does not produce thick roots. Pkt. 5c; oz. 15c; J lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

972 Snow Ball. The roots have a smooth white skin and are nearly round. 
One of the best to sow very early in the spring. Smooth, fine-grained flesh of 
excellent, mild flavor. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

974 White Egg, Early. Adapted to either spring or fall sowing. The tops 
are small and roots are of medium size. White skin and flesh. A favorite with 
many gardeners. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; I lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

975 White Milan, Early. Of high quality. The roots are of medium size, 
flat, and pure white all through. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

976 White Plat Dutch, Early. Of quick growth and mild flavor. A 
strap-leaf turnip of medium size. Pkt. Sc; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

977 Yellow Globe (Amber Globe). Produces globe-shaped roots with smooth 
skin and light yellow flesh, which is firm and sweet. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 30c; 
lb. 90c. 

Ruta Baga 

These have firmer flesh than 
Turnips and can therefore be stored 
until well into the spring. Sow 
seed during June or early July to 
make large roots for winter storing. 
Splendid for the table and also 
highly valued for stock feeding. 
979 American Purple-Top. 

Very hardy and productive. The 

tender yellow flesh is solid and 

sweet. As good for table use as 

for stock feeding. Pkt. 5c; 

oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

982 Budlong's Improved. A very sweet white Ruta Baga with much milder 
flavor than most other sorts. Globe-shaped roots with smooth creamy yellow skin. 
Very early. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; i lb. 30c; lb. 90c. 

985 Dreer's Improved Purple-Top. Remarkable for uniform shape and fine 
quality, and also a splendid keeper. Smooth skin pf a beautiful yellow color. The 
solid flesh is fine-grained and tender. It is very sweet. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; 
lb. $1.00. 

988 Golden Heart. A hardy Danish green-top variety of large size. Beautiful golden 
flesh which is sweet and mild. Pkt. 10c; oz. 15c; J lb. 35c; lb. $1.00. 

Dreer's Improved Purple-Top Ruta 

Follow your early crops with Turniips and Ruta Bagas for winter storing 


Dreer's Reliable 


Tomate, Fr. T^^t-*-* C» f-rf^ Tomate, Sp. 

Porno d'oro, Itxl. M. %Jx1.\cL^\J Liebesapfel, Ger. 

Wholesome and delicious whether raw, cooked, or canned. 


'r IOOth 


CULTURE —For the first crop sow seeds of the earliest sorts under glass or in the house about 
the middle of February, giving the young seedlings plenty of light for stocky development. When 
they are 3 to 4 inches high transplant them into fiats or a spent hotbed to stand 4 inches apart each 
way. Give plenty of air on sunny days to harden them properly. Such plants should start bearing 
middle of June and continue for the best part of 2 months. For the main crop, so%v seeds of the second- 
early and main crop varieties in a hotbed or warm cold-frame by April 1st. Around Decoration Day 
prepare spaces 3 feet apart each way, digging the hole a foot deep and of equal diameter and filling 
this with well-rotted stable manure or humus. Set the plants into these spaces and to prevent loss 
from cut worms surround the young plants with a collar of cardboard. Where the young plants are 
grown in paper pots, set them into the ground, pots and aU, just tearing out the bottom. One ounce 
of seed will produce about 2500 plants. 

The Earliest Sorts 

894 Bonny Best. An early variety, popular all over the 
country. The scarlet fruits are almost round, and are pro- 
duced in abundance. This is also a good forcing Tomato. 
Pkt. 10c; i oz. 25c; oz. 40c; J lb. SI. 25. 

896 Break O'Day. A recent introduction and aptly called 
"The Early Marglobe" as it matures about 10 or 12 days 
ahead of that variety. The fruits are similar, being round, 
smooth, solid, and of a fine scarlet color. Highly resistant to 
disease. Pkt. 10c; § oz. 25c; oz. 40c; { lb. SI. 25. 

917 John Baer. A splendid early Tomato producing large, 
well-shaped, red fruits of fine flavor. Better than the old 
Chalk's Jewel. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 20c; oz. 35c; \ lb. Sl.OO. 

Frit chard 

or Scciriet 


940 Pritchard or Scarlet Topper 

■^Among the new vegetables of recent introduction Pritchard 
stands out as one of the finest. A fine early Tomato with large, 
smooth, globular fruits ripening to a clear scarlet right up to the 
stem end. The flesh is deep red and the fruit has few seeds and 
no core. Like all early tomatoes it amply repays liberal fertil- 
izing to secure the largest vields. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 35c; oz. 60c; 
; lb. SI. 75. 

Other Well-Known Early Tomatoes 


887 Alpha $0 05 

888 Avon Early lo 

938 Earliana 10 

919 June Pink 10 

936 Red River 10 

\ oz. 



$0 20 

$0 35 

$1 00 



1 25 



1 25 



1 25 



1 SO 

Second Early and Main Crop Tomatoes 

897 Crimson Cushion or Beefsteak. The largest of the 
bright red Tomatoes, very solid and smooth. Similar to Ponder- 
osa, except in color which is rich crimson. Pkt. 10c; 5 oz. 30c; 
oz. 50c; \ lb. $1.50. 

910 Globe, Dreer's Select Strain. The fruits are perfect 
globes in shape. They average 6 ounces each and are burne 
in clusters of 4 to 6. It is among the most solid of all tomatoes. 
The skin is an attractive pink or purple and the deep red flesh 
has a delightful flavor. Our strain is extra-choice. Pkt. 10c; 
\ oz. 30c; oz. 50c; I lb. $1.50. 

912 Golden Ponderosa. Very large fruits of splendid 
quality. Solid, rich golden yellow flesh of very mild flavor. 
Most attractive when sliced and served with a red variety. 
Pkt. 15c; ^ oz. 35c; oz. 60c; \ lb. $1.75. 

926 Marhio Tomato 

A beautiful and choice new, dark rosy pink selection from 
the well known Marglobe embodying its wilt-resistant quali- 
ties. Equally suited to growing outside or under glass. The 
round fruits have a beautiful thin pink skin and deep pink 
Pesh. Not only most attractive but has proved an enormous 
cropper under varying growing conditions. Pkt. 10c; J oz. 30c; 
oz. 50c; \ lb. $1.50. 

923 Marglobe. This nue sc>.i>au early produces large, 
sinuuth, meaty, globular, red fruits which ripen evenly and 
are free from cracks. An extremely heavy cropper, partic- 
ularly valuable in districts troubled with rust an'l wilt as in 
many of the Southern States, because it is decidedly wilt-re- 
sistant. Pkt. 10c; i oz. 40c; oz. 70c; J lb. $2.00. 


Varieties marked if received Awards in the All-America Selectic 

Dreer's Reliable VEGETABLE SEEDS 

927 Oxheart. A recent introduction of most distinct form, 
producing deep heart-shaped fruits some of which are of immense 
size and weight. Solid, deep rose-red flesh with few seeds, and 
extremely mild and free from acid. A fine late-maturing home 
garden sort, picking up to frost. Pkt. 15c; 2 oz. 45c; oz. 85c; 
I lb. $3.00. 

930 Ponderosa. The largest Tomato grown and always a 
profitable and popular sort for the home garden. Large 
purplish pink fruits of fine flavor. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 40c; oz. 75c; 
i lb. $2.00. 

937 Rutger's Tomato— Afew 

A consistently heavy cropper with uniform, globular, 
smooth, and very solid fruits averaging about 6 ounces each. 
Ripens very evenly from the inside out and is of a sparkling 
red color. Suitable for canning, market, and for the home 
garden. Gives a delicious, highly colored juice. Be sure to 
give this a trial. Pkt. 15c; i oz. 35c; oz. 60c; I lb. $1.75. 

942 Selected Stone. Probably the most widely grown 
Tomato in the country. Very dependable and will produce a 
large crop of solid deep red fruits. A splendid canner. Pkt. 10c; 
§ oz. 25c; oz. 40c; J lb. $1.00. 

Other Well-Known Main-Crop Tomatoes 

2 oz. 



25 ^ 

pO 40 

$1 25 



1 25 



1 75 



1 75 



1 25 



1 50 



1 25 


891 Beauty $0 10 

947 Dreer's Superb Salad. . . 10 

904 Dwarf Champion 10 

906 Dwarf Stone 10 

902 Early Detroit 10 

913 Golden Queen 10 

924 Matchless 10 

Forcing Tomatoes 

900 Comet. Medium size, rich scarlet fruits of good quality. 
Very productive. Pkt. 15c; | oz. 30c; oz. 50c; i lb. $1.50. 

928 Michigan State Forcing. A new wilt-resistant variety 
developed by the Michigan State Agricultural College. Deep 
smooth globular scarlet fruits of choicest quality. Pkt. 20c; 
J oz. 45c; oz, 75c; i lb. $2.50. 

Preserving Tomatoes 

The list below includes all of the popular miniature-fruited 
sorts. They are all enormous croppers and without exception 


delicious and attractive preserves. 
Strawberry or Ground Cherry. 
Red Cherry 


.$0 15 

. 15 





. 15 

. 15 

. 15 

. 15 

. 10 

1 oz. 

$0 40 


$0 70 


Red Currant 



Red Peach 



Red Pear 

Red Plum 



Yellow Cherry 



Yellow Peach 



Yellow Pear 

Yellow Plum 



AH Varieties, Mixed 


Italian Canner Tomato 

915 Italian Canner. A very distinct variety bearing an 
enormous crop of medium-sized bright red fruits of a distinct 
oblong shape. The interior of the fruits is sohd and pulpy. 
Due to being enormously productive it is a great favorite for 
canning whole, particularly in syrup. Pkt. 15c; J oz. 40c; oz. 75c. 

Dreer's Collections of ChoicC Vegetable Seeds 

These collections are of great help to those of our customers who prefer to have us make the 
selection of the varieties we recommend most highly. Only standard vegetables are included and 
each garden should yield a plentiful quantity of choice wholesome fresh vegetables over a long 
period of time. These collections are packed ready for mailing and no changes can be made. 

51 00 The Bungalow Collection q^ -■ ^^ 

15 quaUty varieties of the most popular vegetables, value $1.50, postpaid for ^r ^ •VJ' V^ 


1 pkt. Dwarf Beans, Stringless.GreenPod 

1 pkt. Dwarf Beans, Golden Wax Pod 

1 pkt. Beet, Early Detroit 

1 pkt. Carrot, Dreer's Rubicon 

1 pkt. Corn, Golden Bantam 

1 pkt. Cucumber, White Spine 
1 pkt. Kale, Imperial 
1 pkt. Lettuce, Big Boston 
1 pkt. Parsley, Moss Curled 
1 pkt. Onion, Yellow Globe 

1 pkt. Peas, Electric Extra-Early 
1 pkt. Radish, Cardinal Globe 
1 pkt. Spinach, Long Standing 
1 pkt. Swiss Chard 
1 pkt. Turnip, White Globe 

5102 The Cottage Collection ^o c^q 

24 quality varieties of the finest vegetables, value $3.50, postpaid for K^JmrndrnK^M^^ 

5 lb. Dwarf Beans, Bountiful Green Pod 

i lb. Dwarf Beans, Sure Crop Wax Pod 

4 lb. Dwarf Beans, Bush Lima 

1 oz. Beet, Detroit 

1 pkt. Cabbage, Jersey Wakefield 

1 oz. Carrot, Improved Rubicon 

1 pkt. Cucumber, White Spine 

1 pkt. Corn, Aristocrat 

1 pkt. Com, Country Gentleman 

1 pkt. Kale, Imperial 

1 pkt. Kohl Rabi 

1 pkt. Lettuce, All Heart 

1 pkt. Muskmelon, Rocky Ford 

1 pkt. Onion, Yellow Globe 

1 pkt. Parsley, Moss Curled 

2 lb. Peas, Dreer's Electric, Extra-Early 

1 oz. Radish, Crimson Ball 

1 oz. Spinach, Long Standing 

1 oz. Spinach, Savoy 

1 pkt. Squash, Jersey Bush 

1 pkt. Swiss Chard 

1 pkt. Tomato, Selected Stone 

1 oz. Turnip, Snowball 

1 oz. Turnip, Ruta Baga 

Home grown vegetables always are more nutritious and delicious 



Dreer*s Extra- Recleaned 

Grass Seed for Lawn and Field 

Prices of quantities over 5 pounds are/, o. b. Philadelphia, and subject to market changes 

Bent, Astoria. A true creeping Bent. Oregon grown seed of 
high purity, State certified. Lb. SI. 50; 5 lbs. $7.25 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $31.25; 100 lbs. S120.00. 
Bent, Creeping {South German Mixed Bent). For putting 
greens and fine lawns. Lb. SI. 50; 5 lbs. $7.25 postpaid. Not 
prepaid, 25 lbs. $32.50; 100 lbs. $125.00. 
Bent, Seaside. Oregon grown seed of superfine quality. A 
\igorous, hardy, creeping strain. Lb. SI. 50; 5 lbs. $7.25, 
postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $31.25; 100 lbs. $120.00. 
Bent, Velvet. Purity 89.5 per cent. This is the finest of the 
Bent species producing an unexcelled lawn of uniform, smooth, 
dark green, fine bladed grass. Sealed certified bags, lb. $6.00; 
5 lbs. $27.50, postpaid. 
Blue Grass, Canadian (Poa compressa). Useful on poor soils. 
An excellent pasture grass for sandy soils in the far North. 
Lb. 45c; 5 lbs. $2.15 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $9.00; 
100 lbs. $35.00. 
Blue Grass, Kentucky Fancy Kecleaned {Poa pratensis). 
Rated as one of the best permanent grasses. Especially useful 
for fine lawns and meadows. Lb. 40c; 5 lbs. SI. 90 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $8.50; 100 lbs. $30.00. 
Bermuda Grass iCynodon daclylon). Invaluable for lawns and 
pastures in the southern states. Lb. 60c; 5 lbs. $2.90 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $13.00; 100 lbs. $48.00. 
Crested Dogstail {Cynosurus cristatus). A very hardy perennial 
used in pasture mixtures. Lb. 55c; 5 lbs. $2.60 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $11.00; 100 lbs. $45.00. 
Fescue Chewings New Zealand (Festuca ruhra fallax). For 
fine lawns and putting greens. Lb. 60c; 5 lbs. $2.85 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $13.00; 100 lbs. $50.00. 
Fescue, Hard [Festuca duriuscula). A good pasture grass. 
Lb. 50c; 5 lbs. S2.35 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $10.00; 
100 lbs. $39.00. 
Fescue, Meadow (Festuca pratensis). English Blue Grass or 
Sweet Grass. A useful perennial for hay and pasture. Lb. 35c; 
5 lbs. S1.70 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $6.50; 100 lbs. $25.00. 
Fescue, Genuine Red or Creeping {Festuca ruhra). For fine 
lawns and putting greens. Succeeds in sandy soils. Lb. 81.20; 
5 lbs. $3.75 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. S23.00; 100 lbs. 
Fescue, Sheep's {Festuca ovina). Valuable for pastures. 
Does well on light soil. Lb. 50c; 5 lbs. $2.35 postpaid. Not 
prepaid, 25 lbs. $10.00; 100 lbs. $39.00. 
Fescue, Fine-Leaved Sheep's {Festuca ovina tenuifoUa). 
Excellent for lawns. Dwarf, fine-leaved growth. Lb. SI. 00; 
5 lbs. S4.90 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $22.50; 100 lbs. 

Farm Seeds. On account of fluctuating market prices through- 
out the year, we are unable to give prices in this general catalog. 
We shall, however, be glad to quote on your requirements upon 

Orchard Grass \Dactylis glomerata). One of the most valuable 
of the pasture grasses; makes a good hay. It grows well even in 
quite shaded places. Tall-growing and very nutritious. Lb. 40c; 
5 lbs. $1.95 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $8.00; 100 lbs. $30.00. 

Red-Top Grass, Extra Recleaned Seed (^jroi/tja/fta). Very 

popular for lawns and golf courses. Heavy, solid seed. Lb. 40c; 
5 lbs. $1.90 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $8.50; 100 lbs. $30.00. 

Rough-Stalked Meadow Grass {Poatrivialis). Recommended 
for shady lawns and for permanent pastures. Lb. 60c; 5 lbs. 
$2.90 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $13.00; 100 lbs. SiO.OO. 

Rye Grass, American {Oregon grown). Extra fine, heavy^ seed. 
Lb. 25c; 5 lb?. $1.20 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs, $3.85; 
100 lbs. $15.00. 

Rye Grass, English Perennial {Lolium perenne). For winter 
lawns in the South and also for permanent pastures. Lb. 30c; 
5 lbs. $1.45 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $5.00; 100 lbs. SIS.OO. 

Rye Grass, Italian {Lolium italicum). An annual for hay 
mixtures, or for the southern lawn in fall. Lb. 25c: 5 lbs. $1.20 
postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $3.85; 100 lbs. $15.00. 

Sweet Vernal Grass, True {Anthoxanihum odoratum). Imparts 
a sweet odor to hay. Lb. $1.25; 5 lbs. $6.00 postpaid. 

Tall Meadow Oat Grass (Avena elatior). For pastures. 
Lb. 40c; 5 lbs. $1.90 postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $7.75; 
100 lbs. S30.00. 

Timothy {Phleum pratense). Lb. 25c; 5 lbs. $1-20 postpaid, 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $3.75; 100 lbs. $12.00. 

Wood Meadow Grass {Poa memoralis). The ideal grass for 
heavily shaded lawns. Lb. $1.25; 5 lbs. $6.00 postpaid. 
Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $25.00; 100 lbs. S98.00. 


Permanent Pasture 

Grass Mixture 

An acreage of good grass land is an asset to any farm and a 
necessity where stock of any kind is raised. Land, too, is properly 
rested and fertility renewed. Eventually, when the sod is plowed 
down, this rich land is in condition to return heavy crops. This 
special mixture of Recleaned Grass and Clover Seeds is composed 
of perennial varieties which insure at all times an abundant and 
nutritious food supply for all kinds of stock. It yields a heavy 
crop of hay each year or supplies rich pasture all the year round. 
We ship out large quantities of this mixture and it has alwax-s 
given most satisfactory results everywhere. Sow 50 lbs. to the 
acre. When ordering, kindly state whether for heavy or light 
soil. Not prepaid, peck SI. 60; J bu. $3.00; bu. (20 lbs.) $5.75; 
100 lbs. $28.00. 

White Burley 

Connecticut Seed Leaf. . 


Pennsylvania Seed Leaf. 

Re-Cleaned Bird Seeds {Prepaid Prices) 

Lb. 5 lbs. 10 lbs. 

Canary, Plain $0 25 $100 $190 

Hemp 25 1 00 1 90 

Lettuce Oz. 10c 30 120 2 00 

Millet 25 100 190 

Sunflower, Mammoth. Oz. 10c 30 125 2 25 

Rape, Sweet 25 100 190 

Mixed Bird 25 1 00 1 90 

Wild Bird Mixture 25 100 190 






SO 10 

$0 25 

SO 40 

$1 25 




1 25 




1 50 




1 25 1 


Henry A. Dreer, 1306 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dreer's Superb 

Summer- Flowering BULBS 

Bulbs by Mail. All Bulbs 
offered in this catalog are sent 
"Not Prepaid" unless you add to 
your remittance 10% (15% west 
of the Mississippi) of the catalog 
price to cover postage and special 
packing. Minimum charge 10 

The summer-flowering bulbs represent a valuable class of plants which has a,i 
great appeal to many gardeners because with bulbs good results are obtained 
easily and quickly whether they are grown outdoors in the garden or in pots 
indoors. There are many interesting and showy subjects given on these pages, 
but we wish to call to your special attention our list of Dahlias and Gladiolus 
which contain the finest and newest sorts. 


''■ IOOth 


^||ll||l |^I||L| 


This is closely relate 1 to the Gloxinia and it will grow best under 
similar cultivation. Also suited to rock gardens in semi-shade. 
See cultural notes on Gloxinia in our book "Dreer's Hints on the 
Growing of Bulbs." For best effect the small rhizomes should be 
planted 3 or more to a pot. Blooms in 10 weeks. 

Dainty Queen. Large pure white flowers with pink eye. 
Galatea. Lovely large blooms of a rich deep lavender. 
Magniflca. The flowers are a charming violet-blue. 
Purity. This white-flowered variety has many friends. 
Purple King. A good rich shade of purple. 
Supreme. Lavender, somewhat lighter in the center. 
A ny of the above: 50c each. 
Set of the 6, one each, for $2.50. 

Amaryllis— ffippeasffum 

Dreer's Giant 
Hybrids. A mag- 
nificent strain of 
g i a n t-f 1 ow e r i n g 
Amaryllis throwing 
vigorous flower 
stems set with 4 
to 6 gigantic perfect 
blooms in a wide 
range of beautiful 
colors. Easy to 
grow in the house. 
Mixture only 60c 
each; $6.00 per doz. 

Belladonna {Bella- 
donna Lily). Beauti- 
ful silvery white 
flowers turning to 
soft rose as they 
age. This variety is 
perfectly hardy 
when planted in a 
well drained situation and protected with a covering of 2 to 3 
inches of leaves during the winter months. It prefers a rich 
sandy loam. SOc each. 

Halli {Lycoris Squamigera). Scarce hardy Amaryllis with large 
fragrant pink blooms during the summer. The spring foliage 
dies down before the blooms appear. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Dreer's Giant 

Dreer's Hints on the Grooving of Bulbs 

An interesting and helpful booklet on the culture of bulbs. 
Includes summer-flowering tender and half-hardy varieties as 
well as the hardy kinds which are planted in the fall for spring 
and summer blooming. Freely illustrated. Price 25 cents or 
sent free upon request if your order of bulbs amounts to $1.00 
or more. 



Tuberous - 

Begonias • 

This charming class 
of Begonias is perhaps 
the most handsome of 
all the summer-flower- 
ing tuberous-rooted 
plants. They are prin- 
cipally used for plant- 
ing in the semi-shaded 
porch or window boxes 
but are also fine in 
outdoor beds located 
in a partially shaded 
place where they will 
bloom continuously. 

&, ''^i^/M> 

Single Frilled Begonia 

Single Frilled Varieties 

A wonderfully improved strain with flowers of immense size 
all being beautifully frilled and fringed not unlike a Giant RufiBed 
Petunia. They will give an interesting and showy display. 
Apricot Dark Red Pink 

Scarlet White Yellow 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 
Set of 6, one each, for $1 .25. 
Single Prilled Mixed. 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 

Double Frilled Varieties 

Brilliant, fully double flowers of a most pleasing formation. 


Dark Red 
Scarlet White 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 
Set of 6, one each, for $1 .25. 
Double Frilled Mixed. 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 

Double Camellia-Flowered Varieties 

The fuU, double flowers resemble Camellias. 

Apricot Dark Red Pink 

Scarlet White Yellow 

Any of the above: 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 
Set of 6, one each, for $1 .50. 
Double Camellia-Flowered Mixed. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Crested Varieties 

Large substantial flowers. Each petal carries a Cockscomb-like 
crest which extends from the base of the petals to the edge. 
Dark Red Pink White Yellow 

Any Color: 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 
Set of 4, one each, for .$1.00. 
Crested Mixed Colors. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Trailing Tuberous -Rooted Begonias A • 

Trailing Mixed Colors. Superb for growing in rockeries in a 
semi-shaded or shaded position. Also for hanging baskets and 
porch boxes. SOc each; $5.00 per doz. 

Bulbs are easy to grow and give quick effects 


IDMEEM^ cOMiE llUIVi^llEIimi illlllTI^TEllSUlIIlY nmiB 

Caladium esculentum (g 

Elephant's Ear 

Among the most effective plants for beJs, borders, 
or for planting out upon the lawn. Of gorgeous 
tropical appearance wnth extremely large, rich green 
leaves beautifully veined with deep velvety green. 
Large bulbs 30c each; S3. 00 per doz. First size 
bulbs 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 

Fancy-Leaved Caladium 

Fancy-Leaved Caladiums ® 

No other summer foliage plant equals the Fancy 
Caladiums in rich and gorgeous, yet soft coloring. 
Fine for the conservatory during the summer, for 
window boxes, and outdoor bedding. 

10 of the Best Colored Varieties. 35c each. 

The set of 10 for $3.00. 
Mixed, Highly Colored Sorts. 30c each; S3.00 

per doz. 
Monster Bulbs in 6 highly colored varieties Sl.OO 

each; SIO.OO per doz. 
Growing Plants in six inch pots for planting out 

or for porch decoration, ready May 10 (these plants 

cannot be sent by Parcel Post) §1.50 each; S15.00 

per doz. 

Calla—Richardia, Zantedeschia 
Golden Yellow {Ellioitiano). The best of the 
yellow Callas with golden yellow blooms of velvety 
texture and dark green foliage with translucent 
creamy white spots. Extra strong bulbs, upland 
grown, insuring 2 or more flowers from each bulb. 
50c each; $5.00 per doz. 

Two New Miniature Callas 

These rare and beautiful new Callas are most 
suitable for home, solarium, and conservatory use. 
Even without bloom they are very ornamental as the 
foliage is neat and compact. It is a beautiful glossy 
green and when surmounted by the small artistic 
blooms they are admired by all. The flowers average 
3 inches in size and are freely produced throughout 
the entire winter months. 

Pink Baby. Warm cerise-pink. 
White Baby. Pure white. 
Strong plants of either variety, Sl.OO each. 
One of each for $1.85. 

Liilium — Summer-Flowering Lilies 

Lilium auratum 
Gold Banded Lily of Japan 

Lilium regale — Regal Lily 

Lilium philippinense formosanum 

Philippinense formosanum 

{Dreiim or New Woitdcr Lily^. 
3 4 ft. A gorgeous, large, pure 
white trumpet, tinted rose on 
the outside. Of glorious size, 
splendid form, and richly fra- 
grant. Blooms in August and 
September. Plant in a sunny 
place with groimd cover. 
Cover bulbs 6 inches deep. 
30c each; S3. 00 per doz.; 
S20.00 per 100. 

Among the most beautiful plants we 
can have in our gardens are the Lilies. 
They are easy to grow and give a wonder- 
ful effect. As they take little room they 
may be used generously for planting in 
the perennial border where their tower- 
ing spikes reign supreme. 

Auratum {Gold Banded Lily of Japan). 
® 3-5 ft. Large, graceful, fragrant, iv- 
ory white flowers thickly studded with 
deep cri mson spots and striped through 
the center with golden yellow. Blooms 
during July and September. Cannot 
endure lime. Cover bulbs 8 inches 
deep. Extra-large flowering bulbs 40c 
each: $4.00 per doz. 

Henryi. ® 3 ft. Rich apricot-yellow 
flowers with golden brown spits. 
Blooms August and September. Plant 
in well-drained, manure-free soil, 
covering the bulbs 8 inches deep. 
Extra-large bulbs 40c each; $4.00 
per doz. 

Regale {Regal Lily)- ® 3-5 ft. Magnifi- 
cent, large, trumpet-shaped, sweet 
scented, white flowers, shaded pink 
on the outside and tinged with canary 
yellow at the base. Enilures lime. 
Blooms in July. Cover bulbs 7 inches 
deep. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Speciosum album (While Show Lily). 
® 3 ft. Large white trumpets with 
greenish band. Blooms in August 
and September. Impartial to lime 
antl dues well in either sun or shade. 
Cover bulbs 8 inches deep. SOc each; 
$5.00 per doz. 

Speciosum magnificum. ® 4 ft. 
Large ivory white suffused with rosy 
crimson and spotted with pink. 
Makes a fine show and is easy to 
grow. Aug. -Sept. Cover bulbs 8 
inches deep. 40c each; S4.00 per doz. 

Speciosum rubrum or roseum. ® 

4 ft. Rosy white heavily spotted rich 
crimson. Blooms in August and Sep- 
tember. Cover bulbs 8 inches deep. 
40c each; $4.00 per doz. 

Superbum {Swa>>ip or A merican Turk's 
Cap Lily). ® 3-6 ft. Bright reddish 
orange tlowers spotted with purplish 
brown. Blooms in August. Endures 
lime. Cover bulbs 8 inches deep. 
35c each; $3.50 per doz. 

Tigrinum splendens {Improved Tiger 
Lily). ® 4 5 ft. Bright orange-red, 
spotted black. Endures lime as well 
as shade. Blooms in .■Xugust and 
September. Cover bulbs 8 inches deep. 
30c each; $3.00 per doz. 

flore pleno {Double Tiger Lily). 

3 4 ft. Large, double orange blooms 
attractively spotted with black. 
Blooms (luring August and September. 
Endures lime and prefers a ground 
cover. Cover bulbs 6 inches deep. 
35c each; $3.50 per doz. 


Cannas are listed on page 111 


GaltOnia Hyacinthus 

^^ candtcans 

Cape Hyacinth ® 

A strong- growing, summer-flowering 
variety of Hyacinth quite distinct from 
those which bloom in the spring. Makes a 
strong stately flowerspike 3 to 5 feet high, 
which bears from 20 to 30 pure white, bell- 
shaped blooms during the summer and 
early fall. It is hardy around Philadelphia. 
2Sc each; $2.50 per doz. 

Gloriosa § 

Superba Rothschildiana 
Climbing Lily 

A splendid tropical climber, easy to 
grow in a warm greenhouse and does well 
in sheltered spots out-of-doors. Grows 6 to 
10 feet high, producing large, gorgeous, 
Lily-like flowers which open a bright 
yellow, but change to a deep scarlet. In 
bloom through the summer and autumn 
months. Strong tubers, $1.00 each. 

Dreer's Select Gloxinias 

Showy flowering bulbs for the window 
garden or conservatory. Potted in rich 
garden loam and placed in a light window 
they will develop into shapely plants 
covered with graceful large flowers of 
beautiful velvety texture. 

Dreer's Six Superb 
Named Varieties 
Black Prince. Deep indigo blue. 
Brunhilde. White. 
Defiance. Crimson-scarlet. 
Emperor Frederick. Scarlet with 

white band. 
Emperor Wilhelm. Deep violet with 

white band. 
Sky Blue. Deep azure blue. 
Any of the above: 50c each; $5.00 per doz. 
Set of the 6 Gloxinias, 
for $2.50. 
Unnamed Mixed. 35c each; $3.50 
per doz. 

New Gloxinia 

A beautiful new type of Gloxinia 
forming showy upright plants 
which carry a great profusion of 
large blooms noted for their rare 
beauty. The color is a dazzling 
ruby red. Though rich it has the 
soft and silky sheen of velvet. This 
fine new variety gives promise of 
being the best Gloxinia for pot pur- 
poses. 60c each; 3 for $1.50. 

Ismene calathina 

Peruvian Daffodil 

A grand summer-flowering bulb with 
large, fragrant Amaryllis-like white blooms 
with apple green markings in the throat. 
Very easy to grow. Keep bulbs in a 
warm dry room and plant out in June. 
Take up in October and store warm and 
dry during the winter. They do best in a 
well-drained fertile soil where they will 
multiply rapidly. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Giant Montbretias 

Giant Montbretias 

Flowers of largest size and beautiful rich 
colors. Tlie individual blooms are nearly 
3 inches in diameter. They are borne on 
slender, wiry, branching stems frequently 
over 3 feet high. They are gay and attrac- 
tive in the garden during late summer 
and fall, also give wonderful material 
for cutting. Plant in April or May. 
Aurora. Large brilliant golden orange 
flowers suffused with shades of apricot. 
His Majesty. A glorious variety with 
very large, broad-petaled, deep velvety 
scarlet flowers shading to gold. Under 
favorable conditions it will reach a 
height of 4-2- feet. 
Lemon Queen. Very attractive with 
deep orange buds and creamy yellow 
flowers with lighter centers. 
Queen Alexandra. Lovely chrome yel- 
low flowers with carmine blotch at the 
base of the petals. Late-flowering. A 
showy variety of erect habit of growth. 
Una. Large flowers of rich apricot with 
showy carmine blotch. 

Any of the above: 35c each; $3.50 per doz. 

The set of 5 Giant Montbretias, 

for $1.50. 

Unnamed Mixed. 

per doz. 

3 for 75c; $2.50 

Three Rare Montbretias 
Joan of Arc. Very large, smooth, broad- 
petaled glowing deep golden flowers with 
slight crimson markings in the center. 
The reverse of the petals is fluslied 
orange. Strong grower. 

Princess Mary. Large pale yellow 
flowers with red tips. 

Queen of Spain. Brilliant deep golden 
orange flowers of large size. The reverse 
of the petals is golden apricot with smafl 
crimson or purple calyx. A very brilliant 
and effective strong-growing variety. 

Any of the above: 50c each. 
Set of 3 Rare Montbretias for $1.25. 


Tigridia— 5fte« Flower 
Pavonia grandifiora 

Mexican bulbs producing showy, large, 
oddly shaped blooms of exotic beauty. 
Well suited to planting in the mixed 
border. Handle the same as Gladiolus, 
planting the bulbs when the nights have 
become balmy and take up again before 
frost in the fall; 18 inches high, flowering 
during the summer and fall months. 
Light Pink Rose 

Orange White 

Red Yellow 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 
One each of the six colors, for $1.25. 
Hybrids Mixed. 20c each; $2.00 per 


Double Pearl. Richly fragrant, pearly 
white flowers on sturdy stems. Strong 
flowering bulbs, 10c each; 75c per doz.; 
$5.00 per 100. 

Mexican Everblooming. Exception- 
ally fragrant, single pure white blooms 
from July onward. Each bulb develops 
from 2 to 5 spikes in succession. As fine 
for garden display as for cutting. 
10c each; 75c per doz.; $5.00 per 100. 

Vallota purpurea 

Scarborough Lily 

An interesting South African bulb 
closely related to Amaryllis. Will bloom 
freely throughout the summer months 
bearing showy rich red flowers which 
measure 2 to 2| inches in diameter. 
Strong flowering bulbs, $1.50 each; 
3 for $4.00. 

Zephyranthes ® 

Zephyr Flower, Fairy Lilies 

Showy goblet-shaped blooms during the 
summer months. Easy to grow in the 
border or in pots or pans for porch and 
window decoration. 
Ajax. Large clear yellow flowers. 

Blooms profusely. 20c each; $2.00 per 

Alba. Pure white. 10c each; 75c per 

doz.; $5.00 per 100. 
Rosea. Large rose-colored. 20c each; 

$2.00 per doz. 

Set of three Zephyranthes, 
one each, for 40c. 

If bulbs are wanted by parcel post, add postage as explained on page 103 


Dreer's Select Gladiolus 

Gladiolus are universally appreciated as most useful and satisfactory for 
garden display and especially as cutflowers for home decoration. In order to 
secure a continuous supply of flowers, planting should begin in April and 
continue at intervals of about ten days until early July. Our corms are all 
of large size, free of thrips and disease. 

20 Popular Gladiolus 

This is a collection of outstanding popular sorts that have been tested for 
a number of years and found to give universal satisfaction. They are in- 
expensive and enable one to have a continuous display throughout the 
summer until frost. They are all popular cutflower varieties. 

Aflame. Giant flowers of flaming red. A very showy variety. 

America. Splendid large clear pink flowers closely set on a stocky spike. 

Betty Nuthall. Magnificent blooms of rich coral pink vdth yellow shad- 
ings. A picturesque variety of splendid tall growth. Charming, elegant 
spikes for garden display, home decoration, and exhibition. 

Charles Dickens. An old favorite 

with bright aster purple 
artistically arranged on 
and graceful spike. 

Dr. F. E. Bennett. A most de- 
pendable variety with bright 
scarlet blooms displaying white 
spearhead markings in the throat. Y, 

Emil Aubrun. Coppery 
bronze overlaid with slate 
color and a faint sheen of 
rose. Forms a splendid 

Giant Nymph. Large blooms 
of light salmon-rose with a 
luminous sheen. An excep- 
tionally pretty variety. 

Golden Dream. Tall stems 
well set with rich yellow 
blooms with beautifully re- 
curved petal tips. 

Lavender Bride. A unique 
and dainty variety with 
showy lavender blooms over- 
cast with bright rose. 

Los Angeles. This old 
favorite is much admired for 
the lovely light pink color of 
its exquisitely finished 
Marmora. Bright blooms of a beautiful silver gray with rosy throat. An 
unusual color which harmonizes well with other shades. Of sensational size. 

Mrs. F. C. Peters. Elegantly formed blooms of a charming orchid lavender 
color. One of the best in this color class. 

Mrs. Francis King. Superb blooms of a rich flaming red color. It ranks 
as one of the finest of the popular varieties. 

Mrs. Frank Pendleton. An exquisite pale salmon-pink mth dark mark- 
ings in the throat. Forms a gorgeous flower spike. 

Mrs. Leon Douglas. Huge salmon-rose flowers often heavily splashed 
with scarlet. Develops truly sensational spikes of artistic proportion. 

Peace. This gives a wonderful color contrast as the carmine center accentu- 
ates the pure white of the petals. A vigorous grower. 

Pfltzer's Triumph. Huge scarlet flowers of velvety finish with shadings of 

ruby in the throat. It has vigor and size. 

Pride of Wanakah. A very attractive free-growing Gladiolus with well- 
formed large blooms of an exquisite lavender-rose color. 

Veilchenblau. A European variety which has made a decided hit on this 
side of tiic ocean. Has magnificent dark blue florets. 

W. H. Phipps. Imposing tall spikes with as many as 23 florets open at one 
time. A lovely salmon-rose color. 

Any of the above: 3 for 15c; 12 for 55c; 100 for $4.00. 

Mrs. Frank Pendleton 

Betty Nuthall 


6 bulbs are sold at V^ ^^^ dozen price: 25 bulbs at V4 the 100 pries 

Dreer's Select GLADIOLUS 

25 Gladiolus Aristocrats 

Practically all of the varieties selected for this set have been successfully and repeatedly 
shown in recent exhibitions. They are conspicuously superior. 
Aida. Rich, deep violet-blue. Makes a beautiful tail straight spike. Early. 
Albatros. A tall snow white without a trace of color. 
Ave Maria. A large pale blue of very superior form and placement. A splendid variety 

which provides a lovely contrast to the deeper colors. 
Bagdad. Very pleasing smoky old rose blooms of large size. A vigorous grower. 
Bill Sowden. Huge flowers of a deep red color well arranged on a compact spike. 
Bleeding Heart. Elegant blooms of graceful form and large size. Of a blush white color 

with red blotches deep in the throat. 
Cadillac. Graceful tall spikes set with rich golden apricot-yellow blooms. 
Carmen Sylva. A pure white variety with medium size flowers. Splendid for cutting. 
Commander Koehl. A most glorious clear bright blood red flower of magnificent size. 

A tall and vigorous grower with blooms of extra heavy substance. 
Frank J. McCoy. Very large pink blooms. A consistent prize winner. 
Golden Cup. Deep yellow blooms of extra large size. 

Maid of Orleans. Beautifully formed giant flower stalks with pure white florets. 
Mammoth White. Immense pure white flowers on large stalks. The florets are frequently 

over six inches in diameter. 
Mauve Magic. Large blooms of a distinct and lively mauve shade. 
Minuet. Light pinkish lavender of great charm. One of the finest lavender varieties in 

existence. Has magnificent well-formed florets. 
Morocco. The darkest red Gladiolus — almost black. Very attractive. 
Mother Machree. Lavender enhanced by an overlay of salmon-pink. 
Pelegrina. Large florets of a lovely deep blue color well arranged on a straight stem. It 

is an exceptionally fine violet-blue with a velvety finish. 
Picardy. A wonderful achievement and without doubt the most outstanding Gladiolus of 

recent introduction. Giant blooms of soft shrimp pink arranged in glorious spikes. 
Rapture. Light salmon with cream blotch in the throat. A tall upright grower. 
Red Lory. Large carmine-rose with purplish blotch in the throat. 
Red Phipps. iVIagnificent tall spikes set with huge light red blooms. 
Saibach's Orchid. An unusually fine lavender-pink with deeper sanding in throat. 
Wasaga. Glowing iridescent Nasturtium buff blooms with a nicely rufiied edge. 
Wurttembergia. Brilliant scarlet with large creamy blotch. A most unusual and very 

attractive variety whicli will give a magnificent show wherever displayed. 
Any of the above: 3 for 30c; 12 for $1.00; 100 for S7.50. 


12 Graceful 
Primulinus Type Gladiolus 

The Primuhnus type because of the graceful slender spikes of dainty hooded 
florets lends itself particularly to graceful table and room decoration. The great 
variety of mellow colors enhances its usefulness. We offer a collection of twelve 
select varieties. 

Alice Tiplady. An old reliable variety of a saffron orange color. 
Golden Frills. Deep Daffodil yellow with prominent red blotch. Frilled petals. 
King of Oranges. Bright glowing rich orange. Very dainty. 
Krelage's Favorite. The best pure red. Very striking. 
Lullaby. Attractive yellow with the petals bordered scarlet. 
Mrs. Calvin Coolidge. Delicate salmon-pink with pale yeUow throat. 
Orange Butterfly. Bright orange of good substance. Unusually graceful. 
Orange Queen. Showy orange-yellow. A reliable variety. 
Queen of Bremen. Attractive rose-oink blooms produced very freely. 
Souvenir. A very showy and reliable bright yellow. Most popular. 
Taurus. Dark purplish maroon. A rather unusual color. 
White Butterfly. Pure white flowers of particularly graceful form. 
Any of the above: 3 for ISc; 12 for S5c; 100 for $4.00. 

Dreer's Gold Medal Mixed Gladiolus 

The constantly increasing demand for our Gold Medal Mixtures has led us to 
make a special effort this season to prepare a large stock of corms which we feel 
sure will please our customers not only in quality and variety but also in the matter 
of reduced price. Over one hundred varieties have been used in varying proportions 
to make this year's mixture an outstanding value. They are offered in three sizes, 
each sure to flower. The largest or #1 size will naturally produce somewhat larger 
flowers and longer spikes than the #2 and #3, but all will bloom. 

The mixture contains all types from the largest Grandifloras to the daintiest 

#1 size, I2 inches and over in diameter: 40c per dozen; $3.00 per 100. 

#2 size, Ij to IJ inches in diameter: 35c per dozen; $2.50 per 100. 

#3 size, 1 to Ij inches in diameter: 30c per dozen; $2.00 per 100. 

'^ t 

,^^ V 

Dreer's Gold Medal Mixed 

Make Buecession plantings of Qladiolus until early July 


Dreer's Select Dahlias 

The varieties which we offer have been chosen with special care. They have been thoroughly 
tested and may be depended upon to give the utmost satisfaction to the home gardener. Among 
the varieties you will recognize a number of consistent prize winners at the flower shows. 

Realizing the deserved popularity of the Miniature and Pompon types we have given them special 
attention. The new dwarf Dahlias for the garden introduced by us last year have met with such 
universal approbation that we have prepared a large stock for this year's sales. 

Excepting only a few novelties we can supply all varieties as 
Tubers which are ready for dehvery at any time. Those which 
are offered as plants will be ready for delivery in ^lay. 

Dahlias by Mail. All 

DahUas offered in this catalog 
are sent "Not Prepaid" unless 
you add to your remittance 
10% (15% west of the Mis- 
sissippi) of the catalog price 
to cover postage and special 
packing. Minimum charge 
10 cents. 

Twelve Superb Double 
Miniature Dahlias 

These Miniature Dalilias produce ilowers averaging less than 

three inches in diameter. They are now available in many 

different shades and types. They are delightful subjects for the 

garden and yield a great abundance of cutflowers for home 


Baby Beauty. A lovely miniature replica of the popular 
Jersey's Beauty with flowers only three inches in diameter. 
The plants grow about two feet high. The color is the same 
beautiful bright pink with salmon suffusion as that of Jersey's 

Baby Royal. Of semi-Cactus form. The deep well-formed 
flowers are bright salmon-pink shaded with apricot and display- 
ing a rich yellow tone at the base of the petals. E.xtremely and 
deservedly popular. 

Bordeau. Deep claret red flowers borne on wiry stems. 

Donau. A dainty variety with silvery soft rose flowers gracefully 
displayed on wiry stems. 

Fred. A vigorous free-flowering English variety with perfectly 
formed decorative flowers of a cheerful salmon-rose color. 

Leiden's Miniature. A beautiful salmon-rose Cactus variety 
with strong wiry stems. 

Little Jewel. Refined and very pretty. Of light pink color. 


Nesthaekchen {Neslling). An extremely satisfactory Miniature 
Cactus-flowered variety witli creamy chamois flowers suffused 
with pale rose. 'Very free. 

Paddy. A cheerful variety of bright flesh color. 

Red Head. A sliowy Miniature Dahlia of rich brilliant red color. 

Roeschen {Lillle Rose). Graceful blooms of an appealing Ught 

rose color. 
Sanhican's Sweetheart. Beautiful, free flowering, yellow 
Cactus type. 

Tubers of any of llie above: 35c each; S3. SO per dozen. 
Any six for $1.75. 

Six New Double 
Miniature Dahlias 

The six varieties of Miniature DahUas offered in this set are 
particularly meritorious. Several are now offered for the first 
time. They can be supplied as green plants only. 
Baby Sagamore. A Formal Decorative identical with the well 

known variety Sagamore except in size. The deep orange 

flowers are less than three inches in diameter. 
Cor alette. A very fine salmon-red of Formal Decorative form. 
Corinna. An excellent yeUow Formal Decorative. 
Fairy. Attractive pink flowers of Firmal Decorative shape. 
Marcellette. Deep fawn Miniature Decorative. Unusual and 

Persimmon. Orange-red Formal Decorative of excellent form 

and habit. 

Any of the above. Green plants only, ready in May: 
50c each; §5.00 per dozen. Any six for S2.50. 

Miniature Dahlia — Bishop of Landaff 

The sensational effectiveness of this charming variety has made 
it one of the most popular sorts for garden use. Tlie bright scarlet 
flowers with deep garnet colored center harmonize wonderfully 
with the deep bronze laciniated foliage. Tubers 50c each; plants 
ready in May 35c each. 

New Dwarf Dahlias 

for the Garden 

This wonderful new race of Dahlias introducea by us last year 
has remarkable value for garden planting and home decoration. 
The plants form compact bushes seldom more than two feet high. 
They begin blooming when only a foot high and flower continuous- 
ly from early summer until frost. 

Christine. Small pure white flowers borne in greatest profusion. 
Elsie. Deep golden yeUow center and rich orange-carmine tips. 
Gertrude. Rich sulphur yellow flowers of attractive form. 
Kate. A charming variety with showy orange-scarlet blooms. 
Rosalie. Lilac-rose blooms shading lighter toward the center. 
ITrsula. Intense rich crimson with carmine reverse. 

Tubers of any of the above: SI. 00 each; 6 for S5.00. 

Plants, ready in May: 50c each; 6 for S2.50. 

Easter Greeting. The original variety of this new type, intro- 
duced for greenhouse forcing for Easter. Tubers, ready at any 
time: 75c each; $7.50 per dozen. Plants, ready in May: 40c 
each; S4.00 per dozen. 

Maria. A greatly improved type of Easter Greeting, producing 
larger flowers which are more double. Tubers: $1.00 each; 
SIO.OO per dozen. Plants, ready in May: 50c each; $5.00 
per dozen. 


If Dahlias are wanted by Parcel Post add postage as explained above 

Eight Reliable Cactus Dahlias 

The eight varieties selected of this type have proved themselves of particular merit for the 
garden. The graceful formation of the iJowers has endeared them to many. 

Franz Berger 

Abendsonne. This makes a very attractive plant with medium- 
sized bright orange-scarlet flowers produced on long wiry stems 
which makes them ideal for cutting. Tubers, $1.00 each. 

Ballego's Surprise. A marvelous snow white Cactus variety 
of very recent introduction. A perfect cutflower with wiry 
stems. Of unusual charm and excellent habit. Tubers, $2.00 

Franz Berger. Narrow, twisted, bright scarlet petals with rosy 
flesh reverse. The blooms measure 8 to 10 inches in diameter. 
Tubers, 50c each. 

Frau O. Bracht. One of the most popular varieties. A clean- 
cut Cactus of most desirable form. The color is dehcate prim- 
rose yellow. Tubers, 75c each. 

Gold Standard. A warm buff shaded with amber and gold. 
A consistent prize winner. Tubers, $2.00 each. 

Miss Elsie Jane. Medium-sized flowers of an appealing shrimp- 
pink color with cream shading in center and tipped violet-rose. 
Outstandingly dainty and attractive. Tubers, $1.00 each. 

Paui Pfitzer. Tender rose flowers with lilac suffusion on strong 
wiry stems. Most beautiful in form and color. Free blooming, 
shapely plants. Tubers, $1.00 each. 

Salmon Giant. Large, showy, clear salmon-pink suffused with 
salmon. The flowers are produced freely on compact vigorous 
Dlants. One of the very finest large-flowered garden varieties. 
Tubers, $2.00 each. 

Special Offer. One each of the above 
Eight Reliable Cactus DahUas, value $10.25, for $9.00. 

Twelve Superior Decorative Dahlias 

From among the more recent Dahlia introductions, we have 
selected this outstanding dozen of the Decorative tj'oe as most 
worthy of cultivation by the amateur who desires a highly effec- 
tive display in the garden and wants a type well suited to occa- 
sional cutting for house decoration. All are vigorous growers 
that need no coddling to get them to give the best results. 
Anna Benedict. A magnificent dark red with stems that are 

always erect. Strong robust plants with large healthy foliage. 

Tubers, $1.50 each. 
Ballego's Glory. Very interesting and popular mahogany red 

flowers, bordered gold. Compact, healthy plant. Tubers, 

75c each. 
Blue Jersey. An exact counterpart of the most popular Jersey's 

Beauty except in color which is a clean attractive lilac. Tubers, 

75c each. 
Dahliadel Gold. Truly enormous flowers of golden yellow 

with darker center and coral suffusion. One of the outstand- 
ing exhibition varieties. Tubers, $1.50 each. 
Forest Fire. A spectacular Dahlia of golden yellow color with 

flashes of fiery red throughout. A sensation at the shows and a 

delight to the gardener. Tubers, $150 each. 
Frau Marie Kipke. Lovely medium-sized blooms with pointed 

petals. Bright orange-scarlet and deep yellow bases and tips. 

Tubers, $1.00 each. 
Kentucky. Another counterpart of the wonderful Jersey's 

Beauty, which it duplicates in everything but color, being 

more of a salmon than the type through the infusion of yellow 

and gold. Tubers, 50c each. 
Monmouth. Queen. Immense full-centered flowers of great 

size and depth. A strong growing, free flowering variety pro- 
ducing flowers of a light lemon shade. Tubers, $1.50 each. 
Phantom. Long broad petals of deep violet -purple with long 

white tips. A vigorous grower. One of the most admired 

varieties. Tubers, $1.00 each. 
Satan. An immense scarlet T/ith yellow reverse which shows in 

the center as the petals unfold. Vigorous and showy. Tubers, 

75c each. 


The Duchess (Herzogin von Wuertlemberg). Here we have one 
of the most outstanding and valuable novelties for the garden. 
A vast improvement in color over Jane Cowl. A very vigorous 
plant producing an abundance of large showy flowers of deep 
orange-buff with lighter tips and overlaid with a rosy cast. 
Tubers, $2.50 each. 

White Abundance. Magnificent blooms of pure snow white 
on healthy plants of extreme vigor. This appears to us the 
ideal among the better white varieties. Tubers, $2.00 each. 

Special Offer 

We will supply one tuber each of the above 
Twelve Decorative Dahlias, value $15.25, for $12.00 

If Dahlias are wanted by Parcel Post please add postage as explained on Page 108. 


20 Dainty Pompon Dahlias 


The rapidly increasing popularity of the small ball-shaped or 
Pompon Dahlias is justified by the diversity of their use and 
their adaptabihty. In the garden they make small decorative 
plants with an abundance of flowers which are splendid for home 
decorations, particularly' for tables where their size and dainti- 
ness makes them most appealing. The small ball-shaped flowers 
seldom exceed two inches in diameter. 

They are offered as tubers ready for delivery at anj' time, 
excepting only the two novelties Anna Lee and Morning Mist 
(see second column) which can be supplied only as growing plants 
deliverable during May. 
Aimee. U'elhformed blooms of an appealing bright salmon with 

rich apricot shading. 
Anna von Schwerin. Delicate light rose Bowers produced 

freely upon fine open plants which permits cutting with long 

Arthur. Splendid bright red of artistic appeal. 
Bob White. A favorite white variety with manj' cutflower 

Dandy. Very pretty, perfectly formed orange blooms. 
Dee-Dee. A most unusual and charming light lilac. The only 

variety that may be classed as blue. 
Gretchen Heine. Rose-tinted white, tipped carmine. Free 

blooming and long stemmed. 
Jonkheer von Citters. One of the daintiest and most in- 
teresting sorts. Lively yellow petals tipped red. 
Joe Fette. A perfectly formed and reliable white. 
Little David. Brilliant salmon-scarlet flowers carried on strong 

wiry stems. 
Little Edith. Yellow with orange tips. One of the bright ones. 
Neatness. Creamy yellow with just a dash of blush pink. 
Nellie Frazer. The effect is pink though there is some white 

Nerissa. This approaches perfection. Soft mauve-pink. 
Rose Willmouth. Charming pale rose. 
Snowclad. A popular white. 
Sunbeam. Brilliant crimson-scarlet. 
Thilda Luz. A substantial yellow of vigorous growth. 
Tom Thumb. Deep garnet. A picture of perfection. 
Yellow Gem. A highly popular yeDow variety. 

Any of the above: Tubers 25c each; S2.50 per dozen. 
Any six for §1.25. 

Jersey's Beauty 

Two Beautiful New Pompon Dahlias 

Anna Lee. We discovered this last year and consider it one of 
the most desirable of the pink Pompons. The plant is healthy 
and vigorous. The flowers are a luminous clear shade of carmine- 

Morning Mist. This impresses us as one of the daintiest of 
this class of Dahhas. A flower of perfect form and a verj' 
pale pink color. 

Green plants of these two new Pompons will be sup- 
plied for May dehver>' at 50c each; S5.00 per dozen. 

Six Popular Dahlias 

These are leaders in the New York and Philadelphia cutflower 
market which is proof that they are desirable varieties of 
vigorous, free-blooming habit. They are reasonably priced. 
Gallant Fox (Formal DecorativeV Of outstanding merit with 

6-inch flowers of an entrancing luminous dark red color which 

is described by some as claret. 
Jane Cowl. There is not a Dahlia show where Jane Cowl does 

not stand out as one of the finest Informal Decoratives we 

have. The blooms combine a lovely shade of bronzy buff with 

old K"l 1. Truly remarkable. 
Jersey's Beauty. This grand old favorite is today as popular 

as ever. Of perfect Formal Decorative form and a beautiful 

bright pink color. Vigorous and free-blooming. 
Myrtle Fisher. This slightly Informal Decorative yellow 

Dahlia is one of the most reliable for cutflower purposes. 

Fully double flowers about 6 inches in diameter. 
Roycroft. A Semi-Cactus of perfect form producing a pro- 
fusion of flowers that measure 6 to 7 inches across. Of a deep 

orange terra-cotta suffused with rose. 
Snowboy. Perfectly formed deep Formal Decorative flowers 

5 to 6 inches across. Thej' are a beautiful pure white. 
We offer the above in strong tubers only: 
2Sc each; S2.50 per doz.; any 6 for $1.25. 


If Dahlia tubers are wanted by Parcel Post add posta^a as explained on page 108. 

Dreer's Large-Flowering CANNAS 

Cannas bloom from early summer until frost in all sections of the 
country. They succeed best in a sunny position and in practically 
any kind of soil, responding freely to liberal treatment. For best 
results, prepare the bed about two feet deep and include a liberal 
supply of well decayed manure. They enjoy plenty of moisture 
during their growing season. 

All varieties have green foliage unless otherwise specified in the 

Two Sensational Cannas 

These two magnificent pink varieties will be supplied as growing 
plants only owing to the fact that the roots are difficult to store. 
These can be shipped at any time after February, but we strongly 
advise that you request shipment to be made to you at the proper 
planting time, which is after danger of freezing is past. 

Mary Thilow. A rare gem which will give a wonderful display 
in the garden. It has bronze foliage and brilliant rosy salmon 
flowers. 4 feet. 

Mrs. Pierre S. duPont. This has proved a most outstanding 
Canna. Makes a striking display in beds and borders. The 
huge well-formed trusses of large flowers are vivid Watermelon 
pink. The foliage is bright green. 4 feet. 

Either of the above, growing plants only: 
35c each; 3 for $1.00; $3.50 per dozen. 

General Collection of Cannas 

The varieties offered in the two lists below are the best of the 
standard varieties in their respective types and colors. Every one 
has proved outstanding and dependable. 

Seventeen Popular Cannas 

Apricot. Large bright apricot with cream border. 3 feet. 

Cheerfulness. Beautiful free-flowering bright orange-scarlet 
broadly edged with yellow. 3j feet. 

General Merkel. Scarlet petals with golden border. 3j feet. 

Gladiator. Rich yellow, dotted crimson. 44 feet. 

King Humbert. The enormous rich orange-scarlet flower 
trusses combined with the dark coppery bronze foliage have 
made this variety extremely popular. Exceptionally striking. 
5 feet. 

Queen Charlotte. A dwarf compact variety with bright red 
florets broadly edged gold. 3 feet. 

Richard Wallace. Pale gold of good habit. 3i feet. 

Rosamund Coles. Deep reddish orange enhanced by a border 
of deep orange-yellow. 5 feet. 

Statue of Liberty (Orchid-Flowered). Large, tall growing 
orange with bronze foliage. 6 feet. 

The Gem. Deep cream with carmine dots. Dainty and refined. 
4J feet. 

The President. The greatest of all red Cannas. A brilliant, 
fiery, intense scarlet with the glow of live coals. Extremely 
free-flowering and very vigorous. 5 feet. 

Timbuctoo. Very bright free-flowering yellow which does not 
fade in the sun. 4 feet. 

Triomphe. Very effective brilliant bright crimson. Free- 
flowering. 4 feet. 

Uhlberg. Unique and alone in its striking effect. Rosy crimson 
with creamy yellow markings. 3i feet. 

Wintzer's Colossal (Orchid-Flowered). Immense trusses com- 
posed of brilliant scarlet florets. 5 feet. 

Wyoming (Orchid-Flowered). The rich bronze foliage is crowned 
by immense trusses of an intense rich orange color. 6 feet. 

Yellow King Humbert (Orchid-Flowered). A splendid com- 
panion to King Humbert. Produces large bright yellow flowers 
which are dotted with red. Extremely vigorous. 4| feet. 

Roots of any of the above, ready for delivery at 
any time: ISc each; 3 for 40c; $1.50 per dozen. 
Growing plants, ready at planting time in the 
spring: 25c each; 3 for 70c; $2.50 per dozen. 

Canna roots as well as plants wiU be sent by Parcel Post if 
you will add 10% (15% west of the Mississippi) to their price 
for postage and special packing. Minimum charge 10 cents. 

Antoine Wintzer 

Seventeen Rarer Cannas 

Antoine Wintzer. Beautiful large trusses of an intense 
crimson-scarlet that glistens and scintillates in the sunlight. 
4i feet. 

City of Portland. Showy deep rose. 3j feet. 

Commander Byrd. Very large creamy white. 4 feet. 

Copper Giant. Immense madder red flowers with a suffusion 
of rose that gives a coppery effect. 4 feet. 

Eureka. This is by far the best white Canna ever introduced. 
Has large showy trusses. 

G.olden Eagle. Very desirable early-flowering pure yellow. 
4 feet. 

Harmony. A dwarf compact variety with bronze foliage and 
reddish carmine flower trusses. 3 feet. 

Hungaria. Beautiful clear rose flowers. Very refined. 3^ feet. 

Louis Cayeux. Giant rosy scarlet trusses freely produced on a 
vigorous upright plant. Very free and effective. 4 feet. 

Mrs. Herbert Hoover. Giant Watermelon red flowers arranged 
in massive trusses on large vigorous plants. 5 feet. 

Olympic. Bronzy foliage and deep rose-pink flowers. 4 feet. 

Pocohontas. Large deep rosy carmine blooms produced freely 
above the beautiful bronzy leaves. 4 feet. 

Poppy. Large Poppy red. Bronze foliage. 4 feet. 

Rosea gigantea. An old favorite with immense trusses of 
stunning rich rose color. 4 feet. 

San Diego. Chinese orange flowers with bronze foliage. 4 feet. 

Sungold. Glistening rich Chinese orange with golden yellow 
border. 4^ feet. 

The Ambassador. Wonderfully free-flowering with brilliant 
red blooms set off by bronzy foliage. 5 feet. 

Roots of any of the above, ready for delivery at 
any time: 20c each; 3 for S5c; $2.00 per dozen. 
Growing plants ready at proper planting time in 
the spring: 30c each; 3 for 85c; $3.00 per dozen. 

Cannas are supplied as dormant roots until April 1, green plants thereafter 


Flowering Plants 
-ivill be sent by Parcel 
Post if you add 10% 
(15% west of the 
Mississippi) to their 
value for postage and 
special packing. 
Minimum charge 10 

Ageracum, Blue bal! 

Ageratum— F/055 Flower A 

Blue Ball. Of dwarf compact habit, 6 
inches high. Completely covered with 
lovely mid-blue flowers. Ready May 10. 
15c each; SI. SO per doz. 


Which will keep the garden gay throughout 
the summer and fall and give an abundance 
of blooms for house and table decoration. 


Shrimp Plant 


This beautiful Beloperone 
is a decided improvement 
on guttata. The plants 
are much dwarfer and 
make a well-rounded bush 
free from any straggling 
shoots. Furthermore they 
produce many more flow- 
ers per plant. It is an 
outstanding house plant 
as well as a sho%vy subject 
for garden display during 
the summer and fall. 
The showy two-lipped 
white flowers emerging 
from the overlapping 
golden brown bracts give 
the plant a unique ap- 
pearance. 50c each; 
S5.00 per doz. 


Antirrhinum ® 


New Rustproof 

Mciximum Varieties 

Ready May 10 

These new rustproof giant-flowering 
Snapdragons are marvelous for garden dis- 
play and for cutting. Their rust -resistant 
qualities are of the greatest value to every 

Alaska. Beautiful pure white. 
Campflre. Pure luminous scarlet. 
Canary Bird. Lovely bright yellow. 
Copper Shades. Colorful copper tones. 
Crimson. Beautiful large rich blooms. 
Loveliness. Pure soft rose-pink. 
Any of the above: 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 
Set of 6 varieties, for $1.00> 


BeloperTMie — Shrimp Plant 

Chironia linoides 

Chironia linoides 

African Star Pink A 

This rare and attractive plant is suitable 
for rock garflens, borders of flower beds, or 
as individual specimens in the mixed 
border. Grows 12 to 15 inches high. Of 
perfect ball-shape covered with hundreds 
of glowing pink blooms from July until 
frost. It should be in every garden. 
35c each; S3. 50 per doz. 

Car>'opteris mastacantiius superbus 


Mastacanthus superbus 

Showy plants three feet high l)looming 

profusely from August until frost. The 

graceful clusters of blooms are arranged in 

tier-like fashion on strong sturdy stems. 

Also fine for cutting. It is a half hardy 


Blue Pink White 

Any color: 35c each; S3. 50 per doz. 

Set of 3, for $1.00. 

For Quick Effects 

The plants offered on these pages 
are worth every gardener's special 
attention. They are beautiful in many 
ways and have the tremendous advan- 
tage of coming into bloom soon after 
being planted outdoors. Those who do 
not have the facilities to grow such 
plants as Snapdragons, Ageratum, 
Moonflower, and similar subjects from 
seed will be able to include them in 
their planting by falling back on the 
sturdy plants which we offer. 


Dreer's Choice Fuchsias 

Strong flowering plants, 

ready April and May 

Fuchsias, favorites of olden days, again 
are coming into well deserved vogue. To 
meet the growing demand for these beauti- 
ful flowers we have tested over fifty vari- 
eties and have selected the following seven 
sorts as the most outstanding in color and 
freedom of bloom. To be successful with 
Fuchsias outdoors in summer, plant them 
in a light soil and in a semi-shaded situa- 
tion, never in full sun or dense shade. As 
pot plants they are admirably suited for 
porch and window decoration. 

Three Marvelous Single Fuchsias 
Aurora Superba. Light apricot sepals 

and vivid orange petals. 
Lustre Improved. Creamy white 
sepals. Bright Strawberry red petals. 
Mrs. Bundle. Extremely long salmon- 
pink sepals and vivid orange petals. 
Any of the above: 50c each. 
Set of 3 for $1.25. 

Two Wonderful Double Fuchsias 
Dollar Princess. Sepals, salmon-pink; 
fuU double corolla of deep violet-blue 
shading to crimson. Very floriferous. 
Sylvia. Salmon-rose upturned sepals. 
Semi-double pure white corolla. Strong 
upright grower. A perfect gem. 
Either of the above: 50c each. 
Set of 2, value $1.00, for 75c. 

Beautiful Triphylla Fuchsia 

Souv. de Henry Henckel. Long- 
tubed flowers borne in clusters. Tubes 
cerise-pink; petals coral-orange. Dark 
reddish foliage. SOc each. 

New Basket Fuchsia 

Marinka. Its trailing habit makes it 
especially desirable for pot, basket, or 
vase culture, or it can be grown into 
beautiful standards. Sepals rosy red, 
corolla light red shading to violet. 
Strong grower and very free flowering. 
SOc each. 

Set of 7 varieties, value $3.50, for $3.00. 

Oerbera. JameSOni— Tron^vaa/ or Barterton Daisy 

Most popular for gar- 
den display and for cut- 
ting. Plant in well 
drained soil in a shelter- 
ed position and they 
will flower freely all 
summer long. Protect 
during the winter with 
six to eight inches of 
leaves and they will 
prove hardy. Or trans- 
fer to conservatory or 
sunny window during 

Double Hybrids 

Mixed. Selected 

from the best doubles. 

A range of beautiful 

colors and very large 

blooms. $1.00 each; 

$10.00 per doz. 
Single Hybrids to 

Color. The six 

colors we offer represent the finest to be had. 

Bronze — Coral — Rose — Scarlet —White — Yellow 
Any of the above: 75c each. Set of 6 for $3.75. 
Single- Flowering in Mixture. This includes everything from blush white to 

brilliant scarlet. The blooms measure 3\ inches across. In mixture only. 50c each; 

$5.00 per doz. 

Gerbera Jameson! 

Geranium, Beaute Poitevine 

Four Best 
Bedding Geraniums 

All gardeners know the outstanding 
value of bedding Geraniums for garden 
display. The varieties we offer are all 
semi-double and they are the best of the 
many Geraniums in existence. 
Alphonse Riccard. Showy blooms of 

bright vermilion-scarlet. 
Beaute Poitevine. Gorgeous large 

salmon-pink blooms. 
Mme. Recamier. An extra fine pure 

S. A. Nutt. Rich dark crimson flowers of 

large size. 
Any of the above: 2Sc each; $2.50 per doz. 

Two Scented Geraniums 
Lemon Geranium. Rich lemon- 
Rose Geranium. Rich Rose fragrance. 
Either variety: 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Heliotrope— Cfterry Pie 

Royal Fragrance. A deliciously sweet- 
scented and wonderfully improved form 
of this old garden favorite with large 
trusses of light violet-blue flowers. 
25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Lantana, Radiation 


We take pleasure in offering the follow- 
ing selection as the best of these old- 
fashioned bedding plants. 
Comte de Biencourt. Pink. 
Golden Queen. Yellow. 
Radiation. Brilliant red, orange center. 
Weeping Lilac-Rose. One of the best 

of the flowering plants for window box, 

basket, or vase use. 
Any of the above: 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 
Set of 4 Lantanas for $1 .00. 

Lemon Verbena — Aloysia 

Citriodora. Its richly fragrant foliage is 
indispensable for cutting. Strong plants 
25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Prices quoted for Flowering Plants are f. o, b. Philadelphia 


FLOWERING PLANTS for the Garden 

Dreer's Superb Petunias-Rearfy May i 

The two strains of Petunias offered here have been proclaimed by experts and amateurs 
alike as the finest to be had anywhere in the entire world. They are the result of most 
painstaking selections carried on for more than two decades. 

Dreer's Double Fringed 

Words are inadequate to describe the 
beauty and glory of this world-renowned 
strain of Double Petunia. Extra-large, 
fully double, fluffy blooms supplied in a 
mixture or as white, pink, and Petunia 
purple. 25c each; S2.50 per doz. 

Dreer's Single Fringed Mixed 

By selecting every year the very finest 
plants with the largest blooms of the 
richest colors we have developed this 
strain to a point where further improve- 
ments seem impossible. 15c each; 
SI. 50 per doz. 

Scarlet Sage 

Salvia— 5agc 

Ready May 1 

America {Scarlet Sage). This is the finest 
of all the Scarlet Sages, being the 
earliest, freest, and the most continuous 
bloomer. It also is the most uniform in 
habit of growth. 25c each; S2.50 per doz. 

Purple King. A new variety of a rich 
Plum-purple. Very effective for garden 
use. 30c each; S3. 00 per doz. 

\'inca rosea 

\incSL— Madagascar Periwinkle 

Ready May 1 

One of the most satisfactory plants for 
the garden, also extremely useful for 

Rosea. Rose with dark eye. 

— alba. White with crimson eye. 

Eilhcr of the above: 3-inch pots 20c each; 
$2.00 per doz. 

Summer -Flowering 


Suitable for Every Garden 

New Giant 

Ipomoea maximum grandiflora 

This spectacular climber makes a 
rapid growth. Plants set out in rich 
moist soil in early May in the latitude of 
Philadelohia will grow from 30 to 40 feet 
before the end of the season. Has dense 
dark green foliage and bears pure glisten- 
ing white, richly fragrant blooms which 
often measure 7 inches in diameter. 
One of the most desirable vines for 
covering porches or used as a screen for 
outdoor living rooms. 40c each; 3 for 
SI. 00. 

Passiflora— Pcw^on Flower § 

Pfordti. The most interesting and best 
variety for outdoors as a summer 
climber. Has light blue flowers 
suffused with rose. Blooms quite 
freely. 50c each. 

Senecio confusus 

Senecio— Orange Glow Vine § 

Confusus. This rare vine was the most 
outstanding and most admired of all 
the vines in our trial grounds in the 
summer of 1936. Grows about 6 feet 
high and has clean bright green foliage 
and large clusters of brilliant orange 
blossoms during the summer. 50c 

Stigmaphyllon § 

Brazilian Golden or Orchid Vine 

Ciliatum. One of the prettiest tender 
climbers in cultivation. Has large 
yellow orchid-like flowers produced 
freely during the summer »nonths. 
Also fine for conservatories. 50c each. 


Summer-Flowering Vines are indispensable for every garden 

Dreer's Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums 

The World's Best Collection 

Gorgeous autumn-blooming plants producing a lavish profusion of colorful flowers just at a time when 
other plants are beginning to fail. They are reasonably hardy if planted in a well-drained soil and cov- 
ered with leaves or loose litter during the winter. We offe' strong young plants. 

For a quarter of a century we have been selecting and producing new varieties of Chrysanthemums, 
constantly endeavoring to increase their desirability and usefulness for garden display. 

As newer, better, and hardier varieties appear we are obliged to discard the older ones. You may rest 
assured that the new ones selected m the same colors have qualities of superiority justifying their trial and 
adoption by you. 


> IOOth 


Twelve Extra-Early 
Double Large -Flowered 

While all the varieties offered by us are early flowering, the 
following twelve splendid, double, large flowered varieties bloom 
from one to two weeks earlier than the general collection. This 
feature is of course a very desirable trait as where the seasons are 
short one can depend upon an abundant display before frost. In 
other sections where killing frost comes later these extra-early 
kinds are valuable because they start the season con- 
siderably earlier. 

Abundance. A wonderful new salmon-red with golden reverse. 
Exceptionally free-flowering compact plant. 

Aladdin. Sensational early bronze. Because of its tendency to 
bloom during the heat, we advise keeping the plant pruned 
back until early August. 

Aletta. Compact free-flowering plants with light Dink blooms. 

Amelia (Pink Cushion). Very compact and early. Free- 
flowering light rose. Should be kept pruned back until early 
August for best results. 

Carrie. A most satisfactory deep canary yellow. Very showy. 

Glomero. Medium-sized orange flowers. Very profuse bloom- 

Glorietta. Very double ball-shaped light pink. Dwarf and free. 

Marie duPont. Very dwarf with large pure white flowers. 

Natoma. Very bright pink. Dwarf habit and free blooming. 

Sunkist. Exceedingly free-flowering bright orange. Dwarf. 

Tasiva. Large free-flowering pure white of compact growth. 

Yellow Normandie. An early yellow with large blooms. 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per dozen. 
Any six of the Extra - Early Double 
Varieties, your selection, for $1.25. 

Twelve Large -Flowered 
Double or Decorative 

These varieties produce 
to 4 inches in diameter. 

lowers which measure from about 
They come into full bloom by the 

middle of October giving a magnificent and rich display of color. 
Ganna. Large, deep bright pink. Blooms very freely. 
Golden Charm. One of our newest creations. Very double 

deep yellow flowers completely cover the dwarf compact plant. 
Granny Scoville. This is one of the very superior varieties. 

Large coral bronze flowers of excellent form. 
Lilian Doty. Large ball-shaped rose colored sort. Very 

popular and reliable. 
Mrs. H. E. Kidder. Large yellow with incurved petals. 
Muldoon. Purplish amaranth flowers of large size. 
Murillo. Large old rose flowers. 

Oconto. Large white blooms. A vigorous upright grower. 
Petite Louise. Large rose-pink of ragged formation. 
Ruth Gumming. Deep terra cotta. Free and vigorous. 
White Doty. Large ball-shaped white variety. Very popular. 
Yellow Doty. Same form and habit as Lilian Doty and White 

Doty, but with deep bronzy yellow flowers. 

Any of the above: 25c each; s^2.50 per dozen. 
Any six of the large Double or Decora- 
tive varieties, your selection, for $L25. 

Tw^elve Small 
Aster-Flowered and Pompons 

Under ordinary culture and without disbudding these small 
Aster-Flowered and Pompon varieties will produce blooms less 
than two inches in diameter. Their small size does not in any way 
detract from their effectiveness in the garden due to the fact that 
they bloom with the greatest profusion. When cut they give 
dainty clusters of graceful flowers which are particularly useful for 
table and room decoration. This class includes some of the great 
favorites of many gardeners. 

Adironda. Early golden bronze. An exquisite variety. 

Captain R. H. Cook. Tall deep rose. 

Cheerfulness. Makes large plants of excellent form and covered 
with hundreds of small double yellow buttons. 

Ethel. Superb bronze button. Always admired. 

Irene. Compact dwarf plant with an abundance of small white 
button-shaped flowers. 

Jean Treadway. Popular small pink Aster-flowered. 

Judith Anderson. A vigorous strong growing variety pro- 
ducing great quantities of good-sized button-shaped flowers. 

Mrs. H. Harrison. Popular old time, small ball-shaped pink. 

Nio. Small pink button. Gives a charming effect. 

Ouray. Large bronze button of dazzling color. 

R. Marion Hatton. Popular small yellow Aster-flowered. 

Ruth. Very strong wine colored small Aster. 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per dozen. 
Any six of the above, your selection, for $1.25. 

Twelve Hardy Single Flowered 

The following set embraces 12 of the choicest and most popular 
single-flowered Hardy Chrysanthemums. Their usefulness, dainty 
appearance, and free-flowering habit have endeared them to all 
flower lovers. In the garden they present a mass of color whereas 
when cut for home decoration the beauty of the individual blooms 
is bound to command the greatest admiration. 

Adonis. A beautiful yellow variety with half of each petal red 

toward the tip. More intense in its contrast than the popular 

variety "Sensation". Offered now for the first time. 
Cavalier. Deeo wme color. Small flowers produced very freely. 
Cosmos. Deep purplish carmine. Very distinct. 
Country Girl. Produces a great profusion of single flowers over 

three inches in diameter. A ghstening pink with soft lilac 

Crimson Splendor. Large deep crimson-maroon. 
Firmament. Deep rosy carmine. Very free and vigorous. 
Grenadier. Crimson-scarlet changing to orange. 
Indian Maid. Deep orange-terra-cotta. A strong appealing 

color and most vigorous plant. 
Lemonade. Large lemon yellow duplex. 
Princess. By all odds the best single white Chrysanthemum 

among the thousands we have raised. Early and large. 
Scarlet Wonder. Compact bushy plants bearing very bright 

rosy madder-ted flowers. 
Sunbright. Bright single pure yellow of intense shade. 

Any of the above: 25c each; $2.50 per dozen. 
Any six of the above, your selection, for $1.25. 

If Chrysanthemum plants are wanted by Parcel Post, please add postage and special Wh 

packing charge as explained on page 119. 


Dreer's Hardy Garden Chrysaiitheiiiums-Con/^mwed 

Korean Hybrid 

Korean Hybrid Chrj-santhemums, first offered a few years ago, 
enhanced the attractiveness of this class of plants by adding 
greater hardiness and much grace to the assortments previously 
in commerce. 

Since their first introduction there have been many improve- 
ments and variations, all worthwhile. We recommend this type 
heartily with full confidence in their giving you much useful 

Dreer's Ten Extra-Early 
Korean Hybrids for 1936 

These ten extra-early flowering Korean Hybrids, introduced by 
us in 1936, have won universal acclaim. In 1937 we were unable 
to fulfill the demand. Their principal virtue lies in their tiowering 
ten days to two weeks earlier than the general assortment of this 

Clio. Dwarf compact plants of pleasing habit producing masses 
of deep carmine-rose duplex fiowers. 

Fortuna. Very vigorous plants of medium height covered with 
unique curly petaled oxblood red flowers, 3 to 4 inches in 

Hestia. Semi-double rose-pink flowers with a white halo are 
freely produced on a compact bushv plant. 

Juno. Ver>' dwarf comoact slants producing an abundance of 
single flowers opening a C' opery red and changing ^vith age to 
salmon flesh. 

Niobe. A vigorous plant of dwarf compact habit. Clear glisten- 
ing white flowers with yellow discs, covering the plant com- 

Nysa. A large, rather tall, upright plant growing 2j to 3 feet in 
height producing a great abundance of clear rosy lilac flowers. 

Psyche. Dainty single lively shell pink flowers produced freely 
on wiry stems. 

Sappho. Compact dwarf plant with an abundance of single 
yellow flowers. 

Thalia. A compact bushy plant growing 18 to 24 inches high. 
The duplex flowers are of a light orange shade and of excellent 

Vesta. A plant ot medium height and great vigor, literally 
covered with deep golden orange flowers over 2j inches in 

Any of the above: 30c each; any 3 for 85c; 
$3.00 per dozen; any six for SI. 60. 

Seven New Korean Hybrids 

Introduced by us in 1937 

Every one of the seven New Early Korean Hybrids introduced by 
us in 1937 is a decided advance over previous offerings in this class. 
They will bring to your gardens magnificent blooms of exquisite 
form and size. 

Appeal. Single blush pink. Has dainty long narrow petals. 
Very free. 

Fairy. Single delicate rose with white halo. 

Fireflatae. Deep blood red with carmine suffusion. Showy 
single blooms. 

HappineSw. Opens rosy apricot and fades to pale pink. Single. 

Rosamund. Large pale violet-rose of lovely duplex form. 

StellariS. Large single Buttercup yellow blooms. Graceful 
and vig.irous. 

Sultan. Single rosy orange salmon. Dwarf, free, and compact. 

Any of I lie above: 35c each; any 3 for SI. 00; S3. 50 per dozen. 

The set of seven varieties for S2.25. 

Six Original Korean Hybrids 

These six varieties which heralded a new race for our gardens 
are still very much worthwhile. They remain distinct and full of 

Apollo. Bronze red and gold combination, suffused glowing 

Ceres. Old gold blended with 3-eUow and dusted copjjerj- bronze. 

i Daphne. Splendid pink with a sheen of lilac-rose. 

Diana. Triple ray petals of rose-pink suffused with lilac-rose and 


Mars. Deep amaranth red changing to wine red with velvety 

Mercury. Opens a bronze red, gradually changing to copperj' 

Any of the above: 25c each: S2.50 per dozen. 
The set of six varieties for SI. 25. 

Dreer's Achievement Collection 

of Hardy Chrysanthemums for 1938 

The large range of colors and the diversified form of the 
flowers produced on vigorous hardy plants makes this set com- 
posed entirely of our own introduction a source of pride to us and 
we know they will add greatly to your enjoyment of your 
garden. Seven of the varieties marked (*) are Korean Hybrids 
and nine of them are shown in color on the opposite page. 

Aglow. (4) Double variety with deep bright orange flowers. 
*Arcturus. Large single amber or honey yellow flowers 

literally covering the plant. 
*Autocrat. Single, bright orange scarlet flowers with a 

golden yellow halo. Extremely profuse. 
Cydonia. Double, unusually brilliant orange mahogany. One 

of the brightest in our fields. 
Elegance. (2) Large single flowers of a violet tyrian rose color. 
* Harvester. Particularly attractive orange-scarlet with good 

sized single flowers very freely produced. 
*Intensity. (7) A single variety with deep crimson-scarlet 

flowers. L'pright habit of growth. 
*LoveUght. (5) Large pale pink duplex flowers on a \ngorous 

Mongolian. Single flowers of deepest penetrating yeUow. 
Mrs. Sam P. Rotan. (8) A perfectly double flower of brilliant 

golden yellow shading to deep orange. Compact and free. 

One of the most striking of our recent achievements. 
*Orange Wonder. Single deep coppery orange blooms. Free 

and vigorous. 
Pink Spoon. Dainty single flowers of a light rose or shell 

pink. The petals are tubular for most of their length flatten- 
ing out near the tips so that each petal really assumes the 

shape of a miniature spoon. 
Rapture. (9) No Chrysanthemum of our introduction has 

received more praise than this colorful variety. The double 

flowers are a deep orange-bronze with a suffusion of carmine. 
Red Hussar. .\ duplex flower of brightest scarlet-crimson on 

a bushy compact plant. One of the most brilliant. 
Sensation. (1) Single yellow with every petal tipped scarlet. 

Very showy and reliable. 
*Sequoia. (6) Elegant good-sized double blooms of a mellow 

amber color. 
Silver Tips. A very unique free-flowering variety. The 

double flowers are bright carmine with the tips and reverse 

of the petals silvery white. 
The Chief. (3) An extremely attractive semi-double variety 

of large size. Bright scarlet and gold. 

Any of I he above: 50c each; any 3 for SI. 40; any 6 for $2.75; 
$5.50 per dozen. 


Garden Chrysanthemums are the climax of the autumn display 

Dreer Achievements in Hardy Chrysanthemums for 1938 

The nine Chrysanthemums here illustrated are part of our Achievement Collection described and 
offered on the opposite page. 

1- Sensation 4 -Aglow 7 -Intensity 

2 -Elegance S-Lovelight 8 -Mrs. Sam P. Rotan 

3-The Chief 6-Sequoia 9-Rapture 

Rapid strides have been made in the production and introduction of improvements in Hardy 
Chrysanthemums during the past few years. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to 
make very considerable contributions to this advance. The list of eighteen varieties offered in this 
set, including the nine illustrated in color on this page, represents the climax to a number of years 
of successful efforts. 



Two Most Remarkable 

Hardy Gaillardias 

Blanket Flower 

The hardj' Gaillardias are among the most showy of all garden plants. They 
come nearer to an all summer blooming hardy perennial than any other. They 
are easy to grow succeeding in any soil and in a sunny position where they begin 
to bloom early in June. If the old flowers are removed they will continue 
throughout the entire season. The large flowers of these two new hybrid 
varieties are of gorgeous coloring and excellent for cutting. 

Mr. Sherbrook. There is no other all-yellow hardy Gaillardia as fine as this 
new English variety. The full circular flowers are of a rich golden yellow 
with a pale yellow center unstained by any other color. The large self- 
colored blooms are supported on long stout stems. 

Ruby. The picture of Ruby conveys the brilliance and rich effect of this 
magnificent hybrid Gaillardia. Its vivid flowers make a continuous showing 
and they are highly valued for garden display and for cutting for thej' show 
no trace of yellow or brown in their make-up. 

Eillier of the above: Each 50c; 3 for Sl.-lO; 12 for S3.00. 

New Giant HemerocalHs 

Yellow Day Lilies 

FuU joy of gardening is in no small measure due to keeping up to date with 
the newest developments and choosing the newer Heraerocallis among the 
subjects for this purpose is bound to result in the highest enthusiasm for these 
magnificent new sorts. Hemerocallis are one of the few hardy plants that are 
truly perennial. The clumps increase in size and vigor for many j-ears without 
requiring frequent di\-iding and transplanting. The varieties we offer are the 
most remarkable of the showy new hybrids representing the greatest improve- 
ment over the older type. They are perfectly winter hardy and exhibit the 
greatest indifference toward drought and extreme heat. 

Anna Betscher. Broad-petaled pale gold flowers in early July. Blooms 
5 to 6 inches across. Plants of medium height. Each 75c; 3 for S2.00; 
12 for $7.50. 
Bay State. Medium-sized flowers of deep pure rich j-ellow. Late June. 
Each 50c; 3 for S1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Cinnabar. Light bronzy red suffused with gold. 
Yellow throat. A very colorful variety. Mid- 
June. Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for S7.50. 

Dazzler. Rich deep golden yellow blooms, 
measuring 7 inches in diameter. Early July. 
Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

D. D. Wyman. Large orange-yellow with the 
three center petals overlaid for most of their 
length with bronzy red. Blooms during June 
and July. Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

Dover. (2) Golden yellow flowers 5 to 6 inches 
across. Well-formed graceful blooms. M.ij' and 
June. Each 60c; 3 for $1.75; 12 for $6.00. 

Fulva maculata. (5) Bold recur\-ed coppery 
orange, shaded crimson. Very showy. July. 
Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

George Yeld. Rich orange outer petals, inner 
ones flushed orange-bronze. June and July. 
Each 60c; 3 for $1.75; 12 for $6.00. 

Gipsy. (4) Deep orange shaded with fulvous red. 
Medium size; miil-June and July. Each 75c; 
3 lor $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

Golden Dream. Broad-petaled deep gold flowers 
covering the plants during late June and July. 
Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Goldeni. (3) Well rounded deep gold blooms 
borne profusely during June and July. Each 50c; 
3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Hyperion. Immense pale lemon yellow flowers. 
\'ery vigorous and florifcrous. Blooms in Julj-. 
Each $1.00; 3 for $2.75; 12 for $11.00. 

J. A. Crawford. (6) Large broad recurved pet.ils 
of dear goM. Of tall liabit. Mid-June and July. 
Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Hemerocallis are continued on the opposite page. 



' IOOth 


New, Rare, and Meritorious 
Hardy Perennial Plants 

On the following 9 pages we give a very select list of the newest varieties and species of 
Hardy Perennial Plants, also a number of varieties which while not new are our sugges- 
tions of the best, most meritorious, and popular selections from this class of plants and 
should be included in the collection of every garden lover who desires quality flowers in 
his herbaceous border throughout the season. A complete list of all other popular 
Perennial Plants will be found on pages 128 to 137. 


' IOOth 



f\ r^ 

Plants by Mail 

Plants up io a dozen or so will be forwarded by Parcel Post 
if you add to your remittance 10% (15% west of the Mississippi) 
of their value to cover postage and special packing. Minimum 
charge 10 cents.\xm— Monkshood, Helmet Flower ® 

Aconites form bushy clumps, invaluable for shady spots. 
Fischeri. 18 in. Dwarf pale blue variety. September-October. 
Napellus bicolor. 3 ft. Large blue and white. July-September. 
— Spark's Variety. 30 in. Darkest blue sort. June. 
Wilsoni. An introduction from northern China. Of strong 
stately habit, growing 5 to 6 feet high with large light violet-blue 
flowers in September. 

Any of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Ajuga— Bug/e A® 

For rockeries and ground carpeting, particularly in shade. 

Blooms in May and June. 6-8 in. 

Reptans fol. variegatis. Showy blue flowers and very attrac- 
tive silvery rose-tinted foliage. 

Tottenham!. Forms mats of dark-colored foliage. Very 
effective in autumn and winter. 

Aconitura napellus, 
Spark's Variety 

Either of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for ! 


Anchusa italica. 

Morning Glory 

New Giant Hemerocallis 

continued from the previous page 

Lemona. Mid-June and July. Broad-petaled clear canary 

yellow, recurved flowers. 50c each; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Lemone. Mid-June and July. Trumpet shaped, deep lemon 

yelloiy flowers. 50c each; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Mikado. Early June. A meritorious large deep orange with 

the three center petals marked with large transverse blotches 

of maroon. A very striking hybrid. $2.00 each; 3 for $5.50; 

12 for $20.00. 
Mrs. Austin. Early July. Broad-petaled round flowers of a 

deep orange color. 75c each; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 
Mrs. W. H. Wyman. July and August. Round clear gold 

flowers. Very free. 50c each; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Ophir . June and July. A very free-blooming tall golden yellow 

variety. 60c each; 3 for $1.75; 12 for $6.00. 
Sir Michael Foster. June and July. Large trumpet-shaped 

flowers of clear gold color. Makes elegant tall spikes. 

50c each; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Sungt>ld. Early June. Large broad deep gold petals. Extra- 
fine and effective. 75c each; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 
The Gem. (l) Mid-June and July. Medium sized, weU-formed 

flowers of clear gold. Blooms most profusely. 50c each; 

3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 
Vesta. July. Very deep golden flowers composed of broad 

petals. 75c each; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

Set of 23 varieties, value $16.05 for $15.00. 

A\yss\xm.—Madwort A 
Sazatile fl. pi. 6-12 in. Double flowers which accentuate the 
richness of the bright golden yellow color. Blooms profusely 
during the spring. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Anchusa— ^ea Bugloss, Alkanet 

Italica, Morning Glory. S ft. One of the finest of this showy 
genus. Stout, much-branched stems smothered with large 
brilliant rich blue flowers. May and June. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 
12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Myosotidiflora. A # {For get- Me- Not Flowered Bugloss) 
An entirely different and distinct dwarf Anchusa from the 
Caucasus, growing but 10 to 12 inches high. Covered during 
April and May with sprays of beautiful Forget-Me-Not-like 
flowers of a rich blue color. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for 
$3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Armeria— 5eo Pink. Thrift A 

Cephalotes, Bee's Ruby. Has stout stems with large globular 
heads of brilliant ruby red flowers. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 
12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

—rubra. Large heads of crimson-red flowers on stout stems. 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Glory of Holland. A very beautiful, large flowered variety 
with clear pink flower heads two inches across. Blooms in June. 
18-24 in. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Semi-Shade; #= Suited to Shade 



Aquilegia longissima 

Aquilegia— Columbine ® 

These are elegant hardy perennial plants producing graceful 
spurred flowers on stems rising 2 feet or more above beautifully 
divided foliage. They prefer a well-drained sandy loam, blooming 
freely in late spring and early summer. 
Coerulea, Crimson Star ( New). A very striking introduction. 

Brilliant blood-crimson long-spurred flowers with conspicuous 

white corolla. One of the most distinct of this genus. Each 35c; 

3 for Sl.OO; 12 for $3.50; 25 for S6.50. 
Dreer 's Long-Spurred Hybrids. A superb large long-spurred 

type in tones of cream, pink, lavender, white, red, etc. They are 

supplied in mixture only. Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 

25 forS5.75. 
Dreer's Long-Spurred Pink Shades. Specially selected 

pink shades of this popular long-spurred type. Each 30c; 

3 for 85c; 12 for S3. 00; 25 for S5.75. 
Longissima. A rare Columbine from northern Mexico and 

southwestern United States. Has graceful pale yellow blooms 

with extra long slender spurs. Does well in the sun and blooms 

during June. Height 18 inches. Each 50c; 3 for S1.40; 12 for 

$5.00; 25 for $9,00. 


Most useful plants with aromatic, deeply cut foliage, either for 
the border or planting among shrubs. 

Lactiflora {Hawlhom-Scenled Mugworf). i\-A\ ft. Great creamy 
white flower panicles terminate the strong growth of this 
effective plant. Late August to end of September. 
Silver King {Ghost Plant). 3 ft. A showy, silvery -leaved con- 
trast plant. Sprays may be cut for winter bouquets. 
Either of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 


Dreer's Collections of 
Hardy Perennial Plants 

For Border or Garden Planting 

12 Distinct Species, our selection $2 50 

25 Distinct Species, our selection 4.50 

60 Distinct Species and Varieties, 

our selection 8.00 

100 Distinct Species and Varieties, 

our selection 15 . 00 

For Rock Gardens 

12 Distinct Species, our selection $3 00 

25 Distinct Species, our selection 5 50 

50 Distinct Species and Varieties, 

our selection 10 00 

100 Distinct Species and Varieties, 

our selection 18 00 


Summer-Flowering Dwarf Hardy Aster A 

Frikarti {Wonder ofStafa). We consider this the best of the late 
summer and early fall flowering varieties. It is attractive in its 
neat upright free-branching habit of growth attaining a height of 
about 30 inches. The large, well-formed blooms are produced in 
great profusion from the naiddle of August until October. They 
are a lovely lavender-blue color. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for 
85.00; 25 for S9.00. 

Dwarf Hybrid Border Asters a 

These New Dwarf Asters fill a long-felt want in providing a race 
of dwarf, compact plants, blooming freely at a season when 
there is a scarcity of low-growing flowering plants. They rarely 
exceed 15 inches in height and bloom in September. Unsurpassed 
for dwarf beds, borders, and the rockery. 

Blue Bird. A remarkably attractive deep blue variety. 15-18 in. 
Constance. Lovely, well-formed blooms of a clear and charming 

light pink shade. 12 to 15 inches. 
Countess of Dudley. A charming clear pink with a contrasting 

yellow eye. Of bushy habit, 9 inches high. 
Diana. This will appeal to all who appreciate delicate colors 

as the blooms are an appealing blush pink. 15 inches. 
Lavanda. A magnificent new addition to this class with attrac- 
tive light blue blooms. The vivid and pure color of the flowers 

is most charming. 15 inches. 
Lilac Time. The well-rounded bushes completely covered by 

deep violet-blue blooms give a startling effect. It is a most 

colorful and outstanding variety. 15 inches. 
Marjorie. Beautiful bright rose-pink blooms which give a very 

splendid effect. 12 inches. 
Nancy. The bushy plants are completely covered with pale flesh 

pink flowers which practically hide all foliage. 12 in. 
Niobe. Of very compact growth completely covered with graceful 

pure white flowers with yellow centers. 12 inches. 
Ronald. This is a pleasing shade of bright lilac-pink following 

the rose-pink buds. Very showy. 12 inches. 
Any of the above: Each 35c; 3 for Sl.OO: 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 
Any six for $1.75. 



One plant each of the ten splendid Dwarf Hybrid 
Border Asters, a value of $3.50, for $2.oO 



Aster, Star of Wartburg 

Aster, star of Wartburg A 

12 in. A showy spring-blooming Aster with large well formed 
blooms of a lovely rich lilac-blue color that contrasts w>ell with the 
bright orange center. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50. 


Dreer's Pot-Grown Hardy Perennial Plants will give a quick effect in the garden 


Aster, Blue Eyes 

Newer Varieties of Hardy Asters 

Alderman Yokes. 3 ft. Clear rose-pink with blue sheen. 

Blue Bouquet. A charming new variety with branching 

pyramids covered with large, semi-double, clear blue flowers. 

September; 2 feet high. 
Blue Eyes. 4 ft. Best blue. Violet-blue with yellow eye. 

Chas. E. Wilson. A bright red which has received many 

favorable comments for its splendid habits and the rich color 

of its blooms. Grows 3 feet high. September. 
Mt. Everest. 3-4 ft. A wonderful white Aster. Tall, well- 
shaped, pointed pyramids. September. 
Pink Nymph. 4 ft. A rich rosy red changing to bright pink. 

Red Rover. "3 ft. Deep rosy red flowers with golden center. 

Bright red buds. September. 

Any of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Set of 7 varieties, one each, value $2.45, for $2.25. 

Three Lovely Baby Asters 
Aster Novi-Belgi 

Little Boy Blue. Bright blue, semi-double flowers produced 
on an upright pyramidal stem which is completely smothered 
in bloom. Ij ft. September. 
Little Pink Lady. Large, semi-double rich pink flowers on 
bushy plants. Similar in habit to the preceding variety. 
Ij ft. September. 
Olga Keith. A splendid new Aster of excellent compact 
habit. Produces a great quantity of rich rosy pink blooms 
during September. 2 feet high. 

Afiy of the above: 

Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for S6.50. 

Set of three lovely Baby Asters for $1.00. 

Astilbe ® 

Showy plants of vigorous growth covered with many branched, 
feathered heads of flowers during June and July. They succeed 
best in a half-shady moist position in any good garden soil. 3 ft. 
Amethyst. Deep violet-red flowers on well-branched spikes. 
Betsy Cuperius. Long drooping pure white spikes. 
Granat. Deep crimson flowers. 
Kriemhilde. Delicate pleasing salmon-rose. 
Pink Pearl. Compact spikes of delicate pink. 

Any of the above: Each 60c; 3 for $1.75; 12 for $6.00. ^ 

Set of 5 varieties, one each, value $3.00, for $2.75. 

Campanula — Bell/lower, Peachbells ® 

Persicifolia humosa. 2 ft. In this variety we have a beautiful 
double blue of the most pleasing shade with blooms even larger 
than the double white. A desirable addition to this popular 
class of plants. Blooms during May and June. 

— Moerheimi. 2 ft. A grand sort with large spikes of pure white 
double Camellia-hke flowers 2 to 2| inches in diameter. In 
bloom from middle of May until late in July. 

— Telham Beauty. 2 ft. A splendid single-flowered variety 
with lovely large blue blooms. Gives a magnificent display 
during June and July. 

A ny of the above: 
Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 




2-3 ft. A handsome free 
flowering plant branching 
near the ground. Forms 
well-rounded bushes with 
elegant long branches 
covered with whorls of 
attractive clear - colored 
flowers arranged in tiers. 
Blooms in late fall. For 
borders and cutting. 


Any of the above: 

Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 

12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Set of the three, 

one each, for $1 .00. 

Chrysoboltonia— 5eprem6er Daisy 

Pulcherrima. A very 
showy garden perennial 
which greatly resembles a 
large-flowering single 
Chrysanthemum. The 
plants bloom freely dur- 
ing September and de- 
velop into showy plants 
2| feet high. The elegant 
large blooms are white 
with a generous shading 
of bright pink. In addi- 
tion to being a splendid 
border plant it also is 
excellent for cutting. 
Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 
12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

Chrysoboltonia pulcherrima 

Cimicif Uga — Snakeroot • 

Simplex. When first introduced this was erroneously sold under 
the name of Actaea japonica. It is most valuable by reason of its 
extreme late blooming season which begins in September and 
attains full perfection about the middle of October at a time 
when flowers are scarce. The flowering stems are from 2§ to 3 
feet high, terminated by a dense spike of white flowers which 
when cut last in perfection along time. Each $1.00; 3 for $2.75; 
12 for $11.00. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited, to Semi-Shade; # = Suited to Shade 



New Pacific Hybrid Delphinium 

Sensational New Pacific 
Hybrid Delphinium ® 

Few plants ever have created a sensation comparable with that 
of these new Pacific Hybrid Delphinium. They stand out from 
among all novelties as a truly amazing accomplishment. Vigor, 
length of stem, size of ilower, formation of the blooms, uniformity 
of habit, disease resistance combine into a magnificent strain that 
has taken the garden world by storm. The five varieties which 
follow are entirely new this year. They represent the ultimate in 
perfection. We recommend them unreservedly to all who appreci- 
ate the grace and beauty of these modern Delphinium. 
King Arthur. Brilliant royal violet with white bee. 
Gviinevere. Light pink-lavender with white bee. 
Summer Skies. Clearest light blue with white bee. 
Clear White. Clear glistening white of heavy texture. 
Dark Blue Shades. With white and dark bees. 
Any of tlie above, young plants, each 60c; 3 for SI. 75; 12 for S6.00; 
25 forSll.OO. 

Lovely Newer Shades 

Lavender Pastel Shades Light Violet Shades 

Dark Violet Shades Light Blue Shades 

Deep Blue Shades 

Any of I lie above newer shades, each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for S5.00; 
25 for S9.00. 

Delphinium, Dreer's De Luxe Hybrids 

Delphinium — Hardy Larkspur ® 

Deservedly one of the most popular subjects in the hardy border. 
Bold, attractive, and highly impressive plants of easiest culture. 
They will establish themselves in almost any garden soil but re- 
spond quickly to liberal treatment. Plant early in spring in a 
sunny position. 

Belladonna Improved. 4 ft. The freest and most continuous 
blooming of all, never being out of flower from the end of June 
until cut down by frost. The clear turquoise blue of its blooms 
is not equaled in dehcacy and beauty by any other flower. 
Bellamosum. 4 ft. Has the same form, habit of growth, and is 
as free flowering as the light blue Belladonna, but the flowers 
are an intensely rich deep bK 2. 
Dreer's De Luxe Hybrids. 5-6 ft. Unquestionably the finest 
strain of mixed hybrids. The plants are of strong, vigorous habit 
with large flowers in spikes two feet long and over, the majority 
running in the lighter shades of blue. 

A ny of the above: 
Each 25c; 3 for 70c; 12 for $2.50; 25 for $4.50. 

Newer Varieties of 
Dianthus plumarius 

Splendid improvements on the old varieties, particularly 
in the calyx which never splits. Perfectly shaped, double 
flowers valuable for garden display and cutting. 
Bristol Jewel. Semi-double white, flushed red. Red eye. 
Bristol Maid. Very large double rose-pink blooms. 
Bristol Purity. Pure white double flowers; early. 
A ny of the above: 
Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 
One each of the 3 Newer Varieties, for 85c. 

Garden Hybrids of Dianthus plumarius 

Vigorous, compact plants with broad dark green leaves. The 
flowers are carried on stems 10 to 12 inches long. 
Beatrix. Double light salmon-pink; May to November. 
Etoile de Lyon. Double brilliant crimson. May-June. 

EUIkt of the above: 
Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 


The Book of Perennials (Hottes). Devoted to the general principles of growing, 
using, and propagating old-fashioned perennial plants. $2.00 per copy postpaid. 


Dictamnus ® 

Gas Plant 

Caucasicus. 2 ft. A 

showy border plant 
with fragrant foliage 
and lovely spikes of 
pink flowers with 
deeper veins. Blooms 
during June and July 
and requires a deeply 
prepared, well-drained 
loamy soil to grow to 

— albus. This resem- 
bles the preceding ex- 
cept that the flowers 
are pure white. A 
choice garden plant. 
Either of the above: 

Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 
12 for $5.00; 25 for 

Dictamnus — Gas Plant 

Digitalis, Foxglove 

Digitalis • 


Giant Shirley. A magnif- 
icent strain of this old- 
fashioned, stately plant. It 
is of vigorous growth attain- 
ing a height of from 5 to 7 
feet with the flowers crown- 
ing the upper 4 feet of each 
stem. Many beautiful colors 
in mixture only. Each 30c; 
3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 
25 for $5.75. 

Doronicum ® 
Leopard's Bane 

Ezcelsum. A most efiective 
early spring-flowering per- 
ennial. Grows 2 feet high 
and has showy bright yeUow 
blooms. Each 35c; 3 for 
$1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for 

Erodium A 

/hamaedryoides roseum. A tiny Alpine flowering all season. 
Bright pink flowers with darker veins carried on 2 inch stems 
above a neat tuft of glossy leaves. Likes sun. Each 35c; 3 for 
$1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Feverfew — Matricaria 

jittle Gem. li-2 ft. A useful white summer border and cut 
flower. June-October. Each 25c; 3 for 70c; 12 for $2.50; 25 for 


Gentiana — Gentian A ® 

Fine for rockery or border in half shade and moist soil. 
Lcaulis {Stemless Gentian). Large, bell-shaped, rich blue flowers, 
marked on inside with yellow, rising 2 to 4 inches from rosettes 
of glossy green leaves. May-June. Each $1.00; 3 for $2.75; 
12 for $11.00. 

tndrewsi {Blue Closed Gentian). 2 ft. A beautiful native deep 
blue species. August-September. Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for 

$3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Geutn chiloense — Avens a 

Pretty border plants, growing about 15 to 18 inches high and pro- 
ducing showy bright-colored flowers from May throughout the 

Borisi. Probably the finest of the genus, forming neat foliage 
tufts with branching stems 8 to 12 inches high. Vivid orange- 
scarlet flowers. May-October. 
Fire Opal ( New). A dazzling rich scarlet with orange sheen. 

Very outstanding. 
Princess Juliana. A splendid new hybrid with large double 
pure orange flowers on long stems. An exceedingly free bloomer. 
Any of the above: Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Gypsophila — Baby's Breath 

These represent wonderful improvements on this old- 
fashioned plant, possessing a grace not found in any other 
perennial. When in bloom they form masses o£ minute double 
flowers of beautiful gauze-like appearance. When cut they are 
exquisite in combination with other flowers. 
Bristol Fairy. 3'ft. This variety when first introduced was 
quite a sensational novelty and has, without doubt, proved 
to be the most valuable hardy garden plant in recent years. 
Has great panicles of pure white double flowers so indis- 
pensable for cutting. It also possesses the advantage of 
flowering more or less continuously throughout the entire 
summer months. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 
25 for $9.00. 

Gypsophila repens Bodgeri 

Repens Bodgeri. A 2 ft. A new dwarf double form of com- 
pact habit. The pink-tinted white blooms appear at least 
two weeks earlier than any other double form, making it 
very desirable for either garden display or cutting. Each 
35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Repens Rosy Veil. A A novelty of European introduction 
similar in its compact habit to the preceding variety but with 
flowers of a somewhat more pronounced pink color. Each 
35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Paniculata fl. pi. 3 ft. Graceful plants suited to a sunny 
position. Has lovely small white double flowers borne pro- 
fusely in July. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for 

Heliantheixiuin — Rock Rose A 

10 in. Evergreen foliage and showy blooms during June and 

Buttercup. Golden yellow; single. 
Fireball. Fiery double red. 
Macranthum. Pure white; single. 

Rhodanthe carneum. Pretty single pink flowers and silvery 

A ny of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

A=Suited to Rock G^rd^n; f> =SM}te4 to Semi-Shade j #=Suit?d to Shade 



Helenium — Helen's Flower ® 

Desirable border plants succeeding in any soil in a sunny loca- 
tion. They have showy broad spreading flower heads 

Moerheimi Beauty. Of erect, strong habit. Broad bronzy 
red ray florets shading to orange at the tips. Blooms during 
late summer. 2j feet high. 
Nanum luteum. Extremely handsome and free flowering; 
25 feet high. Bears bold masses of golden yeUow flowers in 
early summer. 

Either of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for §1.00; 12 for S3.50; 25 for §6.50. 

Peregrina. 3 ft. Beautiful large dark mahogany flowers with 
the petal edges seamed golden yellow. Very impressive. July 
to August. Each 50c; 3 for SI. -10; 12 for §5.00; 25 for §9.00. 

Set of 3 Helenium, one each for $1.10 

Helleborus — Christmas Rose 

Helleborus niger — Christmas Rose A ® 

This is one of the most interesting of all hardy plants we have 
because it flowers so early. In a sheltered, well draine 1, partially 
shaded position it will come into bloom during February or March. 
The flowers are large and of artistic form. They are white lightly 
flushed purple and measure 2 inches in diameter. Give them a 
moist leaf-mold mixture with an addition of well rotted manure 
and do not disturb bv replanting. 12 inches high. Each §1.00; 
3 for §2.75; 12 for Sli.OO. 

Magnificent Hardy Double Sunflower 

Helianthus multiflorus fl. pi. 

A very effective hardy plant growing 4 feet tall. Has exception- 
ally showy large double golden yellow flowers during July and 
August. A very profuse bloomer highly valued for the Dahlia-like 
appearance of the fuUy double blooms. Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for 
$3.00; 25 for §5.75. 

Iberis — Hardy Candytuft A ® 

Sempervirens. Most desirable dwarf plants with evergreen 
foliage which is completely hidden by dense heads of pure 
white flowers early in the spring; 8 to 10 inches high. 

— Little Gem. A perfect gem of very dwarf habit, not over 
6 inches high, with masses of white flowers in May. A most 
valuable rock plant. 

— Snowflake. A great variety, 6 to 8 inches high, having 
exceptionally large, pure white flowers borne in great masses 
during May and June. 

A ny of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for §1.00; 12 for §3.50; 25 for S6.50. 

Iris germanica 

Ten Magnificent Newer Varieties 

Dauntless. This is the best known of all the so-called red Iris. 
The rich velvety red blooms are of great size and borne atop 
tall heavy stems. Each 50c; 3 for §1.40; 12 for §5.00. 

Frieda Mohr. A deep pink of gigantic size and perfect form. A 
flower will fill a 7-inch ring. Has a lovely Locust fragrance. 
Each 35c; 3 for §1.00; 12 for §3.50; 25 for §6.50. 

Legend. Rich velvety deep claret falls forming a pleasing con- 
trast to the deep blue standards and their slight bronze sheen. 
Has a heavy gold beard. Each 60c; 3 for §1.75; 12 for §6.00. 

Los Angeles. The whiteness of freshly fallen snow with a faint 
edge of lavender-blue. Vigorous and free blooming. Very 
large flowers. Each 35c; 3 for §1.00; 12 for §3.50; 25 for §6.50. 

Pluie D'Or {Golden Rain). Slender well-branched stems 3 feet 
high bearing solid golden yellow blooms with deep yellow 
beard. Blooms most profusely. Each 35c; 3 for §1.00; 12 for 
S3. 50; 25 for §6.50. 

Rameses. Rose, pink, and buff tones in a glorious combination 
with yellow edges and apricot beard to heighten the effect. 
Very large and impressive. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for §5.00. 

San Francisco. Gorgeous blooms with penciled edge of 
lavender-blue on white. Each 35c; 3 for SI. 00; 12 for S3. 50; 
25 for S6.50. 

Sensation. The pleasing blue of Cornflowers. Of graceful form 
and large size. Each 50c; 3 for §1.40; 12 for §5.00. 

Venus de Milo. A very dependable white Iris with a faint 
cream tinge to give it extra beauty. Accepted as the finest all 
around white Iris. Each 75c; 3 for §2.00; 12 for §7.50. 

Zuni. An early giant of bronzy red-brown that sparkles like 
rubies when tlie sun comes through its petals. Very large and 
well-branciied. Each 50c; 3 for §1.40; 12 for §5.00. 
One each of the above ten, value S4. 75, for $3.75. 

Japanese Iris 

Dreer's Imperial Japanese 

Iris Kaempferi ® 


These noble Iris are the most beautiful of the species and are 
becoming more popular each season. They begin blooming about 
the middle of June and continue for about 5 or 6 weeks. Many of 
the flowers measure from 10 to 12 inches in diameter and rival 
Orchids in their rich colorings. While they succeed in almost any 
soil and under any condition, they delight in a rich deep moist 

Bertha Hallock. Pale lilac, beautifully suffused violet. Double. 
Blue Danube. Double blue with white veins: yellow center. 
Catherine Parry. Blue overlaid with violet; double. 
Dream. Silvery white, veined and mottled \nolet; three petals. 
Gold Bound. Double creamy white with gold bands. 
Helene VonSiebold. Crimson-purple; white veins. Three petals. 
Mahogany. Sis large, round petals of velvety crimson-purple. 
Mount Hood. Rich royal purple with yellow center. Double. 
Paragon. Rich royal purple with many white veins. Six petals. 
Pyramid. Six large royal purple petals with yellow center. 
Templeton. Mottled white and crimson-purple. Double. 
T. S. Ware. Bright crimson-purple with white veins. Double. 
Any of the above: Each 35c; 3 for SI. 00; 12 for §3.50; 25 for §6.50. 
The set of 12 Japanese Iris, value §4.20, for $3.50. 

Mixture. Each 25c; 3 for 70c; 12 for §2.50; 25 for §4.50. 


If Perennial Plants are wanted by Parcel Post please add 
postag;e and special packing; charge as explained on page 11^ 


Beautiful New Lavender 

Lavandula, Twickel Purple 

Lavandtda Vera 

Twickel Purple. A 

beautiful new hardy Lav- 
ender which received a 
Certificate of Merit from 
the Rjyal Horticultural 
Society of Great Britain. 
It is far superior to any 
other Lavender we have 
ever seen. The plants are 
perfectly hardy and of 
' rather dwarf habit. They 
produce a great many 
lovely stout flower spikes 
set with exquisitely fra- 
grant, deep lavender-blue 
blioms. Height about 18 
inches. Each 50c; 3 for 
S1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 
for S9.00. 

Liatris — Blazing Star, Gay Feather 

Scariosa superba. Showy and attractive native plant succeed- 
ing anywhere. This late-flowering type is the showiest form of 
the tall-growing varieties. Produces large heads of purple flowers 
on extra-long spikes in August and September. Each 50c; 3 for 
$1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

Lobelia cardinalis — Cardinal Flower (D 

Illumination. A distinct and magnificent new variety attaining 
a height of about 2 1 feet and producing a massive flowerspike 
closely set with large, glossy scarlet blooms. The foliage is of a 
dark red color. Strong plants. Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

Lotus — Bird's Foot Trefoil A 

Corniculatus fl. pi. A pretty, procumbent plant for rockery or 
border with attractive foliage and double yellow flowers in 
summer. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Ophiopogon — Snakebeard A ® 
Jaburan variegatus 

A very desirable border plant with long narrow green foliage 
prettily striped gold. Showy deep blue flower spikes during 
July and August. Its compact growth adapts it to dwarf 
borders and the rockery. Though entirely hardy it is often 
grown as a pot plant. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 
for $6.50. 

Early Flowering 
Hardy Phlox 

Miss Lingard. 2 ft. A 

grand white variety which 
begins blooming in May and 
continues until late October. 

Rosalinda. 2 ft. Lovely 
soft amaranth pink blooms 
borne profusely from June 
until freezing weather. A 
very outstanding hardy Phlox 
that deserves a place in every 

Either of the above: 
3 for $1.00; 12 for i 

Each 35c; 
J.SO; 25 for 

Miss Lingard and Rosalinda 

Dreer' s Hardy Phlox 

Seven Magnificent New Varieties 

Augusta Plant Patent No. 252. A strong growing plant 2| 
feet high bearing magnificent large trusses of brilliant cherry 
red blooms. Will not discolor or bleach. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 
12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

Count Zeppelin. Very large pure white with a deep crimson 
eye. Best of the calico type; no fading nor suffusion of colors. 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Daily Sketch. An outstanding novelty with large trusses com- 
posed of enormous individual flowers — beautiful light salmon- 
pink with carmine eye. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 
25 for $6.50. 

Ethel Pritchard. A delightfully French-mauve colored Phlox 
with wide flat petals which if seen on a cloudy day look almost as 
pale blue as our native Phlox divaricata. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 
12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Flora J. Reidy. An American variety of tall, stately, and up- 
right growth. Has enormous panicles of the purest white flowers. 
Of free-branching habit with distinct heavy dark green foliage 
retained throughout the season. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for 
$3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Leo Schlageter. A newer European introduction. Large pyra- 
midal trusses of bright scarlet with dark crimson eye. A strong 
thrifty grower and very free blooming. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 
12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

P. D. Williams. Enormous flowers in pyramidal trusses. Dark 
rose-pink with darker center and rose-pink reverse. 2j ft. 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Outstanding New Sorts of 
Phlox subulata — Moss or Mountain Pink A® 

This early spring flowering type of hardy Phlox produces very 

pretty moss-like evergreen foliage which for weeks is completely 

hidden by a mass of colorful blooms. 

Blue Hill. Of compact growth producing in early spring and 
late fall a splendid display of showy pale blue flowers. One of the 
best and surely a most distinct type and color. 

Brilliant. A compact grower of a brilliant crimson-red color. A 
very beautiful and distinct variety. 

Sampson ( New). Very large flowers of a deep rose-pink; un- 
usually striking and a distinct novelty. 

Vivid. A companion in habit to Brilliant but differs in color, the 
flowers being a pleasing bright salmon-pink. 

Any of the above: 
Each 25c; 3 for 70c; 12 for $2.50; 25 for $4.50. 

A ^Suited to Rock Garden; ® == Suited to Semi-Shade; # =Suited to Shade. 

If plants are wanted by Parcel Post please add to your remittance the 

cost of postage and special packing as explained on Page 119 


{ J^JtEMM^ (DME Iiliin¥DIB:EiyTMi iM¥MryiEIil^\IIIY ^^S 

Physostegia— Fa/5e Dragonhead ® 

A splendid subject for the border or the wild garden particularly 
if grown in semi-shade and where it has a fair supply of moisture. 
Blooms freely in the summer and early fall bearing showy spikes 
of delicate tubular flowers not unlike a gigantic heather. 
Grandiflora, Vivid. 1| ft. Bears extra large flowers of a 

beautiful bright violet-mauve during late summer and fall. 

Very desirable because it blooms late and is of dwarf growth. 
Virginica superba. 4 ft. Tall branching spikes with flowers 

of a beautiful rose-pink. Excellent for cutting. 
Either of the above: 
Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Polemonium — Jacob's Ladder A ® 
Blue Pearl. Has elegant deep green, finely cut foliage and 
showy spikes of attractive baby blue flowers. Does well in sun 
or shade and blooms freely in April and May. 9 in. Each 50c; 
3 for S1.40- 12 for S5.00; 25 for S9.00. 

Potentilla — Cinquefoil 

Warrensi. A lovely new hardy plant for the sunny border 
covered with large pure yellow blooms all during the summer. 
Grows 2 feet high. Each 50c; 3 for SI. 4-0; 12 for S5.00; 25 for 

Primula veris 

Hardy Primula — Primrose A ® 

Most beautiful and interesting early spring flowers. Plant 
them in rich, well-drained soil in the border or in a sheltered 
nook in the rockery; if possible in a half shady place. 6 to 12 
inches high. 
Cashmeriana. Large globular heads of a pleasing purplish blue. 

Prefers a moist soil. June. Each 50c; 3 for SI. 40; 12 for S5.00. 
Veris (Eitilish Cowslip). A fine range of mixed colors. Each 30c; 

3 for 85c; 12 for S3.00; 25 for S5.75. 
Vulgaris {English Primrose). An old favorite which should be 

found in every garden. One of the earhest spring flowers. Bright 

canary yellow; very fragrant. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 

25 for $6.50. 
— lilacina plena. This double form of the English Primrose with 

flowers like tiny double Roses, is a real gem. A delicate dear 

pinkish lavender color. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for S5.00. 

New Giant Polyanthus Primroses 

Polyanthus Primroses always have been great favorites with 
many gardeners and these new giant varieties, being ever so much 
more attractive, are bound to receive a great reception. They are 
free flowering, producing their showy large flower trusses during 
April, May, and into June. 

Cream White 

Pastel Shades Golden Apricot 

Scarlet Deep Yellow 

A ny of the above: 

Each 50c; 3 for SI. 40;' 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

The set of six Polyanthus Primroses for $2.50. 

Pulmonaria — Lungwort 

Angustifolia azurea. 1 ft. Low-growing tufts of dark 
green foliage and many spikes of deep sky blue flowers in 
earliest spring. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for 


Double-Flowering Pyrethrum 

Pasadena. Perfectly double, deep pink flowers of exceptionally 
large size carried upright on elegant long stems. Grows 3 feet 
tall and blooms profusely during June and July. Each $1.00; 
3 for $2.75; 12 for SIO.OO. 

New Shasta Daisies 

Chifion. A dainty, frilled 
Shasta Daisy about 18 
inches tall. Has a double 
row of narrow gracefully 
friUed and flared white 
petals surrounding the 
clear yellow center. An 
exquisitely finished flow- 
er. Each50c;3forS1.40; 
12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

Esther Reed. Lovely 
snow white double flow- 
ers 4 inches across. Borne 
on plants IS to 18 inches 
tall. Always admired for 
its fully double form. 
Blooms freely throughout 
the summer months. 
Each $1.00; 3 for $2.75; 
12 for SIO.OO. 

New Shasta Daisy — Chifion 

Silver Star. A marvelous new Shasta Daisy with lovely large 
blooms composed of a small pale yellow center surrounded by 
graceful long and broad pure white petals. Blooms from July 
to October. 2^ ft. high. Each 75c; 3 for $2.00; 12 for $7.50. 

White Swan. A most desirable double variety blooming from 
Memorial Day until the end of June. Of vigorous growth reach- 
ing a height of 24 to 30 inches. Highly desirable. Each 50c; 
3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 

Set of 4 Shasta Daisies tor $2.60. 

Salvia — Sage 

Azurea. 3-4 ft. A splendid tall variety. Racemes of pretty, sky 

blue flowers. August-September. For garden and cutting. 

Pitcheri {Blue Meadow Sage). 4-5 ft. A most attractive hardy 
plant, with true blue flowers from August to October. Thrives in 
any situation and with little care. Blooms profusely and con- 
tinuously just when blue flowers are scarce. Extremely hardy, 
wintering in any part of the country without protection. 

Virgata nemorosa. 2 ft. Effective dark blue border plant. 
Blooms during May and June. 

A ny of the above: 
Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Thalictrum — Meadow Rue • 

Dipterocarpum. Stately plants 4 leet high bearing a profusion 
of lilac-mauve blooms enhanced by a bunch of yellow stamens 
in the center. Flowers during August and September. Each 
50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00; 25 for $9.00. 


Caroliniana. A showy, tall-growing -lant attaining a height 
of 3 feet. Has long spikes of yellow flowers in June and July. 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 


Practically all plants suited to semi-shade also do well in the sunt 

HENRY A. DREER, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Tritoma — Kniphofia 

Red-Hot Poker, Flame Flower, Torch Lily 

3-4 ft. Succeeds in good garden soil but responds well to 
cultivation. Hardy if protected. Best method of wintering in 
cold sections is to bury the roots in sand in a cool cellar. 

Mt. Etna. Of vigorous growth and remarkably free flowering. 
Blooms continuously from July until October, bearing 
enormous spikes of rich glowing red flowers. We highly 
recommend this variety as one of the most distinct recent 

Tower of Gold. This most distinctive variety gives a 
beautiful display in the garden where the large rich golden 
yellow flower trusses make an exceptionally fine showing. 
Vigorous, free flowering, and as fine for cutting as for 
garden display. 

Either of the above: Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00 

Trollius — Globeflower ® 

Desirable free-flowering plants with large, strong-stemmed 
Buttercup-like blossoms ranging from pale yellow to deep orange. 
May and June. 

Europaeus superbus. 2 ft. Glorified globe-shaped Butter- 
cups. Waxy lemon yellow. 

Ledebouri, Golden Queen. 2 ft. A magnificent variety with 
beautiful rich golden yellow blooms during July and August. 
Each 50c; 3 for $1,40; 12 for $5.00. 

Meteor. 3 ft. Very large, deep rich orange. 

Orange Prince. 2 ft. A vigorous variety with unusually large 
flowers of a rich golden orange color. 

Any of the above, except where noted: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

A Charming Double-Flowered 
Tunica — Tumcflower A 

Saxifraga flore plena rosea. 6-8 in. A charming little spread- 
ing plant. Dark green foliage covered with tiny double flowers 
of a deep pink color. The plants are perpetual flowering begin- 
ning to bloom in June and continuing until late in fall. Each 
35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Veronica — Speedwell 

Showy plants for sunny borders and of easy culture. They 

greatly vary in height but all bear attractive flowers. 

Blue Spire. 2 ft. A hybrid of longifolia subsessilis and spicata 
which combines the glorious dark color of the former with the 
freedom of flower of the latter. Of bushy habit and a real addi- 
tion to the summer blues. Each SOc; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

Incana rosea. 1 ft. Silvery foliage with upright spikes of deli- 
cate pink flowers. Each 50c; 3 for $1.40; 12 for $5.00. 

liOngiiolia, subsessilis {Japanese Speedwell). 2-3 ft. The show- 
iest of all with dense spikes of blue flowers from mid- July until 
early September. Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Rupestris nana. A (f) 1 in. Forms a dense carpet of dark green 
foliage with deep Gentian blue flowers from April until June. 
The finest and most attractive of the creeping varieties. Each 
30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Three Choice Vincas a • 

Alpina. A strong growing variety with very heavy, thick, 
round foliage and flowers of a pleasing deep rosy purple 
color. Blooms during spring. 

Minor aurea. Golden variegated foliage and blue flowers. 
Useful as plants for carpeting the ground and valuable for 
use in window boxes during the winter in combination with 
Boxwood and other evergreen plants. 

— Bowles Variety. This new European form is much 
more desirable in every respect than the common type. 
The foliage is broader and rich glossy green of strong 
texture. The flowers are not only larger but of a deeper 
rich blue color and are borne with a remarkable profusion. 
Any of these three: 
Each 30c; 3 for 85c; 12 for $3.00; 25 for $5.75. 

Perpetual-Flowering Violas A 

, Magnificent bedders requiring sun for best display of their richly 
colored blooms. Flowers from early May until frost. 
Apricot Queen. Large blossoms of various shades of apricot- 
Floraire. Showy small pale blue flowers borne profusely 
throughout the summer. 

Viola, Jersey Gem 

Jersey Gem. The most valuable bedding Viola for our climate, 
succeeding in sunny spots. Flowers from May until fall. Com- 
pact plants with lovely large violet blooms on 6-inch stems. 
Wedgewood. Charming blooms of an appealing Wedgewood 
blue. Flowers very profusely. 

Any of the above: 
Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

Hardy Violet 

Double Russian. This is not suited to forcing under glass, 
but is perfectly hardy and a gem for the garden or hardy border. 
Produces in early spring great masses of fine, large, double, deep 
purple flowers of exquisite fragrance. Each 35c; 3 for $1.00; 12 
for $3.50; 25 for $6.50. 

A = Suited to Rock Garden; ® = Suited to Semi-Shade; # = Suited to Shade 


Dreer's Select 

Hardy Perennial Plants 

On the preceding pages we have given a limited list of varieties which are new or outstanding. In this 
section are offered many others that are indispensable for garden display, the rock garden, and for cutting. 
To make it easy to identify those that are suited to rock garden planting we have marked them A. The 
kinds that will do well in semi-shade are marked ®. Those that may be grown successfully even in quite 
dense shade are marked #. The prices quoted do not include delivery. For postage charges see page 119. 

Anemone hupehensis 

Alyssum saxatile compact um in rockery 

Aquilegia chrj-santha 

Achillea— Mi7/oj7, Yarrow Each 

Millefolium roseum. A 18 in. Large pink flower heads all summer long ] 

Ptarmica Boule de Niege {Ball of Snow). Very showy double white flowers [ $0 30 

Tomentosa. A 1ft. Yellow flowers and handsome foliage. Blooms during June J 

Aethionema— 5^onccres5A 

Persicum. 10 in. Bushy plants with rose-colored flowers during June 35 

AjUga — Bugle A ® Fine for carpeting because of its dense low growth. 

Genevensis. 8 in. Deep blue flowers in May and June 1 „ 

Reptans rubra. 8 in. Bronzy foliage; blue flowers; May-June J 

Alyssum — Madwort A Indispensable in rockeries 

Rostratum. 12 in. Masses of bright golden yellow flowers in June and July I „ 

Saxatile compactum {Basket oj Gold). 12 in. A mass of gold in May J 

Anemone — Windflower Highly valued for their showy flowers. 

Hupehensis. (§) 2 ft. Mauvs-rose flowers from August until late fall 1 

Pulsatilla {Basque Flower). A 9 in. Violet-blue flowers during April and May J 

Anemone j aponica— Drecr'^ Japanese Anemones ® 

Lovely VVindflowers growing 2 to 3 feet high. August to frost. Hardy where protected. 

Alba. Large showy white flowers of graceful form. Blooms very freely ^ 

Queen Charlotte. Very large, semi-double delicate pink blooms [ 35 

September Charm. Early and free blooming. Silvery rose, shaded mauve f 

Whirlwind. Very showy large white semi-double blooms J 

Anthemis tinctoria— Improved Golden Marguerite 

Perry's Variety. 18 in. Golden yellow flowers from June to October 30 

AQUllegia — Columbine ® Showy plants blooming during late spring and summer. 

Canadensis. 2 ft. Our native red and yellow variety 

Chrysantha. 2 ft. Has large long-spurred pure yellow blooms } 25 

— alba. A very fine white flowered long-spurred Columbine 



$0 85 

$3 00 

1 00 

3 50 


3 00 


2 60 

1 00 

3 50 

1 00 

3 50 


3 00 


2 60 


$5 75 

6 50 

6 76 

4 60 

6 60 

6 60 

5 75 

4 60 


6 plants of a variety will be supplied at V^ the 12 price 



\\% M f 


■ ■% ^- v: 

'^v ,'^: 


'' ^^1 

■ag^ ^Tty 

M .:^i,'m 

. -^S^ :■ 

Arabis alpina 

Armeria Laucheana 

Artemisia abrotanum 

ArablS — Rockcress A ® An indispensable hardy spring-flowering perennial. 

Alpina. 10 in. Long-lasting pure white flowers. Fine for cutting $0 30 

— flore p,leno. 10 in. Has lovely double pure white blooms 35 

— rosea. 10 in. Single flowers of a delicate soft pink shade. Rather unusual 35 

Armeria — Sea Pink, Thrift A Makes dwarf evergreen tufts of bright green leaves. 

Laucheana. 12 in. Showy heads of pure rose blooms from early spring to late fall 

Maritima alba. 12 in. A pretty variety with pure white flowers. Blooms continuously 



-Old Man, Southernwood Splendid for borders or among shrubs, 
li ft. Finely cut foliage with pleasing aroma 

Asclepias— Buf^^er^y Weed A 

Tuberosa. l3-2j ft. Brilliant orange-scarlet flowers during July and August. 

Hardy Asters 

Summer- Flowering Dwarf Asters a 

Amellus elegans. 12-15 in. Bluish violet flowers during July and August . 

Fall -Flowering Hardy Asters—Michaelmas Daisies, Starworts 

Very showy plants blooming profusely in September and October. 

Barr'S Pink. 4-5 ft. A vigorous grower covered with magnificent bright pink flowers. . . 

Blue Gem. 3 ft. A first-class true blue 

Novae-angliae. 4 ft. Very showy bright violet-purple blooms 

Mrs. F. W. Raynor. 4 ft. The nearest one to a red color 

Novi-belgi, Climax. 5 ft. Magnificent plants with lavender-blue flowers 

October Dawn. 2 ft. Large branching pyramids of hlac-mauve. 

Queen Mary. 3j ft. The large flowers are a pleasing mid-blue color 

Sam Banham. 3 ft. Large pure white flowers. One of the earliest to bloom ^ 

Hardy Yellow^ Asters 

Hybridus luteus. 2 ft. Masses of clear bright yellow flowers July to September 

Baptisia — False Indigo, a vigorous plant for the border or wild garden. 

Australis. 2 ft. Dark green leaves and showy spikes of dark blue flowers in June. 


Asclepias tuberosa 

Hardy Aster, Queen Mary 

Baptisia australis 

If Perennial Plants are wanted by Parcel Post please add 
postage and special packing charge as explained on page 119 



Boltonia latisquama 

Campanula carpatica 

Clematis Da\'idiana 

Boltonia — False Starwort Elegant plants and very free blooming 

Asteroides. 5-7 ft. Large single daisy-like pxire white flowers in summer and fall. 
Latisquama. 4-6 ft. Pink, tinted lavender blooms during late summer and fall. . 

Callirhoe— Poppy Mallow A A fine trailer with handsome foliage 

Involucrata. Large bright rosy crimson flowers during the summer and fall 

Campanula — Bellflower ® a very desirable class of plants 

Ca,rpa.tica. {Carpalhiati Harebell). A 8 in. Clear blue flowers. June to October . . 

— alba. A A pure white form of the preceding and blooming at the same time. . . . 
Medium (Canterbury Bells). 2-4 ft. June. We can supply Blue, White, and Pink. . . 
Persicjfolia (Peach Bells). Blue flowers during June and July. Very showy 

— alba (While Peach Bells). 2 ft. A pure white form always greatly admired. . . . 

Hardy Border Carnation Grand old garden favorites 

Choicest Mised. 12 in. Many splendid colors. Blooms freely and continuously . 

Centaurea — Hardy Cornflower Free-flowering plants for sunny positions 

Dealbata. A 18 in. Showy rose-colored flowers from July to September 

Macrocephala. 3j ft. Magnificent large golden yellow flowers. July- August. .. . 
Montana (Perennial Cornflower). 2 ft. Violet-blue blooms from June to September. 

— alba. 2 ft. A pure white form of Montana. Very graceful 

Cerastium — Stiow in Summer A A fine low-growing plant with silvery foliage 
Tomentosum. 6 in. Covered with white flowers in June. Splendid for dry spots. 

CnelOne — Turtle Head A quaint perennial requiring an acid soil 

Lyoni. 2 ft. Bears showy purplish red blooms during summer and fall 

Hardy Chrysanthemum a For other Mums see pages 115-117 

Morifolium 2 ft. Covered with small single pink blooms. September 

CimiClfuga — Snakeroot # Very desirable native plant for the garden and cutting 
Racemosa. 4-6 ft. Long white flower spikes during July 

Shrubby Clematis 9 Excellent hardy plants of vigorous growth for the shade 

Davidiana. 2-3 ft. Bell-shaped flowers of deep lavender-blue. Aug. -Sept 

Recta. 2-3 ft. Clusters of fragrant white flowers borne during June and July.... J 

Convallaria — Lily of the Valley # A great favorite with all gardeners 

Majalis. Strong clumps of this fragrant popular flower for outdoor planting. May. 

Coreopsis (§> An exceptionally popular plant with a profusion of showy blooms 
Lanceolata grandiflora. 2 ft. Has showy rich golden yellow blooms during summer. 

Dianthus plumarius— Horrfy Garden Pinks Showy fragrant flowers 

Her Majesty. 12 in. Double dove-scented pure white with fringed petals. May 

Double rosy red with rich deep red in center. Blooms in May 

Double white, attractively laced with crimson. Blooms during May. 
12 in. Lovely large double white flowers during May 

Homer. 12 in. 
Juliette. 12 in. 
White Reserve. 





1 $0 25 

$0 70 

$2 50 

$4 50 



2 50 

4 SO 


1 00 

3 50 

6 50 



2 50 

4 50 



3 00 

5 75 




2 50 

4 50 



3 00 

5 75 



3 00 

5 75 



3 00 

5 75 

I aa 

1 00 

3 60 

6 50 


1 40 

5 00 

9 00 



2 50 

4 50 



2 50 

4 SO 


If Perennial Plants are wanted by Parcel Post please add 
postage and special packing charge as explained on page 119 



Euphorbia corollata 

Gaillardia grandiflora 

Botanical Species of DianthuS A Graceful fragrant flowers borne most profusely 
Deltoides Brilliant (Afai(fe;i PjwA). 9 in. Of creeping habit. Pink flowers. June-July. 
— albus. 9 in. A pretty, white-flowered form of the preceding variety 

Uiely tra — Dicentra Highly valued hardy perennials with graceful flowers of odd shape 
Spectabilis (Bleeding Heart). ® 1-2 ft. Heart-shaped pink blooms. May- June. {Clumps) 
Formosa {Plumy Bleeding Heart). A IS in. Showy pink blooms from April to October . , 

Epimedium — Barrenwort, Bishop's Hat A • Fine for rockeries and borders 
Muschianum. 10 in. Showy rasy red blooms and leathery bronzy foliage. April-May 
Niveum. 10 in. Elegant pure white flowers on graceful slender stems. April and May 
Sulphureum. 10 in. A very showy variety with bright yellow blooms. April-May. 


$0 25 



Eupatorium — Mistflower, Thoroughwort • Very easy to grow 

Ageratoides. 3-3^ ft. Fuzzy white flower heads during August and September 

Coelestinum. lJ-2 ft. Pretty, fuzzy Ageratum-like heads of light blue. Aug.-frost. 

EdVipilOI*Dia A Attractive plants for the hardy border or rock garden 

Corollata {Flowering Spurge). 1| ft. White flowers with green eye. June-August. . . . 
Polychroma. 2 ft. Masses of chrome yellow bracts during May 


Choice Hardy Ferns ^ These add a delightful feature to any garden 

Aspidium acrostichoides {Wood Fern). 12 in 

— Goldianum {Shield Fern). 24-36 in 

— Marginale {Evergreen Wood Fern). 12-24 in 

Asplenium Filix-femina {Lady Fern). 12-15 in. Yellow-green leaves 

Dicksonia punctilobula {Gossamer Fem). 24-36 in. Also called Hay-Scented Fern . . 
Onoclea Struthiopteris {Ostrich Fern). 24-36 in. For moist, shaded position. . . . 
Osmunda cinnatnomea {Cinnamon Fern). 24 in. For wet places in the sun 

— Claytoniana {Interrupted Fern). 24 in. Any soil and any position 

r Unkia — Plantain Lily {Hosta) # These succeed in either sun or shade 

Subcordata grandiflora (IK /!z7e P/a«/aJnZ,%). 2j-3 ft. Pure white. August-September 
TJndulata media picta. 2 ft. Green and white variegated foliage. Purple flowers. July. 



■Blanket Flower Indispensable and exceptionally showy plants 
2 ft. Colorful flowers in red and gold from July until frost 

Geum Chiloense — Avens a An excellent border plant 

Lady Stratheden. 18 in. Double rich golden yellow flowers from May until July. . . . 
Mrs. Bradshaw. 18 in. Large double brilliant scarlet blooms from May to July 

Hardy Ornamental Grasses These give an interesting touch to any garden 

Arundo Donax {Great Reed). 20 ft. A magnificent variety for mass effects 

— — variegata. 8-10 ft. Beautifully variegated white and green of vigorous habit. . . . 

Elymus glaucus {Blue Lyme Grass). 2 ft. Handsome narrow glaucous foliage 

Eulalia gracillima univittata {Japan Rush). 6-7 ft. Green with silvery mid-rib 

— japonica variegata. 6-7 ft. Striped green and white, also pink or yellow 

zebrina (Zebra Grass). 6-7 ft. Marked with broad yellow band across the leaf. . . . 

Pestuca glauca (Blue Fescue). A 1 ft. A dwarf tufted grass with blue-green foliage. 
Phalaris arundinacea variegata {Ribbon Grass, Gardener's Garters). ® 12-15 in. 











$0 70 

$2 50 

1 40 

5 00 

1 00 

3 60 

1 00 

3 50 


3 00 


3 00 

1 00 

3 50 

1 40 

6 00 


3 00 


2 50 


3 00 

1 00 

3 50 


$4 60 

9 00 
6 50 

6 50 

6 50 

5 75 

6 50 

9 00 

6 75 

4 50 

5 75 

6 60 

A=Suited to Rock Garden; ® =Suited to Semi-Shade; #=Suited to Shade 



Hdenium, Riverton Beauty 

Heuchera, Sanguinea Pluie de Feu 

Hypericum Moserianum 

Flelenium — Helen's Flower ® Desirable border plants succeeding in any soil 

Autumnale rubrum. 3-4 ft. Bright terra cotta red flowers in August and September. . 1 

— superba. 5-6 ft. Golden yellow flowers during late summer and fall 

Riverton Beauty. 4 ft. Lemon yellow, black center. August-September J 

HelianthuS — Hardy Sunflower Effective for large borders or as clumps 

Maximiliani. 5-7 ft. Golden yellow flowers borne profusely in October ' 

Mollis. 4 ft. Lemon yellow blooms; downy white foliage. August and September ... . 
Sparsifolius. 6 ft. Very large gracefully formed yellow blooms. August and September.^ 

HemerOCalliS— Ye/tou' Day Lily ® For the New Hybrids see page 119 

TlB/va, {Yellow Day Lily). 3 ft. Graceful, fragrant yellow blooms. June " 

Fulva {Tawny Day Lily). 4-5 ft. Rich orange flowers during June and July 

Kwanso fl. pi. 4-5 ft. An e.xcellent double bright orange. July 

Middendorffi. Ij ft. Showy chrome yellow flowers. The earliest to bloom; May.. 
Thunbergi. 4 ft. A late bloomer with well-shaped Buttercup yellow blooms. July. 
Mixed Giant Hybrids. Grown from seed of the finest hybrid varieties 


Heuchera— Cora/ Bells, Crimson Bells A d) Late May to late August 

Rosmondi. 18 in. Soft coral-pink flowers in graceful well-branched spikes 

Sanguinea Pluie de Feu. 18 in. Deep coral-red blooms borne very profusely. . 

Giant-Flowering HibisCUS — Marshmallow, Rosemallow 

Red. 5-8 ft. Magnificent large flowers of a brilliant rich red color. June 

Pink. 5-8 ft. Truly enormous blooms representing a wonderful improvement. 
White. 5-8 ft. The huge flowers make a most representative showing. June. 


$0 30 






Dreer's Superb HollyhOCkS Indispensable garden plants with regal flower spikes 
Double Red. 5 ft. Elegant well-formed double blooms of a rich red color. June 1 

— Yellow. 5 ft. The well-shaped flowers are a brilliant bright yellow. June ] 

— White. 5 ft. Of pure white color and wa.xy texture. June [ 

— Maroon. 5 ft. E,xceptionally dark maroon flowers on solid strong stems. June.. . f 

— Newport Pink. 5 ft. A glorious shade of pure pink 

— Rose. 5 ft. A color that always is greatly admired. Fully double blooms. June. . 

Hypericum — St. John's Wort Desirable border plants of graceful free habit 
Moserianum. 2 ft. Large yellow flowers with showy stamens. Blooms during July. 
Patulum Henryi. 3 ft. Large broad-petaled yellow flowers from July until .\ugust. . . 

Iris SlbiriCa — Siberian Iris Blooms profusely during June. About 3} feet high 
Orientalis. Lovely rich violet-blue flowers wnth the falls marked deepest violet 

— Snow Queen. Graceful, well-formed blooms of purest snow white 

— Perry's Blue. Large clear blue flowers on vigorous stout stems 





12 1 

$0 85 

$3 00 


2 50 


3 00 


2 50 

1 00 

3 50 

1 00 

3 50 


3 00 

1 40 

5 00 


2 60 


$5 75 

4 60 

5 75 

4 50 

6 50 

6 50 

5 75 

9 00 

4 50 

Explanation of Symbols. The symbols used 
throughout Dreer's Garden Book will show at a glance 
those plants which are suited to the rock garden A, semi- 
shade® , and full shade •. 

Plants by Mail. Plants up to a dozen or so will 
be forwarded by Parcel Post if you add to your remittance 
10'"; (15% west of the Mississippi) of their v.aluc to cover 
postage and special packing. Minimum charge 10 cents. 


All plants suited to semi-shade also do well in full sun 


Iris germanica 

Lupinus polyphyllus 

Iris germanica— Choice Garden Varieties 

Ambassadeur. Standards, deep lavender suffused bronze; falls, maroon purple 

Citronella. Yellow flowers veined and mottled Van Dyke red. Fragrant 

Gold Imperial. A fine and substantial deep yellow of smooth texture 

King of Iris. Magnificent lemon combined with satiny brown 

Lent A. Williamson. Rich blue standards and brilhant velvety purple falls 

Lohengrin. Elegant spikes with gigantic violet-mauve blooms 

Lord of June. Lavender-blue standards and aniline blue falls 

Loreley. Yellow standards contrasting with blue, white-bordered falls 

Mithras. Pale yellow standards; violet-claret falls, edged yellow 

Princess Beatrice. Lavender-blue shading to a lovely silver blue 

Princess Victoria Louise. Yellow standards; plum, cream-edged falls 

Shekinah. An attractive pale yellow with luminous shadings of amber. 

Set of 12 varieties, value $3.00 for $2.50. 

Iris pumila hybrida— Dwar/ Iris A Very showy and early flowering 
Cyanea. 10-12 in. Large rich violet-purple flowers set against deep green foliage. 

Ezcelsa. 10-12 in. A splendid soft lemon yellow flower of graceful form 

Schneekuppe. 10-12 in. Bears artistic pure white blooms 


$0 25 

Various Iris 

Pseudacorus. 4 ft. The common yellow Water Flag. May and June 

Cristata {Crested Dwarf Iris). A 4-6 in. A native species with delicate richly marked pale 
lilac flowers in late May and June 

Lavandula — Lavender A Highly valued for its exquisitely scented blooms 

Vera. I3 ft. This is the true Sweet Lavender. Blue flowers during summer 

LiatriS — Blazing Star, Gay Feather Attractive native plants which will 
succeed anywhere 
Pycnostachya. 5 ft. Bears fuzzy light rosy purple flower spikes during summer. 

Lobelia Two hardy garden plants which delight in a moist soil 

Cardinalis (Cardinal Flower). 30 in. Cardinal-red blooms. August and September 
Syphilitica (Great Lobelia). 3 it. Large blue flower spikes. July-September 

Lupinus — Lupine ® stately plants for garden display and for cutting. June-August 
Polyphyllus. 3 ft. Produces majestic flower spikes set with clear blue blooms ] 

— albus. 3 ft. A vigorous variety with elegant white flowers y 

— roseus. 3 ft. Each flower combines light and dark pink shades j 

LycliniS- — Campion, Lampflower Easy to grow and very popular 

Arkwrighti. 9 in. Extra-large blooms in red shades. June flowering 

Chalcedonica (Maltese Cross). ® 3 ft. Brilliant orange-scarlet flowers. June- July 1ft. Fragrant foliage. Double fragrant red flowers. June. 

Mertensia —Blue Bells A ® An interesting native plant 

Virginica. 1-1^ ft. Pinkish buds opening to lovely dear blue flowers. May-June... 

I\^Onarda — Bergamot, Oswego Tea ® Showy aromatically scented plants 

Didyma, Cambridge Scarlet. 3 ft. Large, graceful scarlet blooms. July-August. . . 











$0 70 



1 00 



1 00 




$2 50 

2 50 
2 50 

3 50 

2 50 

3 00 

3 50 

3 00 

3 00 


$4 50 

2 50 4 50 

70 2 50 4 50 

4 50 
4 50 

6 50 

4 50 

5 75 

6 60 

5 75 

5 75 

If Perennial Plants are wanted by Parcel Post please add 
postage and special packing charge as explained on page 119 



Nierembergia is particularly fine 
planted around the pool where 
it receives plenty of moisture. 

Nierembergia rivularis 

Pentstemon digitalis 

Papaver, Perr>''s White 

IVlyOSOtlS — Forget-Me-Not ® A Noted for its magnificent blue-colored flowers" 

Palustris semperflorens. 9 in. Light blue flowers during June $0 25 

Nepeta — Ground Ivy A ® An excellent plant for the rock garden 

Mussini. 12 in. Masses of light blue flowers from May to September 

Six Hills. 3 ft. Gray-green foliage and violet-blue flowers 

Nierembergia— Cu/)^OU'er a a charming dwarf alpine plant 

Rivularis. 3 in. Large creamy white cup-shaped flowers during the summer months. 

Oenothera — Evening Primrose A For sunny positions in border and rockery 
Missouriensis. 1 ft. Extra-large yellow flowers borne profusely from June until August. 
Speciosa. 18 in. Has beautiful large flowers of pure white. Blooms during June. 
Youngi. 18 in. Graceful large yellow blooms during June and July 

Pacnysandra — Japanese spurge A • A splendid ground cover for shady places 
Tenuinalis. 8 in. Bright glossy green foliage. Creamy white flowers in May . . . 

Papaver Orientale— Onento/ Poppies ® Glorious flowers in May and June 

Mrs. Perry. 2^ ft. Salmon-rose or orange-apricot. Very fine 

Olympia. 2 ft. Double flame scarlet blooms overlaid golden salmon 

Perry's White. 2^ ft Satiny white with crimson-maroon blotch. Very unusual. . . . 
Wurttembergia. One of the finest rich orange varieties. Vigorous and free flowering. 

Pentstemon — Beard Tongue A These bloom profusely throughout the summer 

Barbatus, Pink Beauty. 3 ft. Long spikes set with bright clean shell pink flowers 

— Torreyi. 3-4 ft. Vigorous spikes with large brilliant scarlet blooms 

Digitalis. 2-3 ft. Well branched flower spikes with white blooms, purple in throat 

Dreer's Fragrant Peonies 

Magnificent spring-blooming plants 

Albert Crousse. A tall, late, very large rosy white flecked with crimson. Fragrant. . . . 

Avalanche. Tall; blooms during midseason. Very large creamy white flowers 

Baroness Schroeder. A tall midseason Peony with large, globular flesh white blooms. . 
Duchesse de Nemours. Medium height; early. White guard petals, sulphur center 
Felix Crousse. Medium height. Blooms during midseason. Fragrant ruby red flowers . . 
Pestiva Maxima. White flowers with crimson markings in the center. Tall; early .... 
Karl Rosenfleld. Tall; midseason. Globular semi-Rose type flowers of bright crimson . . 
Louis Van Houtte. Dwarf and late. Rich deep crimson flowers developing silvery tips. 
Meissonier. Tall and late. Brilliant purple-red guard petals and deep crimson center. . 
Mme. Ducel. Dwarf; midseason. Bright pink, shaded salmon and with silvery relle.x 
Mme. Emile Galle. Medium tall; midseason. Large double shell pink, lavender tips 
Mons. Jules Elie. Medium height; midseason. Lilac-rose with silvery refle.x. Very fine. J 

Old-Fashioned Double Red Peony One of the oldest and best 

Paeonia officinalis rubra. Early; profuse. Deep crimson blooms 





$0 25 

$0 70 

$2 50 

$4 50 

1 30 


3 00 

5 75 


1 00 

3 50 

6 50 


1 00 

3 50 

6 50 



2 50 

4 60 



3 00 

6 76 



3 00 

6 76 


1 40 

5 00 

9 00 


1 75 

6 00 

11 00 




You are bound to secure the utmost satisfaction from Dreer Quality Plants. They have been 
grown with care and will quickly take hold in their new location after transplanting. They are 
vigorous, young plants of just the right size for garden planting, well rooted, and full of life. Ex- 
perienced gardeners know that old over-grown clumps cannot give the satisfaction derived from 
Dreer Quality Plants. 


A=Suited to Rock Garden; ®=Suited to Semi-shade; #=:-Suited to Shade 

Hardy Phlox 

Phlox divaricata canadensis 

Pyrethrum hybridum 

Dreer's Superb Hardy Phlox 


Antonin Mercie. 30 in. Bluish lilac on light ground color 

Eclaireur. 30 in. Brilliant rosy magenta with lighter halo 

Enchantress. 24 in. A particularly fine salmon-pink 

Firebrand. 24 in. Brilliant vermilion-scarlet with deep scarlet center 

Jules Sandeau. 24 in. A free flowering salmon-pink with very large blooms 

La Vague. 24 in. A fine pure mauve with a contrasting aniline red eye 

Mrs. Jenkins. 36 in. Early and very showy. Has very fine pure white blooms 

Painted Lady. 36 in. Silver-pink shaded salmon with a cherry red eye 

Rheinlander. 24 in. Salmon-pink with deep claret red eye 

B. P. Struthers. 36 in. Bright rosy carmine with claret red eye 

Thor. 24 in. Deep salmon-pink, shaded scarlet and with aniline red eye 

Widar. 24 in. An unusual light reddish violet with large white center , , , 

Set of 12 Hardy Phlox, value $3.00 for $2.50 

Various Species of Phlox Every one of these is highly desirable 

Arendsi Mariana. 18 in. Lovely lilac-blue flowers in May 

Divaricata canadensis. A ® 10 in. Large fragrant lavender flowers. April-May. . . 
Ovata caroliniana (MoM»/am PWo;i:). 12-15 in. Reddish pink flowers. May-June... 

PhyS£iliS — Chinese Lantern Plant ® Splendid for garden and winter bouquets 
Francheti. 2 ft. Dense bushes with large bright orange-scarlet lantern-like fruits 

} $0 25 

PlumbcigO — Cerasostigma, Leadwort A Very desirable for borders and rockeries 
Larpentae. 6-8 in. Deep blue flowers during the summer and fall. Spreading habit . . 

Pyrethrum — Painted Daisy A grand old favorite perennial 

Hybridum. 2 ft. Large single daisy-like blooms. Mixed colors. June and July 

Pyrethrunfl — Giant Daisy ® An exceptionally large-flowered species 

Uliginosum. 3-4 ft. Large white daisy-like flowers from July to September 

Ranunculus— Bache/or'5 Button, Trailing Buttercup A ® 

Repens fl. pi. Masses of double bright golden yellow flowers. May-June 

Rosmarinus — Rosemary A A showy plant also used for seasoning 

Officinalis. 2 ft. Blue flowers during April. Needs winter protection 










$0 70 

$2 60 


3 00 


2 60 


3 00 


3 00 


3 00 


2 60 

1 00 

3 60 

Plumbago Larpentae 

Physalis Francheti 

The Book of Perennials (Hottes). Devoted to the general principles of growing, 
using, and propagating old-fashioned perennial plants. $2.00 per copy postpaid. 


$4 60 

6 76 

4 60 

6 76 

6 75 

6 75 

4 60 




Rudbeckia Newmani 

Sedum spectabile 

Sempemvum globiferum 


Rudbeckia — Coneflower ® A showy border plant, also splendid far cutting 

Golden Glow. 5-6 ft. Masses of double golden yellow flowers. July-September ] 

Newmani. 3 ft. Dark orange-yellow with purple cone. July-September } $0 25 

'BxXT'pxxi&a.lGianl PurpleConeflower). 3 ft. Reddish purple with black cone. July-October.J 

Scintolina — Lavender Cotton A For rock garden or border 

Chamaecyparissus {Incana). 18 in. Evergreen silvery foliage; yellow blooms in July. , 

Sciponarici — Soapwort a An exceptionally fine spring-flowering plant 

Ocymoides splendens. 8 in. Bright rose flower masses during the spring 



Megasea ® Showy plants which like a moderately moist soil 
12 in. Light pink blooms during April. Fine for border planting. 
12 in. Excellent rose-pink flower trusses during April 




Hardy ScablOSa Handsome border plants succeeding well in any average soil 

Ca,uca,sica, (Blue Bonne!) ■ 18-24 in. Showy soft lavender blooms. June-September. 
— alba. 18-24 in. Elegant large white blooms on long stems. June-September . . . . . 

Dwarf Varieties of Sedum — Stonecrop A Particularly suited to dry sunny spots 

Acre (Golden Moss). 2-3 in. Evergreen foliage and bright yellow flowers in June 

Pruinatum Forsterianum. 2-3 in. Evergreen leaves and golden yellow flowers. . . . 

Sexangulare. 4-5 in. Rich evergreen foliage. Lovely yellow flowers. June 

Sieboldi. 8-10 in. Succulent foliage. Pink flowers from August to October 

— variegatum. 8-10 in. Has white variegated leaves. Pink flowers .' 

Stoloniferum COCCineum. 6 in. Beautiful rosy crimson flowers. Blooms July and 


Sedum — Erect Growing Varieties A Splendid plants flowering late summer and fall 
Maximum atropurpureum. 12 in. Large dark bronzy purple foliage. Very beautiful. 
Spectabile. 18 in. Broad light green fohage and large heads of rose-colored flowers.. . 

— Brilliant. Bright Amaranth red flower heads in late summer and fall 

Setnpervivum — Houseleek a Verv interesting succulents. Perfectly hardy 

Arachnoideum. Graceful small rosettes with interesting white cobwebs 

Brauni. Attractive rosettes of bronze with dull red tips and dull green base 

Doellianum. Small hairy heads of pale green tinted red at the tips 

Globiferum. Flattened heads of gray-green tipped brown 

Tectorum. Broad heads with reddish brown tips. The common Houseleek of old gardens. 
Violacea. Showy large heads of an interesting and rare rich violet color 

Snasta Daisy Handsome and very popular 

Alaska. 2 ft. Pure white blooms during the summer and fall 

Sidalcea — Prairie Mallow Showy erect plants with Mallow-like blooms 

Candida. 2-3 ft. Snow white blooms during June and July 

Rose Queen. 2-3 ft. Bright rose flowers during June and July 



Spiraea — (7o«f'j Beard, Meadow Sweet ® June and July blooming 

Filipendula (Dropwort). 15 in. Fern like foliage and masses of small white flowers. . . 

— flore plena. A double flowering form of Filipendula. Very showy 

Palmata elegans [Pink Meadow Swcel). 3 ft. Broad corymbs of silvery pink flowers. 
Ulmaria fl. pi. (Meadow Sweet). 3 ft. A graceful variety with double white flowers. . . 








$0 70 

$2 SO 


2 50 


3 00 

1 40 

5 00 

1 40 

5 00 


3 00 


3 00 


2 50 


2 SO 

1 00 

3 SO 

1 00 

3 60 


$4 50 

4 50 

5 75 

9 00 
9 00 

5 75 

5 75 

4 60 

4 50 

6 50 

6 60 


A=Suited to Rock Garden; (i)=Suited to Semi-Shade; #sSuited to Shade 


StatlCe — Great Sea Lavender For borders and fine for winter bouquets 

Elegantissima. 2 ft. Has larger flowers and more showy heads than the following. 
Latifolia. 2 ft. Leathery foliage and showy heads of small blue flowers. July-August 

Stokesia — Cornflower Aster, Stokes' Aster These bloom from June to October 
Cyanea. 18 in. Handsome lavender-blue Cornflower-like blooms 

— alba. A white form of the above. Equally as beautiful 

— lutea. 18 in. In this variety the flowers are a fine shade of creamy yellow 

Sweet 'WilliSLT^—Dianthus barbatus A ® They grow 12-18 inches high 
Newport Pink. A lovely salmon or Watermelon pink variety of exceptional beauty. 
Pure White. Has very large individual blooms combining into massive flower trusses. . 

Scarlet Beauty. Highly valued for its rich deep scarlet blooms 

Mixed. This includes a great many different colors. All very beautiful 

XhallCtrum — Meadow Rue • Graceful border plants growing 2-3 feet high 

Aquilegifolium albuni. Feathery white flowers during June and July 

— atropurpureum. A rosy purple form of the above. Very graceful 

Thymus — Thyme A These are splendid plants for rock garden planting 

Citriodorus argenteus (Silver-Leaved Lemon-Scented Thyme). Lemon fragrance 

— aureus (Golden-Leaved Lemon-Scenied Thyme). Gives a very bright effect 

Lanuginosus (Woolly-Leaved Thyme). Grayish foliage and lovely rosy lilac flowers. . . 
Serpyllum album (While Mountain Thyme). Dense dark green mats and white flowers. 

— splendeus. Fragrant dense mats of tall green fohage. Purphsh red flowers 

Trillium — Wood Lily, Wake Robin O A shovry spring-blooming plant 

Grandiflorum. 12-18 in. The lovely large pure white flowers are very effective 

Tritoma— Kn/pfto^fl, Red-Hot Poker, Flame Flower, Torch Lily 

Pfltzeri (Everblooming Flame Flower). 3-4 ft. Rich orange-scarlet. August-October 

Valeriana — Valerian ® A lovely tall sweet-scented perennial of vigorous habit 
Ot&ciuailis (Hardy Garden Heliotrope). 3-4 ft. Rose-tinted white flowers. June and July 

veronica — Speedwell An improved class that includes many interesting varieties 
Corymbosa Stricta. A 8 in. Deep amethyst blue flowers from July until September. . 

Incana. 1 ft. Silvery foliage and showy blue flowers. July-August 

Rupestris. A ® 3-4 in. Matted deep green foliage and bright blue flowers in May 

Spicata. ® li ft. Long broad blue flower spikes during June and July 

— alba. ® IJ ft. A white-flowered form of the preceding 

— rosea. ® 1 J ft. This has lovely dehcate pink flowers in early May 

Vinca — Periwinkle, Trailing Myrtle A • An excellent evergreen carpet plant 
Minor. 6 in. Has lovely Periwinkle blue flowers during the spring 

Hardy Bird's Foot Violet A very fine native plant 

Pedata. Beautiful blue flowers. Graceful divided leaves 

Yucca — Adam's Needle An effective plant for many different positions 
Filamentosa. 5-6 ft. Large fragrant creamy white flowers. June-July... 





1 $0 25 

$0 70 

$2 50 

$4 50 

[ 25 


2 50 

4 50 



2 50 

4 50 

1 35 

1 00 

3 50 

6 50 



3 00 

5 75 



2 50 

4 50 



3 00 

5 75 



3 00 

5 75 



3 00 

5 75 



2 50 

4 50 



2 50 

4 50 


1 00 

3 50 

6 50 

Valeriana officinalis 

Veronica spicata 

Yucca filamentosa 

6 plants of a variety will be supplied at Vz the 12 price 


Dreer's Choice 

Hardy Shrubs 

Our shrubs are too heavy to be sent by 
mail and they are shipped by Express or 
Freight at purchasers' expense. No 
charge is made for packing or delivery 
to the Express, Freight, or Steamship 
lines in Philadelphia. The sizes given 
are those of the plants when shipped to you. 

Shrubs are as much a part of the well balanced garden as a lawn or flower border. 
Many of them are as decorative as any ornamental foliage plants, while others are 
highly attractive on account of their flowers. In the well arranged shrubbery border 
there always will be something of interest no matter what the season of the year. 
They have many uses such as a dividing line between the flower and vegetable garden, 
or between the lawn and uncultivated land beyond; as a background to a flower garden; 
for hiding an unsightly fence or foundation. As height varies according to condition 
we give the approximate height as follows: D=Dwarf (less than 4 feet high); M- 
Medium Tall (4 to 8 feet high); T=Tall (8 feet and taUer). 

Althea — Rose of Sharon (T) 

Tall, hardy, late-flowering shrubs valuable because they flower 
when but few shrubs are in bloom. Good for hedges. August- 

Duchesse de Brabant. Beautiful double dark red flowers. 
Jeanne d'Arc. Elegant double pure white blooms. 
Lady Stanley. Semi-double deep rose blooms. 
Rubis. A lovely single red variety. 

Any of the above: 60c each. 

William R. Smith. Giant single pure white flowers fully 4 
inches across. They open flat and are profusely produced 
from early July until late September. Size 3 to 4 ft., 75c each. 

Azalea mollis — Chinese Azalea (D) (g) 

A deciduous variety of extreme hardiness blooming before the 
leaves unfold. Mixed colors only, principally yellow and orange 
shades. Splendid bushy plants 18 to 24 inches high well set with 
buds. $3.00 each. 

Berberis — Barberry (M) ® 
Thunbergi (Japanese Barberry). A beautiful variety with 
small foliage assuming most brilliant autumn tints. The 
scarlet berries remain on the branches most of the winter. 
Desirable for grouping around a porch base or to hide the 
foundation. Succeeds in sun or shade and is the best hedge 
plant we know. Bushy plants, size I3-2 ft., SOc each; S4.00 per 
doz.; $30.00 per 100. 

Red -Leaved Japanese Barberry 

Berberis Thunbergi atropurpurea (M) 

Similar to the popular green-leaved Japanese Barberry but the 
foliage of this newer variety is a rich, lustrous, bronzy red, similar 
to the red-leaved Japanese Maple. As the summer advances the 
coloring becomes more brilliant, changing to shades of vivid 
orange, scarlet and red. All that is required to develop its brilliant 
coloring at all seasons is that it be planted in full exposure to the 


Strong plants, size 15-18 in $0 35 

Strong plants, size 18-24 in 50 

Strong plants, size 24-30 in 75 

For other Barberries see pages 143 and 148. 

Buddleia — Butterfly Shrub, Summer Lilac 

lie de France (New). (D) A splendid vigorous variety carrying 
in summer fragrant masses of brilliant rosy violet-purDle flower 
spikes. Pot plants, 50c each; $5.00 per doz.; $40.00 per 100. 



$3 50 

$25 00 

5 00 

40 00 

7 50 

60 00 

New Pink Buddleia 
Charming (M) 

Probably the most outstanding new plant offered this 
season, this magnificent Buddleia was awarded a Silver 
Medal by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. It is a 
glorious shrub bearing throughout the late summer and 
autumn elegant long sprays covered with lovely lavender- 
pink blooms, which compared with other Buddleias intro- 
duced up to date, are distinctly pink. For September and 
October flowers we suggest pinching oS the first flower spikes 
in July to aid in development of the side branches which will 
bring a greater abundance of flowers during the autumn 
months. Strong flowering plants 7Sc each; $7.50 per doz. 


Beauty Berry 
Purpurea. (M) Most 
graceful recurving 
branches, covered in 
August with tiny 
pink-tinted flowers. 
Followed in late Sep- 
tember by masses of 
violet-purple berries 
which last until mid- 
winter. Strong 
plants, size 2-3 ft., 
60c each. 

All Shrubs will be 
shipped at proper 
planting season for 
the locality from 
where ordered, unless 
otherwise Specified. 

Callicarpa purpurea 

Calycanthus— 5^66* Shrub ® 

Floridus. (M) An old favorite with most unusual chocolate- 
colored flowers in May. Size 2-3 ft., 75c each. 

Cercis— Judas Tree, Red Bud 9 
Japonica. (T) A showy tall shrub or small tree. All the branches 
and twigs are covered with a mass of small rosy pink flowers 
early in the spring before the leaves appear. Size 2-3 ft., 
75c each. 

Japanese Flowering Cherries (T) 

The display of Japanese Flowering Cherries at our national 
capital, Washington, D. C., annually attracts thousands of visi- 
tors. These Cherries are among the earliest flowering trees, 
blooming in early April. The variety range e.rtends the flower- 
ing season fully 4 weeks, the single-flowering varieties blooming 
first, followed by the doubles. Perfectly hardy and will succeed 
in almost any location. 

Erect Growing Cherries 

Kof ugen. Fine double deep pink ; one of the best. 
Mt. Fuji. Large double pure white flowers. 
Naden (Snowslide) . One of the prettiest double pinks. 
Victory or Shirofugen. Very double, up to 2J in. across. 
Delicate pink changing to white. Late. 

A ny of the above: Strong plants, size 4-5 ft., $2.50 each. 

Weeping Cherries 

Double Pink Weeping. Deep pink, strong grower. 
Rosea pendula. Single light pink. Earliest blooming Weep- 
Either variety: Strong 2-year crowns on good stems $5.00 each. 

Chionantlixis— White Fringe ® 

Virginica. (T) Tall native June-flowering shrub. Flowers like 
graceful bunches of white silken fringe. Strong plants, size 
3-4 ft., $1.25 each. 


Improve your planting with some of the rarer shrubs 

Dreer's Choice HARDY SHRUBS 

Clethra alnifolia 


-White Alder, Sweet Pepper Bush ® 

Alnifolia. (M) Fine native shrub; of deliciously fra- 
grant pure white flowers. July-August. Size 2 ft., 75c each. 

CornViS—Dogwood (T) • 
Florida {White-Flowering Dogwood). A handsome spreading 

native bush or small tree bearing large flowers in spring. 

Foliage turns brilliant crimson in early autumn. Rich red 

fruits. Strong plants, size 3-4 ft., S2.00 each. 
—rubra {Red or Pink-Flowering Dogwood). A splendid rich 

rosy red form of Florida. When planted near the preceding 

the two varieties make a pleasing color contrast. Bright red 

berries. Strong plants, size 3-4 ft., S3. 00 each. 
Sibirica alba {Red-Branched Dogwood). Quick grower; bright 

red bark and porcelain blue fruits. Fine winter effect. Size 

3-4 ft., 60c each. 


Penduliflorum. (T) Dies to ground in winter but reappears in 
spring, with shoots 3 to 4 ft. high, bearing in September, when 
there is a dearth of shrub flowers, sprays of rose-colored pea- 
shaped blooms. 60c each. 


Well-known flowering shrubs, blooming profusely in spring or 
early summer. They succeed well in any sunny position. 

Crenata magnifica. (T) 
Very distinct. Has showy 
large corymbs of double 
white flowers. Finest tall 
sort. Size 3-4 ft. 

— rosea plena {Double- 
Flowering Deutzia). (M) 
Double white flowers at- 
tractively tinged with pink. 
Very fine. Size 3-4 ft. 

Gracilis. (D) A favorite 
dwarf bush covered with 
spikes of pure white flowers 
in early summer. Size 
U-2 ft. 

Lemoinei. (D) One of the 
very best dwarf shrubs. 
Very' large pure white 
flowers in cone-shaped 
heads. Size I5-2 ft. 
Any of the above Deutzias: 
60c each. 

Deutzia gracilis Lemoinei 

Elsholtzia (d) ® 


Farquhari. This plant has 
the nature of the well- 
known Buddleia growing 
about 24 inches high and 
producing large spikes of 
bright pink flowers in late 
summer and early fall. The 
entire bush, flowers and 
foliage, is sweetly scented. 
In addition to being very 
conspicuous in the land- 
scape, the plant is also out- 
standing for cutting and 
deserving of much more 
attention than ordinary 
plant material. We highly 
recommend this for cut 
flower purposes or for land- 
scape planting. Strong 
field-grown plants,"5c each. 

Elsholtzia Farquhari 


Alata {Corkbark). (M) Ornamental on account of its curious 
corky bark. Small yellow flowers in spring followed by attrac- 
tive red berries in fall. Has conspicuous bright scarlet autumn 
foliage. Strong plants, size 2-3 ft., 75c each. 

Europaeus {Burning Busk). (T) A showy shrub loaded in 
autumn and winter with scarlet seed pods from which orange- 
colored berries hang on slender threads. Size 3-4 ft., 75c each. 

Forsythia spectabilis 

Forsy thia— GoZden Bell ® 

Spectabilis. (M) Has very large golden yellow flowers com- 
pletely covering the stems early in the spring. 

Suspensa {Weeping Golden Bell). (T) Graceful arching willowy 
branches covered with golden bells. 

Either of the above: Size 3-4 ft., 60c each. 

Hydrangea— Hordy Shrubby Hydrangea (M) 

Arhoiescens gTa,ndi&OTa,{Snowball Hydrangea). # A magnifi- 
cent, perfectly hardy native shrub with large snow white 
blossoms. Most valuable because it comes into bloom just 
after the passing of the spring-flowering shrubs, flowering 
from early June until late July. Size 2-3 ft., 60c each. 

Paniculata grandiflora. The best-known summer-flowering 
shrub. Immense panicles of showy flowers, white when open- 
ing later changing to rose color, remaining in good condition 
for weeks. Fine bushy plants, size 2-3 ft., 60c each. 
Standard or Tree-shaped plants which make beautiful specimens 
for the lawn or garden, SI. 50 each. 

The Book of Shrubs (Hottes). Gives complete non-technical 
descriptions and cultural notes. $3.00 per copy, postpaid 


Dreer's Choice HARDY SHRUBS 

Kolkwitzia araabilis 

Kolkwitzia (M) 

Beauty Bush 

Amabilis. An exceeding- 
ly handsome shrub from 
China. It has long arch- 
ing branches and re- 
sembles the Weigela to 
which it is related. A 
perfect shrub as it is 
hardy, has year-round 
beauty of foliage, and is 
of good habit. Covered 
with bell-shaped light 
pink flowers in June. 
Strong plants, size 2-3 
ft. 75c each. 

Ligustrum — Privet ® 

Ovalifolium {California Pri-cd). For Hedge, see page 143. 
Ovalifolium aureum {Golden-Leaved Privet). (M) A verj' effec- 
tive golden-leaved form. Size 2 ft., 60c each. 
Lilacs, see Syringa, page 141 

Lonicera — Bush Honeysuckle (M) 

Grandifiora rosea. Rosj- red, striped white. June. Size 3 ft. 
Morrowi. White flowers in May but especially valuable for 

its bright red fruits during summer and autumn. Size 3 ft. 
Either of the above: 60c each. 

For Climbing Honeysuckle, see page 145. 



Soulangeana. (T) Shrubby when young but attains tree-size 
in time. The cup-shaped flowers, 3 to 5 inches across, are 
white inside, flushed with purple outside. Blooms early in 
spring. Bushy plants, size 2-3 ft., $3.00 each. 

— Lennei. (T) A superb late-flowering variety with large leaves 
and deep purple flowers. Strong bushy plants, size 2-3 ft., 
$5.00 each. 

Stellata {Star Magnolia). (M) Earliest to flower. A dwarf 
species forming a symmetrical rounded bush 8 to 10 ft. high. 
Has graceful, semi-double, pure white, scented flowers about 
3 inches across, appearing before the foliage. Strong plants, 
size 2-3 ft., S4.00 each. 

Red -Leaved Japanese Maple 

Acer polymorphum atropurpureum. (M) Conspicuous 
shrub or small tree. Brilliant red foliage especially in spring 
and early summer. Strong plants, size lj-2 ft., $2.50 each. 

Philadelphus Virginal 

Philadelphus— Mocfe Orange (M) ® 

Popular old-fashioned shrubs with showy white flowers during 
May or June. They succeed in almost any location. 
Girandole. Of excellent habit and free flowering. Dense 

trusses of well-formed double flowers. Size 2 to 3 ft. 
The Banner. A hybrid variety forming a shapely shrub with 

very large single flowers. One of the most desirable. Size 4 ft. 
Virginal. Flowers 2 inches across cover the branches in May 

and early June. Slightly fragrant. Most desirable. Size 3-4 ft. 
A ny of the Philadelphus: 60c each. 

Prunus— F/ouermg Almond 
Japonica fl. pi. {DoiMe-Flowering AlmonJ). (M) Produces 
its showy double flowers early in May before the leaves. We 
supply both pink and white. Size 3-4 ft. 75c each. 

Pyrus — Cydonia, Japanese Quince {M) 

Japonicus. A showy shrub covered in early spring with large 
dazzling scarlet blooms. Also makes an excellent hedge. 
Strong plants, size 2 ft., 75c each. 

Named Hybrids (M) 

— Appleblossom. Showy pink and white flowers. 

— CoroUina. A splendid shade of salmon-apricot. 

— rubra grandifiora. Rich blood red blooms of great beauty. 

— sanguinea. Brilliant crimson flowers of cup shape. 

Any of the above: Strong plants, size 18-24 in., $1.50 each. 

Rhus— 5umac (T) 

Cotinus {Purple Mist, Smoke Tree). Covered in midsummer with 
clusters of feathered flowers giving the appearance of a cloud 
of smoke or mist. Size 2-3 ft. Strong plants $1.00 each. 

Typhina laciniata {Cul-Leavcd Stjghom Sumac). The beauti- 
fully cut Fern-like leaves assume brilliant coloring in fall. 
Showy clusters of crimson fruit. Size 3 ft. Strong plants 75c each. 

Robinia— i?o5e Acacia 

Hispida. (M) A quick-growing shrub of great beauty. Has 
loose racemes of beautiful large pink flowers in June. Gives 
a magnificent effect. Size 2-3 ft, 75c each. 

Sambucus— EWer 

Nigra aurea {Golden Elder). (T) One of our very finest shrubs 
with beautiful yellow foliage. The color is remarkably bright, 
rich, and constant. Size 3 to 4 ft., 60c each. 

140 D =Dwarf (less than 4 feet high); M =Medium Tall (4 to 8 feet high); T=Tall (8 feet and taller) 



Billiardi. (T) Pink flowers in late summer. Size 3-4 ft. 
Bumalda, Anthony Waterer. (D) Deep crimson. Seldom 

exceeds 30 inches in height. Blooms during summer. Size 2 ft. 
Prunifolia fl. pi. {Double-Flowering Bridal Wreath). (M) 

Beautiful shrub, double white flowers in May. Size 3-4 ft. 
Thunbergi. (D) Charming low-growing shrub with delicate 

foliage and small white flowers in spring. Size 2-3 ft. 
Van Houttei. (M) A beautiful Spiraea of compact habit. 

Presents a fountain of white blooms in May and June. Size 

3-4 ft. 

Any of the above Spiraeas: 60c each. 

Symphoricarpos— ^noivberry (M) • 

Chenaulti [Pink Snowberry). Shapely plants 3 feet high and 
•5 feet in diameter. Small foliage and deep pink fruits in fall. 
Size 3-4 ft., 60c each. 

RacemoSUS [While Snowberry). Popular dwarf shrub, small 
pink blooms and large white berries. Size 3 ft., 60c each. 

Syringa vulgaris 

Syringa— Li7oc 

Gives a magnificent display of flowers in spring. We supply 
own-root plants, which will prove most satisfactory. Lilacs 
need a liberal supply of lime. 
Old-Fashioned Purple [Syringa mlgaris). (T) Lovely heavy 

trusses of lilac-purple. Size 3-4 ft., 75c each. 
Old-Fashioned White (5. vulgaris alba). (T") Fragrant white 

flowers borne profusely on vigorous plants. Size 3-4 ft., 75c each. 

French Lilacs 
Named Varieties, Grown on Own Roots 

These French Lilacs are truly superb. They will bring to 
your spring garden a glorious display of most attractive fra- 
grant flowers in a number of exceptionally fine colors. The four 
varieties listed have proved of more than unusual value and are 
highly recommended. 

Charles Joly. (T) A strong, rapid-growing variety with 
large shining leaves and large loose trusses of semi-double 
reddish mauve blooms. Size 2-3 ft. 
Marie Legraye. [T) One of the finest single-flowering white 
Lilacs producing an abundance of delightfully scented flower 
trusses which are exceptionally long and well proportioned. 
Splendid for garden display or for cutting. Size 2-3 ft. 
President Grevy. (T) Double purplish blue flowers in 

massive trusses. Size 2-3 ft. 
William Robinson. (T) A very double Lilac with crimson- 
pink buds opening into a beauriful deep violet-pink. Size 

2-3 ft. 

Any of the above: $1.00 each. 



Africana. (T) Tall, 

slender shrub with 
feathery foliage covered 
in May with masses of 
delicate pink blooms 
before the leaves appear. 
Valuable and unique. 
Size 3-4 ft. 

Hispida aestivalis. (M) 
Covered with soft pink 
flower sprays in July and 
August. Size 2-3 ft. 

Indica. (T) Pale pink 
flowers in late summer 
and autumn. A very 
strong grower with long, 
slender racemes. Size 
3-4 ft. 

A ny of the above: 60c each. 

Tamarix africana 

Viburnum— 5nowbaH (m) 

Carlesi [Fragrant Viburnum), The fragrant rare Korean 
Viburnum. Salver-shaped flowers of a delicate rose-tinted 
white, passing to white. Terminal heads 2-3 inches across in 
May. Good bushy specimens, size 2 ft.. Si. 50 each. 

0'pVL\viS[High-BushCranberry). ® White flowers in June followed 
by bright scarlet berries in fall. Size 3 ft., 75c each. 

— sterilis [Common Snowball, Guelder Rose). ® Popular white 
Snowball. Blooms in May. Size 2-3 ft., 75c each. 

Plicatum [Japanese Snowball). Dark foUage and perfect, pure 
white flower balls in May; free flowering. Size 2-3 ft., 75c each. 

ViteX — Chaste Tree (T) 

Macrophylla. A graceful shrub with attractive spikes of lovely 
lavender-blue flowers. Blooms profusely from July until fall 
and grows more than 10 feet high unless pruned back. It is a 
most desirable summer-flowering shrub of distinctive appear- 
ance. Strong plants, size 15-18 in., 75c each; S7.50 per doz. 

Carnea. This resembles the preceding variety but the flowers 
are a pleasing shade of lilac-pink making quite a good contrast 
if planted with the older deep blue sort. Strong plants, size 
15-lS in., SI no L-ath, ?in 00 per <V^z. 

Weigela rosea 

Weigela (m) 

EvaKathke. Ruby flowers in summer and fall. Size 3 ft. 
Rosea. Soft rosy carmine. Profuse-flowering. Size 3-4 ft. 
—nana variegata. Fohage showily mottled green, yellow, 
and pink. Rose-colored flowers. Size 3-4 ft. 

Any of the three Weigelas: 60c each. 

Our shrubs are too heavy to be sent by mail. 


Hardy Evergreen 

Flowering Shrubs 

The hardy evergreen flowering shrubs are so named because they hold their rich green foliage 
throughout the winter. Many of them are shade loving as indicated by ®. They are ideal for 
foundation planting, while the gorgeous blooms and color mass of many of these species are not 
equaled by any other outdoor plant. They look well planted by themselves or in combination 
with coniferous evergreens or other shrubs, always adding a cheery touch to the garden in winter. 
The symbols are: D = Dwarf (less than 4 feet high); M=Medium Tall (4 to 8 feet high); T=Tall 
(8 feet and taller). 

Our Evergreen Flov;ering 
Shrubs are too heavy to be sent 
by mail and are shipped by 
Express or Freight at pur- 
chaser's expense. No charge 
is made for packing or delivery 
to Express, Freight, or Steam- 
ship lines in Philadelphia. 
The sizes given are those of 
the plants when shipped to you. 


'^ IOOth , 

Abelia chinensis grandiflora 

Abelia chinensis grandiflora (D) 

Small, graceful shrub producing in summer and fall clusters of 
bell-shaped pinkish white flowers. 4-inch pots 50c each. 

Andromeda— Pierw ® 

Japonica. (D) A compact shrub with small, dark green foliage 
and long panicles of bronzy red buds during the summer 
and winter. These open into white flowers in spring. Requires 
an acid soil. Bushy plants, size 15-18 in., $1.75 each. 

Hardy Evergreen Azaleas ® 

These varieties are the hardiest and most desirable for general 
garden planting. Until thoroughly established it is beneficial 
to give them a heavy mulch of leaves during the winter and a 
loose covering of evergreen branches to protect them from the 
sun and drying winds during freezing weather. They require an 
acid soil. 

Amoena. (D) A nearly evergreen variety with bright rosy purple 
flowers in great masses. Each Doz. 

12 to 15 inches in diameter $1 00 $10 00 

15 to 18 inches in diameter 150 15 00 

18 to 24 inches in diameter 2 00 20 00 

Hinamayo. (D) A meritorious variety, resembling Hinodegiri in 
general habit, except in color which is a delicate clear soft shade 
of rose-pink. Also has smaller foliage. Bushy plants 15 to 18 
inches in diameter, $2.50 each; $25.00 per doz. 
Hinodegiri. (D) The most popular variety with dense clusters 
of bright fiery red flowers. Each Doz. 

8 to 10 inches in diameter $1 00 $10 00 

10 to 12 inches in diameter 1 50 15 00 

12 to IS inches in diameter 2 00 20 00 

15 to 18 inches in diameter 2 50 25 00 

Ledifolia alba. (M) A robust growing sort with heavy mat- 
green foliage and large pure white flowers. Size 18-24 in., 
$2.50 each; $25.00 per doz. 
Pink Pearl. (D) Beautiful salmon-rose flowers in large full 
trusses. Each Doz. 

12 to 15 inches in diameter $2 50 $25 00 

15 to 18 inches in diameter 3 00 30 00 

For other Azaleas, see page 164. 

Three Choice Evergreen Barberries 

These beautiful rare Barberries are among the best and 
hardiest of our evergreen shrubs; something different for single 
specimens or group planting. 

Julianae. (M) Deep green leaves and black fruits. 
Triacanthophora {Threes pine Barberry). (D) An unusual type 

from China. Has narrow-toothed leaves. Very graceful. 
Verruculosa. (D) A Small shiny green leaves. Of compact 

growth and ideal for the rockery. Blue-black fruits. 
Strong pot grown plants, SI. 25 each; S12.50 per dozen. 
For other Barberries see pages 138 and 143. 

Boxwood— Bujcuy sempervirens (T) 

Select Eastern Grown Stock 

Very valuable hardy evergreen shrubs with thick, rich green, 
leathery foliage. Suited to well-drained soil and partial shade. 
Extensively used for hedges, edgings, etc. Stand pruning well. 



Size 24 in $3 00 

Size 30 in 4 00 

Size 36 in 5 00 

Size 42 in 7 50 

Bush Form 


Size 10 to 12 in $1 00 

Size 12 to 15 in 1 50 

Size 18 to 21 in 3 00 

Size 21 to 24 in 4 50 

Boxwood Edging (D) 

Buxus sujffruticosa 
Bushy Plants 
Globe or Ball doz. loo 

18 in. diameter 4 00 Size 4-6 in $3 00 $20 00 

21 in. diameter 5 00 Size 6-8 in 4 00 30 00 

24 in. diameter 6 00 Size 8-10 in. ... 5 00 4000 

Cotoneaster— Rocfe^proy, Quinceberry 

Ornamental shrubs with dec >rative fruits usually held all 
winter. The dwarfer varieties are nearly evergreen, adapted to 
rockery planting, in clumps fronting shrubbery, or mixed with 
dwarf broad-leaved evergreens. 
Francheti. (T) Tall, upright, densely branched shrub with 

spreading semi-evergreen branches. Orange-red fruit. 
Horizontalis. (D) A Low shrub with almost horizontal branches. 

Shiny green leaves and quantities of orange-red fruits. 
Praecoz. (D) A Glossy foliage, large red berries by late June. 

Any of the above: Pot-grown plants, 75c each; $7.50 per doz. 


The Hardy Evergreen Flowering Shrubs are beautiful the year round 


Daphne cneorum— Garland Flower (D) (§) A 

Pretty, dwarf shrub 6 to 8 inches high, for rockery or front of 
border. Bright pink, fragrant flowers, early in May. Strong 
four-year-old plants, 9 to 12 inches in diameter, $1.00 each; 
$10.00 per doz. 

Rrica— Heath (D) ® A 

Most Heaths are compact, low-growing, and useful for rockeries. 
Small dense foliage and veiy attractive both when in flower and 
in mid-winter. Give protection during first winter. 
Vulgaris (Calluna vulgaris). Scotch Heather. Dense dwarf 

shrub, 3 feet high, covered with pretty, bell-shaped rosy 

lavender blooms. 
— alba. The white Scotch Heather. 

aurea. A very beautiful form with golden leaves. 

—rubra. Admired for its rosy carmine flowers. 
Strong plants of any of the above: 60c each. 

Pyracantha (T) 

Fire Thorn 
Coccinea Lalandi. A 

most remarkable fruiting 
evergreen shrub, growing 
more than 6 feet high. 
Bears attractive large 
trusses of white flowers 
during the late spring 
followed by an abun- 
dance of brilliant orange- 
scarlet berries which re- 
main late into the 
winter. Strong 6-inch 
pot plants SI. 00 each. 

Enhance the beau- 
ty of your home 
grounds by plant- 
ing some of the 
unusual and rare 

Pyracantha coccinea Lalandi 

Osmanthus— HoHy Osmanthus (M) 

Aquifolium. 5-8 ft. A beautiful, strong-growing Holly-like 
evergreen shrub with shiny, dark green, spiny-toothed leaves. 
Especially attractive during the winter. Suited to the shrub- 
bery border or planted singly as a shapely specimen. Strong 
plants, size lj-2 ft., $1.50 each. 

Hybrid Rhododendrons (M) ® 

Most handsome and effec- 
tive broad-leaved evergreens 
succeeding in any light, fri- 
able garden soil. In heavy 
clay incorporate a liberal 
quantity of leaf mold or well- 
rotted cow manure, digging 
the beds about 2 feet deep. 
Mulch during the summer 
with any loose material and 
protect in winter with 4 to 5 
inches of leaves. Evergreen 
boughs between the tops of 
the plants are effective wind- 
breaks and protect from the 
sun's rays in very early 
^P'''"S- Hybrid Rhododendron 

Album elegans. Light blush changing to white. 

Delicatissima. Delicate flesh pink blooms. 

Dr. H. C. Dresselhuys. BriUiant anihne red flowers. 

Everestianum. A magnificent rosy lilac variety. 

Mrs. C. S. Sargent. Beautiful deep rose flower clusters. 

Purpureum elegans. An exceptionally fine purple. 

Any of the above choice varieties: 
4-year-old bushy plants, set with 
flower buds, size 18-24 in., $5.00 each. 

HEJ^GiEi PI . A INnr^ — Pr/vcr, Boxwood, Barberry, and Columnberry 

California Privet (T) (g 

Ligustrum ovalifolium 

Of all hedge plants the California Privet is 
the most popular and it is planted more often 
than all other hedge plants combined. It is of 
free growth and succeeds under the most ad- 
verse conditions of soil and location. Even 
under the dense shade of trees it will still make 
a creditable showing. Those who wish to give 
their hedge a specific form should prune the 
plants at regular intervals during the growing 
season. Strong plants, size 2j-3 ft., $1.25 
per doz.; $6.00 per 100; $50.00 per 1000. 

Boxwood for edging (D) 
Buxus suffruticosa 

Fine bushy plants in the following sizes: 

Size 4-6 in., 
$3.00 per doz.; $20.00 per 100. 

Size 6-8 in., 
$4.00 per doz.; $30.00 per 100. 

Size 8-10 in. 
$5.00 per doz.; $40.00 per 100. 

Japanese Barberry (M) 
Berberis Thunbergi 

Nothing equals the beautiful Barberry when 
a dwarf deciduous hedge is wanted. It requires 
little pruning. The small light green foliage 
changes to rich brilliant red autumn tints, 
enhanced by bright red berries that remain 
late into the winter. 

Extra strong 3-year-old plants, 

size 18-24 in., $4.00 per doz.; $30.00 per 100. 

For Red-Leaved Barberry, see page 138. 

Columnberry (m) 

U. S. Plant Patent No. 110 
Berberis Thunbergi pluriflora erecta. 

A most remarkable new Barberry of dense up- 
right growth with extra-heavy foliage giving a 
splendid upright hedge of a rich green color 
that changes to brilliant autumn tints. Per- 
fectly hardy bearing an abundance of berries. 
Immune to rust. 

Size 9-12 in., 
$3.00 per doz.; $20.00 per 100. 

Size 12-15 in., 
$3.50 per doz.; $25.00 per 100. 

Size 15-18 in., 
$4.50 per doz.; $35.00 per 100. 

Truehedge Columnberry 
U. S. Plant Patent No. 110 

The Truehedge Columnberry 
may be used for hedges or as 
individual specimens. Where 
used alone they grow into showy 
spires 6 feet high. 

D=Dwftrf (les? than 4 feet high); M== Mediwm T»U (4 to 8 feet high); T=Tall (8 feet and taller) ^^^ 

Single plants of Climbers will 
be sent by parcel post if you 
add \Q%{l5%west of the Mis- 
sissippi) to their value for post- 
age and special packing. 
Minimum charge 10 cents. 

Dreer's Select 

Hardy Climbing Plants 

Hardy Climbing Plants are essential to give that cozy, private appearance to the home grounds. 
They are ideal for covering garden houses, verandas, and the porch to provide shade and seclusion. 
Our list includes many different kinds, some grown for their foliage only but others produce interest- 
ing and showy flowers during various times of the year. 


Arguta (Silver Vine). A very desirable 
hardy Japanese climber of strong vigor- 
ous growth. Dark green, shining 
foliage and greenish white flowers with 
purple centers which are followed by 
clusters of edible fruit of fig-like flavor. 
An excellent plant for covering arbors, 
trellises, etc., where a rapid and dense 
growth is desired. Strong plants 7Sc 
each; $7.50 per doz. 

Chinensis. A rare climber with large 
orbicular foliage of dark green on the 
upper surface, densely tomentose be- 
neath, and when young, thickly covered 
with bright red hairs which give it a 
beautiful velvety appearance. It bears 
attractive yellow flowers which are suc- 
ceeded by edible fruit, the size of a wal- 
nut, with gooseberry flavor. $1.00 each. 


Engelmanni. 9 A greatly improved 
variety of the Virginia Creeper with 
dense foliage of a glossy light green in 
summer, changing to a brilliant crimson 
in the autumn. On a rough stone sur- 
face it will cling without support in the 
same way as the Japanese Ivy. 40c each; 
S4.00 per doz.; S30.00 per 100. 

Lowi. # A splendid variation from 
the popular Boston or Japanese Ivy, 
possessing all the merits of the pa- 
rent, such as perfect hardiness and 
the abihty to cling to the smoothest 
surfaces without support. Has much 
smaller, deeply cut fohage of a bright 
green color turning to red in the fall. 
SOc each; $5.00 per dozen. 

Quinquefolia (Virginia Creeper or 
A merican /iji\ 9 The well-known 
climber so effective to cover trees, 
trellises, arbors, etc., in a thorough 
manner and in a short time. Deep 
green foliage changing to rich shades of 
yellow, crimson, and scarlet in the fall. 
40c each ; $4.00_per dozen ; $30.00 per 100. 

Tricolor (Vitis heterophylla variegala). A 
A beautiful climber with dark green 
foliage wonderfully variegated with 
white and pink. Bears small berries of 
a peculiar lustrous metallic peacock- 
blue color in late summer and fall. A 
splendid variety for trailing over rocks 
or for a low trellis. 40c each; $4.00 per 

Veitchi (Boston or Japanese Ivy). # 
The most popular climbing plant for 
covering brick, stone, or wooden 
walls, trees, etc. When it becomes 
established, it is of very rapid growth 
and clings to the smoothest surfaces. 
The foliage is rich olive green during 
the summer changing to various 
shades of crimson and scarlet in the 
fall. 60c each; $6.00 per doz.; 
$45.00 per 100. 

Akebia quinata 

Akebia — Akebia Vine 

Quinata. One of the most graceful of 
our hardy climbers, producing in early 
spring numberless bunches of violet- 
brown flowers which have a pleasant 
cinnamon odor. 35c each; $3.50 per doz. 

Bignonia grandifiora. Mad. Gallen 


Trumpet Vine 

Grandifiora, Mad. Gallen. This is 
the beautiful large-flowered type of 
this easy-to-grow hardy climber. It 
has very large flowers of a tawny 
orange color produced continuously 
throughout the summer and early 
fall. $1.00 each. 

Radicans. A very vigorous climber 
suited to covering unsightly places, 
stumps, rock work, or wherever a showy 
flowering vine is desired. Has dark red 
flowers with orange throat. It is per- 
fectly hardy. SOc each; $5.00 per doz. 

Celastrus scandens 

Bitter Sweet, Wax Work 

Attractive light green foliage and yellow 
flowers during June followed in the au- 
tumn by bright orange fruits. A quick- 
growing native climbing plant. 40c each; 
$4.00 per doz. 

Large- Flowering Clematis 



Very popular climbing plants doing 
well in light, fertile, well-drained loam 
soil. Grows more than 10 feet high. 
Duchess of Edinburgh. Bears a pro- 
fusion of elegant, large, double, white 

Henry i. The lovely large creamy white 

flowers are magnificent. 
Jackmani. A universal favorite on 

account of its rich purple blooms. 
Mme. Edouard Andre. Splendid 

large flowers of a bright rosy carmine 


Any of the above: 75c each. 

Clematis paniculata 

Clematis paniculata ® 
Japanese Virgin's Bower 

A vigorous and showy climber with 
small dense foliage of a cheerful green 
color. During August and September the 
■vines are covered by a great profusion of 
graceful pure white blooms which have a 
most deliciously sweet fragrance. 35c 
each; S3.50 per doz.; $25.00 per 100. 

Clematis montana 

Anemone -Flowered Clematis 

A strong and vigorous hardy climber 
with lovely large white blooms heavily 
shaded with mauve. Flowers during 
late April and May. The individual 
blooms measure IJ to 2 inches across. 
Strong plants 75c each; S7.50 per doz. 


A =Suited to Rock Garden; ($ =Suited to Semi-Shade; # =Suited to Shad* 


Euonytnus (§> 

These trailing varieties of Euonymus 
are particularly desirable as they have 
most attractive, dense, evergreen foliage 
which has proved entirely hardy. Some 
are splendid for ground covers and those 
of more vigorous habit may be used like 
Ivy for covering walls. 
Kadicans acutus. A strong -growing 

variety with long, narrow, darli green 

leaves attractively veined with gray. 

Makes a splendid ground cover. 
coloratus. Similar to the preceding 

but the leaves are tinted purphsh red 

particularly on the underside. 
— kewensis. A A variety with very 

small dark green foliage. Of particular 

value in the rock garden. 
— variegatus. A beautiful small-leaved 

variety of rich green color beautifully 

variegated with white. 

— vegetUS {Evergreen Bittersweet). A 
strong-growing variety with larger 
leaves than the type. Splendid as a 
hardy evergreen wall cover. 

Any of the above: 
35c each; $3.50 per doz.; $25.00 per 100. 

Humulus — Hop Vine 

Lupulus. A useful climber of rapid 
growth bearing a profusion of seed pods 
suitable for many domestic purposes. 
25c each; $2.50 per doz.; $15.00 per 100. 

The lovely English Ivy 

Ivy — Hedera 

Baltic Ivy {Hedera Helix haltica). This 
has proved hardy as far north as Massa- 
chusetts where the generally grown type 
of English Ivy rarely stands the winter. 
Strong young plants 25c each; $2.50 per 
doz. 4-inch pots 60c each; $6.00 per doz. 

English Ivy {Hedera Helix). This is the 
most popular of all Ivies. Hardy during 
average winters as far north as New 
York City. Thrifty young plants 20c 
each; $2.00 per doz.; $12.00 per 100. 
Strong plants in 4-inch pots 50c each; 
$5.00 per doz. 

Miniature-Leaved English Ivy (He- 
dera Helix gracilis). Of the same habit 
as the English Ivy but with much 
smaller dark green foliage. It is a very 
graceful vine. Young plants 25c each; 
$2.50 per doz.; 4-inch pots 60c each; 
$6.00 per doz. 

Hardy Jasmine 

Nudiflorum. A favorite climber for a 
sheltered position. Has beautiful fra- 
grant yellow flowers in early spring. 
Hardy south of Philadelphia needing 
protection farther north. 35c each; 
$3.50 per doz. 

Lathyrus latifolius 

Hardy or Perennial Pea 

This well-known hardy climber grows 
to a height of 6 to 8 feet. It produces an 
abundance of showy flower clusters during 
the summer and fall. 
Splendens. Deep rosy red flowers. 
— albus. Lovely-pure white blooms. 

Either of these: 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Lonicera sempervirens magnifica 

Two Brilliant New 
Climbing Honeysuckles 

Sempervirens magnificafNewEver- 
blooming Coral Honeysuckle). 

Beautiful tubular flowers of a striking 
orange-scarlet color. Blooms continu- 
ously from early June until October. 
Perfectly hardy. Strong pot-grown 
plants 60c each; $6.00 per doz. 
Tellmanniana {New Honeysuckle, 
Golden Giant) . A vigorous hardy 
climber with lovely, large, tubular 
blooms of an intense golden yellow 
tipped with bronzy red. Blooms pro- 
fusely during June and is perfectly 
hardy. Strong plants 50c each; $5.00 
per doz. 


Honeysuckle, Woodbine 
Chinese Evergreen. Rich dark green 
foliage and fragrant variegated flowers 
in red, yellow, and white. 
Halliana. Large fragrant white flowers 
turning to yellow. Hardy, almost ever- 
green, and profuse blooming. 
Henryi. Has glossy, almost evergreen 
foliage and beautiful bronzy red flowers. 
Japanese Variegated. Beautifully 
mottled foliage in green and yeUow. 
Any of the above: 35c each; 
$3.50 per doz.; $25.00 per 100. 

Pueraria — Kudzu Vine 

Thunbergiana. The most rapid-grow- 
ing of all vines reaching a length of 50 
feet or more in a single season. In our 
section the top growth dies down to 
the ground but new vigorous shoots 
appear the following spring. Has large, 
rich green foliage and small racemes of 
rosy purple pea-shaped blooms in Au- 
gust. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Polygonum Auber ti ® 

Silver Lace Vine 

This is a most desirable vine which is 
just becoming better known. It will 
make a strong vigorous growth attain- 
ing a height of 25 feet. The vines pro- 
duce a great profusion of foamy white 
flower sprays during the fall and often 
they also bloom in a limited way 
earher in the season. It is perfectly 
hardy around Philadelphia and is not 
troubled by any plant diseases. Does 
well in either sun or shade. Strong 
plants 60c each; $6.00 per doz. 


These are highly desirable hardy climb- 
ing plants which give a distinct Oriental 
appearance to any trellis or garden house 
to which they are trained. After once be- 
coming established they will produce a 
great profusion of very showy pendulous 
clusters of blooms which appear early in 
the season before the leaves have fully ex- 
panded. The plants we offer are grown 
from grafted stock which is sure to bloom. 

Wisteria sinensis 

Sinensis. This is the most popular of all 
the Wisterias producing early in the 
spring thousands of pendulous clusters 
of delicate violet-blue blossoms. They 
have a rich perfume and give a most dis- 
tinct appearance to any garden. Good 
strong 3-year old plants $1.00 each. 

— alba. Of the same strong -growing habit 

as sinensis and as free blooming. The 

flowers, however, are a lovely silky pure 

white. Strong 3-year old plants $1.00 

— each. 

Plant H^rdy Climbers liberally to enhance your home grounds 


Dreer's Water Lilies — Nymphaea 

Hardy Water Lilies 

A garden pool well planted with a good assortment of hardy 
Water Lilies will add an outstanding feature to your garden. The 
varieties offered below have proved particularly popular. Ready 
April 15 to June 1. There are no hardy blue Water Lilies and all 
varieties of that color will be found under the Tender Day-Bloom- 
ing varieties. To insure the finest display one may plant the 
various types all in the same pooL 

Attraction. A rare, free-flowering variety with blooms 6 to 8 
inches across. Rich deep crimson suffused with amaranth red, 
center bright orange, sepals white. S2.50 each. 

Aurora. Soft rosy yellow changing to deep red on the third 

da5'. Stamens orange, also good in tubs. $1.25 each. 

Comanche. The largest and finest of the apricot tints. The 
flowers are a wonderful combination of orange and glowing 
amber-red. A strong grower. It is the earliest and most con- 
tinuous bloomer in the hardy class. S2.00 each. 

Conqueror. Very large flowers of a bright red with the petals 
shading to white on the concave part and streaked with deep 
red on the convex surface; stamens yellow-orange. $2.00 each. 

Escarboucle. Very free flowering, 4 to 6 inches across, of a 
brilliant crimson-carmine with bright orange center. $2.50 each. 

Gladstoniana. Cup-shaped, massive flowers of a pure dazzling 
white. $1.50 each. 

Gloriosa. A superb large flower of a deep carmine-rose, becom- 
ing a dark red late in the season. $2.25 each. 

Helen Fowler. A natural cross of A'', tuberosa type. Strong 
vigorous growth. Deep pink, very fragrant flowers borne on 
stout stems making it useful for cut purposes. $1.25 each. 

James Brydon. Rich rosy crimson. The reverse of the petals 
iias a silvery sheen. §2.50 each. 

Marliacea albida. Large fra- 
grant flowers of sparkling 
whiteness; stamens light yel- 
low. Blooms profusely. SI. 00 

— carnea. A delicate soft flesh 
pink deepening towards the 
base of the petals. $1.25 each. 

— chromatella. Petals and 
stamens bright yellow, 4 to 6 
inches across. A free and con- 
tinuous bloomer. $1.25 each. 

— rosea. A splendid compan- 
ion to the above which it re- 
sembles in all particulars e.x- 
cept color. Flowers soft rose- 
pink. $1.50 each. 

Odorata. The native White Pond Lily. Very desirable for 
planting in quantity in natural ponds. 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 

— minor. The native miniature White Water Lily. Very dainty 
and suitable for tubs and small pools. 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 

— rosea {Cape Cod Pink Pond Lily). Very fragrant, clear pink 
flowers, 5 to 6 inches across. $1.00 each. 

Odorata, Rose Arey. Very large, fragrant flowers of deep, 
cerise-pink. $1.75 each. 

Paul Harlot. A magnificent light yellow delicately shading to 
copper-red. Large and free-blooming. $2.00 each. 

Pink Opal. Medium-sized fragrant flowers of a deep coral-pink, 
held well above the water. Suitable for tub culture. $1.00 each. 

Sunrise. Alarge showy newhardy yellow with flowersS to 9 inches 
across, held well above the water. Blooms from early June to 
late October. The flowers expand early in the morning and 
remain open all day long. $2.25 each. 

Tuberosa sulphurea. A strong rampant grower with large 
sulphur yellow, sweet-scented flowers. 50c each. 
A fine collection of the better varieties, 
our selection, 6 for S6.00; 12 for $12.00. 

JNIarliacea rosea 

Tropical or Tender Water Lilies 

We make delivery of Tropical or Tender Water Lilies of both 
the Day- and Night-Blooming types at the proper planting time 
which is usually after the first of June, in strong growin" 
plants from pots. They must not be planted until the weather 
becomes warm and settled Orders from the warmer Southern 
States and from the Pacific Coast are filled earlier with tubers. 

Mrs. Edwards Wliitaker 

Day-Blooming Water Lilies 

These day-blooming tropical Water Lilies will add greatly to the 
beauty of your pool. As a general rule the size of the blooms de- 
pends greatly upon the space given to each plant. The much 
desired blue varieties are found in this lovely class. Delivery of 
these is made after June 1, in strong growing plants from pots. 
You are bound to succeed with them if you follow the instructions 
given in the Dreer Aquatic leaflet. 

Daubenyana. Small, fragrant, light blue flowers, valuable for 
winter blooming in aquariums or small pools. $1.25 each. 

Mrs. C. W. Ward. Deep rosy pink on long stems. $2.00 each. 

Mrs. Edwards Whitaker. One of the largest flowered vari- 
eties, the huge open flowers often exceeding 13 inches in di- 
ameter. Sky blue in color becoming lighter with age. The 
plant is very accommodating, flowering when dwarfed from lack 
of room, or exuberantly filling a 15-foot basin. A splendid 
specimen plant that should be in every pool. $2.25 each. 

Mrs. Geo. H. Pring. Immense snow white flowers freely borne 
through the entire summer. The young leaves are blotched 
with brown, the older ones plain green. The best day-blooming 
white tropical Water Lily, and a good contrast to the colored 
varieties. $2.00 each. 

Pennsylvania. Rich blue flowers of largest size. Very free and 
continuous flowering. $2.00 each. 

Zanzibariensis azurea. Clear azure blue flowers. $ 1 .00 each. 

— rosea. Various shades of rose. $1.00 each. 

directions for the cultivation of both hardy and 
tender Water Lilies, Victoria, Aquarium Plants, 
and other Aquatics. Sent free on request. 


If Aquatics are wanted by parcel post add 10% (15% West of the Mississippi) to their value 
for postage and special packing. Minimum charge 10c. 

Tropical Water Lilies 

The night-blooming varieties of Water Lilies have a particular 
charm. The flowers open in the evening and do not close until 
the following forenoon. Their exotic charm and their night- 
blooming habit add an interesting feature to every pool. They 
are strictly tropical plants that demand a water temperature of 
70° F. or more and should therefore not be set into the pool too 
early in the season. 

Dentata. White, 8 to 12 inches across. $1.25 each. 
— magnifica. Large cup-shaped creamy white flowers. 10 to 
12 inches across. Very desirable. $2.00 each. 

Geo. Huster. BriOiant crimson flowers. $2.00 each. 
Kewensis. Medium size, light pink flowers. $2.00 each. 
O'Marana. Large massive pink flowers suffused with red; 
very desirable. $1.50 each. 

Rubra rosea 

Rubra rosea. One of the best and largest rosy reds, produced 
with remarkable freedom. $1.50 each. 

Set of 6 varieties, value $10.25, for $8.00. 

Victoria — Royal Water Lily 

Cruziana. The majestic leaves are 3 to 5 feet across. 
They have a saucer-like edge 2 to 3 inches wide and are so 
strong that they will easily bear the weight of a child 30 to SO 
pounds. The strongly banana-scented flowers are enormous, 
from 10 to 12 inches in diameter, opening just at dusk. They 
are pure white the first night but pink on the second and third 
nights. Culture similar to that of Tender Nymphaeas. 
Plants, $10.00 each. Seeds, 3 for $1.50. 

Hardy Nelumbium or Lotus 

No^e — Nelumbium can be supplied only as 
dormant tubers from May 1st to June 1st. 

Luteum {American Lotus, Water Chinquepin). A superb variety 
with yellow flowers measuring to 10 inches across. Indigenous 
to the Western and Southern States. $2.00 each. 

Speciosuni {Egyptian Lotus). The best known variety and the 
easiest to grow. Desirable for naturalizing in ponds where the 
magnificent foliage and flowers produce a splendid subtropical 
effect. The flowers are a deep rose color, creamy white at base 
of petals. $2.00 each. 

Miscellaneous Aquatics 

¥or Marginal and Shallow Water Planting 
Aponogeton distachyus {Water Hawthor?i). This interesting 
and beautiful aquatic is one of the few water plants which will 
grow in pools or streams that are fed with cold spring water. 
The pretty, sweet Hawthorn-scented center spikes of pure 
white flowers will be produced the entire year when grown in 
pools or streams that do not actually freeze over. Has beautiful, 
oblong, floating leaves. Perfectly hardy. 75c each. 

Acorus japonicus variegatus {Variegated Sweet Flag). A 
hardy plant for shallow water. 35c each. 

Will grow 4 feet 

Csrperus alternifolius {Umbrella Plant). 
high. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

— Papyrus {Papyrus antiquorum). The true Egyptian Paper 
Plant. 75c each; specimen plants in 11 in. tubs, $2.50 each. 

Eichhornia azurea. The flowers are a lovely shade of lavender- 
blue. This species of Water Hyacinth requires planting in 
soil in shallow water 4 to 8 inches deep. It makes long, trailing, 
floating stems. Grows rapidly and flowers profusely all summer. 
A native of Brazil. 60c each. 

- crassipes major {Water Hyacinth). Dehcate lilac-rose 
flowers arranged in trusses like a Hyacinth. A floating plant, 
just drop it on surface of the water. 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 

Jussiaea longifolia {Primrose Willow). Yellow flowers in 
great profusion from June until frost. Grows 3 to 4 feet high. 
50c each. 

Limnocharis Humboldti {Water Poppy). Yellow flowers 
produced in the greatest profusion all summer. Leaves and 
flowers floating. One of the best plants for shallow water, 6 to 
8 inches deep, or for tub cultivation. Requires greenhouse 
protection during winter. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Myriophyllum proserpinacoides {Parrot's Feather). Rises 
about 6 inches out of the water. 2Sc each. 

Pontederia cordata {Pickerel Weed). Blue flowers in lovely 
spikes 18 to 24 inches long. Hardy. 25c each. 

Thalia dealbata. A stately hardy aquatic with Canna-like 
leaves and tall graceful spikes of plum-colored flowers which are 
followed by attractive seeds of the same color. It grows 
4 to 7 feet high and should be grown in shallow water or wet 
ground. A good hardy plant for the center of the pool or to 
plant in the background. $1.00 each. 

Hardy. 8 feet. 25c each; $2.50 

Typha latifolia {Cat Tail). 
per doz. 

Zizania aquatica {Wild Rice). A hardy annual growing 10 feet 
taU. Long showy panicles. 25c each; $2.50 per doz. 

Set of 13 varieties, value $5.65, for $5.00. 

Aquatic Plants 

for the Aquarium 
Anacharis (Elodea) canadensis gigantea {Giant Water 
Weed). A beautiful submerged plant with dark green ovate 
leaves and light stems. 

Cabomba viridif olia {Washington Plant, Pish Grass). A pretty 
and popular submerged plant. 

Ludwigia Mulertti. One of the prettiest of the submerged 
plants. The small ovate leaves are green above and pink on the 
under side. 

Sagittaria natans {Arrowhead). Long, strap-like, green leaves 
resembling the well-known Vallisneria. 

- sinensis {Giant Sagittaria). 
S. natans. 

Leaves dark green; broader than 

Vallisneria spiralis, Italian Type {Eel Grass). A submerged 
plant with long ribbon-like leaves. Grows all winter long. 

Any of the above: 20c each; $2.00 per doz. 

Collection (of one each of above 6 
varieties,) value $1.20, for $1.00. 

Fish Food. Reliance Fish Nutrition offers the properly balanced 
diet that is easily assimilated by all aquarium fishes. Per 
package of 1§ ounces, 25c. 

Build a pool this year and enjoy some glorious Water Lilies 


Dreer's Roses 

for the Garden 

Strong, budded, 2 year-old, field-grown plants 

Specially Prepared in Pots for Outdoor Planting 

Dreer's Roses have a world-wide reputation. While our old customers are famihar with their excellent quality 
we wish to direct the attention of those who have never planted Dreer's Roses to the fact that our special treat- 
ment of the plants during the wintertime is a most important factor that insures success. Dreer Roses are dug 
in the fall, planted in pots, and stored in cold greenhouses or coldframes where artificial heat is used only to exclude 
severe frost. During the latter part of March these potted plants are moved to the open where they will start 
into growth in a natural manner. 



by Mail 

Not more than two potted Roses can be forwarded by mail on account of their weight. 
Add 10% (15% west of the Mississippi) of their value to cover postage and special 
packing. Minimum charge 10c. Quantities of three or more are sent by express, 
purchaser paying the transpo'rtation charges. 

Novelties and Varieties 
of Recent Introduction 

Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Varieties and Other Types 

Crimson Glory (Kordes, 1934). Plant Patent Xo. 105. Well- 
branched compact bushes of good symmetry laden with magnifi- 
cent large urn-shaped buds which open to flowers of an intense 
deep and vivid crimson shaded with deep red and mellowed by a 
velvety nap. A Silver Medal variety which has proved within its 
few years of existence a favorite with all Rose lovers. S1.25 
each; S12.S0 per doz. 

Dagmar Spath (L. Spath, 1935) (While Lafayette). The best 
white Polyantha to date. A true sport of the well-known 
Lafayette with pure white flowers produced in large trusses. 
Blooms all summer long. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Alice Harding 

Alice Harding (Mallerin, 1937). Plant Patent No. 202. A real 
yellow exhibition Rose with wonderful garden qualities. The 
large buds are golden yellow flaked with carmine and open into 
long lasting, pure golden blooms. They have a sweet honey 
fragrance. $2.00 each; $20.00 per doz. 

Baby Chateau (Kordes, 1936). A new color among the large- 
flowering Polyanthas. Produces large semi-double flower 
clusters of velvety dark red color not unUke the popular Rose 
Chateau de Clos Vougeot. A real acquisition with dark shiny 
foliage. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Better Times (Jos. H. HiU Co., 1934). Plant Patent No. 23. 
Beautiful long crimson buds opening into large, double, brilliant 
cerise-red flowers with a delicate fragrance. Has exceptionally 
long stems which makes it valuable for cutting. Blooms most 
profusely. SI. 25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Carrie Jacobs Bond (Howard & Smith, 1934). Plant Patent 
No. 158. A magnificent Rose with large, double blooms of an 
entrancing rich deep rose enhanced by a luminous coral sheen. 
Moderately fragrant. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Countess Vandal (M. Leenders, 1932). Plant Patent No. 38. 
Long, pointed, orange-copper buds opening into large, double, 
fragrant blooms of brilliant pink with a beautiful salmon glow. 
The blooms are borne singly on long stems. Winner of the 
Toronto Rose Society Gold Medal. Sl.OO each; $10.00 per doz. 


Dicksons Centennial (.\lex. Dickson & Sons, 1937). Plant 
Patent No. 223. A new Rose of subhme beauty combining a 
magnificent color witli vigorous growth and freedom of bloom. 
The deep glowing crimson blooms with red shadings have an 
exquisite charm that cannot be portrayed in mere words or 
picture. The glorious well-formed flowers have a lovely fra- 
grance and they are carried on fine long stems. $1.50 each; 
$15.00 per doz. 


The propagation of Patented Roses is protected by the U. S. Patent Laws 

aDmiEiEiii'^ mmE mTmDmEmrm j^Mmswmn^j^mY 

Novelties and Varieties of Recent Introduction — continued 

Everblooming Hybrid Tea Roses and Other Types 

Eclipse (J. H. Nicolas, 1936). Plant Patent No. 172. A plant of 
good strong habit producing long streamlined buds of rich gold 
without shading. The semi-double flowers are produced very 
freely. Received several International prizes in Rome and Paris. 
$1.50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Feu Pernet-Ducher (Mallerin, 1934). Plant Patent No. 103. 
An exceptionally fine Rose with creamy orange buds heavily 
marked with carmine. They open slowly into very deep yellow 
blooms with lighter edges. Their loveliness is enhanced by a rich 
fruity fragrance. The tall bushy plants produce an abundance of 
magnificent blooms. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Glowing Carmine (Howard & Smith, 1936). The name appro- 
priately describes this beautiful new Rose. It is a strong grower 
with well-shaped buds representing a splendid color that lasts 
exceptionally well. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Glowing Sunset (Kordes, 1934). Plant Patent No. 104. The 
long, pointed buds open to full, double flowers of a most artistic 
form with the inner petals lengthened and twisted in the bizarre 
manner of a choice Cactus Dahlia. The color is an indescribable 
blend of orange-yellow and rose-pink. Alluringly fragrant. 
It is a free and continuous bloomer. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Hinrich Gaede (Kordes, 1931). This magnificent Rose has long, 
pointed, shapely buds of a brilliant Nasturtium red color. The 
flowers are large, double, high centered, and of ideal shape. The 
color is a rich luminous vermilion shaded with golden yellow such 
as is found in our high-colored modern Zinnias. The rich fruity 
fragrance adds further charm. It blooms freely and continu- 
ously. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Little Beauty (Howard & Smith, 1935). Plant Patent No. 149. 
Lovely well-formed blooms 3 to 4 inches in diameter borne in 
showy terminal clusters. The briDiant cerise flowers pass into 
a soft deep pink. An exceptionally fine garden Rose blooming 
continuously throughout the season. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

McGredy's Triumph 

McGredy's Triumph (McGredy & Son, 1934). Plant Patent 
No. 190. A dehcately scented Rose with very large, perfectly 
formed, fuU-petaled flowers of glistening cerise overcast with 
orange. $1.50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Mme. Cochet-Cochet (Mallerin, 1934). Plant Patent No. 129. 
Long, pointed, large buds developing into very large semi- 
double, slightly fragrant flowers of a beautiful coppery rose- 
pink tinted with coral. A vigorous variety of upright growth 
blooming abundantly over a long season. Awarded Gold Medal, 
International Contest, Bagatelle 1932. $1.00 each; $10.00 per 

jNIme. Joseph Perraud 

Mme. Joseph Perraud (Gaujard, 1934). Winner of the Baga- 
telle Gold Medal 1934, and awarded the honor at Lyon, France, 
of being "The most beautiful Rose in France for the year 1934." 
In our own trial ground it has persistently stood out among the 
thousand or more varieties, and enraptured visitors were in en- 
thusiastic accord with the high acclaim bestowed upon it in its 
land of origin. The long, slender, and pointed Nasturtium 
orange buds open to sweetly fragrant flowers of a charming 
Nasturtium buff straying to a lovely shade of shell pink at 
the petal edges — the nearest approach to a pure buff lightened 
with pink at the petal margins. $1.50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Orange Triumph (Kordes, 1937). A real outstanding novelty 
and the forerunner of a new race. The scarlet-orange flowers are 
produced in enormous clusters entirely covering the shiny green 
foliage throughout the whole season. The individual blooms are 
well formed, of good size, and fully double. $1.00 each; $10.00 
per doz. 

Pink Charm (Kordes, 1935) {Bright Pink Aachen). A good com- 
panion to the well-known Gruss an Aachen Rose and of the same 
habit of growth. The fully double flowers are deep pink. An 
ideal Rose to give a mass effect in the garden. $1.00 each; 
$10.00 per doz. 


This special Rose spray has proved most effective against the 
two worst rose diseases — mildew and black spot. Yet it is per- 
fectly safe. It also controls all kinds of insect pests besides 
being a plant stimulant. For complete protection apply weekly 
from early season until severe frost. Trial size $1.50; standard 
size $4.00; large outfit $6.00; estate kit $20.00. 

Dreer's Quality Roses are the choice of the best gardeners. 




Novelties and Varieties 
of Recent Introduction— continued 

Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Roses 
and Other Types 

Pink Dawn 

Pink Dawn (Howard & Smith, 1935). A beautiful new Hybrid- 
Tea Rose with glorious deep rose buds opening to lovely pink 
blooms tinted with orange at the base of the petals. Sweetly 
fragrant, fully double, and of vigorous upright habit. SI. 25 
each; $12.50 per doz. 

Poinsettia (Howard & Smith, 1938). The name of this beauti- 
ful Rose was suggested by Dr. J. Horace McFarland when 
visiting our rose trial garden some years ago. Has semi-double 
flowers of a bright rich scarlet color produced profusely during 
the whole season on vigorous plants of fairly tall growth. 
$1.25 each; S12.50 per dozen. 

President Boone (Howard & Smith, 1936). A superb combina- 
tion of color, good form, and vigorous habit. Deep velvety 
crimson blooms beautifully veined with an entrancing velvety 
black. Has the disease resistance and vigor of Radiance and a 
delightful rich fragrance. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

E. M. S. Queen Mary (Verschuren, 1937). Plant Patent No. 
249. The most outstanding new Rose for 1938. A picture of 
loveliness and ethereal beauty. The silken-textured flower 
petals are a glowing and bewitching tone of salmon evenly 
blended with exquisite pure pink. The bright lively orange 
tone displayed at the base of each petal adds a ray of briUiance 
to the blooms. R. M. S. Queen Mary is pictured in color on 
page 151. S2.00 each; $20.00 per dozen. 

Signora (Aicardi, 1934). Plant Patent No. 201. This glorious 
new Rose has long buds of a warm burnt sienna opening to an 
exquisite lighter hue approaching mandarin. Tall and stately. 
CoUe Oppio Gold Medal 1935. $1.50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Souv. de Jean Soupert (Soupert & Netting, 1929). A lovely 
cream-colored Hybrid-Tea of splendid vigor. The long tapering 
deep golden yellow buds slowly unfold to broad cream-colored 
blooms of heavy texture. Deliciously fragrant. A strong grower 
with varnished disease-resistant foliage. SI. 00 each; $10.00 
per doz. 

Springtime (Howard & Smith, 1935). A Rose that will thrill 
you with its exquisite pink shade of apple blossoms with lighter 
center. Makes elegant sprays of semi-double cup-shaped blooms. 
Superb for cutting. Sl.OO each; $10.00 per doz. 


Symphony {Pink Frau Karl Druschki) (Weigand, 1934). Plant 
Patent No. 79. A marvelous everblooming Hybrid-Perpetual 
Rose with handsome, massive blooms of large size. The blush- 
pink buds open to pale rose blooms with deep pink center. 
Beautifully formed, symmetrical flowers carried on stout, 
straight stems. SI. 25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Texas Centennial (Dixie Rose Co., 1935). Plant Patent No. 
162. A sport of President Hoover having the same wonderful 
plant qualities. The color is blood red toning to cerise red in the 
center. Very unusual. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

The Doctor (Howard & Smith, 1936). A beautiful glowing rosy 
pink with satiny pink edges. Has broad petals that form graceful 
buds and open blooms. One of the finest of recent introduction 
with a delightful fruity scent. $1.00 each; §10.00 per doz. 

White Aachen (Western Rose Co., 1937). Patent Pending. 
This is a sport of Gruss an Aachen with flowers which are 
buff \'ellow in the bud and open to pure white. $1.00 each; 
SlO.o'o per dozen. 


New Climbing ilose -Elegance 

(Brownell, 1937). Patent Pending. A vigorous an<l hardy 
climbing Rose that promises to become a great favorite. Pro- 
duces huge well-formed exhibition flowers of spectrum yellow 
shading to very pale yellow on the outer petals. The blooms 
are carried on fine stiff stems. SI. 50 each; $15.00 per dozen. 


The propagation of Patented Roses is protected by the U. S. Patent Laws 

Sensational New Garden Rose 

R. M. S. Queen Mary 

(Verschuren, 1937.) Plant Patent No. 249 

R. M. S. Queen Mary will be the center of attraction in your 
Rose-garden this year and for many years to come. Rose lovers 
have clamored for its introduction ever since it was first exhibited 
in many of the foremost shows throughout the world. Leading 
rosarians have given it unstinted praise, acclaiming it the most 
outstanding of the new Roses. It certainly is beautiful beyond 
description— distinct from anything yet seen in Roses. Its color 
is a glorious combination of vivid shades, blending rich glowing 
salmon with an exquisite pure pink and an orange base. The 
buds are long and pointed and the flowers large and of beautiful 
form. They are full enough for all purposes, freely produced on 
strong, vigorous plants, and delicately perfumed. 

$2.00 each; $20 

Awards: First Class Certificate, April, 1935, Boslioop, Holland; 
Jonkheer J. L. Mock Gold Medal (the greatest honor given 
out by the Dutch Rose Society^ September, 1935; First Class 
Certificate, Haps, Holland; Gold Medal as forcing Rose with 
77 points at trials at Aalsmeer, Holland, 1934-35; First Class 
Certificate of Merit, fall, 1936, New York Horticultural Society; 
Gold Medal, March 8, 1937, Philadelphia Flower Show; First 
Class Certificate of Merit, March 11, 1937, Boston Flower Show; 
Gold Medal, March 15, 1937, New York Flower Show; Gold 
Medal, Oct. 11, 1937, New York Florists' Club. 
.00 per doz. 151 

Apncot Glow 

Golden Glow 



Climbing Roses 

Apricot Glow 

Plant Patent No. 200. A truly magnificent 
climber with medium size.l flowers of a 
luminous light apricot shading to yellow at the 
base. The show}' double blooms are borne in 
large trusses and have a pleasing fruity 
fragrance. SI. 30 each; S15.00 per doz. 


Patent Pending. A vigorous and hardy 
climbing Rose of truly exceptional beauty. 
Has elegantly formed, huge exhibition flowers 
produced on fine long stiS stems. The color is 
spectrum j^ellow in the center shading to very 
faint yellow on the outer p>etals. $1.50 each; 
S15.00 per doz. 

Golden Glow 

Plant Patent No. 263. A charming com- 
panion to the other two and of equal vigor. 
The splendid semi-double flowers are pro- 
duced in clusters containing 4 or 5 blooms 
each. The color is a pure bright yellow. This 
variety appeals to us as one of the best yellow 
climbing Roses yet introduced. $1.50 each; 
S15 00 per doz. 


The Appleblossotn 

If there ever was i 
Rose that deserved tlu- 
name Springtime tlii> 
charming variety certain- 
ly is it. This Dwarf >l> 
bri<l Polyantha Rose will 
ihriU you with its ex 
quisite pink shade < f 
Apple blossoms and in 
true fashion the color is 
much lighter in the center. 


Springtime— The .Applcblr.ssom Rose. Sl.OO each; $10.00 per doz. 
It is a Dwarf Hybrid Polyanllia Rose and not a Climber. 


The well-branched com- 
ixict bushes clothed in rich 
:;rcen leaves are simply 
covered with elegant 
sprays of semi-double cup- 
shaped blooms which add 
to the Rose garden a grace- 
ful an<l colorful touch. 
The simplicity of the 
lilooms gives them excep- 
tional value as cut flowers 
and they lend themselves 
to arrangements of the 
highest artistic merit. 


Edith Nellie Perkins 

Etoile de Hollande 

Golden Dawn 


Hinrich Gaede 

The Dreer Dozen 

Hardy Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Roses 

Strong Potted Plants 

All Twelve ^1 /^ i^i^ 
One of each for *plv/«V-fv/ 

One glance at the varieties offered as this year's "Dreer Dozen" 
will convinceevery Rose enthusiast that it contains 12 of the finest 
and most desirable Roses of proved merit. Great care has been 
taken to provide a range of colors that will add much beauty to 
any garden. 

Edith Nellie Perkins. Salmon-pink petals attractively flushed 
with orange and shaded Oriental red on the outside. A very 
effective and colorful Rose with an exquisite fragrance. 85c each; 
$9.00 per doz. 

Etoile de Hollande. Brilliant crimson-red flowers — the most 
popular red Rose. It is a strong vigorous grower with large, 
moderately double blooms noted for their rich and pleasing 
fragrance. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Golden Dawn. Lemon yellow buds splashed with crimson fol- 
lowed by showy large Sunflower yellow blooms with a pleasing 
fragrance. The ideal yellow garden Rose. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Hinrich Gaede. Colorful blooms combining vermilion-red with 
the rich deep yellow of our modern Zinnias. The richly fragrant 
blooms are of beautiful form. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Imperial Potentate. Splendid long buds and large double 
flowers of a beautiful glistening rose shade. It is an outstanding 
Rose of exceptional beauty. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

McGredy's Scarlet. Brilliant scarlet with orange base and 
light crimson edges. A sweet-scented Rose of unusual appeal. 
Vigorous and free blooming. 8Sc each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mme. Jules Bouche. A splendid fragrant white Rose, at times 
slightly tinted with blush pink. Vigorous .and a continuous 
bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Erskine Pembroke Thom. Rich deep lemon yellow 
blooms with a sweet fragrance. A vigorous, free-blooming, and 
disease-resistant variety. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Sam McGredy. Beautiful coppery scarlet-orange flushed 
with rich red on the outside. Delicately perfumed. Vigorous 
and of free habit. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

President Hoover. A magnificent combination of cerise-pink, 
flame-scarlet, and yellow giving a dazzling color effect. Has well- 
formed fragrant blooms. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Talisman. A medley of bright apricot, gold, and deep rose-pink. 
Always admired for its lovely color combination, size, and 
splendid form. Fragrant. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Ville de Paris. A very distinct rich Buttercup yellow which 
retains its good color under all weather conditions. Of tall 
upright habit. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

One strong potted plant each of the Dreer Dozen for $10.00. 

Mrs. Erskine Pembroke Thom 

Imperial Potentate 


Ville de Paris 

President Hoover 

Start your Rose garden with "The Dreer Dozen" offered above 




Three Radiant Roses for Every Garden 

These three Roses belong in every garden be- 
cause they are not only very beautiful but combine 
exceptional vigor of growth with an unusual free- 
dom of bloom. The individual flowers are large 
and they are carried on fine, long, and strong stems. 

Mrs. Charles Bell. A sport of Radiance showing 
all the vigor and stamina of its parent variety. 
The blooms are a lovely shell pink shaded with 
soft salmon. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Radiance. Few Roses ever have attained such 
tremendous popularity as Radiance. It is so 
well known that a description is almost super- 
fluous. The bright carmine-pink blooms have 
a lovely fragrance. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Red Radiance. Red Radiance completes this 

trio and brings to your garden an exceptionally 
fine, large, well-formed flower with a lovely frag- 
rance. The color of the magnificent blooms is an 
intense bright cerise-red. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 



One each of the beautiful 
Three Radiant Roses for. 



Dreer's Centennial Collection 

of Six Glorious 

Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Roses 

Carrie Jacobs Bond 

Plant Patent No. 158. Glorious, large, double blooms 
of an entrancing rich deep rose color enlivened by a 
luminous sheen of bright coral. A Rose of superb beauty 
and with a dehcate fragrance. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

Dicksons Centennial 

Plant Patent No. 223. A Rose that is exquisite in every 
detail — of large size, elegant proportion, and a color that 
appeals instantly. The deep glowing crimson blooms have 
a lovely fragrance. $1.50 each; $15,00 per doz. 

Glowing Sunset 

Plant Patent No. 104. There are no words that can 
describe the exquisite beauty of these blooms which blend 
a mellow shade of orange-yeUow with a warm rosy pink 
tone. Alluringly fragrant. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

M me. Joseph Perraud 

Sweetly fragrant blooms combining a startling shade of 
clear Nasturtium buS with a generous cast of shell pink 
at the petal edges. It is the nearest approach to buflf. 
A large, well formed, graceful flower which appeals in- 
stantly. SI. 50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Pink Dawn 

A very much admired variety with glorious deep rose 
buds, opening to lovely pink blooms tinted with orange 
at the base of the petals. Sweetly fragrant, fully double 
blooms, and of vigorous habit. $1.25 each; $12.50 per doz. 

R. M. S. Queen Mary 

Plant Patent No. 249. This Rose-new for 19.?8-has 
so many outstanding characteristics that we have featured 
it in color on page 151 where you will also find a complete 
description. The Rose garden which does not include it 
will miss a real adventure. $2.00 each; $20.00 per doz. 

R. M. S. Queen Mary 

One strong potted plant each of these Six Glori- 
ous Everblooming Hybrid-Tea Roses a value 
of $8.75 for 



Protect your Roses with Tri-ogen spray, see page 149 

lomiEiEiii'^ mmrn miMiDMEiiyirii iiiiMryiEiiiSL^MiiY jrmm, 

100TH nnnivERSRRY offer 


Assorted Dozen 

Everblooming Hybrid Tea Roses 

There are so many beautiful Roses from which to 
choose that the gardener who has not made Rose grow- 
ing one of his special hobbies is bound to experience 
some difficulty in making his selection. This special 
100th Anniversary Offer will solve this problem for we 
shall send at the price quoted 12 strong, two year old, 
potted Roses, our selection, representing a desirable 
range of colors that will give you a beautiful display 
and yield quantities of magnificent cut flowers. 

While the selection will be ours, the Roses will 
be sent to you labeled with their correct 
names for 




The New Everblooming Shrub Rose 

Kordes, 1934. A real everblooming Shrub Rose producing 
enormous flower clusters throughout the entire season. Makes a 
magnificent display with its large clusters composed of medium- 
sized brilliant red blooms. Of sturdy, upright habit which makes 
it most desirable planted either by itself or in combination with 
various kinds of shrubs. A forerunner of a distinct new race. 
85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Two Lovely 

Miniature Roses 

Ready April 15 

Rosa RoulettiA 

A miniature Rose species specially adapted to rock garden 
planting and for edging in front of taller Roses. The tiny pink 
flowers are quite double and less than an inch in diameter. 75c 
each; $8.00 per doz. 

Tom Thumb A 

Plant Patent No. 169. A seedling of Rosa Rouletti with slightly 
fragrant blooms of equally small size. It resembles Rouletti except 
that the color is a dark crimson shading to white at the base of the 
petals. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Five Dainty 

Cutflower Singles 

Single Roses have an appeal to many who are enthralled by their 
artistic beauty. More and more gardeners include Single Roses 
for their simple beauty that adds a sublime feature to the garden. 
Single Roses also lend themselves exceptionally well to cutting and 
when properly arranged in a suitable container they present a 
picture, the like of which is not easily obtained with most other 
cutting material. We have selected five varieties which we con- 
sider the most outstanding from every angle. 

Dainty Bess 

Cecil. A very free-flowering single Rose and the only good yellow 
in existence. The blooms are a glorious Buttercup yellow, well 
displayed by the fine, large, broad petals. 

Dainty Bess. An exceedingly charming and daintily colored 
single Rose of perfect form. The broad petals are delicate shell 
pink which form a beautiful contrast to the conspicuous bunch 
of crimson stamens. It is always greatly admired for its charm 
and loveliness and the blooms last exceptionally long. 

Innocence. Out of tapering buds come enormous pure white 
blooms with twelve petals arranged around the center composed 
of wine red stamens tipped with golden yellow anthers. 

Irish Fireflame. One cannot pass this glorious variety without 
stopping to admire the rich deep orange petals which are 
splashed with crimson, expanding to satiny gold. Splendid for 
cutting with five or more flowers to a spray. 

K. of K. (Kitchener of Khartoum). An exceptionally free flower- 
ing variety with brilliant scarlet buds opening to lovely blooms 
of a ghstening scarlet color. Has several rows of petals to a 
flower. Very effective. 

Any of the above: 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 
One each of the Five Dainty Cutflower Singles for $4.00. 

Dreer's "Peerless" 
Rose Food 

Treat your Dreer Quality Roses to this special Rose food to 
bring out their inherent vigor and beauty. 

"Peerless" Rose Food is the result of careful experiments 
conducted in the Dreer Rose Garden at Riverton, New Jersey, 
to determine a formula that will give extra vitality to your 
Roses. It contains a good balance of several organic and 
mineral food elements with bone meal as a base. Its use will 
result in a vigorous, strong growth, a maximum of blooms, and 
a substantial root development. 10 lbs. $1.00; 25 lbs. $2.00; 
50 lbs. $3.50; 100 lbs. $6.00. 

Success with Roses depends primarily on the quality of the plants 


Dreer's Select List of Potted 

Everblooming Hybrid Tea Roses 

The Roses described on this and the following 3 pages represent a careful selection of the 
best and most popular well-tried everblooming Hybrid-Tea varieties. All of them are recom- 
mended without any hesitation to the lover of good Roses and our plants are extra fine. 

Autumn. Burnt orange, streaked and marked with red. Bud 
of medium size, developing into a cupped, double, fragrant, 
attractive flower. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Betty Uprichard. Long pointed buds. Large, open, long- 
lasting, very fragrant flowers of a delicate salmon-pink, reverse 
carmine with coppery sheen. Vigorous, bushy growth; profuse 
bloomer. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Briar clifi. A fine Rose of the Columbia type producing large, 
longer buds than that favorite and has large, high pointed, 
double, very lasting, moderately fragrant flowers of a brilliant 
rose-pink at center, shading lighter at outer petals. One of 
the very good garden Roses. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Buttercup. A lovely variety with gracefully formed blooms of 
medium size. The cupped flowers are moderately double and 
are made up of petals of excellent texture. The color is an 
appealing apricot yellow so highly valued in Roses. Though a 
mellow color, it has a richness and depth that gives it a special 
appeal. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Caledonia. The most desirable white. Exceptionally long, 
pointed buds opening to very double, high-centered, long-lasting, 
very large, moderately fragrant flowers. Continuous free 
bloomer. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Cathrine Kordes 

Cathrine Kordes. A very showy, large Rose with hng, 
pointed, rich re.l buds with attractive black shading. The open 
flowers are very large and double. They are high-centered, 
long lasting, and fragrant. They are borne singly on long and 
strong stems. The color is a glowing scarlet with a shading of 
deep pink. A very showy and free-flowering variety. 85c 
each; S9.00 per doz. 

Chateau de Clos Vougeot. Beautiful flowers of a brilliant 
scarlet, shaded fiery red and changing to dark velvety crimson 
as the blooms expand. Very double and intensely fragrant. 
85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Cynthia. This variety is best described as an improved Charles 
P. Kilham. The attractive buds develop into splendid full 
flowers of a rich Oriental red color. Its free flowering habit and 
attractive color make it very desirable. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Dame Edith Helen 

Dame Edith Helen. Lovely long pointed buds developing 
into great flowers of huge size composed of very substantial, 
broad petals which curl back most attractively. The blooms are 
fully double, high centered, and delightfully sweet scented. 
Their color is a brilliant yet soft Rose-du-Barri pink. It is a 
strong grower and free bloomer. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Edel. An enormous, bold, stately, well-built, fragrant flower of 
great depth, quality, and finish. Color, white with the faintest 
ivory shading. 85c each; S9,00 per doz. 

Edith Nellie Perkins. An outstanding, vigorous, and free 
flowering Rose. Long, pointed buds of good size. Long lasting, 
double, fragrant flowers. Orient red, shaded cerise-orange; 
inside salmon-pink. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

E.G. Hill. Beautiful long buds of perfect form. Full, double, 
high-centered flowers of dazzling scarlet, shading to a deeper red 
as they develop. Vigorous, free-flowering. 85c each; S9.00 
per doz. 

Etoile de Hollands. The most popular red garden Rose- — 
a brilliant crimson-red. A strong, vigorous grower, free and con- 
tinuous bloomer. Large, moderately double, fragrant flowers, 
beautiful in all stapes of development. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Gaiety. Large, long, pointed buds followed by large, double- 
cupped, long-lasting flowers combining orange, Indian red. and 
silver into a truly gay mass of color. Light glossy green di- 
sease resistant foliage. A free and continuous bloomer. 85c 
each; $9.00 per doz. 

Gipsy Lass. A splendid novelty among the crimson Roses 
with exquisitely shap>ed, rich scarlet-crimson flowers with ma- 
roon shadmg. A strong, vigorous grower. Splendid for cut- 
ting purposes. 85c each; $^.00 per doz. 


We do not handle "processed" Roses as they will not give general satisfaction 



Dreer's Select List of HYBRID TEA KOSES-continued 

Golden Dawn. The ideal yellow garden Rose. The ovoid, 
lemon yellow bud is heavily splashed with crimson and develops 
into a well-fonned, sweetly scented, large, double, Sunflower 
yellow flower that recalls the old favorite Marechal Niel. 
Vigorous and free flowering. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Golden Rapture. A splendid new yellow Rose of upright 
growth. The pure yellow buds are of ideal form. Beautiful, 
large, double flowers which last without fading. A splendid 
variety for cutting and for bedding. 8Sc each; $9.00 per doz. 

Gruss an Teplitz. An intense rich scarlet shading to velvety 
crimson. Lovely fragrant blooms produced in great profusion 
on strong plants. Blooms continuously and succeeds under all 
conditions. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Heinrich Wendland. Large, long, pointed buds and very 
large, double, full, high-centered, intensely fragrant flowers of 
unfading Nasturtium red. Reverse of the petals deep golden 
yellow. Of vigorous growth, flowering intermittently through- 
out the season. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Imperial Potentate. Splendid long buds and large, double 
flowers of a beautiful glistening rose-pink shade. Really an 
outstanding Rose of exceptional beauty. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Joanna Hill 

Joanna Hill. A splendid clear yellow with golden heart. The 
very large, long, pointed buds open to large, full, semi-double, 
attractive, long-lasting, moderately fragrant flowers. A vigor- 
ous, profuse bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Kaiserin Augusta Victoria. A favorite old white Rose with 
shapely, long, pointed buds and good sized, double, fragrant 
flowers. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Killarney Brilliant. A sport from Killarney with far more 
intense coloring — a rich glowing shade of rosy carmine. In 
addition it has larger and more double blooms. 85c each; 
$9.00 per doz. 

Killarney Double White. This is a beautiful sport of Kil- 
larney with lovely pure white blooms of moderate fragrance. 
The long, pointed buds are also most attractive. A vigorous 
grower and free bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Lady Alice Stanley. Large, long, pointed buds which upon 
expanding develop into a very large, moderately fragrant, pale 
flesh pink WKh a deep coral-rose tint on the reverse. Blooms 
abundantly. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Lady Forteviot. Long stems each bearing several, large, 
double, high centered, lasting blooms of a beautiful golden 
yellow changing to deep apricot, and flushed with cardinal-red. 
Extremely fragrant, free growing, and colorful. 8Sc each; 
$9.00 per doz. 

Lady Margaret Stewart. The flowers in the young stage are 
a deep Sunflower yellow heavily veined and splashed with 
orange-scarlet; reverse of the petals deeply suffused with 
carmine. As the flowers develop these colors intermingle form- 
ing a beautiful cadmium orange effect. The bud is long and 
pointed, opening to a full double flower of pleasing decorative 
form with a dehghtfully sweet scent. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Lord Lonsdale. This is a startling Rose of a brilliant Daffodil 
yellow which will not fade even in strong sunlight. The open 
flowers are very large, fully double, and have a high pointed 
center. Sweetly scented. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Los Angeles. The long-stemmed fragrant flowers are luminous 
flame pink toned with coral, and shaded with translucent gold 
at the base of the petals. The buds are long and pointed, and 
expand to flowers of perfect form. 85 c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Lydia. Of vigorous habit. The gracefully formed flowers are 
borne abunduntly on sturdy well-branched plants. The flowers 
are a lovely clear pink color. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Malar Ros (Kordes, 1932). A German Rose with large, pointed, 
oval-shaped buds carried on rigid stems. The large, rich crimson 
flowers are fully double. They are remarkably sweet scented — 
the intense old Rose perfume. It is a first class new variety as 
fine for cutting as for bedding. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Margaret McGredy. Buds very large and long pointed. 
Flowers large, shapely, long lasting, very double, fragrant, 
brilliantly colored— a rich shade of Oriental red passing as it 
ages to carmine-rose. Vigorous and free flowering. 85c each; 
$9.00 per doz. 

Max Krause. Very large, extremely double, fragrant flowers of 
a beautiful reddish orange passing to golden yellow as they 
open. Of upright growth, and a very free and continuous 
bloomer. ^ $1.00 each; $10.00 per dozen. 

McGredy's Ivory. Lovely large flowers of beautiful double 
form and moderately fragrant. The color is soft deUcate 
creamy white merging into yellow at the base. Vigorous, 
disease resistant, and a prolific bloomer. $1.00 each; $10.00 
per doz. 

Section of the Dreer Rose Garden, Riverton, New Jersey 
You are cordially invited to visit the rose garden which is at its best 
during June and again late in the autumn. 

Succe^^ with Roses depends primeu-ily on the quality of the plants 



Dreer's Select List of Hybrid Tea ^OSGS— continued 

McGredy's Scarlet. A red Rose of marked superiority on 

account of its strong vigorous growtii, free and continuous habit 
of flowering, and its brilliant color. The fragrant, full, double 
flowers are of good size. They are brilliant scarlet, -range-yel- 
low at base of petals, the upper portions of same being lightly 
touched with crimson, varying some in color under changing 
weather conditions but always beautiful. 85c each; S9.00per doz. 

Mrs. Aaron Ward. A remarkably floriferous variety of strong, 
vigorous, but compact growth. The fragrant, full, double 
flowers are a distinct Indian yellow, shading lighter towards the 
edges. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. A. R. Barraclough. We have in this variety a most 
distinct and valuable bright, but soft sparkling carmine-pink of 
even tone that passes to a yellow at the base of the petals. The 
buds are long, pointed, and develop into full double flowers of 
model form. Very fragrant. S5c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Charles Bell. Has the vigorous growth of Radiance but 

the blooms are a lovely shell pink shaded with soft salmon. 
85c each; S9.00 per doz. 






^r IOOtH ^ 



Miss Rowena Thom 

Miss Rowena Thom. Large, long, pointed buds developing to 
high-centered, well-formed, double, fragrant flowers, 5j inches 
across. Brilliant rose-pink with golden suffusion. Growth 
vigorous, and a free and constant bloomer. 85c each; S9.00 
per doz. 

Mme. Butterfly. Beautiful buds and flowers of light soft pink, 
tinted yellow at base of petals. Very free flowering and highly 
scented. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mme. Edouard Herriot (The Daily Mail Rose). The buds 
are coral-red shaded with yellow at the base. The open flowers 
are of medium size, semi-double, a superb coral-red shaded with 
yellow and bright rosy scarlet passing to salmon-pink. A won- 
derful color combination. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Mme. Jules Bouche. A splendid white, at times slightly 
tinted with just a touch of tender blush pink. Long, pointed, 
shapely buds and full, double, fragrant, well-formed flowers. 
Of vigorous growth, and a free and continuous bloomer. 85c 
each; S9.00 per doz. 

Mme. Jules Guerin. A beautiful Rose with truly enormous 
blooms of pale yellow, perfect during every stage of its develop- 
ment. A first-class exhibition Rose of exceptional beauty. 
85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mme. Nicolas Aussel. Was voted an award of a Gold Medal 
as "The Most Beautiful Rose in France" in a French contest 
held Sept. IS, 1931. A bright coppery red in the very long, 
shapely, tapering bud that develops into a large, fragrant, full, 
double flower of an exQuisitc opalescent salmon-pink. Vigorous 
and healthy, free and floriferous. 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Erskine Pembroke Thom 

Mrs. Erskine Pembroke Thom. The best yellow bedding 
Rose we have today. Of clean, healthy, vigorous growth with 
abundant, dark bronzy, disease-resistant foliage and a con- 
tinuous free bloomer throughout the season. The good-sized 
buds are long and develop into full, double, very shapely flowers 
of a rich deep lemon yellow; sweetly scented. 85c each; S9.00 
per doz. 

Mrs. Henry Bowles. A splendid, large, well-formed, high- 
centered, very fragrant flower of an intense brilliant or warm 
shade of pink with salmon shadings. A model Rose, perfect in 
every stage of development. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Henry Morse. One of the best light pinks, combining 
two contrasting tones of pink with an underlying yellow glow. 
Long, pointed buds; flowers very large, double and high- 
centered, fragrant and very free flowering. 85c each; $9.00 
per doz. 

Mrs. J. D. Eisele. Plant Patent No. 67. The Perfumed Rose- 
Winner of three Gold Medals. Of outstanding form and 
perfect at every stage of development. Brilliant luscious cherry 
rose enhanced by a rich glow of scarlet. Has a rich fruity 
fragrance. Sl.OO each; $10.00 per doz. 


Pr^er's Potted Roses are bound to give the finest results 


Dreer's Select List of Hybrid-Tea Koses— continued 

Mrs. Pierre S. duPont. Medium-sized, long, pointed buds 
of a reddish gold opening to semi-double, cupped, very lasting, 
fragrant flowers of a deep golden yellow. The plant is of 
strong, vigorous, compact growth. A profuse and continuous 
bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Mrs. Sam McGredy. Graceful long pointed buds opening to 
large double high-centered flowers. The color is glistening 
scarlet-copper-orange with deep red shadings on the outside of 
the petals. Disease-resistant, vigorous, and very profuse. 
Moderately fragrant. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Ophelia. Always admired for its long, pointed, shapely buds 
and its fair sized, double, lasting, fragrant flowers. Salmon flesh 
shaded light yellow at the base of the center petals. A free and 
continuous bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Padre. A most attractive glistening coppery scarlet with a flush 
of rich yellow at the base. It is a vigorous, upright grower which 
blooms most profusely throughout the season. 85c each; 
$9.00 per doz. 

Portadown Fragrance. A most pleasing Rose with beautiful, 
long, pointed buds. The flowers are very large, double, high 
centered, and will last an unusually long time on the plant as 
well as after cutting. The color is brilliant orange-scarlet passing 
to bright rose toward the edge of the petals. It is a vigorous, 
strong-growing Rose producing a very large number of perfectly 
formed, fragrant blooms. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

President Hoover 

President Hoover. A glorious Rose, wonderfully free in the 
easy manner in which it grows and charming in its color com- 
bination. Cerise-pink, flame, scarlet, and yellow blending into 
the most dazzling color efiect imaginable. The buds are beauti- 
fully pointed; the flowers large, composed of broad, thick, heavy 
petals with moderate fragrance. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Radiance. This is the popular carmine-pink which is bound to 
succeed everywhere. A strong, vigorous grower with well- 
shaped, large, double blooms. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Red Radiance. A sport of Radiance with most attractive 
bright cerise blooms. As large and vigorous, and as free bloom- 
ing. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Rose Marie. Pretty, clear rose-pink, large, cupped, double, 
fragrant flowers of good shape. Vigorous and profuse flowering. 
Attractive globular buds. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Special Offer 

We wiU supply one strong plant each of the 64 Select 
varieties of Hybrid-Tea Roses described on pages 156 to 159 
inclusive, value $55.15, at the special price of $45.00. 

Sir Henry Segrave. Large, long, well-shaped buds and very 
large, high-centered, sweet-scented, double flowers of a beautiful 
deep lemon yellow with deeper shadings at the base of the 
petals. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Souvenir de Claudius Fernet. Most striking Sunflower 
yellow. Long, pointed buds of exquisite shape and very large, 
double, full, fragrant flowers. Vigorous and free growing, and 
a continuous bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Souv. de Mme. C. Chambard. A lovely Rose with very 
large, long, pointed buds opening to perfectly double flowers of 
bright coral-pink with a satiny peach tint. A strong grower and 
free bloomer, with delicately perfumed flowers. Voted "The 
Most Beautiful Rose in France" in the Rose Contest at Lyon, 
France, 1933. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Talisman. The long, pointed buds are bright yellow. As the 
petals unfold they develop into double, fragrant, high-centered 
flowers that combine bright apricot, gold, and deep rose-pink 
into a glittering mass of color. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Victoria Adelheid. Exceptionally large, well-formed, double 
flowers of a rich golden yellow suffused with vermilion-red, 
shading deeper at the edges of the petals. An effective, free- 
flowering variety. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Ville de Paris 

Ville de Paris. A very distinct, rich Buttercup yellow without 
a trace of any other color, retaining its richness under all weather 
conditions. In formation it is somewhat similar to Radiance, 
fairly double, and splendid for cutting. A tall, upright grower 
and a profuse bloomer. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Wilhelm Kordes. Unique and entirely distinct in coloring— a 
rich Nasturtium red with coppery suffusion overlying a golden 
salmon ground, varying in intensity under different weather con- 
ditions but always beautiful. The pointed buds open to double, 
high-centered, very fragrant flowers. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Dreer's Roses are known for their superb quality 




Cecile Brunner — The Sweetheart Rose 

Six Small-Flowering Polyantha Roses 

The Polyantha or Baby Roses represent a distinct type which is ver>' popular 
for bedding purposes. The plants grow into shapely compact bushes about 18 
inches high and they are covered with a great mass of flowers from early in the 
season until severe frost destroys their beauty. The blooms, though small, are 
verj' effective as they are arranged in showy trusses that accentuate their rich 
and beautiful coloring. 
Cecile Brunner {The Fairy or Sweetheart Rose). A dainty variety with small 

double blooms of perfect form. They are arranged in many flowered, graceful 

sprays. Soft rosy pink on a rich creamy white ground. Moderately fragrant. 
Gloria Mundi. The most brilliant orange-scarlet imaginable. Never fades. 

Showy, well formed, double flowers produced with the greatest freedom. 
Golden Salmon. Bright orange-scarlet buds expanding to glistening orange 

blooms that fairly blaze in the sunlight. Very showy. 
Ideal. Striking dark velvety crimson flowers of medium size and globular 

form. They have an elusive fragrance and give a magnificent effect in the 

Sunshine. A profuse and continuous bloomer with small ovoid buds splashed 

carmine and lovely, double, long lasting, fragrant blooms of an appealing 

golden orange color. The flowers combine into showy clusters carried on 

long stems and they are set against a mass of glossy green foliage. 
Triomphe Orleanais. Good sized, semi-double, slightly fragrant blooms of a 

rich cherry red color. They are borne in large clusters. 

Any of the above: 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 
The set of Si.x Small Polyanthas, for $4.50. 


Three Large-Flowered 
Polyantha Novelties 

Baby Chateau. This is a new color among the large-flowered 
Polyanthas— a velvety dark red not unlike the color of the 
popular rose Chateau de Clos Vougeot. Has large, semi- 
double flowers produced in attractive clusters. $1.00 each; 
$10.00 per doz. 

Dagmar Spath (White Lafayette). Pure white flowers pro- 
duce 1 in showy large trusses all through the summer. It is 
the best white Polyantha and a true SDort of the well-known 
Lafayette. Sl.OO each; $10.00 per doz. 

Orange Triumph. Magnificent scarlet-orange blooms ar- 
ranged in enormous clusters which cover the shiny green foliage 
throughout the whole season. The well-formed indixidual 
flowers are of a good size and fully double. $1.00 each; SIO.OO 
per doz. 

The set of Three Large-Flowered Polyantha Novelties for $2.75. 

Four Perpetual-Flowering 
Bedding Roses 

These Roses deserve to be grown far more widely as they flower 
profusely over an exceptionally long period of time. They are 
splendid for bedding on account of their compact growth and 
they bloom continuously and profusely throughout the spring, 
summer, and way late into the fall. 

Gruss an Aachen. A very distinct Polyantha bedding Rose 
with showy blooms of bright pink enhanced by a shading of 

jL^^u,^ x>. lyright pink enhanced by a shading of 
pure salmon. 85c each; §9.00 per doz. 

Pink Charm (Bright Pink Aachen). A splendid companion to 
the preceding variety as it has the same habit of growth and 
blooms as freely. The fully double flowers are a lovely shade 
of deep pink. Gives a particularly fine mass effect in the 
garden. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Pink Gruss an Aachen. This fits well into this splendid 
class and provides a richer shade of pink than found in Gruss 
an Aachen. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

White Aachen. Patent Pending. As a sport of Gruss an 
Aachen this resembles its parent in every way except that the 
flowers are pure white when fully opened. The buds show a 
creamy cast. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

The set of Four Perpetual-Flowering Bedding Roses $3.50. 

Nine Large-Flowering 
Polyantha Roses 

Else Poulsen 

Chatillon Rose. Silvery crimson-rose passing to a white 
center. Free flowering, distinct, and very desirable. 

Else Poulsen. Showy, semi-double blooms of a distinct shade 
of rose-pink. 

Fluffy Ruffles. Lovely, semi-double, silvery pink flowers en- 
hanced with a rich rose color on the reverse. 

Improved Lafayette. Medium sized, deep glowing red flowers 
suffused with vivid crimson. Blooms very profusely. 

Karen Poulsen. Brilliant scarlet blooms of a lovely single 
form. Gives a rich color effect. 

Lafayette. Rather large, semi-double, slightly fragrant blooms 
of an attractive bright cherry crimson. Bears lovely large flower 

LaMarne. A beautiful semi-double variety with a blush center 
and bright salmon-rose at the petal edges. 

Marie Pavie. Charming, fully double, pure white flowers pro- 
duced with the greatest freedom. Has a delightful fragrance. 

Mrs. R. M. Finch. Double, soft rosy pink bl )oms fully 2 
inches in diameter. Has showy large flower clusters. 
Any of the above: 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 
The set of Nine Large-Flowering Polyanthas, for $7.00. 


Not more than 2 potted Roses can be sent by mail. 

Popular Hardy 

Climbing and Rambler Roses 

Climbing Roses combine the beauty of their blooms with all the practical features of climbing plants. They 
are splendid grown on trellises, the garden house, on the porch pillars, or wherever they will have a good support 
to which they can be trained. Our list of varieties includes those that have proved most popular and desirable. 


Albertine. Vermilion buds and large fragrant flowers of coppery 
chamois yellow passing to coppery rose. Most attractive. 

American Pillar. A single flowering variety of great beauty. 
Brilliant pink blooms with clear white eye and yellow stamens. 

Chaplin's Pink Climber. Rich double pink blooms with just 
a touch of salmon when first expanding. Makes a most effective 
color display unequaled by any other of this type. 

Climbing American Beauty. A strong, healthy, vigorous 
grower with beautiful deep rose-pink blooms of good form and 
heavy substance. 

Dorothy Perkins. The old favorite soft shell pink still popular 
with many gardeners who appreciate its good qualities. 

Dr. W. Van Fleet. An exquisite delicate pink Rose. The long, 
pointed buds are rich flesh pink carried on stems 12 to 18 inches 
long. A strong, vigorous grower and splendid for cutting. 

Emily Gray. A real yellow climbing rose with long, pointed 
buds and beautiful light orange-yellow blooms changing to pale 
orange as they expand. Protect north of Philadelphia. 

Jacotte. A deep orange-yellow tinted coppery red. Good sized, 
semi-double, very lasting flowers with moderate fragrance. 
Blooms in May and June. It never fails to arouse the greatest 

Mary Lovett. Charming, large, sweet-scented blooms of a pure 
waxy white color. A strong grower and most profuse bloomer. 

Mary Wallace. Well formed, semi-double flowers of a bright 
clear rose-pink with salmon base to the petals. Large flowers, 
generally exceeding four inches in diameter. Very free flowering, 

Mme. Gregoire Staechelin (The Spanish Beauty). A vigorous 
grower with good foliage. The long, shapely buds are carried 
on 12 to 14-inch long stems. Shapely, semi-double, fragrant 
flowers of an iridescent pearly pink tipped with crimson. 

Paul's Scarlet Climber. The most popular of all climbing 
Roses. A vivid scarlet, of large size, produced in clusters of from 
3 to 20 flowers on long, strong stems. 

Primrose. A real hardy yellow rambler retaining its glowing 
primrose yellow color. Moderately fragrant. 2 or 3 blooms to 
a spray. Fine for cutting. 

Silver Moon. Different from all other Roses, with beautiful, 
fragrant, semi-double flowers four and a half inches and over in 
diameter. Creamy white petals of great substance. 

Any of the above: 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

One each of the 14 Popular Hardy Climbing and 

Rambler Roses, Value $11.90, for $10.00. 

Two Outstanding Hardy 

Climbing Roses 

Easlea's Golden Rambler 

Plant Patent No. 114. This is without question the most 
outstanding hardy yellow climbing Rose we have. It has com- 
paratively large, well-formed, double flowers which upon open- 
ing are a rich deep golden yellow color with a sheen of light 
orange. The blooms are arranged in large clusters and their 
desirability is greatly enhanced by their pleasing rich fragrance. 
It has proved entirely hardy even during severe winter weather. 
$1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

The New Dawn 

The New Dawn 

The Everblooming Dr. Van Fleet 

Plant Patent No. 1. A counterpart of the beautiful and 
popular flesh pink Rose, Dr. Van Fleet, embodying all ts fine 
qualities but having the added advantage of blooming perpetual- 
ly throughout the season. It is a sport from Dr. Van Fleet which 
is universally acknowledged as one of the best and most popular 
American Climbing Roses. The New Dawn is equally valuable 
having the same long, pointed, flesh pink buds and double flowers 
but the blooms are produced continuously throughout the 
summer and fall months which increases its value considerably. 
As the flowers are carried on fine, long stems it makes as lovely a 
cut flower as a garden Rose. $1.50 each; $15.00 per doz. 

Climbing Hybrid-Tea Roses 

While not as free-flowering as the bush type of Hybrid-Tea 
Roses, these climbing forms produce a large crop of flowers in June, 
with a liberal scattering of blooms throughout the season. All of 
these varieties require protection in the latitude of Philadelphia 
and are especially desirable in the southern states. 

Climbing Etoile de Hollande. A climbing form of this most 
popular Rose with beautiful, well formed, red blooms. 

Climbing Kaiserin Augusta Victoria. A climbing form of 
this popular white Rose. 

Climbing Lady Ashtown. The best of the climbing Hybrid- 
Tea varieties. Very large rose-pink flowers. 

Climbing Los Angeles. Beautiful sweet-scented flowers of a 
luminous flame pink with golden coral suffusion. 

Climbing Mrs. Aaron Ward. Beautiful Indian yellow flowers. 
The charming color accounts for its widespread popularity. 

Climbing Red Radiance. Attractive bright cerise flowers of 
splendid form. Fragrant blooms borne on vigorous shoots. 

Marechal Niel. Large, full, double flowers of a lovely golden 
yellow color and emitting a rich fragrance. Of vigorous growth 
and very flonferous. 

Mermaid. Beautiful, single, creamy white flowers measuring 
3 to 4 inches in diameter. A splendid pillar Rose of vigorous 
growth blooming more profusely in the autumn than in mid- 

Any of the above: $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 
One each of the 8 Climbing Hybrid-Tea Roses for $7.00. 

Every garden needs its share of Climbing Roses 




Hybrid Perpetual Roses 

The Hybrid Perpetual Roses represent a most valuable class for 
garden planting particularly in sections where winters are severe 
and where the Hybrid-Tea Roses are not sufficiently hardy to go 
through the winter without very careful protection. All of them 
are vigorous growers producing an abundance of very showy large 
blooms during June. They may well be combined with a planting 
of Hybrid-Tea Roses and other types. 

American Beauty. Very large, double, full, cupped, lasting 
flowers of a rich crimson-carmine. Intensely fragrant. 

Frau Karl Druschki. A well-known variety with large white 
blooms. The ideal white garden Rose. 

General Jacqueminot. Scarlet-crimson buds and intensely 
fragrant clear red flowers. Very outstanding. 

George Arends. Lovely large and full flowers of a delicate 
pink color. Has a delightful fragrance. 

Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau. Excellent globular blooms 
of a vivid vermilion-red color like blazing embers. 

Henry Nevard. Crimson-scarlet of fine large form; very fra- 
grant. One of the freest flowering. 

Magna Charta. Bright pink, attractively suffused with car- 
mine. Fragrant. 

Wme. Albert Barbier 

Mme. Albert Barbier. This remarkable variety is as free 
flowering as many of the popular Hybrid-Tea Roses. Long 
and weU-formed buds of a pearly white color suffused with soft 
salmony flesh. Large, full, double, imbricated flowers of 
splendid form, which as they expand show a golden apricot 
suffused center. Of vigorous, strong growth. Fragrant. 

Mrs. John Laing. Soft pink of splendid form. Moderately 
fragrant and very free flowering. 

Paul Neyron. Very double and very large, lasting, moderately 
fragrant flowers. Clear pink shading to rose-pink. 

Symphony {Pink Frau Karl Druschki). Plant Patent No. 79. 
An everblooming Hybrid-Perpetual Rose with massive blush 
pink buds opening to pale with deep pink in the center and 
lighter at the edges. SI. 25 each; S12.50 per doz. 

Ulrich Brunner. Large, cupped, intensely fragrant blooms 
of a bright Geranium red passing to cochineal carmine. Vigorous 
and free. 

Any of the above, except where noted: 85c each; S9.00 per doz. 

Special Offer: One each of the above 
12 Hybrid Perpetual Roses, for $10.00. 

Tree-Shaped Roses 

These Tree-shaped Roses are highly valued by many gardeners 
as they add a most desirable effect to any Rose garden or border. 
They bear their crown atop strong straight stems which are about 
42 inches high. The effect they provide is unique either when 
grown by themselves or incorporated in the Rose garden where 
they serve as accent plants, breaking the uniformity of those 
which are of bush habit. 

Etoile de Hollande. The most popular red garden Rose. 
Frau Karl Druschki. Free flowering, large pure white Hybrid 

Perpetual. Showy, well shaped blooms. 
Golden Dawn. Opens into large double Sunflower yellow 

Margaret McGredy. A rich shade of Oriental red passing to 

Mme. Jules Bouche. White, slightly tinted blush pink. 
Mrs. Erskine Pembroke Thom. Rich lemon yellow. The 

most popular yellow Rose. 
Mrs. Pierre S. duPont. A deep golden yellow. 
Mrs. Sam McGredy. Glistening scariet-copper-orange. 
President Hoover. A glorious combination of cerise-pink, 

flame, scarlet, and yellow. 
Radiance. The most popular pink bedding Rose. 
Red Radiance. Bright cerise-red. 
Talisman. One of the most popular Ro.^es grown, a beautiful 

combination of apricot, gold, and deep rose. 

A ny of the above: $3.50 each; S35.00 per doz. 




Trcf-Shaprd Kosc9 


Preer'? Hoses pre fampu? for their extraordinary quality 


Shrub Roses 

We group under this heading various types and species of Roses that are 
of strong habit of growth and will be found especially adapted to plant in 
mixed shrubbery borders, or in separate beds or groupings, or as individual 
specimens in the garden. 

Rugosa Roses and their Hybrids 

Blanc Double de Coubert. Double pure white. 

Conrad Ferdinand Meyer. Clear silvery rose. 

Hansa. Attractive double reddish violet. 

Red F. J. Grootendorst. Imagine a shrub-like Rugosa Rose covered with 
trusses of lovely crimson Baby Roses and you will have a fair conception 
of this fine hybrid variety. It is valuable to plant as an isolated specimen 
or in a mass in a bed or in the shrubbery border or may be used as an ever- 
blooming hedge. Hardy, and continues to bloom until late in the fall. 

Pink F. J. Grootendorst. Identical with the preceding variety, except 
in color, which is a splendid clear pink. 

Rugosa. Large, single rosy carmine. 

— alba. Large single white. 

Any of the above: 8Sc each; $9.00 per doz. 

MR^- 1- S8r. 

Rosa Hugonis 

Rose Species 

Rosa Hugonis. This species is most outstanding in several 
ways. It is a splendid Rose for the shrubbery border where it 
may be used in connection with other shrubs. The vigorous 
upright habit makes it eminently suited to this purpose and the 
long arching flower sprays set with delicate yellow single blooms 
early in May present a truly charming appearance. During the 
rest of the year it serves as a decorative shrub presenting a mass 
of small graceful bright green foliage. 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Rosa Xanthina. This splendid Shrub Rose may be used in the 
same way as the preceding variety. It is a strong grower 
covered with beautiful double bright yellow flowers two inches 
across during early spring. It is a native of Turkestan and 
Afghanistan. $1.00 each; $10.00 per doz. 

Austrian Brier Roses 

A very hardy type which will give the best results with very 
little pruning, since the flowers are produced from the upper end 
of the old wood. This class is noted for its excellent rich tones of 
yellow and copper. 

Austrian Copper. Bright coppery red; reverse golden yellow. 
Harison's Yellow. Fine double golden yellow flowers. 
Persian Yellow. Medium sized, deep yellow, double flowers. 

Any of the three: 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 

Dreer's Roses 

Your success with Roses depends primarily upon the 
quality of the plants you secure. Cheap stock invariably 
is inferior and cannot produce vigorous plants that will 
support an abundance of large and perfect blooms. While 
cheap in the beginning they really are the most expensive 
in the end because they can only cause dissatisfaction. 
After all the slightly higher cost of Dreer's Quality Roses 
is a minor expenditure compared with the results they 
produce. A few Rose plants of Dreer quality will give 
you more blooms than twice the number of plants of 
inferior stock. But that is not all. The flowers from 
Dreer Quality Roses will be larger, better, and they last 

Max Graf 

Trailing Roses 

Max Graf. Makes an excellent pillar or climbing Rose, but will 
be found most valuable as a ground cover for which purpose it is 
far superior to any of the Wichuraiana varieties. The fohage 
resembles Rosa Rugosa and is retained very late in the season. 
It is practically immune to insects and diseases and is absolutely 
hardy. The single, bright pink flowers are 1 arge and have prettily 
crimped petals. For planting on a steep bank or for trailing over 
a stone wall, it has no equal. 75c each; $8.00 per doz. 

Wichuraiana {Memorial Rose). Fragrant, single, pure white 
flowers with yeUow stamens followed in the fall by bright red 
hips or berries. Produces a dense mat of almost evergreen 
foliage. 75c each; $8,00 per doz. 

Moss Roses 

A group with fragrant flowers highly valued for the Moss-like 
sepals which give a beautiful effect to the buds. 
Blanche Moreau. Large, pure white. 
Crested Moss. Rose color, beautifully crested. 
Henry Martin. Fine crimson, very vigorous. 
Salet. Large, fuU double, light rose. 

Any of the above: 85c each; $9.00 per doz. 
One each of the 4 Moss Roses, for $3.00. 

The Roses on this page are all very interesting and lovely 



r IOOtH ^ 



Showy Flowering 
and Foliage Plants 

jor the House, Conservatory, and Porch 



'' :00th ^ 



You will find in this section a most interesting and showy collection of plants adapted to growing in the house, 
conserv'atorj', the greenhouse, and to be used also to adorn the porch or veranda during the summer months, to 
be brought indoors again with the approach of cold weather. In addition to the old favorites there are the finest 
new kinds as well as choice rare subjects. Many of the standard varieties are of the easiest culture bound to give 
entire satisfaction even to the beginner in gardening. 

Plants in 4-inch pots or larger can be sent by Express only. 
Smaller sizes will be mailed if you add 10% (15% west of the 
Mississippi) to the value for postage and special packing. Mini- 
mum charge 10 cents. 

Agapanthus umbellatus 


Umbellatus (Blue Lily of the Nile). A splendid ornamental 
plant, bearing clusters of bright blue flowers on 3 feet long 
flower stalks which last a 'ong time in bloom. A most desirable 
plant for outdoor decoration, planted in large pots or tubs on 
the lawn or piazza. Strong plants of flowering size from 6-inch 
pots SI. 50; 8-inch tubs S4.00; large 10-inch tubs S6.00 each. 


Modestum {Chinese Evergreen). Showy rich green leaves. A 
choice house plant that may be grown in soil or in bowls filled 
with water. Strong young plants 50c each. 


Henderson!. § A strong growing climber well suited to train on 
the pillars or supports of a conservatory or on a trellis. Large, 
fragrant, golden yellow flowers. SI. 00 each. 

Williamsi. Forms a compact bushy plant with large, rich yellow 
flowers at every point; deliciously scented. SI. 00 each. 

Anthurium— Ftomingo Flower 

Scherzerianum Hybrids. Pretty greenhouse plants that 
have many good qualities, not only as decorative plants, but 
also as cut flowers. Their oddly shaped flowers of rich coloring 
frequently last on the plant from two to three months. Strong 
flowering plants S2.50 each. 


Klegantissima. Handsome decorative foliage plants for the 
warm conservatory with very narrow, finely divide! foliage of a 
peculiar metallic green color. 4-inch pots S2.00 each. 

Araucaria — Norfolk Island Pine 

Ezcelsa. A beautiful evergreen for house decoration, un- 
equaled in symmetrical habit of growth by any other plant. 
5-inch pots, 12 to 15 inches high, $3.00 each. 


Plumosus nanus {Asparagus Fern). There is no better plant 
for table decoration. The lace-like foliage is more delicate than 
that of the finest Fern. A plant with half a dozen stalks is a 
mass of dainty, misty green. 2i-inch pots 25c each; 3-inch pots 
50c each. 

Sprengeri {Emerald Feather). Excellent for hanging baskets, for 
bracket use, and for cutting. One of the best plants for the 
window-box. 2j-inch pots 25c each; 3-inch pots 50c each. 


Lurida. A most useful house plant, thri\dng in a hallway or a 
comparatively dark place in the room where nothing else will 
succeed. 5-inch pots SI. 50; 6-inch pots S2.50; 7-inch pots $3.50, 
each. Specimen plants, 8-inch tubs, $5.00 each. 

— variegata. The dark green leaves are striped with white. 
5-inch pots $2.50; 6-inch pots $3.50, each. 

Japanese Azalea 

Japanese Azaleas 

These are most valuable winter-flowering plants. They are ever- 
green and for best results should be kept under glass during the 
Coral Bells. Coral-pink shaiing to deeper pink in the center. 

Small hose-in-hose flowers birne most profusely. 
Hinodegiri. Has dense clusters of bright fiery red flowers. 
Pink Pearl. Semi-double flowers of an attractive salmon-rose. 
Salmon Beauty. Large, semi-double flowers of brilliant sal- 
mon-rose. A free and early-flowering variety. 
Snow. The dainty semi-double blooms are a pure snow white. 
A verj- lovely variety that is most desirable. 

Strong husky plants of the above, SI. 50 each. 
Set of S varieties, value S7.50, for $7.00. 


Crimson Lake. Outstanding for its rich and brilliant color 
which upon opening is glistening crimson-lake passing to car- 
mine-rose within 3 to 4 weeks. A most attractive conservatory 
plant. Strong plants 50c each. 


For complete alphabetical index, see pages 182 to 184 

[OmiElEIil^ (OME miMDmiEIiyTll jmsmj^ieiii^i^^iiiy 

Camellia japonica 

To meet the growing demand for these shewy plants we have 
produced a nice lot of thrifty plants of the following choice named 

Cheerful. Bright cherry red; medium size. 
Pink Perfection. Lovely double clear shell pink blooms of 

dainty appearance and produced most freely. 
Purity. A double pure white of vigorous growth. 
Rev. John Bennett. Semi-double orange-red flowers. 
Rosita. Very double, bright rose-pink. Late flowering. 
White Dove. A miniature double white variety. 
Any of the above: 5-inch pots, $1.50; 6-inch pots, $2.50, each. 

Specimen Plants of Cheerful, Pink Perfection, and Purity, 3 to 
4 feet high, well set with buds, $10.00 each. 

Cissus adenopodes § 

A new and very promising vine for house culture, closely 
related to Vitis rhombifolia which it resembles. When unfolding 
the color of the leaves is a deep carmine changing to a rich bronzy 
green later on. It has more of a climbing tendency than Vitis 
and is one of the best cHmbing or trailing plants for a sunny 
window. Strong young plants 50c each; large specimens $2.00 

Clerodendron Balfouri— G/oryfeower § 

A beautiful greenhouse climber and also admirably suited to 
house culture, flowering m )st profusely with bright scarlet blooms 
enveloped in a creamy white calyx. Strong plants $1.00 each. 


Imantop hyllum 

A pretty, Lily -like plant 
of easiest culture. Very 
desirable for the house, 
blooming during the late 
winter months. Bears 
dense clusters of large 
rich orange-red blooms 
shading to buff. Remains 
in flower for a long time. 
Each cluster contains from 
10 to 20 blooms. 6-inch 
pots $3.00 each. 

Cyperus— r/mbrc/to Plant 

Alternifolius. An excellent house plant which may be grown 
as a sub-aquatic and in any case never should lack plenty of 
water. 2Sc each; $2.50 per doz. 

Daphne odora 

Rich deep green foliage and lovely flowers with an intense 
sweet fragrance. It is a grand old favorite. 
Pink. 3-inch pots 50c each. 
White. 3-inch pots 50c each. 


Fragrans. An excellent house plant with broad dark green 
foliage growing 3 ft. long and 4 in. across. 4-inch pots 75c each. 

Godseffiana. Different from all other Dracaenas. Of free- 
branching habit with rich dark green leaves densely marked 
with spots of creamy white. Easily grown in the house. 3-inch 
pots 75c each. 

Massangeana. A beautiful variegated form of fragrans 
with broad green foliage and broad golden yellow band running 
through each leaf center. 4-inch pots 75c; 6-inch pots $2.00, 

Sanderiana. Glaucous green foliage attractively edged with a 
border of creamy white. Leaves about 9 in. long and Ij in. 
across. 2i-inch pots 35c each. 

Epiphyllum— Chrw*mo5 or Crab Cactus 

Truncatum. A very popular Cactus with leaf -like sections 
and large showy rosy red blooms of tubular form. Good plants 
in 4-inch pots $1.50 each. Trained tree-shaped plants with 
stems or small trunks and bushy crowns $3.00 each. 

Eucharis — Amazon Lily 

Eucharis— Amazon Lily 
Amazonica. A splendid plant for the warm conservatory, 
blooming at various seasons. It is related to the Amaryllis 
and may be grown outdoors in warm countries. Sends up 
stalks bearing several pure white, star-shaped flowers, 4 inches 
across, which have a dehghtful fragrance. Water liberally 
while the plants are making an active growth. $1.25 each. 


Splendens {Crown of Thorns). An interesting plant with thick 
spiny stems and showy bright red flower bracts at all seasons. 
Easily trained into various forms. 2-inch pots 35c; 3-inch 
pots 50c; 4-inch pots $1.00, each. 

Farfugium— Leopard Plant 

Grande. This is an extremely ornamental plant with large, 
circular leaves, thickly spotted with creamy white and yellow, 
75c each. 

Concerning parcel-post shipments of plants, see page 164 


Dreer's Fine Ferns Sor House, Conservatory and Porch 

Adiantum cuneatum. This is the well-known fine-leaved 
Maiden Hair Fern which is used so extensively in combination 
with cut flowers. Also splendid as a pot plant in the house. 
3-inch pots 50c; 5-inch pots 75c, each. 

- — f arleyense Gloriosa (Glory Fern). A very beautiful and vigor- 
ous variety with pleasing light green leaflets supported by 
thread-like wiry stems. Good plants in 3-inch pots 60c; 4-inch 
pots SI. 00, each. 

— Wrighti. A comparatively new variety of the Maiden Hair 
type. Its fronds are particularly showy on account of their 
pleasing rich green color. It is a desirable variety for house 
decoration. 4-inch pots 75c each. 

Asplenium Nidus Avis {Bird's NesI Pent). These are very 
interesting Ferns of splendid display value having showy broad 
light green leaves. We have a fine lot of these attractive and 
unusual house plants. 3 J-inch pots 75c; 5-inch pots SI. 50, each. 

Cibotium Schiedei 

Cibotium Schiedei (Mexican Tree Fern). One of the most 
desirable and most valuable of all Ferns for room decoration. 
Has beautiful large fronds of e.xquisite light green pinnae. 
5-inch pots $2.50; 10-inch tubs S7.50, each. 

Cyrtomium Rochfordianum compactum (Crested Holly 
Fern). Very desirable for apartment and house use. The foliage 
is rich dark green and the pinnae or leaflets besides being 
waved on the edges also are deeply cut and toothed. 2 j -inch 
pots 15c; 3-inch pots 35c; 4-inch pots 50c, each. 

Davallia fijiensis plumosa. This is one of the very best 
house Ferns as it will stand the hot and drj' atmosphere of most 
living rooms. The plants make a strong growth and display 
lovely substantial fronds of a beautiful dark green color. Fine 
in pots and also excellent when grown in hanging baskets. 
3-inch pots 75c; 4-inch pots SI. 00, each. 

Nephrolepis bostoniensis (Boston Fern). The original, highly 
valued Boston Fern. 4-inch pots 75c: 6-inch pots $1.50, each. 
Specimen plants in S-inch pots $3.00, each. 

— Norwood (Ostrich-Plumed Boston Fern). A very pretty crested 
form with showy bright green plume-hke fronds. 4-inch p ts 
75c; 6-inch pots $1.50, each. 

Platycerium alcicorne (Stag-Hom Fern). A showy variety 
with long narrow leaves of a grayish green. $2.50 each. 

— grande. Both the fertile and sterile leaves of this varietj- are of 
typical Stag-Horn form. $7.50 each. 

Polypodium Mandaianum Seedlings. Attractive glaucous 
blue fronds, much waved and undulated. 4-mch pots 75c each. 

Polystichum coriaceum (Leather or Baker Fern). A most de- 
sirable Fern resistant to house conditions. 4-inch pots 75c each. 

Pteris Alexandrae. The crested fronds of this particular variety 
are attractively variegated with silvery white. A horticultural 
form of "cretica." 2 j-inch pots 15c; 4-inch pots 50c, each. 

— Rivertoniana. This is the most desirable of the taller crested 
forms of Pteris. A wonderful and most attractive variety. 2J- 
inch pots 15c; 4-inch pots 50c, each. 

— Victoriae. A variegated Fern with graceful deep green foliage 
showily marked with silvery white. 2i-inch pots 15c; 4-inch pots 
50c, each. 

— Wilsoni. Lovely symmetrical plants with graceful light green 

fronds. 2j-inch pots 15c; 4-inch pots 50c, each. 

Ferns for Fern Dishes 

We can supply the most desirable varieties. Nice plants, 21 -inch 
pots 15c each; 81.50 per doz. 

Ficus— Rubber Plant 

Elastica. The well-known Rubber Plant which still is one of 
the favorite house plants. 4-inch pots, 10 inches high, 75c each. 
6-inch pots, 20 to 24 inches high, $1.50 each. 

Repens. § A splendid trailing plant with rich dark green foliage. 
Fine for baskets or covering greenhouse walls. 50c each. 

TTtilis, Entirely distinct and unlike the popular Rubber Plant 
yet possessing the same hardiness. The leaves are thick and 
leathery, of a rich holly-green, with midrib and principal veins 
of ivory white. Strong plants 6-inch pots, $1.50 each. 


Attractive trailing plants with handsome variegated foliage. 
A splendid plant useful in the conservatory and for planting on 
the surface of large pots or tubs to cover the earth. 
Argyroneura. Vivid green leaves with pure white veins. 
Verschaffelti. Bronzy green leaves attractively variegated with 

bright pink veins. Makes a showy display. 

Either variety: 3-inch pots 50c each; S5.00 per dozen. 

Gardenia — Cape Jessamine 

Veitchi. A beautiful evergreen greenhouse shrub with fragrant, 
white, waxy flowers. Strong plants in 5-inch pots S2.00 each. 

Genista— Frogranf Broom 

Fragrans. A very desirable spring-flowering plant with fragrant 
bright golden yellow blooms produced in the greatest profusion. 
Fine plants of flowering size, 75c each. 

Moya— Wax Plant § 

Carnosa. An interesting, easily managed house plant of climbing 
habit suitable for growing on a trellis or other support, producing 
during the summer months large umbels of fragrant waxy white 
flowers with pink centers. 3-inch pots 50c each. 

Hardy Hydrangea 

Otaksa. A beautiful pink Hydrangea, the best variety for 
outdoor planting. It is used extensively at the Atlantic sea- 
shore resorts. In acid soil the pink flowers turn blue. Requires 
winter protection north of Philadelphia. Strong plants, 50c each. 

Beautiful Ivy— Hedera 

Baltic Ivy (Hedera helix baltica). Has proved hardy as far north 
as Massachusetts where the generally-grown type of English 
Ivy rarely stands the winter. 2 J-inch pots 25c each; S2.50 per 
doz. ; 4-inch pots 60c each. 

EngHsh Ivy [Hedera helix). Thrifty young plants in 2-inch 
pots 20c each; S2.00 per doz. Large plants, 4 inch pots 50c 
each; $5.00 per doz. 

Miniature-Leaved English Ivy (Hedera helix- uracUis). Of 
the same habit as the English Ivy, but with much smaller 
dari; green foliage. A most graceful vine. Young plants in 
2-inch pots 2Sc each; $2.50 per doz.; 4inch pots 60c each. 

Large-Leaved Variegated Ivy. Large deep preen leaves 
prettily edged with creamy white. Fine for house culture. 
Strong young plants 50c each; $5.00 per doz. 


Every home needs its share of house plants 


Jasminum grandiflorum 


Catalonian or 
Star Jasmine 

This is the old favor- 
ite sweet-scented vari- 
ety. A most desirable 
plant for the window 
garden, producing its 
attractive white flowers 
almost continuously. 
30c each; $3.00 per doz. 

Jasminum § 

Bright yellow flowers 
similar to the old favor- 
ite hardy Jessamine but 
double the size and de- 
veloping early in March. 
An excellent plant for 
the window garden when 
trained on a trellis. 
25c each. 


Caerulea. This is the beautiful Iris-like plant so often seen in 
old farm-houses. 4-inch pots 50c each. 


Liberica. A trailing plant of striking form with thick stems 
and leaves like arrowheads. A desirable house plant for the 
decoration of bowls, etc., due to the bright green color of the 
foliage. Strong young plants 35c each; $3.50 per doz. 

Olea — Sweet Olive 

Fragrans. An old favorite greenhouse shrub succeeding ad- 
mirably as a house plant, producing small creamy white flowers 
with the most e.xquisite fragrance. Flowers all winter. 4-inch 
pots $1.00 each. 

Ophiopogon Jaburan variegatus 

Ophiopogon — Lily Tuft 

Jaburan variegatus. The narrow, dark green foliage is prettily 
striped with gold, and during July and August spikes of blue 
flowers add to its beauty. Strong plants $1.00 each. 

Pandanus — Screw Pine 

Veitchi. One of the finest decorative plants for the house. 
Showy foliage, broadly striped with cream-white on a green 
ground. 4-inch pots $1.00; 6-inch pots $2.50, each. 


Kentia Belmoreana 

No collection of plants is complete without Palms. Their bold, 
majestic, yet graceful fohage lends a grandeur and magnificence 
that cannot be obtained from any other class of plants. 

Areca lutescens. One of the most graceful Palms in cultiva- 
tion; the foliage is a bright glossy green, and the stems are 
yellow. 4-inch pots $1.00; 5-inch pots $2.00, each. 

Cocos Weddelliana. The most desirable and elegant of all 
Palms. Its slender, erect stems are freely furnished with 
graceful arching leaves of a rich green color. 3-inch pots, 
75c each. 

Kentia Belmoreana. The Kentias are the hardiest Palms in 
cultivation. They are of slow growth and are less affected by 
the dust and dry atmosphere of the house than any others. 
Belmoreana has rich green foliage and is of dwarf spreading 
habit. 3-inch pots, 12 inches high, 50c each. 

Kentia Forsteriana. This splendid house Palm is very similar 
to K. Belmoreana. The plants are of stronger growth, having 
heavier and broader foliage. 

3-inch pots, 12 inches high, 50c each. 

4-inch pots, 15 inches high, $1.00 each. 

5-inch pots, 24 inches high, $2.00 each. 

Kentia Forsteriana {Made-up Plants). These are specimens 
made by planting together several plants. This gives them a 
particularly high decorative value. 

5-inch pots, 24 inches high, $2.50 each. 

6-inch pots, 30 inches high, $4.00 each. 

7-inch tubs, 36 inches high, $6.00 each. 

7-inch tubs, 40 inches high, $7.50 each. 

8-inch tubs, 45 inches high, $12.50 each. 

8-inch tubs, 50 inches high, $15.00 each. 

Larger plants, prices on application. 

Phoenix canariensis. The graceful, easy-to-grow Date Palm. 
8-inch tubs, 36 inches high, $7.50 each. Sturdy plants in 10-inch 
tubs, 40 inches high, $10.00 each. 

Phoenix Roebeleni. The most attractive of the Date Palms, 
highly valued for room decoration. Of vigorous growth with 
gracefully recurving leaves set with dark green pinnae. 


3-inch pots, fine young plants $0 50 

4-inch pots, fine young plants 1 00 

6-inch pots 1 SO 

7-inch tubs, strong plants 4 00 

8-ineh tubs, made-up, 4 plants to tub . 7 50 

Every home needs its share of House Plants 



Philodendron scandens 

Passiflora— Passion Flower § 
Princeps. This is one of the best greenhouse climbers. A rare 
and showy variety with bright red flowers. SI. 50 each. 


Argyreia. Of compact growth with ornamental leaves of silver 

gray and deep green veins. 
Maculosa. A succulent foliage plant with bright, rounded, 

shiny, rich green leaves. It is very effective in combination 

with other house plants. 

Either of tlie above: 50c each. 


Pertusum {ilonslera). An 
excellent house plant 
whose large, deep green, 
perforated leaves always 
e.xcite much comment 
due to their curious for- 
mation and grotesque ap- 
pearance. 6-inch pots 
S5.00; 7-inch tubs $7.50; 
8-inch tubs $10.00, each. 

Scandens. § As a climb- 
ing cr trailing plant, this 
is probably the best of all 
for home or window use. 
It can be grown in soil, 
moss, or water and is one 
of the few plants that 

seem to improve with age under the most adverse conditions. 

Strong plants, 3-inch pots, 50c; 5-inch pots, $1.50, each. 

Phormium tenax variegatum 

New Zealand Flax 

A useful house plant which will thrive even under the most 
adverse conditions. Has very stiff, tough, leather>', beautifully 
variegated foliage. 6-inch pots S2.00 each. 


Flat leaved, spineless Cactus with beautiful flowers. Of easy 

culture. AH are day-blooming except Latifrons. 

Ackermani. Showy medium-sized scarlet flowers. 

Agathe. Brilliant red with the center overlaid with purple. 

Cooperi. A very attractive and showy white. 

Erebus. Dark cinnabar carmine with a magenta center. 

Gloria. Has broad petals of a bright orange-red color. 

Latifrons. A wonderful night-blooming variety known as 
"Queen Cactus." Glistening creamy white flowers. They open 
after dark and are at their prime about midnight. 

Latona. Bronzy red outer petals and magenta center. 

Magenta. A striking and very rich magenta color. 

Orion. Dark scarlet with purple shading. Center blush. 

Sacuntale. Salmon with a lovely carmine suffusion. 
Any of the above: 50c each; S5.00 per doz. 
One each of the ten varieties, for $4.50. 


Capensis. A fine plant for pot culture or the border. Splendid 
in porch or lawn vases. Spikes of pretty, light blue flowers. 
35c each. 

- alba. A white-flowered form of the above. 35c each, 

Pothos aureus Wilcoxi § 

Golden Ceylon Creeper 

The foliage of this fine new variety is distinctly variegated and 
the light yellow variegation extends way down to the stems which 
are of an i vory color. It may be displayed in hanging baskets 
indoors or out or wherever a pendant plant is wanted. Strong 
plants 50c each. 

Rhynchospermum § 

Trachelospermum — Confederate Jasmine 
Jasminoides. A beautiful greenhouse climber and well adapted 
to growing as a house plant in pots and trained on a trellis. Dark 
green, glossy foliage. Masses of fragrant, pure white, Jasmine- 
like flowers. Strong plants in 3-inch pots 75c each. 


African Violet 

These are favorite win- 
dow plants which will bloom 
profusely for months if 
kept at about 60° F. 

Blue Boy. A very de- 
sirable deep blue. 

Viking. Deep blue flowers 
and showy upright foli- 

Either of the above: 
50c each. 

Saintpaulia ionantha 



Zeylanica. The old-fashioned cross-variegate 1 sort. 

exceptionally good houseplant. 3-inch pots 50c each. 
— Laurenti. Has a beautiful band of creamy yellow varjnng 

from I to J inch on each edge of the variegated leaves. 4-inch 

pots §1.00; 5-inch pots $1.50. each. 


Floribunda. One of the most charming hothouse climbers. 
Grows rapidly and has glossy deep green foliage and clusters of 
pure white fragrant flowers. $1.50 each. 

Strelitzia— Bird of Paradise Flower 

Regina. A showy conservatory plant with leathery dark green 
foliage and interesting orange and purplish blue flowers that 
always attract attention. Strong young plants SI. 50; strong 
flowering size plants S7.50, each. 


Erecta. A greenhouse shrub flowering almost the year round. 

Large, showy, deep purple flowers with orange-yellow throat. 

Most satisfactory for the window garden. 
Harrisi.§ A splendid winter-flowering greenhouse climber with 

showy light blue flowers with creamy white throat. 
Either oj the above: Strong plants 75c each. 



Vitis rhombifolia — Grape Ivy 

Vitis— Grape Ivy § 

Rhombifolia. A graceful trailing vine with dark glossy green, 
trifoliate leaves. An excellent subject for house culture. Young 
plants, 3-inch pots 35c; 4-inoh pots 75c each. 


For a complete alphabetical index, see pages 182 to 184 

Succulent Plants 

splendid Pot Plants. Also fine for Table and 
Miniature Rock Gardens 

Very interesting and curious plants of easy culture. Many of them are desert 
plants which will subsist on an astonishing small quantity of water. 


\ M 








Aloe arborescens — Medicine Cactus 


This interesting succulent is easy to 
grow. Needs little water except during 
the periods of actual growth. 
Arborescens {Medicine Cactus). Has 
long narrow pointed leaves of heavy 
texture about 2 inches wide. See illus- 
tration. 2-inch pots 35c each. Larger 
plants 3-inch pots 50c. 4-inch pots 
$1.00 each. 


This is a favorite class of easy-to-grow 
Arborescens {Jade Plant). Erroneously 

called Japanese Rubber plant. Larger 

plants 3-inch pots 50c; 4-inch pots 

11.00 each. 


Carnicolor. A new European variety 
with flesh-colored leaves and very at- 
tractive flowers. 

Secunda glauca. Beautiful flat rosettes 
with fleshy, scale-like leaves. 

Weinberg! {Dream Plant). Thick-leaved 
rosettes of a distinct rose tint. It is a 
great favorite. 


Repens. Long, whitish green leaves of 
fleshy texture. Very showy. 

Opuntia — Bunny Ear Cactus 

Opuntia— Bunny Ear Cactus 

Microdasys. A popular and showy 
Cactus with thick heavy joints of ellip- 
tical form. Bright green covered with 
golden yellow bristles which give it the 
name of Orange Cactus, also known as 
Bunny Ears. A good house plant. 
2-inch pots 3Sc each. 

Monocantha variegata. This re- 
sembles microdasys but the stems are 
marbled cream and green. 2-inch pots 
35c each, 


Adolphi. A very effective plant with 
thick orange-colored leaves. 

Treleasi. Has small very fleshy leaves 
resembling white beads. Particularly 
attractive and therefore very popular. 

We offer strong young plants of these Succulent varieties, except 
where noted, at 25 cents each; $2.50 per dozen— any 6 for $1.25. 
Larger sizes of some can be supplied as noted in descriptions. 

Vegetable Plants, Roots, & Herbs 

Per doz. Per 100 

Hop Vines. 25c each $2 50 $15 00 

Horseradish Sets, Maliner Kren or Bo- 
hemian. Produces roots of enormous size. 
112.00 per 1000 40 150 

Rhubarb, Victoria. Einest cooking variety. 

Strong roots. 25c each 2 50 15 00 

Asparagus Roots. Every vegetable garden should include 
some Asparagus as one of the most important contributions to 
the epicure's table. Only freshly gathered Asparagus has 
that delightful rich flavor and tenderness that makes this 
vegetable one of the choicest of all. We can furnish the varieties 
listed below in selected one-year-old roots. We do not handle 
two-year or older stock because the one-year-old roots are 
used by all experienced growers and are the best size for trans- 
planting. Ask for free leaflet. 

— Dreer's Eclipse. The result of a most careful selection and 
"breeding up," to large size, delicate light green color, and tender 
quality. 60c per doz.; $2.00 per 100; $12.00 per 1000. 

—Palmetto. An early green variety of good quality. 60c per 
doz.; $2.00 per 100; $12.00 per 1000. 

—Mary Washington. Large straight dark green shoots with 
heavy overtone. The tips are tight and firm and do not open 
out or begin to branch until well out of the ground, making 
the finest kind of green Asparagus both for home use and 
market. It is nearer to being rust-proof than any other variety, 
and the large, luscious stalks will be greatly appreciated. 
60c per doz.; $2.00 per 100; $12.00 per 1000. 

Popular Herbs for the Garden 

Chives. Valued for their mild onion flavor. 20c per clump; 

$2.00 per doz.; $12.00 per 100. 
Lavender. A great favorite. 35c each; $3.50 per doz. 
Peppermint. 20c each; $2.00 per doz.; $12.00 per 100. 
Rosemary. 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 
Sage, Holt's Mammoth. 20c each; $2.00 per doz.; 

$12.00 per 100. 
Spearmint. 20c each; $2.00 per doz.; $12.00 per 100. 
Tarragon (£s/ragow). For flavoring. 30c each; $3.00 per doz. 
Thyme, Broad-Leaved English. 25c each; $2.50 per doz.; 

$15.00 per 100. 

Vegetable Plants and Roots by Mail. — Small quantities of these can be sent by parcel post. Add 10% X69 
(15% west of the Mississippi) to their value for postage and special packing. Minimum charge 10 cents 

Dreer's Select Small Fruits 

Two Luscious Hardy Grapes 

Champagne. This variety is extensively grown in tlie grape 
growing districts of New Jersey. It has special merit not only 
in the quahty of its fruit but is also an exceptionally strong 
grower and very prolific bearer. The large berries are coppery 
red in color and of delicious flavor. 

The Caco. A cross between Catawba and Concord which has 
inherited the best characteristics of both parents developing 
a luscious fruit which ranks close to the greenhouse grown 
product in high quahty and melting texture. In appearance 
it is one of the most beautiful of aU hardy grapes. Large wine 
red berries with abundant bloom carried in large compact 
bunches. It ripens in advance of Concord and is a strong 
vigorous grower. 

Strong two-year-old plants of either of the ahove: 
50c each; $5-00 per doz.; §40.00 per 100. 

Six Best Standard Hardy Grapes 

Catawba. Vigorous, hardy, and productive vines bearing 

large, long, broad clusters of dull purplish red grapes. 
Concord. Has large black grapes arranged in long bunches. A 

really choice variety of superb flavor. 
Lucile. Very large red grapes of exquisite flavor. 
Moore's Diamond. Attractive, large, compact bunches made 

up of large greenish white grapes which are very juicy. Early. 
Moore's Early. Large black berries of good quality. 
Niagara. This is the most popular of all white varieties with 

lovely large amber-white thin-skinned grapes. Mid-season. 

Strong selected 2-year-old vines: 

30c each; S3.00 per doz.; §20.00 per 100. 


Blackberries respond generously to good treatment. They 
prefer a deep soil but will grow and fruit almost anywhere. 
Robinson. Large round berries, very tender and sweet. 
Russell. One of the best older varieties. Very early, and still 

Either of the above: 
$1.00 per doz.; $8.00 per 100. 

Small Fruits by Mail 

Orders for Small Fruits up to about 25 plants can usually 
be sent by Parcel Post if you add to your remittance 10% (15*^ 
west of the Mississippi) of their value for postage and special 
packing. Minimum charge 10 cents. 


Supreme Everbearing 

Plants set this spring 
will give you a splendid 
crop of large, sweet, juicy 
berries all through the 
late summer and fall. 
Very productive, of splen- 
did color, and most lus- 
cious flavor. A most 
dependable variety of 
choicest quality. 75c per 
doE.; Sl.OO per 25; SI. 50 
per 50; $2.50 per 100; 
$15.00 per 1000. 

Mastodon Strawberry 

Two Neiv Early Strawberries 

This splendid new early Strawberry is a most productive 
variety bearing practically perfect berries of most attractive 
appearance and deliciously sweet wild-Strawberry flavor. 
Disease free, productive, of good size, with attractive berries of 
a light scarlet color. Valuable uncooked, in pastries, or jams. 


This introduction is as sweet as Dorsett but matures a few 
days later having firmer flesh of a darker color. It has proved 
particularly valuable during unfavorable weather conditions. 

Either of the above 2 New Strawberries: 75c per doz. ; 
$1.00 per 25; $1.50 per 50; $2.50 per 100; $15.00 per 1000. 

Strawberry Plants 

Select Standard Varieties 

A selection of fancy, high quality, heavy j-ielding garden varie- 
ties covering the season from early to late. 

Aberdeen. Midseason. 
Beauty. Midseason. 
Bellmar. Medium early. 
Big Joe. Midseason. 
Blakemore. Early. 
Chesapeake. Late. 

4«y of the above varieties: 40c per doz.; 65 
$1.00 per 50; $1.50 per 100; $10.00 per 

Dunlap. Early midseason. 
Gandy. Late. 
Marshall. Midseason. 
Pearl. Late. 
Premier. Early. 
William Belt. Late. 

40c per doz.; 65c per 25; 


Raspberries will succeed in any soil that will grow good com 
responding quickly to liberal treatment. For best results the old 
wood should be cut out just as soon as the crop has been gathered. 
Plant Chief for early crop and Latham for midseason and you 
have a combination hard to beat either for profit or the home 
Chief. Very hardy with delicious firm red berries, ripening 

10 days earlier than any other popular variety. 
Latham. The standard red variety which we can recommend as 

one of the best midseason varieties for every section of the 

U. S. either for home or market planting. 
Everbearing Red Raniere. Not only the eariicst but also a 

choice perpetual-fruiting variety. Bears continuously on both 

the old and new canes. 

Any of the above: Sl.OO per doz.; $8.00 per 100. 


Bush Fruit Production (I'an Meier), ^-v r^.j 
dealing willi the culture of all kinds of bush fruits 

A very complete book <>1 OC 
Postpaid for V**^*^ 


Flovvrer Pots 

Full inside measurement. No 
charge for packing. Six at dozen 
rates; 50 at 100 rates; 500 at 1000 

rates. Flower Pots and Bulb _., ^ 

Pans cannot be sent by mail, but ^'°''"''' °^ 
only by express or freight at 
customer's expense. 

Sizes Each Doz. 100 1000 
1 in., IJ in.. 

If inch SO 02 SO 20 SI 35 S12 00 

2 inch 03 25 1 40 12 25 

2} " 04 30 1 45 12 75 

2i " 05 35 1 65 15 00 

3 " 06 40 2 15 19 50 

3J " 06 45 2 65 24 00 

4 •' 07 50 3 30 30 00 

5 " 10 75 5 95 54 00 

6 '• 12 1 20 8 90 81 00 

7 " 20 2 00 13 50 

8 " 25 2 75 19 50 

9 " 35 4 00 30 00 

10 " 50 5 50 40 50 

12 " 1 00 11 00 82 50 

14 '• 1 SO 17 50 135 00 

Half size pots or bulb pans and f pots, or Azalea 
pans will be supplied at the same prices as the 
standard Earthenware flower pots of corresponding 

Riverton Special Cedar Plant Tubs 

Manufactured for us Exclusively 

This tub is unquestionably 
the neatest plant tub obtain- 
able. Its adoption as the 
Dreer standard was the result 
of countless experiments at 
our Nursery. Comparisons 
will show the Riverton tub to 
be at least one inch deeper 
than others being offered. 
Made of cedar, with electric- 
ally welded hoops, painted 
green. The four largest sizes 
are supplied withdrop handles. 

Riverton Tub 

Outside Inside Length 
Diam. Diam. of Stave Each 

No. 70. 
No. 60. 
No. 50. 
No. 40 . 
No. 30 . 
No. 20. 
No 10. 

. .lOf 
. .12J 

. .19i 



. 10 in, 







.SO 75 
. 95 
. 1 45 
. 1 95 
. 2 45 
. 3 45 
. 4 45 


S8 25 
11 00 
16 00 
22 00 
27 00 
38 00 
49 00 

Additional handles for Riverton tubs can be sup- 
phed at 25c per pair. 

Heavy Tree and Plant Tubs 

Made of white cedar, painted green, and bound 
with extra heavy iron hoops; drop handles and iron 
feet supplied with all sizes. Removable bottom. 

Outside Inside Length of 



No. 8 12 in lOf in. 

No. 7 . . . 

...13 " 


No. 6... 

. ..14 ■' 


No. 5 . . . 

...16 " 


No. 4... 

...18 " 

... 16* 

No. 3... 

...21 " 


No. 2 . . . 

...23 " 


No. 1 . . . 

...25 " 


No. 0... 

...27 " 


. . 9* in 

.S3 75 
. 4 25 
. 5 00 
. 6 00 
. 7 00 
. 8 00 
,10 00 
,11 00 
.12 00 

Earthenware Flower 
Pot Saucers 

Sizes Each Doz. 100 

4 in SO 03 SO 35 S2 25 

5 " 04 45 3 00 

6 " 06 65 4 50 

7 " 09 95 6 75 

8 " 12 1 20 9 50 

9 " 18 1 80 12 50 

10 " 25 2 50 20 00 

12 " 40 4 00 30 00 

14 " 50 5 00 40 00 

Wood Fiber Saucers 

Extremely neat in appearance, 
finished in mahogany brown. 

8-inch diameter 
10 " 
12 " 
14 " 
16 " 
18 " 


SO 75 


1 00 

1 50 

1 75 

2 25 

$8 25 

9 50 
11 00 
15 50 
19 00 
22 00 

Rubber Saucers 

Neat in appearance, waterproof. 
The sizes listed indicate the size 
standard flower pot each saucer 
will accommodate. 

Each Doz. 

4 in $0 15 SI 65 

6 " 25 2 75 

8 " 35 4 00 

10 " 65 7 50 

12 " 85 9 25 

Steel Pot 

Iron Pot 

Pot Brackets. These brackets 
swing freely over the radius of a 
half circle. Iron, fitted with one 
receptacle that will accommo- 
date any pot up to the 6-inch 
size; for one pot, 60c postpaid. 
Iron Bracket, for two pots, one 
receptacle for 5-inch pot, one for 
6-inch pot, 80c postpaid. 
Steel, for 5-inch pots, 70c post- 
paid; 6-inch pots, 85c postpaid; 
7-inch pots, $1.00 postpaid. 

Pot Hangers. 

An easily at- 
tached wire ar- 
rangement for 
hanging pots. 
For 5, 6, 7, and 
8 -inch pots. 
State size 
wanted. 10c 
each; 12 for 60c 

Paper Flower Pots 
Neponset Green Waterproof 

Made of a tough, specially treated paper 
and retains moisture very satisfactorily. 
Testing under actual growing conditions 
has proved that this container may be used 
successfully when seedling plants are 
grown therein over the full growing period. 
Send for circular and sample. 

Doz. 100 1000 

2 i 










pots $0 20 SO 85 

•' 30 90 

" 35 95 

" 40 1 00 

" 45 1 45 

•• 50 1 70 

" 55 2 40 

" 60 3 20 

Garden Flats 

S7 00 
7 25 

7 SO 

8 00 
10 00 
12 00 
16 00 
22 50 

Pot Hanger 

Garden Flat 

Garden Flats are a decided convenience 
to any one growing plants, flowers or 
vegetables, from seed. Made of choice 
lumber and so designed that the front is 
removable. This permits sliding out the 
pots without breaking up the soil or dis- 
turbing the roots. 

The illustration pictures the No. 1 flat 
fitted with 36, 2 inch square, Kraft Paper 
Board Pots. These pots are made with 
bottoms and may be put into the ground 
by merely unlocking the bottom leaving 
the roots undisturbed. 

The 2 inch pots are suitable for most 
flowering plants and smaller vegetables, 
the 3 inch pots for tomatoes, eggplant, 
cabbage, etc. 
No. 1 Garden Flat with 36, 2-inch pots 

each 75c: * doz. S4.00. 
No. 3 Garden Flat with 16, 3-inch pots 

each 75c; * doz. S4.00. 

Kraft Board 
Pots sold sep- 
arately if de- 

2-inch -100 for 
85c: 1000 for 
$7.50, post- 
3-inch -100 for 
$11.00, postpaid. 

Kraft Board Pots 



"_New Method of 
Plant Protectioa 

After starting your seedhng plants in 
kraftboaril pots or in Neponset pots it may 
be desirable to set such plants in their 
permanent place in the garden as soon as 
the soil can be worked. If you will do this 
and use Hotkaps "the miniature individual 
greenhouse" for protection, very early 
harvests are certain to result. Hotkaps are 
described and priced on page 176. 


Lawn Mowers and Accessories 

The Pennsylvania Junior High -Wheel 
Ball Bearing Mower 

This splendid mower is recog- 
nized generally as the finest lawn 
mower made. Used extensively 
in Parks and Cemeteries, by 
Landscape Gardeners and others 
who demand a machine that will 
stand up under the most rigorous 
service yet operate easily and cut 
smoothly. A train of three gears 
on each side, encased in dirt proof 
housings, gives the mower great 
driving power so that clean cut- 
ting results even in thick, tough 

Constructed with 5 extra-wide crucible steel blades riveted to unbreakable 
malleable iron supports. Self-aligning ball bearings, with fine eccentric screw 
adjustment. Raised edge crucible steel lower blade. Wheels 10 inches in diameter, 
with two steel ratchet pawls in each. 

15-inch cut S21 95 19-inch cut S26 85 

17-inch cut 23 95 21-inch cut 29 85 

Dreer Low-Wheel Mower, similar in construction to the 
Pennsylvania Jr. but with plain bearings on the cylinder. 8-inch drive wheels. 
At the prices quoted the Dreer Low-Wheel Mower is the best buy in a lawn 
mowing machine today. When the present limited supply is exhausted there 
will be no more to be had at any price. 

12-inch cut SU SO 

14-inch cut 16 50 

16-inch cut $18 50 

18-inch cut 21 50 

Great American 

Built of aluminum by "Pennsylvania". 
This brand new mower for 1938 is the last 
word in lawn mower construction. It is 
considerably lighter than ordinarj' mowers 
and therefore easier to push, yet it holds 
steadily to the ground even when cutting 
thick heavy grass. Two screws, fitted 
with spiral springs, permit quick and easy 
adjustment of the lower blade. AH bear- 
ings are packed in grease. The 10-inch 
drive wheels are fitted with rubber tires 
and the roller is rubber covered resulting 
in practically silent action. 

16-inch cut, 35 lbs., S19.35. 

19-inch cut, 38 lbs., §23.35. 

The Penna-lite 
Aluminum Mow^er 

A high-grade lawn mower weighing but 
29 lbs. Constructed of tough aluminum 
alloy, 14 lbs. lighter than the regulation 
lawn mower. The blades are made of 
crucible tool steel, oil hardened, and tem- 
pered. Fitted with 10-inch drive wheels, 
S cutting blades, and has ball bearings. 
15-inch cut, $16.15 ; 17-inch cut, S16.95. 

Spike Disc 
Lawn Cultivators 

This scientifically constructed lawn cul- 
tivator makes it possible to renovate even 
quite threadbare lawns and is invaluable 
in reseeding, fertihzing, and top dressing 
any lawn. The spiked discs will thoroughly 
aerate the soil, breaking up the baked hard 
surface and banish the growth of moss and 
fungi. It is an essential accessory to keep 
the lawn in first class condition through- 
out the entire growing season. 

The No. 30 Lawn Cultivator is 

equipped with 19 Discs, each 9j inches 
in diameter. Spiking width 18 inches. Net 
weight 90 pounds, this weight may be in- 
creased as desired with bags of sand. 
Price $27.50. 

Model 22, for small 
lawns, with 11 discs and 
a spiking width of 10 
inches. Fitted with a per- 
forated tray so that seed 
or fertilizer may 
be strewn while 
discing. . . .$15.00. 

Law^n Trimmers 

Coldwell. A high quality tool for trim- 
ming along walks, walls, or flower beds, out 
of reach of the regular lawn mower. Width 
of cut, 8 inches, $10.50. 

Pennsylvania Undercut Constructed 
with a slanting side plate and a conical 
cylinder making it possible to cut all grass 
left by the regular mower in places hereto- 
fore accessible only to hand shears. It will 
pay for itself in labor saved even on a small 
place. Width of cut 6 inches, $10.95. 

Penna Trimmer and Edger 

Penna Trimmer and Edger. Sim- 
ilar to the standard type trimmer with the 
additional advantage of a disc wheel turf 
edger, $9.65. 

The Silent 
Yard Man 


The sensation of the 1937 season. Never 
before have we offered a mower that has 
received so much favorable comment, par- 
ticularly from professional gardeners. It is 
of steel construction which makes it prac- 
tically unbreakable. Easy to operate be- 
cause of its lightness and more silent in 
operation than any other mower with which 
we are familiar. 

14-inch, S15.7S: 16-inch, $16.50; 
IS-inch, $17.50. 

"Spring Garden" 
Ball Bearing Mower 

Made only in the high-wheel type, with 
10-inch wheel, five bladesof oil-hardened and 
water-tempered crucible tool steel; double 
gears, one in each drive wheel. Has a self- 
sharpening, raised edge, tool steel bottom 
knife, and perfect fitting ball cups and 
cones, all insuring the best all-around, easy 
running machine of its type made. 

17-inch cut $17 00 

19-inch cut 19 00 



Lawn-Making Accessories 

Grass Edger. The Planet Jr. revolving disc edger 
is a most convenient lawn edging tool. $2.00, 

Grass Hooks or Sickles. 

Harrison Sickle. Possibly the finest English grass 
hook made; of riveted back construction. $1.35. 

Eraser's English. Riveted back. The blade is of 
rather thin steel, reinforced along its back with 
heavier metal; No. 2, 80c; No. 3, 90c; No. 4, $1.00. 
Solid steel blade, 70c. 

Little Giant. One of the better known quality sickles 
• of domestic manufacture. 70c. 

Dreer Sickle. A light-weight, narrow-bladed sickle of 
excellent quality. SOc. // Sickles are wanted by 
parcel post add 15 cents to the price of each tool. 

Scythes and Snaths, see page 177. 

Planet Junior 

Grass Edger No. 90 Grass Shear 

Shears. Grass, No. 90. Blades are of razor steel, Sj inches in 
length. The handles, which have been designed to fit the contour 
of the hand, are of malleable iron, neatly japanned. $1.00 per 
pair, postpaid. 

Grass or Sheep Shears, Domestic. 5J-inch $1.25; 7-inch $1.50. 
Imported English, Sheffield Steel, 5i-inch $2.35; 7-inch $2.50. 
Imported German, 5§-inch $1.50. 
(Grass Shear prices are postpaid.) 

Feed your lawn regularly to maintain a 
vigorous growth. Three applications are recom- 
mended—in early spring, early June, and early 
July. See "Dreer Lawn Fertilizer" on page 181. 


Grass Edging Knives. English with straight 
handles, $2.50; Domestic, with straight handles, 
$1.25, or fitted with a "D" shaped handle $1.35. 

Spike Tamp. A 

combination sod 
perforator and 
tamper. Loosening 
a single nut allows 
the head to be 
changed from one 
tool to the other. 
6 inches square, 
weight 13 pounds, 

Rollers, Water 
Ballast. A very 
easy-running roller. 
The rounded edges 
prevent tearing of 
the sod. The special 
feature of this roller 
is that it can be ad- 
justed to varying 

weights with water. 

No. 601. Diam. 14 in., 
width, 23 in., empty, 
60 lbs.; filled, 250 

pounds $14 00 

No. 602. Diam., 18 in., 
width, 23 in., empty, 
75 lbs.; filled, 330 

pounds 16 00 

No. 603. Diam. 23 in., 
width, 23 in., empty, 
100 lbs.; filled, 440 

Water Ballast Roller pounds 18 00 

No. 604. Diam., 24 in., width 32 in., empty, 115 lbs.; 

filled, 590 pounds 20 00 

Planet Jr. No. 210 Fertilizer Distributor. 

By the proper use of the various fertilizers offered 
in the catalog a beautiful lawn is readily ob- 
tained. This Planet Jr. Fertilizer Spreader will assist 
materially in properly applying such plant food, and 
will do this work much easier and quicker 
than any other method. Adjustable feed 
allows for small or liberal apphcation. 
The spreader is 
14 inches wide 

and holds from j^ Grasswip, 
25 to 30 pounds j^' A clever two- 
of fertili- ^ edged grass and 

zer. $6.75, j^ weed cutting 

tool cutting 
equally well on either 
the forward or backward 
swing. Nicely balanced, 
fitted with a most com- 
fortable handle and 
swmgs as easily as a golf 
Grasswip club. Cutting blade is 

renewable. $1.25, post- 
Lawn Cleaners 
The Pennsylvania Lawn Cleaner will remove from the 
lawn not only the cut grass, but all sorts of litter, leaves, and 
trash. The suction created by the three rapidly revolving brushes 
for rakes) cleans the lawn on the same principle as the vacuum 
cleaner operates on carpet. It is easy to operate and with it one 
man will do more and better work than four men with hand 
rakes. Cleans a swath 24 inches wide, $35.00. 

Planet Jr. No. 210 



Allies Rake 

Bailie Lawn Rake. 

This tool, fitted with 24 
teeth, made from flat 
spring steel, is so well 
constructed and of such 
superior material that 
we believe it to be the 
best lawn rake avail- 
able, $2.00. 

Rakes for the 

Ames. Wood with 3 
steel reinforcing bows. 
24 teeth $1.40. 

Automatic. The double 
head wood rake that 
clears itself instantly 
through a single push in 
an opposite direction. 
26 teeth $2.00; 38 teeth 

Bailie Lawn Rake, 
upper view shows 
spring construction 

Will sweep the lawn of even the 
finer particles. Very light in weight, fitted with polished 
hardwood handles, 18-inch head 75c; 24-inch head $1.00. 

The Depue Superbilt 
Rake is without ques- 
tion the finest wood 
lawn rake ever offered. 
The head of the tool 
and the handle are of 
straight grained ash, 
the 28 teeth of hickory. 
The handle and the 
steel supporting arms are bolted solidly into the head. $2.00. 

Bamboo Broom Rake. 


Lawncomb. Flat steel 
teeth and a one piece 
steel frame. Combs 
the lawn of the small- 
est particles. 18-inch 
head $1.25; 24-inch 
head $1.75. >^ 

Steel Garden Rakes are ^ 
listed on page 176. 


Lawn Sprinklers and Garden Hose, see page 175 



Asparagus Buncher 

Asparagus Knife 

Asparagus Bunchers. Philadelphia 
Xo. 1, makes 3 to 3i-inch bunch. 
No. 2, makes 4 to 5i-inch bunch. 
Either size, §4.50 postpaid. 

Asparagus Knife. Total length 14 inches, 50c postpaid. 

Asparagus Tape. A good, strong cotton tape i^ inch wide. 
2jO yard spools, green only, §1.25 postpaid; 1000 yard spools, 
red or green, per spool, §3.50 postpaid. 

Bulb Planter. The ''hole in one" bulb-planting 
tool removes the soil and makes a perfect planting 
hole for practically all sorts of bulbs in one easy 
operation. 60c postpaid. 

In setting bulbs such as Gladiolus, Lilies, etc., in the 
perennial border this tool or the Senior Model men- 
tioned below will be found extremely satisfactory. 

Bulb Planter, Senior Model is used from a 
standing position, has an adjustable feature 
that accurately controls various planting depths. 
$4.25 postpaid. 

Cultivator, Norcross. 

A light weight, efficient 
tool, for either deep or| 
shallow cultivation. Fit- 
ted with a four foot 
polished hardwood han- 
dle, §1.30 postpaid. 
With 5 cultivating prongs SI. 75 postpaid. 

. Cultivator and Weeder Planet 
Jr. Star Pulverizer. Very effec- 
tive for working the flower garden. 
Permits cultivation where the plants 
are close. Fitted with a 4 foot 
handle; width of cultivation Tj 
inches, §3.50 postpaid. 

Bulb Planter 

Xorcross Cultivator 

Cultivator and Weeder 

Planet Jr. Speed Hoe 

Planet Jr. Speed 
Hoe. Weeds, 

mulches, culti- 
vates. The combi- 
nation of the saw- 
toothed blades 
with the scufHe, or 
knife blade, or the 
cultivating teeth 
thoroughly pul- 
verizes the soil, 
kills and pulls out 
all weeds, and does a complete job of cultivating with but a 
minimum of effort. Made in two sizes; 8-inch §7.00; 10- inch §7. 50 

Nitragin Culture for Inoculation of 
Legumes. Legumes, such as Garden Peas, 
Sweet Peas, Lima Beans, Clovers, etc., will, 
when inoculated with the proper bacteria, 
show quite an increase in the nitrogen-bearing 
nodules upon their roots. This greatly benefits 
the crop upon which it appears and future 
plantings as well. 

Garden size, for Sweet Peas, Ltipine, Garden 
Peas, Lima and Bush Beans, 15c, postpaid. 
Dibbles. Useful in setting seedling plants in 
their permanent beds. Iron point, wood 
handle, 90c, postpaid; brass point, wood 
handle, §1.10, postpaid. 

Band Weeding Fork. A 
strong, serviceable tool, 
65c, postpaid; with 4- 
foot handle, 95c, post- 
Hand Weeding Fork paid. 
Spading Fork. 4 flat, pointed steel tines, §2.00; 5 tines, $2.50; 

boys' §1.10. 
English Digging Fork. Four pointed solid steel, square tines. An 
exceptionally fine tool §3.25. 


Flower Holders. When arranging flowers and foliage in bowls 
or other shallow containers our flower holder permits the most 
graceful effects since the stems may be placed at any angle. 
Made of metal that will not rust nor corrode. WiU not tilt nor 
upset. Green Lacquer, Bronze, Silvei 
Plate, Gold Plate, and Black Enamel 
Finishes. Postpaid 

Xo. l,5j-inchdiam., f-inch mesh..Sl 25 
Xo. 2, 4 -inch diam., -J-inch mesh. 
X'o. 3, 3j-inch diam., ^-inch mesh. 
X'o. 4, 2i-inch diam., i-inch mesh. 

1 00 

Flower Holder 

Gloves. Eezy Wear Garden. Light weight, all 
leather that is soft and pliable. WiU be found en- 
tirely satisfactory for any purpose, excepting 
where very heavy thorns are to be handled. In 
ordering specify for men, or for women. Per pair. 
75c, postpaid. 

Eeavy, Thornproof Gloves to protect against briers, 
etc., with heavy gauntlets, sizes &} to 11 -i in- 
i elusive, S2.00. 


Grafting Chisel 

Grafting Knife and Chisel. Cut- 
ting blade, 3 J inches long, §1.75 

Grafting Wax. J lb. 30c, postpaid; 
lb. 65c, postpaid. 

Grape Bags. The Dreer Grape Bag will 

withstand practically any weather con- 
dition throughout an entire season. Fruit 
should be bagged when it has attained 
the size of a pea, first spraying as an 
added protection against blight and fun- 
gus. Wired complete ready for use, 100 
for 60c, postpaid; 1000 for §5.25, postpaid. 

Wired Grape Bag 
Greenhouse Shading. A green-colored 
paint-like material to spray on the glass 
for the tempering of the sun's rays dur- 
ing the summer. Gallon §3.50. 
Hanging Baskets. 

Wire, painted green, one size only, 

8-inch diameter, 25c each; §2.50 doz. 
Wire, galvanized, of slightly heavier con- 
struction than the painted baskets. 


8-inch §0 30 

10-inch 50 

12-inch 60 

14-inch 80 

16-inch 1 00 

\\"ire Hanging 

Rake and Hoe {Fig. 1), 4 teeth §1.15; 6 teeth $1.25. 

Half Moon (Fig. 2), 4-in. §1.15; 5-in. §1.25; 6-in. S1.30. 

Warren Hoe {Fig. 3), for furrowing, hoeing, etc., 7-in. 

Baby Warren Hoe, 4-in. blade §1.10. 

Scuffle Hoc {Fig. 4), stamped steel, 6-in. §1.15. 

Scuffle Hoe, forged steel, 6-in. §1.50. 

Weeding Hoe {Fig. 5), 1 point 90c; 2 points (Fig. 7), §1.00. 

Square Hoe (Fig. 6), 6-in. $1.15. 

Potato Hoe, or Manure Drag, 4 tines SI. 75. 

If wanted by mail add 15c for postage. 


174 ^ complete catalog of Planet Jr. Cultivating and Seeding Equipment will be sent upon request 


Hose, Rubber. Each brand of garden hose offered below has 
been chosen because of its exceptional construction and will 
give length of service well beyond that to be had from 
the average hose. 

"Spring Garden," jinch, 15c per foot. 

"Riverton," f-inch, 17jc per foot. 

"Electric," |-inch, 24c per foot. 

"U. S. Royal Cord," f-inch, 20c per foot. 

The "Red Cap" Garden Hose Coupling. 

Snaps on, is water tight, and disconnects 
in an instant. Easily installed, no tools 
needed. 60c postpaid. 

Rain King 

HoseNozzle "Rain King." 

A chromium plated, adjust- 
able nozzle that will throw 
varying streams of water, 
ranging from a far reaching 
jet to a wide fan-shaped 
spray, 75c postpaid. 
Red Cap Coupling 

Hose Nozzle Holder. Made of heavy wire, well galvanized to 
prevent rusting. Used just as shown in the illustration. 30c 

Siamese Connection. Permits the use of two lines of hose 
from a single outlet. $1.00 postpaid. 

Hose Nozzle Holder Flaring Rose Hose Nozzle Siamese Connection 

Flaring Rose Hose Nozzle. Has five rows of fine perfora- 
tions across the face giving a fan-shaped spray. Excellent for 
watering lawn or garden. 75c postpaid. 

Hose Menders, Perfection. Leaks and breaks in the garden or 
greenhouse hose can be easily remedied with the Perfection hose 
mender. 15c each; $1.50 per dozen, postpaid. In ordering mend- 
ers mention size of your hose. 

Lawn Sprinklers, 
Rain King Model 
D. A revolving 
sprinkler with ad- 
justable nozzles. Of 
sturdy simple con- 
struction. $3.00 

Model D Rain 
King Sprinkler 

Bain King Model G. An attractive revolving type sprinkler 
that delivers a good volume of water over a reasonable area in a 
most effective manner. Postpaid, $4.00. 

Waterfan.A real 

rain -making 
machine distrib- 
uting 6 gallons 
of water per 
minute (at 30 
K)s. pressure), 
from 17 nozzles 
over a rectan- 
gular area 30 by 
45 feet. $16.00, 
postpaid, Waterfan 

This plant growth sub- 
stance stimulates the growth 
of roots on cuttings or slips 
which are treated with a 
diluted solution in accord- 

®ance with directions furnished with each 
package of Hormodin A. 
Through the use of "Hormodin A" amateur 
gardeners as weU as professionals may now 
easily reproduce their own plants from cuttings 
with full assurance of success if directions are 
carefully followed. Even species of plants difficult to root wiU 
yield to this special treatment. 

Perennials, Roses, Shrubs, Evergreens, Ornamental and Fruit 
Trees may all be treated successfully under conditions that may 
easily be furnished by the home gardener. 20 unit package, 
sufficient for 500 cuttings $1.00; 60 unit size $2.00; 240 unit size 
$7.00; 480 unit size $13.00. 

Plant Labels. 

Wood, pointed, 
for pot and gar- 
den plants. 

Size 100 1000 

4 xf inches .$0 35 $2 25 
4^ X I inches. 40 2 65 

5 X finches. 45 2 75 

6 X J inches. 50 3 00 

Pointed Pot Label 


8 X I inches. .! 

10 X finches. . 

10 X J inches. . 

12 X li inches. 

100 1000 
;0 85 $7 00 
75 6 00 
1 00 8 50 
1 50 12 00 

Wired Wood Label 

Wood, wired, 3j x | inches, 
for trees, shrubs, Dahlias 
and similar plants, 40c 
per 100; $2.75 per 1000. 

Simplex Garden Label for marking specimen plants, 
card measures 2j in. x IJ in. Stake 24 in. high. 
25c each; dozen $2.75. 

NOTE— If labels are to be sent by Parcel 
Post add lOc per 100 and 35c per 1000. 

Label Pencils. Special rainproof, 10c each; $1.00 
per dozen. 

Labels. Copper or Zinc, wired for attaching to shrubs, 
trees, etc., 31 inches, marking is done with a stylus 
furnished free with each hundred. 30c per doz.; 
$2.00 per 100. 

Simplex Plant Labels. Writing is protected by a transparent cover 
and will remain legible indefinitely. Fitted with wires for at- 
taching to plants. No. 1, 3 x j inches 50c per doz. ; $3.00 per 100. 

Label Ink. Weatherproof for marking upon Simplex and other 
celluloid labels, 1 ounce bottle $1.00. 
Label Ink. For inscribing upon zinc labels only, per bottle SOc. 


'/^criC/-<Si^ 6ZnaeicxS/ 




Green Weatherproof Plant Labels. Easily marked with a 
pointed steel stylus (suppUed free) which cuts through to the 
white base producing a beautiful effect of white lettering on a 
dark green background. Stylus, when sold separately 15c. 

No. 31-3 X J inches, 45c per doz.; $2.50 per 100. 

No. 32-4 X f inches, 65c per doz.; $4.00 per 100. 

No. 33-5 X 1 inches, 85c per doz.; $5.50 per 100. 

Perfect Garden Labels. When marked with 
an ordinary lead pencil the writing wiU re- 
main legible through all kinds of weather. 
Placed in the garden the horizontal marking 
space is easily seen yet the attractive blue- 
gray color of the labels blends well with the 
fffiliage and soil. 

Border Size, 5 in. long for general garden use, $1.00 per doz.; 

25 for $2.00; 100 for $7.75. 
Rock Garden Size, 4 in. long for small plants in the rock garden, 

90c per doz.; 25 for $1.75; 100 for $6.75. 
Show Garden Size, 7 in. long, a more conspicuous label for taller 

growing plants, $1.25 per doz.; 25 for $2.50; $9.50 per 100. 
Tie on Label, 3 J in. x J in. for roses, shrubs, etc.; fitted with 

copper wire. $3.00 per 100. 
Pot label, 4 in. X f in. for pots, seed frames, etc. $2.50 per 100. 

A complete listing of Lawn Sprinklers will be sent upon request 





New Method of 
Plant Protection 

Hotkaps. A scien- 
tifically construct- 
ed wax paper cone 
that you place 
over each plant 
permitting the 
setting out of 
seedling plants several weeks earlier than is ordinarily possible. 
These miniature hothouses wiU protect your plants from frost, 
wind, rain, insects, and ground crusting. Trial set of 25 Hotkaps 
and setter, postpaid for 65c; 100 Hotkaps SI. 75. 100 Hotkaps 
with a special garden setter and tamper $2.65; 250 Hotkaps with 
a special garden setter and tamper $3.85. Standard package of 
1000 Hotkaps $10.25. 

Hotkap Setters. Special Setter, suitable for the backyard 
garden 50c; Steel Setter $1.50. 

Hotbed Mats. Frostproof Burlap, 40 x 76 inches $2.25. Double 
mat, 76 x 76 inches S4.00. 

One side waterproof, one side Burlap, 40 s 76 inches $3.00. 
Double mat, 76 x 76 inches, $5.00. 

Hotbed Sash. Made of If-inch Cypress throughout, 3x6 feet. 
Unglazed, not painted §3.75. Glazed and painted with 2 coats 
aluminum paint $8.00. 

Hotbed Thermometers. Frame is of hardwood, with a cast 
aluminum point, $3.00. Illustrated on page 177. 

Mole Traps. Traps are set 
above newly made burrows, 
the movement of the rodent 
beneath releasing the mech- 
anism that results in the cap- 
ture of the mole. When the 
Reddick trap is sprung pointed 
spears are driven through the 
body of the mole. 
Acme, as illustrated, $2.00 
postpaid; Reddick $1.25 post- 


Nails, Wall. For supporting climbing vines. 
Fitted with a soft metal e.xtension which 
clasps the vine to wall. 1-inch 35c doz. ; 
$2.50 per 100; l|-inch 50c doz.; $3.25 per 
100; 2-inch 65c doz.; $4.00 per 100. All 
prices postpaid. 

Peat, Imported. Valuable for improving 
sandy and clayey soil. I5 pecks 50c; 1 bushel 
$1.00, postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. Sl.OO; ^^^ ^^'^^ 

50 lbs $1.50. Per bale, sufBcient to cover 250 square feet one 
inch deep, $4.00; five bales $18.50; ten bales $35.00. 

Watermat. The 
Watermat makes 
it possible to have 
plants in the home 
that are as perfect 
as those grown in 
the greenhouse. 
Place the mat in 
the saucer below 
the plant and 
keep moist at all 
times. This is in 
addition to the 
regular watering. 
Gives remarkable 
results with many 
kinds of plants. 
Large size, for 6 
to 8 inch pots 35c; 

medium size, for 4 to 5| inch pots 30c; small size for pots 

up to 3 J inch 2Sc, postpaid. 

Saucers. Earthenware, Rubber, and Wood Fiber. Seepage 171. 

Bakes, Garden. Level Head Rake, steel, 12 teeth $1.15; 

14 teeth $1.35; 16 teeth $1.50. 

Bow Slccl, teeth slightly curved, 12 teeth $1.25; 14 teeth 

$1.50; 16 teeth $1.65. 
Lawn Rakes. See page 173. 


Saws. California 
Pallern. 14-inch 
curved blade, 
$1.65 postpaid. 

California Pattern Saw 

Disston Hand Pruning Saw 

Pacific Coast Type Saw 

Disston D-21. Has a stiff, 
narrow blade, similar to a 
hand saw, a hornless handle 
and long, needle-point, 
special-shaped teeth. Blade 

Disston Hand Pruning 
14-inch $1.40 
16-inch $1.75 
18-inch $1.85 
20-inch S2.00, 
Pacific Coast Type. The 
blades are 14 inches 
long and are inter- 
changeable. S2.65 
postpaid; extra blades 
35c each. 

Disston's Saw D-2 7 

6 inches wide at the butt, 1} inches at the point, 26 inches 
long. A superior saw for tree surgery. $4.00 postpaid. 

Shears, Hand Pruning. 6-inch, nickel-plated, for ladies $1.75. 
Dreer's Special, A first quality pnming shear, 9-inch. (,No. 3 

in illustration) $2.00 postpaid. 
Perfection. Blades, handles, and spring forged from a single 

piece of steel. A shear for the more difficult work. ( No. 1 in 

illustration) $4.50 postpaid. 
Wiss. 9-inch heavy. This shear is recommended particularly 

for heavy work $3.50 postpaid. (Similar to No. 3). 
French. Wheel spring ( No. 2 in illustration) 7-inch $2.50; 

8|-inch $3.00; 10-inch $3.25, postpaid. 
French. Hand forged, hand made; an exceptional shear for 

careful pruning. 8-inch $4.00; 9-inch $4.50, postpaid. 
Double Cut or Dahlia Shear. Curved, pointed, double cutting 

blades. Fine for dividing Dahlia clumps, etc 9-inch ( A'o. 4 »>» 

illustration). Imported $5.50, postpaid. 
Pruning Shear, 
"Snap Cut" . Un- 
equaled for ease 
of operation and 
therefore the ideal 
tool for ladies' 
use. 6-inch $1.35 
postpaid; 8-inch 
$2.10 postpaid. 
Shears, Tree Pruning 
ruggedly built tool. 

Snap Cut Pruning Shear 

No. 1. 
No. 2. 
No. 3. 

E. K. P. Forester, is a powerful and 
All parts heat-treated and fully inter- 
changeable. An ex- 
ceptionally fine two- 
hand wood cutting 
H. K. P. Forester 

Capacity 1^ in 20 in. long $5 00. 

Capacity 1 J in 27 in. long 6 00. 

Capacity 2 in 34 in. long 7 00. 

Lever Lopping 
Shear. The extra 
leverage obtained 
through the com- 
pound lever ac- 
tion of the han- 
dles of this rug- 
ged tool permits 
easy cutting of 
branches up to 1 J inches in diameter. 26 inches in length. $3.50. 

Head of Compound Lever Lopping Shear 


Shears, Tree Pruning 

Compound Lever, Pole Pruner. The most powerful pole pruner. 

10 ft. S5.00; 12 ft. S5.50; 14 ft. $6.00. 
Waters, Pole Pruner. The type used by telegraph and telephone 

linemen. Supplied complete with poles. 8 ft. $2.75; 10 ft. 

$3.00;12ft. S3.25;14ft. $3.50. 

Bedge Shears, American. The finest quality hedge shear of 

domestic manufacture to be obtained. 6-inch $1.50; 8-inch 

$2.25; 9-inch $2.50; 10-inch $3.00; 12-inch $3.50. 

Wilkinson's English. The Wilkinson is conceded to be the best 

of the foreign-made tools. 8-inch $3.75 ; 9-inch $4.00; 10-inch 

$4.50; 12-inch $5.00. 

Yeakle. The Yeakle Shear is of the same appearance as the 

ordinary hedge shear excepting that the blades, which are 

hand forged and oil tempered, are fitted with a spring tension 

that keeps them in position on the heaviest work; the finest 

hedge shear obtainable. $5.00 per pair. 

Scissors. Acme Flower Gathering. So 

designed that they retain hold upon 

the flower stem after the bloom has 

been cut which greatly facilitates the 

gathering of cut flowers. 75c per pair, 


Scythes. Fraser's English. Riveted back, 30 and 32 inch $3.00; 
34 inch S3.25 ; 36 inch $3.50. 

Little GiantScyihes. 28, 30, or 32 inch blades $2.25 each. 
Heavy BushScythes. $2.50 each. 
Scythe Stone. English Talacre 35c; Darby 30c; Carborun- 
dum 40c. 
Scythe Snath or Handle, $2.00. 
Sickles. See Grass Hooks, page 173. 


flower. shear. 






Steel Shank. _ 

grade steel, blade polished and tempered 95 c postpaid. 

Transplanting. Narrow steel blade 35c postpaid. 

18 inch diameter, 1 inch, J, j, i and rs inch mesh $2.00 
12 inch diameter, J inch mesh only, $1.25. 

Spades, D-Handle. Pohshed blades $2.00; small spades 
or ladies' use, either short orlong handles, $1.50. 
Burbank Spade. Narrow blade, rounded point, $2.50. 
Nursery Spade. Handle is reinforced its entire length, 
both front and back with steel straps. $3.50. 
Thermometers. We carry but one grade of ther- 
mometers, the best and most accurate procurable. 
Safe delivery guaranteed. 
Greenhouse. Tin case, Japanned. 8-in. $1.75. 
Greenhouse. Copper case, 12-in. $2.75. 
Self Registering. Indicates maximum and minimum 

degrees of temperature. Pohshed brass case $5.50. 
Hotbed or Mushroom. Frame is of hardwood, point cast 

aluminum $3.00. 
Trowels. Stainless Steel. Similar in shape to the English 
pattern trowel— can not rust nor corrode, beautifully 
finished and with perfect balance. $1.75 postpaid. 

A transplanting model in the stainless steel trowel is 
also available, blade measures Ij inches across and 
6 inches long. $1.75 postpaid. 
Dreer Trowel. The trowel most liked by professionals. 

The blade is flat and unusually strong, and is ideal 

for bulb planting. 95c postpaid. 
English Pattern. Blade and shank forged from one piece 

of high-grade steel. 5-inch 85c; 6-inch 90c; 7-inch 

95c postpaid. 

Blade and shank forged from a single piece of high- 

Torches. For burning caterpillars' nests. 
Made with a wire frame filled with shredded 
asbestos. Torch is saturated with kerosene or 
gasoline. 60c postpaid. 

Watering Cans. The English and French 
type of watering cans are hand made of ex- 
ceptionally heavy non-rusting metal. The AgV, 
spouts are extremely long and each can is Torch 

supplied with two roses, one having fine perforations for the 
watering of seed and seedUngs, and the other with coarser 

The light round cans have short spouts and are furnished with 
but a single rose having coarse openings. 

English Pattern French Pattern 
Light Round 

6 qt $1 00 

8 qt 1 20 

10 qt 1 35 

12 qt 1 50 

16 qt 2 00 

Window Garden Watering 
Can. Made of copper 
with a handle of brass. 
Spout is of seamless cop- 
per tubing. Capacity Ij 
quarts. $2.25 postpaid. 

Heavy Round 

Heavy Oval 

$5 00 

$5 75 

5 50 

6 00 

6 00 

6 50 

6 75 

7 00 

7 50 

8 00 

Eureka Weeders 
Weeders. Eureka, postpaid 65c; with 
2-foot handle, postpaid 85c; 4-foot 
handle, postpaid $1.00. 


Dandelion and Plantain Extractor 

Dandelion and Plantain Extractor. A 
most practical and efficient weeder, 
25 inches long, $1.40 postpaid. 

Excelsior Weeder. Claw is made of mal- 
leable iron galvanized to prevent rust- 
ing. 25c postpaid. 

Magic Weeder 

English Pattern Steel Trowel 

Lang's Weeder. An all-metal 
device that is used in weed- 
ing vegetable crops that are 
sown in drills. 30c postpaid. 

Magic Weeder. The fingers are 
made of tempered wire, flat- 
tened out upon the points. A 
device permits drawing the 
fingers as closely together as 
may be desired. 35c postpaid. 

Wheelbarrows. The Dreer Special Garden Wheelbarrow is con- 
structed of hardwood throughout. The bed measures 27 inches 
in length, 18 inches across at the wheel, and 21 J inches at the 
handle. Finished in clear varnish so that every construction 
detail is visible. Fitted with a broad tread wheel that will not 
mar the turf. $10.00. The Dreer barrow can also be fitted with an 
inflated rubber tire, 4 x 16, priced complete $16.00. 

The Keystone Leaf Rack. Made of heavy galvanized wire 
bolted to a wood base. Has a capacity of ten bushels of litter. 
Fits the Dreer or any other standard barrow. $8.50. 

Good Garden Tools are a wise investment 


Plant Supports and Tying Material 

stakes. Bamboo, Dyed Green. Very fine for staking Delphinium, 
hardy Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, etc. 

Length Doz. 100 1000 

18 in $0 12 SO 40 S3 50 

24 in 15 50 4 00 

30 in 20 60 

36 in 22 75 

Bamboo, (^Natural) Heavy. 

Length Doz. 100 1000 

48 in SO 30 SI 25 S8 00 

60 in 35 1 40 10 00 

72 in 40 1 60 14 00 

4 50 

5 50 I 
Suitable for Dahlias and Roses. 

Doz. 100 

f-inch diameter, 4 ft. long SO 60 S4 50 

f to |-inch diameter, 6 ft. long 85 6 00 

Split Bamboo. A reasonably stiff support for 
pot-grown plants. Hyacinths, Tulips, etc. 


SI 50 

1 75 

2 00 
2 50 

12-inch SO 25 

15-inch 30 

18-inch 35 

24-inch 40 

Wood Stakes. Tapering, painted green. Of 

medium weight, for supporting annuals and 

the less heavy perennials. 

Each Doz. 100 
lih SO 03 SO 25 S2 00 

2 ft 05 45 3 50 

2Ht 06 65 5 00 

3 ft 09 85 6 SO 

4 ft 12 1 25 10 00 

5 ft 15 1 50 12 00 

Slakes. "Dennis" Square. No other plant 

stake offers so many possibilities. It is 

sufficiently strong to support the hea\nest 

plant. Each stake is furnished complete 

with a piece of flexible rattan that may be 

laced through a series of holes, which are bored in the stake, for 

the purpose of enclosing the foliage of the plant to be supported. 

Or three or four stakes may be used to completely encircle a 

vigorously growing peony. Again a number of stakes may be 

placed in a continuous row, the rattan passing from stake to 

stake to form an ideal trellis for Sweet Peas. Dozen 100 

i-inch X 3 feet long SI 00 S7 50 

J-inch X 4 feet long 1 25 9 50 

1-inch X 5 feet long 1 50 11 50 

-inch X 6 feet long 1 75 13 50 

Heavy Dahlia Slakes. Painted green. Possibly 
the strongest stake to be had. 


3 ft SO 15 

4 ft 20 

5 ft 25 

"Dennis" Stake 

6 ft... 


Doz. 100 
SI 40 SIO 50 

1 85 14 00 

2 40 18 00 
2 90 22 GO 

% inch wide, dyed green, fine for tjing 

up heav\' plants, such as Dahlias. 250 yard 
spools SI. 25 postpaid; 1000 yard spools S3. 50 
Bloom Support. The arms of 
this support are designed to stake 
the individual bloom of flowers 
such as Delphinium, Lilies, 
Chrysanthemum, etc., doing 
away with the bunchy appear- 
ance that results where tape or 
twine is used. The arms are 
most adaptable, bend or. slide 
them to any position and they 
remain put. 

30-inch stake $1.75 per doz.; 42- 
Bloom Support inch S2.00 per dozen. 

Additional arms 50 for SI. 50. 

Timesaver Plant Supports. Supports are made 
of cold drawn steel, are pointed and looped. Each 
stake is complete with a galvanized wire sliding chp 
and twine for tying plant to be supported. In using 
this support the twine is looped about the plant 
then passed into the wire chp— no further tying 
being necessary. 

No. 1 — 28-inch stake 9Sc per doz. 

No. 2 — 34-inch stake SI. 15 per doz. 

No. 3 — 40-inch stake SI. 60 per doz. 

No. 3 A — 46-inch stake S2.20 per doz. 


Plant Support 

Adjustable Car- 
nation Support 

Stakes, Galvanized Iron Wire. 

i-inch diameter. Doz. 100 1000 

2 ft SO 25 SI 25 $11 00 

3 ft 35 1 90 16 00 

4 ft 45 2 50 2 1 00 

5 ft 60 3 00 26 00 

6 ft 75 3 50 29 00 

Carnation Supports, ^(f/ui/a We. Extremely 
satisfactory in the flower garden for Snap- 
dragons, Carnations, Pyrethrum, Petunias, 
etc. ; being adjustable to a height of 24 inches; 
rings measure 7 inches in diameter. $1.00 per 
doz.;S6.50per 100. 

Adjusto Plant Support. Consists of a hard- 
wood stake I inch square together with a wire 
ring which may be adjusted to varying heights 
to conform with the growth of the plant. 

Each Doz. 

3 foot stake, 12 in. ring SO 20 S2 25 

4 foot stake, 12 in. ring 25 2 50 

Certain plants such as Peonies or Toma- 
toes are best supported through using 
several rings to each stake. Additional 
rings 15c each; $1.25 dozen. 

Model Peony or 
Tomato Trel- 
lis. Of heavy 
galvanized wire, 
height adjust- 
able to a ma.xi- 
mum of 35 in. 
Each ring meas- 
\ ures 14 inches in 
I diameter. 35c 
1 each; $3.50 per 


Model Peony or 
Tomato Trellis 

Adjustable Ring Plant Support. 

A convenient device to use since it is 
practical to place it in position after 
the plant is quite mature. Rings may 
be adjusted to accommodate any plant 
having a diameter up to 20 inches, up- 
right supports 34 inches in length. 35c 
each; $3.50 per dozen. 
Plant Tie. The most convenient device 
for fastening flowering stems to supporting 
stakes. A slight squeeze between the 
fingers and the stem is definitely though 
inconspicuously tied. Use them with 
wire, bamboo, or wood stakes and for 
tying Lihes, Delphiniums and in fact any 
flowering stem or branch requiring the 
le:ist support. 100 for 35c postpaid; 1000 
for $2.65 postpaid. 

Adjustable Ring 
Plant Support 

Plant Tie 

Raffia. This fiber, being tough and pliable, is unsurpassed 

for tying plants. Natural color, pound 50c; dyed green, 

pound 85c postpaid. 
RafflaTape. A strong tying tape, nile green. 250 yard spool 

$1.10 postpaid. 
Tape. Cotton Fabric, 5i6 inch wide, dyed green, an excellent 

tying medium particularly for heax-y plants, such as Dahlias. 

250 yard spool $1.25 postpaid; lOOOyard spool S3. 50 postpaid. 
Twine. Cotton, Green, 15c per ball; pound (8 balls), $1.00. 

Cotton, White, 3 ply, 10c per ball; pound (6 balls), 50c 

Julc, 2 and 3 ply, 25c per ball; pound (2 balls), 40c. 

Jute, 5 ply, in one pound balls, 35c per ball. 
Silkaline. A strong green thread for stringing Smilax, 

Asparagus sprengeri, etc.; fine, medium, and coarse. 40c 

per spool; pound (8 spools), $2. 85 postpaid. 

Spraying and Dusting Equipment 

Blizzard Continu- 
ous Sprayer. Of 

one and two quart 
capacities, fitted with 
a nozzle that will per- 
mit under-foliage spraying. Tank is 
made of copper and the pump of brass. 
This is, in our opinion, the finest sprayer 
of its type ever offered. One quart size 
.25; two quart size $3.75, postpaid. 

Rubber Sprinklers. Ideal for syringing 
and spraying house plants. 6 oz. straight 
or angular neck, 8Sc; 8 oz. $1.10; 10 oz. 
$1.25 postpaid. 

Rubber Plant 

The Insect-O-Gun 

The Insect-O-Gun attaches directly 
to the garden hose and due to the 
water pressure a penetrating, wide 
angle "fan" spray is obtained. The 
Insect-O-Gun is fitted with a standard 
pint Mason jar and can be used with 
any insecticide that is soluble in 
water. Each filling of the jar supplies 
the equivalent of 3 gallons of spray 
solution. No adjustments are neces- 
sary, and there are no moving parts 
except the trigger which releases the 
water pressure. $3.75 postpaid. 

The Arnold Garden Hose Sprayer attaches 
directly to the garden hose, and as the water 
passes through the cartridge 
chamber, the insecticide, in 
cartridge form, is dissolved in the 
y«3' proper quantity so 

a'S.fc^-,-yj^i^-^^ that the resulting 
solution discharged 
from the nozzle in 
a fine spray is 
adequate for insecti- 
cide control and 
fungus prevention. 
Sprayer complete 
with 6 cartridges in- 
cluding nicotine, 
colloidal sulphur, 
and pyrethrum- 
rotenone, $5.00. 

Additional cartridges 40c each; 6 for $2.25. 

Feeney Duster 

The Feeney Duster. The best small hand duster for apply- 
ing dry insecticides like "Pomo Green" either in the flower 
or vegetable garden. Fitted with a long spout which permits 
dusting close to the ground and on the under side of foliage 
without stooping. Model B, capacity about 1 pint, $1.25 
postpaid. Model D, capacity two quarts, $3.25 postpaid. 

The Green Hand Dus- 
ter. Has a capacity up 
to 4 pounds. Constructed 
with a large powerful bel- 
lows, and is complete 
with a 30 inch extension 
tube and spreader. Light 
and compact, easy to op- 
erate, and will handle any 
of the dusts that can be 
used in larger outfits. 
$7.50 postpaid. 

Green Hand Duster 


-'^ 4-GaIlo 
Double Bottom — Double Strens^Il 

Compressed Air 

Compressed Air Sprayer 

No. 1. A four gallon com- 
pressed air sprayer. Fitted 

complete with an automatic 

swivel nozzle, and a 2 foot ex- 
tension rod. Galvanized metal 

tank $6.50. Copper tank $9.50. 
Compressed Air Sprayer 

No. 50. 25 gallon capacity. In gated' 

appearance and construction » 

this sprayer is similar to the 

above except that the nozzle is 

in a fixed position. Galvanized 

$4.00. Copper $6.50. 
Knapsack Sprayers, Dem 

ing. Constructed so as to be ton" 

earned comfortably across the nozzle 

operator's back. The mechan- 
ism of this type pump develops 

higher pressures, with less 

effort, than is possible in other' 

than much larger equipment. 

All working parts are readily 

accessible. Tank capacity 4 

gallons. Equipment includes a 

3 foot spray hose, an automatic shut off, extension rod, and 

spray nozzle. Brass tank $20.00. Galvanized tank $16.50. 
Knapsack Sprayers, Vermorel. The best of the imported 

knapsack type sprayers. Brass tank, 5 gallon capacity, $18.00. 

Bucket Spray Pump. Where limited 
amount of spraying has to be done, using 
the heavier spray solutions such as arsen- 
ate of lead, the "Perfect Success" Bucket 
Pump becomes the perfect sprayer. Will 
also spray whitewash or cold water paint 
without clogging. All working parts are 
brass. Fitted with four feet of hose and a 
Bordeaux nozzle, {bucket not included). 

Additional extension rods oj brass, 2 feet 
long to fit either of the above sprayers 65 c. 

Perfect Success 
Bucket Pump 

Sprayer, Dem- 
ing. Distinctly a 
"one-man" ma- 
chine. Hose and dis-' 
charge pipe are of 
sufficient length to 
spray young or low- 
growing fruit trees. 
Pump has IJ- 
inch brass tube cylinder with adjustable strokes, brass plunger, 
ball valves, and valve seats. Tank holds 10 gallons, and is de- 
tachable from frame. Tank is made in brass or galvanized iron. 
Ten feet of f-inch discharge hose with "Demorel" nozzle and 
4-ft. spray pipe are included. With galvanized tank $33.00. 
Brass tank $40.00. 

Paragon Sprayers. An extremely 
satisfactory machine for either white- 
washing, cold water painting, white- 
coating the greenhouse glass, or 
spraying, having a capacity for cover- 
ing at the rate of 100 square feet a 
minute. The narrowness of this outfit 
is an aid in greenhouse spraying be- 
cause of the ease with 
which, it can be 
moved up and down 
the aisles and around 
the benches. Equip- 
ped with a 12 gal. tank 
mounted on a truck, 
three 2% ft. extension 
< pipes, 2 nozzles and 

y 10 ft. of hose, $23.50. 

Wheelbarrow Sprayer 

No. i Paragon -Sprayc-r 

For Insecticides and Fungicides, see page 180 


Insecticides and Fungicides 

Parcel Post. All insecticides may be delivered by Parcel Post and we wiU 
mail your order providing sufficient postage is remitted. 

Ansul Formaldehyde Dust. A seed 
and soil treating material controlling 
seed-borne disease as well as damping 
ofF of seedlings and cuttings. Lb. 75c; 
Slbs. S2.00;251bs. S6.00. 

Antrol. An effective control for the 
honey-dew loving species of ants. An- 
trol ready-filled set containing 4 filled 
feeders 40c; Regular set of 4 containers 
and 4 ounces of Syrup 75c; Antrol 
Sj'rup, 4 ozs. 35c; pt. 85c; gallon §3.50. 

Antrol Ant Traps. A most convenient 
method for controlling both grease and 
sweet eating ants. Each 15c. 

Ant Destroyer. An effective remedy 
for ants, i lb. 30c; i lb. 50c; lb. 75c; 
5 lbs. S2.00. 

Arsenate of Lead. The standard in- 
secticide for the control of chewing 
insects. Lb. 40c; 4 lbs. §1.00; 24 lbs. 
$5.50; 100 lbs. $18.00. 

Astogen. A control for soil aphids 
attacking Asters, Calendxila, and Snap- 
dragon. In the vegetable garden Asto- 
gen will prevent root maggots from 
harming many crops, including Radishes, 
Onions, Cabbage, etc. 2 lbs. 75c; 5 lbs. 
$1.50; lOlbs. S2.75;2Slbs.S5.00. 

Black Leaf 40. A concentrated nicotine 
solution for aphis, thrips, and red spider. 
Oz. 35c; 5 ozs. Sl.OO; lb. $2.25; 2 lbs. 
S3.2S; 51bs. $5.85; 10 lbs. $10.60. 

Bordeatix Mixture. The recognized 
preventive for most fungus diseases. 
Lb. 40c; 4 lbs. $1.00; 24 lbs. $5.50. 

Cyanogas, "Calcium Cyanide," Grade 
A, for the destruction of ground moles, 
woodchuclcs, rats, and other rodents. 
Lb. 75c; 5 lbs. $3.00. 

Dandelion Killer. A half teaspoon- 
f ul applied in the crown of a dande- 
lion plant will destroy it within 36 
hours. The material then acts as a 
fertilizer, promoting a vigorous 
growth of grass. Pound carton 35c. 

Dog Skat. Keeps dogs and cats from 
shrubbery. Tube releases vapor offen- 
sive to animals and lasts one year. 
Tube 30c. 

Dogzoff. A liquid that when sprayed 
upon your foliage plants will give com- 
plete protection from dogs. Not offen- 
sive to humans. 4 oz. bottle 60c. 

Evergreen. A non-poisonous pyreth- 
rum insecticide that destroys a great 
number of chewing and sucking insects. 
Oz. bottle 35c; 6 oz. bottle §1.00; 
pt. S2.00; gallon $11.00. 

Tungtrogen. A most effective control 
for mildew, black spot, and other fungus 
diseases of Roses. Will not discolor the 
foliage. Half pint 75c; pt. $1.25; qt. 
$2.00; half gallon $3.50; gallon $6.00. 

Garden Spray, "Red Arrow." A 
contact insecticide that may be used 
upon tender foliage and flowers without 
burning or staining. Economical to use, 
being decidedly effective at dilutions of 
one to five hundred. Oz. 35c; Jpt. $1.00; 
pt $2.70; qt. $4.00; gaUon $12.00. 

Grape and Rose Dust. Powder. An 
effective preventive for mildew and 
other fungus diseases in the garden or 
greenhouse. Lb. 40c; 5 lbs. $1.50. 

K. R. O. "Kills Rats Only." May 

be used with entire safety about the 
home, the barn, or poultry house, since 
it is not a poison and is harmless to 
human beings, live stock, pets, or 
poultry. 2 oz. package 75c. 
Lemon Oil. Effective against scale 
and aphids. J pt. 30c; pt. 50c; qt. 85c; 
gallon $2.50; 5 gallons SIO.OO. 

Lethane440. A highly recommended 
material for the control of all sorts of 
sucking insects, mealy bug, red spider, 
thrips, etc 6 ozs. $1.00; pt. $2.00; 
qt. $3.00; gallon $8.50. 

Lime Sulphur Solution. An insecti- 
cide and fungicide for spraying fruit 
trees to control San Jose scale and 
fungus diseases. Qt. 50c; gal. $1.00; 
5 gals. $4.00; 10 gals. $6.00; 30 gaL 
barrel S9.50; 50 gals. $13.00. 

Lime Sulphur Powder. A summer 
spray for apples, pears, cherries, and 
plums. Lb. 40c; 5 lbs. §1.75; 10 lbs. 
§2.50; 25 lbs. $4.50; 50 lbs. §8.25. 

Loro. A contact insecticide for use on 
practically all plant life for the control 
of aphids, midge, red spider, mealy bug 
and similar difficult to kill insects. 
Pint §2.00; gallon $9.75. 

Mologen. A non-poisonous material 
that wiU eliminate moles from your 
lawn in several days. ^ lb. 50c; 1^ lbs. 
§1.25; 5 lbs. $4.00. 

Napthalene Flakes. Useful in con- 
troUing Gladiolus thrips, Cyclamen 
thrips, together with certain soil insects. 
Lb. 20c; 5 lbs. 75c; 25 lbs. $3.50. 

Nice Fume. Liquid. An effective 
vaporizing liquid. Lb. $2.50; 4 lbs. 
$6.00; Slbs. §11.00. 

Nico Fume. Paper. A nicotine prepa- 
ration. Furnishes easy method of fumi- 
gating the greenhouse. Box of 24 sheets 
$1.50; 144 sheets $4.75; 288 sheets §8.50. 

Nico Fume. Powder. A fumigant less 
Ukely to damage plants than any other. 
Contains 121 per cent, nicotine. Lb. 
§1.15; 5 lbs. §3.50; 10 lbs. $6.25. 

Pomo-Green with Nicotine. The 
leaf-green all-in-one Dust or Spray. A 
combination material which controls 
fungus diseases, and kills both leaf- 
eating insects and aphids. Leaf-green in 
color and never unsightly on plants. 
May be used for dusting or spraying. 
Lb. can 75c; 5 lb. can $3.00. 

Pomo-Green without Nicotine. (For 
use as dust only) is highly recommended 
where aphids or other sucking insects are 
not present. Lb. 50c; 5 lbs. $1.75. 

Pyrote. A non-poisonous combina- 
tion of pyrethrum and rotenone, toxic 
to insects whether leaf-eating or sap- 
sucking. 1 oz. 35c; 6 ozs. §1.00; pint 
$2.00; gallon $12.00. 

Rotecide. A rotenone product that a 
number of the larger growers find in- 
dispensable in controlling mealy bug on 
Gardenias. Quart $3.00; gallon $8.00. 

Scalecide. A complete dormant spray 
for San Jose scale, and other orchard 
pests. Qt. 65c; gal. $1.55; 5 gals. $5.75; 
10 gals. $10.50; 15 gallon drum $14.00; 
30 gals. $23.50; 50 gals. $32.00. 

Semesan. A disinfectant for the control 
of seed, plant, and soil diseases. It in- 
creases seed germination and prevents 
damping off fungus. 2 ozs. 35c; lb. $2.25; 
5 lbs. §9.90. 

Slug Shot. One of the best known 
remedies for Cabbage and Currant 
Worms as well as other leaf-eating in- 
sects. Harmless to humans. Lb. 25c; 
5 lbs. $1.00; 25 lbs. §4.00. 

Snarol. An effective bait for controlling 
cutworms, grasshoppers, snails, slugs, 
and sow bugs. Not injurious to plants. 
1§ lbs. 35c; 4 lbs. 85c; 15-lb. bag $3.00. 

Soap, Fish Oil. 

Soap, Caustic Potash Fish Oil. 

Soap, Rosin Fish Oil. 

Any of the aboie soaps: Lb. 30c; 
S lbs. $1.25; 10 lbs. §2.50; 25 lbs. §4.00. 

Sulphur. Powdered. For mildew. Lb. 
15c; 5 lbs. 50c; 10 lbs. 85c. 

Sulrote. A combination of Rotenone 
and Sulphur, controUing Gladiolus 
thrips, Ctunch bugs, and the Me.xican 
bean beetle. Applied dry as a dust and 
is non-poisonoiis. Lb. 40c; 5 lbs, $1.25; 
25 lbs. $5.50. 

Sunoco Spray Oil. A control for scale 
insects on Evergreens, deciduous trees, 
and Shrubs. GaL $1.40; 5 gals. $5.50. 

Tobacco Dust. Finely ground for 
dusting. Lb. 15c; 5 lbs. 50c; 25 lbs. 
§1.50; 100 lbs. $4.00. 

Tree Tanglefoot. A paste preparation 
painted around the trunks to keep cater- 
pillars, etc., from crawling into the trees. 
One pound makes from 12 to 15 hneal 
feet of band. Lb. 70c; 5 lbs. $3.30; 
10 lbs. §6.25; 25 lbs. $13.00. 

Tri-ogen — Rose Garden Spray. 

Affords definite protection against 
practically all insects and fungus dis- 
eases in the Rose garden. We unhes- 
ilatingly recommend Tri-ogen as Ihe 
best all-round spray material thai has 
as yet been developed for the protection 
of Roses. Trial size $1.50; Standard 
size S-1.00; Large Outfit $6.00; Estate 
kit $20.00. 

Volck, Nursery. Effectively controls 
aphis, mealy bug, white fly, thrips, etc., 
while for red spider and scale insects 
upon Evergreens it is unequalled. Does 
not discolor fohage. ^ pt. 35c; pt. 50c; 
qt. 75c; gaUon$2.00; 5 gallons $6.50. 

Garden Volck. Containing both nico- 
tine and soap, resulting in practically a 
complete spray, insecticide, fungicide, 
and ovadde. Effective against aphis. 
Cyclamen mite, white fly. Chrysanthe- 
mum midge, rust, and mildew. 3 oz. 
bottle 35c; pt. $1.00; qt. §1.50; gallon 
§4.00; 5 gallons §12.50. 

Weed Killer. Kills all plant growth. 
Dilute 1 part with 40 parts of water. 
Applied with an ordinary watering can. 
Qt. 50c; i gal. 85c; gal. $1.50; 5 gals. 
§6.50; 30 gal. drum §32.00; 50 gal. 
drum §43.50. Not mailabk. 

Wilson' 3 O. K. Plant Spray. Will 
destroy aphis, red spider, lace wing fly. 
Currant worm, and other soft-bodied 
insects, h Pt- 40c; qt. $1.00; gal. $3.00; 
5 gals. $12.00; 10 gals. $22.00. 


Contact insecticides are those that destroy insects 
when coming in "contact" with their bodies 

Fertilizers for Lawn and Garden 

Dreer's "Peerless" Rose Food 

Following careful experiments we are prepared to supply a special food that will 
aid your Roses toward unusual vigor and freedom of bloom. 

"Peerless" Rose Food is a carefully balanced fertilizer prepared with a bone meal 
base. Other organic as well as mineral elements have been added so that each ap- 
plication will furnish available food for a good period of time. "Peerless" Rose Food 
will not induce the growth of soft wood. On the contrary strong canes, a maximum 
of blooms and substantial root growth will follow its use. 10 lbs. $1.00; 25 lbs. $2.00; 
50 lbs. $3.50; 100 lbs. $6.00. 

Adco. The addition of Adco to the com- 
post pile or to other vegetable refuse, 
grass clippings, leaves, etc., will quickly 
produce a clean, odorless manure within 
four months. 7i lbs. $1.00; 25 lbs. $2.00; 
150 lbs. $10.50. 

Aluminum Sulphate. To make soils 
acid. Use one pound to 10 square feet 
of surface. 5 lbs. 50c; 10 lbs. 85c; 25 
lbs. $1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 100 lbs. $4.00. 

Ammonium Sulphate (25% am- 
monia). 5 lbs. 50c; 10 lbs. 75c; 25 lbs. 
$1.25; 50 lbs. $2.00; 100 lbs. $3.50. 

Ashes, Hardwood. A good fertilizer 
for Carnations, Delphiniums, Lilies, and 
similar plants requiring an alkaline soil. 
25 lbs. $1.25; 50 lbs. $2.00; 100 lbs. 
$3.00; 500 lbs. $13.50. 

filood Meal. A quickly available or- 
ganic fertilizer, containing 12% Nitro- 
gen. 5 lbs. 50c; 10 lbs. 75c; 25 lbs. $2.00; 
50 lbs. $3.50; 100 lbs. $6.00. 

Bone Flour. Very finely pulverized 
bone. 5 lbs. 40c; 10 lbs. 75c; 25 lbs. 
$1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 100 lbs. $4.25. 

Bone Meal, "Peerless" Quality. The 

fertilizer for all purposes; safe and effec- 
tive. Especially good for use in the Rose 
and perennial garden. 5 lbs. 40c; 10 lbs. 
75c; 25 lbs. $1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 100 lbs. 
$4.00; 500 lbs. $18.50. 

is natural cow ma- 
nure, containing 
not less than 75% 
organic matter, 
thoroughly dehy- 
drated and well pulverized. Entirely 
free of dirt and live weed seeds, and 
has much less odor than any similar 
fertihzer. Bovung is ideal for use on 
the lawn, while our experiments with 
it upon flowering plants have proved 
it superior to any other manure. 5 lbs. 
35c; 10 lbs. 60c; 25 lbs. $1.00; 50 lbs. 
$1.50; 100 lbs. $2.75; 500 lbs. $12.50; 
1000 lbs. $23.50; ton $42.50. 

Clay's Fertilizer, Imported. The 

outstanding fertilizer for greenhouse use. 
Bag of 28 lbs. $3.75; 56 lbs. $6.25; 
112 lbs. $12.00. 

Cattle Manure. Not pulverized, but 
rather shredded making it a desirable 
fertilizer upon heavy clay or loose sandy 
soils. 25 lbs. $1.40; 50 lbs. $2.25; 100 
lbs. $3.50; 500 lbs. $16.00; 1000 lbs. 
$30.00; ton $55.00. 

Chrysanthemum Fertilizer. Smith's 
Mum Manure, the fertilizer used by 
many commercial growers and which 
will produce the maximum yield from 
vour Chrysanthemum plants. 25 lbs. 
$1.50; 50 lbs. $2.75; 100 lbs. $5.00. 

Cotton SeedMeal. An excellent organic 
fertilizer for ericaceous plants such as 
Laurel, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, etc. 
5 lbs. 35c; 10 lbs. 65c; 25 lbs. $1.25; 
50 lbs. $2.00; 100 lbs. $3.50. 

Florida Peat Humus 

A light, fluffy, clean, and odorless 
soil builder which holds moisture and 
dissolved plant food which otherwise 
would be lost. It provides an ideal 
medium for the development of fine 
feeding roots and supplies organic 
matter in its purest and richest form. 
It also contains more than 3% valuable 
nitrogen. Use freely well mixed with 
the soil. 100 lbs. $2.50; 200 lbs. $4.50; 
1000 lbs. $20.00; ton $35.00. 

Hyper Humus, Humus is organic mat- 
ter that has reverted to a soil like con- 
dition. It will lighten heavy soils, while 
sandy soils are benefited through their 
added ability to retain moisture. 25 lbs. 
75c; 50 lbs. $1.25; 100 lbs. $2.00; 500 
lbs. $9.50; 1000 lbs. $15.00; ton $25.00. 

Lime, Hydrated. 10 lbs. 30c; 50 lbs. 
85c; 100 lbs. $1.40; 500 lbs. $6.75; 
1000 lbs. $13.00; ton $22.50. 

Limestone. Pulverized. In making soils 
alkaline nothing is safer than lime- 
stone. 50 ll:)s. 65c; 80 lbs. 85; 480 lbs. 
$4.50; 960 lbs. $8.00; ton $15.00. 

Loma. 25 lbs. 
100 lbs. $4.00. 

1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 

Muriate of Potash. S lbs. 45c; 10 lbs. 
75c; 25 lbs. $1.25; 100 lbs. $4.00. 

Nitrate of Soda. Valuable where quick, 
succulent growth is desired. 5 lbs. 40c; 
25 lbs. $1.25; 50 lbs. $2.00; 100 lbs. $3.50. 

Nitrophoska. A completely soluble fer- 
tilizer the use of which shows practically 
immediate results. Analysis 15% Nitro- 
gen, 30% Phosphoric Acid, 15% Pot- 
ash. 5 lbs. 90c; 10 lbs. $1.50; 25 lbs. 
$2.75; 100 lbs. $6.75. 

PeatMoss. 1| pecks 50c; 1 bushel $1.00 
postpaid. Not prepaid, 25 lbs. $1.25; 
50 lbs. $2.50; bale of 20 bushels (suffi- 
cient to cover an area of 250 square 
feet one inch deep) $4.00; 5 bales $18.50. 
10 bales $35.00. 

Phosphate, Superphosphate (16%). 
A stimulation in flower production will 
be observed upon soils fertilized with 
Superphosphate. 25 lbs. 85c; SO lbs. 
$1.25; 100 lbs. $2.00; 500 lbs. $7.50. 

Plantabbs. Package of 30 tablets 25c 
75 tablets 50c; 200 tablets $1.00; 1000 
tablets $3.50. 

Salt, Agricultural. Used upon As- 
paragus beds, chiefly for keeping down 
weeds. 100 lbs. $1.75; 500 lbs. $7.50. 

Wizard Brand Sheep Manure 

One of the most used animal ma- 
nures in the growing of flowers and 
upon lawns. 5 lbs. 40c; 10 lbs. 65c; 
25 lbs. $1.00; 50 lbs. $1.75; 100 lbs. 
$3.25 ; 500 lbs. $15.00; 1000 lbs. $28.50; 
ton $55.00. 

Soot, Imported Scotch. Used to pro- 
duce good color in greenhouse plants. 
Effective against grubs, worms, and 
other soil insects. 10 lbs. 75c; 25 lbs. 
$1.50; 50 lbs. $2.75; 100 lbs. $5.00. 

Stim-U-Plant. A concentrated ferti- 
lizer in tablet form. Package of 30 
tablets 25c; 100 tablets 75c; 500 tablets 
$2.50; 1000 tablets $3.50. 

Tankage. Very similar to blood but not 
so high in fertilizer content. 25 lbs. 
$1.25; SO lbs. $2.25; 100 lbs. $4.00. 

Tobacco Stems {Shredded and Ground). 
Supplies organic potash and nitrogen. 
It adds humus to the soil and will in- 
crease the value of any chemical ferti- 
lizer when used in equal parts. Very 
desirable for mulching the Rose garden. 
25 lbs. $1.00; 50 lbs. $1.75; 100 lbs. 
$3.00; 1000 lbs. $25.00. 

Tree Food, "Davey." A concentrated 
fertilizer prepared especially for trees by 
the Davey Institute of Tree Surgery.. 
Supplied in 50 lb. bags only; bag $3.75. 

Vegetable Garden Fertilizer. A 

properly balanced fertilizer that may be 
used with excellent results throughout 
the entire vegetable garden. 25 lbs. 
$1.00; SO lbs. $1.75; 100 lbs. $3.00; 500 
lbs. $12.50; 1000 lbs. $22.50; ton $40.00. 

Vigoro. A specially prepared food for 
lawns, vegetable and flower gardens, 
shrubbery, trees, etc. 5 lbs. 50c; 25 lbs. 
$1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 100 lbs. $4.00. 

Wonder Worker Garden Fertilizer. 

A complete fertilizer for the flower or 
vegetable garden. The analysis is 6- 
8-5 with not less than 60% of the nitro- 
gen being derived from organic sources. 
25 lbs. $1.50; 50 lbs. $2.50; 100 lbs. 
$4.50; 500 lbs. $20.00. 

Dreer's Peerless Lawn Fertilizer 

Feeding the lawn regularly is most necessary and three applications of food are 
suggested, in the early spring, in midsummer, and again during the autumn, used 
in this manner, Dreer's Peerless Lawn Fertilizer has given exceptionally fine 
results. Apply at the rate of one pound for each 100 sq. ft. (lO'xlO'). It is a 
complete well-balanced food with an analysis of 6-7-3. It is economical to use and 
perfectly safe. 10 lbs. $1.00; 25 lbs. $1.75 ; SO lbs. $3.00; 100 lbs. $5.00; 500 lbs. $22.50. 


Directions to Customers 

Order Early — We suggest that you send us your order as early as convenient. 
Please keep a copy of the order with whidi to check the goods when received. 

Name and Address — Please remember to write on each order and letter your full 
name. Post Office, County, and State. Also give the street name and house 
number, or P. O. Box besides the nearest Express Office. 

Cash With Order — Remit by Post Office Money Order, Express Money Order. 
Draft, or Check. If you send cash, register your letter. We cannot be held 
responsible if these directions are not followed. If you request goods wliich 
are "Not Prepaid" to be shipped by Parcel Post please include in your remittance 
the cost of postage and special packing as explained below. We decline sending 
goods C. O. D. (CoUect on Delivery). Prices subject to change without notice. 

Packing — No charge is made for boxes or packing on express or freight shipments 
nor for delivery to freight depot or express office in Philadelphia. The extra 
cost of "special packing" for parcel post shipments of plants and roots is included 
in the charges noted below. 

"Prepaid" and "Not Prepaid" Shipments in the 
U. S. A. and Possessions 

{For Canada and Foreign, see below) 

Seeds Sent "Prepaid" — All Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, and Lawn Grass 
Mixtures are sent "Prepaid" to any Post Office in the United States or its 
possessions, or at our option by Express or Freight Prepaid. Customer bears 
the cost of transportation on all other articles quoted "Not Prepaid." 

Plants, Roots, and Bulbs Forwarded "Not Prepaid" — All Plants, Roots, 
and Bulbs are forwarded "Not Prepaid" by Express which means that the cus- 
tomer pays the cost of transportation. Plants, Roots, and Bulbs that can be 
sent by Parcel Post as noted in the catalog will be mailed if you add to your re- 
mittance for postage and special packing: 

10% of their value, east of the Mississippi 
15% of their value, west of the Mississippi 
Minimum charge 10c 
We recommend to our customers to have their Plants, Roots, and Bulbs for- 
warded by Express as our experience shows that this method is usually the 
most satisfactory, except on small packages. 

Sundries — Sundries, e.xcept where quoted "Postpaid," are sent either by express or 
freight the purchaser paying transportation charges. Shipments by express offer 
the safest and quickest method of transportation but they are also more expensive 
than freight. If undecided you may safely leave the method of transportation to 
our judgment, otherwise please state on your order whether they are wanted by 
express or freight. 

Local Delivery — There is no charge for delivery of goods in Philadelphia and 
immediate suburbs. 

Shipment by Steamboat — Fast lines of Steamship connect Philadelphia with 
Baltimore, Boston, Jacksonville, Miami, and Savannah. This forms a con- 
venient, cheap, and safe method of transportation for heavy goods except during 
severely cold weather. 

Plants by Railroad Freight — Shrubs, Hedge Plants, and other dormant stock 
can be forwarded by fast freight even to distant points. 

Canadian Shipments 

Flower Seeds are sent "Prepaid." The complicated regulations concerning the 
importation of \'egetable Seeds from the United States into Canada force us, 
much to our regret , to decline all orders of Vegetable Seeds to be sent into Canada. 
All other goods are sent "Not Prepaid" by Express or Freight purchaser paying 
all transportation charges as well as customs duties. Patrons who wish to pur- 
chase Plants or Bulbs must first secure a permit from the Department of Agri- 
culture, Ottawa. If mailable Plants, Roots, and Bulbs are wanted by Parcel 
Post add 20% of their value to your remittance to cover postage and special 
packing. Minimum charge 10c. Remittances from Canada must be made in 
U. S. funds. 

Foreign Shipments 

Foreign Customers will please remit in U. S. Funds. Flower Seeds and Vegetable 
Seeds quoted "Prepaid" (except Beans, Peas, and Corn) will be prepaid for 
regular postage but transit and surcharges as well as any costs for Consular 
invoices or clearance papers are to be included in the remittance. All other goods 
are forwarded "Not Prepaid." If mailable Roots, Plants, and Bulbs are wanted 
by Parcel Post add 25% of their value to your remittance to cover postage and 
special packing. Minimum charge 10c. Customs duties cannot be prepaid. 

Alphabetical Index 

Time of Shipment — All Seeds, Dormant Roots, Bulbs and Sundries are for- 
warded as soon after receipt of order as possible unless shipment at a later time 
is requested on the order sheet. Roses and all Hardy Plants for the garden 
( Perennials. Shrubs, Hardy Vines, etc.) will be shipped at proper planting season 
unless othervvise specified on the order sheet. 

Safe Arrival of Packages — We guarantee safe arrival of all goods sent by express 
or mail to any point within the United States proper. If such packages are 
injured or lost we will replace them as soon as notified of the fact. Goods sent 
in any other way travel at purchasers' risk. Claims for damages or errors must 
be made on receipt of goods. We cannot be held responsible for failure after 
delivery of goods in good condition. 

Non- Warranty 

We give no warranty, express or implied, as to description (including kind, variety, 
and name), quality, or productivenesis of any of the seeds, bulbs, or plants we 
send out and will not in any way be responsible for the crop, and every order for 
articles purchased from this catalog will be accepted on these conditions only. 

Correspondence — Your inquiries will have our prompt attention but we ask that 
all questions be stated clearly and briefly. Give them on a piece of paper separate 
from the order sheet and always add your full name and address to each. 

Henry A. Dreer, 1305 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Telephones— Bell : Poplar 7585 — Keystone: Race 7629 

A Plants. 

Seeds Bulbs 

Abella 142 

Abronia 11 

Abutllon 11 

Abyssinian Banana. 45 

Acer 140 

Achillea 11 128 

Achimenes 103 

Aconitum 11 119 

Aeorus 147 

Acroelinlum 12 

Actlnidia 144 

Adam's Needle. . .68 137 

Adiantum 166 

.\dlumia 12 

Aethionema 128 

African Daisy . 15. 35 

Star Pink 112 

" Violet 16S 

Agapanthus 164 

Agathea 12 

Ageratum..l, 12, 36 112 

Aglaonema 164 

Agrostemma 12 

Agrostis 37, 102 

Ajuga 119, 12S 

Akebia 144 

Alkanet 13 119 

Allamanda 164 

Allegheny Vine. . . 12 

Almond, Flowering 140 

Aloe 169 

Aloj-sla 113 

Alpine Wallflower. 24 

Althea 39 13S 

Alum Root 39 

.Alyssum 12, 13. .119. 128 

Amaranth. Globe. 37 

Amaranthus 13 

Amaryllis 103 

Amazon Lily 165 

American Ivy 144 

" Lotus 147 

Amethyst 20 

Ammobium 13 

Ampelopsis 13 144 

Anacharis 147 

AnagalUs 13 

-Ancliusa 13 119 

Andromeda 142 

•Anemone 13 128 

Anise 85 

Annual Mallow . . 40 
" Poinsettia. .36 

Anthemls 13 128 

Anthurium 164 

Antirrhinum . . 14, 33 112 

Aponogeton 147 

Aquarium Plants. ...'.... 147 

Aquatics 147 

Aquilegla 1, 15. .120, 12S 

Arabis. . . . ■ 15 129 

Aralia : 164 

Araucaria 164 

Aretotis 15 

Areca 167 

Argemone 15 

Armeria 15. .119, 129 

Arrowhead 147 

Artemisia 120, 129 

Artichoke 72 

.\rundo 131 

Asclepias 129 

Asparagus. . 15, 72. . 164, 169 

Asparagus Fern . . 15 164 

Aspidistra 164 

Asplenium 131, 166 

Aspldium 131 

Aster, Annual . 1, 16, 17, IS 

" Cornflower. . .62 137 

" Hardy. . 19. .120, 121, 129 

" Stokes' 62 137 

Astilbe 121 

Aubrietia 19 

Aiu-lcula 19 

Avena 102 

Avens 36. .123, 131 

Azalea 138. 142, 164 

" Evergreen 142 

Baby's Breath. . .37. . . . 


Bachelors Button. 37. . . 


Balloon Flower.. .49 

Vine 19 

Balm 85 

Balsam 19 

Apple 19 

Pear 19 

Sultan's.. 40 

Zanzibar. 40 

Baltic Ivv 


Banana. Abyssinian 45 

Baptlsia 19 


Barberry 138. 142, 




Barborton Daisy 




Basil. Sweet 85 

Biisket Flower. . .25 

Ba-iiket of Gold .13 


Beans. 72. 73. 74, 75 

Beans, Bush. 72. 73. 74 

" Hyacinth . 35 

" Lima .74.75 

" Pole 75 

" Lima. 75 

Hunnlng. 75 

Scarlet Runner. 6C 

" Shell 75 

Bcird TonKue 49 


Beauty Berry 




Seeds Bulbs 

Bedding Plants 112-114 

Beets 76 

Sugar 76 

Begonias 19. 20 ... . 103 

Belladonna Lily 103 

Bellflower 22 . 121, 130 

" Chilean. ... 5 

" Japanese. . .49 

Bellis 20 

Beloperone 112 

Belvedere 40 

Berberis 138, 143 

Bergamot 133 

Bignonia 144 

Bird of Paradise Flower. . 168 

Bird Seeds 102 

Bird's Foot Trefoil 125 

Bishop's Hat 131 

Bittersweet 144 

" Evergreen . . . 145 

Blackberries . 17O 

Black-Eyed Susan Vine. 65 
Blanket Flower . 36 . . 1 18. 131 

Blazing Star 41. . 125. 133 

Bleeding Heart 131 

BlueBells 22 ... 133 

" of Scotland. 22 
Blue Bell. CaUfornia . 49 

Blue Bonnet 60 136 

" Texas.. 43 

" Cups 5. 47 

" Daisy 12 

" Eyed .African 
Daisy .... 15 

" Fescue 131 

" Lace Flower. 32 

" Lily of the Nile 164 

" LymeGrass 131 

" Meadow Sage 126 

" Sage 59 

" Wing Flower. 65 

Bluet 25 

Bocconia 20 

Boltonia 20 130 

Books. Horticultural 185 

Borage 85 

Borecole 85 

Boston Ivy 13 144 

Bougainvlllea 164 

Boxwood 142, 143 

Brachycome 20 ' 

Brazilian Golden Vine. . . .114 

Bridal Wreath 141 

Broccoli 77 

Broom 166 

Browallia 20 

Brussels Sprouts. 77 

Buddleia 138 

Bugle 119, 128 

Busloss 13 

Bulbs. Summer Flow.103-1 11 

Burning Bush 139 

Bush Beans. 72. 73. 74 

" Esclischoltzia.39' 

" Honeysuckle 140 

" Lima Beans. . .74 

Buttercup. Trailing 135 

Butterfly Flower. 61 

" Shrub 138 

" Violet 67 

" Weed 129 

Bu-xus 142, 143 

Cabbage 78 

Cabomba 147 

Cacalla 20 

Cactus 165, 169 

Caladium 104 

Calceolaria 20 

Calendula 2. 21 

Calilornia Blue Bell 49 

" Poppy 35 

" Privet 140. 143 

Calla 104 

Calllcarpa 138 

CaUlopsis 21,27 

Calllrhoe 130 

Calluna 143 

Calycanthus 138 

Camellia 165 

Campanula 22, .121, 130 

Campion 43. 61 133 

Canary Bird Vine. 23 
Canary Seed. . , . 102 
Candytuft 23 

" Hardy 40 124 

Canna Ill 

Cantaloupe 88 

Canterbury Bells .22 130 

Cape Forget-Me-Not , 13 

" Hyacinth 105 

" Jessamine 166 

" Marigold. . .35 

Caraway 85 

Cardinal Climber 23 

- Flower... 42. .125, 133 
Cardlospernium, . 19 

Canloon 77 

Carnation 23 130 

("arrot 79 

Caryoptcris . . . .24 . U2, 121 
Castor Oil Bean . . 58 

Catalonlan Jasmine 167 

Catananclic 24 

Catchllv 61 

Cathedral Bells. .27 

Catnip 85 

Mauve. . .47 

Cat Tall 147 

Cauliflower 77 

Celandine. Tree 20 


Dreer's Garden Book for 1938 

Seeds Bulbs 

Celastrus 144 

Celeriac 80 

Celery 80 

Cabbage. .78 

Celosla 2, 24 

Centaiirea 2, 25 130 

Centranthus 24 

Cerasostigma 135 

Cerastlum 24 130 

Cercis 138 

Ceylon Creeper 168 

Chamomile 85 

Chard, Swiss .76 

Chaste Tree 141 

Cheiranthus. .24, 67 

Chelone 49 130 

Cherries 138 

Cherry, Christmas. 61 

" Japanese 138 

Cherry, Pie 38 113 

Chervil 77 

Chicory 77 

Chilean Bellflower . 5 
China Aster. 1, 16-18 

" Pink 31 

Chinese Azalea 138 

" Cabbage ... 78 

" Evergreen 164 

" Forget-Me-Not.29 
" Lantern Plant. 49. . .135 
" Primrose ... 57 
" Wooinower . 24 

Chlonanthus 138 

Chironia 112 

Chives 85 169 

Christmas Cactus 165 

" Cherry 61 

" Rose 124 

Chrysanthe- (3,26(115-117, 
mum 1 61 1121, 130 

Chrysoboltonia 121 

Cibotium 166 

Cimiclfuga 121, 130 

Cineraria 26 

Cinqueloil 56 126 

Cissus 165 

Clarkla 27 

Clematis 27 . . 130, 144 

Cleome 27 

Clerodendron 165 

Clethra 139 

Climbing Lily 105 

Plants 144,145 

Clivia 165 

Cloud Grass 37 

Clover 71 

Cobaea 27 

Cockscomb 24 

Cocos 167 

Colx 37 

Coleus 27 

CoUards 80 


" Flower.. 29, 47 
" Vegetable . 101 
" Perennial Plants . . . 120 
Columbine . . 1, 15. . 120, 128 

Columnberry 143 

Coneflower 58 136 

Confederate Jasmine 168 

Conservatory Plants . 164^169 

Convallaria 130 

Convolvulus 45 

Coral Bells 39 132 

Coreopsis 27 130 

Coriander 85 

Corkbark 139 

Com, Pop 82 

" Rainbow. . .58 

» Salad 82 

" Sweet.. .81, 82 

Cornflower 2, 25 130 

" Aster 62 137 

Cornus 139 

Cos Lettuce 87 

Cosmos. . . .3, 28, 34 

Cotoneaster 142 

Cowslip 126 

Crab Cactus 165 

Crassula 169 

Crataegus 143 

Creeping Zinnia. .58 

Crepis 27 

Cress 82 

" Rainbow Rock. 19 

" Rock 15 

" Water 82 

Crimson Bells 132 

Crown of Thorns 165 

Cucumber 83 

" Vine, Wild. 35 

Cumin 85 

Cupflower 134 

Cup and Saucer 

Vine 27 

Cupid's Dart. . . .24 

Cyclamen 29 

Cydonia 140 

Cynoglossum. . . .29 

Cyperus 147, 165 


Cypress Vine .... 29 
Cyrtomium 166 


Daffodil, Peruvian 105 

Dahlia 29 . . 108, 109, 110 

Daisy, African. 15, 35 

" Barberton 113 

" Blue 12 

" English. .. .20 

" Giant 135 

" Livingstone. 44 

" Mlchaelmas.l9 129 

" Moonpenny.61 


Seeds Bulbs 

Daisy, Painied ... 26 135 

" Persian .... 56 

" September 121 

" Shasta. . . .61. .126, 136 

" Swan River. 20 

" Tahoka. ,9, 64 

" Transvaal .. 36 113 

" Yellow 41 

Dame's Rocket ... 62 

Violet 62 

Dandelion 84 

Daphne 143, 165 

Davallia 166 

Day Lily 118, 132 

Delphinium. 4, 30,41 122 

Desmodium 139 

Deutzia 139 

De vil-ln-the-Bush 47 

Dew Plant 44 

Diadem Pink. . . .31 
Diamond Flower . 40 
Dianthus... (23, 31,/122, 130, 
(32, 641131, 137 

Dicentra 131 

Dicksonia 131 

Dictamnus 32 123 

Didiscus 32 

Dielytra 131 

Diervilla 141 

Digitalis 32 123 

Dill 83, 85 

Dimorphotheca. .35 

Dogwood 139 

Dolichos 35 

Doronicum 35 123 

Dracaena 35 165 

Dragonhead, False. 49. . . . 126 
Dragon Plant. . . .35 

Dream Plant 169 

Dropwort 136 

Dusty Miller. 25, 26 
Dwarf Morning 
Glory 45 

Echeveria 169 

Echinocystis 35 

Echinops 35 

Eel Grass 147 

Egg Plant 84 

Egyptian Lotus 147 

" Paper Plant 147 

Eichhornia 147 

Elder 140 

Elephant's Ear 104 

Elodea 147 

Elsholtzia 139 

Elymus 131 

Emerald Feather. 15 164 

Endive 84 

English Daisy 20 

" Ivy 145 

Epimedium 131 

Epiphyllum 165 

Eragrostis 37 

Erica 143 

Erigeron 35 

Erodium 123 

Erynglum 35 

Erysimum 35 

Eschscholtzia. . . .35 

» Bush 39 

Estragon 169 

Eucharis 165 

Eulaha 37 131 

Euonymus 139, 145 

Eupatorium 36 131 

Euphorbia 36. .131, 165 

Evening Primrose. 47 134 

Evening Scented 

Stock 44 

Evergreen Azaleas 142 

" Barberry 142 

" Bittersweet 145 

" Shrubs 142,143 

Everlasting.. .58, 68 

" Collection. .29 

" Winged .... 13 

Fairy Lily 105 

" Trumpet... 41 

" Wallflower. 24. 35 
False Dragonhead .49 .... 126 

" Indigo 19 129 

" Starwort . . . 20 130 

Farfugium 165 

Feather Grass. . . .37 

Felicia 12 

Fennel 84, 85 

Ferns 36 166 

" Hardy 131 

Festuca 102 131 

Feverfew 44 123 

Ficus 166 

Field Seeds 102 

Finnnchio 84 

Fireplant, Me.\ican.36 

Firethorn 143 

Fish Grass 147 

Fittonia 166 

Flame Flower. . .65. . 127, 137 

" Nettle .... 27 

Flamingo Flower 164 

Flax 42 

Fleabane 35 

Flora's Paint Brush . 20 
Florence Fennel . . 84 

Floss Flower 12 112 

Flower Novelties .1-10 

" Seed Coll. 29. 47 

" Seeds .... 1-70 
Flowering Almond 140 

" Maple 11 

" Spurge 131 

" Tobacco. .. .47 


Seeds Bulbs 

Forget-Me-Not . .45 134 

" Cape 13 

" Chinese .... 29 

Forsythia 139 

Fountain Grass. .37 
Four O' Clocks. . .44 

Foxglove 32 123 

Fragrant Broom 166 

Fraxinella 123 

French Endive ... 77 
Fringe Flower. . . .61 

Fruits 170 

Fuchsia 113 

Funkia 131 

Gaillardia 5, 36.. 118, 131 

Galtonia 1()5 

Garden Books 185 

Heliotrope 137 

Gardener's Garters 131 

Gardenia 166 

Garland Flower 143 

Garlic Sets 90 

Gas Plant 32. . . 123 

Gay Feather 41 . . 125, 133 

Gem Violas 67 

Genista 166 

Gentian 123 

Gentiana 123 

Geranium 36.... 113 

Gerbera 36. . . 113 

Geum 36. .123, 131 

Ghost Plant 120 

Giant Daisy 135 

" Water Weed 147 

Gilia 34, 36 

Gilliflower 62 

Gladiolus 106, 107 

Globe Amaranth . 37 

Globeflower 65 127 

Globe Thistle 35 

Gloriosa 105 

Glorybower 165 

Gloxinia 36 105 

" Hardy 40 

Goat's Beard 136 

Godetia 37 

Gold Tuft 13 

Golden Afr. Daisy.35 

" Bell 139 

" Ceylon Creeper. . . .168 

" Elder 140 

" Feather .... 56 

" Flower of the Incas. 65 

" Marguerite .13 128 

" Moss 136 

Gomphrena 37 

Gourds, Ornam. . . 37 

Grape Ivy 168 

Vines 170 

Grass Pink 32 

" Seed.. 71. 102 
Grasses, Lawn.71. 102 

" Ornamental. 37 131 

" Pasture ... 102 

Great Reed 131 

" Sea Lavender 137 

Grecian Cornflower , 25 
Greek Valerian. . .49 
Greenhouse Plants. . .164-169 

Grevillea 37 

Ground Ivy 134 

Gumbo 89 

Gynerium 37 

Gypsophila 5, 37 123 


Hardy Aster. ... 19. . 120. 121 

" Candytuft.. 40 

" Climbing Plants 144, 145 

" Gloxinia. . . .40 

" Jasmine 145 

" Larkspur ... 30 

" Plants 115-137 

" Shrubs 138-143 

" Sweet Pea. .40 145 

Harebell 22 130 

Hawkweed 27 

Heath 143 

Heather 143 

Hedera 145, 166 

Hedge Plants 143 

Helen's Flower.. 38. .124, 132 

Helcnium 38. . 124. 132 

Helianthemum. .38 123 

Helianthus 38 .. 124, 132 

Helichrysum 39 

Heliopsis 38 

Heliotrope 38 113 

" Garden 137 

Helleborus 124 

Helmet Flower.. .11 119 

HemerocalUs . . .118, 119, 132 

Hemp 102 

Herbs 85 169 

Hesperis 62 

Heuchera 39 132 

Hibiscus 39 132 

High Bush Cranberry. . . . 141 

Hippeastrum 103 

Hollyhock 39 132 

Holly Osmanthus 143 

Honesty 40 

Honeysuckle 145 

Hop Vine 145, 169 

Horehound 85 

Horseradish 169 

Hosta 131 

Houseleek 136 

House Plants 164^169 

Hoya 166 

Humble Plant ... 44 

Seeds Bulbs 

Humulus 39 145 

Hunnemannia 39 

Hyacinth us 105 

Hyacinth Bean. . .35 

" Cape 105 

" Water 147 

Hydrangea 139, 166 

Hypericum 132 

Iberis 23, 40 124 

Iceland Poppy ... 53 

Ice Plant 44 

Imantophyllum 165 

Immortelle 68 

Impatiens 40 

Incarvillea 40 

India Pink 31 

lonopsidium 40 

Ipomoea. .23, 29,45 114 

Iris 40. .124, 132, 133 

Ismene 105 

Ivy 145, 166 

" American 144 

" Boston 13 144 

Grape 168 

Ground 134 

Japanese . 
Kenilworth . 


Jacob's Ladder. . .49 126 

Jade Plant 169 

Japanese Anemone 128 

" Azalea 164 

" Barberry 138 

" Bellflower. .49 

" Cherries 138 

" Hop 39 

" Iris 40 

" Ivy 13 144 

" KudzuVine.56 

" Maple 140 

" Quince 140 

" Snowball 141 

" Speedwell 127 

" Spurge 134 

" Virgin's Bower . 27 . . 144 

Japan Pink 31 

" Rush 131 

Jasmine 145, 167 

Jasminum 145, 167 

Jessamine, Cape 166 

Jewel of the Veldt . 65 

Job's Tears 37 

Joseph's Coat. ... 13 

Judas Tree 138 

Jusslaea 147 


Kale 85 

Kenilworth Ivy . . 42 

Kentia 167 

Kleinia 169 

Kochia 40 

KohlRabi 85 

Kolkwitzia 140 

Korean Chrysanthemum. 116 

Kniphofla 127, 137 

Kudzu Vine 56 145 

Seeds Bulbs 

Lotus 68.. 125, 147 

Love Grass 37 

Love-in-a-Mist. . 47 
Love-in-a-Pu£f ... 19 

Ludwigia 147 

Lunaria 40 

Lungwort 125 

Lupinus. . .5,42, 43 ;i33 

Lychnis 43 133 

Lycons 103 

Lythrum 43 



Lace Flower 32 

Lace Vine 145 

Lady Slipper 19 

Lamp Flower 133 

Lantana 40 113 

Lantern Plant ... 49 135 

Larkspur. .30,41.51 122 

Lathyrus 40, 63 145 

Lavandula ... 5, 41 . . 125, 133 

Lavatera 40 

Lavender ..(5,41,(125,133, 
1 85 I 169 

Lavender Cotton 136 

Lawn Grasses. 71, 102 

Leadwort 135 

Leek 87 

Lemon Verbena 113 

Leopard Plant 165 

Leopard's Bane. .35 123 

Leptosiphon 41 

Leptosyne 41 

Lettuce. .86, 87, 102 

Llatris 41. .125, 133 

Ligustrum 140, 143 

Lilac 141 

Lilies 41. 104 

Lily, Amazon 165 

" Climbing 105 

" Day 118,119,132 

" Fairy 105 

" Plantain 131 

" Scarborough 105 

" Torch 65.. 127. 137 

" Water 68,. 146, 147 

" Wood 137 

Lily of the Nile 164 

Lily of the Valley 130 

Lily Tuft 167 

Lima Beans. .74, 75 

Limnocharis 147 

Linaria 42 

Linum 42 

Livingstone Daisy . 44 

Lobelia 42. ,125, 133 

Lonicera 140, 145 

Loosestrife 43 

Machaeranthera.g, 64 

Periwinkle 67. 

Madwort 12.. 119, 128 

Magnolia 140 

Maiden Pink. . . .32 131 

Malcomia 67 

Mallow, Annual. .40 

" Prairie 61 

Maltese Cross 43 . 133 

Mangel Wurzel. .76 

" Japanese 140 

Marguerite 61 

" . Golden 13 128 

Marica I67 

Marigold . 6, 34, 43, 44, 64 

" Cape 35 

" Pot 21 

" Scotch 21 

Marjoram 85 

Marrow, Vegetable. 98 
Marshmallow. . . .39. . . 132 

Martynia 87 

Marvel of Peru. .44 

Matricaria 44. . 123 

Matthiola 44 

Mauve Catnip. . .47 
Meadow Rue. . .64. . 126, 137 

"Sweet 136 

Medicme Cactus 169 

Megasea 136 

Melon 88 

Mertensia 133 

Mesembryanthemum . 44 
Mexican Fireplant. 36 

" Poppy 15 

" Sunflower . . 65 
Michaelmas Daisy. 19 129 

Mignonette 45 

Milfoil 11 128 

Millet 102 

Mimosa 44 

Mimulus 45 

Miniature Marigold . 64 

Mint 85 169 

Mintshrub 139 

Mirabills 44 

Mistflower 36 131 

Mock Orange 140 

Momordica 19 

Monarch of the Veldt . 65 

Mniiarda 133 

Monkey Flower. .45 

Monkshood 11 119 

Monstera 168 

Montbretia 105 

Moonflower. ...45 114 

Moonpenny Daisy. 61 

Moonwort 40 

Morning Glory . 34, 45 
Moss Campion. . .61 

" Pink 125 

" Verbena ... 66 
Mother of Thousands. 42 
Mountain Bluet . . 25 

" Fringe 12 

" Pink 125 

Mourning Bride. .60 

Mugwort 120 

Mullein Pink. . . .12 

Musa 45 

Mushroom Spawn 87 

Muskmelon 88 

Mustard 87 

Myosotis 45 134 

Myriophyllum 147 

MjTsiphvlium. , .61 
Myrtle, Trailing 137 


Nasturtium 46 

Nelumbium 68 147 

Nemesia 47 

Nemophila 47 

Nepeta 47 134 

Nephrolepis 166 

Nephthytis 167 

New Zealand Flax 168 

" " Spinach . 97 

Nicotiana 47 

Nierembergia. .5, 47 134 

Nigella 47 

Nolana 5 

Norfolk Island Pine 164 

Novelties, Flower. 1-10 
Nymphaea 68. . 146, 147 



Oenothera 47. 

Okra 89 

Old Maid 67 

Old Man 129 

Olea 167 

Olive, Sweet 167 

Onion 89, 90 

Sets 90 

Onoclea 131 

Ophlopogon 125, 167 

Opuntia 169 

Henry A. Dreer, 1306 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



Seeds Bulbs 

Orange Glow Vine 114 

" Sunflower. .38 

Orchid Vine 114 

Oriental Poppy. . . 53 134 

Ornamental Gourds. 37 

" Grasses. . . .37 131 

Osmanthus 143 

Osmunda 131 

Oswego Tea 133 

Oyster, Vegetable.96 

Pachysandra 134 

Paint Brush 20 

Painted Daisy 26 135 

" Tongue. . . .59 

Palms 167 

Pampas Grass. . .37 

Pandanus 167 

Pansy 5, 48 

Tufted 67 

Papaver. . .8. 50, 53 134 

Paper Plant 147 

PapjTus 147 

Parrot's Feather 147 

Parsley 90 

Parsnip 91 

Pasque Flower 128 

Passiflora 114. 168 

Passion Flower 114. 168 

Peach Bells 22. .121. 130 

Peas, Garden. 92. 93 

■' Sweet 63 

Pelargonium 36 

Pennisetum 37 

Pennyroyal 85 

Pentstemon 49 134 

Peony 134 

Peperomla 168 

Pepper 91 

Peppergrass 82 

Peppermint 85 169 

Perennial Plants. . . . 115-137 

Periwinkle 67. . 114, 137 

Persian Daisy. . . .56 

Peruvian Daffodil 105 

Petunia. .7,8,54,55 114 

Phacelia 49 

Phalaris 131 

Philadelphus 140 

Phllodendron 168 

Phlox. . . .8, 34, 49. . 125, 135 

Phoenix. . . '. 167 

Phormium 168 

Phyllocactus 168 

PhTsalis 49 135 

Physostegia 49 126 

Pickerel Weed 147 

Pieris 142 

Pimpernel 13 

Pincushion Flower . 60 

Pinks 31, 32 130 

Piqueria 61 

Plantain Lily 131 

Plant Collections 120 

Plants. Garden 112-114 

" Greenhouse... .164-169 

" Perennial 115-137 

" Vegetable 169 

Platycerium 166 

Platycodon 49 

Plumbago 135, 168 

Plume Poppy. . . .20 
Polnsettia. Annual . 36 
Pole Beans 75 

" Lima Beans. 75 

Polemonium 49 126 

Polyanthus 57 126 

Polygonum 145 

Polypodlum 166 

Polystichum 166 

Pontederia 147 

Poor Man's Weather 

Glass 13 

Pop Com 82 

Poppy 8, 50, 53 

Poppy Anemone. 13 

Poppy Mallow 130 

Poppy, California. 35 

" Iceland. .8, 53 

" Mexican ... 15 

" Oriental.. . .53 134 

" Plume 20 

" Prickley 15 

" Santa Barbara . 39 

" Water 147 

" Yellow Tulip. 39 

Porch Plants 164-169 

Portulaca 56 

Potatoes 94 

PotentUla 56 126 

Pothos 168 

Pot Marigold. . . .21 

Prairie Mallow ... 61 136 

Prlcl;ley Poppy.. 15 
Primrose 57 126 

" Evening 47 134 

" Willow 147 

Primula 19,57 126 

Privet 140, 143 

Prunus 1 40 

Pterls 166 

Puerarla 56 145 

Pulmonaria 126 

Pumpkin 94 

Purple Mist 140 

Pyracantha 143 

PjTethrum 56. .126, 135 

PjTUS 140 

Queen Anne's Thimble. 36 

Quinceberry 142 

Quince. Japanese 140 

Seeds Bulbs 

Radishes 95, 96 

Rainbow Com. . .58 
" Rock Cress. 19 

Ranunculus 135 

Rape 102 

Raspberries 170 

Red Bud 138 

Red Cabbage. . . .78 

Red Hot Poker . 65 . . 127, 137 

Reseda 45 

Rhodanthe 58 

Rhododendron 143 

Rhubarb 94 169 

Rhus 140 

Rh\-nchospermum 168 

Ribbon Grass 131 

Richardia 104 

Ricinus 58 

Robinia 140 

Rock Cress 15 129 

" " Rainbow. 19 

Rockmadwort 13 

Rock Rose 38 123 

Rockspray 142 

Romaine ; . 87 

Rose Acacia 140 

" Campion. . .43 

" Christmas 124 

" Loosestrife.. 43 

" of Heaven . . 12 

" of Sharon 138 

Rosemallow 132 

Rosemary. . .58, 85. . 135. 169 

Roses 148-163 

Rosmarinus 58 135 

Royal Water Lily 147 

Rubber Plant 166 

Ruby Grass 37 

Rudbeckla. . . .8, 58 136 

Rue 85 

" Meadow. . .64. .126, 137 
Running Beans. . .75 
Ruta Baga 99 


Saffron 85 

Sage. Blue 59 126 

" Flowering. .59 126 

" Herb 85 169 

" Scariet 59 114 

Saglttaria 147 

Saintpaulia 168 

Salplglossis.. .34. 59 

Salsify 96 

SaUna 9, 59. .114, 126 

Sambucus 140 

Sand Verbena. . . .11 

Sanse\ieria 168 

Santa Barbara Poppy . 39 

Santolina 136 

Sanvitalia 58 

Saponaria 60 136 

Satin Flower 37 

Savory 85 

Savoy Cabbage. .78 

Saxifraea 136 

Scabiosa 9, 60 136 

Scarborough Lily 105 

Scarlet Bugler. . .49 

" Flax 42 

" Runner Bean . 60 

" Sage 59 

Schizanthus 61 

Scorzonera 96 

Scotch Heather 143 

" Marigold.. .21 

Screw Pine 167 

SeaBugloss 13 119 

» Holly 35 

" Kale 85 

" Lavender. .. .61 137 

" Pink 15. .119, 129 

Sedum 136, 169 

Sempervlvum 136 

Senecio 114 

Sensitive Plant. . .44 

September Daisy 121 

Shasta Daisy. . .61. .126, 136 
Shell Beans 75 

" Flower 105 

Shrimp Plant 112 

Shrubs. Evergreen. . .142, 143 

" Hardy 13^-143 

Siberian Iris 132 

" Wallflower.. 24 

Sldalcea 61 136 

Sllenc 61 

Silk Oak 37 

Silver Lace Vine 145 

Silver Vine 144 

Small Fruits 170 

Smilax 61 

Smoke Tree 140 

Snakebeard 125 

Snakeroot 121, 130 

Snapdragon. .14, 33 112 

Snowball 141 

Snowberry 141 

Snow in Summer. 24 130 

Snow on the Mountain . 36 

Soapwort 60 136 

Solanum 61 

Sorrel 96 

Southernwood 129 

Spearmint 85 169 

Speedwell 66. 127, 137 

Spider Flower 27 

Spike Grass 37 

Spinach 97 

Spiraea 136, 141 

Spurge, Flowering. ...... 131 

" Japanese 134 

Squash 98 

Seeds Bulbs 

St. John's Wort 132 


Cypress.34, 36. 40 
Star Dust 41 

" Jasmine 167 

" Magnolia 140 

" Pink 112 

Starwort, False. . .20 130 

Starworts 129 

Statlce 61 137 

Stephanotls 168 

Sterta 61 

Stigtnaphyllon 114 

Stipa 37 

Stocks 62 

" Evening Scented . 44 

Stokes' Aster. . . .62 137 

Stokesia 62 137 

Stonecress 128 

Stonecrop 136 

Strawberries 170 

Strawflower 39 

Strelltzia 168 

Succulents 169 

Sugar Beets 76 

" Corn... 81, 82 

" Peas 93 

Sultan's Balsam . . 40 

Sumac 140 

Summer Flowering 

Bulbs 103-111 

Summer Lilac 138 

" Radish 96 

Sunflower38, 97, 102 . . 124, 132 

" Mexican. . .65 

" Orange 38 

Sun Plant 56 

" Rose 38 

Swan River Daisy. 20 

" " Everlasting. 58 
Sweet AU-ssum. . . 12 

" Basil 85 

" Corn... 81, 82 

" Fennel .... 85 

" Flag 85 147 

" Marjoram . 85 

" Olive 167 

" Peas 63 

" Hardy. 40 
Pepper Bush 139 

" Rocket. . . .62 

" Scabious ... 60 

" Shrub 13S 

" Sultan 25 

" William . 32, 64 137 

" Wivelsfleld.31, 64 

Swiss Chard 76 

SjTnphoricarpos 141 

SjTinga 141 


Tagetes.. .34, 43, 64 
Tahoka Daisy. 9, 64 

Tamarix 141 

Tansy 85 

Tarragon 169 

Tassel Flower. . . .20 

Tetragonia 97 

Texan Pride 49 

Texas Blue Bonnet.43 

" Plume. 34, 36 

Thalia 147 

Thalictrum 64. . 126, 137 

Thermopsis 65 126 

Thoroughwort. . .36 131 

Thrift 15. 119, 129 

Thunbergla 65 168 

Thyme 65, 85. .137, 169 

Tigridla 105 

Tithonla 65 

Tobacco 102 

Tomato 100. 101 

Torch Lily 65 .127, 137 

Torenla 65 

Trachelospermum 168 

Trailing Buttercup 135 

" M^Ttle 137 

Transvaal Daisy. 36 113 

Tree Celandine. . .20 

Tricholaena 37 

Trillium 137 

Tritoma 65. .127, 137 

Trollius 65 127 

Tropaeolum. ,23. 46 
TruehedgeColumberry. . .143 

Trumpet Vine 144 

Tuberoses 105 

Tufted Pansles. . .67 

Tulip Poppy 39 

Tunica 65 127 

Tunlcflower 65 127 

Turnip 99 

Turtle Head 130 

Typha 147 


Umbrella Plant 147, 165 

Unlola 37 

Urslnla 65 

Valerian 24, 65 137 

Valeriana 65 137 

Valllsneria 147 

Vallota 105 

Variegated Sweet Flag. . . 147 
Vegetable Collections. 101 

" Marrow,... 98 

" Oyster 96 

" Plants 169 


Seeds Bulbs 

Vegetable Roots 169 

'• Seeds. .72-101 

" Spaghetti. ..98 

Velvet Flower 59 

Venidlum 65 

Verbena 9. 66 

Veronica 66. . 127. 137 

Viburnum 141 

Victoria 147 

VInca 67..114. 127. 137 

Vines 114.144.145 

Viola 10,67 127 

Violet 127, 137 

" African 168 

Virginia Creeper 144 

" Stocks 67 

Virgin's Bower. .27 144 

Viscaria 10, 67 

Vltex 141 

Vltls 144, 168 


Wake Robin 137 

Wallflower. . .24. 67 

" Alpine 24 

" Fairy .24. 35 

" Siberian. .. .24 

Washington Plant 147 

Water Chinquepln 147 

Cress 82 

" Hawthorn 147 

" Hyacinth 147 

" Lilies 68.. 146, 147 

" Plants 147 

Poppy 147 

Watermelon 88 

Wax Plant 166 

" Work 144 

Weather Glass . . .13 

Weigela 141 

■RTiite Alder 139 

" Fringe 138 

" Marguerite. 61 
Wild Cucumber Vine.35 

" Garden. 45, 68 

" Rice 147 

" ThjTne 65 

Windflower 13 128 

Winged Everlasting. 13 

Wing Flower 65 

Winter Radish. . .96 

" Sa%'or}' 85 

Wishbone Flower. 65 

Wisteria 145 

Witloof Chicory. .77 

Woodbine 145 

Wood Lily 137 

Woolflower 24 

Wormwood 85 



Yarrow 11 128 

Yellow Daisy. . . .41 

Yellow Day Lily.118, 119, 132 

Yucca 68 137 


Zantedeschia 104 

Zanzibar Balsam . 40 

Zea 58 

Zebra Grass 37 131 

Zeph.\Tanthes 105 

ZephjT Flower 105 

Zinnia 10. 52.68, 69. 70 

" Creeping ... 58 
Zizonzia 147 


Adco 181 

.\lumlnum Sulphate ISl 

Ammonium Sulphate. . . .181 

Ant Destroyer ISO 

.\rsenate of Lead ISO 

Asparagus Bunchers 174 

Knife 174 

Tape 174 

Black Leaf 40 180 

Blood Meal 181 

Bone Meal 181 

Books, Horticultural 185 

Bordeaux Ml.vture 180 

Bovung 181 

Bulb Planter 174 

Cotton Seed Meal 181 

Cultivators 174 

Dibbles 174 

Dusting Equipment 179 

Fertilizers 181 

Fertilizer Distributors 173 

Fish Food 147 

Flats 171 

Flower Holders 174 

Flower Pots 171 

Forks 174 

Fimgicides ISO 

Garden Books 185 

Garden Flats 171 

Gloves 174 

Grafting Chisel 174 

Wax 174 

Grape Bags 174 

Grass Edger 173 

° Hooks 173 

" Shears 173 

Greenhouse Shading 174 

Hanging Baskets 174 

Hedge Shears 177 

Hoes 174 

Hormodln A 175 

Hose Accessories 175 

" Rubber 175 

Hotbed Mats 176 

Sash 176 

" Thermometer 176 

Hotkaps 176 

Humus 181 

Inoculation 174 

Insecticides 180 

Knives 173, 17,4 

Labels 175 

Label Ink 175 

Pencils 175 

Lawn Cleaners 173 

Cultivators 172 

" FertlUzer 181 

" Mowers 172 

Leaf Rack 177 

Legume Culture 174 

Lime 181 

Lime Sulphur 180 

Manure 181 

Mole Traps 176 

Muriate of Potash 181 

Nails. Wall 176 

Xapthalene 180 

Xitragln 174 

Nitrate of Soda 181 

Nozzle Holder 175 

Nozzles 175 

Pans 171 

Peat Moss 176, 181 

Phosphate 181 

Plant Food 181 

" Supports 178 

Pomo Green 180 

Pot Brackets 171 

" Hangers 171 

Pots 171 

Pruning Shears 176 

Pyrote 180 

Raffla 178 

Rakes 173, 176 

Red Arrow 180 

Rollers 173 

Rose Food 181 

Saucers 171 

Saws. Pruning 176 

Scissors 177 

ScMhes 177 

Sonhe Stone 177 

Semesan 180 

Shears 176, 177 

Sheep Manure 181 

Sickles 177 

Sieves 177 

Slug Shot 180 

Soaps 180 

Soot 181 

Spades 177 

Spike Disc 172 

Spra>'1ng Equipment 179 

Sprinklers, Lawn 175 

Stakes 178 

Sulphur 180 

Superphosphate 181 

Tankage 181 

Tape 178 

Thermometers 176, 177 

Tobacco Dust ISO 

Stems ISl 

Torches 177 

Tree Food 181 

TrI-ogen 180 

Trowels 177 

Tubs, Plant 171 

Twine 178 

VIgoro 181 

Watering Cans 177 

Wiitermat 176 

Wceders 177 

Weed Killer 180 

wnicelbarrows 177 

Wood Ashes 181 


Dreer's Garden Book for 1938 

Rrknl^c ^^ Horticultural and Kindred Subjects 

M^\J\J ^\>^ All RnnkTQ QFMT DnCXDAir* AT PDirUC r^IX/UM 



— s 

rheBookofAnmiiils ' 


Annuals, The Book of (Hottes). 
A reliable guide to the culture of 
annual flowers. Over 100 separate 
species are described with, full di- 
rections for their culture and uses .$1 SO 

Asparagus. Its cvJture for home 
use and for market 1 10 

Azaleas and Camellias (Hume). 
Every point about growing both 

of these shrubs is explained 1 50 

Bulbs, Book of (Rockwell). A 
new book giving complete direc- 
tions for the growing of all kinds 
of bulbs 2 00 

Bush Fruit Production (Van Meter). Deals with rasp- 
berries, blackberries, dewberries, gooseberries, currants, 
and blueberries. Very complete 1 25 

Chrysanthemum and Its Culture (White). A complete 
guide for growing in the garden and greenhouse 2 00 

Climbing Plants, Book of (Hottes). Gives full descrip- 
tions and explicit cultural directions on how to grow and 
succeed with both tender and hardy climbing plants 2 00 

Cyclopedia of Horticulture (Bailey). A monumental 
work covering every phase of horticulture in a very 
thorough manner. Three well-bound volumes, each 2? 
inches thick, with a total of 3,639 pages giving full and 
most up-to-date, information. Per set of three volumes. . 15 00 

Dahlia Culture, Modern (W. H. Waite). Brief, dear, 
complete cultural instructions based on the actual opera- 
tions and results of a practical, experienced grower 1 50 

Delphiniums, How to Grow (Leonian). Answers every 
question on growing Delphiniums in the garden 1 10 

Dogwood, Portraits of (Adolf Muller). A handsome 
24 page Ijooklet containing 13 beautiful color illustrations 
of Dogwood trees in full bloom. An exquisite and artistic 
pictorial history expounding the beauty of our native 
Dogwood 1 00 

Fertilizers for Greenhouse and Garden Crops 
(Laurie and Edmund). Definite information about feeding 
flowering plants, pot plants, and outdoor vegetable crops. 2 00 

Garden Guide (Amateur Gardener's Handbook). Tells 
how to plan, plant, and maintain the home grounds; how 
to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc 2 00 

Garden Lilies (I. Preston). Preparation of the soil, plant- 
ing the bulbs, and general care are described in detail 1 25 

Gardening (Montague Free). A complete guide to 
modern gardening, embracing every branch and answering 
the thousands of questions that daily confront the 
gardener. 550 pages, 73 halftone plates, 125 line drawings. 3 50 

Garden Magic, The Book of (Biles). A handsome loose- 
leaf book which gives full and authoritative directions on 
all phases of gardening. Of the greatest help are the many 
line drawings which show the gardener in a most definite 
and precise way how to proceed with various operations 
in the garden. It is a beautiful manual with definite 
instructions and clear illustrations 3 50 

Garden Notebook, The (Putz). Illustrated handbook of 
home gardening for each week of the year with 52 drawings 
that clearly show how to grow, propagate and cultivate 
all the important plants in your garden. Chapters on 
Insect Pests, Lawns, Rock Gardens, Fertilizers, Pruning, 
House Plants, Roses, and all kinds of bulbs 1 50 

Garden Pools: Large and Small (Ramsey and Law- 
rence). So complete that you can easily find the type of 
pool that fits your garden and learn all about designing, 
building, planting, and caring for it 2 50 

Gardening in the Greenhouse (Dorrance). Correctly 
answers all questions which arise in the amateur's green- 
house 1 SO 

Gladiolus, The (A. C. Beal). A good book on their suc- 
cessful culture in the home garden and under glass 1 25 

Greenhouses: Their Construction and Equipment 

(W. J. Wright). An up-to-date treatise on greenhouse con- 
struction. The most complete work on the subject $2 00 

House Plants (Sulzer). General treatment and require- 
ments for house plants. Also specific culture, care, and 
propagation of individual species 1 50 

How to Grow Vegetables and Berries (Kruhm). A 
simple, complete guide to the home garden 1 10 

Iris, The (John C. Wister). Presents in a clear, convincing 
manner the simple requirements of this flower 1 25 

Landscaping the Home Grounds (L. W. Ramsey). 
175 illustrations. It presents landscaping in such a clear 
and definite way that anyone can apply the lessons 2 00 

Lawn, The (Dickinson). The latest and best knowledge 
on the making of lawns. A helpful reference containing 
simple, practical directions that everyone can follow 1 25 

Manual of Gardening (Bailey). A practical guide to the 
making of home grounds and the growing of flowers, fruits, 
and vegetables for home use 3 00 

Modern Mushroom Culture (Styer). The last word on 
this subject. Practical and rehable 1 SO 

One Thousand and One Garden Questions An- 
swered (Hottes). Copiously iUustrated. Gives valuable 
information and a wealth of garden facts 2 00 

Perennials, The Book of (Hottes). Devoted to the 
general principles of growing, using, and propagating old- 
fashioned hardy perennial plants. Revised and enlarged . . 2 00 

Plant Propagation (Hottes). The advanced gardener 
who is interested in the latest methods of propagating 
plants will find much valuable information in this splendid 
book. 999 propagation questions answered, 136 illus- 
trations 2 00 

Pruning, The Principles and Practice of (Kains). 
Will meet the requirements of everyone who has plants or 
trees to prune. Freely illustrated 2 50 

Rock Gardens, American (Hamblin). Plain, practical 
instructions on how to make a rock garden. A special 
feature is the many lists of plants for special local con- 
ditions 1 25 

Rock Gardens (Rockwell). Tells 
just where and how to make a 
rock garden, and what plants to 
use 1 25 

Roses, How to Grow (Pyle, 
McFarland). Revised new edition. 
The best book on the subject with 
many varieties shown in full color. 1 

Shrubs, The Book of (Hottes). 
A complete non-technical descrip- 
tion of leading sorts and how to 
plant effectively 3 00 

Starting Early Vegetables and 
Flowering Plants Under 
Glass (Nissley). Including the 

details of construction and heating as well as the opera- 
tion of small greenhouses, sash houses, hot beds and cold 
frames, etc. Suitable for the amateur as well as com- 
mercial grower 3 

Trees, The Book of (Hottes). A veritable cyclopedia of 
deciduous and evergreen trees, covering description, 
culture, propagation, pruning, diseases and insect pests, 
uses, desirable and undesirable features, etc 3 50 

Vegetable Culture, Practical (Wilkinson). All phases 
of vegetable culture are fully covered on the 308 pages of 
this helpful book. Gives full information from sowing 
to reaping the harvest. Gives many garden plans of all 
kinds and of all sizes. Also full information on green- 
houses, hotbeds, coldframes, home vegetable storage, 
control of pests and diseases. 135 illustrations 2 00 


We regret that for obvious reasons it is impracticable to permit the exchange or return of books